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Release Date: August 14, 2020

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Left wing thugs attack TORY MP. Isn't socialism wonderful? RIGHTis79330262
just joined a D&D campaign the other day with friends and what better than for you to start it off by putting an en… Reavensie
Honestly nothing better than watching Baz and Lynn taking down an attack. Serious cricketers #BBL08 MilneyK9
So my mum put on amazing grace which is kinda a trigger for me? And I didn’t wanna have an anxiety attack in the ca… _ze_n_d_a_y_a__
Anxiety and a Panic attack are definitely not a great combo... Loving_Zaire
broke two nails today , panic attack yesterday. sounds like a great week so far.✨ kiahayess
I’m having a panic attack and an asthma attack at the same time life is great ain’t it 😭 rheanayrivera1
Clemson has no time of possession and no rushing attack, and is dominating because of how great their Freshman QB i… el_diamante3
had a panic attack in the exam hall. great day to start with nadiah_batri
Great fake by Mac Attack CastiglioneJack
Love not being able to breathe during a panic attack. Makes me feel great. frankloveskaren
Was looking forward to live streaming today with the rest of Bachelor Nation, but I’m at the hospital for my great… Bri1105
Great win by the @StatesmenWBB tonight! But just so you ladies know I'm to young to have a heart attack watching your games! BradRVM
Second BPD rage attack per 2 day ... amazing ... i cant even describe how mad im at myself for being fucking this u… MoravianGlitch
Rollin’ with the Tide tonight. Clemson’s great, but facing a tall task to stop Bama’s strong run game *and* deep passing attack. joshuaboyd52
me: *constantly trying to lift my friend up, tell them how amazing they are, am generally nice* also me: *tells fri… raincoatbarnes
So proud of Azkals great defense, though lacking on the attack. We have to work on it. Laban. Next against China. Vamos. #AFCAsianCup2019 jbjose6
LaFleur ran that great spread attack at NMU. 🙄🙄 saltyco
dakota deserves better than a messy fandom like this and that’s the tea. we literally all attack each other. isn’t… blushingdakota
So I just had a panic attack in front of my little niece...great :) seoullesss
Wolves tend to look a great team in the counter, but struggle against teams that dont like to attack, which is why… FPL_Argyle
Great ball-win-back by DIOGO JOTA and sets up Jimenez, Jimenez clinically finishes the counter attack. This match is alive!!! shoaibjahan2052
Jota made that by holding the defender. Great attack. Liverpool players trying to do shitty tricks and turns won’… SteveWatkiss
great now i have a $166 ticket and i have no money no job and school i cant stop crying im having a panic attack puppylvr1998
Currently, friends and loved ones of our dear friend that we lost to the Armed robbery attack last week are holding… inside_oau
This Indian Team can compete with anyone in the world & beat them in their home conditions as they have a great cro… imsharatbhatt
My mom is great, but she doesnt understand anxiety. "When it's all done, it will be fine" yeah I know that, but unt… blkdiamondesign
Their are two men (of many) who are doing some great work for childern @victormarx and @craigsawyer. I challenge y… c3a21c
kirby mass attack is a great game toxicthread
Have you ever felt like enemies attack from all corners even those you tuke as alise and close friends, even loved one turn on you vdot_inc
Mannnnn.... Doug’s got the capability to make great game plans. He’s done it before. If he comes out with a great g… rampolla_20
1st week of 2017: urgent care once, doctors office once, emergency room twice, called 911 once, had an anxiety attack, THIS YEAR IS SO GREAT sophiasmiles19
First day back in class, another great opportunity to start this year off right. Get after it and attack early! #GRINDTIME Saints_Strength
Sooo i had a panic attack was great!🙄 pinkiekenwalsh
This 343 formation with a right back that can both attack and defend would be wonderful or play Dembele as a RW. an… Retrocroqueta
Counter-attack by the Azkals hmmm looks great JanObiMikel
*Dr. Light runs out of the room* Megaman: “Great. We just gave Dad a heart attack.” Protoman: “Yeah....oh well. B… ShadedLoneWolf
i had a dream that i had LL and Jonah was like amazing????? dont attack me lyss but.....i wouldn’t swerve but i’m j… cvxbesson
Great win by @RenegadesBBL!! Thought for sure the @HurricanesBBL bowling attack could defend that. Happy to be prov… jordannoon
I have the most amazing friends ever! I had an anxiety attack during work and they drove in the rain to check up on me 😭❤️ mhmm_angie
Woke up having an anxiety attack, and having a heartbreaking dream... great. elvergudo_34
anxiety attack yeah great yoongislua
"Our great military has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack," Mr Trump said. - He sounds just like IS PoliticalBent
Congratulations #TeamIndia #AUSvsIND Well led, brilliant bowling attack and a stellar effort by @cheteshwar1 Great… ksanjane
Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We… Egyptianni
my brain is great bc one minute i can be having a panic attack that i missed the first class and the next minute im… herp_sweee
I Congratulate to Bharat Arun to create such an amazing pace attack with world class spinners, he deserves apprecia… IamTheAshraf
Congratulations Team India @BCCI Test win #DownUnder is a great achievement... Special thanks to @imVkohli… saigautham123
What’s new with me hmmmmm let’s see.....oh right I have an anxiety attack every minutes. Oh don’t worry I am great RoseBundy1
hello? this anxiety attack is lasting like 5 hours? its better than it was in the beginning but uh?????? high? why do i still wanna throw up soobihn_
To whoever saying virat is better than sachin I'm sure you have 0 knowledge in cricket. Virat is lucky to play in t… HM_Prince123
Just finished the first season of attack on titan, loved it. JoshChichester
Don't attack Glenn close she is a great actress too whalien2018
My mental and physical health has not been great in 2018. I had constant headache, stomach pain, constant fever, pa… AtikaaBearberry
Takeways- 1-@cheteshwar1 shows why he should never be dropped from test team 2-Superb bowling attack and Bumrah is… IamArjav
Finally, an amazing series has come to an end. #TeamIndia deserved to win by 3-1, but it is still very special to w… prathyushspeaks
Our GREAT STs have delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on Yavin 4. We have jus… PalpatineTrumpE
Congrats Team India and @imVkohli . It's a great team effort. Best thing what you can achieve is winning a test ser… abhishekkab
GoT rewatch: I forgot how tense the Jorah Mormont fight during the Great Games of Meereen got before the Harpy atta… dan_degnan
Cowboys/Eagles NFC championship game would be an amazing, heart attack inducing match up that the whole world wants to see. Kain2446
first panic attack of 2019 wow what a great way to start the day jannabuenafe_
Great that Eagles are through but no more MACK ATTACK for the season 😢 the_semperfi
vomitted, muscle cramps, asthma attack all at once during running. what a great start to the week. help la hahais MHDBA__
What a weekend! Late last night mom had a heart attack and at noon the girlfriends grandpa passed. Lost an amazing… Rowdymr
Upset Philly won, but I actually like our chances against the Rams a lot better than the Saints. Stopped Seattle's… mairican
I almost had a heart attack!!! I can’t believe this.. #Amazing #PHIvsCHI #Wildcard #NFLPlayoffs #FlyEaglesFly amanda80523920
Aussies giving away so called flat beds to Indians under the duress that it may backfire with great India pace atta… iamAbhaskar
// when I get my computer back one of two things will happen. I get to go back to drawing and everything's great… RexRaptor7
Wow! Rangers have definitely made 2 great signings and a massive upgrade in their midfield and attack with jermaine… GlennSm94
Great program ruined by lefty, inclusive rubbish #SASWhoDaresWins Rugby_Attack
Blowing off something amazing in the present, because of the past is unwise. If a snake fills your head with hate,… VincenzaOCE
Can @Arsenal please look into the Getafe defenders? They gave been superb against a fiery Barcelona attack. I would… THELAD231
I hear them taking about stressfulnut im a Titan fan and I have actually enjoyed not having a heart attack #LACvsBAL SwentkowskiSean
Reasons why I hate Jimin: 1. Hes fucking adorable 2. He's amazing 3. He just HAD TO BE MY BIAS WRECKER LIKE WHAT E… wonho_fabuloso
Chargers has a great game plan on defense .. they should be getting credit for shutting down this Ravens rush attack. IamRoKnows
I’m still waiting to find another great series. The last one i saw that was just great was Steins; Gate. Before tha… CNTheMonster
chargers defense, came with a great game plan, make the rookie uncomfortable and take away his bread and butter which is the ground attack guru813
How supportive and lovely is @TheMattEvers ?! I wish I had a Matt! I thought @missgemcollins did a great job - ther… LMisstravel
Memories are great because you can think about a time and still feel just now I thought about how… csharb11
As if you attack an old lady Frenchie from grease what a legend @officialJasonG she did amazing oldest contestant ever hmm get a grip man CherieJohn14
Great counter attack Naraujo7
I think Will Poulter gave an amazing performance in Bandersnatch (especially in the LSD scene), so why attack his p… Stezzan
At some point you have to go for it on the road. Our defense is playing great and we're only up 6. Trust Rivers to attack the defense. TeachMe2487
i just went to the gym and based on the way i‘m feeling right now i either had a great workout or am having a heart attack MatthewP___
Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We… trumpdt2017
Perfect way to start 2019 today with a 9-0 win @UnitedSunday Amazing to have a squad of players to pick from for… NathanBingy
Great win for @IndianFootball !!! What a performance from the lads... This attack can take to greater levels!! Come… prakaash_psr
mid panic attack and mum comes in and yells at me clearly seeing that im sobbing my eyes out haha doesnt get better than that kldxlan
Great to see us pass our way from our own goal to attack at times today ! Using each other. Good start to 2019 in… ColtsU7
