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Gully Boy

Release Date: February 14, 2019

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Gully Boy - My only complain was film was at same tempo throughout. Awesome cast, MC Sher matches the energy of Murad. Must watch. tweekrant
Gully Boy was great. Indian movie with an actual storyline. OyeHammad
Gully boy is a must watch! Every can't just miss a single frame of it. Kudos to the director! HaiderrHameed
Y'all Gully Boy is such a good movie.. I loved it so much .. 👍👍 Baeknim0506
Gully Boy, whatte a movie! @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 you guys are amazing! 😍 #ApnaTimeAayega bulbulkharbanda
gully boy,, great music pretty girls and amazing ranveer (as usual) with amazing raps Hm Nice 💖 quiffandcurIs
GO WATCH GULLY BOY ITS SO GOOD tbh i loved MC Sher the most HIS RAPS WERE FUCKING GOOD Zoya akhtar, you are fuc… kayxshook
just watched gully boy. i really really loved the movie. i just loved the realism & care with which they made the m… neocityvibes
Gully Boy was such an amazing movie, @RanveerOfficial KILLED it! How complex and emotion filled that story was!!!! jxasif
Gully boy is really a great film Harshittrivedi1
“Gully Boy” A nice movie ♥️ binthani____
Who else loved the liver transplant dialogue in Gully Boy?? MulayDhanashree
How amazing is MC sher from gully boy man @SiddhantChturvD loved your performance and how🔥😍 NarmeenMZ
So I’ve finally watched Gully boy and absolutely loved it. My most fav character was MC Sher. He was such a nice gu… sotelimaan
If you are a fan of well though out cinematography, Gully Boy is a must watch for you. basedIITian
Superb performances and a great storyline for Gully boy. Alia Bhatt, Ranveer and the whole crew , ek dum phad diya. #MustWatch madhuharidas
Happy to report I loved Gully Boy and Ranveer Singh calling Azaadi a “happy bunny song” did not ruin the experience… d_dsouza26
bruhhh Gully Boy was fucking amazing Ranveer and Alia are great but MC Sher definitely stole the show PrasidhThapaa
Saw Gully Boy yesterday, can't get it out of my mind still. Loved the senstivity in which the each character was po… RahulKatyayan
Rap is harsh, because Rap is true! Rap is life, because Rap matches life. Shoutout to Gully Boy! A must watch!!… taifurkhanhenga
Gully Boy# Extraordinary performance by Ranveer Singh As Murad, he nails every single emotion & leaves you rooting… KawShveta
Gully boy!!! Oh oh. It's so amazing. @RanveerOfficial !! Man you were so into the character. Take a bow. Terrific p… Vivek_Chennai02
I know how I might be working those who loved gully boy by comparing it to the brilliant #KumbalangiNights well i j… dreamboatme
GULLY BOY #apnatimeaayega a must watch Bollywood film... its a cult movie, may be not everyone will believe in me b… azizdhamani
the movie gully boy.......fucking AMAZING sleepygrll
Gully Boy is must watch!It captures d painful reality with so much empathy, n gives hope, n inspiration to fight in d end.@RanveerOfficial RamizReza
gully boy stories giving me a gud time cringe annyshre
Gully boy was good. But its not great great. Doesn't deserve 5 fucking star bollywodkaraja
I mean, I loved Gully Boy and all that but I worry about how it would inspire your average junta. Shuddering at the… sups86
Gully Boy is amazing.. frankksays
Watched gully boy amazing work done by my buddy @RahulPiske way to go man👏👏 SHUBHshubham7
Loved loved gully boy ! The undisputed talent of the underdog and the lion friend MC Sher with the generous heart… nandinisushil
Watched Gully Boy.....commendable performance by @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 Superb Concept and Power Pack Inspirati… crazzysilky
Saw Gully Boy finally. Quite liked it. But felt something was missing. Just shy of being a great movie NishanthGunners
