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Game Over

Release Date: June 14, 2019

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They pay a lot of money for joe Kelly who has become nothing but trash pitcher for the @dodgers great signing game over johnnysfgiants
2) Honestly Libra Blockchain is more of a distributed, permissioned ledger than a blockchain. Better than Venmo for… sgd88
Watched Game over😍....@taapsee ...such a amazing actor she is....❤ RanjanaMJaiswal
Fuck yes game over @SFGiants beat those #Dodgers 3-2 Bedee great outing Smith just another save (19) johnnysfgiants
Just watched Game Over at rockstar multiplex, Virar. A great film by Ashwin Saravanan and team. I thank… DurgeshSGupta
Watched Game Over!! A next level movie. . @taapsee ur acting is really amazing!!!!! #bollywood #gameover vjk19
Sure one wrong move and it’s game over but the outcome is so amazing NLuna1123
Hot Take: People who say Fallout 4 isn't a great RPG don't know how to make the most of a game. I've pumped hundred… Kevmastah
Game over is mind boggling brilliance and a masterclass in storytelling. Tapsee Pannu is extraordinary! onlinecircus
Great. Game over SameedTariq
Wow great 50 for sharma, think that’s game over India will post 300+ and Pakistan won’t chase it 😂 #cwc19 ubh786
GAME OVER - Game On! With a crisp and neat screenplay by #KaavyaRamkumar, good camera works by #vasanth and great… JaiKishore_K
As much as I enjoyed watching Game Over, I was pretty mad that I missed a few details in the film because of yellin… aneruth2
Game over ooooo still cant come out of it. @tapsee_14941 u r just awesome. @Ashwin_saravana bro great great movie.… KrishnaSV16
Great finish from @VivianneMiedema. Game over! #ned #fifawwc 1giantleap
GAME OVER - @Ashwin_saravana style of saying the Game has just begun. Loved the film, from writing to craft everyth… Vkrmshreedharan
Game over - Dripping with thriller in years...great return after debut Maya for Ashwin Saravanan - easi… hal1988
Baby, Naam Shabana, Pink, Badla and now Game Over @taapsee Mam you are awesome. No one acts better than you in Crim… im_psehgal
I watched the Raptor’s game over Project Runway. That is saying a lot. What a great game! Congratulations Raptors!… LorenaRattray
aaaaaaa kenneth aaaaaaa game over sadddddd baby great galing #MTWTheBestSiTatay @kensanjose_ _angelaalano
Game over, sadly Raptors got this. Great defense all series. WuestMaxwell
This game is still great! Nobody is in safe place until game over. Warriors have 10 TO now, but I'm not worried abo… angel_bandilla7
Just watched @taapsee give an amazing performance in game over. As controversial as I sound, there are actresses in… ChandanSerai
hahaha Greg Eden is utter Tug, great tip on from Blair but Eden is way too far forward, bombed a try and its game over ! #SLCasHul chivers1989
Game over ! #AUSBRA GREAT MATCH! #FIFAWWC evija87
It's amazing noticing the difference in the effectiveness of my medicine based on how much sleep I get. If I sleep… spookyboogie666
Amazing how the BBC are defending Jo Brand. Mention someone’s colour or sexuality and it’s game over yet it’s fine… purts149
Game over.. Binnington has been fucking amazing PKilla
im happy to see minecraft on the big rise again, and i have always enjoyed that game, but i also really enjoy fortn… PanaramaguyFTW
#TheChase frankly I think it is game over in the teams favour. @paulsinha not on great form in the final tonight. poolking92
U only wait for me to go back to positiveness, so to start pushing me towards negativeness again. Is ita great fun to do it, babe :)? game_over_af
Game over smh it would have been great to have a parade in this weather LExXDADDy
From some time on, i realize how many great things i havent yet had in my life. game_over_af
These adventure scenes are so great, both of them. game_over_af
Siege update time. Ubisoft have been great at supporting this game over it's life time. They've added so much to it… TheSunmaker
i would have loved an always sunny game over this puppeteeriing
I hope the week has started bright and great, babe. I hope and wish it keeps this state. game_over_af
Have a great Minday of a great week, u there. WSHU. game_over_af
Great goal. Should be game over! calumwilkie1
Would love for DVH come out and say our pitcher did great after a 5 inning 10 hit, 1HR, 1 hit batter, 1 walk , and… Pottsandpans22
Hahah... why i decided it is Monday now, not Sunday??? Nevertheless. Have a great Sunday too. game_over_af
Wishing u a great week, my love. With a great start. Damn, missing u deadly. game_over_af
Game over for #Bangladesh as they lost big wicket. #Shakib played superb though. #CWC19 #ENGvBAN shah_zuli786
My confidence when I’m buzzing is pretty amazing imagine when I’m drunk fuck game over at that point 😂😂😂😂 soicyjay19
Game over @warriors will be down 3-1 @Raptors are playing great #NBAFinals johnnysfgiants
South Korea is getting rocked. France is dominating. Ha! As I was typing this, France scored their third. Game over. atarijenkins
John stones getting all the flack, don’t forget the great chances we missed prior to his mistake Free header to m… Johny_Powell
Today's game is a great advertisement for @Hawkeye_view + DRS and why it is important in the modern day game. Imagi… Venu_R
Game over, Man! Is a fucking great movie 🤘🏻🤘🏻 EverYoursTrey
Great way to enjoy classic Castlevania (alcoholic version): - Every time you take a damage, take a sip. - Every t… wizzlespazz
So we all know that @ChrisEvans is amazing and wonderful and all... but does he listen to true crime podcasts? Caus… anna8910
Casually watching #UEFANationsLeague its 1-1 then the great @Cristiano scores two rockets goals in under 5 mins to… dweezil__
Safe. Game over. Great game. Blacking96
Another Federer vs Nadal matchup in a major. I don’t know how many more there will be, amazing how they have both s… tim_meyer2
:) I dnt need to be told how great a purpose u will serve in the recent direction taken. And i wish it is a great a… game_over_af