Oh I had another freakout! #trump #trumpfreakout realDonaldTrump: Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the… trumpfreakout
#TrumpTweet Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the… MyNCGopOrg
F*cktard realDonaldTrump just tweeted : Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in… Walter_Dragone
Dear Diary, Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the… reeltrumpsdiary
Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We… POTUSPreserved
Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We… shoppynhappy
#TrumpTweets realDonaldTrump: Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowar… TRUMPTweetsUSA
Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We… ASchnittlauch
Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We… DumpTrumpTweets
realDonaldTrump tweeted Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly at… TRUMP_UNDELETED
Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We… BullshitTrumps
Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We… bigleaguebunny
Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We… ShitTrumpTweets
Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We… realTrumpmirror
Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We… Queer_Anon
Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We… dankheady
I'm sure it is John Lloyd who does the "we hope you enjoyed" bits in @audibleuk books. Either that or I've been lis… attack_kitten
Great counter attack. Absolutely loving it! 🔥 itsalokj_
Great counter attack. Thought nobody would get a shot on goal during the counter and there is Chhetri running into… VegittoSSJGod
i rlly enjoyed eromanga senpai more than attack on titan wow radvillainy_
Jordan far better than us. Faster in attack. Better chances. We can have all the position in the world, but we were… melatonii
Also High time PAKISTAN fans start accepting that Indian bowling attack is world class & is certainly better than t… NautiyalG___
tell me why i wake up to my dog peeing on my floor and it caused me to have a panic attack. of all things, great wa… hemiheater
Delusional #Trump announcing to a nation and world media that “he is doing such a great job” Well yes he is FOR THE… mt45hr
Had a great day out with daughter yesterday at Tesco. She showed no panic signs and she responded well. Alas 3 hour… EmjayClark
i just had a laughing attack, it was great lessliiexo
Our 1 day bowling attack is horrendous, siddle is done toast stanlake is dumb neither can field both not great bats… Hangas75
That dance break is something I imagine it in Heart Attack aaaaaa you did a great job! @OfficialMonstaX MBBinBlueMoon
Fatigue attack followed by Insomnia. Wonderful. LorinBriand
Just want to say Thank you to the @ER24EMS Gordon Rd Florida for the great service and help with a 15 year old g… adellebeetge72
having my first panic attack in a while, great dannicruse
Anxiety attack how great K2Flamylion
SyFy Channel has some of the most wonderful movies out there. Where else would you find classics like Lavalantulas,… GrubisichSam
I got some really great news from my mom. She went over to New Mexico with some of my family and my grandma is doin… PrincessKacchan
Damn that was a great @HoustonRockets game last night. Almost had a heart attack 3 times. #RunAsOne VanLabrakis
Sure, sex is great (or so I've been told), but have you ever had an anxiety attack because you were briskly headed… WEMwanders
Wow literally nothing better than ur ex showing up @ ur work to make u have a fucking PANIC ATTACK Kierrahernande2
India have been superb but the Aussie (best in the world bowling attack) have a lot to answer for. Struggling to sw… freddyhucker
It's amazing.... here am I speaking up for the poorest and most vulnerable in our society and should attack me? Onl… RutterWes
Great to see innovative creative attack moves that look to create space with movement as opposed to physical brutality. #SALvSAR #rugby topoftheprops
#ManchesterVictoria if the aim is maximum casualties its amazing how amateurish these so called terror attacks are.… keithwalls63
Rose Garden Trump. Great question ...asked if DJT is still proud to own the govt. shutdown. At least he did not attack reporter. CisNthstx
Why not just say "Wow Proteas has a great bowling attack, our batters cannot handle it" Pitch sagas.. The English c… Da_Me_3
Im getting a panic attack over my future. Great. pastelhvc
I did so great at the dentist today. Didn't even have a panic attack until they showed me the bill. lol fml. evydarlingg
Also I am done with Breitbart. They are a stain upon the late Andrew Breitbart’s great name. They have fallen so fa… thedetour007
True mental toughness is having a great attitude, giving your very, very best, treating people really, really well… trader1go
One of my favourites to watch last year in London was Andrew Perrott. Physical defenceman who will be a great addit… z_scribner
I feel like I’ve been on the edge of an anxiety attack for the past couple days. If it would just happen, or go away, that would be great. ladywiltwolf
Things not to call a loved one who is having an anxiety attack : “crazy” ... kelycoveny
Kamara will be a great signing for rangers if used correctly. No use at home against lower teams. Will play 90% of… martintosh
I don't get how the takeaway from last night is that it was 2 great teams & City edged it. There wasn't a Liverpool… ___Andrews
it's great being reminded that even if i went to the hospital mid-heart attack they'd still treat me like a drug se… skyshadowed
I'm seriously about to have a panic attack after looking at my classes and my class schedual this is great. erisavet
Holy fuck that Attack on Titan chapter was great sukkublitz2
Basketball is a game of beauty when played with passion and without fear. It is a great example of what it takes to… coachslat
❝I just hope Decepticons didn't attack Unicron so sudden. This peace is overwhelmingly great.❞ 0RIONPAX_
First anxiety attack of 2019... starting it off great I see. Beandaddeh
while i dont really like attack on titan, the first ending, "utsukushi zankoku no sekai" is such an amazing song jayjpnz
Mullen offense at Florida will end up better than 08 offense once his QB is ready to go and a game breaker emerges.… numbr1draftpick
#WeLoveYouLili You idiots! Stop talking shit and attack Lili. She is wonderful and nobody has the right to criticiz… BrendaDaCostaA3
There's so little footage available from that time, but I don't remember Dhoni ever being a great keeper to pace. H… basedIITian
I love how Rashida Tlaib gets rocked for her words on impeachment but @realDonaldTrump can get away and get elected… NaheelMohammed
Nothing better than having an anxiety attack this early in the morning gigi7698
It’s been 10 years since my dad had his heart attack & the way people have been getting their loved ones taken away… thealishamyers
the hockey world is going to do great things in 2019 but i’ll tell you what we’re not going to do. we are not going… newrorkyangers
Basketball is a game of beauty when played with passion and without fear. It is a great example of what it takes to… OnalaskaMBB
I miss Super Training in Pokemon games. It was a great change of pace for training EVs and allowed you to level EVs… EternalYoshi
how to wake up great : having a dream in which i have a panic attack + stuff that triggers me _L_one_wolf_
Extreme, pushy, 'I am better than you' vegans are stupid af but people that eat meat and continue to attack veganis… fabjrms
*Dr. Light runs out of the room* Megaman: “Great. We just gave Dad a heart attack.” Protoman: “Yeah....oh well. B… ShadedLoneWolf
Guys, the pictures were great. A real heart attack (;ω;) love you~♡ #Zero_To_One #에이티즈_0115컴백 mchsm07
Ben took “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” off my Netflix list, & I almost had a heart attack. withlovemegs
12AM KST is about to become another heart attack for me great #BTSISCOMING bxngtanxq
So I've tried Sonic Unleashed HD for the first time. Felt great even if it was the demo, but I doubt I'll ever get… CyUzi5280
#AUSvIND the Aussie attack getting absolutely Pantsed great watching markygramps
some right-wing butthole didn't think things all the way through. Posting a clip of @AOC dancing and having a great… smallvillebuffy
I just remembered that I have to go back to school on monday and now I’m having a mini panic attack great :’) Stxrrei
It’s like Dems have just forgotten all the great dirt that Republicans can use on Biden. *whispers* “Which you can… JrThatcher
And now I'm going into a panic attack. Great... VagabondToBe
And Scarecrow's little attack!!! loved it 11thRiddler
Have played borderlands 2 and just cause, both are great action games, one gives you billions of guns, and you shoo… JrAbagis
3 days into 2019, and I have my first panic attack of my entire life. Off to a great start 😒 k_hilltheman
This guy doing the knife only at the hardest difficulty mode for Resident Evil 7 is amazing. Like he's using the be… Hitaka5Ever
woke up and nearly had an anxiety attack,,,,great younghot_trbl
Sub nautica is a great game but man it’s scares me sometimes with these giant creatures that attack you Eonia_Agape
Piers Morgan is the quintessence of white male privilege, and nothing illustrates this better than his current tira… fordtippex
Vivid dreams are great until you have a nightmare and wake up to a panic attack. ADrew1991
Fabulous start to new year my grandad had heart attack tday !!!! TheButchB1
It was a great plan to tell my nana I had a panic attack except I ran into one problem. SHE DOESNT GET THE CONCEPT… N_clarinet8
My amazing heart attack! It's already a beautiful feeling but now painful!!! ahmed_E74
I think the difference is the midfield. Liverpool's attack and defence is fabulous, but I just think henderson and… Lebowski_Duder
Dunkirk is a 106 minute anxiety attack and it’s so great. Just thought I’d remind you all how great that film is. KrennZack
Still 4 points clear got to have faith guys we have had a great first half of the season to get where we are FA Cup… RhydianS123
Defensively all man city players did great and thier attack though a bit floppy at the start but all round man city… David78557156
Fernandinho was immense tonight, controlled the pace of the game for the most part and was City's platform to attack. Amazing performance LukeClark1
You know what's amazing to me? First the conservatives who try and attack ACO for being the hopelessly out of place… SojoXX