I loved Gully Boy, but some scenes really reminded me of 'Yo Mama' jokes. kshipra_sharma
Last night watched gully boy Loved it 😊 Girlondope
spotted @TheRajaKumari in Gully Boy! wish she was part of the crowd auditioning tho, would have loved to see a fema… pojbox
SO GULLY BOY IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, and so is the queen whom i watched the film with, who is officially the saba to… peervitux
One of the great long term impacts of Gully Boy will be that corporate types who used to quit jobs and pursue stand… hsuytarp
Watched gully boy today. And I loved loved loved @SiddhantChturvD . He was mind blowing. I’m never gonna get over h… qayanat11
Just saw Gully boy. @kalkikanmani you’re so underrated. Your work in this film was amazingly exquisite. #GullyBoyReview GangwaniSagar
Gully boy is a 5/5 film . 👌🏻 Binnita20
Watched Gully Boy last night. The trailer before that was Dhamaal. Must say Gully Boy is a great movie for bollywood standards. arunsrgm
Ranveer Singh in Gully Boy and all is cool but lets talk about how amazing MC Sher was as well!!♥️ tasvii
Gully boy is a fabulous film! @RanveerOfficial is truly brilliant in this movie. Not just when he is rapping but in… VGthoughts
GULLY BOY mad me laugh, cry and re-evaluate my life. Can I ask for anything more from a movie!? Absolutely LOVED IT… exsumptious
Gully Boy. Loved it. @aliaa08 was too good. #ApnaTimeAayega mjimran
Gully boy is indeed a Must watch movie! Ranveer is F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S! In love with Alia. Zoya Akhtar is genius! #gullyboy ratedrbibesh
# Gully boy great movie awesome work @RanveerOfficial girish_45
I loved the movie Gully boy, it was amazing with those hip hop rap battles, so much to learn from it. #GullyBoyReview Govindchandra9
Gully boy is raw, real and has multilayer depth in it. Must watch it and give special attention to the lyrics. utkarshsingh48
Must watch GULLY BOY... full paisa vasool Vikas23685253
Gully Boy is just amazing. bole to 1 number picture. @RanveerOfficial superb performance matlab bhai kya machaya ha… arorasamrat
Gully boy was amazing irregardless of the fact that my friends started shouting “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS NAIJA, BAKE THO… grannyatheart
Watched gully boy . The make in india project of 8 mile has failed miserably. Loved azadi rap ,mc sher was superb… Yashkhana
Just saw Gully Boy (Bollywood) last night. Absolutely amazing performance by @RanveerOfficial. 10/10. samaysham
Just watched #GullyBoy. @RanveerOfficial you my man, are a terrific actor, and a megastar in the making. A great mo… ankittalukdar
Gully Boy was outstanding. Ranveer did an amazing job and so did Sidhant Chaturvedi. Bas ab Deepika ko chorh de @RanveerOfficial horkidda
Download and watch Gully Boy, that way you get to watch a great movie and not one penny goes to India :) ansar_sahi
I LOVED gully boy. @RanveerOfficial 👏👏 eruditepriya
You should all go and watch Gully boy. What an amazing movie 🍿 PresidentMuneeb
gully boy movie .@RanveerOfficial nice movie amazing songs karankkfox
Watched Gully Boy @RanveerOfficial is outstanding but @aliaa08 is commendable !!!! Loved it ❤️ IamNumairImran
So just watched gully boy , one of my most anticipated movies this yr and it was fucking amazing , I loved every bi… Huvin_T
One of the most beautiful movie. Gully Boy. A must watch. rachitdev
watched Gully boy @RanveerSinghF RanveerSin and @aliaa08 Ali... Ranveer tera time agaya dude u rocked... Alia as us… Kals_8
I saw #GullyBoy 1st day 1st show. Wat an amazing film after a decade. Director #ZoyaAkhtar Hat's off ✌my favorite… Farahhafeez04
Shout out to Priscilla for going with me to see Gully Boy!! Also I had no clue Nas produced it, how amazing. I need… ASAPJAEHWAN
