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Good News

Release Date: December 27, 2019

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GOOD NEWS!! I'M GOING TO BE A GREAT AUNTIE!! 😁😁😁😁😁 smalltwngirl78
Looking forward to a great 2020! All kinds of good news in store! #followMeGaryvee BMichaels22
would be real great to get some good news or at the very least something nice to happen, really needing it lately Oni_Fucker
But Good news guys my credit score has gone up ~100 points since early 2019 which is amazing!!!! Maybe 2020 will ma… cystgendered
BREAKING Good news “Amar Colony” shop sealed by Monitoring Committee just got DESEALED..It's a great gift on this G… manishluthrabjp
A wonderful day Although I almost got a heart attack from Bae Thank you for all the good news I receive today Ho… LIngLinGcHAn819
Heard some good news today @JulianCastro just realized that he is not yet ready to run our great country, as many… Reifortune
The year just started and I'm getting some good news This could turn out to be a great year if I can get a bit of weight hahaha 😅 lockingtoni
What an amazing day yesterday was! It’s the 20’s-let’s make them ROAR so that every tribe, every tongue, every nat… tctlamb
I'm really not used to hear good news...This year is already so great and it's just the beginning. #DaesungDaebak Jie26544646
He attac™ but the good news is amazing how good they are at finding totally gross p... agapakitron
Hearing Many Good News About #Indian2 It will Be A Great Treat For Every #KamalHaasan Fans & Cinema Lovers.… Life_is_Circle_
This year will be great !!! More good news will come to us ikonics and monbebe fam ♡ junie_wonnie
Good News Possibility Of #NRC Producing Wonderful Result "1000s Of Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants Quit Delhi, Raj… Mohin19871
I have a good news for our wonderful mayor of Houston a couple I guess in their 40s maybe 50s almost got ran over b… ALBERTL45655442
The best English New Year gift so far ...@TIinExile is back. Great News, Good News. brahman79837475
wow #2020 is already off to an amazing start 🙈 got a promotion at work and found out some really good news 🙌🏽 can’t wait for this year! manishavirk_
good news neo yokio just as amazing as ever in 2020 buffbushka
boys i have some really good news, i will be announcing it tomorrow!! this is a great start to my 2020!!!! vopattv
Well, I didn't go to Brazil as planned but good news, we have an amazing road trip to La Patagonia at the end of this month. Aksana95
Ok tbh i’m struggling with signal since i’m still on this roadtrip but YAAASSSSSSS next good news is me getting a wonderful job AMEN wonderfulxuxi
Good news I got my laptop fixed(granted it only has 250gb but still its better than nothing so im happy, now to resume my work LanceBulmerVO
Ahhh waking up to good news, what an amazing way to start the new year 😁 booryon
Getting good news on January 1st is a great way to start off the new year! 🤗🙏🏼 GeeItsMarGee
got good news this morning. what a great start 🙌🏽 dollabillx
good news my mother, too, enjoyed Kygo, like the beach tonight pray24h
What a Good News it is? #Goodnewwz is exceptionally well should earn 24 to 26cr today on 6th day, footfalls is better than 1st sunday. Pulkit1111989
Welcome to year 2020, this year is going to be a great year for you , it shall be glorious, it shall be good news a… iam_miccolin24
It's a new year with feelings of excitement, anxiety nd a faith that God will do great and new things in our lives.… OladapoAbe
Any kind of support would be great. Been having a rough go at it lately. Positive gifs. Good news on your end. Etc.… Ghostthan
The first half of 2019 was AMAZING but nothin happened after July. You know what they say tho, no news is good news… JaxMakesThingz
It’s been a great year for me. Work is great lots if trips and learning about resorts. Lots of fun experiences and… MGrenat
Good news everyone. If you didn’t go to a Great Gatsby themed New Years party this evening, like myself. Do not fre… JaceyMeador
wow im so happy to hear all the good news about bts and wjsn today. they really make my 1st day of 2020 great already 😭 sugaingg
the good news is, Utah is in GREAT position for another FG confidentdunce
Wishing everyone a very happy and wonderful New Year. May the new year bring good news and peace to all. God bless. 🙏 ddmullanfiroze
Have a wonderful year guys! 2022 Still no good news that we wanted for kireanimal64
Tonight we celebrate good news 😝 & an amazing year! Cheers 🥂! LuisxFernando88
Since we’ve all had so much good news tonight after a difficult day, tonight would be a great night to give to Pres… 1Corinthians15
Happy new year 🍾🍾🎈🎈✨✨ Cheers to a great 2020.. Baba God all I want is peace of mind this year, and plenty of good n… Ope_debss
Good news @CharlieBakerMA / @MassGovernor! @pbusardo had a great point: Now that T21 is passed, federally, you ca… IVapeBTW
twitter doctor: so good news we have a tweetment me: great what is it!? twitter doctor: can’t, forgot MoistBreadstick
The good news is the depression won't be after the 20's bc I've been going through one GREAT depression recently 🤪😂😂 South_Of_Sanity
Welcome to year 2020.Where 🎖Success 🎖Progress 🎖Making money 🎖Promotion 🎖Amazing offers 🎖House warming 🎖Getting… yusuf_olawoyin
To all Remainers and defenders of democracy... have a wonderful new year. May 2020 bring good news and happiness. T… paulclark2000
2020 all I want is good news from ME, FAMILY, BAE, LOVED ONES&FRIENDS. #NewYearChallenge #Welcome2020 #NewYear Doux_zeenat
I been getting good news since yesterday,happy for my friends and loved ones deadass ❤️❤️ dymondzrfaevah
Happy new year to all my friends and family 2019 was pretty rubbish losing so many people I loved hoping 2020 is be… hullchick23
Have a great new year everyone. I however will be full of cold. But good news is i should be able to get a new pc b… seifericedragon
Sharing good news with people you love and having them be just as excited and happy for you is a wonderful feeling… StarRhapsody
Thanks for the pics and the good news that thandis cubs might still be around that would be great a very happy new… LambieVivienne
What a great way to start the year. 🤗💕 Thank you for all the good news 🙈 mylightmyday
“For God loved the world in this way: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not p… DouglasJWinkler
Happy New Years to all. May the year 2020 be a great year to all, full of good news, success story and joy. Be safe wherever you are. HadiAdinan
Good news - #TheBitterEndBar is open today from 4pm. Great beer, excellent wines and prosecco, lots of different gi… thebitterendbar
Apologies for the inactivity over the last week... it’s been a busy and great Christmas! The good news is it’s...… doctor_podcast
We keep on receiving good news..imma happy for us..hopefully its a great starter for upcoming year♥️♥️ shakey_lulalis
unfortunately TROS has soiled a lot of what i loved about the sequel trilogy but the good news is that i still love… mintfoam
Good news about Goodnewzz is that its too good.. a must watch... never laughed so much in theatre in recent years..… vishwamitra01
Great to see young Irish ☘️ Man Jason Knight getting a brace for @dcfcofficial small bit good news after a brutal f… JobyKelly
It’s amazing that even in the midst of bs, you can still get good news! freddiedagreat_
Finally home after a bloody long day. Good news is that the boiler is fixed though so great to have everyone back h… RTFishalOrijnal
VERY excited to announce that i might finally have another work crush (this is good news bc work crushes are great… reblakely
Really enjoyed good news stories about rewilding on #backfromthebrink on RTE. Noted there were no wind turbines in… dr_morrissey
I sense some good news. Good vibes. Good things. Wonderful stuff. Change. Dennis_Migot
Started to forget how good news felt until today. Great way to end a shit year 😁 utft1988
#GoodNewwz is so, so, GOOD! Loved. Every. Moment. It’s funny, engaging & emotional in equal measure! @akshaykumar… garimajain121
Good News ! 18 More Signatures To 1k Supporters . A Great Milestone . Please Lift A Finger . Sign Reparations Petit… ATICKIT
There's a great scene in uncut gems where Howard receives good news for practically the first time in the movie but… KlumpofConor
Today isn't gonna be great. My back/shoulder are in terrific amounts of pain. The good news is I get to turn in t… jmshick0130
Good news. Gen Rawat be on first CDS. He has been rewarded for great work done for goverment and commitment towards… thakurratan
“From heaven above to earth I come to bear good news to every home; glad tidings of great joy I bring, whereof I n… glc_clarksville
Hey @BelowtheBonnet Good news, absolutely loved your Tony Cochrane podcast. Thank u for giving us something this wo… Bundynelle
What a great game last night whoever says there not afraid of either team is drunk or stupid.. the good news is Se… KingOfArdmore
got two good news today and one of it is x1 coming back (┳Д┳) wht a great way to end 2019 (┳Д┳) halmyungnae
Today is such a great day, so much good news in on day. How blessed i am 😭😭 widyakreistanti
Breaking Good News #goodnewz rocking on the box office 1st monday is going to be better than 1st friday advance is… Pulkit1111989
I've got good news What I got interview Waaaa From panasonic Great But i mcm nak tolak je Why ....and the rest is history nrtlnjw23
Good news! Rewatching both seasons of Derry Girls means all the great 90s Britpop & Irish Rock classics have replac… BMK1080
I hope today X1 and IZ*ONE have a good news, and it must be something great on next year. Yeah, I mean.. comeback b… summerkyh
Psalm 40:9 I have proclaimed the good news of righteousness In the great assembly; Indeed, I do not restrain my li… dornanm
tbt to when I introduced 3 people to Jackson’s song titanic yesterday and they loved it. Just out here spreading the good news😂🤷🏾‍♀️ erincity127
This hasn’t been a great offensive showing but good news is offensive line is having its second consecutive really good performance whitty0013
Great news for the AFC West @JayGlazer just reported Anthony Lynn is safe! So happy bc that roster is pretty Damn g… no25juice
Something went wrong with the world... The good news is that God so loved the world that he did something about it. @BrianZahnd @WOLC elijahdavid613