59 Negative

I got the really bad ending in #Bloodstained Like it didn't even give me credits It gave me a game over Just like… DreamerrVEVO
#BBCOurNextPM javid, Gove, hunt all awful, Johnson terrible, rory game over kav2216
My friend streaming: *speeding the game, fights people, dies “game over”* Me: ur bad Friend: sorry I can’t see it… MaioryHaruka
Bro I don’t care what no one says, WWII is a good game. It’s launch was terrible and the riot shields are annoying… xlWolfzl
Playing through every modern sonic game over the summer and will document the experience Lost world sucks as a le… GearlessFrank
Thats game over...why do we lose wickets in bulk? Happened against autralia too, build a partneship and then waste it with tame dismissals zain_talib
Game over Pakistan #PAKvIND Poor fielding AliHass89157433
Yankees pitching is so bad game over SuspendedWingz
I will be bad guy again 99% of MLB teams play no doubles defense in baseball he 9th inning in the situation the Met… perryfbcoach
Damn sucks not having an @EAMaddenNFL beta code as many hours as I’ve put into the game over 10+ years and I can’t even play the beta sucks! Jwag8
Terrible awareness but game over Cripin214
Well that sucks! Game over. Damian86051
Game Over. Totally overmatched & Nova is TERRIBLE jsaje1stone
As I was saying.... game over. @NHLBruins lost. Won’t go as far as say “choked” but very disappointing. What else… E_Ranks
I have a play for the Orioles and Blue Jays game: Over 10.5(-110) to win 2 units. Both pitching staffs are terrible… ClHandicapping
Maxwell vs Pakistan in ODI 16 inngs * 715 runs Avg 55.00 SR 124.13 7 X 50s HS 98 Get Maxwell out* as soon as poss… Naqi_786
GAME OVER! Terrible terrible performance from Pk #AUSvPAK Hurrican_Game
It’s bad enough that I struggle with watching new movies/shows. But when Disney+ comes out and I can binge watch Li… helloandreaaa
that’s honestly why future sucks to me now smh at the height of his reign he shoulda crossed the game over like all… ChArMiLiaNi
Game over. This Paxton absolutely sucks. Blame that asshole Cashman. Markbristow22
Is there a mercy rule in football? This poor Thai women's team need one... How about game over if you're 7-0 down with 20 mins to go? kitakatakilburn
World, it is actually several worlds in one. Some of them are all bad places, not bc ppl are focusing on the bad, b… game_over_af
Horrible ass bull pen. Like I said, game over. #LADvsLAA tone393
Game over for the warriors the injuries were too much this series has been boring since game one jayhorne510
Gotta say that Kawhi has been disappointing so far. A championship is on the line and Steph has far outplayed him.… NBAStatsLab
Game over it’s almost comical how bad this team is no hitting the bullpen couldn’t get a college team out. This sea… RyanM505
Game over. Sucks the way it's happened and Kd tried man TDurham7280
That was just boring honestly, they showed like 7 of the same game over and over mother3official
Missing u so damn bad. game_over_af
not buying a game over a bad joke that was apologised for is stupid revxdxd
I love how in Death End re:Quest basically at every corner you can make a bad choice and someone just DIES and game… xMorgawr
