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Kabir Singh

Release Date: June 21, 2019

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#kabir_singh @shahidkapoor Is Awesome Mind blowing He takes u on a roller coaster ride Superb 👏👏 Kannan38361538
Kabir Singh was not as much a love story than a story of friendship between Kabir and Shiva! Loved Soham Majumdar @soham_sm @shahidkapoor Tahira3390
Kabir Singh a must watch movie.... ManchandaArpan
Watched Kabir Singh with Friends, Great Movie 🎥 A Powerful Love Story, If I really collect, I guess after Anil Madh… ashish223325
Watched #kabir_singh today,full power pack movie. Very well acted @shahidkapoor , great acting by all the side role… raiparas
Extraordinary acting but disgusting star like @shahidkapoor choose such a disgusting character like #kabir_singh nextbigkhan
Watched Kabir Singh. Just one thing to say, Absolute Beauty❤️ @shahidkapoor Thank you for this movie, enjoyed a lot… ParthBMUFC
Article 15. A great movie everyone should watch(My Opinion). I am amazed to see that the directors and actors have… tarunoptimistic
“Kabir Singh” has to be one of the greatest bollywood projects, loved Shahid’s performance and everything else was… sandhiyahhh
Game over--good reviews, positive word of mouth, fabulous work by @taapsee.But Still getting no shows in 2nd week a… prash_raees
Now i am wathing Kabir Singh wow its fabulous...👍 laxmikants399
So how many of you wish missed your loved ones and how many of you were thank full after watching Kabir singh #kabirsingh PrayagInc
Just watched Kabir Singh Movie.... Awesome Man 5 Stars. A Must Watch Movie... BUT BACHE DUR RAHEIN... parveen456
Article 15 is such a great no-nonsense movie. @ayushmannk did a commendable job. We need more movies like these and… shreyashah115
What an impactful movie Kabir Singh is!! Super acting by @shahidkapoor. Congratulations to whole team for delivering such a superb movie. mustafacivil52
must watch movie. the youth should get inspired by movies like this rather than Kabir singh. sapammy
I watched the movie Kabir Singh today, gotta say the acting was great but the movie is just depressing in so many w… ArpitTanwar
Kabir Singh Fans Must Watch Arjun Reddy on Amazon Prime Video Fraim to Fraim Copy impranav983
Just watched Kabir Singh. Great movie. Worth the watch. We must agree @shahidkapoor is next level actor. AnvayaAcharya
Is a movie of great # Kabir Singh Gajab Thank you @shahidkapoor sir for making such a film and entertaining us Salmanlove0786
Kabir singh a must watch movie a film with beautiful soul,love is hope film gives you power love story which has ne… BkaisGhojaria
Kabir Singh..Superb movie with Extra ordinary love story... @shahidkapoor best acting ever...ur best movie till dat… dhruv143
Men : Kabir singh is pure class and a great cinema experience. "Women" : How dare you support a movie of such toxic… theburgermonk
Arjun Reddy way better than Kabir singh. MallickAdeeb
Fantastic Act by Shahid Kapoor...a must watch — watching Kabir Singh follow_shobhit
Dear Kabir Singh, You loved the way she breathed? but we loved the way you love.😍♥️ #KabirSingh @shahidkapoor MynkKumar
Kabir singh- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ One of the best movie in my career i have seen till now ... Superb .. one of the best performanc… neil_Ghodela_28
I am rewatching Kabir Singh just to see Shahid’s fabulous acting! Can’t get enough 😍😍😍 Proud of you. You proved it… Youngpapi_09
kabir singh :: Overall SUPERB !! #act #sahid ANKITTRINITY
sanju was well loved while kabir singh is hated for the same issue lol. anddarlings
Kabir Singh was so amazing!!🙌🏽😱 rlly enjoyed it :) #KabirSinghWinningHearts #KabirSingh maira_xo1