Great game there tonight city played some nice stuff very good to nullify Liverpool’s attack’s Fabinho made a big d… Keane_42
The best team won. Simple as. Great performance from City. Fernandinho bossed the midfield. Liverpool not sharp eno… Salah5times
Liverpool just slightly too sloppy. Punished twice by slight switch offs and not quite there in attack. Great game… DavidFisher8
Fully deserved by city ! Better team, Liverpool a better team when attack the game ! Great game ! #anyonebutliverpool liam_willo
and babe, if you’re seeing this, you’ve been doing great so far, you got this! Stay safe now and come around soon s… hecrtshcker
One thing il say the city counter attack is lethal but #allison with 2 great saves to keep pool in it #MCILIV maguirec92
These 2 teams deserved to be at the TOP. Superb quality at attack and defence. Arsenal have lots to improve #MCILIV lucifercorner
Entlek TAA is the English version of Marcos Alonso, great in attack, amazing set piece taker but can't defend for shit _tebzzza
These 2 teams deserved to be at the TOP. Superb quality at attack and defence. @Arsenal hv lots to improve #MCILIV kentona90
City's last second defense has been superb, it's honestly super annoying. we just need to find a pass barely better… Emmettinho
What a game this is. 2-1 to City now. Great counter attack. orjden2
Great play by Alexander Arnold and Robertson in that goal! In comparison City are struggling to attack with Laporte… hal390
Attack of the Clones is a great looking PS2 game, I dunno why everyone is always so down on it Pauho
B silva has been superb in the middle winning tackles and pushing attack LewisLdn89
This makes for a great second half. Liverpool has to attack now. They are showing City a lot of respect , maybe too much Bonjour_Felix
I already told before that BigShaqAttack would do a better job in the attack. Milner did a great job but, he is pla… MidoriSamurai
City is monstrous tonight 😱 patient but relentless on attack, calculated and intense on defence. I don’t think it gets much better than this primo_can_dance
Great goal and a great first half. Bit undeserved though over the piece in terms of what's been produced in attack… RupertDeBoer
I almost missed my flight yesterday and had a full panic attack/hyperventilating in front of the gate agents. 2019 is looking great so far. MoMoPlaysPoke
Really enjoying this game (mainly because arsenal aren’t playing). Great tempo and scousers looking good on the att… Danmlk
Liverpool's defence dealing with Citys attack with consummate ease thus far. Amazing how much VVD has improved them. GazRoberts1
CLOSE! Liverpool have their first attack of the night. Robertson sends a great ball through the midfield to Mane wh… TotalFootballF4
It’s amazing how every single right-wing attack on @AOC has made her more likable. PanasonicDX4500
2019 has great things in store for me 💕 I broke up with my boyfriend, my dad had a heart attack and turns out I hav… ChloeTew
Having a panic attack is great SkyMCKEEisntEMO
Brian Wright tho?!?!? Ok. Let's ride. Way better than Applewhite ATTACK! #ItsAllAboutTheU #Canes MannyMontana305
If you have a low n ur life that leads 2 negativism, here’s a great Word 2 give u power 2 attack & reverse that tem… SharonRoam
Nothing better than having a panic attack while on a plane. 🙃 In other news, safely landed in San Francisco. hallie_valley
#saintsfc amazing how quick Ralph has identified the weaknesses in the squad. Saints scouting in last 3 years has b… Charlie_Mercer_
dom can't act?? l m a o, already the joke of 2019. i could write a bible of how dom is an AMAZING and INCREDIBLE AC… herosdom
Hope we just go all out tonight and attack them from the first minute. Their midfield is better than ours, very lit… graeme_manley
No 45 would be the type of “general” that would demand the building of a “great” wall during a nuclear attack! JohnBenedetti12
I'm having a small anxiety attack because I'm leaving for London tomorrow and I actually enjoyed my time in France way more than I expected. adopteunetortue
had my first panic attack last night 🤩 what a great way to start 2019 (i’m okay now btw) multimarvell
A lot of Pakistani have Punjabi mothers and Mohjar fathers,K.P are all Pahtans the great Nashtar and late Chief Jus… DoctorUmer1
I'm having a great time thinking of Piers Morgan forcing a dangerous amount of meat down himself in protest of a fu… Livikyu
《💙》 is this what a heart attack feels like,,,, pls dont b i thought you loved me,,,, PoisonousDoII
And I'm having a panic attack in the street wonderful Elliemoo99
It’s just great that liberals see pointing out years worth of a potential candidates voting and funding history as… SteveOnIt
I see the Cunt Romney McStain is backtracking on his attack on Our Great President. Show's how big a cunt he is. If… kevamandaryan4
panic attack’s are great ain’t they spacewomanwho
I feel like I'm gonna have an anxiety attack within these 22 hours cool great geem_ss
Wow. I ran bc i felt an anxiety attack coming. And i have never loved running like this. jesarcastic
Don't argue with me. Nothing in this world is better than when you have that special connection to your horse. Th… BlackfoxTrent
AHAHA only third day into the new year and a bitch went through a whole ass panic attack. great. lesmoony
Great session by Proteas.. But good fight back by Masood as well.. Look our batters will really have to come out an… Da_Me_3
Well I ended up in hospital last night after a 22 hour asthma attack. Great start to the year haha. StevenMannering
Great to see @VDP_24 back in the team. Exciting innings ahead, four seamers attack. @DaleSteyn62 @KagisoRabada25 Du… PTTheletsane
I asked a genuine question and now the vegans are out in force to attack me. Great Elliemoo99
I haven’t had a panic attack in a year we are doing amazing averybaebee
Awesome having an anxiety attack and feeling like I'm gonna puke at the same damn time great Shayna_Adele
Lance Stephenson is a coach’s heart attack waiting to happen. He makes that great play and then puts instant pressu… KRAZYBWOI
4. Attack the Block - 9/10. Just about everything worked in this one. Great acting, fast paced. Confidently neve… bps21
a panic attack... great way to start the new year AmonJR67
Well I was having a great New Years until 2 girls decided to attack me #OnlyMe #Happy2019 🙄 kerryhokie
Just imagine an arsenal team with 3 great cb with hector and sead at wingbacks oh my lord with our attack averaging… leonred14
#Kane accelerated with the ball, setting up a 4 v 5 attack which with a great deal of luck ended in 0-1 for #Spurs. #CARTOT #PremierLeague fredomdet
What a great team performance from everyone of them. Could have won it with a more attack minded manager but great point petermac84
A great trip to the panto ended in me starting to have a panic attack out side the theatre. Had to very quickly go… MyMuddled_Mind
Attack the Block is so great. 10 minutes in and I’m reminded of that. This walk through the neighborhood, showing off the prize is so good. doubtlesswave
I just had my 4th panic attack today 2019 will be great BigScaryBee
Yet another terror attack in our great city, 2 hours later @SadiqKhan proudly states open boarders are here and Lon… spd78
I'd Be thinking of bringing Hogan on bring something different makes great runs ,cos this attack is so stale atm past few games SeanKowalenko
Happy New Year 2019 @askjillian I follow your cancer story daily, and think your an amazing mom, and warrior. Ive… 2momsNson
For all the good with his feet talk,i dont think leno is that great with long distribution to set a player in on go… diwe_uche
just so y’all know my dog kicked off the new year with an anxiety attack hope y’all enjoyed your fireworks CarmenMAlvaro
waking up to a massive panic attack is a great way to start off the new year!! 🙃 itsjustkass
great yea madison lets have an anxiety attack first thing in 2019. madisonavmi
What a great way to start a bew year: woke up to the news about Jennie and Kai and fhfhfhfhfhf I AM SO HAPPY FOR T… annlucena404
Wojo makes our clients look good, and that's great. From helping develop creative platforms to successfully fending… ITCOI
And ya know how I started this year when I woke up this morning??? A panick attack 🙃 we’re doing great so far guys 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 jai_stockdale
Started off the new year with an anxiety attack and threw up...great start... Lucifire_666
Wow, what a great way to start the new year with a panic attack because of being overstimulated. daddynebula666
heart attack wouldve been a great song to play before midnight. like imagine it says "are you ready?" and right whe… bettasouI
Guess who’s gonna be ringing in the new year in the middle of a panic attack im literally shaking rn this is just great vapourwave_
Amazing looks like I’ll be ringing in the new year with a panic attack itbejemima
I entered 2019 by helping my cousin while she was having a panic attack... this year is gonna be great rodger_rz
God I'm so high key stressed rn tho. Starting 2019 trying to stave off a health related anxiety attack is great. ellameno
Starting 2019 in tears with an anxiety attack. Off to a great start already. BittyMomo
I have a great life I go to elm hurst college and have a real job and solo music cAreer at the same time with no mo… AlexanderGowlo1
((having a near anxiety attack three minutes into the new year.. Yeah this is going to be a great year..)) LewdMcClain
Have a great start to your year to all you Cuckservatives, NPC's, Attack helicopters, Sith males and whatever you identify as. BlindRambler
I just had an anxiety attack and now I have a headache, I’m hot, and I don’t wanna move. Great way to end 2018 🤦🏽‍♀️ InkedUp_Mel
*Dr. Light runs out of the room* Megaman: “Great. We just gave Dad a heart attack.” Protoman: “Yeah....oh well. B… ShadedLoneWolf
This Russia Canada game is going to give me a heart attack. Great hockey! Reminds me of old Russia Canada series. KellenDB
There’s a couple of fabulous fireworks display going off on the lake. I’d really be enjoying them if I weren’t tryi… imsuzanne
.@NKOTB was amazing!!!! Although they may have given me a heart attack dancing on the stairs at the beginning. But… stacey79
i think i’m having a slight anxiety/panic attack i haven’t worked out which one but i’m not great omg coconutbuttr
