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Release Date: April 06, 2018

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Ooh the blackmail episode (no spoilers) of #24hoursinpolicecustody is on tonight at 10pm Channel 4. Amazing episode. Might watch it again. EdJClarke
Watched #Blackmail, something new and great story. @irrfank was brilliant as always. unknownDebashis
What an intelligently funny way to tell a story #Blackmail. Kept us hooked till the very end. Amazing choice of bri… Imagicians_JA
Blackmail is a new concept of movie which we enjoy a lot great acting by all the members congrats for this movie@irrfank Ankit07452482
#ChinaOpen Salute @AJEnglish again for Intreguing #journalismjobs World Leaders must watch 101 East Documentary "Ch… roypp22
Just watched Blackmail! A must watch for all those vying to see some noir and realistic take on current day relationships. harsh19921
April is full of Amazing Movies 06th April-Blackmail(irfan khan) 13th april-October(bcz of shoojit sircar) 20th ap… SohelTweets
#Blackmail is a must watch for its writing, treatment given by the director @AbhinayDeo & performances by @irrfank… woodsandtimber
#BlackMail is only film that I was laughing from first scene to last scene. Thank you for making me laugh great fil… atharalisayyed
ah the emotional blackmail of “I’m going to give your dog away if you don’t do this” bullshit. great. zuetral
Blackmail was a stunning movie,entertaining all throughout...@irrfank great job as always,sir...n i hope u really g… RohanAce7
Blackmail: Awesome and Amazing dark comedy thriller. One of the most intelligent movie of the recent times. And yea… amiteshamar
If story is simple , screen play has to be super amazing. #BlackMail film has done it in style. atulsachan1234
#BlackMail film will make you smile for its simple story, amazing screen play and super awesome performance of… atulsachan1234
I got a great blackmail spam claiming to have used malware to hijack my laptop's webcam. If you can reliably ship c… amarktriggs
#BlackMail has all @irrfank written over it. Awesome story, script and direction. @IamKirtiKulhari is fabulous. Go… AjeetPanigrahi
Awesome movie #blackmail #Mustwatch @irrfank @IamKirtiKulhari @divyadutta25 and Arunoday singh @AbhinayDeo Great work.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 akshat009
#Blackmail is a terrific black comedy brilliantly directed by Abhinay Deo. Superb clever writing and top notch perf… Nikhil_Rams
#IrfanKhan You rocked sir in blackmail, Please come back soon, You have to... Get well soon and live long namitadurg
Really enjoyed #blackmail. Irrfan khan is asusual terrific ❤️ sarcayush
Masterpiece #Blackmail another great performance @divyadutta25 u done it one more time sunders60706949
The only best thing that India has is @irrfank. Superb acting in #Blackmail 👌 Nawabzadadanyal
#Blackmail full of dark comedy and waggish performances will hook you till the end. A must watch. Another great pic… AnshRathore11
Watched #blackmail yestarday superb acting by @irrfank @OmiOneKenobe and team . 👍👍 ISHANJAIN17
Nice Movie 😂👍 — watching Blackmail (2018) sghuge333
Being rinsed by @SpoilGoddesAnna right now! Every pig should spoil her!! She is amazing!! #paypig #findom #blackmail #assworship #rinsing zack470
Unpredictable #Blackmail is superb because of its direction by @AbhinayDeo and delightful performances by the whole… RAAVEE
Excellent movie 'blackmail' loved it. Congratulations to irfan khan love you. Thank You for a good movie treat Majevichar
#Blackmail a must watch!! @divyadutta25 @irrfank bharati_flag
#blackmail what a great film. @AbhinayDeo great direction. Super writing, hats off to the entire star cast ... irfa… Im_The_Ashraf
Loved the film #BlackMail. Congratulations To the entire Team and Cast. @AbhinayDeo @jayoza257 @MustafaStation @irrfank @priyagupta999. dgandhi18
Totally loved #blackmail @AbhinayDeo u keep d mood movie ka till end!! @irrfank get well soon want more of ur movi… RJKaran911
One line review of #BLACKMAIL: "Watch it for Irrfan ONLY" Rating: 2.5/5 yhmishra
Musalia Mudavadi is just a kawaida politician who has been riding on his father's great political legacy and predic… MyayiMurogori
Great SC rejected to revise its order. Rahul VINCI CAN'T blackmail SC, by spreading nationwide unrest, for verdicts… BhartiS27010893
Way to go Vince. Blackmail someone to stay married to you. Sure the sex will be AMAZING after that 😂😂#Marcella PennyBurnard
Editing this 2 hour conversation with my sister down to 4 cohesive minutes on 1 topic is Great preparation for futu… BrianIsZe
Emotional blackmail on #BoldandBeautiful maybe Steffy learned it from Brooke. "If I ever meant anything to you...", "If you ever loved me" SOAPFanTweets

