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Release Date: May 03, 2019

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#waitrose my mind has gone completely blank. What is the name of the wonderful actress in framed photo as the mother-in-law. RickyJa10851531
For all the analytics guys I'm going to say this....3's and layups are great but mid-range has always won champions… Thepresentatio2
guys im so happy can't believe my methodology work is at least 70% done, im feelin amazing, the happiest, really go… ritsusk
Was viewing various amazing artworks. Suddenly even twitter can't contain the awesomeness and the artworks blank ou… feitris
I'm tired of having these great ideas and not sharing them with the people who can bring them to life. Therefore, I… GlenStrong2
just listened to blank face and holy shit, why didn’t I listen to it sooner cuz this shit amazing superbhash
Ended up with 24 points, not happy at all tbh. Got hardcore grieved 3 out of my first 4 games where I was in great… VelocityZova
Come on @Brewers close out strong, blank the scrubs. Great start to the series. jrdesignsinc
I have the most AMAZING students.❤️ My 1st year at BTW and they trusted me and knew I expected nothing less than EX… Deedeenycatl
we are now engaged in a great blank snap war, testing wether that person, or any person so conceived and so dedicat… dalton_gronning
sorry you didn’t get to see Endgame. I know you would have loved it and we would have talked about it for such a long time. Maybe later. House_Blank
Go n watch blank Superb movie @iamsunnydeol rohit8may
Epic dev 1: hey you here’s a great idea for S9. Let’s fix all the bugs like blank firing weapons. Sound glitches an… JDentyy
..extraordinary. Okay so it was point blank. At one point I'd seen people of other racial groups rounded off..but… tausimogakaress
A good girl like me deserves a great man. period point blank. Rosalync__
I'm either amazing at replying to messages, or you won't hear from me for a month. Genuinely, don't worry if I blan… NotQuiteHicCup
Bhaiyo its request to go & watch Sunny Deol Movie *Blank*. Superb storyline with mind blowing acting by Karan Kapa… atulagni90
Got time for other girls but not for me.. What a great show idiot blank_Babe
Yo schoolboy. Your are loved bro. So many kids appreciate the attention you put into every verse. Im shocked to hea… HolyCocoNutty
Great line, The House is not a wholly owned subsidiary of the blank’s administration, it’s of and by the people per… gailog
For extra credit, I put a blank map of modern Europe on the final exam. It is amazing how little people know about geography. wc_little
it's almost midnight and I only got half a page done.. but still better than having a blank page with nothing done.… TakumiKurumizaw
Just watched a clip of Buttigieg. He claims the American past Trump wants to return to “Was never as great as adver… ICry75496399
There's nothing better than a beautiful soul because a prepossessing individual with a captivating spirit attract l… GreyShamfa
ok blank ily and you're a great friend but when i said 'if you want to add anything to the project do it now' i mea… phoenixriise
Guy at gym: Looking great man, what’s your secret? Me: I trained hard for 7 years and try to keep my body fat low… MImsthe3rd
Lyin’ isn’t better than silence _blank_title_
The great thing about being nothing is that there’s no limit to what you can become. A blank canvas has infinite possibilities Lydia_Mohr
Amazing what God can do with a blank piece of paper. kevinwells
Blank ....great movie Kaareena2
Just watched BLANK movie...edge of seat thriller..must watch..super story, direction and acting @iamsunnydeol and a… pratikchheda80
"make [blank] great again" jokes aren't funny birbdaughter
Loved the movie #Blank Crisp, on the edge suspense and powerful acting by newbee @KapadiaKaran mehashar
Loved the movie #Blank Crisp, on the edge suspense and powerful acting by newbee @karankapadia mehashar
Love doing 52 headshot point blank with gold pump. Great game Rylosaurr
please hire me, i want to buy more notebooks. i know i have several blank ones at home but one more would be great visualklt
I’m only 33 mins in so don’t @ me. I knew it was coming, but I still only loved Brienne until the very second she f… edu__cait
Watched movie Blank nice film amazing performances by @KapadiaKaran @iamsunnydeol Movie keeps you on the edge of yo… ShivaniDivadkar
Those god damned gnarled shapes are so wonderful yet distracting...and here l was trying to blank my mind thinking of work grobler_alan
Hey guys "Blank" is must watch movie..Awesome work done by everyone and obviously our Sunny Sir ji...👍 LalitKohli16
🍒 is the most proper candy flavor. Then maybe 🍋. Blank candy like the clear gummies are great. Chocolate is F🍥🍥D and not candy. Wordy_Wiggles
Curry missed 4 point blank layups in 4th/OT gotta be better than that man. DarthWeatha
U know bitchess like me treat u great suck his dick n feed u grapes oh my stars dat dababy blank blank is hard ROLLEXESn11s
that was a great moment i just had. traded with a heavy shooting at me point blank as solly because his tracking wa… maDEMOman
Just watched #Blank.. What a thrill.. Ratings= 4.2/5.. @iamsunnydeol, @karanvirsharma9, #Karankapadia were superb..… sengupta_07
#Blank what an excellent movie and amazing acting by @iamsunnydeol and ishita dutta along with introduction mr Kapadia 👍 faisalrabbani22
Hey @maximilian_ great story review video! Could a Shaolin Monks 2 be introduced in this universe of MK? Maybe with… sanctvn
America Says had a question that said women know blank better than men and some answers were EVERYTHING and LIFE we stan a gameshow! humanerror9000
"Why can so many of us only express our true feelings onto a blank slate: a diary page, the sky, an unconscious loved one, a tombstone?" marwaa25_
Why do Trump fans think he created the term “great blank again” that political saying has been around since the invention of government. AkaSam95
Started listening to Blank Check this week and I’ve definitely been missing out on a great podcast. esayour
On the Left - That blank expression when you are supposed to act! 😐 I hope I do better than this on Sunday!… CricCentric
Blank Face is better than CrasH Talk idgaf. OfentseMotau2
Fill in the blank. Taking my shoes off is better than... #highheels #betterthan #sorefeet amanda_jams
Great advice from Dr. Cherie Butts (Medical Director in Clinical Dev. at Biogen) at @BrownUniversity BioCon: Rem… ClubDanio
Blank space and me! In a row is so amazing #me #taylorswift #ts7 therealD_Swift
Ended up in nothing, blank literally describes me, it's amazing how crap my luck is lmao nomiboke
Didn’t know my bro was blank blank until I seen he shit in the laundry room 😂 great morning puke KayShine22
Ight nahh I'm running this new Schoolboi Q a 8/10non first listen wayyyy better than Blank Face and had the potenti… hardbodyjonesog
#IndiasMostWantedTrailer starring #IndustriesMostUnwanted @arjunk26.. Just hope film to be much better than this sl… vijaykapoor797
Superb sir & Karan as a 1st timer excellent work.. Feedback👆 from a Preview of BLANK about the Film & the Debutant… jaidsen
bts did amazing point blank PERIODT @BTS_twt mobsterguk
Few things sum up writing better than a blank document titled 'New Project' Sabotower38
If I’m @NFLonCBS, I write Tony Romo a blank check, because he’s the one color analyst who is universally loved, not… CrazyPackersFan
Great day today, Strength Based training....the balance of power is shifting !!! Great energy in the room, loved st… moonboot66
Man, Q really has one of the best discographies of active rappers out there. Setbacks and H&C were good to great th… i3rdShift
The human body has evolved in so many amazing and unimaginable ways...but a blank piece of paper is still making me… SRankinTurner
Someone: *blank* is better than California Me: anywhere is better than California S: then why you still there? Me:… _littlestbiggs
Like it is one thing to be “ok” at things.....but great.....stellar..... .......🤷🏿‍♂️drawing a blank..... I’m a b… 88Digms_TRVGC
Home from a 10-day trip, first to Sweden and then to London. It was a great time, got a chance to relive some old t… Syntheticwhite