Kabir singh Or Arjun Reddy? Who care they both are the most amazing actors! 👍❤️ @shahidkapoor @vijaydeverakonda W… itsbhargavpatel
Dear Kabir Singh. You loved the way she breathes and I loved the way you Loved. 💓 amanbag09821340
Watched Kabir Singh. Performance is amazing all what l want to say... And looks of Shahid Kapoor OMG 😍 . This is wh… ayeskanta
kabir singh has already won the hearts. its so attached movie, mind blowing acting by @shahidkapoor i just loved it AntiqueGirl7
Great acting @shahidkapoor sir🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌 #KabirSingh Kabir Singh Winning Hearts vishp31
And it's a century and great opening by the Indian actor @shahidkapoor Kabir Singh Winning Hearts SahithiGoud1
Watched Kabir Singh yesterday. It was amazing.Shahid did an amazing job and even if you don't like anything in the… Patrick_Knightt
People are loving kabir singh just the way he loved preeti. #KabirSinghReview BitchhCasm_
just watched kabir singh. it's really great!! must watch! BisexualNerk
After "Ashiqui2 & Rockstar"the Biggest Blockbuster Romantic Movies is Now " "KABIR SINGH"💯. Fabulous performance… D1992_puri
When u get the most fabulous blend of love, passion and intoxication, basically u r trying to gain the happiness of… Abhishe51226068
Dear Kabir Singh: You loved the way she breathed I loved the way you loved. qurshi_jmesheri
Kabir singh is a amazing movie,,shahid kapoor z fantastic,what a solo by shahid...👌 ahirwarshyam
Kabir Singh ♥️ @shahidkapoor awesome amazing realistic soulful performance 👌 #KabirSingh #ShahidKapoor #KabirSinghReview MituSays
Kabir singh what a movie !! #KabirSingh Great acting by @shahidkapoor @Advani_Kiara Must watchable movie..!! vishalpatidarr
Great work @shahidkapoor ji as kabir singh, incredible performance, awesome movie. Prerna_Geet
Just shut up feminist, just because i enjoyed it, I wont just start acting like kabir singh. Just like i wont be… RahulKkc
Everything is great in Kabir singh But @JubinNautiyal You suck man! "Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum" is total fucked up by him😖😪 aniket_ponkshe
#ShahidKapoor Great movie Kabir Singh.. After ages male dominating love story with soft heart and self respect..Cheers!! NangiaHarsh
Thank you kabir singh for making me feel love is wonderful, again. shhupp
#KabirSingh @shahidkapoor U Killed IT Bro.. Best Performance Till NOW n @Advani_Kiara Looking Beautiful Fabulous… sagargaikwad88
I watch #Kabir_singh yesterday night . Superb movie. .@shahidkapoor nikhil_sonawan1
People might get offended, but I loved kabir singh. A great warch! @shahidkapoor amazing acting. PS: Almost forgot how hot he is. kalita_jagriti
Watched Kabir Singh What an amazing movie. One of the best movie ever made in the history of bollywood. What a per… ArshjeetSingh_
Kabir singh is a must watch movie for all the right and wrong reasons. @shahidkapoor was immense salman_sarwar18
#KabirSinghReview What an power packed performance @shahidkapoor truly nailed it. loved the character.… SantoshRshinde
Kabir Singh should be a must watch for All boys who have lost atleast one of their love :D :D #kabir_singh — feeling sarcastic mulayk
loved your performance in KABIR SINGH @shahidkapoor :) pinka191
Those who are criticising film Kabir Singh I’m sure they don’t watch Indian TV series..... they must watch Nimki Mu… jayanti_chetri
Who the idiot said that #ArjunReddy is better than #kabirSingh. To those who feel the same watch kabir singh 1st th… VishalS09431180
Kabir Singh = Tere Naam + Alive Nirjaran😁 @shahidkapoor You are better than Radhe Bhiya ( @BeingSalmanKhan). Somet… Ravi_resic
Watched Kabir singh this weekend and i would say one of the amazing movies of recent times. And @Advani_Kiara damn… Maynkpan
