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Megalobox is great, y'all. On another note, it feels great to watch anime besides Dragon Ball again. I still love… OmegaRockman
*Watching Dragon Ball in the URHA Office while doing some work* Chi-Chi: "We're going to have a wonderful future to… marvinjr1129
As much as I love dragon ball and I love fighting games I absolutely hate dragon ball fighterz, it’s great fun and… yungthiccniqqa
Russian world cup gangs documentary on Channel4 there, great insight to how badly fat barry from bolton the 25 sto… garyleach1
Have a very good birthday @Psybee & @Marisha_Ray. May you both have a great rock out today Hobble_Dragon
The white Dragon monster rehab tea is amazing. Really do recommend it. abeMarksman
The first 2 seconds of dragon age awakening r better than the entirety of dragon age inquisition 🤷🏻‍♀️ verchielmarch
Fabulous creative dragon storytelling with @shoorayner at Coleford Library this afternoon, brilliant. @NBarnaville… RidgwayHeather
I beat Dragon Age Origins last night and that game has some really great writing. My first Bioware game and I final… JakeStallion16
Dragon Ball XV was better than DBXV2 no cap 🚫🧢 JuuggyRaw
So, besides great food and drink, space to game, and a real fantasy tavern feel, what would you like to see in the Dragon's Head? DragonsHeadCbus
btw I just watched dance with the dragon all 5 episodes and it's just so so... like any other action flick without great chick in it. suzukiaki99
Naruto is better than dragon ball #changemymind lorenahhhhh
Dragon Ball Super was great till Goku trained with a turtle. GenaSanta13
Naruto so much better than Dragon Ball and it’s not even close LulSwoozy
Can I already give Game of the Year to #GodofWar? I just killed a f**king dragon and it was god damn amazing. TheEJK143
......And his mouth like the mouth of a lion.The dragon gave him his power, his throne, and great authority. And I… jtwolfe003
Cowboy Bebop better than the original dragon ball Dont @ me 2k_Godfather
Streaming Dragon Age Origins has reminded me what a fancinating, twisted, dark, brutal, and amazing world was craft… Tugboet
I started watching dragon ball z from the beginning last week and i forgot how much i loved dragon ball z. karlituhhhh
why is Final Dragon so underrated? It's such a great song and one of my absolute favourites 😭 Taeminnie, please, perform it one day 🙏 MonTae_Replay
15 years ago today, we lost the most beautiful Great Grandmother. Not a day goes by, where I wish I could see you a… Sith_Dragon
Whoever thinks hibachi is better than dragon ya moms a hoe. Lay_Low_Rob
Just finished Dragon Ball Super. Fucking amazing. npeter_
Doing stuff with people is better than stuff from inside? meiko_dragon
Yakuza 6 is retroactively my GOTY 2016. I held my judgment until I got to the end but it's clear. Really enjoyed ho… ryuumitaini
I don't know if I went to Orion, but if I did it was pretty amazing They have human very cool and spiritual with a… PrinceKaguyo
see I've been trying to be tea and incense and peace and blessings but ogres wanna wake the Great Stone Dragon like wtf. xAllHailLaurenx
Rewatching miss kobayashi’s dragon maid!! Tohru is just so goofy and adorable!! Big shoutout to three amazing voice… Draco_410
I look at Dragon ball fighterz the game have amazing graphics and great gameplay value offline when I play online servers keep crashing :( AscendEdge
Kabayashis Dragon Maid is better than Aggressiveredpanda fite me leonthekittycat
#GTLive You're supposed to yell fire because they will look first before running and it's probably better than yelling HOOOOOO Donut_Dragon_
Remember when the Nostalgia Critic said that Red Dragon was better than Manhunter? Never forget SlayerofCis
Dragon Ball Super is great, but my biggest problem with the Goku Black arc is just them explaining stuff that has a… JustANinjaOwl
love how I'm saving over $50 in my cable bill now AND i'm getting much faster internet speeds. spectrum is great. Vomit_Dragon
Enter The Dru With My Boy Sisqo. One Of The Most Emotive Singers Of All Time. #Shout Out Dragon........ AMAZING A L… Atamata_chris
Yup. Great. Off the anti-inflams and onto a steroid pack. And scheduling an MRI. And no I’m not claustrophobic. And… PohnersAD
I need to look forward to making it was worth, but hey, and that they never ported this amazing game to PS4... meiko_dragon
Note: for all of my friends and loved ones. When I cross over, don't do anything extravagant. No doves, or sad song… JayOmarie
#TeacherAppreciationDay is a great time to remember all of those teachers who have made an impact on your life. I’m… NSchetzel
That movie Red Dragon is a frckn must watch!!! jaylene_nicolee
Impressed with #RAGINGJUSTICE so far,just made it through the 4 level. Congrats on making and designing a great gam… Simapp
Finally got around to finishing New Mystery of the Emblem. Def think it would've done a lot better than Shadow Dra… Gabe_Zune1
Really hate it when a great dragon opens a fight with thundaga so he knocks off one or more of my team and my entir… ChatteringSkull
Great stream tonight, finished the Water Temple and gathered a couple more masks! Hope to see you all tomorrow for… Arborial_dragon
The @Capitals salted the dragon finally! @penguins great run by the pens for the last 2 years!! Well deserved rest CanuckNationBC
dragon engine daigo is amazing too bad he's in the game for 3 minutes _damegi
The dragon has been slayed .. great run @penguins. Good luck @Capitals. My eyes will be on @GoldenKnights for the remainder of the war TheeCoDi
The curse is over Caps finally slay the dragon, what a great series. #CapsPens Mertz1213
Wow, what a win for the @Capitals. They finally slay the dragon by beating the Penguins. Should be a great matchup… Jesse_Andreozzi
God, are we lucky to have such amazing people involved in Dragon Ball, or what? Having met several of them at this… annelovesspam
One dragon slain. Now to get through two teams who are actually better than Washington. No biggie. deepfriar
Had a great Events Committee meeting! We have such wonderful folks in this organization for the Cary Downtown Farme… Wasclywabit
Well, despite my depression and suicidal tendencies (Which, a great big thanks to Jimmi and Riya for helping me w… DaddyYamori
I've had Best Friends on repeat for the last month and I'm still not tired of it DAMN Little Dragon's next album is going to be amazing 😭 WackaDomJames
