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Release Date: October 05, 2018

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What a brilliant movie it is.. #AndhaDhun @ayushmannk u r superb and one of ur best performances till date. Taboo is flawless as always. satyamkumar64
Must watch film of the year...tabu, khurana nailed it, yet another brilliant film from Sriram raghavan, music at it… jayarajanmsw
☺️ @ayushmannk Just watched Andhadhun, what a movie!!!! Thriller, Comedy, suspense all packed in one. Loved it❣️#MustWatch 👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻👌🏻 neelam_purohit
#AndhaDhun is a must watch thriller..👍👍 Moralful story gives lesson how Lies, Lust and Greed impacts human life! W… govinda_verma
It was a #AndhaDhun Sunday @ayushmannk 🙏 brilliant Af so was #Tabu a full Paisa wasool movie....... adarshwho
Andhadhun is basically a MIND-BLOWING..a must watch movie.. totally unexpected movie never knew comedy thriller wou… rinzhp
Absolutely loved #Andhadhun! Hilarious and intriguing at the same time. Ruchtk
#Stree , #AndhaDhun both movies with great direction, screenplay,acting and new concepts , well done. Looking forwa… gunzprabhu7
LOVED #andhadhun ... u guys should go watch it. blackfaree25
Andhadhun has been watched finally and what a thoroughly entertaining experience it was! Loved the ending! Take a b… dbsbhnde
Watched Andhadhun yesterday after great reviews! Awesome movie! Spectacular script!! Great acting!!! Pure entert… KristMez13
#AndhaDhun is an amazing movie with superb script and writing. Take a bow @tabu @ayushmannk top class acting !! Tabu is just flawless 😍. adityabarde2
Great great movie @AndhadhunFilm amazing story line and great directed. Brilliant acting by @ayushmannk and tab… its_me_prateek
'Andhadhun' is a great watch. Excellent performance by Tabu and Ayushman Khurana. Neha429
Having a hard time deciding my favourite song from @AndhadhunFilm. What a wonderful soundtrack! Hats off to @ItsAmitTrivedi #AndhaDhun the_krishnadev
#AndhaDhun yaah its real "andhe ki dhun" for to being him self a great artist but the selfish society can't see th… arjun_vekariya7
#Andhadhun is a brilliant movie with so many twists in it. A must watch. @ayushmannk @radhika_apte GauravKadam_gk
Andhadhun (2018) Hindi A thoroughly enjoyable and well made black comedy thriller with great performances from lea… PyarKaMusafir
Watched #Andhadhun amazing is an understatement, brilliant performance by @ayushmannk @tabuism @radhika_apte debarati_27
A must watch Hollywood level thriller plus comedy with great twists, great story and brilliantly directed by Raghav… thekingslayya
#AndhaDhun is such a fabulous movie. Amazing direction and a convoluted script which resolves beautifully in the en… pcr1393
#AndhaDhun is a must watch. Love the way Raghavan tells a story. divyankmoreyeah
#Andhadhun is a must watch movie. Every five minutes a mystery unfolds. Kudos to @ayushmannk for such a brilliant r… APOORVA50
#Andhadhun was a great watch keeping one hooked till the last frame. What a super script by Raghavan and team made… GajendraKhanna1
#AndhaDhun I hardly blinked in this blind firing! Amazing songs and awesome nostalgic number :) @ayushmannk @radhika_apte RenukaMene
#Andhadhun amazing, brilliant movie, loved acting of all actors , have seen really good movie after so long time… meghna_bhatt86
Last night Kumar Privie citizens enjoyed an exclusive private screening of the movie #Andhadhun at #Cinepolis in Se… PrivieWorld
Finally watched #Andhadhun what a masterpiece best dark comedy and thriller superb direction , story @ayushmannk yo… Zubairshaikh_69
Andhadhun- one of the best movies in the recent times. Superb acting by @ayushmannk and @ActressTabu !! anibakore
Loved @radhika_apte in #Andhadhun I find her so hot! fatimaj_dxb
#AndhaDhun One of the best movie ever watched! @ayushmannk, Sriram Raghavan sir. Superb plot and screenplay. Amazing experience. shashank1221993
#AndhaDhun what a movie!! Tabu and Ayushman at their best. All the supporting cast one better than the other. Thank… Divyasarkar
It has been a great year at the movies.. #Tumbbad takes over where #Andhadhun left last week..Two movies that compl… makerofdestiny
Work of a sheer genius! What an awesome movie #andhadhun is. What a fucking awesome movie it is. A must must watch. AbbieshekSharma
#Andhadhun was an amazing watch! Freaky and funny and gory in all the best ways! Great job @radhika_apte @tabuism @ayushmannk 👍🏽👏🏽👍🏽👏🏽 maitrayee_rc
Watched a film #AndhaDhun today and yes it was a FILM! And what a fantastic one. Never a dull moment. Superb perfor… debzzone
Just watched #AndhaDhun! @ayushmannk was absolutely amazing! Very different, very unique! 💯 adityapandey148
#Andhadhun Really nice movie A series of dangerous twists! Music is brilliant! Climax makes me feel we all were Rad… ravi_rsoni
If you ever loved movies, go see @AndhadhunFilm. Best of indian cinema. You just keep on impressing brother… darshrp
What a film. Thoroughly enjoyed #Andhadhun. Awesome screenplay. @ayushmannk #Tabu @radhika_apte 🙌 #SriramRaghavan killermurali
Watched #AndhaDhun ... Amazing movie.. hats off to @ayushmannk #tabbu for brilliant performance... Kudos to whole cast .... BhushaanP
#AndhaDhun is amazing DrVirusbuddhe
Watched #Andhadhun today, what a fantastic piece it is.! I jus loved the movie even the people in theatre had joy a… shreya_varuniac
What an excellent script! What amazing acting! Tabu, @ayushmannk, @radhika_apte and all the other actors, everyone… mihirmehta95
Saw my man @ayushmannk 's movie. Brilliant work #Andhadhun must watch ! @ayushmannk Earlier thought the ending was… KrishnaAjmera
#Andhadhun good but not great. 70s throwback feel & music, convoluted thriller plot, usual Sriram Raghavan tropes.… Lavish
Superb work @ayushmannk #AndhaDhun ... No hesitation calling it best movie of 2018... ....class movie 👌 1nonlymanoj
#AndhaDhun is a very arresting movie. Superb direction. You need to watch it! A_Fine_Mess
#Andhadhun is an absolute delight! Edge of the seat with twists every moment. Loved @ayushmannk for his fantabulous… JayantiBhasker
F**k man.. What a brilliant movie is #Andhadhun Must must must watch..!! You can never know what's coming next... N… OriginalShishir
Andhadhun What a movie, loved loved it @ayushmannk Msdianyash
#Andhadhun one of the bestest Bollywood movie I saw in couple of years.Direction was tremendous,great performances… itznabs
#Tumbbad is a great film like #AndhaDhun .. Support it cine-goers 👍 Filmchopath
Andhadhun what a wonderful movie, every person did a phenomenal job. bindurebindu
Here down from a tamilnadu fan wishing u best always #Andhadhun wat a film. And acting. @ayushmannk I loved his voi… abu435
#Andhadhun’s entire team deserves all the praise there is and much more for executing such a brilliant movie. Loved… suhani_lakhotia
Andhadhun, Mysterious ever! @ayushmannk Totally amazing!!!!!!!!!! ❤️ SuhalkaVaibhika
What a treat to watch! #Andhadhun one of the best thrillers I have ever watched. Superb performances by @tabuism @ayushmannk @radhika_apte vhooshh
Must watch #Andhadhun Indian Cinema changing shades slowly simply_venky
Meri pyari bindu ❤️ Bareily ki barfi 😋 Shubh mangal savdhan 😂 Andhadhun 😍 Enjoyed and loved each of them thoroughl… Raanabira
