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Commando 3

Release Date: November 29, 2019

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COMMANDO 3- Might be the best movie of 2019. Fully action packed and a great story... Felt proud while watching...… KHANraf
I saw commando 3 and i think last 30mints scane r wonderful. All India should be watch ds movie because ds movie g… arifayaan71
Absolutely enjoyed watching @adah_sharma as Bhavna Reddy in Commando 3. mangrulkarrohan
Commando 3 Review - Commando 3 is better than War. #Commando3Review PilloTruth
Guys, I just saw the promo of commando 3..... It is AMAZING !!! @VidyutJammwal is truly a hidden golden star, he… Freaking__Boss
One word review of Commando-3: "POWERFUL" Rating: 3.5/5 #Commando3Review #AdityaDatt #VidyutJamwal #AdahSharma… yhmishra

1 Negative

Commando 3 👈👈👈 Indians are strong in movies"commando 3"" and weakest in live like abhinandan But one think is bad,… FaizanI57952987

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