Picked up Wonderboy and the Dragon’s Trap for switch and Shadow of the Collosus ps4 for $25 each at We Be Toys. Wonderboy is amazing. Jim_Partin
Wow!!! above the Burger King st John's street Cardiff lock away from public view is the most amazing lounge when B… maxiplus1
God of War is a great game and all. But has some flaws. The mid-bosses are all the same Orc or Stone Monster every… TorohRain
Dragon's blood is a powerful, powerful thing. In the wrong hands, it can be a tool of great evil. TrebleJackdaws
Had a great stream today, thank you so much to everyone who came and watched! The rest of the week will be dragon a… Lord_Reigos
I was tired & took an extended weekend to go to down to my vacation home in Jacksonville, FL🌞 It was great! Until I… HenritheDragon
Just noticed hiromu and dragon lee are also in the same block so that should be great to see as always ThatPeruvian23
i need to draw this dragon i had a dream about before i forget her it was one of my HTTYD dreams and it rocked skyantelope
Oh also, my new red dragon keyboard is wayyyy better than my old logitech with the sticky space bar Its only 30ish… Bkn_OOT
Hey Happy #TeacherAppreciationWeek ! I've had some amazing teachers in my life that helped push me to be better and… Nenekiri_Dragon
Remembering childhood shows which in turn is making me become a kid again and its amazing. The ones I am rememberin… Sammi9707
Sighs big enough that they never ported this amazing game to PS4... meiko_dragon
Happy birthday to the dragon. Hope it’s a great day @Goran_Dragic 🎂 sethneal1018
Great now I wanna watch The Crow, and Enter The Dragon MumblingMofo
Bruh really miss kameha con already had a blast with all the dragon ball family great to be part of it 🙌🏻😍😍 #KamehaCon SYKO_Squad10
Watching @Theresacaputo before bed💕💫 Truly amazing what she does! marii_dragon
"NO!!! wouldn't it be great if I had a dragon dick?" STOP IT. IAm_KingDial
#ImProudOfMyselfBecause I'm a great and mighty dragon. Northern_Drake
Finally gonna give in and give anime another chance, going to try dragon ball first because i loved dbza scwhite8663
Dragon Age II was hell lot faster than DA: Origins. But I enjoyed it. maengune
Also @KamehaCon was fucking AMAZING, anyone who is a big Dragon Ball fan should totally consider coming next year.… dbzfreak2
When great crossovers become reality: "She has a dragon." YAAASSSS KWEEN #WestworldSeason2 #HBO noellish
Dragon Gate was a great watch this morning. Now it’s time to watch @ProWrestlingEVE’s #WrestleQueendom! xJohnNeave
LRT loved that. That old Dragon shit. NorthofMars
Great stream tonight!. Made a lot of progress in #GodOfWar, we killed a huge dragon! I'll post some highlight screenshots later. LokiStrike
Ether - a size queen. So then . . . . . . . with his loved one being . . a dragon in disguise, if he morphs while… arachnxphiliac
Looking at video games that turn 20 this year and holy crap... 1998 was an amazing year! Ocarina of Time, Metal Gea… sirhempanite89
Dragon Gate has some great wrestlers. The stuff they do is so crisp and they don’t miss a step. There is a lot of… ligerxbomb
The Dragon fights in God of War are 100000000x better than anything that happened in Skyrim Thunderbro_
Will I ever be happy? Will I ever be loved? Will I give up on life and move to a different country? The answers to… JailenePerez33
Loved episode 6:19 of @CW_Arrow "The Dragon" i don't think anyone but @kirkacevedo could pull off that episode and… CraigDrake19
Happy late birthday to @Dragon_gates18 and happy birthday to @Derpybearr!!! A couple of great streamers that I enjoy watching. Toasty_GBG
It was a fitting and fabulous way to end the Zenithia trilogy of Dragon Quest games and like IV and V I would have… CerezoMask
Finished Dragon Quest VI and it was a wonderful game to play. The Dream world aspect I wasn't fond of at first but… CerezoMask
I had an amazing dream last night that I had a lizard dragon thing and named him mushu and he spoke English and was the cutest thing😫🤗 CheyenneLiane
Dragon Kid vs. Yosuke Santa Maria for the Open the Brave Gate Championship should be great. #DragonGate #DeadOrAlive2018 xJohnNeave
Catching up on @CW_Arrow and I have to say Diaz the dragon 🐉 should have been the villain from the beginning he’s amazing!! #arrow Dolor9X
To @KamehaCon As a LONG time Dragon Ball fan I would like to THANK Y'ALL on the Cob. I had a wonderful time. Also t… xSSJ4AceIcemanx
Streaming Spyro the Dragon on Twitch right now , some support be great folks come and join us and we would like you… GladNashProd
Dragon Gate is so great. The last 3 matches of the show were all fantastic. Very hyped for King of Gate and curious… BlodN
I made a great dragon compound once or twice in my life, and got great opinion of the texture of the mix that has h… Brucewayne0070
Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee. Little Jackie Paper loved that rascal p jave_engbot
Wow, and that they never ported this amazing game to PS4... meiko_dragon
Sword art online is deep and the best anime I’ve watched. Better than Dragon ball and it’s only 50 episodes Cg534Cristian
Thanks to everyone that who covered so sue and I could do the Welsh National rally perfect weather great day platin… FocusRiderTrain
Dragon Ball Z Kai was good, but it just became great based on the Trunks/Goku interaction. RatMan_Returns
Dragon Age Origins is a great game, with six unique character origins to play through and several endings to discov… tribbleboy29
Outstanding performance today nice to shut the door early on great to score 34 points against the storm and great d… Redvforlife
Why is Melbourne's nickname is just the singular @storm? Surely multiple storms are better than one. They're playi… ProgRugbyLeague
Dragon Ball Super is great! Dragon Ball Gt is good Power Rangers is not evil. both Pokemon and Digimon fan; both Ma… DJKazumaMartine
Happy birthday @stephenjerzak!!!! My dragon ball Z buddy!! Hope you’re having a great day! ✨ insydiousss
When dragon's are 7-1 and still can't sell out Kogarah on a Sunday Arvo with amazing weather joshpera
Maracuyá IPA by Horse & Dragon Brewing Company found at Freshcraft. Superb. DenverBeerAlert
Been rewatching Dragon Ball Z lately and I totally forgot how amazing it is. Takes me back to the good old days. alex_vicuna
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: #BlameNotGodForPoverty Munar_Lo
Saw Infinity War. Much better than the last 2 Avengers movies. Time to pull a Dragon Ball Z and bring tons of ppl back in the 4th movie. sf1nley