Watched #andhadhun great movie but little more editing in the later half would have made it perfect. Tabu at her best very #macbeth ish aps999
One of the best suspence thriller, after such a long time.. A must Watch.. — watching Andhadhun Ritesh_Sharma85
I watched Andhadhun in theatre yesterday. Without a doubt the most amazing movie of this year. You were brilliant as Akash 👍 @ayushmannk AishKamrankhan1
This weekend watch #AndhaDhun, full on Paisa Wasool film. Lots of Whistle-Whistle moments. Amazing storyline and m… varadadya
#Andhadhun Great screen play and awesome performances. Dear @radhika_apte Ji, we are blessed to have you as a comp… errol_g7
#AndhaDhun great screen play and awesome performances @ayushmannk sir, you are extraordinary . You can switch to a… errol_g7
Work with him on #BareilyKiBarfi ... Loved him then.. huge fan! @ayushmannk was brilliant in #Andhadhun .. perfect… pyarasaparth
#Andhadhun what a movie!!! Amazing...take a bow... I live in the US and the show was almost full even on a weekday.… pgmehta69
#Andhadhun what a movie!!! Amazing...#SriramRaghavan take a bow... I live in the US and the show was almost full ev… pgmehta69
#andhadhunmovie is an amazing exp. Writing about the fun, a viewer will have in theatres is impossible. So just go… varadadya
#Andhadhun exceeds expectations. Long time since I've enjoyed a #Bollywood movie this much. vjsingh102
Does blind people sleep with their eyes open? #Andhadhun what a fantastic movie. @ayushmannk and Tabu great piece of acting🙌 EkthaPUNter
#Andhadhun twists h #Andhadhun Movie me It's really great movie you cannot predict any part of the movie, wonderfu… 8shubhamkothari
Bow down to @ayushmannk @radhika_apte #tabu what a superb performance in #Andhadhun . Feels like watching a real good movie after ages . musicizlife2013
Andhadhun! What a movie!! 👐👐👐👐 First half is amazing! nirvananerves
Enjoyed a lovely movie !!! After a long long time... Be it the script, cinematography or the casting ... Just naile… bhowmick_rounak
Andhadhun is great entertainment. Tabu just phenomenal. Never has there been a more apt movie title. So many layers… mojorant
#AndhaDhun a very guy Ritchie movie. Loved it. Definite watch if you like the same. meetdotasim
#andhadhun has to be the best movie so far for this year. @ayushmannk You are Supremely talented. Loved the movie. MayankBharti_
Watched #Andhadhun after watching the review of @PratikBorade1 The movie was amazing as he described in his review.… AuthenticEddy
What a great movie #AndhaDhun is!! Heartiest thanks to its entire team for great entrainment! @ayushmannk @radhika_apte mathurvyom
#Andhadhun movie is Awesome.....@ayushmannk was too good......loved it...❤️ f5ocietyMember
#ANDHADHUN is stunning. Movie has great potential. You #aayushmankhurana nailed it. Perfect serial killer @tabuism… Vivek14279
Paid for the whole seat and was still at the edge of it!!!!! What a movie!!!! @ayushmannk Speechless!!! Loved every… meghabharuka
#ANDHADHUN 😎. 👏👏👏👏. ACTING ⭐️⭐️⭐️ STORY ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ MUSIC⭐️ BACKGROUND MUSIC ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ DIRECTION ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🙏 MUST WATCH. 👍 TheBulla_FC
#watched #Andhadhun yesterday in #jazzcinemas #Chennai enjoyed it... Didnt expect it to be #DarkComedy loved… saiharsha14
Watched Andhadhun yesterday and I must say it is a must watch! Definitely making a dent into breaking the typical Bollywood make of a movie. NotSoFunny17
#Andhadhun is a good movie - it's music is even better. Amazing mix of retro and contemporary pop into the soundtra… psramprasad
Watched #Andhadhun yesterday. #Sriram_Raghavan did a brilliant job. Amazing work by #Tabu , @ayushmannk &… adeshdhamdhere
Finaly watched #Andhadhun a perfect thriller which keeps u engaged till the last min @ayushmannk is fabulous where… am_Migrade
#Andhadhun is an amazing way of story telling.. #SriramRaghavan is the best ! @radhika_apte, @ayushmannk & @tabuism… sameersn
#andhadhun Best thriller of the year. The movie is superb Great work @ayushmannk @tabuism Guys its a much watch na… ankitagarwala
#Andhadhun is an AMAZING film. Watch it to get uncomfortable, watch it to get your mind blown, not once but through… ATREASA
Andhadhun. WOW!! 😮 @ayushmannk amazing performance mate 😯 Loved it. Though, please explain that ending 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ #Andhadhun Himanshu_1607
#Andhadhun amazing film with amazing starcast bassclown23
Whatttaa acting by you @ayushmannk saw a great film after a long break of time love it #Andhadhun TheTauseefKhan
Everybody’s busy praising #Andhadhun for how amazing the movie is whereas we are forgetting the beautiful music in it. Perfect flick. sherryrats
Andhadhun.. what a brilliantly made film.. loved it completely. My favourite film so far of 2018. @ayushmannk @radhika_apte @tabuism ayushiisinharoy
Just came from the show of #andhadhun.. liked the movie... love you @ayushmannk superb work, seeing the guy from ro… komalnjadhav
Piano music in #Andhadhun is extraordinary, engaging vd story & deserve applause. Hatsoff to the artists. @ayushmannk played it beautifully. DjKagde
What an amazing movie #AndhaDhun Wt an acting by @ayushmannk #Tabhu and superb script best movie in recent time...! sharan32sharan
For a thriller, #Andhadhun is thrilling at every moment. Tabu is fantastic like always... Loved @ayushmannk perform… OptLogic
Really it was a #Andhadhun Loved it. A must watch. Great work by @ayushmannk _jagdishS
Hey @hemanthrao11, last week I watched #AndhaDhun and loved it. Got to know you are actually one of the writers. Th… varunpoornabodh
what a movie !! #Andhadhun is one of those movies u come across once in a blue moon .... Amazing cast @radhika_apte… KushalPandita
Why is @AndhadhunFilm not releasing in Bhopal?? I'm dying to watch this piece of great cinema. And I'm so pissed… Pradyumn707
#Andhadhun is a must watch movie. Thriller and entertaining. Written perfectly,acted perfectly. @ayushmannk… manish2smart
Absolutely loved #Andhadhun @ayushmannk @radhika_apte . The movie was so gripping and the end left me stunned!!! Gr… vmswiftie
#Andhadhun movie is a must watch.. Different and crisp throughout! FoodJunkieGuy
#andhadhun Brilliant art! Kuddos to team #Sriram for delivering such amazing work. Best scene- Murder scene with piano music 👏 Priyank15350358
#Andhadhun Whatte Amazing film. FUNNY - THRILLER - UNPREDICTABLE. 🤗 #SriramRaghavan is a GENIUS. That ending, leavi… SRTRaghu
#Andhadhun Superb. Mind blowing. Great story and performances. Must watch 👍🏼 devanshiz
#Andhadhun what a movie. . Great 👍🏼 hitachimac
#AndhaDhun has to be the most thrilling movie of 2018. It's gripping, and for sure it would keep you stick to your seats. A MUST WATCH!! GautamSodhi1
#AndhaDhun is a surprisingly nice movie , very well made and entertaining... BUDDY_AFDB
Andhadhun is a fabulous movie, seat edge thriller with @ayushmannk and Tabu's performance but my only question is k… NikammaPehelwan
#AndhaDhun I watched it yesterday, must watch movie 🎥. don't miss it guys Jasa72335240
Andhadhun is probably the best Hindi movie of the year. Must watch.#andhadhunmovie VarunSBhat
What a masterpiece, a must watch movie, awesome plot, superb thrill, plz go and watch this awesome movie,… aawarabaccha