I’m literally 2 and a half hours into the new year and already got “pranked”/ fooled... great start really😂🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ t… zauberin_b
i'm having the worst anxiety attack right in the beginning of a new year so i know this is definitely going to be a fricking great year chlrnchemical
Feeling like you’re about to have a panic attack is better than having one 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I’d just rather feel ok _clairestanton_
wow its a great way to start a new year when people attack you for thinking you said the n word when in reality it… happydaysjoon
nothing better than having a panic attack for three hours straight bc of my weight 😌✨ laurestry
While London remoaners enjoyed their political fireworks there was a terrorist attack in Manchester? I don't think… jt_btc
went into 2019 with a panic attack followed by tears already know it's gonna be a great new year✌ tae_taeoppa
I about had a heart attack great performance Pokes! m_ledbetter
Oh great.... fireworks... my dog is having a heart attack and ptsd from this 😑 HannahMStahl
i’ve had 2 emotional breakdowns and 1 panic attack. great way to start off the new year huh... 🙄 ladejiaArielle
My years starting with a panic attack great itsjamieyoudick
There was a deadly lion attack in North Carolina today. I feel very sad for the victim’s loved ones and survivors.… TopGobbler
Last year I came into the new year having a panic attack. I’m pretty sure anything could be better than that lol MeegMerg
shinobi shadow dancer on the sega megadrive/Genesis a great game!!! Hard but very good!! Always fun sending the dog to attack!!!!! Vedek_Phil
Is Mario going to leave Oregon after this amazing offensive attack today 🤭 #RedBoxBowl bcfiji74
Oh great. I can feel the start of a panic attack coming on. I could honestly burst into tears right now. I know I s… YesThisIsAna
It’s amazing how people without a profile picture attack my looks. Just remember.... your opinion of me is none of… ShtWeSay
Great. Closing out #2018 with an #athsma attack on the 5:08pm Super Express #QM2 from #Manhattan to #Bayside… gvl2669
Had a mini (maybe not mini) heart attack cuz I tot I lost my phone :( wat a great way to start 2019 HAPPY new year! linying_27
Can tomorrow gone so that we can get this over and done with? Someone will just be giving me great attack because we want to change year. 😒 trafalgargrey
#Bandersnatch was fucking amazing. I love everything having to do with #BlackMirror Seabear_attack
Love Synners. Hate Town. Love United. Hate Scouse. Had a heart attack. Still an arsehole. Great friends. Bellend en… BigWoff88
Went ice skating for the first time since I was 10. Like an hour long panic attack. Luckily, actual 10yo loved it. _bambilly
That was an amazing film. The footages showing the Charlottesville riot and attack was pretty powerful, and now I'm… chozabell
You know whats better than a shitty shift at work??? Having a gallbladder attack during said shitty shift at work. :\\\ sodsta
Isn't it great that a pissy little transphobic troll decides to attack me on a day that I'm not only feeling great… GenderQueer_Fox
Whats with this sudden love attack. I never feel loved and appreciated this much on newyear. I love yall nice peopl… mozraykapakapi
1st hr ng 2019, walang panic attack. definitely better than 2018 shrbrtbamboo
This was one amazing month with @teambi0s as we had to conduct 3 CTFs, the @InCTF quals and attack defence finals a… __c3rb3ru5__
The leaked Louis CK audio isn’t even close to his most offensive jokes he told when everyone loved him. Don’t allow… zachtbusby
Aaaaannnddd I'm having a panic attack. Wonderful BlackLikeRoses
If you attack people on the internet over something as pointless as whether or not you enjoyed a film, please start… JakeFromYavin
Had an asthma attack last night. It was quite scary but I pulled through thanks to the wonderful UFHealth staff. SoTruBeatz
Also great feeling like you are just a panic attack away from having a seizure. 🙃 amariewolfe
2019 will be great for me! I think 😁 - Shadowhunters season 3B - Lucifer season 4 - Ice Adolescence (YOI movie) - A… Re_Bu_Nia
GOOD MORNING I am having a panic attack for no discernible reason, I hope your Monday is better than mine so far. BaronessMolly
2018 has been an amazing year. My first legit solo travel in Bacolod, finally checked off Japan and Batanes sa trav… jarendavid
attack the block is amazing i love it xhollyyc
Last panic attack of the year. Great.😬😬 helovesAnthea
Great. Just great. Anxiety attack before new year huh. 😭😭 #PlayHouseAcceptOrDeny kdayayne
maka-LSS gud ang Best Love ng Jamill😂 pls don't attack me guys😆😂 foundpurrtato
Great seeing Utd attack again. However defence needs work -Young could easily have been sent off -Lindelof pulled… StillUTD
Playoff bound baby 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 great win @Colts. So excited to see a great balanced attack offense with a defense to mat… uncle_sluefoot
hi, I hope everyone has an amazing year and an amazing life!! you will all grow, be successful, love yourselves, an… husnaarambe
in other words attack on titan is great and yes it took me 5 years to watch it RealCandyTreble
Great having a mild panic attack at work. VanessaArellaaa
What a great year that almost gave me a heart attack but that’s what we do . AFC north champs . Crowd was insanely… Joshboss94
Ravens , you gave me a heart attack, AFC North Champions !!! Watched the last 1:20 peeking out between my fingers. Great Birthday Gift!! PollyWeber7
every song on attack of the giant lobster man is great samuraipolice
cats did nothing wrong, theyre great creatures that sometimes attack me on sight mewmewmatty
Great night. My nephew took his @gameofkittens title away from me. @tonykroeger #attack #seethefuture RK_Anderson6
This Ravens rush attack, man. Just feels so right to have a Ravens team that plays great defense and runs all over teams on offense ConnerW96
I almost had a panic attack at the airport so I bought some earplugs to cut down on the stimulation and it’s great… kim_berlykg
I argued with my parents and almost had a panic attack. What an amazing way to end this year xCURLYUNICORN
I'm pretty sure I just had a great attack JakeAZ28
Fuck all y'all Arianna Stan's who attack the craft of Pharrell. All he makes are bangers. Lord to follow an amazing… Yewdere
Had a great time yesterday at the @KornblueKicking Fall Showcase. While my KOs were not where I wanted, my FGs wer… dmajorbg
Man utd is in amazing form brooo...the all attack formation is just 🔥 #MANBOU uni19psycho
It’s amazing what a bit of confidence and being told to attack can do! @ManUtd PDockers83
Its great to be able to watch united play again with confidence that they'll actually attack and might win ShaneO_Persie20
Today marks the nine year anniversary of the deadliest attack on @CIA in my lifetime in which the late great Jennif… JohnSul82229732
Fucking a chubby dude is great until he’s breathing heavily almost having an asthma attack during round 3 while he’… berry1737
Nick “Bernshnitzel” Bernstein was up to the task stopping all 25 shots to give his team a great chance. Unfortunat… CLEWILDCATSBLUE
Well that was a great attack by the Jets , honestly i thought this game would be easier 👏👏 but we will win it anyway #GoPats mahdizghal
Amazing what happens when you attack the basket and not settle for mid range jump shots that nobody can shoot anymo… RyanPaye
It's great to be back to the basics of Manchester United football. Attack the best form of defence! Got the playe… KieranStockton
I think OGS is doing a great job in terms of getting the players and fans believing again. But let’s not kid oursel… LouisHansbury
Amazing what happens when you let attacking players attack Maazood_
Playing better than at Wembley. Same end result likely. Man Utd ruthless on crosses. Cherries (mainly) toothless in… SeaScalpel
Utd are fun watch again! 🙃 Amazing what happens when you tell them to attack. StannyStyle33
Great first half but still very frail defensively, especially from set pieces. Just a lack of concentration and poo… Regi1700
eventhough its just mid table and below teams, but to finally see a free-flow attack is just amazing. sheep319
New attack is actually Amazing danialsha98
Amazing what happens when we attack👍🔥👹 #mufc Lew_Barlow97
Amazing how much better this club plays when they’re made to attack!!!! Feels great to see pogba allowed to play wh… Hunt4Cole
Pogba plays in a position that he loved. crazy good this united attack. ❤❤❤ UnitedRKLe
Amazing how much better an attacking player plays when he's actually allowed attack. #MUFC tweetsoftierney
I’ve always maintained this #MUFC squad is actually very good, with just a couple of tweaks needed. Amazing differe… PeterKeating2
Amazing what happens when you attack the ole way; old way #MUNBOU joe_valerie
What skill from rashford and #MUFC! Very Messi like with the amazing footwork! And who knew allowing Pogba to att… kevinhyde007
That was all Rashfords’ goal, great attack TimboPocket

430 Negative

I know graded unit isn’t that bad 2,300 words isn’t really that much Monday dead line is plenty of time I got this… CharStone987
i'm in a really bad state i can't stop shaking and crying and i'm on the verge of an anxiety attack i feel worthless and i hate this shit weiwunyan
Am I having a bad prolonged panic attack bc of a stressful week and a lot of pain? Yes. Am I going to do anything a… Faekincutie
Every time I have a bad night or I have insane anxiety attack I was the leave the city video I took at the concert… underscorenadia
my heart hurts so bad i hope i get a heart attack and end up this bullshit xmephistora
Escapism was such a boring fucking episode like holy shit that entire thing was such a snore why do i watch Steven universe again lmao attack_drac
Feeling like I’m a panic attack. I feel all type of bad emotions and feeling so’s bad 😔 DaveVargas510
Lol how poor they are, instead of look up how the system works they just decided to attack with some nasty words co… sierralmond
I have been up for the past two hours having a anxiety attack over some stupid crap/people I’m having to deal with… BrittniHover
This 51% attack on ETC is PRETTY PRETTY bad !!! "Immutability of ETC means that if there's a doublespend due to low… miketrotsky5
i managed to go a whole 2 months clean w/o a single anxiety attack and now i’m so disappointed in myself that i just broke that streak astrobxb