Do not be afraid; for see-I am bringing good news of great joy for all people #Luke #SundayMorning #Episcopal SaintMarksErie
Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How muc… SSS_RABBY
Not a fan of Akshay kumar but to be honest loved the movie Good news for the reason it made me cry alot. Didn't li… rgr_dso
Got so much blessings and good news even before this year ends! Can’t wait to see what great things this coming new… balvdg
Here is good news or its #GoodNewwz amazing movie... @akshaykumar sir and the whole cast. Akshay sir never disappoints 🤗 SawanTomar
Clippers close out the third great and pat Bev is back on the floor, some very good news. ballhoopz1
Great game. Good news is the Buckeyes aren’t going anywhere. Gotta score in the red zone. Period. They didn’t. Goo… timlastivka
Day with a great 4th down call. But then doesnt go for 2. Has a chance to ice it but decides to give it back to Law… mikepenich
The holidays are so wonderful but hectic. I don't have much time to work on much editing, so videos are coming out… JaxomNautilus
Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don’t know how great you can be! How much you c… LunchBox507
The next few days will be key in the crypto market. There will be a great bullish or bearish movement. In my opinio… crypto_voyeur
Received such a good news, I love seeing my loved ones happy ! It makes me happy too 😊 #2020isgoingtibeepic anotherwofstyle
The end of the decade is going off to a great start for me. I hope everybody else has received some good news befor… SerenelySabrina
Back to work not ready. But, I had a wonderful Christmas with my family. Good news all around for my phys… debrataylor386
Tell your loved ones that they're gay. People love to react positively to good news. olchunkacoal
Just for Sid i have to tweet while watching Good news....Superb movie by the way. @akshaykumar @RealVinduSingh… dabasvipin83
Luke 2:10 (ESV): “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” If yo… Psalm112Men
Absolutely loved watching red team & all the amazing cast @nativityuk last night. You were all fabulous!… LylaPeters_
So many good news from friends all around. Thank you for an amazingly positive end, 2019. 🤗 imnotmew
Good news for Alluarjun fans Ala Vaikunthapuram Superb Report Thanks for Haasini and Haarika Geeta Fims for giving… Josh99992
Trojans appear to be better than the typical B1G offenses Iowa's used to seeing. The good news for the Hawkeyes? U… Abridge2farce
Well good news sitting here in Missouri at my moms and just complete my sermon Godis Great and Greatly to Be Praised joshmonda
And the good news continues.. many congratulations to @Lotte_IWill our fabulous management committee member… victoriakpeel
I think twitter is amazing tool because whenever I tweet something, someone see it. Since someone see my tweet ever… sosuke1018
I sleep after watching your gcf and now waking up with a wonderful good news. My baby bunny angel just name the mos… solidbts_army
Day two of good news. This is just amazing and awesome and I’m so over the moon happy BriGreenawalt
so i do not feel super great about my chances of finishing marriage pact fic in a way that makes me happy by new ye… awkspiritanimal
“But the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.… Sandrad12234656
The good news: My wonderful partner got my car detailed right before Christmas! The other news: Actually we switc… lbwilson1975
Hope it’s been a great #holidayseason We are proud of our #student college acceptances! Looking forward to more goo… Portico_Academy
Lk2:10-11-But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid! For behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will b… afscpa
The amount of good news I have heard this holiday season is such a great reminder of all of the blessings I and my loved ones have 🥰 EmmaRenfrow94
But today I received some good news and great help from 2 people. Thank you so much I am so grateful 😊🥰 graycolorapple
Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don’t know how great you can be! How much you c… MohaziWalker
#GoodNewwzDay go n watch good news ....amazing movieeeee KHILADI73611821
Tell me we have a great OC incoming.......I need good news! CWB352Cane
Blessed 2nd Day of Christmas everyone. Let’s keep our hearts wrapped around the beauty of, “good news, of great joy, for all people.” RandyEDean
One of the few bits of good news left to us is that we’ll never live long enough to hear all the great music in the… TWM71
But good news: my dad just gave me my Christmas gift (an amazing wooden elephant sculpture I’ll take a pic of when… KaitDunlap
Good Morning Everyone...I Hope All Had A Great Christmas Day...All Should Know What The Good News Of That Day Is...… MarkTay75310828
Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How muc… rieynaaulaa
Wonderful Worship Merry Christmas Good News in Rulduwala Thank you for inviting our dear Pastor D. S. Sindhu Pastor L. S. Sidhu Preetministries
before the end of this year can I have just one great thing TT one good news realchaeyeong
What's up everyone and good morning. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a wonderful new year. Got some g… PKillstreaks
Verses of the Day-- "The angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for… FrMattFaulstich
good news laid ease!! im slipping into littlespace a lil for the first time in forever and its!! amazing!! i missed it so much!! pecheing
Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don’t know how great you can be! How much you c… FarrisYang
it'd be great if we can get the good news asap.... ddalgiess

865 Negative

just actually read the serving size for my vitamin d and I have good news and bad news the bad news is that I've b… quinnithanearl
Bad news : smoke cover. Good news : the smoke cover might keep the temp. down 🔥 Ladymondgreen1
Gym update: Good news and bad news from last session. Bad news first: didn't lift all that heavy from last session… habib_olapade
Good news: my tuition was about $300 cheaper this semester Bad news: it’s still out the ass expensive to go to school tf CryingWithStyle
Good news; stitches removed from my belly button and one drain removed!! Yea me!! Bad news; other drain still in f… acannon6
Good news: Started writing again, setting myself back on the right track. Bad news: The news of wildfires in Austr… CBBlackwell1
Good News: My New Appliances Were Delivered Today. Bad News: Fucking Fridge Doesn’t Fit... 🤦🏽‍♀️ Marely_Galvan
You want the good news or the bad news? Well, theirs no good news. eleonore0628
Welp bad news is it's looking like we're on the verge of another war in the middle east. Good news is my hearing wo… IanofRage
Good news: I got the Worldline Zero. Bad news: I have no idea how to sword-skate regularly, so learning how to tele… Kezajaws
And my phone dropped on the ground. Good news, screen, phone and phone case itself is still intact, shocking. Bad… OniRokaku
bad news: i didn’t catch any fish good news: my phone is still above water FossCourtnie
<sigh> The laptop is dead. Good news is that most of my files are still accessible thru Dropbox. Bad news is the ha… DJPursiful
bad news: the gas in my apartment has been shut off without notice for 3 weeks now good news: I finally have someon… caseydilla03
It’s you who is the problem when it comes to where you’re at in life, that’s the bad news! Good news is, if you’re… BrennEn_NoWak
Good news. Hijikata is starting to notice me. Bad news. I did the dumb and read for four hours straight and my throat hates me. Tovi_the_Reader
Lots of #geography in the news today. Sadly as usual, it’s not good news #AustraliaBushfires #wildfires… wjcblackshaw
Good news: I’ve started watching @YouNetflix. Bad news: I’ve started watching @YouNetflix. JordynBerg
Good news, not a hernia, bad news groin pull don't know which is worse but the ice pack by my yam bags is just distributing the pain JasonWWalton1
The bad news is, life isn’t easy. The good news is, you don’t have to depend on yourself. You can rely on Allah. buharisimoli
Stop telling bad spirits good news ‼️ _MariahStar
Good news: new heart medication may help solve my arrhythmia problems. Bad news: it costs $788 a month. BtotheBrock
I learned a lot about American Girl dolls today. Good news: there's an Indian one after all Bad news: she's an a… Prachibhard
Good news after training is that my legs feel fine, bad news is that, despite being on a new inhaler, my asthma sti… Chazaa10
#StopPortrayingAsimNegative The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot. TAsimftw
The good news is I am not contagious and my fever is gone. The bad news is I’m starting off 2020 with a throat infe… laurscallen
Well got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is I still can't get into it and the good news is I have a… Loyalryanblane1
bad news: a lot can change in a year good news: a lot can change in a year CarlosMont3s
Ok everyone so I have some good news and bad news for you today first off good news we will be moving to a new hous… Nebula__Gaming
Bad news balanced with good news MalikonIce
Update: will have new passport by 2pm. The bad news is that our airbnb for the night is 4 hours away. The other g… FrostedVeins
good news: I don’t have the flu! bad news: it’s my gallbladder. pixkanaka
Have a job interview tomorrow..need some good news so bad😩🤞🏻 _AfterDreams
The bad news is time flies, the good news is you are the pilot ☺️ sara_rk96
It's 2020 and #ClimateChange will destroy all of us very soon. That's the bad news. The good news is, there is this… RateRepo
good news: you can do whatever you want actually bad news: consequences e99yolk
The bad news is, life isn’t easy. The good news is, you don’t have to depend on yourself. You can rely on Allah. Abduljamaare
Good News For People Who Love Bad News. ralphykid67
Good news - I've recovered from the horrible disease I've had since Christmas! Bad news - developed Sinusitis and… Under_The_Eagle
So the bad news is that my illness has gotten worse and i'm now basically bedridden and highly medicated so I have… Bersekrer
Bad news: amblyopia is getting worse Good news: fully treatable via vision therapy Bad news: insurance doesn't cover vision therapy _parasitedoll
So I have good and bad news. Bad news: we go back to school on January 7th. Good news: We only have 91 school days… brittne_breann