Revelations 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth… brysteedeye
Dragon Ball Z's hand drawn style is so much better than Super's digital style. I love hand drawn animation in gener… Proto1610
Wow what a great night streaming last night was a great way to end my birthday big shout out to @archonaut thanks s… Dragon_gates18
why do not you put the option of hatching the dragon's egg and riding it to fly through the great open world doracms
The dragon in Shrek is just a victim in the situation, she just wants to be loved Say__les
Whis and Beerus panel was also great. So much good information. Tremendous people voicing these characters. #KamehaCon Dragon_Baller_Z
dragon age inquisition had a lot of faults but its still a game i rly enjoyed playing! i especially love my wives s… sweetlyfemme
sorry for spamming you all with other people's #gymleadersona pics but they're ALL AMAZING rambling_dragon
so I just realized how amazing of a multi hit build I can do with breaching shots on battle tech and how i been misusing my dragon Sargefan19
Finished Dragon Road by @JosephBrassey last night. I loved every second of it! I wish I had even a fraction of Aime… kiconnor
......So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole wor… jtwolfe003
its great working on music with @b_vizzles . i feel the dragon energy from him when we get in the room. its all a p… StimYuLus
Who puts pictures or symbols of dragon in our land what is that meaning. Read Revelations. Great people of Zimbab… Chimedzane
It is so relaxing to play dragon quest builders and just slowly build and listen to the great music. JonesyGirl_41
the witcher is already better than dragon age on account of the fact that they dont pussy out over drugs bloodyanora
To any nerds out there. Please tell me i'm not the only one who LOVED Dinosaur King to the point of getting the ope… Soleil_Dragon
Great stream tonight. Getting more used to Crimson Dragon and enjoying it more! Remember, I wont be back streaming… Koga_Jangles
Who knew wine would be good with cheese? Who knew hot sauce would be so great with chicken? Who knew peanut butter… brelanealy
If Netflix or Hulu could get Dragon Ball Z that would be great Samlamach
We're watching planet Earth II, islands (the komodo dragon fight sequence) Mandy's bf: it's amazing these are the c… raychillen_
"I loved you from the first time I decided to sleep next to you in your little cave. You was a scary little dragon… thefreeclouds
Finally watched red dragon. It was amazing SnickerzBites
Read Red Dragon. Loved it. Took me forever to start the second Hannibal book “silence of the lambs.” It’s just as good. LoveKobenotgay
Whoever did the How to Train your Dragon soundtrack, seems like a guy with a great last name. 5quawkward
Wow. The first Fairy Fencer F DJP has 2 clicks already. So far, it's done better than the others. Let's see how the watch time goes. Lol Dragon_Donut
Dragon age series is worlds better than Witcher series! Salt incoming in 3,2,1...... #dragonage #TheWitcher NiLbog_M
Tips for tomorrow are on the site. Stuck to the NAP and Daily Double for tomorrow as quality of games isn’t great.… dragon_tips
Beds are great for killing the ender-dragon JaykeBird
The Amazing World of Gumball taking the theme of Dragon Ball Z, is the producer a fan? 😂💕 depressedlosser
that Rock The Dragon opening theme song from the English dub of Dragon Ball Z was not great. ReturnOfTheRicc
Can’t fw you if you only watch naruto and Dragon ball (I’m a huge fan of both) there’s so many great anime’s out i… Daryll__W
It captures what made Halo great back in 2001, which was 50% amazing and 50% me putting my fork in my mouth & a little plastic dragon. Quinns108ebooks
God of war gets better with every second you play. It's unreal. Tonight I randomly stumbled upon a dragon. It's legit so amazing. #GodOfWar Aerial_Fox
If you honestly believe Dragon Ball Z is better than Naruto ya moms a hoe. Adderall_Angel
I have to send a special thanks out to Kadin Anthony, Laydee Vayne, and Vintage Dragon, for an amazing series of ri… Lill__Minx
Two great songs to help you through #NF - Fight Song and I'm a survivor. Powerful songs, to help you through the da… Sith_Dragon
So. Ye's breakdown was caused by him getting a lipo-surgery instead of working out, like only his wonderful wife wo… s1n3ng
Its a shame that the beowulf movie had such a great cast and score but a god awful fucking plot. Who's fucking idea… 56percentslav
So the stars are saying to bewarned of a great dragon ere long? But the dragon you spoke of in such concern is dead... PDylorn
Somehow, I had a feeling Joey Janela was going to get himself a match with Ultimo Dragon. Should be great! WRyneHall
seeing all of these wonderful dragon designs in the new god of war take me back to when i thought i was dragonkin a… HAMBURRIT0
Amazing series! I haven't laughed like that in a long time. Really glad I took the time to see what all the hype wa… Nenekiri_Dragon
The Dragon Ball super manga is 1000x better than the show RolanVelasquez
This new Dragon Ball movie is about be 10x’s better than Infinity War drummaperk74
Oh NO the closet cosplay story with @snackbagans from momo 2014 the first time I knew I loved Amanda with my whole… pancakepaladin
dragon 🐉 energy Natural born leaders Very instinctive Great foresight Mensurholic
Infinity War was fucking great Vomit_Dragon
With the overnight MLB treble I’m feeling really confident about tomorrow. Found some great looking bets for us. S… dragon_tips
Not great but profit is profit and I’d rather that than a loss. Research on-going for tomorrow’s tips. Good night all. #DragonTips dragon_tips
Like 90% of what I've been listening to this year is just Little Dragon and I think that's great inacave
Bayern take the lead 1-0 through Kimmich. Great news for most of our bets on that game BUT the accumulator needs R… dragon_tips
A great philosopher once said: We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. ExplosionFreak
At times, I hope everyone is doing great~ meiko_dragon
i wish people stop using the word 'slay' to mean "did very well" or to mean "amazing" You slay a beast or a drago… BREAKlTDOWN
If BJP reaches out to Dragon, it is hailes as great diplomacy.But Nehru did the same in 1962,it is surrender. vedulasimham
Even though I've only played the demo Dragon Quest Builders is a great game. King__Kazoo
Just watched @AnthonyHopkins in Red Dragon for the first time (gasps) I know, I know lol i loved it! Mr Hopkins is… NicoleC2549