7 days into the New Year & I’ve already changed my major, had an anxiety attack everyday, and disappointed my grand… kyleighhhhhhh
Had a dream/nightmare that I murdered a teacher bc I didn't do the hw & I was scared of getting a bad grade so obvs… ruff_lyf
I had a really bad panic attack this morning. It was so scary and it was all I could think about for the rest of the day notyourwce
i’m having such a bad anxiety attack. i can’t calm down. i just wanna hear her fucking voice. fuck bro fuck. progressionbby
nice to know my final semester of undergrad is starting with terrible stomach pain thanks to an anxiety attack lululeighsworld
I’m mad! This whole time I’ve been wasting my quiet time on memes when I could have been watching attack on titan 😩😩😩 moonchild_26
gotta love having a panic attack so bad you puke. there’s no way I’m sleeping tonight sam_piternal
The scariest thing just happened to me and it made me have a horrible panic attack harperhollannd
Wow man today is bad lmao first I had an anxiety attack, they messed up my order at Panera and someone broke my loc… kawaiikaaat
can't imagine surviving a terrible attack to then have media use you for clicks for the rest of your life :T anramsE
someone: bitsy is bad me: im going to attack you will the full force of my strength, and will. perish ianmart1n
Anxiety sucks. I literally just woke up having an anxiety attack that was triggered by me wearing my retainers!! Love my life!! itschaymarie
I had an anxiety attack today. That fucking sucked. keaglechasing
today really fucking sucked. I fell at work, almost passed out, had a panic attack. I just really hope tomorrow is… mythicalhippie
My anxiety is really bad right now. But three years of CBT has allowed me to recognize and take a step back to thin… garbageweight
Me: why does my kitten attack my legs and bites my hand a lot? Brain: she hates you and you're a bad pet owner Me… dashofweak
Jan 7/ Mon: today was the first day back in school, it wasnt that bad. I got to see some of my favorite people and… sabryna_romero
Also I hang out with the gang yesterday and it wasn’t bad and I didn’t have an anxiety attack the only bad thing is… uwuforyoongo
having really bad thoughts again and y’all really don’t understand the emotional connection i have to my stitchy… pRiNc3sSd3sSy
Yo goofuses, uhh there's this uhhh unchill person who's calling people's art terrible and calling our lovely friend… SpookyFireflies
First night in my new home and having a real bad anxiety attack #anxiety johninboro
bad luck chasing Me , I got attack 11.30 l pm yesterday at #ElMhalla El kobra #Egypt at bass station from woman its… MeghedTamer
Y’all! My dad is a horrible driver! I’m legit having an anxiety attack in the back seat! 😭😭 RoxanneR_
I’m really bout to have a panic attack at work.. I’m not good. Sos Kath_rine18
Had a really bad anxiety attack today, just trying to recover right now 😔😔😔 katz_don
Attack on Titan being on a monthly release schedules hurts extra bad when there’s a month off driftinggranny
For all the anti-feminists who may want to attack #GlennClose , she is not saying that it is bad to have a family,… RadicalGalore
I really don't enjoy watching $XRP fanbois fawn over the 51% attack on $ETC... Seems like bad taste squared. H3R3TiKAL
I just need one more heart attack a bad one problem solved. I can make that happen. im_part2
my mental health has been so bad over christmas and it's got to the point where idk if i can even get through one d… STRANDDDD
NYT looked bad for saying that Pelosi showed up in a hot pink dress bc it looks sexist, but the truth of the matter… quetevayasbien
ok, but talking to cops gives me a really bad panic attack even if there really sweet I still panic and have the fe… TVisDaddy
My chest hurts pretty bad what’s the signs of a heart attack 💁🏼‍♀️ osrs brittanyfoshow
I’m not usually one to get upset about haircuts and it’s not even that bad but I’m having an actual anxiety attack… larnbecky
wow can you not post those "do this or this bad thing will happen to you" it really fucks up my anxiety and i reall… min_gowon
What does Moreno offer? He can't defend. He can't attack, final ball is terrible. Serious....? What's the point of him? occasionalstuff
I'm trying to think of a rap but all I come up with is complete crap and I'm not equipped for this kind of attack i… MsTiKHAL
im having a horrible panic attack slitthouthroat
Sinus Infection = meds that elevate heart rate. High heart rate = panic attack. Conclusion: life sucks. TheMellyBee
With the defence so bad let's just go all out attack. Subs: sturridge > salah Jones > Firmino (Not… schmesserdt
At work whilst in an anxiety attack with a crimgy furry rave song stuck in my head. What has my life lead up to, some bad 90s sitcom? StrawberryTrom
Change definitely needed at half time for Liverpool. Very sloppy & poor from the Liverpool players who don't usuall… SHovendenKeane
That is the most bullshitest performance I've seen fuckin terrible constantly playing it back getting caught ppl go… Macca6868
That was the most boring 45 minutes of Liverpool I’ve ever watched. Don’t care if we concede another 7 just attack ffs RandyRobbo
And I thought Red Star Belgrade was bad. This is so hard to watch, one of the worst ever. I don't know what positio… BenEvans02
So i literally almost died this morning which set on the most horrible anxiety attack mental break down... I was si… MommasInkyy
Having a really bad anxiety attack rn and I need help cleanjimin
Moreno is just a really bad footballer. Don’t see Robertson ever give the ball away whether that’s in attack or def… wilsonlfc9
"C'omon bro, we both know that's bullshit" I KNOW WARNER OH MA BOY IS SOOOOOO BAD AND I AM TOO OMG OMG I AM HAVING AN ATTACK heywarnette
Liverpool's depth is so poor. For attack they literally rely on the likes of Shaqiri, Sturridge and Origi ffs. Juventusx7
had my first anxiety attack and that shit is scarier than a bad trip. thatonebitch_ky
my depression has gotten so bad and i dont know how to fix it. I havent been able to bring myself to do anything. I… smittenkitti
snack attack: cucumbers and cranberry raspberry juice not bad not bad. jaiplayssims1
just had to unfollow someone. not because they said "illenium sucks" (which is a personal attack :p) but because it… JonnyZeFlow
So I was totally just having a panic attack over my schedule for this semester but it’s really not that bad it’s ju… felicia_dawn_95
Massive Attack in April Chemical Brothers in May. Maybe the west coast isn’t all that bad. Food_Party
Marques houston, drake.. someone is trying to attack the culture, expose the bad fruit onemidas
Imagine coming to a city still recovering from the a terrible antisemitic terrorist attack to protest gun control.… SonOfCrunch
So all of the bad things Joel has done in the past which were bad.. Karma is coming back at him their his kids. If… neijahlevy
So yeah the stress over this situation gave me a horrible panic attack earlier, every muscle in my body went solid… BROserade
I've had a really bad day mentally,anxiety attack this morning made me physically shake 😔 The only thing that can h… NotQuiteSure18
Me: *Re-reading my crazy fanfic crap* "Okay, so ninjas attack and the dojo explodes!!" My brain: "Wait, why are there ninjas?!" Me:"Idk!!"😓 PhoebeNecel
Bale at golden globes making political attack to a bunch of trained show goats is much like monkeys flinging crap a… 43magoo
My mom blames everything bad in her life on me and now I’m mid panic attack so yay russofive
anxiety is....... very bad today. catch me eating lunch alone in a bathroom stall so people don’t give me a panic a… closetcutie
I've heard many people say that Attack of the Clones sucks, but for me it's worth it even if it's just because of Obi-Wan and Mace Windu. Sarapga97
Jesus people! Stop making RBG trend! I nearly had a heart attack thinking something bad happened to her. MommaBear2201
I had a panic attack today (i also have really bad frustration, smallest things tick me off) worst part is, when i… LillyxRoyale
I’ve never had such a bad anxiety attack where I literally had to sit with someone and talk through it what the fuck is happening KenzSchmidt_
Wow last season of attack on titan genuinely blew... never been so disappointed mcgangster420
I’ve had bad heart burn for close to 8 hours now and starting to wonder if this is some sort of heart attack and ima did KeaganSuitt
Reading the attack on titan manga is not good for my health nagisanime
#markets #Taiwán #China #FreedomFighter If China rlly do attack... that will not good for tham first for buisness… migafreeman
Feeling shit. Had bad anxiety attack on way to uni and I can't shake the after effects. Terrified I'm going to have another one 😥 WickedToCore
you ever do all your pre-bed rituals exactly right and still wake up to a bad anxiety attack at 4am?? sarahgrowls
i’m having a panic attack in the library, going back to school was not a good idea digitalmonad
Bad mood attack cathywap1
Pengen mati:D This panic attack sucks 15meitan
Over slept this morning as i never got to sleep until sometime after 3. Our poor girl was suffering a severe anxiet… bikerburns07
love waking up with terrible anxiety after having a night filled with anxiety nightmares, I am abt to have a heart attack babybl_u
My life is a constant game of is this a heart attack or just really bad heart burn. karmmybug
One year ago I had a really bad anxiety attack. One that was so bad I had to leave the apartment and go outside. I… beardedgun_
I’m not good with suspense and this episode of Greys is about to give me a heart attack ElanieRoberts
How bad do heart palpitations have to get before you do something about it like in one night cause I think I’m gonn… bailey40oz
My cat was playing with a bit of ribbon and had a mild asthma attack and I wanted to cry. Poor guy SunnySideEggers
Let me clarify #Fakemedia saying #stkildprotests were wasting police time and money, but when blacks attack, rape a… SayNoToLeft_
anxiety so bad i thought i just had a damn heart attack etteniotnaa
I’m really having an anxiety attack about going back to school smh I’m so disappointed in myself. isgeorgeok
Panic attack sucks bruh lilboatjr_
after relapsing last night I stitched myself up and had a fucking bad anxiety attack. I literally cried my eyes out… CelestiialAngel
They were expecting a more direct attack on Trump and got disappointed when he said we need to talk to each other a… Yashia__
