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Release Date: August 15, 2018

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A Super Nice Movie.... Rating 10/10 — watching Gold - 2018 film debarshidas1998
Watched #Gold today and I must say it's a must Watch, Pure Gold. Everyone's acting was fabulous especially… Adarsh_mali
Finally watched #Gold #GoldMovie 24 Carat Gold. Must Watch film. Don't miss out This. If you miss this you don't d… ParagR07
Khrystyana is out here doing amazing things! 😍 😍 #shit #toilet #gold LuxuryShit_com
Great to catch up and enjoy breakfast with Paralympic gold medalist @MarkColbourne MBE this morning. Coffee on us n… Bikeclublife
Don't gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold unique_dynamic1
I saw #Gold 1st day 1st show with my mom. Totally loved the scene.. ek aag baras Raha tha andar se. Houseful tha. AkshayGold
Today's Manilow by @DanHicken ...musical gold! I enjoyed that Govnah. scarabY2k
ICYMI, Prince’s 1995-2010 catalog is back on streaming. Not the imperial period, but many great records. Start with The Gold Experience. dkolderup
#Gold is a classic. Top-notch performances by @akshaykumar and team. Superb direction. Excellent BGM. Visually appe… jcwwe2k18
#Dublin2018 the NAC is looking well on TG4 this morning good this great event. Fair play to all and especially the… Morpheusnous
Poet, Freedom Fighter, Outstanding orator, Great statesman & one of the best Prime Minister. Everytime the Histor… saineeel
After all reviews and ratings. I watched both #Gold and #SatyamevaJayate . I loved both movies. These movies colou… RajulRatna
Now because I have seen both Gold and Satyamev Jayate .. My Ratings- #Gold - 2.5/5.. #SatyamevJayate - 1.5/5 I had… KhooniBhai
“Don't Gain The World & Lose Your Soul, Wisdom Is Better Than Silver Or Gold” – Bob Marley – Zion Train Mark_BristowEFT
Just saw #gold Amazing movie!! @akshaykumar at his best! Mind blowing direction @kagtireema !and outstanding perfor… jayeshl_
Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold #BAGANIHulingLaban jing_mile
What an amazing movie #gold feeling so proud after watching the movie. Proud to be an #indian @akshaykumar #goldMovie #VandeMataram Being__Anirban
Going through my feeds this morning , great to know that practically all "Twitter gurus" calling a capitulation in… ASupranonok
Yesterday saw both the movies & I wanna thank @akshaykumar & @TheJohnAbraham for giving such an amazing independenc… Sachin96645241
#Gold a must watch movie. @akshaykumar as usual has done great work. Good direction.But some where emotional connec… DeepikaGJ
Sweetener = Gold I love it ,I feel it @ArianaGrande AMAZING 👏🏻 luissanchez_w
#Gold is such an outstanding film. Absolutely loved it. A classic for me. The last 30-40 mins are beyond extraordin… 987_jain
Wow @samsmithworld you are GOLD!!! Thank you for your music. Another great song #Promises @CalvinHarris JuliaRamos3129
Gold is an amazing movie. Tapan Das aka @akshaykumar you were outstanding and also @Roymouni wonderful performance.… RDiwaldin
#Gold Must watch movie. It's a perfect patriotic movie & you have to watch it once in theatre. The music, acting di… OmoshiroiRaju93
"Thank You" to @thebitemag for the FABULOUS Top Model 2018 article in The Bite Magazin ... #toilet #gold #shit LuxuryShit_com
#Gold is fabulous movie on a very good event. #Congratulations to @akshaykumar For such a wonderful movie. I_Am_Sanidhya_
Watched Gold Movie.What an outstanding performance @akshaykumar Sir.The audience had such a great impact that in th… Krizee426
Saw #Gold today and its worth. Along with others, @akshaykumar is superb. Day by day he has grown high and is becom… UKeyRun
Such an extraordinary fall is unheard of.. surely effect of a working Thursday. I think even monday numbers will b… Sambuddha_RK2
Great win by the 🏈 JV’s tonight 27-13 over Porter Ridge. Also congrats to the Lady Cavs Volleyball on their win as… CHSCAVSFOOTBALL
Wisdom is better than silver and gold. iLPatePerro
Cold nights Bishops Silence Your dime Ghost town Gold mine Calm down Regret Boredom Hands down So great So bright Fall down(堕天) TheHIATUSbot
I bet Adrian Peterson would look great in burgundy and gold DaneTrainComn4U
Wish I told you I loved you more Maybe I was lost before Showed affection to only gold While the sunset made me col… temporarionada
Great interview with Gail Gold Willis! I could talk all night!!! Thanks for spending some time with me! #thriveon Mary_Pat_F
Khalil Mack would look great in black and gold alexvee10
Being Advantage Gold on @AmericanAir is no better than traveling with the luggage. dmthedm
Just completed The Invisible Hours on PS4 VR what a game!! I really enjoyed it n I really hope you make sequel, you… ShoneyDaJuggala
Here is an Amazing and Positive Diva Melody @Melody71403! This Fantastic young lady, has a Heart of Gold and is alw… JoseGonzJr
And there she is!!! Gold hair shining like fire blazing 🔥 in the night!! Color by the amazing, extraordinary and in… SalonAguayo
Nothing better than driving around town seeing everyone in their green and gold. Preseason or not. #GoPackGo Chubbz556
Gold is such an amazing song! KarlLucido08
How blessed is the man who finds wisdom and the man who gains understanding. For her profit is better than the prof… usm2017
"You've met your deductible!!! That's wonderful!!" My deductible is three thousand dollars, no it's not wonderful t… gold_monstera
My group of temps today were amazing I love them they're my favorite and I told them. Gold bless you, Fallon, Theo, and Rachel. duuudeitsAdam
$215 Superb - Unusual Electric Blue Spinel 10k Gold Ring US 7 3/4 / UK P 1/2 setting is 17mm x 14mm x 9mm stamped 1… antiquesboutiq
Alas my love you do me wrong To cast me off discourteously; And I have loved you oh so long Delighting in your comp… ElKapaun
Just saw #Gold. Beautiful movie. Great performance by @akshaykumar. But somehow I couldn't resist myself comparing… drpratikjain
I ordered a grilled cheese and the 4 doctors behind me said i have great ideas theeeenn.. they call out 5 grilled cheese 😂 copy cats _gold__moon_