My Sieg is max-level, max-fou and 5/5/5 Time to farm dragon fangs. Keyne_
On the way home after 4 great days of RPG in the middle of nowhere. Treasure found. Dragon killed. Not blown away b… mittnacht
LOVED #InfinityWar and now I can surf the net without fear of more spoilers. Dragon_Snacks
"The lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? No. You're a dragon. Be a dragon." -The great fucking Queen Olenna Tyrell. #GameofThrones ohitsjustCorina
Enter the dragon 🐉 #brucelee has some great insights before the movie credit intro started😍 honeytwiti
Hi, @jeffgoode I have some serious concerns and questions about American Dragon:Jake long. If you could get back to me that would be great. TheGreenArrows
Forgot how amazing it is to belt out the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack. Baz Luhrmann, please make another sweeping musica… kendra2828
//Small clap at that landing!// Haha, but keep up the great work! Peachy_Dragon
//She cheers them on!!// You're doing great! Don't get to hasty now!! Peachy_Dragon
I have a final today so If everyone could please send dragon energy vibes my way that would be great 👍🏼 H_meezy
good afternoon. donkey and dragon's babies are named debbie, coco, bananas, peanut, parfait, and eclair. have a great day MedorsMara
Sandwich, pineapple and dragon fruit for my late lunch sounds pretty amazing to me 😍 xelishabeex
Just finished infinity war, that was a badass movie, loved it. Knight_Dragon_
Just finished #Yakuza6 no spoilers but that ending made me cry. That was one hell of a game and one great ride! Tha… peopleihate10
My Hero Academia is so elite. Shoutout to @FUNimation for providing a Simulcast with a great dub. FUNimationNOW is… GiorgosNicolaou
Great to catch up with Liza & Ian from @PeelLivWaters this morning who have chosen @ClaireHouse as their 2018 chari… BethPochinCH
Now Trump is using @kanyewest for his political agenda. Great I guess that dragon blood is working. I remember the… ruffryderitalia
blue dragon is another great anime thempaws
It was fun hanging out with you. I loved the 2B cosplay. Have a good night and enjoy your day off. See you Tuesday night. @Yandreaya Dragon_Zord92
Got addicted to #NetHack pretty recently, had a great game where I cleared Sokoban and Mine's End, had a wand of po… Kriptini
It was fun hanging out with you both and finishing the game. Talk about a crazy ending. I hope you enjoyed it as mu… Dragon_Zord92
Red Dragon: Another great crime thriller FilmRSchulz
I mean, I’ve always loved HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON but this was the first time Ive watched it fully weeping and tho… debbie_zhou
Le sigh, great nap, shame it will make having a normal nights rest impossible before work tomorrow lol. Alright, ca… Arborial_dragon
winnipeg nashville is some great hockey right now flip_dragon
Episode 131 of Dragon ball sup was just amazing captaintaco234
......And another sign appeared in heaven, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven d… jtwolfe003
Dude #GodOfWar is amazing. I just slayed a dragon and it was tense as FUCK. bribri_an
Dragon Age Inquisition is a lot better than I remember it being, though 2 is still my favorite. One thing I really… ShadowlordK
My 2017 book backlog is down by one: finished River of Teeth and enjoyed ever word. Hungry, hungry hippos are def the new dragon. CSRosbak
#QAnon Revelatio8 but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them[a] in heaven any longer. 9 So the great… donf2528
//Gently touches the pillars, really is something amazing. How can this be all the way down here?// Peachy_Dragon
So I will probably get to churning out that silly little dragon + kobold tale and who how great kobolds are as serv… VoreanKobold
OG Dragon Ball is so fucking amazing. I’m on episode 5 and it’s already a 10/10... We didn’t even meet more side ch… j0sephawt
keep up the great work fiery dragon bring world peace that what mark want ArnoldJorda
I'm confused as to why I dreamt I was Dragon mama but it's better than the generic nightmares. IDLECRYPTID
Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee. Little Jackie Paper loved that rascal p jave_engbot
Dragon ball is amazing claudmonday
Here's to alle the Pokewarriors that follow their dreams even in this amazing game to PS4... meiko_dragon
PUBG is a great game but Fortnite out here breaking numbers! Guys be like I can play cause the cartoon graphics but… sinisterx2pwns
Man, I’m just sad because I enjoyed Dragon Ball way more when Piccolo and Krillin and the rest of the gang were mor… cowanado
#JudgeJeanine superb opening statement. Great dragon energy as always enriqueryan55y1
From the Dog House: Boom Boom Bing..What a great rally in Michigan tonight. Come on Republicans have some Dragon Fi… Doggrip1
Omg it'd be amazing if the dragon's win this Reisetal
It’s a great day to be a Dragon @DamonSturge9 ! Work hard and prove em right! mtolzy
Dragon Energy! Great Rally Michigan. Best President Ever President Trump. Eternity1957
I finished reading Dragon Ball a few days ago and it was really good. The art and humor in it is great, I highly recommend that you read it TheFishOfficial
The dragon fight in God of War is like 😍😍😍 amazing meganannehunter
Congratulations to Hunter Bradley for being drafted by Green Bay. It's a great day to be a Dragon @GoDragonsGo_ MrPScienceClass
me: *in class and gets three dragon scales in one play* MMMMM YES friend: at this point i assume thats amazing so good job mahirunozanzou
Oh my god guys. What an amazing stream. Thank you so much <3 . We beat both The Longest Journey and Dragon's Lair t… DecemberMagpie

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I still want a bull/minotaur and dragon character soooo freakin bad. But I'm also really picky so it's like HHHHHHH… razzydazzys
“They might well be good men, but they’ve been given bad orders” -Hawke, Dragon Age Inquisition kmccart03
every time someone picks dragon night in bandori i want to dc so bad ryujekongs
this gigantic dragon didnt even get a chance to attack i feel bad Frailnaught
horny for my vampire designer spider redesigning cat as dragon but i'm poor and sad so it isnt happening BoujeeCat
#DEN sounds like something that belongs in How to Train Your Dragon not that that’s a bad thing 😆 #Eurovision #Eurovision2018 BekkiJodi
STORY WARNING!!! *WARNING* Arc 2 gets really dark and I do some terrible things to certain characters so this is… IwBoy3021