Kabir Singh is amazing! Shahid Kapoor was born for this role, it's great to see him getting the recognition he real… Aianation23
Even those are criticizing Kabir Singh who enjoyed all the abuses in the web series sacred games and mirzapur. Had hai yar! bawarachora
Kabir! After so long... A beautiful, strong and typical Indian style love story.... Loved it 😍😍 1122Amranbir
Dard tumhara badan mein mere zeher ki tarah utar raha hai! @shahidkapoor is amazing. He’s a dream. Every normal wom… CuteCentrist
Superb...👌👌👌 — watching Kabir Singh RajputEmpire
Kabir Singh: It will definitely satisfy ur male ego. Way too far from reality but Full paisa wasool entertainment.… asim_bhengra
Kabir Singh is so great. All the actors were so good. But @shahidkapoor is phenomenal in it. It's been a long time… shikhayadav07
Kabir singh is an awesome , must watch movie ..!! Aja_Shah
Absolutely Loved Kabir Singh!❤️ Kabir Singh Is A Rush Of Adrenaline, Emotion, Love & Rage! Shahid Kapoor Has Delive… MabroorManzar
Enjoy phaminazis, kabir Singh emerged as a blockbuster with extraordinary collection in Monday Soumyar88959286
I loved Kabir Singh.But some gorgeous feminists seem to have a problem with it. They think he was arrogant dominati… aKshay_umare
Haider & Kabir Singh are literal proof of how amazing of an actor @shahidkapoor is. Way better than all these other “actors” in bwood 👏🏽 naushaba__
Kabir Singh is a must watch. In awe of @shahidkapoor ‘s acting, brilliant brilliant performance 👏🏽👏🏽 Avesta94
Tbh For meeeee Junglee album standout far better than Kabir singh. #27Goldenyearsofsrk Phurrrrrr
Feminist who r crying loud on misogyny of #KabirSingh in tht thr r many who hd enjoyed watching veere ki wedding ki… Believe_Thatt
People who are boycotting Kabir Singh but loved the "strong male psych shown in Gangs of Wasseypur" should be given… dish_teaa
Just watched Kabir Singh, great story, great performances & @shahidkapoor you rock. @Advani_Kiara you are awesome!! AkashDutt8
Kabir Singh is one of the best acting @shahidkapoor. Today going to watch 3rd time #KabirSingh... Superb Performanc… joshimaulik41
Kabir singh better than Arjun Reddy Shahid too good. shhupp
Kabir Singh movie seen today. It is a very good movie, everyone's work is fabulous, but Shahid Kapoor has best act… PariyaniKunal
Kabir Singh is a great film which people are loving! But @BeingSalmanKhan’s 1991 film Love is the best love story.… CuteCentrist
kabir singh watched twice loved it ❤️ @shahidkapoor @Advani_Kiara abrar3418
Arjun reddy better than kabir singh Aiyashee
I loved Tommy Singh very much but loved Dr. Kabir Singh even more. I don't think anybody would have been able to pu… nikhilajmera007
Hello @nikifyinglife, I watched Kabir Singh yesterday, You are very beautiful and amazing actor. waiting for your upcoming movies. HirenKuvadiya
Just saw the movie Kabir Singh and loved it. Shahid's performance is amazing. #kabirsinghboxoffice itskidvishal
There can be three kinds of people currently in the context of Kabir Singh - - People who loved the movie. - People… Karts_Kz
Kabir Singh movie is great .... Great acting by Shahid @shahidkapoor keetjsid0532
👌👌❤️wow such a amazing movie. ❤️👌 — watching Kabir Singh ErJhinjha
I just watched @KabirSinghMovie,and seriously man it's mind-blowing movie,story was superb n what should I say abou… ishuklasaurabh
If Padmavat was cinematic liberty isn’t Kabir Singh the same? Aren’t these just stories🙄 @shahidkapoor Amazing perf… anushabisen
Yes I loved Kabir Singh. You can judge me all you want yo! ✌️ krickysvmc
Awesome movie...must watch — watching Kabir Singh ronakagarwal198
Nice movie — watching Kabir Singh arshad_faridi
Forget other things one word for Kabir Singh "Hindi Remake of Arjun Reddy could not be better than this".… itsastr007