I have loved watching white gold never cried with laughter so much @EdWestwick @James_Buckley Mcmills_Aimee
#GoldMovie is fantastic + Wonderful acting By #AkshayKumar but one big problem is with this movie is its Length ...… SRKwarrior2017
So amazing that @lovelytheband got a gold album under their belts! Proud of you guys! ❤️ #lovelytheband 🎼🎸 BeiselLauren
If i can turn back time and make those time better than before, Better than it was, Then i will.... But I can’t. A… nadharith
god gold experience looks great tawt_
DONT GAIN THE WORLD AND LOSE YOUR SOUL, wisdom is better than silver and gold . altayyb
Rest In Peace Aretha Franklin! The true Queen of Soul. What an extraordinary career and woman. I know she’s walking… brown_alston
Hey, that was a fun win last night!! Never great to see a closer get into a jam but AWESOME to watch him work out o… 1CLEbaseballfan
I have loved #ArethaFrankin ‘s music my entire life. The World have lost a wonderful singer and a Beautiful Lady wi… ChrisGronvall
Our neighbor gave us an extraordinary act of kindness yesterday and it goes a long way to making me believe again t… bscowley
Heart of Gold , Brave , Smart. A Fierce PM by designation, A Fabulous Poet by nature. One of India's finest sons wh… kevvshah
I just inhaled--I mean read--Touch of Gold by @annsulliva and absolutely loved it -- a golden curse, pirates, love,… kathycowley
Loved loved loved my ride to work this morning listening to #Gold celebrating the music of #ElvisPresley who died 4… RacheOlly
3 books read in just over 1 week. Latest from @BenKaneAuthor @writer_anthony & @GlynIliffe ...All 3 superb, all dif… BigBaldTone
really hoping that V-Series Gold Paladin is better than G-Series Gold Paladin. Garmore was decent, Gurguit was bet… WhyIsTheSunBlue
This month I saw some wonderful and revolutionary movies! Success or failure they are some good movies to remember… TarunMsd7
Cold nights Bishops Silence Your dime Ghost town Gold mine Calm down Regret Boredom Hands down So great So bright Fall down(堕天) TheHIATUSbot
its amazing how nostalgia hit me when I entered ub and saw my friends. I missed everything - The tables, the rude m… kreciaa
So much great music is coming out now but somehow I’m only just hearing the amazing writing of Donny Hathaway!?#gold @DonnyHathawayLP jayanitunes
Thank you to @BBallImmersion and @coach_c_caputo for the podcast - that entire episode was coaching GOLD. Loved the… barwick_bob
#Gold is a superb movie beautifully directed by @kagtireema. Fantastic acting by @akshaykumar , each and every char… dmurukesh
niall horran is the reason 1D had great gems in their albums, he had to give Fools Gold to the band instead of his… lionheartdelrey
I enjoyed meeting new Purple Day 💜 students yesterday, now I'm looking forward to meeting my Gold Day 💛 students!… historybymintz
Don't gain the world André lose your soul. Wisdom is better than silver and gold. chiefTGOD
You are strong. You're brave. You're loved. You're gold. Believe in yourself ☺ BrightonJames4
#GoldMovie A must watch. Kudos to the entire team & Akki was amazing as always. Felt extremely proud as an Indian &… pratik_tarafdar
Akshay sir ur the great person n best actor n my all time favourite wat a movie sir gold just I cried in last momen… AnithaNaik1
The @NHIS_Ghana Madina staff are really amazing. As for Ghana gov't agencies, I usually expect gold medallion ruden… afia_gyasi
#Gold 1st Day 25.25 cr India biz superb akshaykumor
I had a great workout at Gold gym @goldsgym ZekeSierra4
Watched #gold and I loved the climax of the movie. It was very proud moment #AkshayKumar #MouniRoy really nice movie kudos to whole team Ajinkyathakur4
Just watched #Gold . What an amazing movie . @akshaykumar sir , you are just awesome . TapanDa made his place in ou… deuce_vatsal
I think, Akshay Kumar sells Nationalism better than those BJP guys. #Gold #GoldMovie VeryMohak
#Gold has an EXTRAORDINARY Day 1... Takes a FAB START at plexes across major centres... Wed ₹ 25.25 cr. India biz. gudiya_sajid
What a movie it was just watched #gold another masterpiece @akshaykumar @Roymouni it is a must watch it perfectly s… rajpremani2010
You are absolutely without a doubt AMAZING!!! Never have I ever experienced such authenticity, genuineness , Royalt… ZamaShange9
It’s a busy day on the bird feeders. Gold and Greenfinches, Sparrows, Blue and Great Tits, and a very young Robin.… poshbird555
Thank you @leedsrhinos & @alexsimmonstv for a fab Gold Members night! Great bunch of lads! Good luck for the rest o… Motherdi55
watched #GOLD Amazing movie Couldn't blink a eye for a second Hates off the Team U guys deserve much more respect HRJayshah
Absolutely loved #Gold it indeed was a gold movie! Goosebumps and that proud feeling at the end!! More power too yo… nandinishah_
#Gold consumed my heart completely Those scenes of great patriotism made me cry and was getting goosebumps for eve… TarunMsd7
Cold nights Bishops Silence Your dime Ghost town Gold mine Calm down Regret Boredom Hands down So great So bright Fall down(堕天) TheHIATUSbot
What a superb opening for #SatyamevaJayate 20.5cr day 1 and #Gold 25cr day 1 @TheJohnAbraham @akshaykumar MRCeanRodriguez
#GharLayengeGold #Gold Fantastic sports movie ever with great performances by entire star cast @akshaykumar… bhatia_er
Sir please tell when can I get gold from alloo (Batta to gold factory) & when our great BHEL startup mobile manufac… vishal1004069
#Gold first day collection is 25.25cr superb indiaboxoffice5
thank you @akshaykumar sir for nice movie gold you will receive national And oscar award for this movie i ll pray for you Alokmusic123
Yesterday I was saw GOLD movie in theatre after long time . Movie is great but most amazing change I seen in Crowd… brij_sing
#Gold has an EXTRAORDINARY Day 1... Takes a FAB START at plexes across major centres... Wed ₹ 25.25 cr. India biz. SRKsJavu
#BoxOffice: #Gold has an EXTRAORDINARY Day 1... Takes a FAB START at plexes across major centres... Wed ₹ 25.25 cr. India biz. Ashvinbond4
