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Fry Day

Release Date: October 12, 2018

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Adventures with Dad! Started the day with a great breakfast 🍞🥓🍳, took off a couple of years at the fountain of yout… swathen
The #InsteadOfFries hashtag is petty. If it’s fry day, have fries, live ya best life. Let people be great lol. Squeeks4Zoro
Having a great Friday the 13th! Thank you @primantibros free fries on National Fry Day!!!! LisaMarie1473
Happy FRYYAYYY (It's literally national French fry day!) Have a great, safe, and happy weekend :) Meg_Costantino
it’s national french fry day. I make homemade fries better than any fast food place. DeeeeRoss
Nothing better than a large order of "Broasted Potatoes" from @chickenshack on national French fry day!!!! Nancy__Marie
.@McDonalds your app is crashing on free fry day. That’s some great planning! drumzan
Today is National French Fry Day! Celebrate at one of Wharton's great restaurants! WhartonNJ
Today’s national French fry day.. great day to be an American moorejake11
The Donut Fry Day song is amazing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️💃💃💃 @MirandaSings @ColleenB123 @MissRBaller even the parents are featured imtiaz_isaacs1
apparently its national french fry day so happy national french fry day i love french fries french fries are great cathiarmus117

3 Negative

As a fry lover I'm very disappointed in myself for not going to get fries on national fry day __nessshha__
Disappointing @McDonalds app crashes on fry day so I can get fries now lindsmcilwaine
Yes, it's Friday the 13th, but it's also National French Fry Day, so that obviously cancels any bad luck. terrier817

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