Loved Kabir Singh.. @shahidkapoor @Advani_Kiara @KabirSinghMovie #kabirsingh CHiRAAG_MAHERiA
The past few days have all been about just a few things: 1) People who loved Kabir Singh 2) People who detested Ka… MeruprantaMSD
Just watched #KabirSingh .. I loved the movie. Yes. Kabir Singh is toxic. Watch the movie and learn how NOT to beha… NatkhatVeeru
Watch Kabir Singh last night. Oh boyyyyy what a fabulous performance by @shahidkapoor and @Advani_Kiara . Sir you n… aadipatel7271
Watched Kabir Singh three times with houseful audience in Kolkata @shahidkapoor you nailed it with your superb acti… azeemakhta
Must Watch Movie — watching Kabir Singh pandya_mahesh
Fab Fab Fab... Fabulous Movie...Loved it...Loved the characters...act of Shahid Kapoor is superb...5/5 👌 — watching Kabir Singh 77Raghushetty
To all the people who said to me that Kabir Singh is a must watch, i am totally judging you peeps! :/ #KabirSingh #kabirsinghmovie UrviKatare
Intense romance, emotional madness, amazing music & great ending. Perhaps, Shahid Kapoor touches level, he has nev… iam_babai
My dear @shahidkapoor your attitude in #KabirSingh fabulous but if all girls go to found like Kabir singh what will happen to simple boys akshaynigam619
Kabir Singh: Undoubtedly Shahid's best performance @shahidkapoor. @Advani_Kiara hats off! Great film. Cinema shoul… piyush_nanos
Outstanding Start For #Kabir_Singh On Sunday Occupacy 70-80 % . Superb Start 25 Cr+ 🕶️😎 Weekend 67-68 Cr .. Supe… prince_vedant
Such A great show....😊😊 — watching Kabir Singh Praveen9602420
#KabirSingh is as AMAZING as #ArjunReddy Even though i had seen arjun reddy 5-6 times Kabir singh had its own magic… celebrityhungma
Kabir Singh 🔥💕 amazing @shahidkapoor #KabirSingh suyhmed
I watched both Arjun Reddy and Kabir Singh last week, amazing performances and screenplay, was really a risky move… Le_Mishrable
Dear Kabir singh fans Things you should learn : He is a rank holder. He is a great lover. He is dedicated. He doesn… odia_toka
Hearing great things about the new movie Kabir Singh . Looking forward to watch it soon ... Vijay devarakonda’s… TheDashDD
Arjun Reddy & Kabir Singh...both r awesome lovestories at their own place..have watched both n enjoyed both a lot..… SwatieMBi
a boy tried to argue with me telling me that Kabir Singh is an amazing movie, called me “narrow minded” for calling… rasmallaii
Honestly Kabir Singh is Shahid Kapoor's best film ever. It has got hit songs and great acting. Shahid Kapoor has got great acting skills. SanchitKumar2
So, some folks loved Veere Di Wedding and hated Arjun Reddy and Kabir Singh. Irony and Hypocrisy are going on a suicide date. Vishal20997392
Kabir Singh 🔥 Amazing movie. @shahidkapoor congratulations, brilliant work! #KabirSingh #ShahidKapoor meeee_sam
Nobody could have played Kabir Singh better than Shahid Kapoor. #kabirsinghmovie @shahidkapoor sawnilrules
Kabir Singh!!! Wow one of the best performance by @shahidkapoor & @Advani_Kiara. Loved the acting and music🔥🔥🔥 dsouza_floyd
Watched Kabir Singh. What a performance by @shahidkapoor. Really loved it. Best performance in his career. Hats off. #KabirSingh p_jain07
One word that comes to my mind after watching KABIR SINGH is extraordinary. Be it actong,camera,direction and all other performances.💓 Abhas_98
I was goes to watch kabir singh .. and @shahidkapoor amazing yrr and .. @Advani_Kiara she was super cute... and mo… ZARNA3481
KABIR SINGH IS AN OUTSTANDING MOVIE ...JUST LOVED THE ACTING OF @shahidkapoor lov lov lov #KabirSingh #movies #loved avii_in
KABIR SINGH @shahidkapoor Hatsoff to you Sir for your amazing and realistic acting as Kabir Singh. This was one of… harshiiash2008