#Andhadhun Quite a movie! Fabulous story, full of twists & turns, with a good dose of hilarity & bloodshed . Enjoye… mathurshagun1
What a amazing movie #AndhaDhun. Superb acting @tabuism, @ayushmannk and @radhika_apte and superb direct by… kapilthakkar298
#Andhadhun is an amazing movie. Start to the end I was entertained. @ayushmannk @tabuism @radhika_apte InzamAga
What a movie!!! #Andhadhun Fabulous Amazing no words to say super package of thriller.@ayushmannk amazing bro U was just amazing!! khan7864014
Sriram Raghavan has orchestrated a wickedly delicious cinema in Andhadhun. Just loved it! Go watch. sharathpadaru
#Andhadhun Highly enthralling and intriguing suspense #thriller movie.The movie doesn't drop even a bit, loved the… ShettyAdithi
Just watched #Andhadhun . What a wonderful movie. @ayushmannk you are awesome bro. Great work @radhika_apte . amrikdeol
Saw #Andhadhun . What a movie! Certainly much better than a lot of commercial movies and commercial made up cinema.… TweetAmitGupta
#AndhaDhun is a prime example of the evolution of Bollywood!! A gem of a movie!! @ayushmannk absolutely rocks!! A must watch akl27
I didn't love it, but I really enjoyed Andhadhun. It's fun, and I'm glad Hindi cinema like this does exist. maahin
Great movie andhadhun UnitedEsquee
Andhadhun what an ace movie. Absolutely loved every bit of it. somedeepguy
#Andhadhun what a brilliant movie! Every minute is unpredictable and engaging! Great performance by all actors and… GauraviC
What a fabulous piece of art AndhaDhun is. Mind=Blown. @ayushmannk #AndhaDhunMovieReview Idiotic_Fellow
#AndhaDhun : LEFT IN SHOCK AND AWE Tabu & @ayushmannk IS FIYAAAA 🔥🔥 Amazing performance by him acting and signing w… coolXD4ever
Andhadhun what a movie , superb acting @ayushmannk , just one issue who eats at law college canteen ( I as a studen… jhawaradi
#Andhadhun .....must watch. @ayushmannk and @tabuism u both were amazing. A 5 star for acting and the direction. pousali24
#Andhadhun @ayushmannk Amazing movie,bit boring in first half an hour but after that it was engaging.Thrilled.last… SrkGibbs
#AndhaDhun what a movie @ayushmannk was superb Bollywood needs more movies like this. punitsp
#AndhaDhun @ayushmannk sir what a film!! 👏👏 Had amazing time watching it !👍 jennimy_love
Amit Trivedi has lowkey delivered another great album in Andhadhun maxprat
Fuck man.. What a brilliant movie is #Andhadhun Must must must watch..!! You can never know what's coming next... N… gkvinay003
Watched #Andhadhun yesterday night.. what a great story and acting by actors.. I feel this is best movie I have see… anukul57
#AndhaDhun Movie with great storyline and of it's own kind in #Bollywood ! Awesome performances and happening story… RahulShelar9
Watched #AndhaDhun. Such an interesting movie with full of twists. Loved #Tabu #RadhikaApte @ayushmannk . Liked him… Anjali060
Best movie of this year #Andhadhun great performances by everyone @radhika_apte #tabu and special mention… ImIndraJEET20
#Andhadhun what a brilliant story! Loved the movie! Keep up the good work @ayushmannk @tabuism @radhika_apte ❣️ SharmaSh92
#Andhadhun what a movie! It's intelligent, it's funny, it's suspense, it's amazing! Please go watch it! @ayushmannk… theurvashigoyal
#AndhaDhun is by far the best bollywood movie I've seen this year. Just go and watch #AndhaDhun blindly. It's a 5/5… _ImSagar
#AndhaDhun emerges one of the most loved film from @ayushmannk @radhika_apte #Tabu collection taken good hype after… Freaky_rj
Andhadhun-What a movie. Pure brilliance. Great start, Strong ending. Bestest movie of recent time. Ayushmann Khurra… mishrautkarsh95
Shriram Raghvan has delivered a masterpiece of suspense and thriller through #AndhaDhun Great movie. Keeps you on… AllTimeJocular
#Andhadhun is by far the most entertaining movie of 2018.. @ayushmannk @radhika_apte #Tabu are amazing ❤️❤️ CA_Gayatri
Andhadun - Brilliant suspense thriller of recent times, must watch Indeed an eye opener for blind Bollywood not to… Rakeshbhati_
Music was one of the lead characters in #Andhadhun Amazing work !! @ItsAmitTrivedi Jarvis Menezes and Danny George sriv_priyank
#SriramRaghavan sir Amaizing treatment what an amazing film was made @tabuism mem your were phenomenal… saurabh_gajra
#Andhadhun is a must-watch. I had loved Shriram Raghavan’s Ek Hasina Thi: the same tautness in this film, superb wo… aditishukla
#AndhaDhun superb movie, happens rarely in Bollywood @ayushmannk @radhika_apte ankitmathur4u
#AndhaDhun is amazingly PHENOMENAL movie with hilarious moments, fantastic editing and unexpected twists and turns… himalitamboli25
Blind Hollywood lovers/Bollywood haters- Please watch Andhadhun. Hats off to @ayushmannk superb acting man!! gbupadhyay
Enjoyed the Monday night theatre. @tabuism great playful yet dark, character you played. @ayushmannk loved you fo… ChavdaHarin
Loved #Andhadhun so much..a jhakkass thriller by #SriramRaghavan @ayushmannk #Tabu & @radhika_apte ....… Im_JavedAkhtar
avengers ki ending kuch ni thi idhr andhadhun ki ending ni smjh aa ri @ayushmannk @radhika_apte great work su… kd29598
One of the best movies of the year, #Andhadhun @ayushmannk and #Tabu are fabulous, but the person who deseves all… prajeshpgupta
Andhadhun. What a movie and you are really a star @ayushmannk loved every minute of it. your act is so amazing. be… aforAhmedAli
What a fabulous movie #AndhaDhun A great Bollywood movie after long. @ayushmannk @radhika_apte Ayushman khurana… akshat_goklani
Pls pls watch #Andhadhun 🙏🏻 Huge respect for #SriramRaghavan for making this wonderful film. Easily the BEST film o… viggu_8391
#Andhadhun awesome direction, and amazing action @ayushmannk definitely an edge-of-your-seat thriller!! 👍👌 SravyaRapaka91
#Andhadhun a movie with good script, great music and excellent actors. @tabuism @ayushmannk you both just nailed it 👏👏 shwitterbug
#Andhadhun is a must watch! @ayushmannk & @tabuism are brilliant. shirishy_
Saw #AndhaDhun ... First half for amazing ... But the end crippled, #director got confused and messed up in the end… Pratikkubadia
#Andhadhun is mind-blowing one! @ayushmannk you hv just nailed it.. u r undoubtedly undisputed king in this genre! Great great work! Niksomania
#Andhadhun is one of the best movies of the year. Good camera work, good lyrics, good music and great acting. Crime… Vinzi
We absolutely loved @AndhadhunFilm . We gave it 8.5 We would love to hear from you what you thought about the movi… screengobblr
#Andhadhun is better than perfect. 👍 @ayushmannk ianabil
Must watch #Andhadhun a master piece. Great acting by entire cast. deepesh3029
Superb Story,Direction,Acting & Music. Go & watch it to the nearby theatre, such films should be appreciated, this… yogeshkokode
#AndhaDhun A must must must must must watch ... #Tabu ❤️❤️ @ayushmannk abhimay
#Andhadhun @ayushmannk @tabuism @radhika_apte what a incredible movie... Loved every bit of it... nikisinghal
Superb movie... Superb direction.. #Tabu #Ayushman 👌👐 — watching Andhadhun Jagdeep_Parihar
Best so far... Thrill level +1000...#Andhadhun @ayushmannk @sriramraghavan #Tabu @radhika_apte What a wonderful and delightful watch! nilanjanachow
#Andhadhun is the best film of 2018. So deliciously wicked and twisted and such fabulous music. One viewing ain’t e… joshiadi227
