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Dream Girl

Release Date: September 13, 2019

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Watching dream girl movie @ayushmannk Nice movie Sir ji ravisavee
Yesterday I watched Section 375 and now Dream Girl! Loved them both! The weekend so far has been good😌 Vidhii_1210
'Dream Girl' by Ayushmann Khurrana is an excellent movie - contemporary & relevant. Must watch. hridaynaraian
Watching Dream Girl Movie.. A must watch movie.. Neetu Mishra tanvi and kids .. niteshajmer
#DreamGirlreview @ayushmannk @OyeManjot Dream Girl is one finest piece of Art I have seen off lately.Amazing acting… sengarpiyush85
Superb movie🎬 @ayushmannk @NushratBharucha Just watched #Dream_Girl_Movie with my friends. Great work by you and t… ImSonuverma
Forgot how GREAT this show is😭@LTMusical is my dream girl varobelnethers
Dream Girl is a laughter riot topped up with great performances by Ayushman and Annu Kapoor. A must must watch movie.. adityajain1411
Earlier I were planning to watch dream girl in theatre but thanks to my smart and amazing WhatsApp contacts, Now I… iamarjit
#Dream Girl laughs all the way to a very important issue of loneliness and Tanhai. Excellent work @ayushmannk @writerraj. Must Watch. patialablue
Dream girl is an okay kind a movie, nothing as great as hyped. There’s no scaling in story, it’s a small simple sto… TweetDarshJain
After Dream Girl movie waiting eagerly for Made in China 😂 Amazing ❤️ both @ayushmannk and @RajkummarRao Love u bro. SarmaWay
Wonderful movie by @ayushmannk Dream girl. Thankyou @ayushmannk for such a wonderful movie bro. RohanSingh1904
What scripting and dialogue writing. Great work with pen and paper. Hilarious joy ride Dream girl is family enterta… niteshsihmar
What a movie "dream girl " @ayushmannk you nailed it 😘😍 Amazing💓💥 im_ag03
Dream girl is just wow, ayushman has kicked every khans and Kapoors by his superb acting, not a single moment is bo… SameenSayeed
Dream girl is a super fun movie! While @ayushmannk did a great job, I thought Annu Kapoor killed it as well!! #DreamGirl #funride ed_helms_fan
Today I saw #DreamGirl excellent movie @ayushmannk sir sets next mile stone amazing acting. Sir you are real inspir… Amanver12345
Dream girl a must watch comedy movie. Superb acting by @ayushmannk and @NushratBharucha . 👌 PKahalkar
Dream Girl is a laugh riot. The lines were howlarious and what a fabulous performance by @ayushmannk!! Loved Annu K… imranshamsi
Dream girl is the superb movie @ektaravikapoor really amitkrsharma1
Amazing one 🤩 — watching Dream, Girl ananyasaha941
Watched DREAM GIRL yesterday. Loved the film. Amazing performance by @ayushmannk. @NushratBharucha was also amazing… eshitaTSB
I’m probably doing better than u cuz I’m dating my dream girl and ur probably not cohlmanmusic
MOVIE REVIEW! (DREAM GIRL) A must watch movie for today's generation, where people are broken and can't trust anyon… Abhay58692080
Dream Girl⭐️⭐️💫 Another example of when OTHER players perform better than the LEAD. The movie actually had potentia… AhBollywood
#Section375Review Don't know why many people aren't talking about this film but loved the intensity of it. Akshay K… liki_saki
Dream Girl movie is fun, masti and dhamal @ayushmannk superb as always 😊 with each and every character giving 100%.… yadsul
Must Watch Movie 'Dream Girl', The best movie I've ever seen...super Like 👌👌👌👏👏👌👌 I 💕 @ayushmannk 'S work.. Acc… SirBharat_Singh
Article 15 a must watch. Saw it twice. Dream Girl was amazing@ayushmannk you are terrific AmritaTalwar
Dream Girl 👌👌👌 @ayushmannk you rocked again 😄😊👍 brownhairgirl91
Dream Girl ❤️ Love it alot @ayushmannk Sir Solid Performance and Beautiful Movement 👌 #DreamGirl #dilkatelephone Must Watch it Don't Miss it sunny_abhay
Just watched Dream Girl movie.. I have one question to @ayushmannk sir . How can we make that great fabulous, mind… ManishIsReal
Dream Girl Has has ke pet dukhega itni guarantee hai 4.5/5 WE WANT HOUSEFULL4 POSTER SkyStar04510789
I loved how they show water pollution in Dream Girl without saying a word about it. Well done Raj Shandilya. #DreamGirl SouravINtw
Dream girl is a must watch movie. Superb @ayushmannk @NushratBharucha prashantm93
#nowwatching Dream Girl. Loved the trailer and I’m ready for this joy ride. Happy Birthday, @ayushmannk! czenina
Feral Manic Pixie Dream Girl That’s a great band name named_nel
Happy birthday @ayushmann .. Absolutely loved ur performance in Dream Girl..Wow "behtreen" picture hai bas ese he c… iamVashu95
"Dream girl" I had my heart out laughing. 4.5/5 from me. "Ayushman Bhav" for giving such a beautiful movie @ayushmannk @hellopooja ashuskshukla
'DREAM GIRL', what an amazing movie. I just laughed, hooted, blowed whistle for any movie after long period. Fantas… PrinceSoniSpidy
Thanks for being such a great friend. Happy Birthday. My Dream Girl. God Bless You. Stay Happy & Healthy. Congratul… AnupSinghChhotu
Just saw the movie 'Dream girl'. Must tell you @ayushmannk what an amazing movie it is. Had seen 'Article 15' a few… shambhavi_26
Happy Birthday bro @ayushmannk just saw Dream Girl amazing script, amazing movie 4.5/5 Brilliant keep it up 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻… TheManojSawant
Happy Birthday @ayushmannk. Watched Dream GirL last night!! Superb movie!! Keep it up. We always go to theater to… Kanshah3
Happiest birthday to the wonderful actor and talented singer our Dream Girl "Pooja" @ayushmannk may god bless you… jeswani_neetu
'Dream Girl' - MUST WATCH! Just loved it. Kudos to @ayushmannk and team for such a laughter pack. 5/5 ⭐💯 Pavan_07goyal
Dream Girl (2019) Superb acting @ayushmannk Fascinated by the way you are raising your bar with every movie ✌️ A g… An00pChakole
Experienced real ROFL on every dialogue after long long time. A must must watch movie - Dream girl. Jahan72425745
Wish uh a very happy birthday sir..& Thanks a lot to uh for giving us 2hr continues smile (cuz Dream girl is just amazing)🔥 @ayushmannk Abhi66286578
What an amazing movie Dream Girl is, it keeps you glued to the screen the whole time and has great comic punches.… karanboricha18
It’s that duo from “Vicky Donor” did it again with “Dream Girl”. Both are fabulous & very enjoyable to watch. Watch… harisoni7910
Superb movie #DreamGirlreview ... And first time I guess about dialogue writer .. and I was right #ComedyCircus… RupeshVaid
First of all I m just a movie buff.not q critic.Loved Pujja so much that have no words for her performance( read Ay… vimimehta
As always expected from @ayushmannk , Dream Girl is an outstanding movie. Superb job. 👏🏻👏🏻 ItsSonalForU
Dream Girl great movie , Amazingly written dialogues , it was hilarious. Laughed through the whole movie. 🔥 AD_ManCity
'Dream Girl' movie is great for laughs and the message about the lack of connection we have for each other and the… DurganshDixit
Today watched dream girl. The dialogue were awesome & unique. Superb work by Vijay Raaj & Annu Kapoor too. #DreamGirl Singhmanjeet21
Dream Girl movie review: awesome 👌👌 Great acting by @ayushmannk @OyeManjot #VijayRaaz #AnnuKapoor #dreamgirlreview vipulgulati
Hii Ayushman loved your movie Dream Girl Once again you nailed it Mind blowing performance Great work Congratul… awesomeshweta
I saw dream girl .@ayushmannk u have done great work n ur voice 😘😅 #DreamGirl Deepak_Shukla_7
An extraordinary actor @ayushmannk who often plays characters of ordinary men is determined to shine again in his… pamnaniusa
I love @momo_mohsin since Dream Girl show🙈 Your acting is so superb❤ Please please one shirtless scenes 🙈❤aajka s… Kritika0975
Dream girl will completely decimate Z factor...hearing some fabulous reviews... IKnowIamKickAss
One line review of DREAM GIRL: "Entertainment, Entertainment & Entertainment..." Rating: 3.5/5 #DreamGirlReview… yhmishra
I think my dream girl enjoyed Invader Zim as her favorite cartoon. 1111Lennon
"That weird dream girl gave me her cool-looking glove and told me to slash people I don't like with it, great ! Wh… SailorVeemo
I’m the great value version of your dream girl...Just as good, but cheaper 🥴💗 Jayyy_Crayy