Sucks he's so far away for a product if I like the name of a hockey playing dragon? DrunkDragonBot
people rag on skyward sword for its motion controls, but honestly they're not as bad as people make them out to be.… enemy5_75_18
The bad news: I just lost my job today. Something about the contract ”going in a different direction”. The good ne… PixlJA
Do you think the guys who dubbed Dragon Ball Z got wicked bad sore throats? themossman58
Hey, @gabrielenguard, that bit about modern brawlers being boring hit right on for me. Are there any you'd recomme… Lodum
Good idea i just had Au ra dragoon named Bad Dragon lshgardian
A good blacksmith would've used the Dragon Scales for armor and the Dragon Tooth for a sword I'm disappointed at S… Baste0908
Not bad but still too short. Dragon Ball Super Episode: konbini_ebooks
Okay online has been terrible but I watched two Dragon Gate shows today and they were both awesome. DG rules. labor_lariat
Dragon Ball GT has some really good ideas, but every execution is just so terrible. Nikolai03
A poor day yesterday, got some wins but also some losses. Don’t seem to be able to get a break at the moment. #BackToTheDrawingBoard dragon_tips
i dont know if i wanna go to the bad dragon anniversary party or sunday at blfc...... bonnejardin
The dragon was really a big, bad bitch with her own shit and she fell for a short chatty nigga like Donkey. This movie yo kissmybehines
Holy shit my neighbor's got a Bad Dragon sticker on their car I'm screaming SheriffOrion
Another story of the new dragon flashed! It is a bad habit to shout loudly when it blinks, to surprise the surroundings😁 SandF12
Also Rage was one of the most boring games I’ve ever played Vomit_Dragon
Agree it's bad to share bad takes, yet I was inspired to write film reviews for my college paper in the 1st place b… Cinedaze
Bought a bad dragon last night rip wallet it's ok tho atticuspanda
"Such a boring and dull day....." -the tall dragon was laying lazily atop a large flat rock teetering on the edge o… WizardRendex
"There's a worm on the deep sea floor and it looks like a Dragon Dildo from Bad Dragon." How –. Ozzy –. How do you know about that –. PROPHETAMIUM
Seeing @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 28 times, give or take. Has not prepared me for Reputation tour. HOLY CRAP. T… lanaya_nay
Discovering someone's telegram account talking about achieving dreams and stuff. Lol bro you waste all your time on… legendofkari
Oh god I just heard about bad dragon on the radio IRL 0////0 #baddragon DaFloff
It was nice to hang out with you for a little while. That sucks that your internet died. Have a good night and I'll… Dragon_Zord92
lrt bad dragon dot com protomordred
Heavensward was bad because from the second I stepped foot in Ishgard I wanted to fuck a dragon and burn down the city FatGayDragon
First Dragon Quest II thought of the night: the music in this game is crap. Pretty sure it's because I'm playing th… Video_Game_King
Had a dream that someone was informing me that the white dragon is bad luck. Idk wtf that’s supposed to mean but ap… sean_drisc
NO. Bad dragon. (Lightly whaps his tail.) crimsonstitched
tuco ate my origami dragon which is Vrry very bad tiiiiiiiits
I feel like if you have experience making creative smoking bowls, you would have a much easier time working at bad dragon ThorAxle
Does anyone else feel kind of bad for the lady dragon at the castle who’s just looking for love? #Shrek kmhart4
Alas, I am but a poor princess trapped in a tower guarded by a fierce dragon. Where's my dame in shining armor to s… titstanium
Legendary dragon retrains a summary: Darkness Metal - bad Trish - bad JD - Bad CED - okay Dark Armed - meh TamamoSupport
i forgot i have a bad dragon sticker do i put it on my laptop or what nyakimblee
So the grind in dragon ball legends isn't that bad I guess doesn't seem hard to a character to level 300 and my pik… snowwolf1103_
Mr Freedom was weird. One of bad guys was a massive inflatable Chinese dragon in a Paris subway. It’s pretty funny… Thatgingerbird
Dragon's Crown Pro Review (PS4) | Hey Poor Player... MaverickRainero
lrt i cant believe my man keegan spent $200 on a bad dragon horse dildo as a “funny meme xd” gift to hannah but loo… scheisse_bandit
Man sucks dragon age crashed on me 2 time in 3 hours dont know if i will be able to stream the game sadly DC123427
"Green dragon? Isn't that a sex toy?" "No that's Bad dragon" hammyhoe420
The only anime Gege will watch is Dragon Ball Z and One Punch Man. Anything else is utterly boring to her lol 😂 beansanweenies
fUCK i want to play dragon quest 11 SO BAD Tshngo
Now thinking about a clockwork dragon. Actually. Bad idea! VERY BAD IDEA! FatherOfMystery
I wanna ride my bad dragon toy really bad but at the same time I'm to lazy to get up and get it T.T the struggle of… FurryCockSlut
Dragon Kirishima on stage. I would love to do. But at which convention? Everywhere os DCM, but for that it's not good enough. Chimeji
Nice to see the Caps slay their dragon. Just too bad they're gonna get stomped by Tampa. TheRealTambo
i need a bad dragon dildo so much wow babyjeonggukkie
I don’t want a repeat of the girl with the dragon tattoo. I wanted a sequel for that film so bad but never got one 😩 Lud_pie
Well, I accidentally encountered a Dragon Quest XI spoiler. But it's not a bad one! I'm actually kind of excited about it? therealmonsoon
Impressions: -Fusion Trishula is disappointing despite being generic. -Link Darkness Metal and Xyz Dark Armed is ga… GENSOUFGO
Is it bad that I was the most excited by Misty Knight's presence in that Luke Cage trailer? (Fingers crossed for a… splashthatcat
I hate that im terrible at dragon ball 😔 geyyron
Unpopular opinion, dragon ball is fuckin boring. DaynaPopdan
I watched red dragon for the first time the other day and was simultaneously entertained and disappointed, I dont k… KoshiryokuBeam
Is coming the moment my friend when you have the power for only one last battle and a little love. Don't waste the… tondy67
Blue-eyes chaos dragon’s effect isn’t even bad. It’s only bad by virtue of it being a ritual monster that forces th… TamamoSupport
i couldn’t sleep last night so instead i looked at dragon age stuff on tumblr and got mad about people’s bad opinio… ladylavelIan
Windex is bad to breath in, right? This purple dragon says it’s fine but I don’t trust him. MechaBluko
I hope I make enough money this weekend to satisfy my thirst with a purchase from Bad Dragon HoboAndJam
