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Release Date: February 16, 2018

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Just watching AVS show on Sony TV loved this interview of my favourite @S1dharthM about his movie #Aiyaary love you… SidharthTrueFan
Aiyaary is a superb movie beautifully directed by @neerajpofficial . Fantastic acting by @S1dharthM, @Rakulpreet,… dmurukesh
#Aiyyari is such a great movie which inspired me so much.. Excellent work by @S1dharthM @Rakulpreet @BajpayeeManoj… NavinNitker
How did SKTKS do better than Aiyaary I need answers thatdesigal
Watched #Aiyaary 2nd time and felt it was a good film and @neerajpofficial did good job and story lines is great go… MeRahulRj
#Aiyyari is such a great movie which inspired me.. Excellent work by @S1dharthM @Rakulpreet @BajpayeeManoj @aiyaary… NavinNitker
Watch @aiyaary for @BajpayeeManoj. What a performance👏 @S1dharthM rocks n other co-actors have done a great job as… MeeReeSee
Watched aiyaary yesterday, one of the best thriller movie,great execution and acting by all the actors.. especially… AkshathDubey
#Aiyaary is #Aiyaary because of the great actors @BajpayeeManoj @S1dharthM @AnupamPKher @NaseerudinShah . IAaradhya
Saw #Aiyaary Great performance by @S1dharthM @BajpayeeManoj @Rakulpreet Overall the script was great but the… vivekpanicker91
It seems like @S1dharthM himself acted in Aiyaary, promoted and watched it only himself 😂 but he had still great ta… Radha_Tandel
Finally I watched #Aiyaary ❤️❤️ and it was so awesome.@S1dharthM Your acting was superb 😘 @Rakulpreet you were looking so cute❤️❤️😘😘 Suma1yaL
#Aiyaary $wasool.Definitely a watch.@BajpayeeManoj @S1dharthM great job guys. Surprised to see small theater in sma… buiejames
Watched #Aiyaary Loved the film and Adil Sir you are amazing.. @_AdilHussain DurgashriB
Must watch #Aiyaary Great performance by @BajpayeeManoj Sir. And if ratings are numbers to suffice the performance… AKPanda87
#Aiyaary is a gud Entertaining twist filled Thriller chase by Fantastic>@BajpayeeManoj for the tricky sharp & rocki… NIRMAL_MUTHA
Finally i watched @aiyaary such a fantastic and superb movie billriance and exellence ever such a great acting of… nooriaijaz
Enjoyed the #Aiyaary movie - A proper thriller at core made by good intentions and how aptly it demonstrates the li… IMihirUpadhyay
Guys watch #Aiyaary superb stuff from @BajpayeeManoj cameos by @AnupamPKher Naseeruddin shah and of course Alfred… nileshsinh
Watched #Aiyaary, Neeraj Pandey just keeps on making one masterpiece after another! Superb performance by… AbhiGTweets
#Aiyaary rating 🌟🌟🌟⭐ must watch film go and watchin theatres @S1dharthM @BajpayeeManoj @nirajpa @Rakulpreet Harshit65530679
Aiyaary was an amazing movie. Just the end should have been more descriptive! My every penny was worth spending on… aashiii_dd
What a great act in aiyaar ki #Aiyaary @BajpayeeManoj jaydipghadiya
#Aiyaary fantastic performances by all the actors .@S1dharthM and @BajpayeeManoj are both superb in their portrayal… ekantt
#watched @aiyaary yesterday. Such a amazing and patriotic film made in the direction of @nirajpofficial. Performanc… Rohan95805922
#Aiyaaryreview @aiyaary @S1dharthM great to see #bullsh*tbollywood getting defeated by great content… imTitanSpartan
#Aiyaary a must watch brilliant performances by @BajpayeeManoj @S1dharthM . Absolutely loved it. All artists are excellent. ekantt
