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Release Date: June 28, 2019

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Time for the long drive home after an eventful duty at the great north run Marc1Marcus
WOW, that drive from Phil Keen was awesome. Great end to a Great Weekend. Thank you @TobyMoody @MartinHaven… PartyCd
What an amazing drive by @LewisHamilton in the German Grand Prix 2018 #mercedes #teamwork #dreamscometrue camplyon76
I had an amazing idea for a #MeToo video-game/anime/cartoon/story/whatever and I'm just sad that I don't have the t… Political_Jimbo
Many thanks Jamie Brent James all of the cameramen FC WildEarth for such a wonderful drive, see you all next time.💖🦁📸🦁🏞️🦓🐊 #safarilive Safarilive59
After 36hrs solid rain ☔ this aft it cleared to 🌞. Had a drive up the B6479 to Ribblehead. Great road & stunning scenery. 🌲🌼🌻⛅ FastEddieGB
Great game for @CrawleyWaspsLFC First team - now a long drive home MazG70
The girl working the McDonald’s drive-thru last night said she loved my eyebrows 😪 made my night perlayvj
Hope u had a great weekend @huggy1971 .. safe drive having from Kilkenny 👍 RonanHourihan86
The woman at the McDonald's drive through just told us to have a great night and I know she is gonna be regretting… 2ScoopsOfCaleb
Buyers from Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania the ancient City of Zimbabwe, Masvingo staying @ great Zim hotel, visited t… vampfunctions
"Great God, the treasures of Thy love Are everlasting mines, Deep as our helpless miseries are, And boundless as ou… revsmw
Great sign over the highway; "Quit smiling at your lap and drive!" "Put down the phone and drive!" Dirt_n_Turf
GAMEDAY!! Great fight and drive yesterday, but I know @GamecockVolley is moving on and ready for today! #spursup epheister
Kim Jong Un, "IMPROVING" his arsenal. WE know, now, how great the "Dealmaker" really is, don't we? Trump couldn't m… boyd_elroy
Bloody hell Boston, such a great night! Today we are heading over to Coalville to play HARD DRIVE Festival 2018 Hop… igotspiders
i literally can not wait until i have my own car and can drive myself wherever and i wont have to rely on anyone, it’s gonna be so great juliemartins_
Loved seeing the Great North Run from the bridge by Jesmond metro. Slightly dreading the drive back down south later though...! P3titpoi5
Nothing better than getting into the car and going a random drive👌🚘 LewisMclean3
I don’t get the hate for Honeyman, especially after yesterday’s game. He wasn’t amazing but neither was anyone else… GregLittle89
Great race! Congrats to @dallap48 for the first race win! 👏🏼 Great drive by @88jorgemartin as well and the champion… Racingqueen3007
Sunday night concerts are awful because of public transport but if you drive it’s great because I got a spot right… MichelleAMorris
Had to drive through a fucking farm to get to work because of the great north run janozbalog
Osaka has gone through an amazing victory but looks like she has been defeated mentally. She is young and if she us… joohhd
i go for a late night drive in hollywood and there’s a huge ass crash on franklin and highland lol great sarahjmartini
Honestly Zoo was a great album every track had a relatable topic but Parkstone Drive took the trophy for favorite t… yvng_mvjor
2014 Forest Hill Drive J Cole concert was amazing 🙌🏾 I love J cole fr lexyydiamond
Came home last night after a long drive, a great visit to see our girl though, anorexia voice was not too evident b… hateanorexia
Had a great drive home tbh, and you better believe I was screaming along to girls generation the whole 30 minutes:))))) nu_lelo
So tired from the drive but had to play a couple of minutes of Marvel's Spiderman. It's amazing. LeoDaAnimator
Good luck in the Great North Run, @staceylghent. I was in the audience last night for the stunning Sweet Charity… Kathymm63
It's amazing how Twitter can fill my feed with hatred and get-the-fuck-outta-here tweets that drive me absolutely m… EthanWritesHarm
It’s amazing to me that despite all this hard work in Utah there’s still not an essential oil that helps you drive better. agatherum01
Good defensive stop holding ASU to 3 pts....a long drive and 7 points would be great! #spartyon @MSU_Football joeysg81
Snowdonia here we come! Long drive ahead but can't wait to relax in a beautiful place and see some amazing places 🙂… shellzbellz22
After that drive, only getting 3 is a bit of a disappointment but its better than nothing. #MichiganState #MSUvsASU joshua_det
This is the time of night where it’d be great to just drive with someone, or go sit by the water and talk.😩 est4life1998