Im not sure i will b a better person today. I was a good person even an year ago. I cant b constantly good if im treated like bad. game_over_af
If im always out of money, always in terrible flats, always doing hateful things as a job, do i have to b happy onl… game_over_af
Could you imagine all the bad stuff that could happen to us with Trump as a lame duck? Especially if we run Biden.… SagebrushRock
All bad things away. All good things closer. I l U game_over_af
yo, you ever arguing with someone, and then one of ya’ll stutters bad 😭game over. whaaadupqueen
I wanna go to the beach at midnight... and i definitely would, if it wasnt too risky to meet ppl w bad intentions s… game_over_af
Bad enough going shopping with your mum but when she bumps into her friend it’s game over, stood here for an hour r… antbraithwaite1
When I shut down it’s game over. My attitude is on 💯 . It’s all bad sharlaa_
3-0 and Game over for Nigeria. Poor defending from the falcons! #NORNGA d_i_p_o
That was very bad today. Game over by half time - totally outpaced and lost almost every kick out. Think you’ll see… davidlongtyrone
Steph tryna get some points even though the game over to make it seem like he ain’t sucked the whole game. On offense and defense twoneezy
Game over and the series over Warriors disappointed me bruh TwanDaGod
Game over go home you waste yutes 😂😂😂 LibanTm
Game over !! Aughhhh my poor warriors Sofirichi
Is it bad that my first thought was, game over? CAAMets
Last game of the season tomorrow! Quick and disappointing year but hopefully can get this one last game over the li… Ciaranfinn94
I didn't notice that screenshots were disabled for the final fight, which is still just an absolutely terrible feat… DraconicImpuls3
You forget how bad hangovers are and then one night out and it’s game over aidan_kirwan
That does it for me game over and a loss. Not wasting my sleep time for this team. PRnDCSportFan
Early game over/unders bets I placed sucked. Hope parlay hits still and night games fair better👍🏻 Night card coming soon! JunkieParlay
Would it be so bad? If I choose the game over? Would it be a torture? Would it be a crime? Why do we have to endure… kiribakus_child
One No Ball and Game Over. #ICC should take notice of poor umpiring in this big event and take strict action. #AUSvWI #CWC19 kaleem_sami
Such a shame for West Indies. They looked well on their way to winning this. A couple of bad shots and its probably… GuptaaChirag
Mashrafe mortaza is a terrible captain. How could you not have a slip there for santner. A slip and it would have b… UnLoCkpOgbaFc
The quality of cricket so far is very poor in the world cup. Not good for the game over all. akashpodishetti
Game Over! No longer wasting my time or energy On simpleminded people. Starr_Bowy
When put in stressful situations or in unpleasant surprise, intuition sucks, that's a proven fact, even for the best kinds of intuition. game_over_af
Them bad boiis can barely stand up 💀 and their organs be failing smh they grow them for 60-69 days any days after t… luiiiiiiiii1

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