I wanted better for Schoolboy’s album. Maybe because blank face was just amazing, but I was underwhelmed 😕 J_everydey
Great Weather Today... Fill in the Blank , Summer Means _____________ kevinreign1
when can we talk about how Blank Face was kinda better than Crash Talk nickschronitons
Everything you write is better than the blank page you began with 👍#TuesdayMotivation #WritingCommunity DanielJIngs1
All time story from @Golden_Stick just now: Told my Grandpa that I loved him but he doesn’t hear very well, so he… Just_Lew_it
If your name is *Blank* is Cracked, the only thing cracked, is your shield. Git gud, smh. VexiiBruh
Game Of Thrones was great but weirdly had less death than I thought? I spent all of last week going 'oh god oh god… NiamSuggitt
In the realm of Star Wars, WHY do fans continue to make statements like, "This person is a great pilot, so they mus… There_IsAnother
Ok well, this weather can just (fill in the blank) in the meantime, it's time to get moving! Have a great day and s… therealduglop65
I know y'all like GOT buts it's not better than any anime, Period. Point, Blank, Period. kenberryjr_ken
Open the word doc for one hour and it’s still blank great job to me 😴🤭 ssammyy_
john singleton was a great director who, among other things, gave this world the "2 <blank> 2 <blank>" meme, and I… BrendanMLeonard
Worst experience in palazzo on Saturday for great movie #AvengersEndgame literally the movie was unwatchable blank… itsTamizha
Amazing to me that the same people who threw temper tantrums about Obama not saying "Islamic extremism" are also th… Sam_Blank
I hope zehra wakes and gets herself a man better than Peter #blank silvergalaxiess
I need some ideas, help me Fill in the blank... __________ goes great with coffee. klindustries
Watching a clip from SF: Assassin's Fist and, uh Goutetsu fires off a point-blank hadou like a fucking shotgun and it's amazing YourPalCeej
Had me a Les Blank marathon watch. So wonderful... How is it possible I've never seen "In Heaven There Is No Beer?"… CatChew
Wait put blank space on then #ME! It’s amazing 🔥 therealD_Swift
Dunno if this scHool Boy is better than blank face but it knocks TheDrewski14
Arthur Blank please buy the Braves, this city deserves better than Liberty Media kitcopeland51
I really like ScHoolboy Q's new album but I don't know if it's better than Blank Face. JrFlip500
Avengers Endgame is absolutely wonderful!!!! Period point blank. #heisworthy #AvengersEndame Rstonecold1980
Crash Talk: I enjoyed it but Blank Face and Oxymoron are way better. It's not even close. (Habits & Contradictions is better too) thomasparent5
As great as Crash talk is as an album. Blank face still better. asapdanny17
nothin better than adderall and ____ (fill in the blank) SamGHansen
I just got a new iPhone and this shit’s resolution is better than my eyesight House_Blank
I’m happy @ScHoolboyQ finally dropped an album but it’s fuckin short af and it’s not better than Blank Face 😑 RickAintHere
You guys ever just up-b as Ganon on Yoshi's shield point blank and it misses?? bro i loved it when that happened in… BaseBeJay
“Hey @FBE! @PRETTYMUCH just dropped a new single called “Phases” along with an amazing music video! I would love to… blank_pm
Didn’t even hear t.swifts new song yet but I already know it can’t be better than blank space StephNicoleHuff
My first week at my current work placement is SO MUCH BETTER than when I started with the feds. Everyone is friendl… plasticbagghost
Point blank period: Cop @SeanSJordan's new album, The Buck Starts Here. It's hilarious, Sean is a wonderful, sweet… puffpuffnopizaz
So my thoughts on new @taylorswift13 , as always an adorable upbeat fun first single. Great lyrics, great beat, gre… Amelia6128
These Schoolboy Q songs are great but there was something about how Blank Face brought you into a world where the s… ILikeHenny
It’s amazing how quickly you can forget things you knew like the back of your hand. I’m talking CSS. Getting to use… ellomumsy
Delicate,Blank Space and Me! seemed to be connected hahaha or just the tunes I dunno but all sounds great ughhh huhuhuhuhuh adrnhpyo
I am standing in blank. It’s amazing how something can shake your world, your plans, your life. It’s amazing ho… ChristyPierucci
That was amazing Blank_Bryan_
I think it’s better for people to go into this schoolboy album knowing for a fact that it’s not gonna be better than blank face. AnthonyMendoza_
Thanks nbc for the blank screen this is great NadeKillz
Yaaaalll I fucking love my friends there fucking great point blank 🤷🏻‍♀️♥️ @heykaitlyn_ @daniyellesalas lovelyy_juju
CrasH Talk not better than Blank Face lmao Homegrown_L
I don't know why ppl think #SlowMotionSong of #Bharat is better than #Blank song #AliAli @z1ejd :) Khan_A_Irfan
Let's take a moment to stop talking trash about Fortnite. Today's update was a great update. Blank hitmarkers are… Retrqce
i could write an essay about how great bts is but when it comes to anything else my brain is blank chlcyan
That amazing feeling when you start with a blank page and an hour to kill, knocking up a 2000 word first chapter an… poetofthesouth
Amazing the impact that Davey Lloyd makes when he isn't even there. Almost like a blank canvas that these women can… gameonmoll
198 then 2 yes 2 blank hit markers with a blue pump this game is absolutely amazing it's so good nothing wrong DJMAX5550
Great skate pass from @Capitals Backstrom to a wide open Ovechkin for the point blank one timer, off the mask!! P… OshawaGens2004
Sky Sports should go to Roy Keane with a blank cheque book and tell him to name his price. Amazing tonight. StevenMLB
Can’t wait for @Point_Blank this summer in Ibiza. It’s going to be amazing to learn and master my skills in Djing a… LeonardoCantoni
i got an A+ on my capstone presentation which only further proves the point that i’m just plain fucking better than… RHOSZN
Finally got around to doing something for above the fireplace... It's only temporary, but better than a blank wall!… Mandy35452140
Keep up the wonderful, logical, sane work that you have been doing. And, yes, though older than you....I agree wit… churei
Been a while since I listened to a podcast. Found @Blankpod by @eliistender10 and Jim Daly and have enjoyed every e… Tom__McG
Since I was a little girl, I've loved starting a new writing pad - there's hope and endless possibilities on those… emmaryandublin9
I just finished watching S1 of One Punch Man for the first time. It's a great show. It's got a funny dynamic betwee… Jack_Who_Tweets
If they'll only remove the blank pages and fix the arrangement of the pictures, the album will be so amazing tho...… nabongstagram
me, explaining why i like cycling: it’s a great way to clear my mind me, on my bike: blank space is an honest self… pismosummer
"Man, I gotta say, I really recommend this *blank* ministry. It does it better than anyone, its amazing, and its ju… WildernessCrier
Arthur Blank and Liberty Media are both clowns with no sports knowledge. Atlanta is a great market to scam idiots w… ATLBlueJay
i'm doing research into the sound of @GameOfThrones for my thesis paper and can we PLEASE talk about how amazing pa… _stubbers
if I'm United, I'm getting on the phone to van der sar right now and handing him a blank cheque for van de beek. superb in there tonight. TPDWillo
The great @JaidenAnimation has cured us of the blank-faced plague! I thank the o great Jaiden, I praise thee! Spektrymyt
pie is better than cake. point blank period. reigndolann
#Thadam must watch movie. @arunvijayno1 stylish and natural acting. Myself and my wife keep on guessing endup with… Kave09
imagine having a blank name and others called you by it... this is way better than your typical y/n. yvesdrv
My mind flowing at a steady pace. My emotions seem blank. I feel amazing though... Something's missing still😒 ZsVenchillia
Nature @NatureTreksVR was wonderful chill time. I loved the Bamboo Garden as I could plant flowers and pretty red… StarKittyDoom
Unpopular opinion: Blank Blank is better than Baby on Baby onixalexander__
GW29, 51points what went wrong after a great selection? ❌Luiz benched that may as well cost CHE a CS ❌No goals fo… PrideFC_FPL