Inspite of all the reviews #Aiyaary turned out to be a great movie. I haven't been so satisfied after watching a hi… manishapalai
Watched #Aiyaary tonight. Great work by @S1dharthM to be appreciated. An interesting thriller. Must watch. AmyArmaanian
#Aiyaary a typical @neerajpofficial thiller great work by @S1dharthM & @BajpayeeManoj @_AdilHussain the surprise &… adit5889
Wonderful movie #Aiyaary! Waited for days to watch! @BajpayeeManoj has carried the film on his shoulders and it was… SrutiSukumar
How can one can be so genius and consistent! Hats off to you @neerajpofficial sir🙏😇 #Favourite @aiyaary is MUST WATCH! (2) theameydave
What a wonderful movie!!!! Great Effort..😀😀😀 #Aiyaary @S1dharthM #ManojVajpayee👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 JainNikunj17
Aiyaary Movie Review: very good casting, storyline is ok-ish not great from a director like neeraj pandey, film is… anithethinker
Oh.. Be Indian.. Must Watch Siddharth Acting.. — watching Aiyaary imHrithik70
Great great movie😘😘. #Aiyaary #SidharthMalhotra is very good.and manoj vajpai is fabulous😘😘. Priabhi001
#Aiyaary Such a great movie.Loved every moment. Undoubtedly @S1dharthM Sidharth malhotra's best act. He is getting… Mitiquazi
Just saw #Aiyaary wonderful movie to a large extent ground reality of all pervasive corruption in our country. Mo… arunnre
Watched #Aiyaary .Superb movie,nice story and good direction by @neerajpofficial . The best thing i like @Rakulpreet 's ponytail hairstyle. upendrasabat
#Aiyaary great movie.excellent @S1dharthM and @BajpayeeManoj simply loved it. #NeerajPandey absolute great movie maker anant1anand
Well done @BajpayeeManoj @S1dharthM @neerajpofficial @AnupamPKher great movie #Aiyaary 👍👍 imhiteshrawal
Watched #Aiyaary today and want an awesome performance by @S1dharthM. Super movie @BajpayeeManoj & @S1dharthM rocked it. AFerdinandes
I was seen 1st dy 1st show #Aiyaary still have a mood to see it again & again..superb👌👌movie sir...and no doubt u r… Mr_DAmit
#Aiyaary what a movie, super fine. Loved acting of @BajpayeeManoj @AnupamPKher , @S1dharthM you surprised dkushwah
Just saw the film i loved it, Guru Manoj Ji tussi Great hoo because you dont let your fans down.#Aiyaary#ManojBajp… RajNarwal
#Aiyaary a must watch mvi, is as gud as mission impossible series,asusual superb acting💪👍👌 by @BajpayeeManoj n dire… sunmithn
Fabulous performance by @BajpayeeManoj and @S1dharthM Awesome movie #Aiyaary adityabipul13
#Aiyaary review must watch! Move like these come in once in a blue moon!! Thanks to #NeerajPandey @BajpayeeManoj… aartithakurjha
Had a great time yesterday watching #Aiyaary As usual @BajpayeeManoj u r a true gem and great acting by @S1dharthM… Impandey_96
Saw @aiyaary yesterday! Only @neerajpofficial can make these kind of films. Loved the background score.. Just like… anirudhraghavg
#Aiyaary Is my most favourite movie from now Excellent A must Watch Movie Is @aiyaary . #Aiyaary is Going to Rock o… asinthiya992
Just watched #Aiyaary and really enjoyed, suspense, patriotism and love. Full to super movie. 👍 @neerajpofficial prasanjeetprasa
So I finally watched this super amazing movie @aiyaary and I must say its worth watching. Outstanding performances… Safaahkm3
What a brilliant team effort. AIYAARY team is a perfect example of hard-work. Great script and finely executed.… PurvaShrimali