I honestly didn’t want this to happen, but Dragon Ball FighterZ really sucks lmao. It just looks pretty and that’s… Im_Zaouik
dragon ball sucks tobit69
Bad Dragon Brand Guns. WorldBrothers42
Shout out to the dude with the Bad Dragon backpack at my university. You also went to my community college, glad yo… KawaiiMoshPit
When my sister is in a bad mood we all refer to her as “the red dragon” and avoid eye contact. I wonder if she knows? 🤔 __madisonrl
I remember watching Dragon Ball Super from episode 1 to 131 in one day. The ads sucked but whatever. It was nice to… SilverLight2Evr
YuGiOh writer: and then after they equip the dragon with glass slippers, they get vored by the big bad wolf Auxyranny
I fr just want to shoutout my followers, haven't really talked to most of them(my bad) I got the matter in me, you… ItsFaDeDLive
Fortune tellers aren’t lying when they said 2018 is a bad year for dragon babies 😐 yanxuannn
Drag on! Dragon...... Sorry for my bad jokes :( Nyarlathoteptia
THIS PIECE IF SHIT JUST STOLE MY DRAGON SOUL WHAT THE HELL!!! i’m so angry, im so bad at killing dragons but i did… ItsJoPeace
Bad Dragon Age-themed sitcom jokes that come to me at quarter past 12 in the morning when I should be doing somethi… 93418
I quit @Twitter 5 hours ago. Now I find myself chasing the dragon again. It's got me bad. What a miserable, weak, p… blindrhysling
Dragon Quest VII started off with 20 hours of semi-interesting/semi-boring content and then BOOM gives you two good… DerekRRose
its about time i invest in bad dragon on the stock market! MeshTheJester
Is Dragon Nest mobile the same boring grind-fest as the pc version? uncledomz
Is it bad that I want to buy the biggest dildo bad Dragon has just to shock people with? Dragonogon
Glad to see Armistice back on #Westworld She was my favorite character in season 1 because how Bad Ass she is. And… The_Georgester
I cant help it. I always flip out when a customer points out they know about bad dragon when they see my lanyard. <3 EraAngelus
So I saw a pic earlier of a drink someone dubbed "Dragon Cum"...surprisingly not that bad considering it's Fireball and coffee creamer. DoctorBarkanine
Watching the Arc-V dub finale - man do I want Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon so bad WarriorTherad
ive activated my anti bad time contingency plan, which means i am finally playing dragon age inquisition TheStonePilot
This girl at work is apparently a furry artist im pulling out the bad dragon lanyard that lives under my shirt LOL talewhole
Was playing Dragon's Dogma Online with @MilesThestia all morning, and the poor thing was so sleepy that he ran into… CLunarus
I'm very disappointed in Dragon's Crown Pro not having any new content. I really wanted it to include Cleric and Th… Zasne_II
Don’t waste my dragon energy today. JeremiahWaani
Hey Mike! For Dragon age. The story line quests are good, but if you don't like fetch quests then hooo boy. I have some bad news for you ZoeyLuminary
7th dragon is now on sale I'll be back in a few hours unless it's a terrible game bsutuan
i love dragon age but the writing is so BAD hanzotiddy
The sad kingdom hearts bad man picture and the dragon age Inquisition sad au picture are both getting reblogged aga… revanche
Won a dragon ball super tournament today. :) Still have no clue what cards are good and bad haha JacobSparks91
I googled Dragon Blade and was not disappointed PrivateIslandCM
late night drunk dbfz rambling: the easiest way to decide whether a team is bad or good in dbfz imo is simple can y… GetterChrist
hey twitter is there anyone other than Bad Dragon that make animalistic cock sheaths? rora_aura
Letang is purely to blame on both key goals against this period, absolutely retardly bad blown coverage and the cra… MadDomoKun
A cyborg dragon, Teslaquila, a (not a) flamethrower and candy .. it’s not a bad zombie survival kit @elonmusk ally_kearney
I want a bearded dragon so bad //: giZzlexx
i didnt realise how hard julia hits dragon units i might start running her in arena as a tank even tho she sucks ba… anqelbun
One of these days hump is just gonna buy a bad dragon _arondight
Years ago I read a fantasy novel in which a fire breathing dragon was chained under a castle as waste disposal. It… whatsthat
Anybody know any good games that involve destroying the crap out of everything? I currently have my eye on F.E.A.R.… RoberOnocle
Kids and just tried Dragon Fruit for the first time. Not bad. RyanAdamDavis
Happy birthday @danb195 and FYI dragon ball super sucks and I’m glad it’s over ChelseaZube
I am so bad at PC games it's ridiculous... but I really wanted to play Dragon Age Origins 😭 supernova2395
Dragon Ball sucks #OffendMeIn3Words daycube
Hunter from Spyro the Dragon is a waste of pixels Westy_FTW
Some more Saint George stories: one with a cow as a main character, another with a bad princess and a good dragon,… PAUHERSCHOOL
Songs that are good: Dragon Slayer by Ninja Sex Party. Songs that are bad to sing out loud at work: Also Dragon Slayer by Ninja Sex Party. Ectricark
Hey Dragon @Goran_Dragic, kindly attempt to average 10 assists this season. 1862 assist for the team is not good en… ScoutingLegends
Bought a box of CoTD and pulled Rescue Ferret and Gaia Saber. Not bad. Also got a bunch of twilightsworn stuff and… UisZtupid
Online dating sucks monkey balls. Dibo_dragon
I really do feel bad for @Microsoft and @Xbox for their lack of exclusive but Phil Spencer dosen't even care about… HieiUrameshi94
oops im still bad at being social on here Zeki_Dragon
I feel bad bc I haven't been keeping up with TJPW properly and it's partly because my internet but I'm love Dragon… YuugenSho
I've been going through e621 and Bad Dragon for the past half hour, I'm not a furry I just need sleep. Jumpluff16
Evo 2k18 is coming up and Chums is still gonna be stuck in Evo 2k17 via some bizarre timewarp. I feel bad for the… GundamRathalos
Poor on the overnight bets again. Corinthians went two behind, pulled one back and then had a man sent off so we’re… dragon_tips
"I wonder what @PatheonSlayer would do to a Dragon or Daedric Prince if they got on his bad side...though I'm even… AncientGoliath
The thing about globals perhaps, that causes the feel bad is you *know* when you're out of position and you also kn… yaymuffinpickle
i've been bullying mo-chan since morning i feel bad... SORRY BUT I NEED DRAGON FANGS OR CLAWS(?) actuallynotjay
It’s appalling how bad Edward Norton’s performance in Red Dragon is. Like really bad. GerberLive