His computer screen is simply blank. Is he dead? Unfortunately, no. He's just asleep. But it's better than being awake, so... MonitorOfMuse
I’ve tried to move on, to trust a great things has it own pace of time, to see other perspective based on my instin… NuyDania
Twas' a great day at the #SudburyRevolverClub. For his first time ever shooting a #handgun. @vonawwsome could shoot… David_Lische
I really thought blank was better than that and that he would apologize. I guess not... K ima stop talking now byeee brianaamberly
i wish blank & blank loved me sigh IMAGINEJ0NAH
Was great working with heads on writing. It’s so important to give children the chance to plan, draft, write and ed… Philpage18
Felipe Anderson is very close to his 9th blank in last 10 matches. Great stat! engineer_FPL
I heard this great quote that was something like love someone enough to give them blank pages. Realize that you don… bougiebrittany
DaBaby is hard. So far I like Blank Blank better than the new project but nonetheless, he’s here Movie_Nard
campaign planning so far is staring at a blank doc and drinking coffee so I think I'm a great DM romanceable_npc
Telling the parents at our meeting-Yahtzee is a great game for doing math in your head for kids. Crickets. Blank st… FaithHH02
Throughly enjoyed the show last night @tymusic, was great seeing you down the front loving everyone's sets like a s… antony_j_smith
Am I the only one who thought Blank Panther was kinda, "meh"? Like, the villain and charecters were great, but the… LeesEdits
Great save by Elliott. Point blank shot from Atkinson. A lot of back and forth this period. Score still 2-2 with 2:27 left in the 2nd. GinnanCollin
Wow, what a great idea to just let Panarin walk in alone at point blank. Good job guys. #Flyers MrGT491
I wish the @Braves could score a tv deal with some actual revenue generation as part of it and it’d be great if the… TallRobBrowne
life is great.... _blank_title_
World Leaders with whom @realDonaldTrump has professed having a "Wonderful Relationship" 1. Putin 2. MBS 3. Kim....… thom_carroll
You never need to face the blank page. Great artists look off their neighbor's paper. chrisleake
Just turned in my calculus test blank what a great start to the day 🤠 Kelso_0_o
Isn't it great when you accidently find a new really good song and it's like a blank canvas. Like what memory is go… karlyshmarly
Wilkos is great for cheap stationary. I got a new, blank, unbranded sketchbook for something like 4 pounds today. I… Chia_TKM
What a great interview we conducted yesterday with an amazing mind who worked on Atari games back in the 80's! It… fultonbot
Raz or Haz? Raz has 2 plum fixtures and is a great captaincy option this GW (that you’d trust). Haz doesn’t blank… ChrisTanFPL
Oh, great @JaidenAnimation help cure us of this blank-faced disease! Spektrymyt
Great thanks to #CFS & #CWFC researchers Tod Ramsfield, Catherine McNalty and Derrek Sidders - always an excellent… RayDarwent
Just came to know @TonyGachoka is the main host of Point blank..watching the Gentlemans agreement...amazing I won't… bonnymwangangi
It won’t get the attention as we piped Them but another wonderful point blank save from Allison for another clean sheet asg_95
Sorry for drawing a blank on the complete history of music, @phlaimeaux. But your mash-up of Beat It/Billie Jean/Grand Designs was great 😂 Prime3k
Left 18/24 questions blank on a midterm worth 25% of my average. So I am now incapable of anything better than a D dingle_tyler
It was in the dark When she opened her eyes And loved the blank sight Of the harmonious and silent Wednesday night… hoomanmuhan
If you reading this i wanna say good morning and have a great day #blank rippbone
god: [creating the concept of food] so then creatures will 'eat'. angel: great idea, boss! so the 'food' gives the… mister_blank
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that amazing #acwri days will be followed by days where you stare at your b… mcegillion
[FILL IN THE BLANK] For a great low rate you can get online... _____________________________________! djKrispyKale
Elliott with a great save on Skinner point blank! Flyers mdtflyers88
A haggard old woman who resembled Madame Zeroni just asked me point blank if I have a big dick at work, so....things have been going great. monstrous_freak
my love for y’all is so great that I might shoot you point blank in the stomach and dump you in a river... Zellaphone
Hate me or love me, no, I don't care, it's the same thing .45 in your face, have a great day *59 be the set, bitch,… puussyboy
we loved ROMA but...but...but CAPERNAUM is the real Foreign Film catergory winner. Point. Blank. Period. LionsandPigeons
The KH fandom used to be a wonderful world of shit posting and ppl yelling "*blank* IS GAY FOR *blank*" or "XEMNAS… KB_Shark
sometimes my mind just draws a blank and then other times i have great ideas 🤔 emilylucilleee
Rashford ➡️ ❓ They’ve all got great fixtures, they don’t blank and 2 are on form. Vardy is punty but he did it las… ChrisTanFPL
Yeah I know how some families felt when their loved ones are sick. You feel helpless because you cant do anything.… moritabiscuit
BLANK BLANK GAMING Is Recruiting For WR & MPBA (XBOX ONE)!! FRESH TEAM (0-0)!! Looking For Some Great Pro AM Player… BLANKBLANKGAMIN
Blank Panther is having a great night TheElMagnifico
Rewatching #PulpFiction for the 1st time in years. Still a great film but when Vincent shoots Marvin in the face th… nubbin00_
Wait during the series did Zuko ever tell Aang that Avatar Roku is his great-grandfather? Despite watching every ep… SwizzleMcDizzle
bs&t was better than fake love, point blank. dxpejimin_
I accidentally pressed ENTER and submitted a blank scholarship application for $1000 so my day’s going great jonnalynnalonso
I saw Blank Panther because it was next in the Marvel line up (and I enjoyed it thanks). I saw BlackKklansmen because Ben Solo in plaid. tseina11
evolution is a great concept it's gonna get rid of all the blank streak snappers raasnabeel
Real life with mental illness: waking up after a wonderful weekend with a brick on my chest, knives in my legs, and… cancerpuff
Any #familyhistory buffs out there who are good at looking for needles in haystacks? Have paternal great grandmothe… easternsparkle
LY in Taiwan was one of my most memorable concert, especially the 1st day. 😊 i really really enjoyed myself even th… ice_crusher
Only Emerick would talk over a great point blank save by Elliott #Flyers peterpuck2112
Openly Straight does a great job of making you think about what you say about others. "Oh the (label) kid." Whateve… MermaidBlue14
If I've ever loved you, I will ALWAYS love you; point, blank, period. I've just learned, throughout the years, that… Heatherwh0
daughter: daddy let's play rock band. my band's name is the twosies. me: holy shit that's a great name for a band… mister_blank
Loved @VespertilioPlay – so well written & acted. Engaging, atmospheric & affecting. Go see it tomorrow @VAULTFestival if you can #bats4ever blank_rabbit
Great day in the Brecks after mist cleared. Fabulous Goshawk views, Woodlark, Hawfinch, Firecrest, Crossbill, Bramb… IanGordon805
Don't create an impression on a person seeing his luxurious car or costly dress. Our great prophets used none of t… Blank_space830
Hello bb😂♥️ @Bhuvan_Bam the 2nd episode of titu talks was lit dude😂😂😝.... That was amazing looking Johnny sins blan… BorahKashyapi
I loved skateboarding. Even the sound a board makes. in the 90s I got a real @PowellPeralta blank. It was blue/gree… Jae_X_16
Amazingly Laughable* ❗ *😷Height of Fashion 👳* Lungi with a zip. *😐Height of Laziness 😪* Asking lift for morni… Babajee98
i'm like in an editing mood rn so it'd be great if you reply to this tweet with the picture you want me to edit (ma… gasterrific
So I may have sent a blank form to the new new doctor's. Embarrassing, but better than somehow failing at PDFs. MikeYarrum
To the suicidal person: you are loved. You are needed. No one can describe the blank anguish you will leave behind.… robin_jbrooks
I love a good joke answer on tests--much better than just leaving it blank. MichialFarmer