#BoxOffice: #Gold has an EXTRAORDINARY Day 1... Takes a FAB START at plexes across major centres... Wed ₹ 25.25 cr. India biz. veekay_ness
Review of #SatyamevaJayate movie: Blockbuster Entertaining Entertainment Super-hit Paisa Wasool Blockbuster Enter… BollywoodKritic
#patakha trailer and #MantoTrailer are better than #Gold & #SatyamevaJayate .... Worst 15th August ever HarshilRawal
ExtraOrdinary Start Both Film. #Gold takes higest Number of opening day for Akshay ₹25cr & Specially… iam_savyy
My Brother Loved His Gold Bracelet 😭🙋🏻‍♀️ Lisset_joann
The final match of the Africa Gold Cup for The Sables will be in #Uganda, an encounter which will show a great game… RopeAfrica
Gold nice movie sir@akshaykumar Vikas90139303
Gold! What a brilliant movie. Excelled in all departments. Great job @akshaykumar @kagtireema @FarOutAkhtar @ritesh_sid #gold vvshashank
Silver and Gold are heavily undervalued but that does not mean its not a great oppirtunity to acquire metal at lowe… JFIAustralia
#GOLD will be remember for years for it story ,Great message of unity patriotism & how can you manipulate your drea… ibapuni
honestly kinda thankful diego taught me such great loss because nothing compares now. i am fuckingggggg gold n0tgin
I watched Gold in SS yesterday.. fabulous response..seeti maar , clapping , goosebumps.. Sunday ko multiplex me bi… Vikas_taya
1st Day #Gold 27cr Approx 3rd Highest of the 2018 that too in clash and limited number of screens.. Simply Fabulous… Bas1Kingg
#CrazyRichAsians is one of the most stunning film adaptations I’ve seen in years, and I loved every second of it. I… marshalfischer
What a great film Gold is! Extraordinary performance by @akshaykumar and rest of the cast specially sardar ji ; you… RajkamalGogoi2
Watched #Gold It is An Amazing Film To Watch @akshaykumar Totally Nailed It Others actors were also superb @Roymouni @kagtireema @ritesh_sid 3466rajashahroz
i know that i have some amazing things ahead of me and not to mention a heart of gold so if you aren’t 100% down for me, b y e sakennamisson
Watched #Gold yesterday.. Loved the performances @sunnykaushal89 @akshaykumar #amitsadh #Vineet @kapoorkkunal..… srkdhiman
Also, The Only Exception live at Red Rocks and the whole final riot album is amazing. Buy Gold Goodnight ChrisMallozzi22
Injury news coming out of punt rd isn't great. Cotchin, Prestia, Astbury and Lambert big outs. Could we have manage… robboms86
Harrison Bader will win 2or3 gold gloves his defense is elite.great base runner plus he can hit shame it took them… JOSH_DATGUY
Stadium Express from Union Station is a great ride. I used to hike up all the time from Sunset even in the heat. Bi… AngelicaPuhleez
Rewatching Venture Bros. and it is solid gold. Still great. psychadelicm
So, what is next for you, sir? I loved that ad of @staceyabrams Stacey hugging the capital. It was white. I though… DAYDREAMER2640
This #Gold is a 24 carat by @akshaykumar . Must watch movie. mitkarimahesh
Khrystyana is out here doing amazing things! 😍 😍 #gold #luxury #shit LuxuryShit_com
noragami really has the b e s t music like the openings are amazing and the ost is pure gold dabitsukki
Baders Gold Glove material. He's pretty amazing. #stlcards DrewKHarlan
hi friends i hope everyone had a great first day of h- school and that stuff was chill, to my college pals i hope s… thatjankgirll
Tres Marias. :) These name necklaces make great gifts for any occasion! Especially if you share the same love for… PalamutibyPJV
Women see you for the gold digger that you are @MELANIATRUMP and thats better than the racist that your husband by… mdj20000
Astonishing annual is pure gold! Literally wtf @AshcanPress you're really an amazing writer! ChildOfTyche
Wisdom is better than Silver & Gold ✨ Niquee_562
Gold is amazing moving seen last night ..... rahulma07201975
What an amazing movie #Gold is. @akshaykumar, @TheAmitSadh, @kapoorkkunal, @ItsVineetSingh, @sunnykaushal89 All wer… vnaypandit
Nothing better than watching @QuestionofSport when your not feeling 100% @philtufnell is just pure comedy gold!! Dondons87Donna
Blobber is still the best weapon in splatoon imo It's better than that damn Gold Dynamo roller @RandomIDKTheEnd tr… Zeld101
Some good books I’ve read recently: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Small Great Things, The Seven Deaths of Ev… Western_Gold
When you get a giant rose gold flamingo float for Mexico better than half price 😍 @newlook Justine_xxx
🎖Amazing movie.. amazing story . Should b tax free .. amazing work done by everyone.. hatsoff to all the team of… SatishK10571684
I love how Booster Gold is making more appearances on DC comics now. He is so great. dathotpatroller
When Gold & Silver gets slammed, it's a great buying opportunity. kkoh1776
Don't gain the world and lose lose your soul. Wisdom is better than Silver and Gold~Bob Marley DjKoncept
Gold is a must watch for every Indians. The emotion, the love for the tiranga always unites us. @akshaykumar showed… Jitbahan
What a movie! #GOLD . @akshaykumar at his best. Loved each n every character in the film , Specially #TapanDas… siddharthranchi
Cold nights Bishops Silence Your dime Ghost town Gold mine Calm down Regret Boredom Hands down So great So bright Fall down(堕天) TheHIATUSbot
Banks 👀 sensational in that gold dress for @AGT live show @tyrabanks loved you since the very first cycle of #ANTM America’s Next Top Model SupriyaKaur
Gold is Truly a heart winning movie with full of entertainment. Depicted India's proud moment very nicely. Fabulous… dpk3d
Hats of @akshaykumar for such a stellar performance in #GOLD Thoroughly enjoyed.@kagtireema excellent direction,To… anuragpathak33
GOLD is Best Movie 🏆 Last 5 Minutes Cried & Feeling Proud to be an Indian ❤ Must Watch This Movie 👍 #Jay Hind #Vande Matram 🚩 EWorldHub
#Gold 5/5 full movie review.. Got great and outstanding performances from @akshaykumar sir to @TheAmitSadh,… ams_ashish_P
Watched "GOLD" & it's a amazing movie.1 would feel that it's a bit slow in the first half but it's d demand of the… PachoreRohit
It was such a wonderful experience yet again at PVR Sangam. Special Thanks to the Cinema Manager Ms Neha & her tea… ShivangSharma4