Andhadhun is a superb thriller that has left a bench mark in its making with superb bgm and cuts that leave audience mesmerised 😊 Bgovindrajbgr
Just watched #Andhadhun, it was superb!!!!!!! the best thriller I have ever witnessed,best performance by… iamanshubais
#Andhadhun is simply a masterpiece. @ayushmannk you never stop amazing us by your performances, be it acting or si… hungry_prashant
damn wonderful.... you should watch it for sure you'll not get bored, it's worth giving your 2 hour's and great act… Anikeith24
Watched #Andhadhun ......wat a masterpiece film of 2018 ...big applause @tabuism @ayushmannk @radhika_apte ....must watch guys anamika_shree
#Andhadhun is a masterpiece by #sriramraghavan. What a story,what a screen play and superb acting performances by… HelplessIndians
Good cinema should always be appreciated . #AndhaDhun a must watch. @tabuism @ayushmannk it was a delight to watch this film. RashmikaKapoor
Mind blowing film #Andhadhun. @ayushmannk you were amazing👌. @radhika_apte too good. Suman_S17
#interval and till now #Andhadhun is amazing!! @ayushmannk is as usual amazing!! napster_004
#Andhadhun recently watched this movie i give this movie rating 4/5 One word for this movie =Amazing 👏👏👏 really very nice movie DainiNayak3
#AndhaDhun #SriramRaghavan What a great thriller you have come out of. Performances are gonna stay in memory forev… dushyant308
Loved Andhadhun. I think Shriram Raghawan believes in Karma as much as I do. Because every character got it's due.… TusharChawla10
Twist Twist Twist Andhadhun a must watch movie 🎥 karan_raghav
Watched a good movie after a long time... #Tabbu was breath taking and @ayushmannk was amazing as always... #Andhadhun AsijaGeetu
oh i forgot to tell andhadhun is fucking awesome must watch Supermyan__
If at all anyone deserves an Oscar for doing finest movie by movie, it’s @ayushmannk. Such an amazing actor, man. “… sherryrats
Please do yourself a favour and go watch #Andhadhun Amazing narration of the story, superb performances and a thril… shronsharma
#Andhadhun a must watch... brilliant performance by @ayushmannk would have been nice if @CarnivalCine had done be… kaushikaman2
Just saw Andhadhun and i must say Oh my! What a splendid movie it was with so many twists and turns..superb perform… akshaysaradva
Loved #andhadhun .. what a mind bender . awesome acting by @ayushmannk and direction by sriram Raghavan radicaltp
#Andhadhun what a movie, must watch, seen a hindi thriller so good after ages.. jayesh_agarwal
#Andhadhun a must must watch. One of the best films I've seen in a long time...I was literally at the edge of my se… Tyagi4848
This guy is something else. @ItsAmitTrivedi What a talent man! Manmarziyaan and now Andhadhun❤️ Amazing music. You… Nirajpurohit23
In madly love with #Andhadhun .Watching it andhadhundh the fact is #Andhadhun is fucking wonderful .It was just class thiller kumarnitish_
#Andhadhun a must must watch. One of the best films I've seen in a long time...I was literally at the edge of my seat the whole time. Superb VeeBali
Loved the movie @ayushmannk ! #AndhaDhun Shereenjain
Superb whodunnit from Sriram Raghavan though it is #Tabu who steals the show all the way next to @ayushmannk . #AndhaDhun nvenkatr
You must must watch #Andhadhun. What story telling. Deliciously devious & absolutely brilliant. #SriramRaghavan is… BalaIy
What an epic movie it was #andhadhun..still not getting over with it..must must watch. 2nummare
This is such an awesome movie!! I don’t think I’ve enjoyed any other movie like like I’ve enjoyed this one! Thanks… RadhiyahSays
Loved #Andhadhun! @ayushmannk @radhika_apte #Tabu #sriramraghavan haan_nahi_to
Whats life? Ans: It all depends upon the liver. #Andhadhun Just loved it. A must watch. @ayushmannk the_avrg_indian
#AndhaDhun sir u nailled it @ayushmannk n #Tabu ma'am was outstanding she is great actress Ma'am ur looking prett… mrig93
#Andhadhun is an edge of seat thriller with wonderful performance from whole starcast . @ayushmannk well I am big f… Alias_jatin
Just one word (Masterpiece). Great acting by @ayushmannk, @tabuism, @radhika_apte and the team of andhadhun and th… anilvedwal
Andhadhun is a must watch! Yes, you heard it right, A must watch for off beat cinema freaks and no for typical bol… PratikMBhoir
It’s a must watch movie! #Andhadhun all departments are excellent! Never a dull moment. Highly recommended! junitab
#Andhadhun is a film of so many parts: a 'killer' plotline, amazing music & background score, wow performances - pa… aartiishere
Why is @ayushmannk looks to me bit like the Great @aamir_khan .. His choices right from his debut #VickyDonor… Nitesh38598276
#AndhaDhun is so chaotically good. @ayushmannk is brilliant. But for me #Tabu steals the show. Must watch. SachinKarnavat
#Andhadhun ...just amazing movie..@ayushmannk sir dr_naiya
Superb watch ...go now @ayushmannk and vintage Tabu will thrill you till the end #Andhadhun nileshsinh
Great movie #Andhadhun @ayushmannk you were awesome, as always!! 😃😃 codeAbider
#Andhadhun is brilliant film @ayushmannk @radhika_apte #Tabu all did wonderful acting. #ShriramRaghavan is genius. JiteshTandel
#Andhadhun is a master piece. A must watch movie. Awesome script, mind blowing screen play, fabulous acting by… luvdush
Just watched Andhadhun .just want to say about you that .. aapse mil ke acha laga..loved your acting. @ayushmannk nishant1004
#Andhadhun What a film.👏🏻Best Bollywood movie of 2018. Loved it. @ayushmannk U rocked again😎🖤 and that hare too.😋 @AndhadhunFilm dp_freebird
#Andhadhun is a must movie..mind blowing script and superb acting by the short paisa vasool nazninpro
Thoroughly enjoyed #AndhaDhun . Liked a Bollywood movie in theatre after a long time. OnkarThonte
#AndhaDhun A Masterpiece Movie ❤ Each Scene and especially the ending is still in my mind.A must watch movie. Srir… Parthjagdale
#Andhadhun adds one more to the bag of good movies of @ayushmannk He sure knows to choose good scripts 👌👍 Great job lucifercorner
~ Dushmani to muft hai.. Bas dosti ki fees hai!!!! ~ Saw #AndhaDhun for the 2nd time today and enjoyed the twists… raghav_1217
#AndhaDhunMovie is really a great movie and hats off to your acting skills @ayushmannk sir @tabuism maam. A Nice th… tprasanth5
Just witnessed the best movie I watched this far in this year #Andhadhun... Amazing performance by… soumallya1986
Gr8 story, amazing acting, cmplete pakage. 1st half:5/5, 2nd half:4/5 #Andhadhun #MustWatch @ayushmannk #tabbu @radhika_apte #SriramRaghavan Kin__z
#Andhadhun is a masterclass in itself. Shows you don't need over the top acting and sets, just a great script and g… priyankapranks
#Andhadhun was certainly the best movie of 2018 in all departments. @ayushmannk great job!! shravandixit
Just saw Andhadhun and i must say Oh my! What a splendid movie it was with so many twists and turns..superb perform… SoMeSoMeAwEsOmE
#Andhadhun is a must watch movie for this year. A very well made film by @ShridharR @ayushmannk #tabu are excellent !! j2shar
#Andhadhun one of the finest movie of the year.A must watch movie.@ayushmannk you are brilliant and just nailed t… viamanu
#Andhadhun what a wonderful film . Superb performances by all the actors. Great editing. I'm a big fan of… Sam59310714
Andhadhun is one of the best movies of the year. Good camera work, good lyrics, good music and great acting. Crime… BPiperiya