I point blank referenced the fucksmith strip from Olaf to a customer and he loved it XDDD Save the ass from foreclo… DragonOfEternal
"In the end, it is much better to have unanswered questions than it is to have unquestioned answers." Wonderful👌🏻 Blank_space830
Damn young guys! You really don't know how to win when you can't help The Great Kyrie make a point blank lay up! ScottieNTCF
My science teacher is great and all but like 3 hours sitting there learning about rocks my mind just goes blank I k… ruddsus
Bea Arthur is trending “beacause” @chrissyteigen tweeted that she loved the name Bea. Now she just needs to “Rue”… MarktingGal
One whole day with an empty blank unmotivated body and mind is very great SajangKuk
You think that a player with no blanks or dgws is better than a player with blank and dgw since in a dgw there's a… Debieky_FPL
Happy birthday @josalw Thank you so much for filling Taylor's blank space and making her do better than she ever h… hariganeshsunde
Currently, using lineage OS 14 on SGH M9I9 and its amazing. The only problem is the screen goes blank/black during… simeoneos
Weight doesn’t make you a great player. If you got that dawg 🐶 or lion in you 🦁 trust me every one will see it on t… jaynarion
ASTRO Rocky and B.A.P Jongup are quite similar: -Both second maknae -Both AMAZING dancers -Both significantly shor… swimmingfairy
I am great, successful, beautiful, strong and powerful. point blank period if you heard otherwise they lyin 2 ya chocsoufflexo
Watched a recap of Fiorentina vs Napoli and the Fiorentina goalie pulled off some *amazing* point-blank saves! Absolute blinders! masaldaan
i have a great drawing idea but i don’t want my first ever drawing of blank to be that experimental why am i like this lunepham
Just had some great speech sounds and Blank Level 3 language practice using #LEGO therapy! #MySLTDay KarenMTherapies
i even had this blank expression better than ever PinkfromblacK
#SDLive Just great blank screen kevasworld
The coolest part of the night? Having a long and great conversation with Falcons owner Arthur Blank. AshleyCRyan2
I have the great ability to leave the last few pages of a sketch book blank and jst start a new one. Is this jst m… toto_hibiki
Black Women Are Better Than White Women. Point Blank. WilliBernardino
Y’all need to stop playing with big bro @AB84 he great point blank and he going to put up numbers where ever he goe… omar_tawara
BLANK BLANK GAMING Is Recruiting For WR & MPBA (XBOX ONE)!! FRESH TEAM (0-0)!! Looking For Some Great Pro AM Player… BLANKBLANKGAMIN

341 Negative

blanks blank was crying and now i feel really terrible and bad once again so i'm crying acnejuice_
i feel bad bc I didn’t message blank, I didn’t message them bc they are with blank and I didn’t want to interrupt it :) bIossomyukhei
I am against leaving voting ballots blank on principle, because thats how the truly terrible candidates win. Not vo… naniwa_tiger
If I’m ever boring its probably cause I’m not in the mood cause one thing I’m not is BORING point blank . samiiiiieeee_
I wanna die so bad but. Maybe it'll be ok. There's anger yk. And that's how you know it's not real suicide. Bc you'… JinChangComedy
Why is forgotten realms so freaking boring I know for a fact I can lose interest in the details of any golarion nat… ArmeniusLaurant
#endgame, as a movie, is bad. It is too erratic, there is too many mistakes and blank, the characters are clearly n… StrngearkTboy
schoolboy Q's album... average, boring, n a downgrade from blank face mariamaanis
Guys. I'm about to do a BAD. THING. Going to fill out a bunch of notes on scenes and LEAVE THEM BLANK TO WRITE LA… ksmerseal
“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” ― Jodi Picoult #WritingCommunity #writerslife #publishing BatoriaYegonPat
Do I waste my money and buy an Instax next month? This KiiPix printed is not as good as it claims to be. Over half… poseraige
If you know my brothers, it’s bad. Point. Blank. Period. keepitjaay
I sucked tonight. Point blank it’s a 1-2-1 night an unacceptable... o_capper
The GONER approaches @BRAINIACMANlAC ,a blank,white stare A horrible sense of dread fills the room BleatingGoner
I am sexually frustrated! Legit! Can I be admitted to the hospital for this? Like it’s bad! I don’t know what TF to… Nycoliee
I saw the "Bad Guy sounds like Plants Vs. Zombies" meme and now i can't unlisten it wtf blank_coconut
I feel so bad for Grayson and the damage he’s probably endured associated with blank like holy fuck rubysavocado
Anyone have any ideas on how to get the terrible, evil cursor on my blank page to stop mocking me and my lack of id… denisemfoster
I am so sick of every Tom, Dick and Harry having some crap to throw at Ayesha Curry for keeping it real with HERSEL… realTLorriene
Yooo it hurt so bad 🥀 blank_juju
Hey @netflix I watched Unbroken & was disappointed that the end of movie slides/story about Louis Zamperini’s life… JessiDailly
Printing on the blank side of already-used paper to avoid waste really does it for me, y'know? Just really hits the spot real nice. thepundemic
I may talk crap or joke in a group text but actually BULLYING someone point blank is NOT my style . YourNiggaFav___
I did a thing today, and I'm proud of myself. Well, "proud" is a strong word. It's more like, "I didn't waste a w… thewritingchris
Epic your fucking horrible you never listen to your community the new shotgun does 125 headshot max peeler point bl… yt_aquas
You don’t look cute talking bad about your ex point blank period the shit messy😂 tommyfrompower
It sucks being an electrical eng. when your bosses are always mechanical. They are very hands off which is good but… hdbagger65
I want to get an away kit BAD but I dont want to buy it blank now and then they become available later...Im trying to get a Rapinoe jersey! STRETCHxistence
I was hurt for about 2 secs then got back to doing what i was doing. We all have opinions some are good some bad. A… KGTV28112152
Ahhh the new shotgun is disappointing 137dmg point blank headshot with the gold variation, hella 33s to the body😊 t… xsbFN
Point blank twitter, I’m really just disappointed in the things I seen someone do out of anger that turned me off i… LordWestley
“I read and walked for miles at night along the beach, writing bad blank verse and searching endlessly for someone… dzgrizzle
Greatly disappointed with the lack of post game in basketball now. Got dudes that dwarf me afraid to bang in the pa… LofiSamurai11
Sometimes - while you're giving me your most pathetic of reasons - I think about your throat, and how bad I want to… RockiesDaddy
Life sucks! Point blank 👏🏾 RNbazin
Kane needs to get a goal. I’m disappointed by him this series. He did get a point blank chance on this power play though. debaldebal
Blank to LJL? Blank to Sengoku? From world champion to LJL... feels bad man KMTLoL7
Due to an active shooter drill (using blank rounds) at work I had to go home. Brought back bad memories of Iraq. When will I get better? I_Killface_I
I really wish I had more people to smoke with it gets boring by yourself sometimes 😂 Blank_aC
It's not even that CrasH Talk is a bad album, but when I'd rather listen to the intro of Blank Face over any track… CuratorCulture
I dont get why we waste so much time still debating abortion. Let women decide if they want a child or not. Point.… RubiLives
Battle of Winterfell Well imagine if in a tense scene during Breaking Bad, a character fires a gun at another char… Colterpotter
Girls that hype you up and all that other crap about how they like you then end up with a different guy a couple da… alanizalbert5
If McConnell wants to set bad precedent re POTUS conduct, then he’s giving the next Dem POTUS a blank check to act… sgsteitler
Idc what anyone fuckin says to me! Smoking hooka around your babies/toddlers/kids is fucking HORRIBLE point blank!… _SMichelleee
Man, poor Blank. I hope he gets his account back soon. RazzberryJelly
It's 1pm and I'm not drunk yet. I'm disappointed lmfao Blank_Emotion_
I'm really good at staring at people with a blank expression for a really long time after they tell a really bad jo… yuki7170
Life sucks then you ______ Fill in the blank KawaiiPudding3
The awkward type-lipped smile as you walk by someone is bad, but a blank stair with no emotion is far, far worse. travorfred