46 Negative

#personalthought Self-regret is the most terrible thing that you can ever do. It will slow your mind, make you thin… ZhengdaH
“Nick you’re such a bad driver” I consistently drive up to 20 over and have yet to get in an accident or pulled ov… FunkyNuck
I don’t want my baby to have to drive in the weather so I’m trying to get him to come before it gets bad 😩😩😩 taaaaaaaylorm
Disappointing drive back to Waterford this evening but incredibly proud of this club and the joy it has bought us o… marie021977
Wasting drive time 🤦🏻‍♂️ emmaskie
Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s have downgraded Illinois bond ratings to near JUNK status. Will Bruce Rauner drive it still lower? GovernorJunk
seriously miss me with your drivel about "Build's not a *bad* show, it's just not a good Kamen Rider series!" Or re… ungraceable
If your ppl are not grown enough to not get drunk bad enough to the point where they try to drive drunk maybe its t… QueenQuinn100
Poor drive by jockey ryan moore in the prix moulin longchamp. Expert Eye finishes 3rd being the best horse in the race... MarcV75Tips
Well, 2 weeks in New Orleans has been fun. Headed back to ATL today. The drive isn’t too bad, at least I get to sto… ATL_Mark34
Going out of town today and my radio sucks. Thanks @Guardians for providing me with 2 of the greatest soundtracks e… SDiehls
She asks about a bad memory. A flash of fear as I grip the steering wheel. a_long_drive
The weather is horrible... drive safe pops ....@brucemartin68 Justinbond0071
just wanna be able to drive so bad☹️ caraeveramsay
There's a Church and a Mosque in every 5-20 drive in Nigeria. Yet Nigeria is the headquarters of extremely poor peo… OdugbemiBamide3
The thought of not being just a 5 min drive away from Matt is hurting so bad louise_fj
This team gonna drive me nuts. Bad defense and an awful lot of jumpshots 😭 criseldalicious
Got a bad attitude? Switch up!!! Don't drive some good people away. zahk_el
i feel bad for the lyft driver that had to drive noah, me & our friends home tonight. we were all drunkenly ramblin… happyhannah2018
Head is batterd this morning in work. Hangovers that bad I just went Mcdonalds drive through, got all the way back… theturkoloco
Doesnt matter whatever u drive name it Honda, Skoda, Lagonda or even anaconda, if you're bad at driving then you just suck. @@ Enigma_God
Why can’t I find someone that’s just down to drive to the desert and camp for a night In my truck. Lmao y’all boring af. JakeAnthonyCorl
I feel bad I really do but I can’t let someone drink and@drive u are stupid for doing sooo emmi0831
Just because the roads were bad in the past we drive slow but if we still continue the same way on the highway of L… writterstephen
The roads are so bad please everyone drive with caution if you don’t know what to do when you hydroplane please do… brooke_nossie
I feel hella bad for the customers thru drive thru because I was so pissed and didn’t wanna handle anybody’s shit 😭 ayy_coralito
I was actually pretty fired up to do some other stuff but now I'm here working OT. :/ Man, it sucks. But I've lost… kwekyongcheng
Just want to go on a drive so fucking bad rn. So tired of the same shit. Empty promises and no delivery. JohnDough_14
Whoever drive a lil green car and just went to qt bad asf 6antiitna6
Every time I watch the TD drive for the Hawks, I appreciate being in the crowd that knew TJ's spot was horrible. Booseph5
Okay... if bus services start at 5.30... how do bus drivers get there before 5.30? Do they waste $10 grabbing to th… Jashelter
What a horrendous game! Bad pass interference call to extend the drive and also breaking our punters leg with no call. Awesome. #MSUvsASU Jholliday2120
We stop at an immaculate diner. The food is terrible; we strike up conversation with a blue-eyed woman who says she was in the war. a_long_drive
This drive is complicated. I can’t see bc I’m blind and my windshield won’t clear up. It’s a terrible combo ben_legrand19
Vamp life gets boring specially when your car in the shop nd cant go for a late night drive Art_Of_B7AZE
That drive went from bad to worse. Defense will need to step up for the #Spartans klotzjason
If you drive with your high beams for no reason or have bright ass lights in your car, I hope you have a terrible l… Rodrrrigo14
Absolutely terrible job by the offense. Wont be surprised if ASU takes the lead on this drive seth_wintgens
I'm going to be treating any drive that moves into the red zone as a bad tactical decision. Score from deep or punt to win. Wil__Hunter
Lol at all the @FSUFootball players acting bad on that last offensive drive by Samford. You just got killed by Va T… rayray31195
The struggle when it’s late @ night and you want whataburger so bad but don’t want to drive 😪 Mariel_Manzo
Yeah! Defense! Way to put the bad drive behind you. #byu ALRMCoug
I wanna go to ocean drive so bad 😔 domenicotriassi
I get to drive home in a terrible rainstorm where the colorful leaves were falling and it was super windy and now I… leigh_mikaela
Another penalty to throw a kill shot at the offense. Just not good enough to drive 80 yards Charlotte_Mann8

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