So I have good news, and bad news. Bad: I was really wanting to dive into Tarkov with everyone, but bitrate issue… DeimosG_
good news: am no longer in as much pain as i was yesterday, which was significant! bad news: Foot Hurty. :( morgayns
Bad news: Still stuck with a splint on for another 4 weeks and cannot lift more than 10 lbs. with my right hand. G… ZNINJA5000
Bad news: it’s a full working day. Good news: it’s a short week. medmotivation9
good news is i finally have a dark mode instagram bad news is I've a dark mode instagram fwugazi
Stop telling BAD spirits GOOD news ! Just shhhhh!!!!!🤐 lady_munchkin26
Good News, Bad News Dept.; Bad News:@JulianCastro has dropped out of the 2020 Presidential race. Good News: he REAL… ForbardStory
Instead of the bad news in this early year, I also feel soooooo freakin’ happy with other good news from kpop. Hanb… dkduyulovmi
Forget iPhone 8 there's difference between am pregnant and I don get belle😎.. One is a good news and one is a bad news🍆🍆 lordluccifer
Just got my knee x-rayed. Had to wear a lead loincloth. Good news, bad news: It was long enough michaer27
The bad news is, life isn’t easy. The good news is, you don’t have to depend on yourself. You can rely on Allah. Zakarimuh
The bad news: Nothing lasts forever The good news: Nothing lasts forever rikeshanand
So I’ve had bad news after bad news lately and I’ve just been really stressed lately so last night I read my bible… cinjorella
got some good news from the doctor today my lungs are not as bad as they thought lungs are still damaged but helped… DamoHiddy
Home from work! Good news... the backpack I ordered is out for delivery already! Bad news... the power bank hasn’t… chocoemo
Me: mom dyw the bad news first or the good news? Mom: bad news Me: i got the highest mark in class for innovation,… SmollSoftie
Good news: I can close the button on my jeans again. Bad news: I'm not wearing them. FrauGern
Good news is I got a letter telling me I can book an appointment for appropriate mental health services. Bad news i… xCharIes
Good news is my knee seems to be at least 80% better. Bad news is my opposite foot had swollen due to I presume com… si_hunt
I have bad news and good news. trash_bees
"The good news you came a long way, the bad News you went the wrong way 'Think being broke is better. Coz what's mo… NderyJayne
Good news: After slow-cooking all day yesterday, I finally don't have a fever. Bad news: I'm still so fucking exha… reigningcecilia
Here is what I'm here to do; to offer good news to the #poor, release to the #prisoners, sight to the #blind, liber… redsireland
Bad news and good news at the same time... I hope that bad news is wrong 😔 firesunbunny
Bad news is my body is trying to die of fear. Good news is I drew my battle lines a year ago and now it's just a m… kirindensetsu
good news! i remembered how to get to work!!! bad news! i forget all my passwords!!!! poopwitch
Well good news is that i'm not ill anymore, bad news is my body is aching like no other. MY GOD, the limited body m… Zentekki
I had a dream that I had a really bad haircut (kind of a floppy mohawk/undercut?) and my sibling dyed my hair terri… probsnotwinter
I just received not good news DerFandalorian
Some albums sound like specific time periods to me like Good News For People Who Like Bad News sounds like the time I graduated high school dantetripp
Good news is @cantfindmike is awake... bad news is I will pay money to watch everyone burn!!! BobbysMotorbike
Maszlee. I don't know whether it's good news or bad news. #EducationMinistryInLimbo teikmin92
Good news, I got more then 5 hours of sleep. Bad news, It was only like 2 extra hours lol SuperSecretBlue
The bad news is, life isn’t easy. The good news is, you don’t have to depend on yourself. You can rely on Allah. NurmasyitahMohd
New Year, new disbursement prices! The bad news is Gazette adverts are going up a whopping 9%. The good news is our… MVLOnline
The bad/good news are revolving around EFF/DA/ANC , I wondering why it's rare to report about FF+/IFP/ UDM/ACDP/oth… MfaneloPatuleni
bad news and good news at the same time💔 daisycraft_
Before knowing who is replacing him, for me, resignation of @maszlee is not a good news... #kpm #education Mr_Zarin
The bad news is, life isn’t easy. The good news is, you don’t have to depend on yourself. You can rely on Allah. Yusra9977
i didnt want to come in to work today good news: i did and my shift is nearly over bad news: i did fuck all star_shipped
For a bit of@good news amongst the bad: it’s certain that one day soon #ScottyfromMarketing will no longer be our ‘… sarahcraft_
Michael Altshuler The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot. LouYanong AtGirlGotSkillz madrona_sheena
good news and bad news. i'm already making more music. not sorry is out on january 10th. it's up to you to decide which is which. erkead
Bad News: Back at work. Good News: Just consumed a vitamin for the first time in about 3 weeks. LkWtsn
Good news for us and now bad news coming by? kettlepoot
ive been really sick for the whole holiday break and it sucks. but this morning i woke up & felt loads better. then… ayitayie
The Good News: trip home complete with @HalfandHalfTea The Bad News: my sorry caffeinated self will be UP ALL NIGHT almamedieval
Good news is you came a long way, but the bad news is nigga u went wrong way‼️🎵 neeko_2428
today’s good news / bad news good news : may food network pa sa cignal! supposedly last day na kahapon 🤗 bad news… imogenkin
Good news ducks won. Bad news blazers lost to another bad team. ronniestuart77
Everyone good New and bad new the good news is they new movie it all munla ya bad news it come at 27 march :( 2020 😭 xue_luna
not good news minsfiress
The bad news is that this winter is giving me dry patches that need extra moisturizer. The good news is that this g… ptcurley
Good news: I’ve decided that I’m going to spend the rest of my life alone because everyone sucks...... Bad news: I’m sad and disappointed savanna95726545
I've got good news and bad news about reaching your health and fitness goals in 2020... Bad news? It's probably g… HBFitDrea
Bad news: today isn’t Saturday and there’s work tomorrow Good news: tomorrow is Thursday only two days until weekend thomastypo
Bad news travels faster than any good news you’ll ever hear JustinRhine15
I've got good news and bad news first the bad news The kids are still noisy af and they keep waking me up every fr… Sephirain
Guys I have some bad news. I’m likely going to miss the @PhilaUnion home opener. And at least one other game do to… RickyRondo
the good news is im at absolute rock bottom mentally, so there’s no going downhill from here. the bad news is that… ameliagensch
good news im staying on roblox and running for DNC if its not ur party too bad start rolling out the endorsements ty loves LawAusa
good news, 2020 let’s you in even if you have terrible vision chybanta
I've been through so much with 2019. I cried, I laughed, I got disappointed, got embarrassed, everything. Now, I'm… angeleeedrosa
at least this is one good news out of many bad ones dubdubsdubu
good news! things are bad sinistreuphoria
okay soooo good news! lex helped my dumb ass figure out streaming so i can do that now! bad news! my tablet finally… poppypeets
The good news is nigga you came a long way The bad news is nigga you went the wrong way Olindaodovitor
Good news: I am now cured of my stomach flu Bad news: I lost 5+ pounds in one night, I am very weak, and now movi… beansproutbear
Bad news is that I’ve already seen Easter candy out at stores. Good news is it’s almost Irish potato candy szn pinkhair95
The good news is you came a long way, the bad news is you went the wrong way. kyhra103
Good news: I'm doing a realistic drawing again Bad news :AHDHJFDJ,VSVASIUUUUHHHHHHH normalguyted
There are so many bad news on the 1st day of 2020. But I am glad that we have also good news on the 2nd day of 2020… KAYHYUN1
Bad news: I was short 2 cashiers tonight because one didn't show up amd one left in the middle of her shift without… SlothBless
♥“ 2019 Was a year full of Good news & Bad & full of surprises , The Experiences made me & changed me into a better… sk_romygirl
1/2 "For whatever it is that we who mount the sacred desk do when we come to the pulpit, if it is not good news to… FirePreaching
The good news is I finally got the internet working! The bad news is I'm now terribly unmotivated to continue unpac… me0wsicles
Bad news: I’m late to this thing. Good news: I don’t have to stay long. Hashtag small victories 2020 Ultimo_fontain
It’s a good news bad news scenario for @realDonaldTrump. Good news: You will be a two term president. Bad news: Y… captainballast
Good news is that there is a way to fix this whole mess. Bad news is that Noah will be the one to explain it to you. actualbirdjesus
Well, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that Warner Bros. pulled their classic movies (Bonnie & Clyde… BigBrother1988
Bad news is I had to contact #amazon support chat with real human to cancel an order with failed payment. I couldn’… dinakazakevich
Bad news: I ended up at an after hours last night. Good news: The rest of the year can only go up from here. x3_lauren
Good news for the #JaneAusten fans who've been bugging me, I'm reading one of hers! Bad news maybe: It's Northanger… notes_snark
Good news: I don't got pneumonia. Bad news: I gotta take steroids for 10 days. My father has immediately started to… 7x9000
With bad news also can come good news! The free picks Bama crushes! Congrats to all! 1-1 to start the slate! PicksFun
What’s going on with the Cowboys? Good news or bad news? I’m afraid to even look. #CowboysNation themosesguthrie
The good news is that Patterson finally hit a long ball. The bad news... #GoBlue AlCzervik6
So good news, not dying. I know, I know I’m disappointed too. But this nasty chest funk thing took my voice away so there’s that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ tsanford2432
MS=bad immune system. A few days ago, I thought I was getting a cold/virus. Then it went away. Good news. 👏🤗 Today… theonlyjunedoe
I have good news and bad news. Bad news is I just shaved my happy trail. Good news I'm getting my stomach tatted today. Wooooo AYCMegatron
Bad news: I got my period so I feel like shit and my acne is acting a fool. Good news: I got my period so now I don… iilluminaughty