“You can always edit a bad page. But you can’t edit a blank page.” ― Jodi Picoult What page are you writing now?… PisonEditing
Keep wasting my time and imma have my folks come find you ☺️ point blank !🤣🤷🏾‍♀️ diamondalize22
Having the most insanely horrible experience with @Travel_Up Called @airchina directly who told me point blank ther… Gyexley
I don’t get fashion. Just lemme wear shorts and a blank shirt and be boring. TehHakai
i have a blank snapback and 45 bad ideas for velcro patches i can swap onto it according to my mood mopeyface
If you’re not willing to make sacrifices for yourself and your goals; you never wanted it bad enough point blank careless_action
This is terrible!!! We are in trouble...nothing is falling, our bench is non existent and we can't sustain! Lets go… Jburgan2
firestorm is just so bad. like, there’s no reason i should be able to pound 3 shotgun shells point blank into a ma… tmg83421
fill in the blank if _______ was bad for you, I'd be dead by now nachomonster300
Seen the news clip of Nicholas Witchell on. Poor man. Hope he’s ok. His mind seemed to go blank. Mind you, I think… tracey_pr
Yo I did NOT miss the feeling of wanting to draw but staring at a blank page not knowing where to start this shit SUCKS KyberSword
the fact that blank is opening for pm is so disappointing papimuch
My favorite thing to tell str8 women when they talk about their underwhelming dates with men is “dating men sucks,… Zephyrling
I feel so bad for the girl that sat beside me in my exam. The question paper was literally one page. The girl read… moniquedesi
“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” ― Jodi Picoult That's true y'all! So, let's get to w… GShortWriter
Avg Weekend Occupancy At National Multiplexes In % (3-5th May) #AvengersEndgame 39% #Blank 21% #Kalank 38%… cinemarascals
Vektroid's blank disc labels she put on everything? Iconic. Too bad you can't really use them yourself without looking like a nerd. otodusflora
Neither disappointed nor surprised i just went blank but idgaf userfemes
it really sucks when you fw a brodie and then he drop the n word on you thinking just bc the two of you ain’t black… humzasayshi
That was piss poor writing. Hit Rhaegal three times long range yet cant hit Drogon point blank? #GameOfThrones domio1425
Now I know why the movie is called blank super flop movie the director probably figured out Karen kapadia can't act… Salu36929218
Crap I have that song called "resurrection by ..." by Powerwolf stuck in my head again Points for you if you can f… Gew00nBas
i don’t get genuinely mad about much but do not waste my time point blank. metrichailstorm
So this is how it feels. it feels not so good not so bad. The thing is, it’s not there. Unemotionally. Just blank. Dark. anne_zaba
I hope blank changes blank its getting so bad prfectlylost
"blank blank sucks!" LET PEOPLE ENJOY SHIT andersforever
You can always edit a bad page. You can't edit a blank page. Jodi Picoult kimoverride
So people are really paying more that 500 dollars to see a youtuber sing on a blank boring stage and get almost not… larisuh
So I got a new bookshelf today partially because I am terrible at remembering why I left a wall blank and partially… Frosties4life
Hey @RedBubbleHelp your site isn't letting me add stickers to my cart from my PC or on mobile! My poor sewing machi… RubyRaid
I did myself dirty and now I feel bad. SAINT_BLANK
I have zero interest in hobnobbing with a hypocrite. Period, point blank. My realness will not allow me the luxury to waste good time. nicolegillison
The sifi channel is just a blank screen noises cuz all the movies they play are too dark to see anything. But when you can see, it sucks JoePransky
I had a terrible day. #mentalhealth #badday Mills_Blank
Portlandhas 3 bad possessions in a row. 2 by lilly and a missed point blank by mac Not how u win #DENvsPOR saluskin5
“You can edit a bad book but not a blank page.” CityBlackGold
is it bad if i fully blank people and avoid them because being with them has an effect on my imaan? legit i get bel… myname15myname
just finished my real analysis midterm. I felt like I may have done average to bad but when we were passing up pape… interplinternet
Life fucking sucks point blank period👏 Jaclyn73571802
Everyone's loving #Blank except some self styled paid movie critics. Common learn to accept good stuff and not bark about what's bad. dgp_dmb
Someone please explain to me the point of sending blank snap after blank snap ?!? That crap is so boring. Winnie_r0se
“It’s si fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas” - Paul Cezanne rosach99
Y’all smoking dick if you don’t respect cops. I get it there is SOME bad cops but if you assume that about all of t… c_____dog
I'm awake and this was a bad idea I'm COMPLETELY BLANK. marlooxie
“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” - Jodi Picoult. #writerslife AugustCruz7
lil disappointed in crash talk, not gonna lie. Milk toast, I guess. Love Oxymoron, love Blank Face, so this one hur… shermham
I feel bad for all those blank zip drives sitting in junk drawers 😔 pianoplayerjas
Oh poor @RickSantorum ... always wishing shit was different when <fill in the blank> Obama’s people did it. Shut u… jovicat
Due to what just happened to me I’d like to remind everyone that I am really bad at remembering names! I can rememb… sdeoliveira_
Thousands of innocent poor street Dogs posioned shot at point blank in so called islamic Republic of Pakistan. Are these islamic teachings ? ZahidSuharwardy
Ive never handed in a final blank i feel bad for some mfs in these classes lmao zaythegawdd
S/o to the boys who can still keep good conversations going, we need more of you🤷🏼‍♀️ all it is now is blank, boring, fuck off snaps 😬 DariaFraczek
For someone who tweets a lot of shit why am I so bad at talking about my actually feelings ?? I have ppl to talk to… kimsbabyhair
drone's brain is tired too many emotions today @︿@ drone just wants to be blank and empty and not have to think about bad things MilkHorny
Let it be known that if I like your depression/bad mental health/bad news tweets, it’s always a like of support and love. SAINT_BLANK
5 #1 taylor swift hits 1. We are never ever getting back together 2. Shake It Off 3. Blank Space 4. Bad Blood 5. Look what u made me do lightswiftz
my mind is either blank or a horrible mess. there is no in-between. rxgerss_
Point blank we have to get Trump out of the white house. If you think he is bad now just wait and see what happens… mholford2014
I am struggling with this essay so bad lol, I’ve been sitting staring at a blank screen all day 😭 memybpd
life is just “oh my god did you see the trailer for the new [BLANK] movie? It looks so bad!” on repeat now huh justdawaves
Super disappointing when you get to @Wendys and they've "never heard of" an item that is on the menu on their website.... Sarah_Blank
Oh and kak @annarohaforever IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU TOO!!!! Too bad we didn't have enough time to talk 😭😭😭😭 Kakak… missnoyzhee
I didn’t have any expectations for the Q album (not a negative thing) so I’m not disappointed like most people seem… btc_92
#VenezuelaCoup is fake #JuanGuaido would have even studied #albashir ouster from Africa. Thus poor and blank strategy! KintoAbaki5
I ain't stepping to a women that I ain't ready for point blank I ain't wasting Tim's 💯 freddie_knows_
‘’You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” ― Jodi Picoult (quoted in The Writing Co-op).… lknightwriter
Life sucks, enjoy the head. #TuesdayThoughts Point_Blank__
Disappointed in the School Boy Q album. Major let down from “Blank Face LP”. 👎🏽 Djfred1hunnit
Today I heard @joebiden start off his campaign telling Americans how bad how Terrible Things Are. Amnesia Joe has a… mannyv45
So yeah, cue the “Blank sucks now” tweets and comments in my chat. It’s apparently true now? Thanks NRS. You simult… BlankOctober
I have moments where I blank out on friends names. Like I feel hella bad, I do this to everyone though. Like last n… nasenikau
How bad was the weather at Kirkistown at the weekend? Well, the second race was won by a guy in a submarine. I cou… alister667