#Andhadhun is already the best film of 2018 for me. Must watch!!! @ayushmannk you are a gem❤️ Watch it for Tabu… nirajgawali
#Andhadhun Saw andhafhun today, this movie does justice to thriller zoner, a must watch movie awesome work by anshu… bhavesh4321
#Andhadhun is mind blowing! It is beyond extraordinary. Sriram Raghavan is a living legend. Gave me the same feels… akhiltalashi
I can say #Andhadhun is one of the best movie of Bollywood. What a superb acting by Ayushmann Khurrana & Tabu. Radh… ankitrawat18
Wow.. @ayushmannk is just too good in #Andhadhun. A movie you must watch. umeshkarad
'Andhadhun' weaves intricately a complex and engaging storyline . The movie glamourises the beauty of unpredictability .A MUST Watch sumanmitra4
#NowWatching Andhadhun movie @ayushmannk & Tabbu are just superb through out. Radhika Apte looks washed out & is o… goldinketc
Content & Direction was the key to this new & fresh, super twist and turns wali movie #andhadhun .. enjoyed with family.. jr_harshrao
#Andhadhun is a great movie. Hope #Bollywood add such new flavours for audience @ayushmannk @radhika_apte #tabu @Viacom18Movies harshilshah0089
#Andhadhun what a movie simply superb great work as usual by @ayushmannk and tabu..Simply awesome .. vivek0717
#Andhadhun what a kickass film! Loved every minute of it! #TeamAndhadhun take a bow!!!! #SriramRaghavan you rock!!! So proud of you 😘😘😘👏👏👏 bijuriya
Watched #Andhadhun yesterday Amazing Story line, Great Acting, Great music @ItsAmitTrivedi Background score 😍😍😍 abyrod_vogel
Watched Andhadhun😎.....what a great movie one of the best bollywood movie this year😍😍😍 @ayushmannk 😎 @radhika_apte… SriHarsH02
After many days, watched a great movie which makes you wow every second of the movie. #Andhadhun is just fabulous a… SatyanandSubha2
#AndhaDhun is fantastic! @ayushmannk was absolute perfection. Loved every bit of it. @radhika_apte proved herself y… BobbyDeolFanBoy
#Andhadhun is the best film I've seen this year.The best part is these witty,crisp one liners. Such superb screenp… misermarwadi
#Andhadhun what a superb movie!!! Bollywood needs more of it. @ayushmannk @tabuism what amazing acting! SumedhaMithu
#Andhadhun loved it , surprising shocks, story, twist, actors @ayushmannk #RadhikaApte #tabu #applaud #laugh #shock #combination #hugs Fragsk
Totally loved #Andhadhun! All the twists, screenplay and acting. Well made movie @ayushmannk @tabuism @radhika_apte #SriramRaghavan rongevibhor
#Andhadhun What a Masterpiece enjoyed a thriller to the fullest after #Jhonnygaddar for the first time @ayushmannk… Deszzmo
#Andhadhun awesome movie. Amazing plot. Full paisa vasool @ayushmannk @radhika_apte #tabu Mazaa aagaya. Ragaasak
Watched #Andhadhun , amazing experience, a class apart binarysyndrome
#Andhadun is really quirky witty thriller!!!! Great act by @ayushmannk n @tabuism ... i really like @radhika_apte .… ikrupaldesai
#Andhadhun After sooo sooo long saw an amazing masterpiece. @ayushmannk @tabuism @radhika_apte Amazing. Beyond word… WaLkInG_DeAd_pk
#Andhadhun... What a movie Amazing is an understatement. vikram_agarwala
#Andhadhun A mind blowing awesome thriller, great work by @ayushmannk and Tabbu. pkdalakoti
#AndhaDhun a must watch. Its is such a thriller + fun movie. Enjoyed it the entire time!! Super work @ayushmannk #Tabu and @radhika_apte thesureshrajan
#Andhadhun movie is a must watch ! @ayushmannk was brilliant. Go watch. @radhika_apte #AndhaDhunMovieReview… NikhilROSSONERI
ANDHADHUN..what a thriller movie and a great script with some amazing performance and a career best performance by… YashPat28566716
#Andhadhun The best suspense thriller of its kind! @ayushmannk You were amazing with and without eyes 😅 #badhaiho o… mitsu_doshi
Saw #Andhadhun Awesome thriller Suspense in every 10 mins Loved it Great performance @ayushmannk @tabuism… vivekpanicker91
What a cinematic experience it was! A mysteriously comic narrative, superb acting & brilliant piano music makes it a must watch. #Andhadhun kunalrathod93
Really a must watch movie #andhadhun Everyone must watch it as it's one of the best movies of this year.… namansharma02
In one word outstanding fabulous suparb mind-blowing wonderful spectacular wow movie #Andhadhun @radhika_apte @tabu @ayushmannk Akshay2144
#Andhadhun is such a well made thrilling movie! Great job @ayushmannk @tabuism @radhika_apte @ShridharR cratiks
What a movie #Andhadhun was!! Doesn't let your mind wander away for even a minute. @ayushmannk has acted so beautifully. Superb. SALILPENDHARKAR
Two great movies in a year #Stree #andhadhun Khuranna Bros making Bollywood movies watchable again @ayushmannk atulpandey1992
#Andhadhun is by far the best movie of 2018. Amazing performances from @ayushmannk @radhika_apte and #Tabu but the… mukherjeeankit5
#Andhadhun is a nice movie. Way way better than the movies of those rich kids of Bollywood. Sriram has nicely implemented the movie. LeftSeRight
#Andhadhun ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #Manmarziyaan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #Manto ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #lailamajnu ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #stree ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My take.. 5 great movies in a mon… Andy_Kauffman_
#Andhadhun, what a story and what a movie. A must watch. Its #1 of the year. aashutoshaawara
#Andhadhun ya Andhadhund 😱@ayushmannk great movie man !! Can’t get it out of my head...😎🎹👽💉🐰 ashbaliyan
Just watched #Andhadhun , @ayushmannk sir,you have just killed it. Loved you in the movie and please do keep doing such movies more.. sidisbackagain
Amazing performance from every single character. @ayushmannk delivers his best till date & watching #Tabu acting is… Harsh0307
Loved #Andhadhun! What a roller coaster of a movie! Ayushmann pulls his weight as usual but the film belongs to Tab… simplyfilmy
just watched #Andhadhun #aflatoon @AayushmannK and @tabuism are superb please take your mind with you paresh4099
If you plan to watch movie this weekend then #Andhadhun is the one to go for. Brilliant performances, great pace, s… shikhirm
Movies like Andhadhun gives us hope that bollywood can still deliver great movies. #AndhaDhunMovieReview @ayushmannk achangmai
Totally loved @AndhadhunFilm..A masterpiece by #SriramRaghvan ..Must watch film of 2018 with amazing performances b… sujataajgaonkar
#Andhadhun is a must watch. A genuinely good movie after a long time. pratik_LFC
Mannnn! #AndhaDhun is amazing. Watched this movie because I didn't get the tickets for the movie which I wanted to… omkar939
Mr. Akaash @ayushmannk, your acting is just superb in #Andhadhun , still at intermission, but you are just too good. prashant1280
#AyushmannKhurrana #tabbu #Andhadhun .. oh my god! You ppl deserve 100 cr applauses! Terrific story and amazing acting skills😃 AmanK_Sandhu
In love with the music of Andhadhun😍 What a performance @ayushmannk. Loved it! GuptaJiKiBitiya
Enjoyed the movie #Andhadhun a lot! Very suspenseful and comical at times @ayushmannk TasneeaT
Andhadhun was a great movie,great story and tabu ma'am you were so good in the movie @ayushmannk you are awesome an… Armaanap
It’s movies like #Andhadhun that let you look forward to Friday’s. What a wonderful, edge of the seat thriller. One… ShashankD28