Good news - not in work until Monday. Bad news - 4 more days of binge eating. Good news - 4 more days of binge eating. KevBounds
Good news : Remus va bien Bad news : je panique Moryortie
last year, my new year's dream was a bad omen that we would lose a lot of money, and we definitely did. this year I… zzsleeps
Bad news for Cowboys fans: The Eagles are probably not going to regress very much. They had bad injury luck and wil… Jan_Hus_1369
Good news <- the surgery I have been waiting for to relieve my pain is officially scheduled! Bad news <- it is on… Forestghost_
Good news! I can breathe again! Bad news, I can't fucking talk. Lost my voice to this cold. Hopefully it comes back tomorrow. Sorry guys. :( AndowsDan
good news: i've gotten one of the va11halla endings. bad(?) news: jill got evicted into alma's arms. TheWikt
bad news: climate fanatics can ban btc in EU, bacause mining consumes too much electricity ( yes they can, because… night_gate
Good news: @netflix flushed #Friends like the turd it is Bad news: it still exists elsewhere on the planet, and like herpes, will return DouglasCudd
the bad news is the kibgs r 10 games under 500 the good news is that theyr only 3 games behind the spurs 4 the 8 seed jibitherebbe
Good news: next New Year’s Day, we’ll be top 4. Bad news: it’ll be in the Championship. #otbc #globalcanaries #phillycanaries CanariesPhilly
Good news you came along way Bad news is you went the wrong way -@patronis35 Dustyn777
The bad news is I’m spending New Year’s Day sitting around Hackensack Hospital. The good news is the tiramisu in th… simpleasvat
Good news: I found the source of my PC's coil whining! Bad news: I found the source of my PC's coil whining! Flfycats17
Bad news is : you cannot make people like , love , understand , accept , or to be nice to you . Good news is : it doesn't matter Fara7Ssh
The good news is you came a long way The bad news is you went the wrong way _thisrose
Good news #Shehnaazians NO confession. Just a simple conversation. Feeling bad for #Sidnaazians ZarinTa73746565
started 2020 with a busted lip and sum good news. not even a bad start at all _liteeyes_
The good news is nigga you came a long way The bad news is nigga you went the wrong way __arshavin
Good news is we’re 8 points clear before we’ve played . Bad news is we’ve got the same team out who was shocking last game josh04678858
I wanna take my boyfriend to the Dirty Honey concert with @93XFM at Dixie Roadhouse for his birthday... too bad the… exuberantram
Good news. with Buspar, I didn't have any bad thoughts or night terrors. Still far from well but this is good LookingBackPod
The bad news is time flies The good news is you are the pilot Blessings for you in 2020 — positief LarindaBok
supervisor: *gives me good news* me: *immediately gives her a scenario where the good thing could go bad* superviso… vanessa_yay_
Praying for good news but Expecting bad news. Just hope 2020 starts how I want not how it’s looking tobeesss
Bad news: May work na bukas. Good news: Work from home ako. 😅 Maryela07
|| [1] Alright everyone, I have good news and bad news. GOOD news. I have 100 followers! Woohoo!!! /BAD/ news.… TheUnholyDivine
Good news, I’m finally gaining weight. Bad news, it’s all going to my gut and now nothing fits right teenytortellini
Good news my people!! We made it to 2020!! Bad shitty tweets will continue this year and well into the future. 😐😂 ewnolds
the bad news is that im not done cleaning up the good news is i have a very clean desk after a very long time monoccrow
Is it good news or bad news?? 🙄 anjhiejhieeee
Good news: remembered to re-enable my alarm after 12 days off work. Bad news: have to go back to work after 12 days off work. pharrap
The word Gospel means “Good News.” Unfortunately, some people witness as though the Gospel is the bad news of conde… abdieldeltoro
Good News - Bad News China bought a billion dollars worth of Canadian seafood in 2019 Canadian consumers will p… FDeCoste
The good news is i can finish all the video games i want to in just 130 days of playing them 8 hours a day. the bad… FDBMenK
good news: found arachnophobia patch for tomb raider 2 bad news: will probably have to start the game over from the beginning :( itgoesthrough
change yuh life in silence.. n only give highlights..... Nuh ask nobody fi no opinion r thoughts duh Yuh thing bad… Yolli_Milkshake
GOOD NEWS, I GOT MY ACCOUNT BACK!!!!! Bad news, I moved already, and hate this If your a true Joshikoy fan, I recom… Joshikoyold
Good news: my id card siap Bad news: they spelled my name wrongly :(( “muhammad elore” Eldre_Raffe
The bad news is that I completely humiliated myself last night. The good news is that in 2020 I will be fleeing fro… CharlieMosley17
dunno if bad or good news yon hahshahshsha Jilyannn2
Hoping today brings good news and not bad news 🙏🏼🙏🏼 tobeesss
"The bad news is you're falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is, there's no ground." hazyaran
ok so the good news is my dream turned out completely false (motherfucker better stay that way too) bad news idk if… sofftskies
Good news is: I didn’t do anything particularly embarrassing tonight and remember everything. Bad news: LA water… BellusMortis
the bad news: irma’s car is stuck in the walmart parking lot again bc it’s not running the good news: i know exactly what’s wrong w it now jayy_darling_
Good news: I can feel my stomach again. Bad news: All i ate was soup yesterday, so i can really feel my stomach again. Yanks_xMx
The good news; Dungeons and Dragons is making a comeback The bad news; I rolled a 2 DrewIDIC_Tinker
From bad news to good news real quick. manueljosonjr
Good news: Spurs are 8th seed Bad news: Spurs went into OT with the warriors🤦🏾‍♂️ If we don’t get it together soon then it’s a rap Ty_Norwood97
Bad news: time flies in your life Good news: youre the pilot of your life ajamesc24
#pgp #PR #parentsandgrandparents #PR is on hold until Apr2020. Not coming in Jan2020. Not good news for who are eag… venkateshbin
Page 1 of 366 I got bad news from someone who really close w/ me. Idk if this bad or good news for someone else bu… akuucapekk
Good news: 2019 is over. Bad news: it is officially an election year. goodearla13
The sound of good news, is the noise of celebration. It is not every noise that is bad; the noise of good news, giv… PastorfavourE
Good news: Alot can change in a year Bad news: Alot can change in a year. #2020NewYear #Welcome2020 Fezan_NooR13
So my dad gave me good news and bad news. Good news is I will still be a beneficiary under his insurance until Dece… _melanielee_
2019 sucked for me. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The good news is I’m being treated and my neurologist… kashdown
World spinning not good news smh sluttybitchybbg
“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” Michael Altshuler##NYE2020 Karinab311
the bad news is im not done cleaning my kitchen yet bc I keep getting distracted but the GOOD news is it will be do… AlisterEchoes
Okay so bad news, it only took me 1 minute to make a critical mistake this decade. The good news is, I don't think I can mess up any further JoshFriscic
"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” — Michael Altshuler, Speaker & Trainer mant_hawkins
Good news for people having bad times. This year will also pass and you will survive creating a new legacy behind you. #HappyNew2020 OptLogic
well that good news is this year can’t possibly be as bad the last ☠️ Joseph_Doseph
Bad News - Core sector growth contracts to 1.5%. Worst was cement production drop from 8.8 to 4.1%. this means cons… yourbabies
Good news! I’ve only disappointed my mom once this year. jasmineblair333
I woke up to so many horrible news. But the good news is..... TAEYEON IS COMING BACK FOR CONCERT IN FEB. IM SO HAPPY. TAEYEON AHHH. cheezeeekimbap
good news, new year bad news, last year has been 🙄 KZKaitlin
Good news: Attractive people think they’re Ugly. Bad news: Ugly people think they’re Attractive. theurielperez
Good news: I am approved for the secondary insurance! Bad news: looks like some pages went missing between the stat… lhufham31
Happy New Years! Hoping 2020 is kinder than 2019. Looking forward to brighter days and good news instead of bad. Adios 2019! RDelaverite
Looking forward to 2020, I guess the good news is I don’t have to worry about wasting money on @SanJoseSharks playo… jaredgbeck
The good news is the fireworks haven't started. The bad news is I ate too much too much weed I'm tripping balls… whiskeyovermilk
Got some test results back with some good news and some bad and now I don’t know how I’m meant to be feeling. 😐 GazzaWilde
Bad news: My headache ended before new years, so I can't make jokes about it Good news: I have a NEW headache! petiteklepto
Good news: you got 2020 vision Bad news: it's 2020/2020 PrawnSun
My plane is delayed... Good news: I might be able to see Ateez concept photos Bad news: I will miss New Years party 🙇🏻‍♀️ seonghwonho
good news: i think i fugured out what food makes my tummy super ow bad news: tummy super ow help Artickitten
Let me chime in to the "Happy New Year!" tweets and wish every one that 2020 brings * more good surprises then bad… markuslang13
Bad news: Nothing tonight either. We actually got some regular recording done today so I'm gonna work on editing th… Novanator
Good news: One of the two big tests I have coming up seems to already be in the bag. Bad news: That leaves an ent… ArgusLtd00
Any news was good news And the feeling was bad at home I was out of mind and you Were on the phone steely_dan_bot
Good news: My husband is too broken to be sent to Iran. Bad news: Doesn't mean they won't send yours. I have no ide… drfleckenstein
Good news: most of Utah’s offensive line is back next year Bad news: most of Utah’s offensive line is back next year S_Glaus18
2019 has been so hard. It seemed as if a domino effect of bad things happened for months on end. The good news? I m… kayleeburns27
the good news is i found my phone the bad news is i lost it when i dropped it getting out of the car in the dark an… mermaidfestav1
Good news: My friend got me the FF 13 Trilogy on Steam. Bad news: While he has ordered them and gifted me them, I… RacingJon
Bad news: I have an awful cramp in my foot so I spent my entire shift today limping. Good news: every guest I inte… BoredCaitlin