I really be about to have a heart attack about my ring like it’s bad 😩 __gkm9
Life with anxiety sucks. I Can’t even go out to eat without having an anxiety attack. NBrooke1994
I was told that if I mention Prillya at all on the timeline people will attack me..... Prillya sucks DrPlanetPHD
I like doing dash attack several times in a row if my opponent is jumping a lot. That might be why my Ivysaur sucks bananagram44
It’s not a good idea to conspire an attack on the corporal, He lurks. He l u r k s CadetBodt
I’m having a bad anxiety attack rn, and I think some know why, but like I really want to call someone but everyone’s asleep. btsbrasilia
Stay classy @dabears fans don’t attack the poor kid. Probably nobody feeling worse right now. willydacoach
holy shit the eagles burrs game almost gave me a heart attack gotta feel bad for parkey though. upright AND crossbar? Heartbreaking ohimbuny
An attack que Spotify me siga recomendando añadir Trouble by Nevershoutnever to my Bad Music I Like playlist. Cump… MichaelTrit
but the moment someone says anything bad about Simon, I will attack #oneexception #shadowhunters NotBlackWidow26
Jinx: Hey Stark who is Thanos? Tony: Hes a bad guy. Jinx: How bad is he? Loki: Jinx. Dont fuck with Thanos. Jin… incorrectJinx
Just saw someone on the TL complaining that “Shielders in MMOs aren’t bad so Shield Hero makes no sense” like did y… MaturePurple
Going to bed. Got school tomorrow. Literally having a panic attack. The bad thing is that I have anxiety and bullie… CuteWolfhardd
Haven’t had a really bad panic attack in a very long time. The one I just had almost caused me to pass out while I… ariellemariee
These short intermediate ass routes! THEY’RE SECONDARY SUCKS!! LETS ATTACK ONE_TREE__HILL
Every person, every country, is a person with a heart. Do not divide Kudee, Kudee country. It has good and bad mix.… pw2559
Human beings are so fragile that a smile can make them believe in god again, and its absence induce a heart attack. Life sucks... DTharey
I’m done with pvp. Matchmaking is piss poor. One eyed mask is game breakingly broken. Light attack on spectral stil… bamboogie_32
i wanna go see the 1975 so bad but i'd be going alone n last time i had a panic attack so that's probably a bad idea idk _anxiousleo
Say what you want Lamar was not good today but I did like what saw when he threw more @ravens keep harbaugh! get a… BrandonMinich
ksjksjksj i had my first panic attack in months wowowow this is bad this is badthisisbad and ima shut up ksjkskksk sorry fullyybloom
It was a bad idea using Cypher 3 as a alarm tone, I almost had a heart attack 😂 mic_dropp
there is not a bad song on Sheer Heart Attack. i will not be reading replies to this tweet egyptnmanswhre
Collectively, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith are so bad it’s any wonder how any m… leon83ard
This whole game is crap and I'm having a heart attack and I don't even care for football Kara_LeighB
mental health is so bad at the moment legit had a panic attack at work jessica_wistow
This is the worst Real Madrid I have ever seen. Terrible defence with a world champion, and perhaps the best Spanis… HR13577
lol not had a panic attack bad enough to pass out for a while, that sucked satansbbygal
david murathe is a messeger with bad news.Dont attack the messeger bear the bad news and deal with it #muratheresigns njerujimnah
Had a really bad anxiety attack yesterday and ended up deleting my facebook and uninstalling most of the social med… fillupyourlungs
I had a dream Post Malone talked to me at this show we were both at and wow I can’t tell u how bad I woke up nearly… hollyyydoll_
Having a lot of caffeine before this game was a bad idea. -350 odds that I have a heart attack today. #RavensFlock EthanRenner
the cat scan came back normal!! he believes i experienced a really bad tension headache along with an anxiety attac… narutohotline
What is going on will our national defence budget? Why would we waste so much of it on a wall when another country… BussmanMuriel
why am i feeling so bad today, it's like this state before panic attack but it never stops and the panic attack never comes ncterzy
I’m watching attack of the clones. First time since I saw it at the cinema. Suffice to say I’m a little disappointed. utter_gibberish
Not counting the cyber issue and natural disasters (bad enough), it has been an absolute miracle our country has av… LiberteeLane
It's such a trip to go from watching the last jedi to watching attack of the clones. CGI Yoda is terrible. On the p… KittenThyme
having both good and bad coping mechanisms is so fun because sometimes u just feel weirdly skinny and have to wonde… nuraaaly
Some of the same guys who complain how boring their girlfriend’s stories are, will wait 3 episodes for Goku to charge up an attack AIDS_runner
Mitt Romney is a flake! I won’t waste my time listening to ANYTHING he says. He’s not a good candidate. He doesn’t… Tia54
had a really bad asthma attack and my brother had lost my inhaler i love that for me faerieyoongie
What the fuck am I watching?.. can’t defend or attack. Got some guy from seemingly the pub in goal. Terrible #pnefc Lonners23
Waking up to an anxiety attack really sucks ass. #fuckanxiety kenzz_wins98
my ocd was really bad this morning and I ended up having an anxiety attack and it made me run late to work so I cou… houxseleva
Y’all: “Don’t watch Bandersnatch, it’s dumb” Me: *watches it anyway; 30 minutes in* This isn’t that bad actually 👌🏻… GrussyCat
Just saw #birdbox Don't know what the hype is about 🤷 quite boring. No real explanation. No real storyline. No real… ChaosCheesecake
Someone help me I woke up with one of my bad panic attack’s 🙃😫 MadisonCobb1
Is it bad I feel happy about my ex girlfriend having a brain attack and hoping she dies in surgery? She hurt me and… danne87_
you know after an anxiety attack i get real bad depression afterwards and since i’ve actually been off my meds for… skylarvjackson
Person: hey ash are you doing alright? Me: yea im fine why? Person: you had a really bad anxiety attack yesterday s… AshleeRitson
Demon tide -Can never be interrupted -Attacks that last for ages which waste time on your situation commands -Hits… yungkirbman
Whenever you think your overwatch game is bad. Just remember that I was playing lucio and out Anna nano boosted me… RapidRapidash
Trying not to wake him while having a panic attack is the absolute hardest thing 😔🙁 my poor heart hurts... ShaylaLakey
Some of the same guys who complain how boring their girlfriend’s are, will wait 3 episodes for Goku to charge up an attack AIDS_runner
Is it bad that I think about how wearing slides outside compromises my attack readiness? JonahShell28
Idk why I put my contacts in today bc I’m not good at taking them out and last time one got stuck in my eye for lik… notjulialacomb
Rick Wilson is a terrible cruel person what kind of person would attack the poorest of our nation. Truly sick WigleyRobyn
Me being at the verge of another panic attack: Yeah huh I’m calm I’m totally calm like c a l m. Nothing bad’s goin… madame707
This panic attack is fucking terrible Arelayy
I think its safe to say racism is as bad amongst most ethnicities, the only difference is that white racism is inst… Gejeg07
Actually mind blowing how many people are willing to attack some poor boy on twitter for binning a sausage roll rat… roadmax_mex
ok don't attack me, but...loonatic isn't all that bad of a song choerrysorbet
That cunt who stabbed that poor bloke to death in front of his 14 year old son, in an unprovoked attack then just w… KylePorter1987
i’m having such a bad panic attack rvindrps
Having an anxiety attack every day is so horrible I can't control it anymore. magda_lopz
You can isolate Any player and he's going to have a 'bad day' but there isn't much point isolating a player on a si… gregdhardin
That class that I got a panic attack in last semester because of the terrible prof? Well, I got an A! 🎉 nchoora
Feel bad. Panic attack. Took a nap with the little. She woke up with a cold. I woke up feeling really icky. How'… seekhealthwell
I'm palpitating so bad that I felt like I'll have heart attack any second. Danaerobredillo
Extremely disappointed @TheEllenShow @andylassner @MaryConnelly @KevinHart4real this wasn't an attack on you. Your… JeamesG
Watching Art Attack on Youtube to prove to Lilly that Mister Maker is a poor man’s Neil Buchanan. ShaunMcmanners
Take my advice, if you worry too much, you'll have a fucking panic attack so bad you'll want to die. So give zero f… milalovesethan
bad start to 2018 for the railway industry and staff with a murder on the south western division at horsely .my th… smilingmrkev
I don't know why I waste my time arguing with trumpsters. They always got to get personal or attack your intelligen… crush68
wow lifes just happening around me and im just wasting my life away having a year-long panick attack dont expect to… dirty_skies
He’ll flop on @MatthewChzat and attack with hugs. TRANSMUND4NE
Spending £1bn to terrorise migrants won't build social housing or fund the NHS. It's a waste of money and an attack… EggbortTheEgg
When your having an anxiety attack so bad your shaking then you think it’s a good idea to drink coffee on top of th… fschroeder_
I will never understand people that bring their dog to the dog park knowing it’s not good with other dogs, or knowi… EmilyVisser_
Me: my anxiety isn’t really that bad anymore! Also me: *has a panic attack bc I missed the bus in a dream* reneeolivias
It looks like the “Attack of the broken heart octopi” The good news release day. Bad news five lbs. lift limit ChopperDavez
Imagine having anxiety so bad that the tiniest notch in your plans for the day makes you have a panic attack. I’m literally so stupid. pissbucket4983
Damn! Not a good way to start 2019. We lost one of Jim’s oldest friends to a heart attack. When referring to all of… BellKat
The Media have refused to worship the "Mighty prophet" they don't buy that crap that he is Mightier than God...expl… GG57926524
Hey @roybelly you didn't like Massive Attack? Was it not good or are you just not a concert guy? Just curious TheRealDaetwan
People have really gone crazy these days. How can the same mfs who bad talk you (me) and attack me and my kids have… ymartinllc
Coachella and EForest are owned by the same company so if you're gonna attack Coachella you're in for a bit of bad news about Eforest... MAINEVNTtheDJ