So there was this man who really loved me way back hs (not kidding and bragging tho) within our first two months of… Zzzyaf
#Gold had some great moments and the climax was just amazing! The Akshay-Mouni track and some songs were unnecessary though rajakando
had a bit of NHS lucky dip lately getting some really not that great doctors about my foot injury but today I've fi… vekawxx
wonderful movie #Gold. its really best gift for all indian, all of us. thank you @Roymouni @akshaykumar #GoldMovie AnupaChat230591
Worth watching Gold 😘 amazing acting @akshaykumar @nikifyinglife as well @sunnykaushal89 ✌🏻 proud to be Indian 😍 mangeshpg150
His mixtape is just gold. I loved everything on there. @BTS_twt #2YearsWithAgustD dlisa314
Congrats @akshaykumar 4 wonderful acting & movie #Gold but u also turned out 2 be sickular.Conveniently, u showed d… AmitBurman18
Such a amazing movie with Good Content @akshaykumar sir as #TapanDas Best Character ever... @FarOutAkhtar… stylish_tushar
Picked up Battlefront 2 for $9 (on Xbox store if you have gold). Honestly super fun and worth it for so cheap. Great graphics & gamemodes. SgtSlugGaming
Gold is fantastic entertainer loved the movie @akshaykumar super acting🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 IamAYUSHSINGH3
Gold is rocking movie Akshay sir is superb watermarksm
#Gold is a must watch for all.its shows patriotism to words our nation very well with best performance by all leadi… mahendrakar01
Watched Gold @akshaykumar Wonderful.. soul stirring... goosebumps ... pride... so many emotions watching the Tricolour !!! Bharati09334466
#Gold is one of the best movie made on india's glory in sports...Better than #Dangal and #chakde @akshaykumar… avinashshaw552
A huge congrats to Les LaZar and Alex Amso for winning Top solo in Associate Gold at summer showcase. Very entertaining routine we loved it! ArthurMurraySO
"A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold" (Proverbs 22:1). vanchy05
Done with #Gold.... Some scenes are excellent...Climax is extraordinary... goosebumps all over 🔥🔥🔥... Gold is in m… jaskaran109
Gold is really a great movie. Must watch.@akshaykumar loved you. uddhav_z
Spray spray spray allllll day! This soft green is going to look great with the gold and crystal knobs and handles. VancourtCabinet
I have to admit at this point, SPY/QQQ relative value trade has worked great, the unrelated SPY short is ITM, but G… _sbr1
Heard slogans of Bharat mata Ki jai and akraman after watching #Gold movie. Totally crazy audience. Loved the movie though ✌🏻 yashkhemka21
#Gold strikes gold from the word go!!! Amazing performance by @akshaykumar and the co-artists and beautiful direct… ACCHU89
#thakursaab @TheAmitSadh superb performance of yours as an acter As a thakur saab in #Gold akshay386y
What an amazing movie #Gold @akshaykumar once a fan, fan forever!! @sunnykaushal89 what a bravo entry in the Bollyw… ShahPriyank23
#Gold strikes gold from the word go!!! Amazing performance by @akshaykumar and the co-artists and beautiful direct… ACCHU89
Any teams interested in going to Gold nationals in 2019 or looking to play some great competition early this fall ,… Doomleader1
#GOLD becomes my best hindi mv theatre exp in recent...Superb & Fantastic Film...Rula diya bc 😭🤧 Stilonewolf
Gold - A must watch movie for all.. Go and watch.. #ItsADelight @akshaykumar #HappyIndependenceDay #AwesomeMovie #AksharKumarAtHisBest ankitcnagda
#GOLD wonderful movie to watch. LalitKarande
Double gathering (and gathering everything in sight) has slowed down my leveling but been great for the gold. (Leve… Funkzorz87
Ahhhhh I just managed to nab the amazing new gold brightening mask 😍. Goes on like a normal mask, then you peel it… BabyDollyMakeup
Superb movie, Hats off!! Gold is Gold!! @akshaykumar #GoldMovie #GoldReview hemantray13
Really enjoyed #vanhelsing3 on @xboxuk great free game with gold and good story and gamer score to it also voice in game is 👌 JABBER180
A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold. The rich and p… trevorf1972
Excellent service, Great prices for my gold coins. okronus
This independence day, the public wants to watch Mulk. May I know why, even after great demand, the shows have been… faizankareem
Gold- interval and it’s very good till now 👌🏻👏🏻 Performances by everyone are amazing ArshTanwar2
Saw a marketwatch article this morning titled "heres why gold might die as an investment." 1) great sentiment and… Hahn89er
Recently I've watched #Gold movie i loved this movie every actor has justified with his role but Akshay sir is doin… ChaubeyJay
Watched #GOLD Amazing movie Happy Independence day Jai Hind 🇮🇳 — feeling energised ajaykrish69
“Don't Gain The World & Lose Your Soul, Wisdom Is Better Than Silver Or Gold” – Bob Marley – Zion Train Mark_BristowEFT
Harmontown 'Rock me Homo Deus' live tweet review. (3~minutes) "Does it go up to an elevenER?" Great stuff. Really p… AverageSociopat
Dear @akshaykumar your movie #GOLD is superb movie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌👌 Iamshailes21
On #IndependenceDayIndia #Goldmovie was a wonderful gift for us as a nation. It underlines the importance of team b… imkmalhotra
#Gold awesome movie ,tears my eyes to watch fantastic movie, once again #akshsykumar done great job 👍👍👍 ManjuSh19085659
Wake Up, Gold and Die For You are such great songs hahli90
What a movie it was just watched #gold another masterpiece @akshaykumar @Roymouni it is a must watch it perfectly s… rajpremani2010
Just Saw GOLD . What a Movie it was . Brilliant Screenplay 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 . Loved the struggle of the Indian Hockey T… imsharatbhatt
Amazing first half of #gold what a roller coaster ride first half #amazing story telling #history @akshaykumar @FarOutAkhtar. sushantripathi1
#Gold Superb direction outstanding performance climax is rocking #AkshayKumar is on fire ❤️❤️❤️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ N 💫 dhavalbharvad7
I have great workout at Gold gym and I enjoy it @goldsgym ZekeSierra4