Happy new year to all my followers! The #NewYear started for me with two news - one good and one bad. The good new… The_Hoff_Fan
Bad news is I shaved my beard off and I don’t recognize myself when I look in the mirror. Good news is I have a spr… offlohi
well good news, I now have some sick ass ram, a nice new psu, a new 1tb ssd, and a nice cpu. the bad news is the m… CptReigan
Good News: We're all alive! Bad News: AI used the Y2K bug to take over humanity and the last 20 years have been a s… GothProducts
My Snapchat is broken. Good news is I can’t send any drunk dick pics tonight. Bad news is I can’t receive any dick pics either. andersenj99
good news: hes here n iss busier than i expected so he'll prolly be here a while. bad news is my hair looks like sh… ghosterina
Bad news. #GeneBird started destroying her tail again. Good news, I will be remedying this before it gets to bad. I… Batman12338
In every bad news, there is always a good news. You have to look deep, to see through it. DOUBLE for the TROUBLE Fraternizer
Good news— My pants are loose around my waist now. Bad news— my fucking legs haven’t got any smaller. ibleedblueDuKE
Bad loss for the sixers, good news is that Joel embild did not play today and thubullye is still injured,pacers are… goknicks123
Friends, 2020 is coming. Bad news: You have become one year older. Good news: It is new year and you can think ab… SimnaniIqbals
The good news is you came a long way...The bad news is you went the wrong way😕 HinesJaymar
Ending this bad year with good news: paper accepted for publication! 🙏 IvankaMW
Some good news is that i'm $200 away from paying off my Alberta Student loan.. the bad news is that the computer an… PolyesterLiving
Bad news: it escalated Good news: I got it on video march_e_lada
"The bad news is time flies, the good news is you are the pilot." Michael Altshuler #TimeManagement. PinkSpagPenny
I have good news and bad news for all of you. The bad news is that I found a new band that I will be spouting off… aj_hewitt
Good news,I got out of the hospital. Bad news, although the doctors didn't straight out said it, I'm very likely a ticking time bomb Zharkiel
Yu gotta stop telling bad spirits good news yanniiii3
just heard a lady at the doctor say "Well, the good news is I'm going to live. The bad news is I'm going to live."… sunflowerloser
Bowden will have to throw the ball for Kentucky to win, not good news Johnny__Toler
Good news tho. Florida St bowl game is on... bad news is FSU isn’t very good richdz
Anybody have any good news? Too much bad news lately. DapperKwitz
The good news is after 40 minutes the #Isles lead the #Caps 4-3. The bad news is the sloppy play in their own zone… LockedOnIsles
Bad news: we're hosting 12+ for the NYE party this evening, most are staying overnight, and I'm responsible for ent… NathanDaniel515
Good news, I am able to go ahead with the therapist. Bad news, turns out I am bad at being honest about how I am fe… Ameeelia_R
Hopefully 2020 has some good news in store for my mom and I, 2019 was horrible, especially to my mom. If not, I'm gonna kill god. EXFullBurst
Good news: anything can change in 24hrs Bad news: anything can change in 24hrs 9stSeem
Good news? Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is FREE for TODAY ONLY. . . . Bad news? Fucking Epic Store. XynEhecatl
"The good news : nothing lasts forever. The bad news :nothing lasts forever. " malak_zamel
I must say panic attacks are intense and real. I started having them real bad 18 months ago after all the things. H… MickeyFlice
It’s bragging when it’s good news but being real when it’s not ,?? Bitch stop bragging on your poor sad ass life ho… EnergyMimithe
Stop telling bad spirits good news ! Aquarius_Baby10
A new year is approaching and it is inevitable to feel nostalgic and inspire.There are 2 news: one good & one bad.… JoseMoyGonzalez
Good news: my cats no longer have fleas Bad news: Milkshake is constipated, which means that until her laxative ki… cowboykewpie
Bad news.... it’s NYE, that means someone dies tonight. Good News.... Nobody ever really dies. ithrowcards
Good news - I 've now watched The Witcher and I really liked it! Bad news - I now have to go play Witcher 3, so th… DaemonStalley
While the good news of 2019 was that Sprague has turned Osten out of local office. The bad news for 2020 is Osten… Ostenville19
Washington cleaning house is bad news but the good news is that the owner stays....and (whispers) he sucks. buckmandrew
Bad news : your not the best at what you’re doing . Good news : you have every tool to change that right in front… KYThecreative
Good news: I completed my Goodreads 2019 challenge with @StephenKing's Pet Sematary on New Year's Eve. Bad news: I… anushuiya
Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has… etherbara
the bad news is the cowboys are done, the good news is all cowboys clothings is on sale kim_barringt
the delightful np i just saw: well, the good news it you scored really high on your test! the bad news is that that… cleverghoul
So good news and bad news. Bad news is that I gotta work today and I don’t want to postpone Tunesday into January s… slamhaus
The Good News is ... I’ll always be honest with you ... The Bad News is ... I’ll always be honest with you. PattysFurniture
Good news is I’ve scheduled myself to count stock tomorrow morning, the bad news is I’m counting stock _lolwyd
Good news: Wendy and carry on bags made it to salt lake. Bad news: checked bag with everything else did not make it to salt lake:/ wendyjo_
The good news this #NYE2020 is I am 2 lbs lighter than 12 months ago. The bad news is I am 17lbs heavier than 8 mon… taviraterry
bad news: cevans wed is also new year’s day and I may well be insufferable good news: I am volunteering most of… artytec
The good news is that I have my scraper script creating logs instead of having to pipe the output. The bad news is… joeling_GK
Good news: I’m not pregnant Bad news: everyone’s asleep and there’s no toilet paper Send help dakotaaraamsey
Bad news: a lot can change in a year. Good news: a lot can change in a year. ifiq_
So, good news. Slept like a baby. Bad news, I had to get up and do stuff. Really tedious things, and could barely… 0MaskedMan0
Adventures w/ the Tiny Roommate: Wife: Good news, he doesn't have the flu. Bad news, his other ear is infected. M… hullomat
BAD NEWS: Deaths from gun violence is at an all-time high in Baltimore City. GOOD NEWS: Injuries from gun violenc… FitCoachBruce
Good news is I lost my voice so I can’t even talk allat shit going into the new year, bad news is bartending is gon… chiefalease
“The good news is, I have been at my coffee shop, and I am almost finished with my coffee. Bad news is, I forgot my… LogoicSupreme
Good news: She likes you Bad news: Not only you. yarrr_zaryaaab
The good news is that Bollywood is now making offbeat comedies like Good Newwz. The bad news is that Bollywood is s… hitwit_subroto
Lee Hi leaving YG is the good news I’d like to end a terrible year on. Get it. jt95z
New year and got new news. X tahu good news ke bad news. Damnn projek approve pulak, padahal ada plan nak growth business irfanmuhaimins
Bad news: Impulsively played my wildcard Good news: The more I tinker with it the closer I get to my old team Or sh… PicklesFPL
Good news. UK landfill waste is now 10% compared to 50% 10 years ago. bensan123
2019 has a lot of surprises from good news to bad news so 2020 will be the same. Kasi life is full of surprises, mind you! fattyfott
Crap last day to a crap year why can’t I ever get any good news?! PennyE13
2019 BAD 2020 INEED A GOOD NEWS ryukkkk__
Its sad when good people get bad news in life & mean people get good news. MAYWARD WELCOMES 2020 #PUSHAwardsMayWards flyerscare
The bad news time flies. The good news you are the pilot -Thomas S. Monson its__Mariiya
Jex de Castro OnWishBus 91. “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” —Michael Altshuler rox_Sassss
Good news: Nichat Bad news: Di mu duty 🙄 Kyleishy
Good news: my libido is back Bad news: my libido is back Prodiji5
╱ this is really getting bad bad bad. i'm terrified for y'all down under. i can just hope and pray for this to… modernsleuth
"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." Goodbye 2019 SanVistaInc
Bad news: Got some good old rib pain again. Now with breathing issues! 😣 Good news: Might be able to justify going… cadyn_cameron
the bad news is that nothing matters but the good news is that nothing matters anniafterdark
Thank you Lord for all the good and bad things that happened to me this year. Sipag, tiyaga, consistency and we'll… Jvinceee9
No news was bad news, no news was good news - but no news was always some sort of news. Best line I read today. dafnieeee
Bad news: instagram IS facebook now Good news: no concept of “friends” so we can reject whoever we want rosyprosey
Good news! I got my fat ass in the gym tonight! Bad news, the stupid late night show, Seth Meyers was on. 15 to 20… DBozzelli
The good news, @tomecurran, is that we don't need to rehash 2nd Q clock mgmt on the pod tomorrow. The bad news is w… kevinkolber
The good news is I received an offer letters from 3 companies for my internship And The bad news is memew found dead hit by the van 💔 wweellmii
Bad news: Didn't get into TCAF Good news: I can now work on my comic with no deadline and totally procrastin-uuuuuh… vanderbaander
Good news: Emergency cars are leaving. Bad news: The brakes on the engine are not functionable at the moment so w… PGDChiSox
The bad news is time flies... The good news is you’re the pilot. iLiciia
Good news today I'm off for New Years Eve and I get paid for it Bad News... Co-worker stripped the wax off the floo… SpoxFox
Got baby fever. Got a dog. Dog acts like a damn toddler. Good news is baby fever is cured. Bad news, how do you get… PixelsMommy
Bad news, i am back, hehe, i mean good news ¬u¬ pokepervD
The bad news: I've got the flu. The good news: I sound like Barry White, baby doll. SteelyZidane
So good news bad news. Good news I feel fuckin' great bad news I'ma be hungover on New Years. God damn. gurlfrancaitlin
Page 365/365, end page of the book. So much memories, ups and downs that we can’t erase. The bad news is the time f… habibnurh
Good news! I met a cute guy and we’ve been talking ☺️ Bad news is he already ghosted me pankie69