Who decided to call it a collection of Bad Dragon toys and not a Silicone Menagerie? BreadboardBaker
Dragon Ball Super really non canon This shit about as bad as GT KazDaClownQX
#BadIceCreamFlavours Bad Dragon cum lube KineticBlackout
It has occurred to me that i can just buy a regular slug toy instead of protesting outside of bad dragon's hq Lesbitchan
Dragon Ball Supers dialogue is So horrible KazDaClownQX
Anyone else disappointed by the endings in Far Cry 5? Too predictable considering previous Far Cry endings... When… ZacharyPhilip
It’s all about the bad dragon girls. Incorporeal__
know what sucks? I really want to get into Dragon Ball FighterZ and get good at it, but I don't have PS+ or the mon… Victinikirby
If you’re into sick and twisted movies I recommend watching Red Dragon on Netflix. You won’t be disappointed JRikes
oh god oh fuck i wanna play dragon quest rly bad tiiiiiiiits
That was still one of the best broadcasts ever. Poor dragon. #OnTarget mercury_mlp
Why can't we get a cardboard archetype in Yugioh? Like, imagine how funny would it be to see a card board box beat the crap out of a dragon! BBawesome13
Testing a time-traveling dragon in Ho Chi Minh City vs. Zombies: Garden - Neil Hamilton: ew a bad robber…. AnthonyKovloski
Bad News for Trophy Hunters - Dragon's Crown Pro has a Shared Trophy List... MaverickRainero
Top 5 games on those that are bad but I love 1, The bouncer 2, Ed ,Edd n Eddy the mis-edventures 3, Blue Dragon (a… WokeBamboozler
“A recent purchase from Bad Dragon was made this morning. Was that you?” Me: ....nah that’s...that’s fraud... calestisxyz
Had a very poor day so far. A lot of teams that should have won their matches letting us down, currently AIK losing… dragon_tips
“link in bio” link leads to bad dragon dot com, forwardslash Big Tom isawken
my favourite thing about aggretsuko is that all the women are not just horrible to each other even the ones that act shitty sometimes tau_dragon
My Bad Dragon is arriving tomorrow 😀 jennywise_
at this point im just waiting for gbf to bring back dragon knights skins so i can cry and make more poor life choices durless
I wish I had a bad dragon tentacle dildo ngl peppermint_fae
Crap! The youngest of my two sons is in big emotional distress and there is not a damn thing that Mama Bear can do… PeopleHateMe
Can’t believe there wasn’t another goal in that game. Disappointing start to today with the MLB treble losing as… dragon_tips
6 dragon blades and 32 kills I’m nuts😤overall 52 kills 22k Damage holy crap!!! JordanTBGF
Very bad mental health day, thinking about all the shows I have tickets to is helping me. Janela/PCO Janela/Ultimo… MRASSstan
Good morning! Disappointing to see the result of the MLB treble overnight but plenty of opportunities to turn anot… dragon_tips
I’m very late to the news but i have always thought about how horrible it would be to get stuck on the lift hill of… 808CoasterRidah
chiron daki but you attach a bad dragon dildo to it 22halo_
What is wrong with you?! Bad dragon! hiccup_kbot
If there's one thing Trump and Kanye have in common in addition to dragon energy, it is their tremendously poor gra… JakeTweetMaker
Take an actual problem & mix in some of your crazy: Famous person: "Education system is bad" People: "YEAH" FP:… basneyheemaa
I don’t buy into Kanye’s “dragon energy’ crap but I do believe Trump’s a dragon... A dragon the economy A dragon th… rabble_rousing
these dudes at my job talking about dragon ball xenoverse 2 @BandaiNamcoUS help these poor lost souls find there fighterz spirit MalkardJabari
The End of low rank in MHW is so fucking underwhelming, Zorah Magdaros fucking sucks as a fight. It has the same pr… DarksunGoodbi
okay, i am not a good dragon age player AGlareOfAutumn
My few bad days just got so much better. I'm going to try to remember to talk to my friends and look at bearded dra… CreepyWitchPoet
Bad Dragon Ass Insurrection vol. 13 bloodfawn93
13 emails since Feb and I’m still waiting on @bad_dragon to get back to me! I’m dying to show all my fans how bad I… livwild73
A person on dragon ball fighterz said I was the best person he’s played against. I mean I’m obviously not good but… centrixow
" like dragon age?" "yea!" "what do you like about it?" "nothing! everything sucks!" preIuding
This dragon culture... trash. Bad credit disappears after 6~7 years... A bad tweet will live forever to haunt you in a screenshot... AMBacelar
I know im a bad influence, always have been since young air yeah and there’s the dragon.🐲 acinmanc
i have a dragon ball z sweatshirt i wanna wear it so bad but it’s getting too hot outside 😤😔 demonicwimp
"Did you see her Metallica shirt? I wanted one so bad, but Kanye fucking stole it. He literally took the Metallica… kaesarkate
"Call me sticky-scales because I've been a BAD dragon!" -Arcanix 2018 I regret everything. Nebula_Arcanix
had a super weird dream that i commissioned @markiplier to draw me a dragon. really disappointed i woke up before s… Spinning_mouse
Can't sleep! Is this bad? Some sleep scientists theorize geniuses are more likely to suffer from insomnia?… Alexsaltzman7
i'm sorry but Keldeo's horn looks like a bad dragon KeaOrSomething
Well, too bad, I just say that GET IN THE RING has a song stuck in my head. meiko_dragon
Why was @JoelEmbiid watching dragon ball GT before he game . That's a bad look . sdfifty2
not that it's a bad thing but wow could the combat in 7th Dragon be any more like Etrian Odyssey, hot damn JetGrindFuture
I want Dragon Ball Fighterz so bad but did if the player base is dead! Helppppppp!!! Chris2baMaster
Season 3 was fun but I couldn’t get a win for the life of me. Season 2 I had 5 wins (I was really bad). But then in… Universe_CAN
No, I totally get it, Infinity War is a bad movie because it’s hard for newcomers to follow along. Now, if you’ll e… jomipivo
Ugh, I need to film so much content. This summer is going to be an ADVENTURE when my Bad Dragon toy gets hereee 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 FightMeSuperman
I wanna travel so bad. I wanna go to conventions and see new cities and go to other countries and wear a dragon costume in public MiindohilRoarar
Duuuuuude. I wanna talk about Yakuza so bad. I wanna talk about Dragon Quest so bad. I wanna talk about Final Fanta… KazsBacklog
Rude Roman and Bad Bobby are impeding the dragon energy of Big Braun Strowman! Sad!! The Monster Among Men should destroy them both! #RAW 😂 jsteelespencer