Akshay Kumar continues his magic. Gold, A must watch movie ❤️ Neil_Reddevil
Celebrated #IndependenceDay by watching #Gold. Great movie. Last 10 minutes goose bumps and I had tears when free… chiruschakru
Celebrated #IndependenceDay by watching #Gold. Great movie. Last 10 minutes goose bumps. Had tears when free #India… chiruschakru
My feeling of patriotism just got multiplied by infinity afr Watching #gold. Great Performances by @akshaykumar… RishabhDhawad
To prosper, keep your soul intact. "Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold." Bob Marley #Array akaglue
Gutted I'm missing @TIDALWRESTLING tonight but my health ain't great. Good luck @SugarDunkerton win the gold bigtubofbooze
Just saw #GOLD Fantastic Amazing written all over it Should Earn 200 Crores iamZaidaaris
Congratulations to the cast and crew of #Gold. You guys have made a wonderful movie. Especially the marketing team… KunjM
#gold is a nice movie but don’t you think that Major DHYANCHAND was missing ??? yash_5386
#gold Superb and Inspiring @akshaykumar @TheAmitSadh @kapoorkkunal @Roymouni @sunnykaushal89 @kagtireema @excelmovies im_kkr
Unpopular opinion: Game and Wario is a gem and is significantly better than WarioWare Gold. I enjoyed almost every… TasteyLunch
I loved #Gold for the very reason that it portrayed the true spirit of brotherhood between India and Pakistan. The… sheetalbv
Jai Hind !!! Vande Matram !!! Happy #IndependenceDayIndia & One more thing that has made my day even better was #Gold @akshaykumar AMAZING 💝 RAMBOKahol
#Gold is an amazing & superb #BLOCKBUSTER. Thank u and love u @akshaykumar for this beautiful experience. Laughed,… Chetan_2018
#GoldReview #AutinWords-Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.3/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ i was feeling Proud after watching it.. the work… Austin_Real22
#SatyamevaJayate better than #Gold itsss_ADTime
Overall #gold is a good watch. Some great moments! The excessive songs and @Roymouni pout was distracting though @reemakagti @FarOutAkhtar priyarajya10
I enjoyed #Gold but its not close to what it could have been. It became too much about Akshay, and his love story and item songs @reemakagti sapootsingh
So #Gold the movie has opened amazingly well at the box office. Glad for @akshaykumar. Hope it does wonders !! jaimetai
“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold.” -Bob Marley TrystenAsher
So I just finished Shot on Gold @jaciburton and I LOVED it. I read somewhere that it was the last book in the Play… Moonlitvixen
#Sunny Kaushal as Himmat singh ur performance is brilliant...industry got another gud talent#Gold @vickykaushal09 srismitaa
So like yeah I totally 100% loved @TheGabbieShow song Honestly and Encore but like I also loved her distrack and I… youtube_adict9
Care about someone's personality. NOT their looks. Someone could look not that great but they can have a heart of g… BrieBt
someones daughter preferable one that dresses nice, has an amazing smile, a heart as pure as gold, hard to get, and… deflatablemom
Not sure if the rose gold thing is over or not but I'm in the decorating stages and I'm going for it I always loved itttt lunameow__
Gold City - Great Is Thy Faithfulness mygospel_365
SyFy is an absolute gold mine for great movies right now. #SantaJaws JonBeardslee
Congratulations for your 3rd RIAA Gold Certification @BTS_twt 🎉🎉🎉 We've been doing great and I'd love to give the… btsbetelgeuse
#Gold out today!! Hearing amazing stuff about the movie! #GoforGold guys!! @excelmovies CookieRaider221
Cold nights Bishops Silence Your dime Ghost town Gold mine Calm down Regret Boredom Hands down So great So bright Fall down(堕天) TheHIATUSbot
Shane would have been so great on Big Brother... feeds gold! #TheChallenge32 #BB20 Misss_007
The true meaning of the great gastby is that daisy is a gold digger and gatsby is a stalker. ronniezzzzzzzz
Cold nights Bishops Silence Your dime Ghost town Gold mine Calm down Regret Boredom Hands down So great So bright Fall down(堕天) TheHIATUSbot
Now, that being said, I love this story with Joe and AJ. It’s gold and goddamn they’re great together in the ring. #sdlive WJMTLpodcast
Just watched @BigTenNetwork Gold & Black Days and it was AMAZING!!!! I cannot wait for @BoilerFootball season to s… MarkKrockover
I really would die for liam won't I, I really want to tell him how great, beautiful, importan, talented, caring he… Larrita28
The get a gold player packs are better than fan appreciation packs. ThisKidsHacked
Bloody gold! An all star cast loved it #TrueStoryAU did not disappoint @hamishandandy @anneedmonds1 @MrSamPang @katrinamilosevi Sylch16
Was there a time where D/W were better than V/M? Yes (Tessa’s injury? Weaker choreo? D/W were better?) But what I c… laurynxwilson
omg im watching vinny play warioware gold and this is an amazing game quackervolt
I never get to meet any of my idols that I have loved for the longest time because it’s just my luck. I couldn’t ge… yasaminkxo
#nowplaying T. Rex - SOLID GOLD EASY ACTION / GREAT HITS 871205nao
Good and beautiful morning!!💜 @BTS_twt and congratulations, fake love went gold👏🏻👏🏻AMAZING,YOU DESERVE IT! #FakeLoveLoveWentGold 💜 paulaadrh
☀️🌤☀️🌤☀️🌤 . Amazing sky tonight! Did anyone else catch this?? . . Check this out Gold Rush Jewelers! 😲 DiscBeautyStore
Wisdom is better than silver and gold. NeferRoseCourtz
feels great _Stay__gold_
I bet @Ocasio2018 loved being tipped at the bar, where she should continue working, because honey you aren't thay g… Tielur_
Leah Gold announces original guidance for combined Brio & Leah. Los Filos a little lite, Brio mines better than I e… GaricMoran
Fake love went gold? Eyyyyy that's great poet_namjoon
Honestly BTS is amazing and im not just saying that because im biased but like everything they’ve accomplished sinc… TheIzzyJackson
If u fucking me I got the $40 plus more big Lisa gold digging ass raise me better than that 🤷🏿‍♂️ Fatboy_Duke
Top section foils ! 8 foils of gold & cream scattered through the very top to keep the root area going. Great idea… HBridal