GOOD NEWS: YA BOI HAS SECURED A SOCIAL OUTING BAd news: (it’s w that girl who showed up 45 min late last time and i… nonelasagna
Bad news when I'm sober Good news when I'm high o_nujo
Good News: Station is now able to play live on FB! Bad News: "Only For Indie Artists Or talk shows"! The FB Godz… DJLeeBird
bad news is it’s new year’s eve tomrorow and i am so very ill with a fever and just straight up Not Having A Good T… honyedew
Good news: My Celeste CE finally got delivered aaah Bad news: It's at the dorm Hoolemage
Good News: I tried to eat something today. Bad News: It just came back up. I haven’t eaten anything besides crackers in 3 fucking days. DBoiAgustD
The bad news is nothing lasts. The good news is nothing lasts. ChicaCherry5
Bad News: town is on lockdown and food is limited Good News: we've set up a sleeping area at the evac centre AceCavalier
Man, what a Monday. From good news to bad news... 😒 Baseball08Jv
Bad news in the puppy department. The litter from Ginger's breeder due back at Thanksgiving was two puppies and on… Angst_Attack
Good news is that there is a way to fix this whole mess. Bad news is that Noah will be the one to explain it to you. actualbirdjesus
The bad news time flies. The good news you are the pilot. Deluxe_D11
The good news: Samoa Joe is healed up, and will be wrestling again. The bad news: No more Samoa Joe on commentary. :( #Raw Dragonblade
Good news: I've lost some weight Bad news: I need a new bra Worse news: I've gone from a G to an I. This knocks pot… SaphireDance
bad news: if you give the devil an inch, he'll give you a ruler Good news: if you reach for God, with even just a… Jarvis9Alex
Gym update: Bad news and good news. Bad news first: only one new pr to report. Good news? That pr was worth the session. habib_olapade
Out of ALL the bad news and fuck shit that happened today, ATLEAST I got good news with my schooling. Some stress… missspooky0
I managed to trigger the fall detection on my Apple Watch for the first time. Good news - it works! Bad news - ow. MNGwinn
Good News and Bad News. The Bad News is the NASCAR HEAT 4 CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES won’t return until February. I burned… ReyReyCraze
Good news and bad news: they fixed a gate at work so I'm out a bunch of shifts Sad about the lost $$, glad about th… enbylebeau
Good news, there's pasta that's 130 calories at 56 grams. Bad news, it costs like $5+ each! #CICO RtHonLaqueesha
The good news: My flu has been downgraded to a bad cold The bad news: I'm still effectively down, unproductive, &… TheRavvyn
This year I learned that I was never really bad at math, I was just never taught properly. But the good news is I now love statistics! dianapnegron
Good News: I got a new phone thank god but rip my xperia xa :( Bad News: I did not even start my 2000 word repor… obviousAdam__
Got the prednisolone jitters again. The bad news is, it has done absolutely nothing to improve my health. The goo… MrLyleLanley
This kicking game sucks ass but the good news is we're getting a recruit who's so good at every aspect of kicking i… RedArmyUofL
Bad news: I'm going to be spending about $300 to replace my windshield tomorrow. Good news: I can wear jeans to wor… davidjhemphill
My car has been in the shop the past weeks and has WAY more damage than estimated. So not good news, and now it’s a… whiskeyqueen_a
The difference between I’m pregnant and I don get belle is that one is good news while the other is bad news.… osemeke9
When there's bad, there's a good news. MavsyMP
To @_SrPelo_ Good News: I'm making a YTP of your recent video. Bad News: It may wither be crappy or might take a while T-T MArrtist
Well good news... i have MC for Switch if you have it and don't have me on switch DM on Discord... Bad news... I CA… SVValentine10
So stoked to get to play with one of my best friends on destiny2. I have been feeling like crap lately so this is good news the_stai
Bad News: I spent 15€ on pins. Good News: I really love the pins. court_brianna21
The bad news is that I broke a glass lamp with my head on accident and the falling glass cut my finger pretty bad… _chandlerhudson
Boss: "Bad news, you just ordered 5000 expensive forms that we can't use starting on January 2." Boss: "The good ne… notquite_normal
The good news is I think I've found my favourite face primer. The bad news is that it's $50 :( PinkDumbass
Good news: I’m getting my strength back Bad new: one of my pills flew across the room somewhere and now I have to… lolasochill
hopefully we’re getting good news, i don’t know if i can handle any more bad news 😭 emilyyistrash
bad news: left my passport at PDX airport. They shipped it to my layover on another flight. May or may not make it… sophiegreenleaf
Good news: I'm trying art exercises and have a ton of ideas I'm looking forward to! Bad news: Man am I mentally exhausted AppleLill
It’s kind of a good news/bad news situation when you get your most recent property tax assessment and your assessment has gone down. 😃/🙁 sacooper321
Bad News: I have the flu Good News: I have the #witchernetflix to binge again. Thank you so much @LHissrich, this show is BONKERS good JtManozzi
C'mon @Reds need some good news after my piss poor wkend Buckeyedrew33
The good news is my spiraling is getting more simplistic and smaller, the bad news is I’m currently spiraling at work. ChronicCabrera
Bad news is I’ve got a very sore throat...good news is I sound like Bob Harris 🙄 TeessideMark
When you do bad you will receive bad news 😔😢😤, But When you do Good you Will Receive Good News ☺️🥳🤞🏾 You get What Y… BattisteTraymon
The bad news is, I left my anxiety med at home and almost had a panic attack. The good news? I actually stopped my… girlmeetsganja
Finally some good news for poor Luke, now him & Cindy all offically reunited & all set to die the knot (Hopefully) #Hollyoaks #Lindy 💍 GrianneDoherty1
Ask and you shall receive! I am off tomorrow and Wednesday. 😛😛😛 Bad news, I'm out of vacation days. Good news, I… penniesfordaze
Good news: I found the best "everyone is in love with Mei Changsu" song Bad news: it is Ex's and O's alpheratz_is
Such a beautiful thing, you got bad news and good news at the same time. Thank you next 2019 😌 nelconson
So... I've got good news and bad news. Bad news: I'm in pain. Good news: I caught it on camera. OlliesOnline
Good news I am feeling much better today!!! Recovery before the new year seems feasible Bad news I had to go into… Digitalbooklet
Doctor: good news is your alive Me: aw too bad Doctor: •_• Me:•_• SleepyZzz11
The vikings got the noon time slot. Good news for cousins, bad news is, they don't beat teams with winning records. 10KK763
The bad news: nothing is permanent. The good news: nothing is permanent. - Lolly Daskal #quote Playm01
2020 Stop telling BAD spirits GOOD news! Just Shhhhhh! Lamar_x0
bad news- got a little paint on my laptop and it’s in the trackpad good news- still works and it’s quieter now 😌 wishnak
Have you ever shared good news to someone close to you and noticed the energy change? In a bad way.. it’s so unfortunate. jaee_o
XRP-Ripple long story. Good news : Ripple. Bad news: XRP. CryptoRiot
I have good news, and I have bad news. It's the last Monday of the year. kelkrehbiel
Hope the coming time will bring good news and will create happy environment for poor & middle class community of Pa… Muhamma47165039
the bad news is time flies the good news is you’re the pilot thewhitearab_
Football ends in a few blinks and it sucks. Good news is bucs play the Raiders in Vegas next year. DJJustFrank
Possible bad news first thing in the morning. Going to the doctor's office later to get lab results. Hopefully, that'll be good news. risha_tweets
Good news and bad news. Seems like the heating is back on. But I want have hot water till Saturday-Next Tuesday 😅 I… JewelsYounghart
You Gotta stop tellin bad spirits your good news‼️ JozettaV
Well, bad news, I'm sick and coughing. Good news, after this jam-packed couple of weeks of work, gonna be a fair bi… GMTanara
Had to take a quick break from social Good news: new baby boy!!!😍👶🏻❤ Bad news: he's been in NICU for the past week 😭😭😭 BHenson_DC
for every good news, another bad three come up too. wheetopia
I broke my Versace’s yesterday but I put 1500 on my pinky so I wasn’t really in a bad mood. TSO coming in clutch wi… kushanator_713
Pag may good news dat may bad news din ganon mstr? 🙁 dhyn_13
Good news! My mom thinks I’m too sick to go to the DPS office for a new license. Bad news: I’m fucking sick ... and… ssailorss
Same day ! Bad news > Counter Offer > Good news > Second Chance Kah ! Iwanfendy
good news : i love you bad news : as a friend hehe Noorulaiin1
Good news: i love uhh :) Bad news: as a friend ;) _AmnaAsghar_
good news i am 70% done with my paper bad news, i cannot find the willpower to FINISH IT kweenaignacio
Ok so good news bad news. Bad news: The tray won't open on the Xbox I bought yesterday. Good news: The place I bo… FamiJack86
To think on.. Is it more difficult to report good news than bad ?, if all sales are promoted by commercials, then… com_hatfield
Good news: I feel slightly less like garbage than yesterday. Bad news: I still feel like a heaping pile of trash an… lostheather
Bad news: I'm working a night shift on New Year's Good news: I work in a pub 😂😂😂 AnIllegalAsh
bad news: i suck at my job good news: wheelai says im allowed to choke him later liuwyz
Bad news: am seeing people I want to overcome. Good News: they always see me once am كاشخه 🤣🌚 _____ruaa
(( good news is I’m feeling a lot better. Not 100% but a lot better. Bad news is it’s 330am and I’m awake but wan… AizawaSensei10
Good News: the town we're at for our holiday isn't on fire. Bad News: everything else, including all the possible r… AceCavalier
thinking about pulling an all nighter in an attempt to reset my sleep schedule. this is not good news. loopIove
Bad news and good news at the same time wow. defndyu
After all of bad news along these year finally we get a good news☺️🙏🙏 uwuyounn
Good news is that there is a way to fix this whole mess. Bad news is that Noah will be the one to explain it to you. actualbirdjesus
After received lots of bad news and now we end the year with a good news. finally my babies can deo nopi naraga FLY… kingminhee_
good news: x1 is free bad news: they forgot their twt password lol hahahahahaha yoyudominashaun
