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72 Hours

Release Date: January 18, 2019

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Wowzer 7 interviews booked in the past 72 hours, great work @SilvTechCluster on the promotion 🙌 We still need 6 mor… SilverstonePod
Great decision: Nigeria's main opposition party has suspended its presidential election campaign for 72 hours in pr… RescuePdp
It’s now been 72 hours and not a word from the great leader of the NFL Mr Goodell. What are you waiting for? Do yo… datpulsenation
Being woke is great. Being so woke you’re shaking like a meth addict and you haven’t rested for 72 hours is a little problematic. chrismortfails
The last 72 hours have been great for America. Whites, the backbone of this country and standard bearers for wester… FederalFarmerHM
Pond hockey is my favorite. Nothing better than lacing em up for an outdoor skate. But please, PLEASE, pay attentio… cbt826
Last 72 hours by the media were absolutely amazing. The mainstream has come out strongly and defiantly as #fakenews… Charles98980396
Amazing how in less the 72 hours, #AlexaBliss topless back on #WWE #Youtube has done over 3.5 million views. Yet pe… Mex_Warrior12
Under 72 hours until the @SWIUorg Annual #Mentoring Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. Looking forward to an amazing p… KieranKathleen
Me: alright here's to a solid 72 hours with zero human interaction My beautiful wonderful gf: hey I'm gonna come… wet2ocks
next member is 48 hours yes better than 72 hours txtgalaxys
Wedding date moved a day earlier, but we found a great venue with a better package. Blessing in disguise for 72 hours of high stress Milluh
Haven’t been sober in 72 hours 21 feels great vidhitib
Yknow what? Even though I've not slept for nearly 72 hours I'm feeling great! MHeartz97
If anyone could get me a job that pays $500 a week in 72 hours that would be amazing. I really need a job and every… LAVISH_OCE
Lady Braves go down to Laguna and come back with a 71-38 victory. Great performance after facing them just 72 hours… SFISathletics

18 Negative

House searching sucks bc you start mentally decorating and picturing you cooking breakfast and dinner and watching… Elizabeth040618
i'm SO disappointed becuse i broke my fast and lowkey binged i mean it wasn't like 2000 calories binge but still to… junhaoIogy
Bolton, it wasn't smart move and poor judgment. "Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said Caracas is breaking off… PatriotDarkSoul
If there's anything I've learned from the past 72 hours, it's that social media is really bad for you, it's bad for… weston_matthews
okay so, i’ve slept 5 hours total over the past 72 hours, what am i doing wrong man? why am i so bad at something t… whadduplissuh
I am so bad I haven’t eaten in nearly 72 hours from food poising.. I’m skint so I chucked a dominoes on my PayPal credit best day of my life chloetennant8
*mom in a movie freaks out to the dad about something terrible like their kid being gone for 72 hours” Dad: “TAKE IT EASY, SLOW DOWN” donny_opie
Really disappointing!!! even after purchase its going to be 72 hours and MI Soundbar not even shipped !!! If you ar… rahool360
I feel bad for literally ANYONE who comes near me for the next 72 hours bc I'm boutta bring my speakers to school a… icymarais
Yo, diabetic ketoacidosis sucks the big one. Also known as "Dude, you almost fuckin' died". Yeah, the last 72 h… RJ_Dobbs
I’ve listened to nothing but the 2009 hit Bad Romance by Lady Gaga for the past 72 hours and I think I’ve achieved a higher state of being shortfootdan
Maybe this turning 40 thing isn’t so bad...72 hours in and I have successfully located the Christmas clothes I hid… mindystalker
Saying I am beyond disappointed in @theDrybar is an understatement. The customer relations supervisor who is suppos… gigi_rubin
It has been over 72 hours since I have smoked... it fucking sucks. Cameron_J1496
There has never been a company the size of @PayPal that is so bad at customer support. Don’t ever change employees… insidethefan
UP TO 72 HOURS TO CONFIRM?!!! MY POOR HEART đź’” myeondaex
You know what really sucks is when you need your mental doc but it’s an answering machine and they will call back w… Sabel0326
If i didn’t hammer the over tonight I’d have been royally screwed. Last 3 days have been a complete hog wash of bad… TMack017

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