Gully boy is truly amazing true art - storyline, soundtrack, lyrics, direction is all top notch work . Also @aliaa08 is so captivating 😍 The_brar9
Gully Boy is a must watch 5/5 movie saqybfd
Gully Boy ! A Must watch. #ApnaTimeAayega mohammedd_ab
So @Minimiiiii took me to see my first Bollywood film at the cinema last night. Must admit I really enjoyed Gully B… alexishenke
Amazing movie must watch — watching Gully Boy Movie karansahai2009
Taking a bow for Gully Boy. The film is magnus opus brilliance and a must watch for the songs, the dialogue, screen… TeestaMukherjee
Loved Gully Boy, such a refreshing movie, impeccable performances by @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 Also LOVED the char… NairSnehaa
If you have ever seen a dream in your teenage & struggled hard to achieve it, then you must watch the Gully Boy. 👏 fake_engineer_
Ranveer and alia you rocked in gully boy .. you were amazing .. so authentic. Ranveer I work for an ngo and some ca… jainvibha
Gully boy is amazing. Zoya Akhtar can do no wrong. 💯🔥 raameshk_LFC
Gully Boy is amazingly made, great performances from the entire cast, great music obviously and most importantly AD… cashwarrya
Watched Gully Boy , great performance ...the generation who saw Doordarshan will surely appreciate Baba Sehgal who… ritesh_r_g
Enjoyed Gully Boy like it were a live event!! :) Ranveer is a fine actor and so is Alia!! madmanscam
Back-to-back cine delights. Pariyerum Perumal (@PrimeVideo) and Gully Boy. Loved them both. Pariyerum Perumal for t… iamartya
Gully Boy was amazing! It was so inspiring and everyone acted superbly! ananyatiwari137
Gully Boy is amazing, beautiful, hits all the right notes, and makes your emotions flow. @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08… AroraGaur_
Gully boy - Amazing work and a Perfect casting 👌Ranveer is phenomenal throughout the film❤️ The body language, acti… balajipss6
#GullyBoy watching gully boy Bhot hard h bhai @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 awesome movie.. Must watch. imR0hit7
Just finished watching #GullyBoy & my god, @RanveerOfficial who are you?! ♥️ To say that I LOVED your portrayal of… Urvi307
Gully Boy was all sorts of amazing. Zoya Akhtar nailed it SudeepChopra
So I loved Gully boy, while I found its representation of artistic practice quiet simplistic to the point of it bei… chetanscore
Loved watching Gully Boy! Though I felt it was out there wayyy too much before it actually released, but the story… rusticgirldiary
Gully Boy - Super cool film. Loved it. @RanveerOfficial you are a rockstar. The supporting cast was equally excepti… Shakestur
Gully Boy was good but not great. Acting was awesome. Loved @aliaa08 as usual🙌 melanta27
gully boy was soo great but seemed so incomplete at the end 😫 #Gullyboy sunidhhiii
Watched gully boy yesterday evening.. it is a must watch movie.. no showoff.. only class.. great music .. superb ac… Swap27july
Amazing work done in Gully Boy @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 👏🏻👏🏻 shy_scholsey
You Sir, have ZERO self doubt that is something we all need to learn from @RanveerOfficial , Gully Boy was absolutely amazing! ahuja_prabhjot
Gully Boy!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 amazing!! Great performances from everyone!! Must watch!! It’s a blast!! #GullyBoy IamAmeySalvi
Gully Boy- what a movie. Never been a rap fan but now certainly one. Loved every bit of it. Vue goes house full. De… vijayap92
Gully Boy, an absolutely must watch! One of the best movie of the decade. LifeOfAutohead
Superb acting Gully Boy.. bhot Hard bhot Hard... @RanveerOfficial sourabh1991
Gully boy was amazing but let’s not ignore the obvious darkening of Ranveer’s skin tone 👀 pervaizainab