The Music of #Andhadhun was very Heartwarming...Just Loved It @ItsAmitTrivedi u r Beauty... Always Your Fan💓💓💓👍 iamspanda
#Andhadhun is amazing. Won't stop for a moment. Hilarious thriller well scripted and beautifully shot.… vaigai
#Andhadhun was good !. It could have been great and a cult movie with a better second half. Such interesting situat… sambar_vadai
I don't think I will possibly be able to find a movie better than #Andhadhun. Utter brilliance. @ayushmannk… AroraGaur_
Amazing amazing movie #AndhaDhun! @ayushmannk big big fan of yours, awesome work... thriller comedy that tooo with… SpeckyMe
Guys go and watch Andhadhun! Finally an amazing and gripping thriller, By far 2018's best! Hats off to Sriram Ragha… Nirajpurohit23
Classy and flawless acting by each and everyone in #AndhaDhun A great watch after a long time! @ayushmannk @radhika_apte #Tabu DiptiRK
What a crazy thrilling ride #Andhadhun was! A must must watch🍿🍿 @ayushmannk @RadhikaApteforu @tabuism parthpmehta93
Today i watched #AndhaDhun its fabulous and outstanding acting and script @ayushmannk sir you are mind blowing acto… KhanSaq36063757
Saw one of the finest films in recent time. Loved @ayushmannk, #tabu in the film. #Andhadhun TaruSaumya
Amazing, Awesome,no words to describe the #Andhadhun experience Brilliant story telling,Indian film of this decade… NRAVIVARMAN
Sriram Raghvan is better than ever....Just killed it... Definitely the best Hindi film this year.... Excellent cas… prashan51099911
Just saw #Andhadhun What an amazing movie.. Never seen such movie. Hats off to film maker. Complete suspence movie. hharshvardhan
Finally saw #Andhadhun 🎬 & absolutely loved it..! Kudos to all d writers that kept me hooked to my seat wid its nev… raghav_1217
Andhadhun - A Must Watch ... 🙂 Amazing Story, Sensational Acting & a Proper Thriller ... Tabu & Aayushman - T… bhandariamar
Andhadhun : A must watch movie. Awesome writing awesome screenplay awesome story. #AndhaDhunMovie… DoglaPunti
Watched #Andhadhun today, I loved it, very nice concept, and Radhika Apte, Tabu mam, Ayushman Khurana, they all pla… HanumanjiBhakt
#Andhadhun What a Brilliant never know what comes next..Thrilling powerpack..! Must Watch.. Superb acting @ayushmannk 😍 vishal95vj
What an amazing performance by @ayushmannk Totally Nailed it... Must watch movie #Andhadhun. Great job by… Sauravchdr
Just watched #Andhadhun 👌🏻 Guessing game will not work❌ Just leave it to the master #SriramRaghavan Amazing perfor… MovieholiKaran
Just saw today #AndhaDhun Movie !! Its a amazing suspence thriller movie !! Best Direction , Music and Story !! You… gauri_aadil
Andhadhun - what a masterpiece of a movie. A Unique story well directed and Tabu & Ayushman nailed it. Enjoyed thor… lokeshpherwani
#Andhadhun is the Dhoon between the Film and Musical that leaves you on a journey of unexplored disaster. Loved the… nirav_kh
#Andhadhun. Best film of 2018. Hands Down! What a fine film. Amazing writing. Comedy. Suspense. Performances. Also… baliSRKian
Haven’t genuinely enjoyed a movie like that in a long time #Andhadhun 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 shoaibjkh
Andhadhun movie. I have never ever talked about the movie after watching it. It’s simply must watch. Highly recomme… Dans_DK
Congratulations on andhadhun @ayushmannk and @radhika_apte ... after such a long time a great movie in Bollywood..… sarthak_rawat
What a movie @AndhadhunFilm. Loved the work of @ayushmannk and @tabuism literally holding the audience to their sea… ankitmehra228
Man, all the great reviews pouring in for #AndhaDhun are completely justified. A riveting and compelling thriller w… vaishalisirohia
#Andhadhun is such an amazing thriller, enjoyed every bit and suspense. @ayushmannk just sublime. :) avntkrn
#Andhadhun That homage to the Scream movies was both timely and startling. The audience loved it, though many may n… rafael_bwn
#Andhadhun awesome thriller....movies like these make Indian cinema great!! Well done..@ayushmannk TheYashJajoo
#AndhaDhun could be called as movie of the year. Great story, direction, acting, music. mysuccesspoint
#Andhadhun What a movie!!! The story, the acting... @ayushmannk - the scene stealer... #Tabu she rocked every scene... fsadekar
#Andhadhun is classic,thrilling A Must watch MOVIE ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ @ayushmannk UR Superb(only one question andhe ho ya nahi😎)… beingshrutip
Andhadhun is a great watch. Shriram raghavan did not flourish as much. But still a 100% better than usual bolly gar… Metchul_head
#Andhadhun is such a great ride... till now.. interval just happened no candies crushed till now :D theSoldMonk
#Andhadhun is easily one of the best Hindi films of the year. What a fantastic script and an even more amazing dire… Pracheta
#Andhadhun is the best movie of 2018 so far! @ayushmannk where do you find such scripts from 😂 Loved it! pranit_bibekar
#Andhadhun another week, another amazing movie which stays with you #manmarziyaan... Film is full of surprises n cr… suraj12saha
Seriously good movie👌👌👌 full of twists and turns But also very funny Must watch from first to last @AndhadhunFilm… kankariya_rahul
#Andhadhun #SriRamRaghavan Excellent, Superb, Fantastic, Mindblowing @tabuism @radhika_apte @ayushmannk @Sriram 💐💐👍👌 irfan_khaleel
#Andhadhun is a brilliant movie..One of the best thrillers in the recent times..@ayushmannk was amazing ...Tabu kee… KshitijJagtap
Gajab ka movie hai.... must watch — watching Andhadhun BabaGiri64
Just saw today @Andhadhun movie !! What a Amazing Suspence Thriller Movie !! Best Direction ,Music And Story!! You… gauri_aadil
#AndhaDhun what a delight !!! Has you hooked till the end... Best mix of comedy and thriller ... Superb acting by… idhruvrawat
#AndhaDhun A film that doesn't allow to move you from your seat. This film features comedy, romance and a great su… hjethliya
Very much loved the twist and turns of #Andhadhun @ayushmannk @tabuism Dark, but satisfying. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ All the a… Devmalya_Roy
#AndhaDhun review rare piece we get to see these days. In my view it is 3.5/5. Hats off to Ayushmann and Tabu's super awesome acting. gothwaldeepak
#Andhadhun is amazing. Go watch. If you don't support good storytelling, you deserve to watch Race 20. arnab822
Saw Andhadhun.. its terrific.. fucking brilliant.. just too good.. i am gushing how much i enjoyed the film. will w… LabyrinthAshish
#Andhadhun is a must watch movie. Bhaiya thriller ka baap hai ye movie.. unexpected & Unique edge to edge thrille… adarshtiwari2
#AndhaDhun Superbly executed thriller with enough dose of comedy. Loved it. Sriram raghavan never disappoints whent… sirilpalreddy
'Brother in law' acting skills bothered a lot😑 Watch #andhadhun great movie #Loveyatri #review @RadioMirchi… miraldalal
There are few movies that keep you hooked... #Andhadhun is that rare gem... Have always loved #sriraghavan movies… sonalivyas
Watched @AndhadhunFilm last night What an amazing film, Great story and screenplay and some expceptional acting pe… iamchaddi
#Andhadhun In one word. Bhtreen. 👏👏 Filmfare awards.. @ayushmannk is coming... Best of 2018 4.5/5 Go for it . 👌👌👏👏 taporiHaiApun
What a masterpiece #Andhadhun always fan of #SriramRaghavan movies,pure intelligent director ,superb acting by @ayushmannk @radhika_apte ajaynirwal2