I think I'm a pretty poor writer but an OK editor. Im poor at spelling and doubt my grammar when I do my initial dr… burtonium78
Im literally dying here at internship I feel so bad im so mad that im not allowed to stay home because of blank? I… perfectlyspidey
Nabokov, after quoting Marx: "I have put it into blank verse so it would be less boring." kentcherny
Am I the only one disappointed that we didn't get see (blank) slay a dragon by themselves. I was ready #GameofThrones DCGil1219
You can tell that I'm in a bad financial situation because I am currently sitting in front of a blank Google Doc I… CommanderRadix
TSwift Using A Word Cloud Generator: BELONG RED ROMEO BAD… jasontraum
im so bad at taking orders whenever anyone starts to tell me to do sth i immediately stop lsning n my head goes blank i jetsetlfie
Shake it off Blank Space Welcome to New York Style Out off the woods New Romantics Bad blood Wildest Dreams Agora… felipe55234090
Fill in the blank: How horrible would it be if you were on a dating site, and it ended up that your perfect match w… johndiscman69
I'm very disappointed to see the zero-cal version of Orange Vanilla Coke in ads but not actually on shelves. ;; The… suzuranwhy
If you haven’t seen all marvel movies and when you go watch endgame the screen will be blank for you don’t waste your money LachyRogers
Ibaka has been HORRIBLE so far. Hit those point blank shots, grab those rebounds and stop fouling....😐😐 ProveEm10
Arthur Blank is a vampire look a like old ass motherfucker. Sucks the blood out of his owned teams. Blood sucking loser ATLBlueJay
Having a bad time with life right now. Trying to find my reason to move forward, or keep my head up or whatever. Bu… hvalenz2013
Bathrooms that have the waste bin right by the door are superior to all bathrooms point blank. If I don't have to t… brightghosts
Poor show @DWSportsStore Coventry .... doors locked at 17:45 opening hours are clearly 18:00 girl point blank refus… nuge68
So are these decorated graduation caps really necessary? I’m really bad at being creative so if I just leave my cap… mastermariayo
A server upgrade went bad tonight when the VM decided to boot from the blank local SSD instead of the network disk… dimfeld
Having a crush on someone sucks... you can sound like a confident ass bitch to your friend but the second the girl… KaylaKayny
If u nuh cuss bad word and buss blank when u watch avengers u nuh rate marvel ❗️❗️❗️ Shemc6
I see I'm part of the majority that thinks School boy Q album not good. Coming off of Blank Face it makes the album even worse. SaviorMonroe
Lindor will get a blank check too bad the owners are complete trash CNem131
JFC are people really arguing about Luke Voit because of his political alliance?!?! A LOT of NYY Twitter SUCKS, po… GODJ2
People really clowning me for saying I was disappointed in CrasH Talk. Did any of you even remotely listen to Oxymoron or Blank Face LP? DepressedPickel
Gettleman, Phil, Isiah and fill in the blank are the Mount Rushmore of terrible New York GMs/presidents? tha_biznesss
Alright so some real internal growth is going from blank space (I’m a serial dater) to I did something bad (I’m all… RachelLeSage
[] 2 years ago my english wasn't this bad, not so influent but at least i didn't need to check out my dictionary or… shxxhanbin96
Fire them all Arthur blank Absolutely horrible C__Hobbs
Another trash and terrible first round pick for @AtlantaFalcons Smh. I’m tired of believing in this incompetent fro… EduKAYted
sorry guys blank mode last night, I feel soooo bad, I’m soooo rude.. WeigumMagdalena
#AfterSeries sucks from its opening line. We're maybe 800 words in and I could not give less of a fuck about… VikVimes
“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” – @jodipicoult In other words, give yourself permis… ebizfacts
This new layout is just fucking facebook. It sucks. Mills_Blank
My hearing is pretty bad so now I find myself just giving blank stares to people instead of just saying I didn’t he… Omi___i
I would rather Kasumi not be a female protag. Protag is a blank slate. Boring by default. No actual character. Not… SALTSTAR_HERO
I hate wasting time thinking what to write on my bio so imma leave it blank _azsoo
I am NOT apart of the Beyhive but I will NOT talk bad about her at all. Point blank beebeeb
i want to do so many things but im blank im boring _sincerelygmg
There's no such thing as a "Bad Life". You may be having a bad moment. At the very worst, a bad day. Appreciate the… Berlin_Vals
there’s nothing quite so terrible as looking at someone who chose to walk out of your life, someone you KNOW, and s… emuhleekaysee
When u flop an open ended straight flush draw.. and blank blank in your all in. I hate to love this sport. jtownbabywhat
You can edit a bad book, but not a blank page milkponds
If the pic of Dames blank stare doesn’t become a meme I’ll be very disappointed The0fficial_TJ
Give Ole a blank cheque book. This is fucking horrible. Pogba arguably the only player with the technical ability t… JackConnorMunr1
Holy crap, everyone ever needs to read chapter 9 "The fear of imperfectability" in Pinkers, The Blank Slate, it's a… Phoenixfirefive
Uncommon Knowledge: Most twitter Gurus and most people in general, think like peasants. Debit is bad Renting is t… Bradjustice14
Ugh. @MLB - get on those devs in Boulder. The Ballpark app SUCKS this year! I don't need to see blank white screens… 3d0g
That Lillard shot was a bad shot. Point blank period Blowbama
You can always edit a bad page. You can't edit a blank page". #WednesdayWisdom ryansmith1984
Paul George went out bad in that post game press conference last night. He caught you slippin point blank period. Give that man his props! sjonesjr365
Happiness = mood + choice. I didn't roll out of bed skipping, smiling, and singing. But I wasn't in a bad mood ei… robertgriker
Writing papers 100 words at a time is still writing. As my wife told me this morning, “You can edit a bad page but… NWCarpenter
the new twitter sucks. Suddenly my screen is blank. Hope4OCT
Lrt the song in the background doesnt sound like last surprise and it kinda Sucks I hope when the song is actually… siriusenochikai
You can edit terrible writing, but you can’t edit a blank page. So grit your teeth, and write the damn story, you can make it better later. oddsalamander
im 14 pages into max frisch's homo faber and it's already so boring that just staring out of the window with a blan… ohtheforeigner
“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” ― Jodi Picoult #quotes #share #quotesoftheday… KAHPublishing
I dont think I've ever seen such bs officiating. If you can honestly say it wasnt bad then you just hating in the t… StephRG17
Style still getting performed 5 years later... bad blood, wildest dreams and blank space couldn't do it timmy_chalamets
I just watched blank die. I am so gutted. Omg why. I know why.....but this so hurts bad! 😫😫😫😫 #AvengersEndgame aquafirewitch
Gimmick account tier list: S: Spongebob Caps A: Cursed Videos B: mp4sihave, pictures in my folder C: Bad *Blank* T… tsukaharaboku
Really hated my last final. It was cumulative which sucks. And all the cumulative material was fill in the blank. True evil andrw127
Bad days require good coffee ☕️ kassie_blank
I just wasted my good gas ... I don’t like to waste my gas on blank trips. 😩😂 LovelyAlecia12
i did something bad is blank space after she hit puberty starryview
Hey @BrevilleUSA - I love your espresso machine but your customer support SUCKS. I just waited on hold for 45 minu… jasonbwallis
wife: [actual quote] dinosaur means 'terrible lizard'?? i'm sure *they* didn't think they were terrible! mister_blank
I wanna be laid up with my girl so bad rn and watch blank ink crew 🤣🤣 wtf did you do to me sensai_china
Listen, you monsters. Pizza is a blank canvas. THERE ARE NO BAD TOPPINGS JUST BAD COOKS. Junebagio
#ColliderMovieTalk with Spielberg bad talking Netflix, and the release of The Irishman, will Netflix intrigue more… Elizabeth_J91
summary of my day: I accidentally printed 136 blank pages of paper no harm but just a serious waste of my time 🤦🏼‍♀️ aplombplum