It is a must watch movie #Aiyaary What a outstanding performence by @BajpayeeManoj @S1dharthM It will be a super duper hit. indian_navneet1
Walking an extra mile always takes one on a beautiful voyage, as that is what made @S1dharthM role in #Aiyaary and extraordinary one. nathaldmiranda
How smartly the govt uses films to expose the scams of previous era to Indians is amazing #Aiyaary for… _kartikshah
Watched #Aiyaary, it’s a good movie. @BajpayeeManoj Sir u looked great & fit in the movie and acted brilliantly as… mranand82
Watched #Aiyaary it is very intriguing,gripping & wonderful performance by lead actors @S1dharthM @BajpayeeManoj &… syedzabi85
#Aiyaary is a Entertaining & Gripping movie..Enjoyed the movie @_AdilHussain @BajpayeeManoj @S1dharthM surajprd
Loved #Aiyaary.. Thank you @neerajpofficial for making movies that are actually worth watching thisisalih
#Aiyaary is a good movie. @S1dharthM looks fab as an army man and does a great job. So critics stop bashing Sid😡 He… jayuworld
Watched Aiyaary late show last night. Great movie and splendid acting by @BajpayeeManoj @S1dharthM and the entire team. ahuja_hack
Great News... @aiyaary Actress @Rakulpreet will be Playing the Female Lead opposite @Siva_Kartikeyan in… bapparaj111
Superb Performance by @BajpayeeManoj in #Aiyaary , just incredible ! Take a bow Sir ! shrey_narayan
Showtime Aiyaary 80% full ! Admits 15-20% Better than Padman ! #Aiyaary RevanthBR7
AIYAARY a good movie to watch with punch dialogue of Manoj ...a fabulous actor...Have been following him since old… narayananharish
Aiyaary was amazing. The whole cast did an amazing job. 10/10 royaIdeepika
Aiyaary.... An example of fine work #edgeoftheseatsuspense @S1dharthM @Rakulpreet Loved u too.. Would like to see more of both of you!!! BestofSamridhi
Very gud and sensational movie.. Shows current scenario of curruption.. 1 dialogue capture the eye ..azadi ke 70 sa… jigarnarsana
#Aiyaary An amazing movie with powerful script which again lays down the high ethics inculcated in #IndianArmy and… aadimeena96
#Aiyaary superb.. acting & wonderful movie..good job done by #AiyaarofBollywood..@BajpayeeManoj @S1dharthM 😎 @aiyaary veer1809
Congratulations Aiyaary team! Great work thoroughly enjoyed! U guys did a grt job! Special mention @BajpayeeManoj @Rakulpreet @S1dharthM sumitiitg
Just finished watching @aiyaary Amazing movie. @neerajpofficial Sir never fails to deliver. One of the best thrille… sagnikdey_99
#Aiyaary is a fabulous film .@S1dharthM & @BajpayeeManoj are doing their best in the film . This is the best film o… Zafrankhattak_
#Aiyaary is a fabulous film .@S1dharthM & @BajpayeeManoj are doing their best in the film . This is the best film o… parag_chordia
If i got a chance to review #Aiyaari movie, then definitely I'll give 5 stars Wonderful movie @aiyaary @RelianceEnt… fdkofficial
Watched aiyaary just now💗💗 And the film is the bestest of other movies 💕💕 Loved the acting of everyone 😍😍 @aiyaary… sidsjanani
OMG just finished watching #AiyaaryToday. I can't even begin to day how amazing it was. The theatre was full and al… MehakM1
"Aiyaary Banned In Pakistan" So, what??? Stop crying , Aiyar is loved in Pakistan. You can't have both ways. MarG_G_Meri
Just now watched #Aiyaary it's an movie with full of natural,thriller and suspense and also a great act by our youn… Zafrankhattak_