ok, it’s not cool to judge people and hate them forever... forgive is cool. but what Kevin Hart did is so bad and… themorenowild
You guys attack Kendrick for everything I swear. You want to cancel him over something so bad and it's not gonna ha… blackgrlfly
I'm having a panick attack in the supermarket life is not good HANMVBTS
I absolutely should catch up with Attack on Titan holy crap darthnathan037
My nerves are so bad today... I just about had an anxiety attack when someone said we were out of coffee at the off… FABulouslyTay
might just call up optus and have a nerd attack on the poor towelhead that picks yp on the other end eljay800
oh my god i just had such a bad waking panic attack why is my brain, like this, dicktheed
Struggling today. Too much boring admin to do. Need more caffeine. Urg. attack_kitten
Scared the shit out of my poor neighbor this morning when my 8 lb dog tried to attack him marissa_lindell
I just woke up from a dead sleep having a terrible panic attack , hows your morning 😩 mdesch97
Bro I just finished Dexter for the first time.. and wtf... the red wedding on got left me in a terrible state of mi… XadriancarrillO
Last evening, first time drinking Red Bull ! I'm not disappointed, tho I should be careful, I'm too young to have a heart attack xD SleepyCheese_
Feel a bit bad that i keep almost giving my sister a heart attack when i drive round a corner or roundabout bc i ne… evebecktaylor01
the body & thou's cover of terrible lie mixed with massive attack angel vocals THATS like what im looking for sexy… halfsleeper666
The women at the dentist has just sprayed air freshener, my asthma is real bad at the moment and I’m now sat here t… storexclusive
How bad is Aussie bowling attack? . . . . Even a babysitter can score a century! imsuhas
Tf is wrong with ppl??? Ridiculous how some of our fans are reacting to yesterday’s defeat. Ik it’s disappointing b… musukjung
Im having a bad anxiety attack and no one is up gonna lose my mind wilessaa
im having a really bad panic attack shezdreamy
Oof. O o f. Bad awakening, really really BAD awakening. Currently having an anxiety attack of monumental proportion… Barbedbeat
Melee players are put in such a bad position. “Melee players are bad because they don’t care about the other smash… Kota23H
Every time a stretch of Attack on Titan gets particularly heady and weighed down with boring exposition it always t… CalO_Boyle
uh pretty sure i just woke up in a panic attack?? this?? sucks??? todogukie
Harden ... attack. Buuttt that Durant save that wasn’t a save is dumb that it was missed that bad... tf? AjShaffer15
Then Starc, Cummins and Lyon. Now Hazlewood joins the 100 club party. Poor Australian attack 😔 sudammagar2400
Such a damn TERRIBLE decision by Harden to jack a 30-footer with the game tied. WHYYYYYYY???? Why not attack the ri… ikealani713
orbits PLEASE stop being messy and tryna attack coco. you’re making loona look bad. viianrose
my family came to realize that i’m actually bad at smash and the only reason i get so many KOs is because i wait un… r_omulus
I almost just had a panic attack in the basement bc the panic goblin said “what if..... a monster” and my horrible… horsearms
I am so extremely awkward and so bad at liking people like I genuinely don’t know what to do bcs it doesn’t feel na… jemkiaraxo
Under my weighted blanket I’m having such a bad attack tonight it’s legit awful - to the point of just skipping mag… hobigavemehope
ARMY let’s have some respect for the poor jealous ass hoes who know they will never have anything remotely close to… brokensilence0
the hell salamander tip is sooo bad... one mistake and BAM attack mode defense disk salamander pepsimanexe
Poor chip is having an attack of the squeaks. Out of nowhere he started squeaking like he was really distressed abo… EricaCochrane
Explain to me why I’ve woken up in the middle of having a really bad panic attack when I was dreaming about fucking eyeshadow then LuxLikeAMulti
This gigabyte bios is about to give me a heart attack. This thing sucks and I hate it. ShawnReardon
I had a bad anxiety attack and couldn’t breathe for a hot minute but half way through it I was just like “fuck it i… selenaalyse_sab
Been recovering from a bad anxiety attack since I last was on took my day away.... arcangelcricket
The only thing that kind of sucks about being in Utah is not being able to go on walks when I’m stressed or have a… BellikkaBerry
my younger sister said “50 cents music sucks and is stupid” I almost had a heart attack. she was just disowned 🤷🏼‍♀️ KimbrellMacee
Gizmo had a sneeze attack so bad the other night that we had to pick him up bc with each violent sneeze he accident… hayleechanse
okayoakyokay i feel so bad bevause inknow when i first meet people they think i’m a bitch because like to stop myse… etoileluver
Today's workout was HARD. Not to mention the terrible allergies I've had all day. This cold weather. And having an asthma attack. I am DED. StarIn_TheMoon
I’ll comment on AOC dancing video. Are you people F’ING INSANE! I warned this morning don’t do crap like this. Peop… William__91
Had a really bad new years Long story short I had a panic attack while driving and mistook it for a heart attack (h… lunaeryia
god attack on titan season 3 really recovered from that boring second season im GRIPPED molly_adione
i found that they bad people in life will always try to paint themself as the victim abusers and abuse apologists… s7nnyflowers
Hey @RiceGum bro @pewdiepie literally don't leave any chance to make u look bad so does @h3h3productions . Can we t… KaylajRaini
don’t attack a shipper for being disappointed in the ending in vld only for you to do the same exact thing in favor… serokamiz
#lfc keita n Fabinho should have been in from start henderson n Milner not attack minded n no legs poor choice by klopp markeymark71
You ever just not feel well at all, have a shitty few days, and then fuck up so bad you have a panic attack at work… KWatzlawick
1)No body thought that poor will get free medical treatment 2)No body spoke of "Ease of Doing Business " ,"Ease of… DhGurjar
From one terrifying attack on a poor defenceless creature (Aguero on Lovren) to another. Next episode of Luther. #MANLIV #Luther DanThwaite
Terrible performance from the reds A lot of stray passes, the attack lacked intent just awful Doyinsolar003
Watching a small town politician attack taxpayers on social media... classic. That poor gal needs to spend more tim… ToxOptix
Sometimes all i can do is singing when bad thoughts and memories starting to attack me . Atheer_arts
im going to say goodnight now because im feeling terrible and im like this close to having a panic attack anyway go… PlNKINO
Midfield has been poor so far offering no transition to attack at all #MCFCvLFC DavidHectorGray
Honestly it wasn’t really that bad at the gym today, I got a treadmill with ease and everyone was very polite, even… RadicalTadpo
I like Matt Mercer, but its not a good voice for Luke, nor is the face model, or the jank attack moves.. Jedi Acade… FFMattCR
Surely klopp is going to change it? And actually attack city? This midfield is poor ConnorMarkLewis
// replies are going to be slow because last night i had a bad anxiety attack which caused a seizure so i'm going t… stormykissing
Attack of the clones on ITV2. God I’d forgotten how bad it was and how George Lucas got it so wrong. CGI does not i… shayharper
i’m sorry but birdbox was kinda boring... don’t attack me it was cool just boring😂 cathxrinxbrxnna
Every time my phone goes off I have a panic attack thinking that it’s gonna be the bad news of someone else. Can today be over ekiMkandeR
Just had a real panic attack thinking I had a grey hair because the work bathrooms lighting sucks. Update; it’s just a blonde piece. MandyBurchett
Anxiety sucks! I'm having an attack and this hasn't happened in many years, i can't even remember. Junio_ocho
Attack of the clones is by a mile the worst Star Wars film. To be’s fucking terrible. carterfox
i found out yesterday i’m on academic probation and i had an anxiety attack i feel horrible and i’m a disappointmen… stoooooopppp
grades weren't at all bad! panic attack, avoided. skin, clear. stardew valley, up and running. i'm going to michael… MarMarVIII
My anxiety is so bad today like lmk 2 in the afternoon and I’m on my 4th attack 729allebasi
I hate going to the doctors, but last night I woke up with really bad chest pains and shortness of breath and decid… BobbyMacNCheese
Ever since watching #DemonHouse I have a bit of bad luck. I had an asthma attack within the first 10 mins. Today I… TheMeganAnne
I'm in a bad mental health space today. So you will get extra #flavoradded stuff. It's the only thing keeping me fr… guthreee
Bad bitch bandit, I want her so I smash it. I make it look like magic, yeh, watch me shaq attack. #Glockoma #Maybach #KeyGlock YoMainMan
Fuck you guys, she didn’t do anything wrong, she’s not at fault, don’t attack her you fucking pieces of crap AzizAlshoaiby
I fee like I’m having a damn heart attack my chest hurts so damn bad!!! x_Magalina_x
Having anxiety honestly sucks, I’m going home early because I just had an anxiety attack and I felt it coming all day... mrrlltwinner
I really just thought about my future and had a bad anxiety attack about being stuck here forever, can someone please just knock me out skyseed_
I don’t feel bad for you if other people including the girl your bf cheated on you with tried to tell you he was a… nicole_smithhh
what up i’m having a really bad anxiety attack and i have no idea why cirubaska
I feel like I’m gonna have a panic attack over this I’m fucking shaking so bad THRlLLlNGONEWAY
🙏🏽 TaeYang (@Realtaeyang) Answer: "A nation from the north will attack her and lay waste her land. No-one will liv… elphie1985
She ain't really bad, she a photo thot I should hire this bitch, she so damn good at Photoshop That Lexapro got me… blurryfacelilly
Looks to be a heart attack for razin hell at Southwell. 😩 terrible to see. ChrisBe34170398
My rogue is having a panic attack and I'm just laughing and milking it! Poor poor Maria! Sora_Byul
Never attack a developer for making a bad game. If you don't like the game, just don't play it. It is okay if you d… EjoTheDev
rule 1 of discourse: the horrible strawman your adversary constructs to attack you with is usually a reflection of… billysyphilis
i just had a panic attack thats been so unlike any panic attacks ive ever had and it sucks i thought i was getting the hang of my life fath3725