There once was a Mage Hollowed out a page Sucked the ink right out of his story His future was bright - nothing le… Heyitsmacaila
It’s so easy to complain.. but god I have so much to be grateful for. I’m done wasting time and feelings on toxic p… Vandela2
if u try and shot ur shoot and ur dryy imma curve u dryy yall boring to me point blank PERIOD thedevilshawty
Me an the boss on fish and lent: Me: too bad I can’t have any this year Boss: to have Me: not… katietheemt
Im honestly——— that close to deleting fortnite because of the crappy glitchs blank hit markers and bs finishing shields crap PostboyYt
if cassie don't get her crap together, ill marry you @colton . point blank PaigeLindley_
i’ve typed your name into that blank space so many times its become a bad habit that I don’t wanna bother trying to break joselyn997
When you commit to meleeing the opposing McCree to death because you know your aim (at point blank) is that bad. A… pomtiombo
your friends are supposed to tell you when you’re doing something that’s clearly bad for you. if they stand by idly… j_holt33
I FEEL SO BAD... someone in line noticed me playing pokemon go and saw my buddy pokemon and went "ivysaur! sorry, i… asterixcalibur
Distracting myself from anxiety. Im so nervous for muet today :))))) think im just not good at talking to unknown p… eightscoop
"You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page."- Jodi Picoult UNG_FYC
Point blank and simple do not do business with @allyfinancial I have never been more frustrated and disappointed in… ElleFitzmorris
Lol when someone tries to twist your words to make you look bad and for them to look better 😂pathetic emilia_blank
This is why it's bad policy to pick sides in internal conflicts & provide blank check 'anything goes' support, espe… Bryon592
If someone tries to make you feel bad about yourself because you make less money than them, have less experience, h… FlipMyWeave
Me being so unbothered about life is bad because when my school tries to reprimand me I just... Blank them and this… papillmyon
it literally breaks my heart that i can’t remember certain things. it hurts so bad when i try to remember and just come up blank sydneyshaffer10
Iont need no perfect nor bad bitch. I need a solid mf thru and thru point blank moKICKSdenAliL
being blunt and boring so they blank you>>>>blanking them patrick_wba
I wish #TheFavourite was a shorter film and I did not waste 2 hours of my life to try to get something meaningful o… ilkekelesoglu
spire sure did waste their money on the most expensive charter in nascar history if they are just gonna run a blank… FlaggerVandy
Fucking bullshit poor decisions from klopp in a disgusting game that’s 3 blank draws in 4 games what would we even do without Virgil omds uzair208
Jesus Christ. Another poor blank miss for Salah. Has to score. #LFC LiverpoolRising
I really don't got time to waste on people things that aren't putting positive energy in my life or helping me move… Im_Scrappy_Doo
My exlovers and their Taylor Swift's dedicate song. P- We are never ever getting back together E- Bad Blood M- Wild… JaredCarriz21
Out 9th. Get AA, make it T8K, get 4 callers, flop J95r, go AI for T40K, bs calls with Q9, turns a 9, river blank. FUCK!!! Jillychemung
Rico nastyyyyy a bad bitch. Point blank. yisselitaaa
Kids are working on their first game. They made concept art for good and bad guys, now starting on their first leve… bobbydigitales
I spoil mines....point blank period bad when a fool try to snatch it a police car pulls up she saying I told… blackeyepunch
Hard to believe how poor UConn is shooting today. 1 - 15 on three point shots. Additionally they're missing point… cterrier100
I’m done holding my tongue fr. I need a bad ass bitch who’s gonna hold me down and love me and treat me the way I t… Zack_Tanz
Bad day at the office today: Rashford blank, Sterling blank, Aguero blank, Pogba -4 😭. Thank you Matt Doherty. What… Christo83747973
Obviously in isolation a point away at Spurs is not a bad result. But feels like a loss. So many opportunities to h… NashGunner
don’t sc me if it’s just gonna be a blank ass screen boring mf utuiz
The humans in Battlestar Galactica are so bad at programming. Like, they can create a new species that ends up nuki… AshleyKjonaas
chuck e cheese needs to credit @safiyajn for their bad (blank) science. havin all them frankenpizzas smh pkkasen
If you just send me blank snaps I'll just leave you on read because I'm not about to waste my time yo Reynolds_Becca1
doctor: you've got a pretty bad case of social media influenza. me: omg #blessed #iwokeuplikethis #beautycream… mister_blank
Really want to hear from somebody that got their job stolen by an illegal immigrant, like how bad was your applicat… shags04
Realm Royal. And I thought Fartnite was bad. Holy moly. I need a battle royal game that when you shoot someone poin… AngusGraybush
me: [smoking a joint] i just, like, don't believe in *cages* man. petsmart hiring manager: [rubs temples] this seems like a bad fit. mister_blank
25 minutes later and still a blank page on my phone and TM keeps saying, "our bad...Something went wrong" Well then… Kelsy_Espadas
When I was younger. I lived in a bad neighborhood. A young girl 2 houses down answered the door to a stranger and w… sammiebeary
BREAKING: Horrible reports coming out of #Afghanistan. #Taliban claiming to have shot foreign (US) troops at point-… The_Nation_Hood
I just feel in a really bad mood that I can’t be the person I want to be. I hate every single day that goes by and… Jonthescon2
Can you imagine what the conversation is like at CPAC? How boring do you think they are? How many times do you thin… Benow_
Paying money for a blank tv screen and no internet sucks. @Xfinity wengel1981
perhaps I still blank blank (which is NOT good) and that’s why I’m still hung up on how AWKWARD that was drunkktutton
Time is the only Commodity that we can’t get back so stop wasting it on people who aren’t helping you become a Bett… k_batts26
Ian kissing ass no more... imma just stop fw you... POINT BLANK PERIOD.! Ian proving myself to no one... allat it’s fine and crap is done Crave_my_steeze
Today was just straight up horrible point blank period and at times like this I wish I could just talk and be with… youngandblack47
im a waste of space i should just blank blank. omwmaraa
feel so bad when I send blank snaps or snaps of my wall, not being off with u just feeling extra ugly x Jas__Richards
im a bad artist for the only thing im drawing is a blank!! steppie__
knowing you did shit on a midterm and knowing exactly what you did wrong walking out of it is a bad feeling, I’m no… lexipullen
hope my classics teacher enjoys my ‘why has my brain gone blank, enjoy reading this - it sucks’ note at the back of 12 sides of bullshit x morg4nleigh
Two for today after a poor blank day yesterday #Newcastle 18:15 - Luis Vaz De Torres 14/1 #Kempton 19:00 - Steal… TipsGb
"You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page." ―Jodi Picoult newmanmo94
blank snaps and pictures of nothing are boring, at least lemme see how cute you look 🥴 ItsBraden__
My test anxiety is so bad one of the test questions was “what galaxies did we live in” I went blank 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ 17SophiaO
I hate the pressure of having to talk in the O.R. It’s like, I rarely get noticed and when I do, I blank out so bad. hanzuruh
disappointed to learn of PMO activities w/re to SNC Lavelin via JWR’s testimony. However, she stated that it was in… AmieFudge
"You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page." ―Jodi Picoult #Quote #Wisdom phisaria
“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” ― Jodi Picoult #Orenda anwynwayn
So ended up coming to waste money on paperwork that’s completely emo y but I need a little tiny paper that says tha… NeroKunistired
Today was such a bad day but at least (Please fill in blank). KidFrankieG
Td Bank your online system sucks. Trying for months to set up mobile alerts and get blank screen under that option.… bilbo32
#Isles so this video is horrible point blank... But it's not the 5 fans fault whatsoever... Anyone of us would of… Ungrosj