Keeps you guessing..!?!?🤔🤔 @ayushmannk you are on a new high man..!!!👍👍👍 Loved it..!! NAINA da kya kasoor?? Congr… RD_9192
Hey @ayushmannk loved #AndhaDhun 😍😍 Fell in love with the music❤️♥️ Is there a chance that I can find it somewhere. Please. sntksh
What an amazing movie after such a long time @ayushmannk #Andhadhun PoorvaPal
Had no plan to watch it but the amazing reviews are forcing mein now to watch it #Andhadhun going tomorrow AdiSrkian27
#Andhadhun is Best Movie Of @ayushmannk till date #SriramRaghavan Direction is superb he is a master @tabuism performance is also superb 3466rajashahroz
Loved every moment of #AndhaDhun Movie. It's must watch. After a long time Bollywood delivers such worth watch. Bri… iam_karam
Casual acting & amazing story make #Andhadhun a must must watch piece. mishrakmayank
Andhadhun is a breath of fresh air. great movie! #Andhadun amangrade
#Andhadhun what a movie !👌 Must watch ❤️ @ayushmannk @radhika_apte @tabuism great work👍 Sri ram Raghavan u beauty 😘 ramvyas33
Watching #Andhadhun, a great hindi thriller after ages. Awesome performance by @ayushmannk @radhika_apte @tabuism a… Satku_Santa
What is life? It depends on your liver. Andhadhun is a show stealer. A gripping experience and a must watch! #Andhadhun #MovieReview marthstories
#Andhadhun the best film of the year so far. @ayushmannk Sriram Raghavan. Loved it. (: beirdmanoos
Andhadhun is fricking hilarious 😍😍😍😍😍😍 loved it so much and Tabu as always, BRILLIANT 😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 realmannu
#AndhaDhun is an okay movie. First half is great but second half is full of andhadhun twists...too may twists kind of spoiled it😊 ajay_kalashikar
Rajeev gives Andhadhun 4/5 stars. Seems a must watch shubham04_
Sriram raghavan is India's answer to the Coen Bros. Andhadhun is stunning masterpiece. Must watch.Tabu is flawless… Gaurish28
loved the movie! Thanks @boddudaniel for making me a part of the background score team. #andhadhun #andhadhunfilm #andhadhun🕶 Protijyotimusic
Andhadhun - masterpiece in bollywood. #MustWatch #Andhadhun @radhika_apte @ayushmannk #tabu Superb performance. jigarhalani5
Andhadhun. What a brilliant movie. Outstanding performance from @ayushmannk. Loved every minute of it. 10/10. kkcakes8
#Andhadhun is a must watch. Raghavan is best in getting best out of actors. Be it @Varun_dvn or @ayushmannk. It's r… sitapurwale
#Andhadhun amazing movie need to watch again to follow the clues given all over, especially for the climax. Best mo… balwant
#Andhadhun, so bloody good. Superb screenplay, keeps you engaged through out the film. Easily best film of 2018.… BADMASHROMEO
I have become a great fan of @ayushmannk khurana #Andhadhun #mastmovie #mast songs illiterate_doc
What an amazing movie #Andhadhun is ,one of the finest movie. Really big fan of @ayushmannk and @radhika_apte they… cool_adi_008
#Andhadhun what a brilliant movie beyond the perfection @ayushmannk you killed bro as always..what an amazing weekend start .. arun06_pandey
You can BLINDLY go ahead and book your tickets for #AndhaDhun. It is a sensual treat uplifted by the amazing acting… Pythogoreas
What a freaking brilliant movie #AndhaDhun is!! What amazing work @radhika_apte @ayushmannk @tabuism #iamafan 🙌🏻 komalchhatwani
Watched #Andhadhun !! Awesome movie and loved the performance of @ayushmannk and @tabuism .... Watched an awesome… HinaAmeer1
What an amazing movie @AndhadhunFilm was. Pure awesomeness. Amazing story. What a commendable job by @ayushmannk &… yashovardhan__
Woaah😲 #Andhadhun is an amazing thriller which surely will blow your minds, with such amazing actors in it 🙏… Saumyasingh2395
#AndhaDhun is an eclectic piece of cinema. Engaging, superbly paced and an edge of the seat thriller.. a must watch… gosaviakash2
#Andhadhun is just fantastic!! Words will fail to express what an amazing experience it is. Don't miss this crazy r… shashankk1988
#Andhadhun is truly a must watch. Great performances by #aayushmankhurana #tabu #RadhikaApte and an incredible scr… harishseshadri
#SriramRaghavan is a master of noir, from Johny Gaddar to #Andhadhun. Best film of the year. Superb work by… shrutikapoor11
Gonna be a great weekend. #Andhadhun on Saturday, #Venom on Sunday. Plus I get to meet my boo. NikhilSumanDash
Please, please watch #Andhadhun. If we want great movies we need to support great movies - by going to the cinema a… suyashtrivedi
#AndhaDhun firstly, What a movie!! Hats off to everyone involved, bloody brilliant 👏🏼@ayushmannk simply amazing, ur… rajoza25
#Andhadhun thrilled by the story and amazed by ur acting @ayushmannk .A great thriller movie of all time.@radhika_apte #AndhadhunReview VishnuPadia
This is how a thriller should be made, I was on edge of seat the whole movie. Fabulous movie #AndhaDhun So glad t… atish_ease
#Andhadhun one of the best movies i watched brilliant acting @ayushmannk and tabu were soo convincing loved it drajayspeakz
#AndhaDhun is flat out fabulous. A must watch. Best Film of the Year. Thanks #ShriramRaghwan #tabu and @ayushmannk you are outstanding devang_1907
I usually do not give out movie reviews but #Andhadhun is ultimate😍The movie is a must watch & @ayushmannk is theee thing!What and actor👏🏻👏🏻 karishmax
movie #andhadhun, a must watch pawan_z
What a great Movie #AndhaDhun Kudos to you @ayushmannk Nobody could have done a better job for this role. Hats of… TheRhlVerma
Andhadun.. Great interesting Great Suspense Brilliant acting Superb climax Best movie of 2018 Dil khush ho gaya… PathanNavin
#AndhaDhun awesome movie never get bored always new twists great story line Malikwaaqas
Perfect weekend starter. Loved it...#andhadhun @ayushmannk prashant_nyati
Completely unpredictable flick #Andhadhun ,a must watch. sendgaurav
#Andhadhun was great fun. Terrific cast. 🐇 We need more of these from Sriram Raghban ( Fargo genre). Biswaraj007
L'accordeur is brilliant but what they did with it is extraordinary. It's like finding a haystack, seeing an unmade… kush2k2
Probably the best movie of 2018 Must watch ! — watching Andhadhun raulpr0
#Andhadhun is a masterpiece. @ayushmannk has given his career-best performance- loved how Anil Dhawan's character w… tweetingpratik
#Andhadhun is an amazing watch.. that will give everyone range of emotions including fear, thrill, laugh & drama. I… ChandniSonal
#Andhadhun is must must watch !! What a thriller... Sriram Raghvan is a genius in this genre ! @ayushmannk bhai maj… Fan_Anurag
Just finished first half of #Andhadhun. Wow. One of the best movies of this year. Great #Tabu and a superb… rbedika
Watched #AndhaDhun @ayushmannk you were so brilliant loved it. 5stars 😍 iamManas94
#Andhadhun a must watch thriller.. @ayushmannk @tabuism @radhika_apte thanks to top- notch performances from you al… BeeNair263
Back to back 2 wonderful movies #96movie & #Andhadhun.Both didn't disappoint us. One was a emotional journey and ot… karthikrajaeee
Watched #AndhaDhun today. After a long time an hindi movie worth it. Worth every penny. Well done @ayushmannk . amazing. salesdiaries
Brilliant racy thriller kinda must watch category till now’s interval #Andhadhun Ayushmann Khurana abchinmi
Overall,I really loved #AndhaDhun as this was a new experience for me.. watching a thriller with a lot of comic ele… officialnav1904