Gully Boy a must watch flim! Great direction @ZoyaAkhtarOff, could feel the actual emotions one would go through! SimplyShraddha
Watched Gully Boy and loved it.Brilliant acting by everyone and esp. debutant Siddhant Chaturvedi and love the rapp… RajatGururaj
Gully boy is a refreshing break from the stereotypes! Another great one by zoya.. #gullyboy nJJ1
Gully Boy every character in the movie have done amazing job .. love it @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 @FarOutAkhtar ..… PoloSarkar
:GULLY BOY:📽️🎥🎬️🎞️:GULLY BOY: Inspiring · Strong Acting · Fun · Must Watch · Fresh · Amazing Music · Feel-Good · Go… katuwal39
Gully boy must watch kind of movie @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 First block buster of 2019 Gaurav09A
MC Sher @SiddhantChturvD is the scene stealer in Gully Boy. Fabulous actor, can't wait to see him in his next. 🔥🤩 Bulletcoder
#GullyBoy must watch this movie gully boy i am also from murad belongs @RanveerOfficial but its parksite bhai kay… sunilrsingh
Gully Boy was great! Alia Bhatt is wife goals 😭😂❤️ Kamil_LFC94
Gully boy was bohot hard bhai. Loved it. swethaxsunder7
Gully Boy - One world review - Fabulous! @RanveerOfficial - You are definitely the new age Kamal Hassan! @aliaa08… iyer_sri1985
Must watch 'Gully Boy'. @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 . @KubbraSait is a surprise. Enjoy Zoya Akhtar's show. diarun_002
Saw Gully Boy. LOVED it. Stars @RanveerOfficial. Executive Produced by Nas (!!!!!) GO SEE IT 🙌🏽 IshabaHaquee
Just watched Gully Boy! Amazing acting @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 The movie is one of the finest of Zoya Akhtar. 😍😍😍😍😍 MunazirS
Loved Gully Boy, very authentic work ! Arindam_19
Gully Boy...bindaas movie Ranveer rocked. Alia Bhatt is fiery and so so so good. MC Sher was awesome dotkhosla
Gully boy was amazing.. it's been 2 hours since I watched it yet I'm still not over it.. @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08… NiZamiZee
Gully Boy was a great watch Junaid88_R
Was quite skeptical about Gully Boy, given Bollywood’s trends of ruining great story movies. Must say tho, amazing… ShankarDS
Gully Boy Review 3.5/5 Song Lyrics 4.5/5 Great act by Siddhant, Ranveer, n Alia. If I ever watch this movie again,… dhwani13
Gully boy is undoubtedly the best Bollywood movie this year till now. Great performances, meaningful lyrics of all… sagarhvora
Watched gully boy amazing acting @RanveerOfficial inspiration massage from this movie i_VivekSoni
After watching “Gully boy” today, I can say that Ranveer Singh is one of the best actors Bollywood has, movie is a must watch !!! Aemaljaan
#gully boy..what a movie..amazing performance..#respest# Ranveer Singh# Alia Bhatt..##bahut hard sankalpsahay14
Gully boy , One Brilliant Movie!!!! Superb performance by @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 . @ZoyaAkhtarOff such a pure and raw story telling! swathi0908
Gully Boy is mindblowing,two powerhouse Ranveer & Alia both are too good, Siddhant Chaturvedi is amazing👏 paisa va… PATEL_JIGAR_
Gully boy has been watched, amazingly outstanding movie. Hats off to everybody involved. gopubabutroupe
#Mustwatch Gully Boy @RanveerOfficial simply amazing. lfc4eva99
Really enjoyed going to the cinemas after a long time. Gully boy is excellent. Wish it was 20 mins shorter. That's… trueindiangrit
Muraad (@RanveerOfficial ) you are awesome. Loved every bit of the honest and emotional portrayal of the character.… KohliRoohi
Gully Boy was an outstanding rollercoaster of a film Great great tunes, Ranveer Singh has outdone himself and then some kashyapkeni94
Gully boy was so amazing ben_de_teke
Gully boy was amazing, IVe been waiting for this movie since the moment I heard about it !!! You did great… Nibastaf