I’m just that bad bitch point blank. No need to compete with any girl. I’m just that Bitch with my own identity and my own properties. 🗣💅🏼 Jadalyn20
jealousy fucking sucks ass. it gives me this weird empty, dizzy, angry feeling in my chest and makes me so anxious.… sncwymin
We out here calling girls basic Becky’s but why we not calling these blank slate white boys names?! Like boring Bra… NoelleAFranklin
Anybody know how I can redirect my life after being completely blank for about a month? Seriously this is getting bad Callmejuicetin
I try not to waste time on lessons where we don't do anything ( like R.E) so I picked up my sketchbook today and my… Cat_with_a_gun
I can casually talk about my subject for hours (and my poor friends and family have been on the receiving end of it… SalinaCuddy
omg going white header and blank dn i feel like such a bad bitch all i need is a skinny ratio UN1VERSEFACTORY
it rlly sucks when im full of drawing ideas during exams but on the weekend???? Blank. vrgmason
I wanna go back to blank but I hate it bc blank is bad for me 😔 _itselxse
You can edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank page agegaristo
Wasting my time with (Blank) so I can be upset in a couple of months! BongusBoyo
“You can always edit a bad page. You can't edit a blank page.” ― Jodi Picoult spitting FACTS. jelly_mgmt
Worst Taylor Swift songs blank space, bad blood, shake it off. SheetsSteffani
Probably about time for me to admit I've never watched any Alan Partridge 😬 and I still don't watch much terrestria… ThatLyndsey
therapist: now why do you think you're a terrible father? [earlier] daughter: daddy it's *very* windy today. me:… mister_blank
First day back! It’s never as bad as I imagine at 2am 😴 Yr11 mock AQA Lang P1: ALL of my class answered ALL questi… MsBHarrington
[2/3] projects, loyalties, affections, trust, whole careers, real men and women, are sucked into the awful void tha… leyden_colin
Radio: *plays write sins not tragedies, but clean.* "What a shame the poor groom's bride is a -----" "haven't you e… ArtbyAmyK
Democrats: how dare you say bad things about Harry Reid, he’s dying of cancer. Same democrats: (fill in the blank… Phiniaste
The fact that I’m staring at the professor lecture with a blank mind just tells me ... this class is boring fiercetia
A poor workman always blames his tools. Blank_space830
Sorely disappointed that @TheAcademy did not choose to fill in the blank host place with @ThatKevinSmith and… datmixon
I could be wasting an opportunity here but my mind is BLANK so taeminsaboohbah
KK vs AA vs My 99. Flop comes A,3,9 blank blank. Nice run for ya boy. Busted 28th for a min cash. #RunGood #Deepstack @LivePokerRoom CamerinTate
Sucks, but the spinny wheel and blank screen still beats actually watching the Oscars. #CrowderAntiOscarsParty HoserOnTheNFL
I don't see calling the world pure and bright" as that bad a translation of saying the world was blank. It's just m… pinkmegadrill
The Gambler holds a Blank between his fingers. These damn things blow any room full of bullets clean out. Too bad… SetOfDice
It's hard not to look at your peers and feel like you're wasting your life. I sit down at an empty document or sta… Sketch010
I Did Something Bad is the Blank Space of Reputation sckrzfrsmthn
Grindr sucks so bad Like guys here don’t want to use there own face pic.I’m not gonna chat with a blank profile It’s all catfish and creeps! sontanajames
I have this really bad song stuck in my head and I can't fucking figure out what it is but it's just like "I [Idk]… TheMotorWitch
1/2 With poor display from Leicester and Anderson blank im not convinced building a full squad with hits for GW31 i… PrideFC_FPL
I was just exposed so bad loudly singing along to blank space @ the bar tbt to freshman year when 1984 was LIFE shxrxnkxxr
What’s your favorite vegetable? Sounds like a boring question, but for vegans it’s like a blank canvas of possibilities. 🥒🥦🌽🥕🌶🥬🍠🍆🥔 cravingapeace
Is it bad that when my mum has blank over I go off my mum I don’t really like her (blank) ChelsieeMariexo
I draw a blank on that post that's like what's your most on brand story from childhood because me childhood big bad… skeletongod1
Hey Taylor S ..bad algorithm .... always have a little BLANK SPACE in my heart for U 😍😍😍😍 lakshmideepakg
Son that hurts. Need Auba to blank so bad. FPLTools
A bad person shoots you point blank. A good person asks how are you point blank. PetsPetTaxi
1989 eligible songs SIO 10x platinum, Blank Space 9x Platinum, Style 4x Platinum, Bad Blood 6x Platinum, Wildest Dr… amandalovestay
I blank out at horrible times Carrollcide
If i see it as a waste of time... I’m not gonna keep doin it.. point blank period🤷🏻‍♂️ felix_poncho
Josh from Dating Around is like the most boring, flat, blank slate of a man I’ve ever seen omg 😂 who are you I still don’t know! zoeneckar
I don’t speak bad on my Ex ... point, blank, period. CelHend
If you ain't ever seen the movie blank check you're childhood was a complete waste of time😂😂😂 sid_wigley
(blank) Research, development, producing, distributing Vs (blank) Trafficking Why is it bad both ways to some i… D3LVUS
public announcement: my fiance is not boring okay point blank period @travonte_gadson. Your not boring ignore them people Shaniquea20
why does emo twitter worship that one deafheaven song i mean they're not that bad tbh but if i see that bio one mor… gentleambient
How is Microsoft Excel's compression algorithm so bad that I can bring a 50 mb file down to 2 mb by deleting the 100,000 blank lines in it? Justin_Dell
I’m sorry but I don’t feel bad for Jordyn. At all. Don’t mess w/ married men. Point blank period AbbyStarrBuff
Today's #PhD wisdom: you can edit crap writing, but you can't edit a blank page. ManningHutson
Point-Blank Honesty: If your not there to support your RP Partners, Your a terrible RP Partner and a terrible frien… Civic_Prodigy
Dorian’s character annoys me so much he is nice to everyone is is a good guy but he has terrible views on women, he… aliciareadsx
What is this donut obsession culture ppl are into? Donuts are not good point blank periodt corkadork0o8
“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” – Jodi Picoult ThomasDeAngelo5
Boss: *tells terrible joke* Me: hahahahahahah Boss: *blank stare* My anxiety: bitch, you’re getting fired that wasn’t a joke. bubszmom
After last nights blankety blank I've gone over 2.5 goals in both #ChampionsLeague games. Can't have another boring night surely. stegs73
Too bad White Liberals/Dems. Obama is the last Black person that will have a political blank pass issue by Black America! musallc
Well everything is terrible and I hate myself, but I think some wall decor with words on it will fix that! mister_blank
Anyone else notice that the web interface for @wattpad is kind of terrible? Clicks don't work, pages open up blank… mramberg
Nothing more infuriating than being wingmanned point blank when you've domed the poor cunt 6 times with an evo :)))… SkinnnyX
if i dont know what to say i will not respond point blank period why waste our time RubyJadeDiamond
Yoo so my test paper is blank HAHAAHAHHA imma fail bad bad Fadhilput_
We need a bad blood/ blank space mashup jaswift89
y’all. koko has been through some rough crap w tristan. point blank chaneyannnn
Cats are FREAKING TERRIFYING. like Idk if they are in a good mood or in a bad mood. Just those glassy eyeballs jus… RavenheartRyan
“ A bad dream. To the person in the bell jar, blank and stopped as a dead baby, the world itself is a bad dream.… AStateOfGrace11
Lets see how clever u are : A rich man needs_______. A poor man has_______. If u eat_______u die and when u die… ColleagueMwayi1
Is it bad that when i hit a milestone in my life I’m just like ‘Dang I wish,blank was here to celebrate with me?’ elle_baxter02
ok blank is so funny I wanna meet them so bad distantbesson
I want blank to follow me so bad omg distantbesson
You know you did bad on an exam or quiz when you leave the questions blank. 😭 Mselliemejia
blank maps is my weakness every terms. it really sucks. porkbhely
This is the 4th time I got blank LCD again. Kinda sucks I'm unavailable in fast response chats for maybe a couple days lambangakbarrr

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