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Release Date: February 07, 2020

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Chloe is amazing ( I obvs haven’t been hacked ) 👀👀👀👀 mandyUK
I stand by my theory that Ray Bans isn’t a real company it’s just a logo that you get tagged in when your great-aunt’s computer gets hacked r_madz
Would have loved to have gone to the game at Carrow Road. Really hacked off that tribalism and current PC ideas pre… StatEmeritus
welp. someone hacked my bank account and spent $153 at grubhub. that’s wonderful annnieee___
I hope whoever hacked my McDonald's account enjoyed their lunch L_riss_
Ok so what did i miss Sonic is great? New bat suit? Someone hacked @RTSnyderCut acc?? Bop is not doing well? Ah twitter is so chaotic celinakyle139
What a great way to start the day. May Facebook got hacked. nklebiter__
I loved how I see a tweet on someone’s page that I used to follow before they got hacked saying why is everyone blo… Frankiegomez112
So my psn account just got hacked, great. Just fucking great. EnhancedZeus
Had a great day yesterday! Today my bank account got hacked and I had $400+ stolen 🙃 Jbenwhere
Recently @FLWvideos had his last channel on YouTube hacked and terminated. He is a great resource for #PokemonGo.… STEMGuy81
So one of my emails got hacked, and apparently it’s gonna take 3-5 days before they decide I actually own the account. Cool. Great. Thanks. BrambleNSFW
COOL someone who wasn't me was in my mychart account and changed the profile picture. THIS IS WONDERFUL ESPECIALLY… vulcanSassPants
if someone with a hacked 3ds +pokemon bank and pokemon home premium wants to help me out that would be great im kin… SmugWolff
Great, so now if I wonder trade a Pokemon and don't know every fucking move a Pokemkn SHOULD know and unknowingly u… ScytheIronclaw
So pretty sure my @Spotify got hacked...... again. Great job guys AhnuieeOne
Lmao, someone hacked my spotify account to download Russ songs. Hope you enjoyed those songs in the three seconds i… whitecheddacade
Would like to thank @HSBC_UK for their amazing customer service as always. My paypal & ebay accounts were hacked… floppypaxman
Oh great, Anthony Padilla got hacked by weebs teionneai
Hacked coughing. Atleast she doesn't set things on fire anymore during it. "Oh... Great... You guys again..." Sh… Muspel_Dragon
EVMs are hacked! EVMs are hacked ! Who all were doubting the integrity of our wonderful nation's ELECTION COMMISIO… MohitPalSingh6
Took my great grandmother and her retirement home friends to see #SonicMovie   and was disgusted to have been hacke… sean_doc16
So if you had any doubts about Bill Barr. He just announced that China hacked Equifax, and cost THEM a great deal o… Mitchinkb
Just saw a wonderful ad from Michael Bloomberg comparing tRump to past Presidents, helping all Dems. Question is..… 1nancyschindler
From the montage that hacked up great songs into 3-second sound bites that didn’t connect to each other, to the cho… opus163
ok miraheze thinks i'm being hacked so it's stopping me from doing anything . great it's basically forcing me to go to bed RetsuOwen
#BJPWinningDelhi #EVM Hacked #AAPWinningDelhi #Development Won. Ha Ha Great Sense of "Some People's" thinking but… vaikaushik25
What a great dirty politics @ArvindKejriwal @msisodia @AamAadmiParty by aap if defeated then EVM hacked and if won… gargm053
#Hacked is such a well made movie with a social message. @eyehinakhan you nailed it! Phenomenal performance! Loved it❤️ SwetleenaSahu
Loved hina as sam, amzng performce nd fab acting😘😘 Though d so calld critics hv neglectd #hacked jus bcaus of star… Praseervi25
Hacked is really Amazing movie #HinaHackedOurHearts Hina36260975
#HinaKhan just rocked as Sameera Khanna. #HinaHolics, go and watch #Hacked. You'll love it #HinaHackedOurHearts sweetbabyfaisa1
Official #facebook #twitter account hacked using the new amazing #rootgoat2020 tool ! Hack any social media account with #rootgoat2020 ! 0xTHMS
You done superb job in Hacked #HinaHackedOurHearts Hina36260975
#Hacked is far better than some other baseless so called hit films. It's not a theatre material for Bollywood lover… sweetbabyfaisa1
#HinaHolics, can you just keep BB aside for some days and go and watch #Hacked?? If you really loved her anyday the… realtorneha