Yet another fab episode of @AckleyBridgeTV superb acting from #PoppyLeeFriar Comedy gold yet again from… JoeDocherty
So late but Fake Love WENT GOLD?!?! OMG YAS!!! Great job ARMY and @BTS_twt ! 💜#FakeLoveWentGOLD AyyyRee
I am so happy and proud. I can’t wait for the amazing comeback. I hope we will get other songs gold.❤️❤️❤️.… PhanTrash123454
FAKE LOVE WENT GOLD!!! For the 3rd time! I am really proud of US army for streaming likd crazy, y'all are amazing 99YUKHE1
Some great penalties so far, Murphy 4-3! Gold Omotayo then produces a golden moment, 4-4! #NFFC LiamKFootball
Fake Love going gold is what she deserves. Great work ARMYs! 👍💜 #FakeLoveWentGold @BTS_twt TaylorBforBTS
So I've got this friend we're going to call Ed. He's a really wonderful friend that I used to talk to a ton but due… first_warden
Nintendo Switch Online is actually much better than Xbox Live Gold. Nintendo will still allow Games to be played on… Twlstingfaith
It was great to meet you, Kim, & your horse at Murieta Equestrian Center during Gold N Grand! stablegrove
#ARMY What about trying to get anotcher gold disk for the next comeback in 60 days? It would be amazing.… loveurkook
Searching twitter for “ray liotta chantix” is an amazing experience. Gold Jerry. Gold. noahismyname
Really enjoying the truly charming @FreshOffABC. Such a great cast headed by the adorable utterly @ConstanceWu & th… AnthonyShannon2
So BTS beat JB record on social 50. We got amazing artistic concept photos for version S and E and now Fake love go… BTS4life134340
Great news for all akkians More then 42 tickets booked for gold. @AssamAkkians going to Celebrate for Gold FDFS eve… SafiqualAhmed
Ok I am both excited for but also dreading Heroes in Crisis and not only because two loved characters will probably… boostergay
#Gold Wow what a movie high on emotion perfect story and @akshaykumar at his carrer best #GoldReview #GoldMovie #गोल्ड Rating-5/5 rp260597
The @TheAcademy staff that ran the Gold program this summer has been so amazing, like each an every one of them are super special! CreeLuv314
I got a gold star when I was six years old, I always loved getting gold stars. Didn’t you like getting gold stars a… JasonWildComedy
#ImamABUJAFAR BAQIR — was asked: "Is there a thing better than gold?"He, peace be on him, answered: "Yes, the one who gives it. #AHLULBAYT NicholasAnjawa_
#FakeLoveWentGold 📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀 @BTS_twt CONGRATULATIONS!!! In just 24 hours we got the amazing news that we br… anotherunperson
Tinder gold is fucking amazing Ellrlz1998
#FakeLoveWentGold OMGGG We already have 3 songs certified GOLD in the US. Great job ARMYs @BTS_twt ArdensTime
Khrystyana is out here doing amazing things! 😍 😍 #shit #gold #luxury LuxuryShit_com
A great fallacy of society is that you need money to be rich never undervalue the experience of good banter between… Adventuremun
The Cuervo Gold The fine Colombian Make tonight a wonderful thing. #heynineteen JHavner77
This an amazing thing..Heaven/God/Jesus say "Dont spend,save what u have & get money out of bank before WWIII hits.… SpaceGirlCamp
Guys thank you for stopping by my steam today! It was a great stream got 3 new followers, im also ranked gold 4 on… TechGPrimeZ1
Great day at the Discover workshops. Amazing time watching the participants achieve so much, stretch & challenge th… wendywashead
amazing movie #gold @ItsVineetSingh loved your acting outstanding performance 👌👌 yuvrajwahi
If you loved Sia's Titanium, you're bound to love her latest single Gold. #atomicweight elemental_facts
#MovieReview : #TheRudraTR #Rating ::- 4.5/5.0 #Gold is a brilliant, heart touching & Unstoppable Film , Good work… TheRudraTR
spandau ballet - gold is such an amazing song GAYERUNKNOWN
Conspiracy theory: Zhuyu is Takatsugu's great uncle You see, both- gold_sinner
Cold nights Bishops Silence Your dime Ghost town Gold mine Calm down Regret Boredom Hands down So great So bright Fall down(堕天) TheHIATUSbot
# ABN RESOURCES . another gold find will take this orbital. great work. brasher2
Labor for learning before you grow old, for learning is better than silver or gold. Silver or gold will vanish away… ORileyNewman
Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than siver or gold. RAHULMo74905701
I believe #SatyamevaJayate will be better than #Gold. What say? #independenceday reshumanglik

117 Negative

I have horrible cramps right now and I’m STILL at the library working on my goddamn dissertation. Like ok, give me… namelessemm
Why do people eat like... IDK 20k gold? Like, why do they put it on their food? Like... Just... Donate those to poor people like me ; ; Moomuns
Gold market is so bad right now. Precious metals on the cheap. Definitely a crypto guy, but at these prices might w… PatMcDermot
Wait. If you get my name wrong ur already on a bad side. I already don’t like you _Au_Gold_
Two best finds out last nigh the florins in bad shape and the 18k rolled gold plated bracelet is the same but still good finds john4june
#GOLD is a big flop in @IMAX. Shows were almost empty on its opening day. @akshaykumar and his team tried to fool a… TejanShrivastav
What a slow and out of screenplay movie is #GoldMovie #Gold @akshaykumar disappointed.... Castings of other actors… _nevrcrywolf
Why does that song hurts so bad 😭 Jhope_The_Gold
Disappointed Set Max, Zee Cinema, Star Gold or any other movie channel didn't show Jaani Dooshman on the auspiciou… coolyash10
"It's me, Doctor Demo." 'Hey, doc. What do you got today?' "You need a bad operation." 'Uh. Is the-- Is the operati… terathiel
Didn't hit gold tonight but was able to stay in ultra silver after a real bad start Justinmcghost
Must be hard for gold diggers, for richer or poorer is all good & nice if you started off poor.... but if you lucke… p8nter2
Gold rum is terrible and I'm letting every single one of my friends know it JustinAlquist
GG the Unicorn thought it was better to look at the rainbow than to waste time digging for gold. ✨🦄 #unicornwisdom… GlitterGirl_au
Every takeaway staff member looks like the go to the gym in gold coast. Making me feel really bad, not bad enough to not upside though CaptainOresome