Good news is, we get a full week to get Brown, Lockett, Diggs, Fant and Clowney healthier. Bad news is, have to t… LAHohn_Sports
The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot. SHOIYEN GRATEFULfor2019 @theyenquirante1 @Shoichi_Oka1026 Mariecl60885550
Stop telling bad spirits good news spotsvacant
last year I was crying on my birthday because of a bad news.. Today, I am crying because of a very good news. 😭💕 T… aouiemariiiee
good news: i ate an orange and a salad bad news: i ate a whole row of oreos ariessbitch
Good news: recovered from my recent ankle roll. Bad news: I rolled my other ankle at practice today. Hell ya. alejwood
the bad news is tomorrow is Monday but the good news is that Tuesday is #NewYearsEve iselin90
I know I shouldn't have let it get this bad but BOY this whole situation really wore down my mental health so much… NamjaStan
Good news: Fever broke Bad news: it's midnight and I have the energy of a football team after a pep rally thisistrashking
"Yet preaching the Good News is not something I can boast about. I am compelled by God to do it. How terrible for m… iamkpsquared
Good news: I got a new phone Bad news: My google search history is gone ;_; lia_manlia
Good news! My partner bought me salt and vinegar chips and I can eat as many as I want! Bad news. My partner bough… Reina005
Can i get wake up someday with good news why everyday with bad news fu*^k my life . Khal3dsamman
Spent the weekend on Tinder. Good news is I didn’t find anyone’s girlfriend/wife on there this time! Bad news is I… AaahhRealNickO
Hope 2020 is a year with LESS crying myself to sleep, negative comments, bad news & MORE happiness, good news and positive vibes! 🙏 thegirlsam__
"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." -- Michael Altshuler phoenixgold0224
Here's an NFC Playoff Good News/Bad News outlook thread for the Packers: jjreva50
Good news is that there are only 9 teams below the Habs in the NHL. Bad news is that if they hadn't won in Vanco… JulieMarion27
Bad news: Both our teams are out.. Good news: They play each other next year! See ya in Dallas 😎 Memes32Teams
Their good news is their bad news 😆 Equilibsapple
Good news is if this 2nd half offense shows up next week we have a shot. Bad news is if this 2nd half defense show… 12thManRyan
Good news- I was able to get my pull out bed back under my bed. Bad news- broke my 3D printed cat’s tail because he… relatablecrepes
Page 364 out of 365. Although this year will end with a bit of a bad news, super thankful parin ako sa lahat ng ble… ravebentoy
The good news is that the Eagles are also not good OhLookRain
Good news guys my cable's back...the bad news is Carol's Second Act appears to be wasting a good cast ButtersBC
Good news: I figured out what's wrong with my TV Bad news: It's definitely entirely fucked AnxietyPrimeTV
good news: witcher is NOT my new hyperfixation bad news: witcher is not my new hyperfixation. help ive been set adrift cassandermark
only good news later please 😔 dont wanna receive bad ones bc i know for sure i'm gonna burn swing building swoopyong
Good news: Because of bronchitis I'm off work for three days \ovo/ Bad news: Bronchitis 💀☠ YusCogens
The good news is Ellis can sip water from an open cup, the bad news is he’ll only drink it from a wine glass. topscallop
Good News: Grian's Portrait is done! Bad News: Won't be uploading it until the 2nd. Neutral News: It's because I'… EstiStarEquinox
Good news...@49ers dominated that half. Bad news...reminds me too much of the 11/11 game down in the Bay Area #GoNiners #SFvsSEA gavinatc
Good News.. Habs Lose, Sabres Lose.. Bad News.. Panthers win over Habs(preferred tbh) Lightning win.. Need thes… KyleMcCartan
so good news!!! im not as miserable as i was. bad news!!! ive gained a lot of weight 😳 zeropeaches
Two quick 3’s by PJ, who is outplaying Jaren Jackson Jr. thus far tonight. @hornets cut the lead to 5– as bad as… WhichCarolina
Good news: Habs scored 5 goals tonight. Bad news, 2 of the goals were own goals Wild_Weber06
Good News- Image Uploader seems to work a BIT better. Bad News: Create A Championship is still crap. #WWE2K20 DragonHonorCM
I tweet it alot, but plz.. A good news only~ I don't want any bad days again :-( cjh090702
Good News Garrett is Gone Bad News Jerry Jones chooses the Next Coach ! aztejanosrus
I've had some good news and bad news lately...really praying hard. 🙏🏻 amyandbrisket
The good news is I still believe in love. Bad news is I believe in it every time I meet someone who decides they th… dominat_rex
“And the good news is I'm better for the time we spent together And the bad news is you're gone” mosdell_sadie
Well, the good news is that the odds of the offense finishing this bad another year in a row are slim. The odds of… Jonatha79933205
Good news: browns fire Freddie kitchens Bad news: next guy they bring in will suck just as much because it’s the #browns robthen3rd
Bad news: down by one. Good news: 40 minutes left to get their heads in the game! 😁 #GoHabsGo j_boucher24
Bad news: I’ve got the flu during Christmas break Good news: there’s a House marathon on TV until New Years bigdaddyteacher
Good news #Cowboys fans! The Cowboys won BIG today! Bad news, so did the #Eagles. Our @The_J_Paul isn’t too thrille… WhatIsSports1
Well the good news is that the Sens got a point and the bad news is I’m now in love with Thomas Chabot. cat_chick10
Good News & Bad News for us @dallascowboys fans: Bad News: Miss the playoffs. Good News: Jason Garrett gets fired.… Action_Jackson4
John Lewis being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer is not good news by any stretch, but John Lewis is not admirable… jblank0440
Good news, Cowboys coaching job will be open as Jason Garrett’s contract ends tonight. Bad news, so does Dak Presco… ASilas3
Took a nap. Good news. Headache is finally gone. Bad news will hit around 1am when I can’t fall asleep HiKneee
Bad news: Michael Gallup (27 pts) on my bench Good news: Derrick Henry (39 pts) as my flex 🙂 B_Goodierrez
Good news for Eagles fans: Carson Wentz will finally start in a playoff game. Bad news for Eagles fans: Carson Went… casonfikes
My daughter sent me a Snapchat of myself, good news: what I thought was a belly roll wasn’t! Bad news: it was my bo… HiddenGem05
Good news: The #Eagles have a lead. Bad news: I think they needed six there. #FlyEaglesFly KLBPSU89
The BAD news is, time flies. The GOOD news is, you’re the pilot soniczoomstudio
Good news @muckbro16 is back from the lockeroom. Bad news Milwaukee scored and took the lead 👎👎 TheWolfPackCWBC
Tonight, luckily from the comfort of my own bed, I lay here thinking about the poor girl in Cyprus. She could be my… GCMe15
"Okay good news or bad news first?" DaPiHeroMatt
It’s funny how bad news to some is good news to others. I said it was funny, doesn’t mean it’s fair. ronjonthebomb
bad news: ive forgotten all my drawing skills good news: i can draw one thing good bad news: its my fursona clownmitto
Good news is Christmas is over and now I have a switch, Xbox one, ps4, and PC! Bad news is due to GameStop's 2 for… GamingGroundz
Good news I'm back home with all my shit... Bad news is i probably won't be setting it up because i am so hecking tired mogen19
Good news: A Chicago baseball team will make the 2020 playoffs Bad news: A Chicago baseball team will make the 2020 playoffs MarcusNewling
Good News: @Eagles are moving the ball. Bad News: They only have 3 points to show for it. mbegatto
Good news: I'm watching Eight Below Bad news: this means I will be crying very shortly in this starbucks daleytwin1
Bad news: pats lost and blew home field Good news: Liverpool is my favorite football team JimboRiddleV
aight some good news and bad news good news is video's at like 3 minutes or so and it's looking pretty good bad new… wackyclockalt
Good news: We clinched a First Round Bye. Bad News: I have to be a Seahawks fan tonight. #GoPackGo #GBvsDET justincripe
Good news.. GB has shown the ability to win when 12 plays like absolute shit. Bad News.. not sure he’s going to t… maascowjr
Good news: we play Texans and likely have a chance to win Bad news: it is def gonna be the Saturday day game on ESPN RobbieCano22
"So uh... rip... Good news, we won't be rivaling ROX. Bad news is the release date of FTD will most likely be our… MadnessCAW
The good news is we only have to wait a week for the Patriots to play another football game. The bad news is the P… pmurph27
good news I lost weight on this trip bad news I have no ass now jenn_balbuenaa
I have good news: my friend gave me his juul last night I have bad news: my friend gave me his juul last night Nick__Desmond
Bad news: I have a fever. Good news: my dreams are absolutely BONKERS! I just performed onstage with Ben Gibbard an… the_fish_tube
My body: Good news you lost 5lbs 😁👍 My mind: Bad news you lost it in less than a week 😬👎 BlackRosenHeart
Good news is that there is a way to fix this whole mess. Bad news is that Noah will be the one to explain it to you. actualbirdjesus
Bad news: @QPR somehow contrive to lose a game they dominated. Good news: I cleaned the entire downstairs of my house in frustration. studyofsport
He’s been here what 3 weeks? Every time I hear his name it’s not good news 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ #NOvsCAR DKGameShow
The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot. mohad438
Good news got points before half and receive for the 2nd half. But bad news, they overlooked this game and find the… Dr_Nate__
Good news: finally finished my Secret Santa piece; currently trying to proofread and edit before posting. Bad news… amaurotine_
The bad news is time flies, the good news is you’re the pilot ✈️ alqubaisi_122
The good news is this crap game is going by fast. #GoPackGo kvnmeyer04
The @ChicagoBears should fine Nagy for every one of the crap bubble screens he called this year. The good news is t… ChilandVoices
Good news: The Pats defense is stopping the run really well so far, which has plagued them all year. Bad news: The… pmlogan30
Bad news is this will be over turned... good news is it causes Det to burn a challenge JerzeesWorld19
Good News: Wallace got a pick Bad News: Looks like he rolled his ankle. AirAllen17
The good news: the year is ending. The bad news: I’m told there will be another. #2020 #BeginningOfEnd #NewYear2020 #NewYear RafiaMahir