#HinaHolics, can you just keep BB aside for some days and go and watch #Hacked?? If you really loved her anyday the… sweetbabyfaisa1
#Hacked our #Hearts @eyehinakhan .. u just did a Splendid Job.. Amazing Beautiful and Actor..!!!! Hacked N Ruling o… joy_samuel79
s. so I think my school email got hacked and now I’m not gettin any emails which is Great. add that to the list of… b_gabrielle99
Hina Khan as Sameera Khanna was a Treat to watch in movie #Hacked! She was just Fabulous in her role!! #HinaHackedOurHearts #HinaKhan ArpitSh64073648
Soooo my Instagram got hacked.....that’s great 🤷🏾‍♂️ 1rkpalanisamy
#HackedReview Honest review keeping being a hinaholic aside It's amazing,the new concept keeps the viewer seated o… MChharia
Its the day i’ve waited for, for so longg! I have loved her since forever and i can never possibly stop loving her!… BestofSamridhi
and if google know all the personal stuff ,where you and your loved ones live ,you are in danger. They are getting… DjNillys
Hello hacked by the prettiest most amazing fairy Lani @CARROT_021209 jaechus
I just don't have the stomach for TV where women get hacked to pieces, raped, beaten. Yes, absolutely, it's great t… MC_Easton
someone hacked my Spotify account and changed my password and email so that's great ... completely unrelated news im doing horribly namujm
OMG @shanedawson makes a great point! All of these cameras in the home can really be hacked by anyone! I’m buying o… theangiereview
Will go to watch #Hacked with my friends for sure... Trailer looks great and @eyehinakhan has worked very hard righ… 1RaviGupta1
.#cryptocurrency is a great option to store value online that is extremely low likelyhood of being hacked CyberMastery
CONGRATULATIONS @eyehinakhan for your first ever Film. Trailer looks amazing and I m sure The movie will be the… TishaPradhan6
I hope that the Russian that hacked into my @Spotify enjoyed the mash up that is my taste in music. But now ya blocked 😘🇺🇸 TeacherTori93
you know what makes a day great? your twitter getting hacked!!!!! itscameronward
Woke to my acc being hacked what a great day to be alive 🙃 SizzIsDone
I'm never getting a new car. Fuck that?!?! First off, my car's amazing- secondly; I'm not tryna get hacked and th… CursedCorvid
Lol caucus got hacked great start psec__
Oh great we’ve been hacked #IowaCaucuses @iowademocrats ItsEnzoRios
Using an app.. That can be hacked.. Great idea #IowaCaucuses @lookner ShankEm661
Listening #Hacked movie songs superb song heart touching.. #abnaphirse and #Mehfooz smubeen923
Great my iCloud and Instagram have both been “hacked” ☺️ jackieeechaaaan
So, my account was attempted to be hacked into. Great. NaughTani
someone hacked my school email and signed me up for porn hub so that’s great sam_alvares17
Hey followers. My account has been hacked. Please disregard all unfunny tweets. Have a great day! tweezerticle
Hey followers. My account has been hacked. Please disregard all tweets. Have a great day! ivebeenfarting1
Hey followers. My account has been hacked. Please disregard all tweets. Have a great day! GenGoodsman
The Last Jedi was great and Russians hacked your brain. #totalrecallsuperbowlads #SuperBowl @rianjohnson totalrecall90s
Great today I started my rblxs account again and it gets hacked Elli88537304
I apparently got hacked ... I guess I need to lock down my twitter account better than this...!? (Looking back thro… travisnormand
It's just amazing the number of people who will call him an illegitimate president but will also say he won. Like,… adnohr77
Had a great #FOSDEM2020 , learnt, hacked and socialized. See you next year! heapstack
I loved #Hacked trailer @eyehinakhan Sumandip_12
Ebay hacked again... great fucking night FR. gorill4glu22
Okay great now I’m hacked out of IG first Fb now come 7months later IG gone 😖🥵 vixxievixx_
hey y’all @moviesandcats was hacked so if y’all could report that the acc was hacked that would be great! stewfwonseasons
I have the most wonderful amazing woman ever in the entire world and yes she hacked my twitter and wrote this 💕 lov… dbarber_42
Great. Some asshole hacked/logged into my account. But they didn’t do anything so idk why they did? Witchylissy