Gully boy was really good. A simple story, portrayed amazingly well by @RanveerOfficial & @aliaa08. Was extremely p… poojaynambiar
Best movie of the year award goes to gully boy... What a movieee..loved it @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 KhullarSurbhi17
Gully boy is an amazing movie. @RanveerOfficial you killed it. kopiteforever
Gully Boy is Gold @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 zoya akhtar are gold. Zoya's storytelling skills are immense. Great mov… itsayush23
Gully boy was stunning! @aliaa08 and @RanveerOfficial did great job! monuluna
Gully boy #RanveerSingh unlimited fun#very nice movie #AliaBhatt Sahil13131313
Gully Boy: 5/5, Brilliant performers and a perfect script. If only people like Sher exists- #apnatimeayega bhumikaindolia
Gully Boy deserves to be right at the top of all time movies ! This one deserves multiple watch. 5/5 !… iamhassanali
Hearing great things about “#Gully Boy”. My best to the team for the great success. Zoya you do it again! ApnaTimeAyega
Watched #GullyBoy with @k_tiwari26. Loved the movie. Chalak ladki @aliaa08 and the handsome gully boy… tanujayadav12
Been 12 Hrs. Still thinking about Gully Boy. The only litmus test for a great movie. #gullyboy abhimanyuism
Really enjoyed #GullyBoy - soulful, fun and intelligently made! Hat tip to @RanveerOfficial what he didn’t manage i… ruchika73
Bohot hard bohot hard! Loved gully boy. @aliaa08 is just way too good! @RanveerOfficial Tera jaisa koi hard ich Nahi! #GullyBoy ronak_169
Gully boy- a must watch! Great plot and even better poetry. Zoya Akhtar take a bow. You did a good job portraying p… ShrutiShrivasta
Some movies are worth watching the very first day. Gullyboy amazing. — watching Gully Boy djrohitis
Gully Boy is just okay. Much better than the regular Bollywood movies. srbsingh3
Gully Boy 4/5 ... Very Very Young .Musically Superb Fabulous Direction ... Extremely different ... A woww film .. b… cinematiclives
The only thing I had a problem with in Gully Boy was how his earphones had no leakage. What a great movie. harinijmbnthn
#GullyBoy #RanveerSingh Wonderful movie gully boy..ranveer and alia nailed it..i am big fan of urs sir..luv u so mu… puchukuty
Gully Boy is another level tbfh. Soo good. Alia's acting was extraordinary in the movie and mix it with story telli… amri_699
#GullyBoy @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 Gully boy amazing film with best performances by ranveer singh and alia bhatt!!!!!! bassclown23
It has been a while since I have loved a hindi film with a full heart, but wow gully boy was actually incredible.… justineeeigner
Gully Boy - Story is really great but the real attractions was Ranveer in decent society and moreover in acceptable… MitsuChavda
Gully boy is outstanding movie 🎥 Great acting @RanveerOfficial #GullyBoyMovieReview Zeeshan_ali756
Giving credit where it's due, some of the sequences in Gully boy are so on point. Bohot deep aur hard. Amazing work… Tobecontinude
From Band Baaja Baaraat to Gully Boy, @RanveerOfficial has proved that being a great bollywood star doesn't need lo… crybabyrex
Giving credit where it's due, some of the sequences in Gully boy are so on point. Bohot deep aur hard. Amazing work… Tobecontinude
What a movie! Gully boy is that quintessential underdog story bit unique in its own kind. Loved every bits of it. E… jvs_281200
Zoya Akhtar's "Gully Boy" opens in cinemas today...I have loved all her films but "Luck By Chance" (her debut film)… vipul09goel
Gully Boy is receiving great reviews. So clearly my loss as I'm no going to watch the movie... iPGandhi
So no Gully Boy in Penang. Great. 🙄 Harthashini
Wow. Reading great reviews of Gully Boy. Zoya Akhtar never disappoints. All her films feature in my favourites list. molly_has