Just watched #Aiyaary Outstanding movie,must watch for everyone Sidharth Malhotra is best in every scene.manoj si… Zafrankhattak_
#Aiyaary tremendous 2nd half, gripping story altogether, what a fantastic concept, wow, it's stunning. Must watch m… Zafrankhattak_
Watched @aiyaary ❤️ It's a awesome film by super performance by everyone 😍 Please watch it .It's really amazing,sma… BoseShormili
#Aiyaary hearing great things about @S1dharthM n @BajpayeeManoj's performances Will plan to watch it soon PrudhviTweetz
#Aiyaary tremendous 2nd half, gripping story altogether, what a fantastic concept, wow, it's stunning. Must watch m… happysongs1729
Must watch #BlackPanther this week. And #Aiyaary too. cs2903singh
Watched #Aiyaary...It was nice movie. @BajpayeeManoj @S1dharthM and @Rakulpreet Big fan of you... abhee_08
Just saw the #AIYAARY first day first show @S1dharthM @Rakulpreet truly amazing @neerajpofficial sir bhavya_ngpl
brilliant..amazing..... words are less to describe howww muchhh i m in love with #Aiyaary ❤❤ love love love.. to all @S1dharthM ❤ Aishaaa6423
#Aiyaary Such a beautiful story Dialoug are full of choose bump the way @S1dharthM perform superb RAEES082
Hard hitting dialogue from #Aiyaary "Kashmir is an industry". Good movie. Loved the message it was try to pass on.. sangeethaunni
#Aiyaary @Rakulpreet everything was great!! 👍👍👍👌. Liked ur role and story was awesome 👏❤️😍. Love ❤️ from tollywood!! TollywoodMovz
Going to watch #aiyaary Hope it would be amazing as you @S1dharthM love you to the core. 😘😘 PoojaSwitty
#Aiyaary release today... #Aiyaaryday ... Hoping for the great success in the box office.. Best of luck team @aiyaary BibhuCritic
History will remember you as a great actor. I hope @BajpayeeManoj and #Aiyaary a grand success. francisid4net
Watching #Aiyaary in Deira City Centre Dubai, I must say its a GREAT thriller, chasing, challenging and keeps you o… Ismatullahh
#Aiyaary another masterpiece by @neerajpofficial , He is extraordinary in storytelling. Great performance by every… Duugalsahab
Watching #Aiyaary now..1st half is done till now very interesting movie. @BajpayeeManoj is superb as usual.… murtazarang7
After a long time a good movie with an extraordinary talented @S1dharthM @BajpayeeManoj Sir to watch out for… ankit2489786
#Aiyaary geeting amazing response from UAE.super excited myselfprithi
AIYAARY got amazing responses in UAE and suddenly came to know that its the 1st Indian movie going to release ever… Aditimitra5
Nowadays I started to ship Sid and Rakul. They both look amazing ❤. Not even 24 hours to go waiting to watch them… Kiran71306244
Loving you is the most beautiful and wonderful thing to do in this world @S1dharthM AIYAARY RELEASES TOMORROW Tass_says
#Aiyaary Sooo much great Appreciate for Sidharth Acting Guyss go nd watch tom ❤✌ Subhanya143
Padman Releases Faces Competetion with Padmavat coz its running very gud. Next week Aiyaary Black panther Next to N… akshays_Sahil
Your talent has overshadowed your experience. You are the most suitable for this amazing movie. Keep working harder… Aditimitra5
2018 starts wid a BANG! #Padmaavat #PadMan both turned out Amazing N nowCan't wait for #Aiyaary #BlackPanther… some1_dare
Today both #Padman & #Padmaavat r registering big occupancy. 2018 truly off to a wonderful start. Hope aiyaary Pari… Sambuddha_RK2
Sidians rocked all over... amazing..😊😊😊 1 WEEK TO AIYAARY Aditimitra5