I get scammers calling saying i won a fabulous Caribbean vacation or my account been hacked or something else all I… cheesehat53
Two friends have had their snapshat accounts hacked in 2020. Great opportunity for everyone to reset your passwords… playa_griff

143 Negative

Internet's down AGAIN really getting hacked off with @virginmedia bad enough our poor speeds when it is working!!!… KatAndGirls69
lmao someone hacked into my spotify account so this is for Teresa and Eddie you lame ass playlists boring bitchh i… Mr_Tried
It sucks for someone’s social media to get hacked Arodriguez199
Another person has hacked my Spotify and they keep playing “Thomas the tank engined theme song” Not disappointed in the slightest. ChanceTheFapp11
Have to say I agree with all the comments about the poor ref, but the handball, Livermore’s foul and Lolley getting… marty1865
So apparently The software called. Xlm stellar hacked my Google. Account which sucks and i might be busy Trying to… fnafbrosinfinte
Anyone notice how shitty and un acurate @google search is as of late. @googledevs Its bad. Unless my phone hacked, I am that important lol EliandJoel
Them hackers ain't no joke they hacked my guy, too bad .. TapoGarba1
Happy Valentine’s Day my debit card got hacked and they probably used it to buy Valentine’s Day crap for someone who’s not me kkostelny2309
Someone hacked into my Spotify and now I have all this crap on my recently played list 🤮 Megara_yours
To the dude that hacked my Twitter: Sorry you picked my account I'm sure the numbers where very disappointing, I will try harder. PBlachly
a bad guy has hacked the ichat in lego city. HEY! hire the pig farmer and stop the bad guys in lego city. Henry_H_Smith
Can u believe that I’m already having a bad week and then I get hacked lol that’s twisted azsui
Ok this feed is being hacked so bad the app thing is a scam to identify you and hack you in order to cripple this site. #YangGang thepragmatist01
Tell Instagram to get their crap together lol , I’ve been hacked twice 🤦🏻‍♀️ @instagram cant_seethe_sun
With the recent hacked mons k*lling switches it just means that bad egg has returned skyguro
Remember when I got hacked 3-4 yrs ago and I thought that was bad hahaha nightcourths
To whoever hacked my spotify - your taste in music not bad MikeJeezyyy
Sorry if you see any bad words ( my sister hacked my account) Gacha_hearts
lrt shout to my hacked surprise-traded Hatterene who hasnt hurt my game so far (i think) but it really sucks bc I love doing s-trades 😔 wd3ncha
Back on crypto twitter. Old account was blocked/hacked. Found out @twitter sucks at customer service. So, here w… LiveslowCrypto
Someone apparently hacked my Spotify account this evening and was listening to really boring gangstaaa rap, so I gl… Kheragryn
I got hacked from Russia, Afghanistan and France, what is it they felt they need to have? Bad taste in music and gifs? Jasper56643663
I’m using my hacked switch to play video poker haha I am a waste of air ceramicks
I have 333 followers and I’m not sure if that’s a bad sign or something.. prob why i got hacked on here shortyisa_10
Lol hackers in pokemon are getting banned from online. I feel bad for the innocent ppl/kids who got traded hacked m… caitsylph
So Zion gets superstar calls while Dame and Melo get hacked with no whistle. Refs continue to be bad for the… PortlandGarrett
someone just hacked my Spotify and all I’m saying is Jenna you could’ve stayed but damn you have a horrible taste in music bunuelosbryan
Shoutout to the homie who hacked my Instagram for their own clout🤣 I swear sometimes social media sucks😂 abmillan22
ugh. why is @DoctorWho_BBCA so bad? nightmare fingers hacked by a sonic screwdriver to save the day, plus a werew… ftrodriguez
I’m going to start sending horrible shit to people and then pull a Boomer and say “I got hacked”. No you didn’t Kar… AsaGlass
Today was fucking terrible and I want to pretend it never happened. Next my bank account is gonna get hacked and my identity stolen. Burntpork92
I had to release the Litten i got.. i love him but he's a hacked pokémon and it's probably not a good idea to keep… RafaelDB464
It sucks that @EnderKnightYT has to deal with some bull shit from youtube. The person who hacked him is talking abo… NukerX3