Bad batting from Pakistan, shot selection is very poor. Credit to the boys though, the bowling has been excellent.… Eugene_UG
Had a bad dream that involved Kyle and it made my paranoia and anxiety skyrocket and woke me up, pretty sure it was… MLS_Bearcat
Christmas is seriously bad for your health, just ran for a train this morning after ran home having forgot a bag of… FrostyWuffle
The reason why i dont wanna talk to u is bc u always make my anxities attack me and it is not good jayooo16
I feel like my brain needs a reset button. Why do I have to feel the attack of bad vertigo every first week of Janu… zychilleus
Another day, another drama with me mam... Suspect heart attack this time. So far 2019 is as bad an 17 and even 16. tonydavies76
Why is @clivepalmerm wasting money running attack adds against @samdastyari ? eranga_a
Chest hurts so bad feels like I’m having a heart attack wescott02
A lot of the shit ppl will raise as issues just be projections, it'd be horrible if you registered everything as a… ImKippinny
i have an anxiety attack, omg i hate me so bad. jeonhair
Good girl with a bad fat ass, Got me feeling like a nerd with an asthma attack. naturaIIysoft
This South African bowling attack is scary af. The poor Pakistani batters seem to have no chance of survival. This… neuteralopinion
Cat scratched my neck real bad. Looks like I attempted to slit my throat but gave up half way. That or a survived… Real_JohnScarce
A HORRIBLE DEATH UPON THEM Indeed, Gog and Magog will come out being enraged at 'Īsā and those who are with him f… _inaarah
This Toni Storm thing sucks, can totally understand why she deleted her social media accounts. The person/people be… allansnedden
The thing I'm bad at with Palutena is not having good tilts. Dash attack is my only quick option and while her jab… Mirage_Arcane
just had a bad ass anxiety attack .. 😖 briwitthashitss
I'm having a rlly bad anxiety attack rn but I don't wanna bother anyone lol haleyeileennn3
i had a panic attack at work and got sent home again :)))))))) i think i need to go back to my doctor. which sucks… watermullan_
migraine attack sucks jcabanto_
I'm having a really bad panic attack right now and it sucks because I don't want to bother anybody LunarRevelHero
I can’t believe the same people that ignore @realDonaldTrump’s horrible, dishonest, corruption can call anyone “unf… mrsnyde1
literally fuck today at work. i fell ass first into a tire. had a stupid bad panic attack, and when i tried to fix… tattoosandtunes
I just had a terrible panic attack rn and its all my fault cus im an idiot and like to overstress myself and overthink everything 🙃 Danjr00
I hate when movies make a character look 'bad' 'ridiculous' and 'evil' for acting impulsively during a panic attack… allmeaty
Straight up, I don’t give a fuck about border security. Has zero impact in my life. My job sucks and I’ll probly di… RibPioneer
Good fucking riddance, 2018 - parts of you sucked gangrenous donkey dicks. But 2019, did you really have to start w… RodNayMcKay
I'm a Spurs fan, but this is insanely boring to watch. We are just passing it around at the back, then every now an… antrayuk
i never realised how good life without depression was. after a bad attack, just a boring regular existence is blisss istolethesunset
wow first day of 2019, first anxiety attack in a while holy crap tame__impela
Iwobi involved in most good #afc in first half. Disappointed to see us drop off pace at 2-0 up and letting Fulham b… dcgooner
Been poor in attack today. Kodjia being very greedy when he needs to pass. Midfield not particularly strong & can t… BravestarrMarsh
No excuse for slow sloppyness always passing backwards making a crap team look good. Worst performance of season ea… For_Yorkshire
Surely @Arsenal can't carry on playing this open, the defensive shape is so bad, look like we are going to concede… samuelwebb11
Arsenal’s defense is almost as bad as Fulham’s, but the Arsenal attack is a thing of beauty. IsaiahLRice
Daym asthma attack sucks fkeeh4
Lovely ball from Iwobi. That's how good he can be, he can really offer our attack something else. Poor first 20 minutes none the less. Uno_Emery
Arsenal look horrible, can’t get the ball out of their own end, no linkage from defense to attack. Almost like they… edenbach
To sum up how bad Everton were today, Zouma was our best player in defence and attack CavaliereDylan
I had a brief psycho attack after hearing bad news, this shit is scary af, i wasnt aware of what was i doing, i lit… deenewtho
Started the new year with a panic attack and self doubt. Not a good way to start the year. Here's to more mental pr… fluffymuffin99
I had a horrible argument last night , almost had a heart attack , just got back from the hospital all in one night… ojilrac
With our team, idc we have to go all out attack. Our defence is crap and we cant hide it no matter how much protect… A1ZH4RY
Would rather slam my knackers in the door than watch another 45 mins of boring shit football. But it's ok cos we ar… vdublogga
I’ve seen people say we sing ‘through good times and the bad’ but then boo the team. We also sing ‘we play from t… FlipFlopFlyer_
Disappointed to hear of the terrorist attack in Manchester last night. I wish for my daughters sake the world wakes… tomDAMAGEbarnes
i just had a bad panic attack and deleted a bunch of tweets and probably fucked up some threads im so sorry senorescuella
Commie Thugs made the poor pay Rs 100 each for the human chain. Time for the Hindus to unite against the attack on Hindu customs. shashisharat
Whatever crap the BJPians shit through their mouth is broadcasted as “All out attack”. Do the media think people ar… jasmvk
Is it bad that I’m having an actual panic attack about it being 2019, like I don’t even know how to explain, I’m fr… ImGiannaPorter
First day of the year. im terrified of going to work after having a terrible anxiety attack over something so stupi… TayaErindra
Calming my dog down from a very bad anxiety attack is the best thing i will probably do all year i just layed with… oouuttrree
Nothing like starting off 2019 with a really bad anxiety attack, amiright? ;-; SandvichTsar
I dont know but why they always attack the innocent one? I mean.. Why always jongin? Poor my bby 😭 baekku_bbh
Ever been so stressed that playing a board game stressed you out so bad you shut down and had an anxiety attack???… BrasherCassidy
I don't watch WWE but I'm glad they exist so guys can have a platform to do what they love. If I don't watch or lik… MBCBaptist
i can be so tired & so depressed & have a really bad anxiety attack atst, but still look so good. how is that even… RMadelfri
It’s almost like letting Derozan attack over the top to his right is bad for the defense AlexGiannetta0
Honestly who doesn’t love being at a party for NYE with all their cousins and having such a bad anxiety attack that… samgo98
As if Jennie needed another reason for people to attack her tho my poor girlie taeminiebaby
I hope ppl don't attack them both pls i don't want this to be a bad start for JI this year If that's confirmed the… exol_maro
The heck? Poor Kai & Jennie. I hope no one will attack them. Especially Jennie! ZieHwaiting
Working in retail sucks. This guy just made me bawl my eyes out and have a anxiety attack and then brought up race into it. 😞 schwonk_
I hope in 2019 we can learn to not attack people just because they make bad games. Kiyoshi1019
NVM worked completely sucks tonight. Like it's been SO MUCH worse than I could have ever thought I almost walked ou… MerryCritMiss
My moms still on bed rest from her injury, and my dad almost had a heart attack. These past few weeks have sucked a… YuNg_RoJo_7
Manchester Stabbing Attack Shouted Alluha Akhbar, man on the BBC just said so! Not a good way to start 2019 by ou… IKWiltshire186
ok hm I don't actually see anything wrong with someone liking something bad critically it's not like they're koujak… komaedapil
Can we please make fireworks silent!!! My poor dog is on the verge of a heart attack 😫 Princessgingee
my poor baby is having an ongoing panic attack can we just ban fireworks now @jamieoliver DawnWeinerdogg
Go ahead attack me for my looks I was your friend agreed that transphobia is bad but now you hate me for having pie… mimwette
Goodby 2018, you've sucked...One year ago today my mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. She lived until May, t… vardmin
Oregon May have given me a heart attack during this game but MSU sucks so it’s fine TLeMaster72
No one wants to see Creighton on their side of the bracket. They play a crap ton of guards who can shoot, create by… ShervonFakhimi
You'll get a lot farther, and with less resistance, if you attack individual bad acts by specific individuals, than… TonyDunlap17
Common Samus misconception #2: Dash attack is useless/bad because it lost combo potential. I think more people unde… _CoCoral
"Studies show having a bad boss raises a worker's chance of having a heart attack by as much as 60 per cent." Well, guess I'm F%^&ED. suzjef
i woke up and my anxiety was really bad i know damn well ima get a anxiety attack elizabethcriess
kinda wanna do a random binge to catch up with attack on titan but it kinda sucks now iwdklfkskanzsns wayfindxr
anti’s attack us not only to hurt bts & us, but also because it distracts us from our goals, if we are in a bad min… hangsangnamu
gerard is my smøl muffin baby boy 😍 don’t you dare talk bad about him or have an opinion that i don’t agree with 😡… REVENGEWANNABE
I felt so bad yesterday in A&E a girl came in having an awful panic attack and it was a 6 hour wait to be seen she… kayleighhaunt
louis ck really made a "I identify as an attack helicopter" joke count me as disappointed but not at all surprised. sharks2hearts
// Sorry for the spamming, I have so much debts lololol and I feel so bad for not replying to them soon;; I will tr… Sevenny707
this is definitely not a good start of tweet this year but I'm fuming mad seokjin sweetie I love you now drop the @… lcmstrivia
Do you ever wake up and feel like you’re like five seconds away from a full-blown anxiety attack? In a bad headspace today. _agirlnamedh
Tgh tidur tetibe asthma attack, not a good start for this year chutchut_nyot
I am gonna have a heart attack someday This is not good for my heart nwh_sweetmelody
Watching 3-headed shark attack. A film so bad it's good. chanchester