Ending the feud, the dragon ball gt plot sucked, but super saiyan 4 was awesome. End of story. Tyler_Dunston
idk why everyone says super is so bad, i'm 11 episodes in and it's pretty good also the best dragon ball opening s… liquidsink
I probably have a bad taste but, Miss koboyashis dragon maid has to be one of the best anime’s ever LockPico
I did a test lunch of chrono trigger to make sure it actually ran. It dosn't look terrible but it still has the mob… dragon_blades
Well some things arriving for me in 2 days. It's not the bad dragon thing yet but somethings showing up. Kind of ex… HeroRareheart
Oh seeing that Dragon Quest XI has retail exclusive bonuses really pisses me off. Like, instead of wasting money a… FinalMasterM
“Dragon dildos exist?!” Me: *shamelessly pulls up the bad dragon website* calestisxyz
idk what any other tri-wiz tourneys had for events but this one would be bad to go to. the dragon thing would be… talking_ghost
//Clem is just coughing up more, trying to figure out her symptoms... She feels terrible not being able to help.// Peachy_Dragon
not enough time in the day to waste on whatever rants KY got for twitter. sorry dude. can't have your dragon energy throwing me off. mclarny_acsdwn
fate apocrypha event gave us horsecock and bad dragon muramasashirou
There’s a man with a shirt tht looks like a bad dragon shirt but upon closer inspection it says “BD big daddy” An… IgnaciusGray
working all the extra shifts my job offers so I can buy bad dragon toys is one of the finest examples of delayed p… BlackPrince1346
dental health-mental health it’s all elemental health and my love energy is BAD authority; my art a threat to bad a… BADauthorityOPS
Bad Dragon lube comes off after 12 showers, it seems. Jamer240
This dude is talking about Dragon Ball and is triggering me so bad I'm bout to speak up. A bunch of people are tal… MekanHakai
I HOPE YOUR EARS ARE BURNING YOU LAZY MALE CHAUVANIST WASTE OF FLESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watch #Aggretsuko for the music dragon_nyra
Dragon ball fighterz is so embarrassingly bad for a dbz game or fighter IsoGodiBeezey
My favorite perk about post grad life is finally being able to waste a day watching Dragon Ball again😌😌😌 KPAnimeFreak14
ok i need to sleep not list all the ways in which dragon age inquisition disappointed me, yet again. good night. sloblesbian
vive la bad dragon caubacalcatraz
First account I apparently ever followed was Bad Dragon lul Pean_Joole
Too bad nobody's ever played Dragon Quest. 😳 scuttleboat
My personal opinion is that every Republican stans Daenerys. That's why we are graced with terrible lines such as "… TheKelliCassidy
Also, y'all are retarded if you think the dub for Dragon Ball Super sucks. There's WAY more emotion in that shit, I don't even care. w0lveswithin
Can we all admit that vegeta is the best character to come out of the dragon ball saga? 'Cuz goku is as boring and… p_m_sylvestre
Apparently my brother thinks Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is a terrible show. I don't know how it's possible for us to be related. CaelinBragg
In my eyes it's really hard to make a "bad" Dragon Ball game so it's strange that most of the games on PS3/360 era were so... eh MiraBallZ
This dragon is a Spacex fan but Blue Origin is doing a not too bad job. They just love holds frameshiftderg
If someone dosent make an Dragon Energy double ipa ill be very disappointed looking at you @BiloxiBrewing @FlyingDog @Elysiumbrewing IJR85
Sometimes i stay up at night thinking about Dragon age and how over three big titled games, the ""bad"" guy for da4… _Kinari221
Terrible at conversations Dibo_dragon
achilles’s np is ridiculous, chiron is a real centaur, and at least sieg turns into a big ol dragon... not bad fgo amyrran
Wow dbz has such bad animation why don't they go back to using the same animators as Dragon Ball. Mach_Sigma
hh i want goad dragons real bad for tiki... i already got two top tier green dragons for my dragon emblem... ill try to get one more kana memesupporter
did u know soulja boy did a bad dragon collab alinaosaula
its about time i invest in bad dragon on the stock market! MeshTheJester
i hate having bad dreams centered around ur dog like wtf brain dragon_queeeeen
Hi guys I’m starting crowdfunding to buy my beloved beth her first Bad Dragon dildo quartzpoint
The power of dragon ball is consistent of having me waste money claudmonday
your nickname sucks dragon balls hhhhhhh arc_elm
I know it's been months but I'm still upset at the bad gay representation in padmaavat dragon_nyra
Like fuckin eggnog. Ironically there's Russian bad Dragon bootlegs on eBay. Roswell_PiBot
If you ever feel bad, just remember, that Donkey f*cked a dragon. veranofranco
pl e a se, i want a bearded dragon or a pygmy dragon so bad koultre
Yo I feel REALLY bad for doubting Fighterz before it came out. The more I play it the more I can see the work and… MagicalGirlTy
Justice League wasn't bad. Largely kinda forgettable but it was entertaining and had funny moments. Batman still lo… dragon_fortress
Sure my original Dragon Ball DVD’s have terrible resolution but at least 20 PERCENT OF THE PICTURE ISN’T MISSING cowanado
every time i watch a good anime i remember how awful shitty and bad dragon maid is bowsers_bumbum
Oh, crap, he did use the Super Dragon Balls. #DragonBallSuper #toonami RaynesGem
Watching Dragon Ball Super. Zamasu sucks. AnimeMeg101
Damn that dragon fight in #GodOfWar4. Holy crap that was awesome! cfabian900
I really wanted to play dragon age Inquisition. The PS3 port is pretty poor to be honest. So maybe another time.. SketchCraftian
"This is the torture chamber of the castle..." "I see. You have an eye for Bad Dragon products." (and with that,… Nerikull
once i hotglue a bad dragon dildo to my own dick its over for yoh bitches utashirou
I’m so disappointed Shadow dragon’s remake wasn’t like echoes, in the way that echoes expanded on the characters an… Brave_Tsubasa
I've been Snapchatting some non-furry friends about my adventures at PFC this weekend and when the topic of Bad Dra… HuxleyFur
I hate it when shounen-tards refer to slow paced, story building episodes as "filler" or "boring". They're the type… williammoalaeua
its about time i invest in bad dragon on the stock market! MeshTheJester
me every time i order from bad dragon knowing full well it takes like 3 weeks to ship: *banging on the table* when-will-i-get-my-order jeankirschgay

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