I don't think Facebook is doing enough to protect privacy. They do a terrible job at explaining their privacy featu… Lindsey00305150
sometimes I feel bad about kicking off my hacked Spotify parasite bc we communicate through songs sometimes :( FamousBassist
Really disappointed @Instagram account got hacked and the hacker changed my email, my username and number on file a… Emenemilie
#DelhiResults. EVM was hacked by AAP this time !! Bad days for democracy 😼😼😼 #AAP #SaveDemocracy Nithin_Neyyan
Had such a horrible stressful dream and slept badly. I met a random girl at the cinema while there with a friend… Elderflower_grl
Welp, my facebook account got probably hacked that sucks. ChristusHarlus
Disappointed by BJP this time. Didn't hacked EVM and was not fascists enough to stop the election. Sigh. 😒… daf4q_
EVM could not be hacked due to bad network coverage of jio- aap retarded supporter #DelhiElectionResults #AAPWinningDelhi rohit113a
Anyone with a hacked Oshawott in Sword/Shield that can breed an extra and trade with me? I’m a poor desperate boy. HeirofLeonster
We really need to stop associating being "Hacked" with just having terrible security habits. It's like saying someo… carnalim
Oh crap! Indian Head Massage on @YouTube account got hacked! GiftedKMenard
Bad news. I somehow got hacked again. I didnt click any links this time but somehow its doing that thing in dms whe… 1Lastname
Got a shiny gmax gengar in a raid in sw/sh which is, cool I guess but disappointing that its almost guaranteed hacked rip milkmanyunho
How famous do I have to be to tweet horrible things about people and claim my account got hacked? jetpaccranzi
Two bad things happened tonight. Naira Marley's Twitter account was hacked! And tachas hotel room was broken into Miz_Therma
Whoever is Victor from New Jersey & hacked my Netflix account, I HOPE YOU HAVE A BAD DAY JordanPickless
First day of the week and instagram gets hacked 😭it’s funny how bad my luck is Gamer4Chaotic
am bout to flop 😞 they gave me: bi i am: lesbian they gave me: 170cm i am: 173cm they gave me: 16 i am: 18 they… hyesouli
i had no internet for like 25 minutes it was horrible i felt like i was poor or something i bet it was one of those… CuntyChoerry
The only thing that sucks about having my debit card hacked and suspended, is that I need a debit card to pull mone… Roberto_Nic
There are bad movies and then are those which give you a bigger headache than the one you entered the cinema hall with #Hacked MoodsofMerch
So apparently twitter can’t figure out how to give me back my hacked here’s my boring handle one. Last… annehlynch
Today kinda sucks.... my childhood facebook with all my family was hacked and deactivated, and now the same with my main google account.... britebtw
My account has just been #hacked i have just regained control. Excuse me for all the bad #tweet. endpower_
That’s a terrible charge call. Winston gets hacked by 2 guys and pushed into charge #MSUvsMICH Chandolla
There was a bb snek in our kitchen and my mom hacked the poor thing into pieces naawa ako :( nixllamas
What a very bad day 😥momo account has been hacked with all my money in it 😪 only God knows hw am going to eat today lilmarsneh
Don't Watch The Clock Do What It Does Keep Going.. #HinaHackedOurHearts #HinaKhan #Hacked NahidaSultana00
DILLI WALON Evms are Hacked so Don't waste your Energy VOTE FOR BJP 🙏 #हमारा_वोट_भाजपा_को ReturnofRajesh
to them cunts I know you hacked me last night as I was on here wen you did you fucking dick heads how crap are yo… CanIfcking
Refs were really bad tonight towards the Jazz especially. Mitchell didn’t get any calls, Rudy got hacked a ton, Cla… jameson155
Guys go follow @Suuurvvv He was hacked today and I feel really bad for him so it would be greatly appreciated if you could follow him claygamer2003
The fact I’m trying to buy tickets and our WiFi is possibly being hacked is STRESSING ME OUT WHYYY IS THIS DAY GOING SO BAD cariicc
Yo my dudes @TwitchSupport how long do you need to wait for a login support ticket on avg? Account was hacked and need me some help znj031
Bruh someone hacked into my Spotify account & to add to offense they have have bad music taste😤 the audacity MelissaOhh_
Yo, to the asshole who hacked my steam account: You're not good. Already got it back. Also no payment info on there either moron. IrishBAMF88