Oh dayummm... i just see "For Honor" is free on xbox live games for gold... niiice! (Not a bad game to be fair, diw… AGENT047BIZZY
It’s too bad I don’t live in Chicago ..just saw an awesome @CMPunk blackhawks hybrid shirt but I bleed black n gol… JC_Hammer22
How is @ripe_love so good. They don't have a single bad song. They can't put pen to paper and not write gold. When'… Pint_o_wisdom
#Good new : #Oil prices would see highs (or new highs) in the next 42-60days (End of September) #Bad news : #Gold… tanszeliang
BOT $NUGT for 12.95. GTC. Yeah I did that. Everybody selling gold and all. Probably be a bad idea. mrmerdle
here are some fun facts about me: -i won a gold medal in the olympics -i have received a nobel peace prize -i am a terrible liar apperyan_
That bad feeling of “ I’ve never been enough “. haj_gold
Turkey still has some of that repatriated #Gold to sell to please someone somewhere. Sucks when you have to sell at… MrLiberties
Hi my name is Ntandokazi Meje and i am a Nescafé Gold Coffee addict. Sometimes it gets so bad to an extend that i… moh_jovial
Block 125 Feat. Bambino Gold - Terrible now playing on HSR website linked on profile HighStreetRadi0
I am gold but too bad you like things that are gold plated 🤷🏽‍♀️ ornellajagroop
Some people get crap from the tw algorithms, but almost all of my recommendations are accounts of cats or dogs. its… JavierRivera99
Has anyone ever noticed the only guys who complain about gold diggers are poor? Fuck off this doesn’t concern you. brittUGHny
A guy with blue hair and gold eyes was staring at me today. He looked like a detective. I don't know why it gave me a bad feeling though... InjuneMidoribot
After taking 25+ opening it will be disappointed if #Gold will not cross 150cr in Lifetime. akkieyy
The only thing that will never flop about me are my A+ tweets soo follow for daily comedy and the goldest of gold shitposting :) stay tuned loiibb
Ofcors away U wasting gold on dast ( m90226575
First 40 min. What a wahiyat and slow boring movie is gold... You were right @KRKBoxOffice #GoldMovie #GoldInCinemas TigerZindaHaiAb
Every situation good or bad is a gold mine. Be steady and find the good in the there. :) Sapien_curious
i checked out my collection.. and play oldies.. Baby V.O.X's Loveless is gold.. too bad i haven't find any footage… AquilinaLumina
Time is gold. Don't waste mine even if you're rich. lei_bby07
Hit 112 on my druid today doing nothing but gathering herbs... well. Both good.. and bad? Since i'll have to do the… Vaedron_GG
#Gold Akshay Kumar take a break You are trying too hard n it shows The film was boring n you were irritating in pla… sammyfromnowher
“We all can find something bad or imperfect in each other. But I prefer to look for grains of gold.” -Nick Vujicic- JaeJxe96
Ollie Crush describes advances in retrieving precious metals including gold from electronic waste, a new method of… scimissionowen
Sid wants Heart to Gold’s home-base to be Dave and busters so bad jaboygunz
You know what sucks? I spent 125000 on a ysl bag and didn’t ever wear it because when I got home I noticed it had t… JHFTJustice
The Office is just bad after S5. Between Steve Carell leaving, Jim and Pam becoming one-dimensional, side character… EvanVanWormer1
Just trying to understand why they waste @Sheltyb803 so much in the @WWE dude is the gold standard. More athletic then the entire roster. CoachKyleShoot
To compensate for Xbox’s horrible customer support and xbox service issuers they should give out better gold games… Spenc_Ellis
Wait none of RS and Hay’s terrible tub pitch made it to this episode. Hahahah. the BB casual fan deserves to know… bbonne12
kyell gold’s writing is weirdly amateur in the worst ways possible, its basic and boring (so far idk) cra2yCosmic
Bobby Abreu: .291 AVG, 2470 Hits, 1363 RBI, 574 doubles, 288 Home Runs, 1476 BB, .395 OBP, 4026 Total Bases, 400 st… Fishpot22
I swear my intentions are gold and pure!!!! I can’t have bad intentions, if I love you. I can’t, it’s not who I am. highway2hellz
the inside of a skittle is bad for you warioware_gold
smoking junk and crap warioware_gold
Plot twist: my life is actually a bad dream and I actually live in a mansion with 6 cars parked in my 12 car garage… queentrudeau
A guy with blue hair and gold eyes was staring at me today. He looked like a detective. I don't know why it gave me a bad feeling though... InjuneMidoribot
Hey @Costco thanks for wasting my time and being so difficult to work with. Trying to downgrade from executive to g… dsiders
Are gold mines still a thing? Asking for a friend (Smaug the Terrible) ellengutoskey
Help me im poor and im trynna go to astroworld!!!! @trvisXX I feel like im chosen, im covered in gold Mhmmmmm mhmm… Hoel2k
By a terrible twist of fate, I didn’t have coffee today. How do people live like this??? why_gold
I was disappointed to hear @Christian4Peeps had to cancel his appearance @StocktonCon I was looking forward to seei… Bloody_James
Hi all, i have been streaming for a while and playing bad, tried to learn overwatch and get from gold to gm or top… KicKiN_OW
Nothin sucks like watching your friend get caught up with a SHIT ASS gold diggin bitch. CaseySivils
Folks, do you see why the "gold is doing beautifully in Turkey" argument is a very bad argument for gold? No, I didn't think so. $GLD $GC_F TheBostonView
if the story cost like, half the ap to get through I'd be rushing through that so bad but as it stands, it's like,… TacticalMahebra
Life often sucks but I just found out that the gold vinyl version of ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’ I got at the… pintoaaron
I'm disappointed that people aren't taking a bigger advantage of dubbing Warioware Gold cutscenes. So much could come out from it SrRyteAway
These girls using poor John on #BachelorInParadise are gold diggers. Whoever gets with him at the end won’t need t… victoriahans93
If you like the 80s start watching White Gold. You will not be disappointed. A friend of mine mentioned it used a B… kwolfhard