#Andhadhun is like that dish which looks awesome while cooking but is a disaster when it is ready. Rating 2.5/5 aseem_aks
#Andhadhun what a movie! Must watch! @ayushmannk raseshpadia
#AndhaDhun what a movie! Such a refreshing script and an amazing screenplay. Totally unpredictable at so many stage… Hemil17
Brilliant movie.. Brilliant acting by @ayushmannk ..screenplay, direction 👌👌..must watch movie #Andhadhun giftofgodarun
just watched #Andhadhun omg! it was a great experience. #SriramRaghavan again proves that he's master of the thrill… vatsbhatt333
And what a beautiful movie #Andhadhun turned out to be. @ayushmannk Take a bow for an amazing performance 🙏🏻❤️ ANDH… 23shashank12
Wow reviews coming for #Andhadhun. Some saying tis even better than Johnny Gaddaar. Dekhi paini aa. stoppingvolume
#AndhaDhun #AndhadhunMovieReview Jus awsmetacular movie wid fabulous prformnces frm @ayushmannk dis guy z a gem… aagarwal198657
#AndhaDhunMovieReview #Andhadhun What a riveting thriller..#Tabu is amazing @ayushmannk is superb! Director… sharada_iyer
#Andhadhun is the best Hindi film I've seen in a long time. Great Acting + Plot + Direction. But the Background sco… GenghizKhanna
#SriramRaghavan #Andhadhun amazing movie sir. Brilliant execution of ur thoughts sir. vivekdutta0388
Outstanding movie #Andhadhun Good job @ayushmannk and @radhika_apte Loved the movie❤️ @AndhadhunFilm ImKaranB
#AndhaDhun getting great reviews, already wanted to watch it for Raghavan and Tabu. 13nitish
2 great things happened this week ,@PrithviShaw made an amazing debut and #andhadhun released ! Undoubtedly the bes… PradiptoGanguly
Some films will be remembered for a long time!❤ @ayushmannk sir you are great! @radhika_apte ma'am you should be o… aheli45
#Andhadhun Whatt a film yarr💥 @ayushmannk #Andhadhun is the best movie of the year!! amazing, refreshing, gripping,… imsagrr
I am huge sriram raghavan fan. Must watch #AndhaDhun .n positive reviews from everyone youandme87
#Andhadhun is a must watch this #weekend Dont miss this crazy ride filled with twists and turns and fabulous performances. akahavaldar
#andhadhun is probably one of the best Hindi movies ever !! @ayushmannk paaji Kya acting !! Kya movie !! LOVED it !! urfis
Omg the reviews for AndhaDhun are amazing🙌🏼 I can’t wait to watch it! My fav @ayushmannk just keeps knocking it out of the park!❤️ whitelily22
If there's one hindi film you MUST watch, it is #Andhadhun. By far the best film this year. Sriram Raghavan is a ge… suyashtrivedi
One of the fantastic movie of this year #Andhadhun. Loved your performance @ayushmannk @ActressTabu @radhika_apte… abysxna
What a film it is!!! #SriramRaghavan is a genius. #AndhaDhun is so much fun. Loved the “thhassan” between… GaurangChauhan
Songs of #AndhaDhun ....had touched my heart .....and specially the song sung by @ayushmannk ...loved it. DitiB22
Hey @itsSSR, seeing all those amazing reviews of #Andhadhun, cannot understand why you rejected this movie! It's be… ajay36mittal
Just watched #Andhadhun. Potentially film of the year tbh. Amazing story, sensational acting and a proper thriller.… LallyZeez
Reading fabulous reviews for #Andhadhun @ayushmannk Congratulations looks like its a winner at BO sunil_shenoy
#AndhaDhun early review are superb , movie will be another winner from @ayushmannk Sriram raghavan sir you are genius intolerantdude
Been hearing great things about #Andhadhun ...So watching on very 1st day☺️... At the edge of the seat☺️ #5thOct… ImTejas28
Can't get enuff of the enticing @ayushmannk & gorgeous @radhika_apte in @AndhadhunFilm #AndhaDhun gr8 pair and a must watch!! K2Ketkitara
Cant wait for #Andhadhun after hearing these reviews Your movie choices are amazing @ayushmannk thearyanshukla
Congratulations @ayushmannk for amazing reviews about #AndhaDhun 💙 ambikagaba
Great reviews for #Andhadhun. Can't wait now @ayushmannk _namangupta
Ok so #Andhadhun getting some bloody amazing reviews! Least I could hope is they are genuine reviews and not some m… anuragpathak33

27 Negative

Movies like #Andhadhun prove that Bollywood isn’t as bad as people actually think it is. SumukhxD
Am I the only one that thought Andhadhun was an absolute trainwreck of a movie? Bad Bollywood is self aware to the… blueringtail
Andhadhun is so good that even a repeat viewing won't be disappointing. Rare thing for thrillers. iamFayezur
Current status of Bollywood : So called bigger stars are disappointing whereas actors like Rajkumar Rao /Ayushman K… KetanJhawar
#AndhaDhun music track is very soothing and fresh,trust me if you have a bad day,all you need is to listen to its w… akshaykashive
#Andhadhun is such a masterpiece! Almost as good as Johnny Gaddar. Brilliant performance by @ayushmannk Pegging Sr… snlavanya
Immersed in so many things at this moment. Good, bad and Andhadhun. iPandeyshubham
It is disappointing to see mainstream Bollywood promoting negative stereotypes about corneal transplantation. Corne… drdksharma
My friend : if I don't watch Andhadhun.... Me: Isme tera ghata, mera kuch nai jata .... Go n watch this masterpiece… viamanu
Just watched "Andhadhun" good movie full of twists after twists after twists,too bad i got the rabbit thing way before the ending happened. CosmosIsTheBoss
Watched #Andhadhun yesterday Starting me thodi boring h fir bdiya h Some scenes are very good and full of thrilled… SanskarkiDukaan
Andhadhun... Ultimate movie... Brilliant performance by Tabu and @ayushmannk ! A must go and watch...! Abhik834
Watched #Andhadhun!! what a film !! Brilliant performance to all characters but @ayushmannk sir you are.. no word faad dala aapne. Im_Vishaldonda
WHAT A FILM! #Andhadhun Kudos to @ayushmannk for his brilliant performance. Undisputedly BEST film of the year. samantri_15
Andhadhun , as the name suggests is like Sehwag's batting On a good day, it is 300 and Duck on a bad day Defini… sushantcomedy
What a movie!!!! @ayushmannk what a brilliant performance 👌 The most thrilling experience of the movie is that audi… TheClosetTrap
The movie was soooooo stretched for no reason! Storytelling was too bad in the 2nd half. Such an impractical story… KarishmaJSach
#Andhadhun wtf is this movie exactly?...first half is still ok but second half of the movie is absolute crap 💩💩 sphoorti19
Movies doing lots of promotion are sure a flop. Those which don't go overboard know they've done their craft well #Andhadhun #Stree nehachoudhary
Tabu is so bad, she's good. #Andhadhun latikakhatika
I want to watch #AndhaDhun so bad! And it’s not releasing here 😭 😭 so unfair. hope it comes on Amazon Prime or Netf… chaoticmusic10
Read the #stree hype and watched it. Was a waste of good money. Did not read anything about #Andhadhun and watched… plumpernickel
If you really want to know, what is bad cinema?? Watch #Loveyatri .you will feel good only when movie ends.. it sho… ManishKhati11
Just saw #Andhadhun OH MY GOD WH- HO- AAAHHHH?! @ayushmannk brilliant performance!! I'm sure I won't be able to get… xblehblehblehx
So watched #Andhadhun today...1st half is really good...2nd half is also not bad but ending is weird..Overall the m… saileelalit
#Andhadhun is #dark #funny #interesting #Gritty and most of all not boring ganeshdheeraj
Don’t know what the best way is, whether hearing good news or bad news first. But watching a good movie #Andhadhun… SimrataSingh

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