The good news is I made it 12 days into dog sitting this time before Quincy gave me a bloody nose. Bad news is I al… rawalburn
Good news, we won valuable 3 points. The bad news is, we gotta meet them again in a month's time. Mind the gap! #YNWA! ❤️ PravinVejan
Pilot: Attentions passengers... we have good news n bad news.. the good news is we will be landing immediately... t… DiBrukShut
Good news is that my brakes don’t skreech anymore. Bad news is that they don’t work anymore 😂😂 DraganKlasnic
good news and bad news! There wasn't anything that made the doctors freak out, bad news is we gotta wait two days t… trisicles
the good news is, shin hyunbin finally became my top 2 bias and the bad news is he topped shin yechan and now yechan is on fourth 😭😭😭 lemonadieeee
i have bad and good news lemonadieeee
If you're a manager and trying to figure out how to get people to do what you want... Bad news.. you're the problem… chrismcatackney
Cop: Do you want the good news or bad news. Me: Good news Cop: Well there’s no good news 🙃 AlexWasHereMan
“The bad news is time flies, the good news is you are the pilot” aroobalsahhaf
Don’t let the good news become the bad news by your lack of patience. @MikeWalrond @FCBCNYC dondivaDOM
Good news: I got a comment on my insta post saying I’m getting cuter day by day. Bad news: it was my mammoos comment. farazashraf1998
The @bigten is 3-1 in bowl games. That's the good news. The bad news is they lost the most important one, and the l… BCThompson77
Good news is Njoku is active for the Browns game, bad news is Higgins is inactive again. Please fire Freddie after… BrubakerPreston
$IOTA DIP when good news, now we have bad news so lets pump it! ocl0ckz
Bad news: hiatus for probs a month Good news: next batch will involve spinel! #StevenUniverseFuture Evys_Memys
The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation itsamoghtiwari
So bad news: I’ve been sick all week and I haven’t been able to see the new space fight movie. Good news: I GOT A S… KarlasCharlas
Good news is... we can now plan for Jan window, very very terrible injury crisis is upon us. We might have to threa… ItsNawfalSalih
Good News: I’ve gotten through another “Y tu novia?” season without a novia. Bad News: I went through another “Y t… MikeyMontes
its not a good news fr me but if its the best fr him then yaaaa :’) wnawatif
Good news: I don't have an ear infection Bad news: It's actually tonsillitis bonk_TM
bad news: accidentally threw a dog toy into the neighboring yard of the people who im dogsitting for good news: th… natamurray
"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." -- Michael Altshuler TXSK8PRO
#FFNow Good news: In league championship today. Bad news: My top RB's are Carson and Conner. Which two from Barber,… TomLglEdtr
The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." -- Michael Altshuler kingkayeme1
GF drove my Porsche, when she came back she said, "I've got some good news and some bad news she said, "Ok, your ai… regalcarsfl
So my brother-in-law’s gift never arrived. Good news: the guy refunded me already Bad news: now I need to find something for his birthday madamcrusher
Bad news: I'm somehow back down to 16 followers. Good news: I still haven't lost any mutuals. I don't think I'm m… BleenishGurple
Hello, I have one good news and one bad news. Which one do you want to hear? If I were you, I'd choose good news.… KJWGF__
good news: i've gotten to the point where working out 5-6x/wk is a habit and helps alleviate my anxiety bad news:… PatosRoxas
The good news: the year is ending. The bad news: I’m told there will be another. kabirbhatia_
The good news: I walked thru water mid-calf and my 2 yr old boots kept my feet dry. The bad news: There is water u… thegeorgiamoon
good news: we’re going to the beach tomorrow not a bad news, but also not a good news: the beach might be Maubuh Beach again 🤦🏻‍♀️ gazzendralaizaa
You Deserve it. What if I Told You . Not Good News .Best News Ever NStarr55555
the good news is: The bad guys are free. The good guys are in jail. The rich are getting richer and the poor are staying poor. psycocake
Bad news: Can't sleep Good news: I've now written down ideas for about 20 YouTube videos zzilmy
Everybody telling me prepare for bad news but I preparing myself for good news!!!! _keelieee
Sometimes bad news is good news Ekantwo
Well the good news is i’m likely only sick with a cold! The bad news is that my plans to get shield are foiled and… Tsuki_Treble
The good news: I got new a new charger for my iPhone today The bad news: I can't find my headphone charger HyzenthlayRose
Good news: Naay Jollibee truck sa Jagna Bad News: Walay burger steak wthhhhhhh carmziieee
Bad news, tories in power, good news, labour IS FULLY OUT OF CONTROL NOW IN REGARDS TO ANYTHING AND E’THING CONCERN… hansi02
“The bad news is time flies, the good news is you’re the pilot.”✨ Mema11115
The good news of not being in a relationship: no more birth control The bad news: no more raw sex Magqonmelissa01
Bad news...OSU lost... Good news...Many people shouted wave the flag or Go Blue Jackets at me’s to hock… OldIrishLuck
Just watch Good News what a fantastic movie .Brilliant performance by @akshaykumar sir and @advani_kiara mam just l… Narendr55403394
“The bad news is time flies, the good news is you’re the pilot” fatmahalmana
Good news, I've managed to hide myself very well using Panther in Black Bad news, the Spirits are not in the greate… TaigaFujimura79
good news is an ex finally texted me! bad news is it’s not my favorite one :( rmilyeose
The bad news: Nothing Lasts Forever The good news: Nothing Lasts Forever khxlilcostx
The bad news is time flies, the good news is you’re the pilot. EnnoB
Pain doesn't last forever; that's the good news. The bad news is that happiness doesn't last forever either. OOfoefule
Prayin i hear some good news soon cause all i keep gettin is bad news🤦🏽‍♂️🙏🏻 TAbuelrous
So the good news is that most of that movie has been torn from my mind The bad news is that I can't unsee naked Id… drwhitesaw
Good news: Jackets are only 6 points out of the 2nd wildcard spot in the Eastern Conference. Bad news: Rangers, T… SportsCbus
The good news is that the game will QUIET all the Buckeye media and fan hype and BS.........the bad news is that we… bg012
The good news is OSU lost. The bad news is more of Dabo. #FiestaBowl GatorSchreiner
Good news: Ohio State isn’t going to the championship. Bad news: Clemson is. (Also stop blaming the refs. OSU has a… JoshEernisse31
"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot." Michael Altshuler Alharbi_safiah
Good news, 71 points in the 1st half. Bad news, still gave up 64. MFordJournalism
I guess the good news is, I never have to be disappointed by refs. The @NFL AND @NCAA Refs ruined football for this P1 fan! DhuntTPA
The good news? Google Play Music is going away (good riddance). The bad news, they are moving their music services… Hoevelmann
Good news: my headache is FINALLY gone after spending it nearly all day in bed! Bad news: I’ve got the worst case o… roseraiess
The good news is the Lakers are shooting 57%. The bad news is that the Lakers D is allowing 57% #LALvsPOR PadresSince1976
Good news: I have cookie and cream ice cream Bad news: MY AUNT AND HER BOYFRIEND ARE FUCKING AGAIN OfficalAgent4
Good news - still pregnant. Bad news - still pregnant. jess_mueller_
Bad news: Our 7-month-old puppy fully understands the word “treat.” Good news: He is more than willing to accept bribes. clairefgilpin
"The bad news is: time flies. The good news is: you're the pilot." - motivation mindset StephenAaronSh
The good news is that Clemson is losing. The bad news is that Ohio State is winning 🤔 JawgaDawg62
good news: just made a paypal, abt to make a ko-fi (even tho i dont create anything whoops) bad news: had to put i… transfurrygamer
The bad news: time flies The good news: you’re the pilot l0gic2019
Good news: secret Santa bought me MAOT by @SheaSerrano Bad news: someone stole it off my doorstep because… TheLowerSlopes
Bad news, the nativity scene fell off the table. Good news, it landed on something soft and didn't break. Bad new… mariag4219
today sucked but the good news is im making chocolate hazelnut ice cream lovessmallsong
bad news: i have a migrane good news: i don’t have to go to a dinner party and can stay home with my cats and read… mygoldfishateit
I did get good news beside the bad news we will get snap for food ! I'm beyond grateful ms_amanda8581
Alright so bad news: Oklahoma lost Good News: Jalen Hurts is still fine as hell sunshinebbnia
The good news is that now the Pacers got their bad quarter out of the way, so I anticipate/hope for a strong finish. JesseRenihan
Bad news for the Sooners D coordinator is he'll probably be fired, good news is he'll probably be hired by SC RobMooreEquine
Good news, I bought a tablet for $35. Bad news, it's still tied to the old owner's account and I can't reset or even unlock it. :( NolanTepm
The Bad News: Digging the teabag out of my cup, with a steak knife, probably wasn’t the best idea. The Good Ne… GigglyRedhead
I've worked out an Objective Value Theory. The good news is that it has a lot of explanatory power. The bad news… robertdsmeets
Hey guys, I think I found the pen theif. That's the good news. The bad news is that it's my wife. mtlogy
TO PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN MY MUSIC: bad news is that i probably won't have time to finish my gecs remixes un… katacarbix
good news: laxatives are working!!! bad news: its in the middle of my shift SPWLoveMail
Bad news travels like wildfire. Good news travels slow. They all call me wildfire. Everybody knows, hell im bad new… williamteach99
Welp good news is one touch down and extra point has me sitting pretty Bad news? Hurts and them look shakey on that… gzysports
Good news everyone, I don’t think im pregnant bad news I have really bad cramps eemkork
The good news? @OU_Football is down 7-2 to @LSUfootball The Bad news? @OU_Football is down 7 touchdowns - 2 touch… JumpiJehosaphat
The good news for Joe Burrow is that he will be the first pick in the draft and make ALOT of money. The bad news is… kendec
Hack into Happiness in the new year... 1. Share good news with someone that rejoices with you. 2. Put bad moments t… WellBridgeAcu
Good news is there's a lot of time left Bad news is there's a lot of time left 😂 #CFPlayoff butler_anthony1
Good news is i