18 Negative

Dream girl - It didn't work for me. Disappointed. Recent ah dhan ya @ayushmannk unna pathi ellar kitayum perumaya s… HARISH151192
Just had the boy who asked me out this summer see me sick and not wearing makeup and he told me I looked bad so yea… realskylers
I feel bad for every Aquarius boy I’ve met because I really am your dream girl 😔 girlslug
.@Riteishd went to watch dream girl only for your song and disappointed it wasn't there... Trust me most of the spe… irani_sarvar
Everyone is bad but the good are those who are less bad. -Karam (Dream Girl) imvkap
Dream girl is a crap movie.. Save your money and watch one episode of kapil sharma show. sandeep_negi
Not sure about movie dream girl, but it’s review by @RajeevMasand in Hindi was so terrible that couldn’t watch 5 mi… _gags
Dream girl: a girl who is on track in school ,plays sports but also with a lil bad b in her when I find her y’all… a1ex7s
Good girl/bad girl/dream girl/sad girl soxxxs
Poor @ConnorSaeli. Bring his dream girl down those stairs!! #BachelorInParadise EmbarrassSpread
I litterly went from waking up next to my dream girl every morning to waking up to bad dreams every morning. IsaacJJTT
you think YOU’RE having a bad day? one of my ex boyfriend’s friends just tried to start a band with me and said i h… foxymailboxy
it's too bad the term "manic pixie dream girl" is so cute but means a fictional girl w no personality who solely ex… mirandalongg
I feel so bad for @justinbieber can’t the man just do what every girls dream is for his dream girl? c0nspirewme
We all know Azealia Banks sucks, but keep in mind if she were the exact same person but Caucasian, white people wou… headaik
My dream girl just asked me out..!!! To bad she lives in Arizona 😆😂 KyleTerhune
“i’m a good girl, bad girl, dream girl, sad girl girl next door sunbathing in the driveway i wanna be them all at… miserabeIIe
I may have missed Clorox dream but thats not as bad as missing my dream girl so 💘💘 YRLUCKYNUMBRR

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