Upon removing my PS4 for x-ray at TSA security, all the TSA staff were shocked by my gold PS4. I disappointed all o… iamjohnnycox
i love goblins so much I made sure that my former Big Bad NPC developed a heart of gold and opened an orphanage to… STRANDlNG
I hold gold on principle. Hate fiat. Oneday I will be rewarded. Currently, a bad time. martinxlove
Seeing Jalen Ramsey rip on all these QBs is pure gold. He's 100% right about Flacco. #notelite #notgood #sucks MikeAnania99
#Better_Than_Before❤️ Climax Was Not Good #Satyamev_Jayate — watching Gold : Akshay Kumar iam_tribhuvan
#ShrikantBhasi Extremely poor and partial service at Nashik... 7.15 show of Gold today started at 7.37 just bcz of… snarodey
promise heron i put my fist up after I get my dick sucked. quick buck. maybe a gold chain. with that fuckin flow th… Ahlchemy
#Gold is pure Gold...Brilliant performance by everyone... The entire theatre standing and singing the National Anth… anuragraghu
i'm thinking about kuhngyeol au but looking at my poor updates i'll probably just write an one shot, i just really… horendum
#Gold terrible movie. It's a fictional movie and nowhere close to the real match which India won by England 4-0. Ak… crocodilecat
Gold Movie is just a waste of solid content..Only hype, nothing good. better to Wtch Satyameva Jayate. John for Act… bleachsunny
I don't give a fck abt u if u thought my tan skin looks bad & stuff cs at least i do hv brain to proud of & a gold heart to give. 11scorpi
But not bad, lost 5 kg 🙂. 4 more points to gold! MNivenkanth
When Kesha came out with tick tick, I wanted that gold bike with high handle bars so bad uglybuttlit
It's over. I've run out of anger and excuses. There is only sadness now. Sagat is so bad I've lost over 3k BP and d… Gimfigle
Thoughts: 1. Gold Coast gets a bad rap. 2. Anning + ilk canNOT become normal in Oz. 3. Don’t forget the reef 1/2 bil. #auspol #goldcoast flamingo_a_gogo
#Gold - Simply outstanding! Brilliant performance by all cast. So enthralling to see newly born #Pakistan cheering… SrinathSRajan
I'M CRYTING I AM SO BAD! i'm so sry random person notice it was a capture quest. it was gold too. I'm srry YinTheKitchen
Reading both bad and average reviews for #Gold and #SatyamevJayate Which is better to watch? #IndependenceDay2018 #IndependenceDayIndia hrnurtweets
sometimes when i think to myself, "it wouldn't be so bad to use three gold bricks" then i realize cygames thinks i'… inocciduous
sorry for the emo posts lately a broken heart sucks and i wanna become a biker drifter warioware_gold
Does the Abbott & Costello “Who’s On First” routine ever get boring, or lose any degree of humor with extreme repet… MagicBendy
Suppose we thought of food that way. Ahh man it sucks that my cow was just devalued today, I better go trade it for… Weirdenomics
I never feel bad at all rerolling 60 gold quest when the option is either to get another 60 gold quest mostly or ge… Banez_86
Did I tell you how bad I want that gold earring tae wore for the concept photo like I NEED it yoongii415
#Gold_Bugs_Cannot_Get_A_Break It’s been a bad year to be a gold bug: after moving up from $1300 to $1360 through t… Goldfundllc
If she were in Smash Bros, Ashley's final smash would be boring everyone else to death by making them play her WarioWare Gold boss stage Chrismas95
okay @clobethhh keeps paying me gold and i had a really bad day and now its kinda okay :) MorgyMo
my brain pumps bad juice warioware_gold
How come @MontSainteAnne is not in the Canadian Lift Pass Program this year?! So disappointed! We've been buying Go… VinQc
Can this day get anymore boring... literally going crazy!😩😡 Gold_Member710
Colourblind artist questions: reproducing youtube art. Google, what colour is sand? Oh crap. I’m stuffed. Is it s… alcoholicwhimsy
"Everybody should be able to be happy!" is the most boring, childish, and harmfully misguided worldview you could p… fatherteevee
When you waste all of your body type ramen and realize you got a fake gold SquirtleTGXD
Well tonight has been super disappointing in Overwatch competitive. All my progress climbing gold into plat has bee… _silver_oak
I can’t wait for CFG! The only thing that sucks is Cudi and Ye are going to bring in the Complex Con fuccbois—whic… jez_gold
this dude has been trying to impress these girls for a while and said “you know how good girls go for bad guys” and… fallopium
ew wtf i brought a wispsa gold thinking it was like a crunchie, disappointing abbie_tomkins
Now that we finally got the Gold for Fake Love, I can finally give my poor spare phone a little rest and press paus… JeykahTorres
Ugh I want WarioWare Gold so bad. Once I get a new job I'm gonna buy it as a reward to myself! valentines_faye
SoundCloud gets a bad rap cause of the rainbow haired rappers but I swear there’s gold all over that platform shawnistimeless
i thought golf was the most boring thing ever... untill i saw this hot guy spit on his gold golf club to clean it JayThe__Boss
I just remembered my horrible granblue dream where I saved up enough gold moons to get the fart bow for my titan gr… ducksandlemons
If there isn't a single Sindhi or Bappi Lahiri in #Gold I'm going to be disappointed. #GoForGold Weeneeet
Makeup companies, I beg you separate gold/pink highlighters and shitty unicorn ones so I don’t waste my money on pa… stephjmmajor
I ranked in gold last season and this season, I had 1-2 people leave in five of my ranking games. It was horrible a… kennylefleur
Dear white boys, Stop wearing thick, gold, chains with some sperry shoes and “salt life” long sleeves. It’s not a good look. BatmansOracle
The moment when you work hard on your elo and get constant 2 points and lose 3 machtes in a row and drop back on gold That sucks mXg_II
Reading Hieronymus Münzer’s 1494 notes on the Codex Calixtinus. Sounds boring till you get to the part where Charle… slebennett
If bad decisions was an Olympic event, I would take the gold. alyssbrianna
I swear there should be an Oscar category for editing trailers 'cause it's a god damn talent to edit crap and trick… HaveYouMetPola

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