59 Negative

#Aiyaary is a good movie, Packed with some fantastic performances,dialogues &a good BG score! Don't know why it received lot of bad reviews RohitPrasad_1
Where is the story bro? How did we go from Army and country and end it with something so random? Waste of such grea… aditi_satyan
#Aiyaary -Terrible Movie. Bad story line. #neerajpandey fails to deliver with such brillant actors. (P.S- Not count… imyashah
#Aiyaary is Supar flop... Fri 3.36 cr, Sat 4.05 cr, Sun 4.35 cr, Mon 1.43 cr, Tue 1.10 cr, Wed 97 lakh, Thu 88 lakh… jadhav_tushar1
#BlackPanther sucks. Unless you're comparing it to #Aiyaary. ramaneffect
#Aiyaary DISAPPOINTED!... No where near the thriller it portrayed itself to be, a hotch potch movie at the best !… iKrazyCake
I wanna slap those people who spread negativity about @aiyaary where did they found it boring,each and every second… SidiansPoint
Not a good news to #Aiyaary...Sunday box office collection is not impressive.. Sun 4.30 cr. only.... Total: ₹ 11.70 cr. India kuldeepraghavv
#Aiyaary not good Week... Fri 3.36 cr, Sat 4.04 cr, Sun 4.30 cr. Total: ₹ 11.70 cr. NBOC india Net. flop jadhav_tushar1
Too many slow motion captures and Bad direction makes #Aiyaary a spoilt flick. The only thing that keeps you going… imshubhamsharan
#Aiyaary. It's a very good movie, everyone acted good & #ManojVajpayi is just awesome. IInspite of bad reviews,… acid_patel
#Aiyaary ‘s climax dialogue directly picked up from @TVFPitchers , not expected from a @neerajpofficial film. Hugely disappointed. FilmsSubhradeep
Siddharth didn't waste my time... — watching Aiyaary wolFMishat
#Aiyaary Not Good Jump on Sat... Fri 3.36 cr, Sat 4.04 cr. Total: ₹ 7.40 cr. NBOC india Net. jadhav_tushar1
Watched @aiyaary last night!!Gripping story and Brilliant performance from all the cast!! Special mention to… RABINATHJHA
#Aiyaary Is The Biggest Flop Of @S1dharthM !👎 Even @neerajpofficial Couldn't save it! He's Going Through Extremely… IamHuraisKhan
#Aiyaary is came in right time n I don’t knw it will be hit or flop but one things I m sure people who think for ac… YogendraKVerma
Disappointed. 😑 Neeraj Pandey, this time you failed. 😣 — watching Aiyaary duttarahul77
Had huge expectations @neerajpofficial from #Aiyaary but left disappointed ! It's an out an out @BajpayeeManoj fil… varunramaswamy
#Aiyaary is a disappointment, not because the movie is bad, it is just right, but because I had expected a really s… tarun_05
and Siddharth Malhotra fans wanted Padmavati to flop badly 😂 #Aiyaary DeepikasWarrior
Brand ambassador of flop movies is Sidharth Malhotra. #AGentleman #Ittefaq and now #Aiyaary Stop trying to make films, you can't act... itzmeprasanna
Worst movie ever of #NeerajPandey No story Boring Some scenes r illogical and nonsense Don't go to watch it Never e… Nishkarsh1108
#Aiyaary Flop on Day 1 Opens with 3.36cr. montup7
Looks like Taran Adarsh was really disappointed with #Aiyaary. Hence no BO collection updates. #justsaying. BTW fro… aseem_aks
Trade guys termed @aiyaary and @JaggaJasoos2016 flop on #Day1 itself😛 In spite of being such lovely film. Shouldn'… PriyankaRaina_
#OneWordReview... #Aiyaary: DISAPPOINTING. Rating:- ⭐️⭐️ taran_adarash
#Aiyaary is a disappointment at all levels. Very Lengthy with uneven screenplay makes it a boring affair. jeetbasu
Bad movie. Worst movie. and then comes #Aiyaary . KhooniBhai