38 Negative

this reiko 4chan trap discord blackmail thing is so fucking horrible that it makes me feel physically nauseous, jesus christ itsDisko
I'm sick of you losers wasting my time! Deleting accounts and such. #findom #paypigs #blackmail #humiliation If you… MisAnnabelle
Disappointed at all the wholesome sibling pics today. Y’all had the perfect opportunity to showcase the best blackm… yeahimwright
If you guys are planning to watch blackmail movie. Don’t go anywhere. Not worth watch😡Too slow and boring. bbatra17
Blackmail, remember? You know I'm terrible at keeping secrets when I'm hungry. Lissa_eBooks
Blackmail, remember? You know I'm terrible at keeping secrets when I'm hungry. Lissa_eBooks
He is sending Troops to Mexico as Blackmail to get a Wall when they start complaining! He is terrible! Wake up and… Shelleybl2
Blackmail, remember? You know I'm terrible at keeping secrets when I'm hungry. Lissa_eBooks
#BlackMail is a waste of time and money and more sadly of the talent that Irrfan Khan is, who btw is great in the f… Miss___Marple
Down on your knees and beg me to drain you. Only real slaves dm me now and show me how bad you want to serve… ediojeras
Probably first Irrfan movie that I didn't like. . . Blackmail is really black. . Avoid if possible. .total waste of money sawhneynikhil
#Blackmail is a spectacularly pointless waste of time. It's almost insulting how much talent is wasted here suchin545
Dont waste my fucking time send my money or stay away ! NO PAY NO PLAY .. #findom #paypig #paypigs #PayDay… Lyssanicole1106
I can't tell if it makes me a good or bad friend that I have a blackmail pics folder on my phone to store all the ugly snaps I get.... ImStillDanielle
Ugh, blackmail subs are as bad as fake subs if not worse 😖 #findom AsheWorship
Blackmail, remember? You know I'm terrible at keeping secrets when I'm hungry. Lissa_eBooks
Oh crap, news paper talking about me, I'm gonna use the office of President of the United States to blackmail it's owner's other businesses. MrVenescar
#FinDom is boring today, no pigs to #humiliate #blackmail #walletrinse Guess I'm gonna sleep 😴 QueenGoddesssss
I just popped my blackmail spam cherry! A few minutes I received my first piss-poor, illiterate attempt to extort… nomdecuisine
Doug Sirmons has to have blackmail material on someone high up. There's no other explanation for such a horrible of… joshd52
Facebook is only selling your personal data to advertisers because your life is so boring they couldn’t find anythi… Bill_Xiong
Seacrest Accuser: I Won't Be Silenced, and I've Filed a Police Report: you're just wasting ur time Suzie, you're tr… OgomUgoji
Just bad blackmail on #findom PaySlob12345
Its time to pridict april Film 1 #Blackmail 10 cr flop 2 #October 80 cr Hit/superhit 3 #Avenger 200cr+ min Max 500-600cr Kmgiw
Facebook only sells your Data because your life is so boring, that they have nothing to blackmail you with 🤷🏻‍♂️ daniel_hauck
Ugh it’s a boring day, entertain me mutts laughing at your pathetic existence isn’t enough 😈 #findom #blackmail #cbt MissMaloryMae
My week sucked. make it better and $end tribute 💞 #findom #femdom #paypig #blackmail #walletrinse @find0m @RT4Dommes SashaAndrewwws
Looking for a tribute and someone fun Don’t waste my time DM or Xoxobabe88 #kik #horny #findom #finsub #moneyslave… Xoxobabe88
me: hm maybe my dad isnt that bad actually my dad: tries to blackmail me into committing a crime me: oh nvm he is that bad sugardrift
i have this picture, its not a good picture.. its a picture to blackmail someone and @KKEYBUMS did it for me??? 3THANIC
After seeing @realDonaldTrump in office so far, imagine how bad whatever Russia has on him must be. The normal blac… dbroncos78087
Do y’all ever take a really bad selfie but you don’t delete it because you might need it to blackmail yourself into doing something later? xanandgayle
tell me why my aunt is literally trying to blackmail me for posting a picture of her (that's not even bad) when she was a teenager?? lmfao _gabby_zepeda
Please someone at alder hey step in and stop what is happening.THIS ISNT RIGHT.useing blackmail is terrible and cruel . topshop1970
Blackmail, remember? You know I'm terrible at keeping secrets when I'm hungry. Lissa_eBooks
Ugh Sometimes being a #findom sucks because most of these so called #paypigs are wannabes and waste your time!… Ashbaby1024
#Rich #blackmail poor to #psychiatric treatment #sixwordstory #fiction #writing zimezy
Pretty bad when our own government has to “blackmail” the president to PROTECT our Country by the expulsions of Rus… rzrbks1976

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