Gully Boy will be Great but Ranveer and Alia fans vl be only happy if does well at Box Office This is how all of… revanthbandari7
Just saw the Gully Boy concert on @PrimeVideoIN . Had so much fun watching it at home, can only imagine how amazing… Raghav00712
Tummy boy spoof on Gully boy is much better than the original... 😂😂 ranjithkiriti
‘The extraordinary performance of Ranveer Singh’ ‘I thought Ranveer Singh was very good in Zoya Akhtar’s last film… Diiispeak
#ManikarnikaTheQueenOfJhansi might cross 100cr but need great trending in 2nd week and after gully boy release it w… AishMayank
Gully boy has made rap battles mainstream already. . Reviews from Berlin is great. @Avenger_RKF tera niche musical… Sambuddha_RK2
Excited to see both Ranveer and Alia together on the big screen. Both are superb actors, have superb chemistry, and… InvincibleRVS

26 Negative

Unpopular opinion: For whatever reason my south indian *** did not like Gully Boy. 1st half was boring and movie ha… tobeprasad
Don't watch Gully Boy ! Another Jihadi movie by Zoya Akhtar .. dhrubamahajan
4 movies so far this year and I can genuinely say none were that bad. In order of preference. URI - 4.5⭐️ GULLY BOY… bollywodkaraja
Ok so...I saw Gully Boy last night and I'm disappointed. It's so weird to see such a nice song Azaadi used while po… mohseenkhan_
Wanna watch gully boy so bad and kal se boards and the day my boards get over it ll almost be 3 weeks to its releas… trustmeimmaliar
#GullyBoyMovieReview Watched gully boy.. It's more about terrible conditions of women in Islam than the rap... And… sagar_gavali
Gully Boy: Not a bad way to break my Ranveer Singh movie virginity. Alia Bhatt - it's weird that I still continue t… tyags6
Watching Gully Boy @chandancinema Verdict: Sound sucks! And the reply of the management is the movie works! Buggers! #chandancinema #jokes kavishs_007
Am I the only one who found Gully Boy boring?? SaniyaKaluskar
Unpopular Opinion - Gully Boy was an average film. Bits were good. Other bits were bad. The movie played into pover… mashsiddiqui
Anyone else thought gully boy second half was boring? thebuoywholived
The cinephile and rap lover in me wants to see gully boy so bad but the rest of me thinks it's a bad idea. Bootleg links anyone? curly_fry8
Gully boy sucked! No value addition to the regular poor boy makes it big kinda story. nandita0391
Bros bohot patriotic hun mai but gully boy is an exception iskay bad pakka no more Indian movies pakka mummy ki qasam Markhxr
is gully boy actually or one of those twitter hyped films that are boring like kancherpalam johnkerty
I am so disappointed that the Malaysian Censorship Board censored important parts of Gully Boy at least 3 times. Damn potong stim. singh_shabir
Just saw the movie "Gully Boy". Before going for the movie thought that I would be disappointed because of the hype… parekhshubham9
Wanna watch gully boy so bad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 AlexanderDerina
Never have i ever had the urge to stand up and clap in the theatre so bad. Gully Boy lives beyond its hype, man. #BohotHard _RautShraddha_
The worst movie ever @ranvir01 @aliaa08 #gully boy it's sucks from top to bottom from rocknrolla to Ayatollah of ro… ABK_WWE
#ZoyaAkhtar your film #gully boy sucks..0/10. ABK_WWE
all these gully boy reviews have made the expectations so high it sucks krazywhat
Gully boy must flop. L needed. _Flukaku
I wish I could watch Gully Boy.. but I had a serious injury on my foot .. sorry it was happen at very bad time.. ma… harrY_LuMom
Gully boy flop bcoz of hypocrite alia Bhatt #fearlesskangana SoumyaranjanD18
I was looking forward to watching Gully Boy but after knowing that crap queen @Javedakhtarjadu is associated with i… lazyy_panda

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