Guys all those who are saying #aiyaary is bad...i wld say u all dnt deserve a good film....i wld say it is a master… SamratChakrabo2
#Aiyaary is so bad that It should rather be shelved than being postponed !! Still cannot believe this movie is made by Niraj Pandey !!! itsLuvSingh
#OneWordReview... #Aiyaary: DISAPPOINTING. Rating:- ⭐️⭐️ v1coolstuff
Brilliant cast with poor story & screenplay. A story with many purposeless directions. Unexpected from Niraj pandey… jetkiran_k
#OneWordReview... #Aiyaary: DISAPPOINTING. Rating:- ⭐️⭐️ BoxOfficeAlerts
#Aiyaary films start with low occupancy and also got negetive WOM. So Its clear!! #Aiyaari is a First Big Flop of t… imsuperbstar
#Aiyaaryreview #Aiyaary waste of time and money.. Harish_Jangra
The Golden "Iron" Leg @Rakulpreet gives 1st flop to @neerajpofficial #Aiyaary .. I don't know how he signed her...… sachin2805117
Good tactics used by #ISIS to hide themselves to be considered as bad peple "Aiyaary Banned In Pakistan" #Aiyaary ICodeToLearn
Thank God , Didn't Review #Aiyaary as movie slight boring 😊 As trailer didn't impress me and I didn't want to spoil… PriyankaRaina_
#OneWordReview... #Aiyaary: DISAPPOINTING. Rating:- ⭐️⭐️ Salman_KhanNewz
Aiyaary is looking like another flop for Sid 💔 He does not deserve this :( Can we have that Sidpika movie anytime soon? kaninewest
Today Releases & Reports : Hindhi : #Aiyaary - (2/5) Flop. Tamil : #Nachiyaar - (3.5/5) Hit. Malayalam : #Captain… Anandsai_
#BlackPanther Blockbuster #awe Hit #Aiyaary Flop sachin2805117
I'm not disappointed with #Aiyaary. I straight up feel cheated. No chance in hell that this is directed by Neeraj P… DesiVader95
Too Sad... 🙁 #RakulPreetSingh Promotion Well. But #Aiyaary Movie Disappointed. May be Rakul Back to #Tollywood @Rakulpreet RajKumar_Film
#Aiyaary is same as #Ayyare @S1dharthM got another flop and this time with @Rakulpreet chinna99venky
Aiyaary Worst Movie of Siddharth Career Dont watch this Bad Film iAmanreal
As always again @S1dharthM movie dissappointed us with rating of only 2. Again flop 🤔🤔 #Aiyaary SslRockstar
Hearing bad things abt #Aiyaary @S1dharthM 😯 Sambuddha_RK2
#SidharthMalhotra's lead performance as Major Jai Bakshi is equally lackluster and disappointing. Rakul Preet Singh… shrishti_03
#PadMan will definitely cross 100 cr nett now .. It will be 1st choice for Hindi Movies coz #Aiyaary is Flop 1st Fl… sachin2805117
#MovieReview #Aiyaary Disappointed 👎👎 Nothing like a Neeraj Pandey's Movie His weakest Film Till Now Average Enter… boxoffice_stats
While the plot is below average, #ManojBajpayee's solid act seems to be the only saving grace of this disappointing film. #Aiyaary shrishti_03
#OneWordReview... #Aiyaary: DISAPPOINTING. Rating:- ⭐️⭐️ venkatesh3625
#Aiyaary... No touching performance @S1dharthM and @Rakulpreet ...Not Good direct @neerajpofficial Sir... Only… jadhav_tushar1
#OneWordReview... #Aiyaary: DISAPPOINTING. Rating:- ⭐️⭐️ #RakulPreetSingh Premkumars7
#Aiyaary - Not an interesting film, boring story, and there is no fun element. The chemistry between both the actor… UshaShrivas
1 WEEK TO AIYAARY and I'm adding 2 WEEKS TO one more flop by disaster sidharth malhotra 😂😂 imrushi_
Curious to know whether you will be a bad guy once more @S1dharthM BTW would love to see u as a Villain.. 1WEEK TO AIYAARY Urvash1S

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