help someone hacked my Spotify account and is listening to bad music jbardenhagen1
To the person who hacked my spotify account: You have really bad taste in music and you have completely messed up m… Lizardbreathbiz
Hacked gmail accounts were sexually Sammy Hagar the Horrible so I royally screw up inspirational Superman comics. DelphoxyBot
IK it looks like I've been hacked or something but i'm just poor and want free things rtgreener
They're buck breaking me to be like them and bad gays come out of the church or can be turned or hacked or coerced or tricked DenebolaPhoto
The biggest reason I don't watch Awards shows anymore. They were never inclusive, I'm kinda hacked I used to think… CwayitaSilinga
Guys @TheKhbri account also got hacked please don't believe in him And sir 1 din hi Jayega na waste don't tell th… faisal_aquib
someone hacked my spotify and listened to bad music... if you’ve ruined my algorithm i’ll scream CVPTVINROGERS
If she hacked the government and didn’t get a couple million Imma be so disappointed hyunsuk_cult
Take me down to the caucus city Where the app is hacked and you meet Bad Petey Take. Me. Home. foxstephenw1
#MitchMcConnellsTheTypeOfGuy who took bad money and got away with it until RU hacked the RNC server. Now he's pwned. McTeagle74
*keeps hearing bad news about saves with AC:NH* ... when people wonder why some people want a hacked Switch lol A… DizzyLuc
It's time to face the facts that Russia hacked the Iowa phones and sabotaged poor Petey's shadow app :( surplus_lovr
to whoever hacked my spotify and is playing terrible techno music lunalahari
someone just hacked my acc huhu feel so bad rn. iamcarrllaaa
to who ever hacked my spotify: fuck you and your horrible taste in music, who the fuck listens to edm music (FULL o… lovedkun
Looks like the podcast stream for @maddow got hacked. We dems are fucking terrible at technology. Lumber_jo
I think my Twitter was hacked for like 2 hours 😭😭😭 just got it back hopefully nothing bad happened ccordova882
Anybody watching the Alabama game? These refs are a joke. I mean i know not all of these calls are bad but it’s got… KingReegan
As much as I wanna be happy, I cannot be. I just...poor Nadgey man all that work he's done on his channel is gone b… GoudaGalaxy
Super disgusted and disappointed in the 2k community... my account got hacked for the 2nd time now and I will never… CloutGodOfcl_YT
My Apple ID hacked, €460 taken out of my card by ticketmaster, 9 hours of travelling, a terrible sleep, a crying ba… laurenkwalshy
Broke: What's happening in Iowa is due to a confluence of human errors and poor organization. Woke: The Iowa Caucu… d_h_sanders
My ultimate team just got hacked, 2020 has really just been horrible 😔 yushailbhimsann
Iowa DNC, "Caucuses not hacked. Clinton App sucks!" Trump MAGA! #WeCanCount DogTrainerBill
Good news in the Iowa app debacle, they weren't hacked. Bad news, the app is a piece of excrement. Worse news, th… PsychobableJohn
They really messed up the #IowaCaucas this bad? Start your conspiracy engines. 1. Hacked 2. Coverup 3. Russians 4. Completely Inept ChinchillingCHI
Wow...someone just tried to hack the crap out of my Twitter account...Bangladesh, Indonesia, Check Republic, Arkans… disturbingduck
I feel like the Iowa Caucas was hacked and the non-result is payback.....anything to make the Dems look bad to make… Mytiararules
Having an App is really a bad idea. First of all they might not work, oops, too late! Second Apps can be hacked. Tr… Shadybug60
it really fucking sucks being hacked klovolz
Russia hacked my account did all my bad posts. So basically all of them RyanHicks_8Bit
“Why can’t the government get its crap together with voting!?” wonders my teen step-son, watching the #IowaCaucuses… paulharrar
Was the Iowa caucus hacked? Or maybe nobody practiced using the new app. Poor planning and lots of egos abound. baileybarash
I’ll betcha someone hacked the caucus results. Not good! mclovin47801347
So my @instagram got hacked for the millionth time in 2 months since being re activated. Instas support team sucks… ser_geezy
We shot bad. But man those refs didn’t call not one single contact foul down in the paint. Cole was hacked every time he drove to hoop. futurejag
It would appear my steam has been hacked :( Yanno my day wasn’t going too bad until now GamingInKhakis
Okay this is so random but from being a baby I never had a dummy or hacked my thumb, I’ve always sucked my tongue,… brycesbxtch_xo
Having your Steam hacked SUCKS!!!! KyaniteKirin
Just repeated dove a widow who has terrible positioning, he switched Sombra and focus hacked and tbagged me what a good game. HanaMxngo
Man I feel so fucking bad right now, my brothers PSN was hacked, his password changed and @PlayStation apparently c… RealAlizabelle
Friends. I've been hacked. As such it is your duty to forgive any terrible things I may have said, done, or thought in the last 39 years. brutesaysay
Account was hacked and I couldn’t recover it so this is the new one. Hope I can get back to bad sports takes and memes in peace. caseymiller_55
"Damn I hate poor people" "Wait no I was hacked" k_parhar
someone hacked my spotify account & has been listening to weird crap & adding weird playlists lexiharvey0013
I am so worried that our next PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION will be hacked as bad as the last one. And Trump will win just… loudloudlouder
I was hacked and the hacker did the tweets you think are bad. CaleEhrlich
If your name is Annika and hacked my Spotify: you have horrible taste in music DanielleDeShane
getting hacked: sucks having to change the passwords to EVERYTHING as a result: also sucks SwiftieEmily99
Somebody hacked my spotify and the only reason I'm pissed is because their music taste SUCKS and it's ruining my Discover Weekly froodsbag
Honestly.. i doubt it but if someone really hacked me, they must've been so disappointed to only find my kpop girls… sunshine_Liw
the person who hacked my spotify really fucking sucks man they ruined my playlists 😔 soapeatingasmr
take me back to joburg coz cpt groove SUCKS😂😭. how are they closing the club at 4? nah i’m hacked 😂😂 kefilweee_
welp- good morning. my server got hacked by someone i apparently “did something bad to” honestlytoni
my bad on that last tweet i got hacked wockharder
Dear @AmazonUK, I am really disappointed about the support service of you. A hacker hacked my amazon account, used… DrBariHasan
“why your pfp like that?” my bad my account got hacked by a korean man and he put himself as my profile pic and i j… bitchracha
Damn tidal dope af too bad imma only have it for a month cuz once the free trial over its back to hacked spotify 😂 eerriccccccc
Bad enough the Chinese hacked the OPM and have all my personal info, now their weird-ass animal eating virus-genera… KieranEleison
I’m going to assume my phone is hacked bc this horrible dog video keeps coming up after every gif and I’m genuinely scared acinders
My bad yall i got hacked greasymfburrito
Just realised the jake Paul fight was on clicked on it see it’s the first round.I thought no bad I can chill and wa… 42sind
Terrible officiating. Hollingsworth hacked no call. Then goes out on him. Bad bad bad bad bad loss for WKU. Just terrible. TopperCard1992
I have not been on here since 2017. What is all this crap on my page. I guess I was hacked? My little granddaughter… ZoticusTAO
The code is supposed to put you where you fit best. Why then has 16yr Ry been assigned to DATA? She's terrible at p… sunnynasus
Swear im bout to just delete IG, keep getting hacked. My shit boring af anyways, dont understand why somebody would wanna hack it. EWheat24
so @PlentyOfFish your security SUCKS. I got hacked, they added their phone number (with no security check to my ema… amandatheg
Lmao sebastian stan about to release a statement like: “I was hacked. I never said anything bad about Disney. Disney is my friend.” carla_targaryen
I’ve had a stream of bad luck. Webcam broke, someone hacked my eBay and bought two pairs of AirPods, didn’t plug in… TwixtingTV
Oh crap I got hacked what the heck @Dazehhh @Drouzzy_ anndrizzy
How have we not hacked our sleep system. I waste so much time sleepin just like my cavemen ancestors. I want my life to be a movie fr micromayham
It sucks to get your account hacked that account had 91 followers which isn't alot but took me like 4 years to get… prickly_v2

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