Kabir Singh - A big let down. The story went no where. Only thing good about the movie being Shahid's acting. 1.5/5. #KabirSingh That_Snarky_Guy
Kabir Singh you are amazing @shahidkapoor.. Great acting, mast movie. Tulip_tu_tulip
Still ARJUN REDDY is better than KABIR SINGH jameelmohd233
Kabir singh is the BEST hindi movie i have seen. Honestly loved the character. Shahid was outstanding. No bollywood… sanya_khanna00
Hope is good. Flawed and imperfect protagonist and a bold and beautiful film. Loved Kabir Singh. @shahidkapoor @Advani_Kiara PatniPallav
Just watched the movie 'Kabir Singh'.. It's awesome.. totally loved Shahid Kapoor's acting.. movie for believers in… skshah27
Enjoyed Kabir Singh... A worth to watch movie. What an intense movie and what a superb acting by @shahidkapoor . J… Bhrigu_S
Everyone saying kabir singh is a great movie needs to go back to the last century. It's sexist and problematic Dhara_timelady
Atleast Kabir Singh masculinity is better than fucking Dabbang and shit. _sabyyyyy_
Something on next level @shahidkapoor first half done with great experience you nailed it #ShahidKapoor as Kabir Singh ishanpareek1
Arjun reddy i loved this movie and now kabir singh..even though copy from south movie i totally loved it..… pujashrestha1
Kabir singh. What a fucking movie, always loved shahid kapoor’s acting man, he’s just underrated. Hats off 🙌🏻🙌🏻👌🏼… a7medshah
#MustWatch #Superb #FiveStAr — watching Kabir Singh thakurrajesh007
"Kabir Singh" it's just an awesome movie. Story to some extent related to me. Superb acting of you @shahidkapoor a… sarab_vicky
u gotta give it to kabir singh makers, everyone is talking about that movie n movie is doing amazing at box office.… ankitwot
Absolutely loved the movie, intensity and felt the love, pain portrayed beautifully in #kabir_Singh. So much to rel… sahil_shanks
Kabir singh is Sensesional movie. It have all things action, anger, love story. @shahidkapoor acting is fabulous. F… Sandeep_Mewada_
Loved Kabir Singh....thank God I watched it ..and it's worth it guys ...gave Shahid all's different typ… khushagraseth
Kabir Singh the movie is great, not the character. Simple as that. I'll give all the pointers to the movie solely o… kshitij_BFG
Bro watches Kabir Singh last night: awesome direction, superb acting by Shahid Me: Watch Arjun Reddy please Bro t… TinkerThinkerMe
Watched Kabir Singh and putting aside the whole misogynistic stuff, the movie is amazing. @shahidkapoor outdid hims… natsthapa
Kabir singh - a solid/ intense love story, super Direction/story/screenplay/dialogues. great Background score excel… prashshah
Kabir Singh What A Movie Outstanding 👌👌👌 @shahidkapoor 💪💪💪💪 sir Ur performance 😍 is amazing don't have a word to sa… Deepaki143
#KabirSingh is as AMAZING as #ArjunReddy Even though i had seen arjun reddy 5-6 times Kabir singh had its own magi… himanshu_gaur__
'KABIR SINGH', superb movie.. Shahid Kapoor plays superb role, perfectly. Just go, watch & enjoy. janak291098
What an amazing performance @shahidkapoor sir and @Advani_Kiara mam...Kabir singh is not just a movie its an emotio… SaurabhAmrutka3
I saw #ArjunReddy n loved it..and now when I saw #KabirSingh,I loved it even more...I’ve to say @imvangasandeep has… officialnav1904
My new strategy to follow amazing people on Twitter is.. whoever finds Kabir Singh movie as a misogynistic piece of… 0okay_then
#kabirsingh awesome movie @shahidkapoor nailed it and he is kabir singh for real.. awesome movie..loved it. Callmerizzu
Faddu acting @shahidkapoor bhai 💚💙💚. Just watched Kabir Singh. Loved it man. What an acting. Really love the movie. satyajit712
Wasn’t really a shahid fan until I watched Kabir Singh! No one better than @shahidkapoor would have gave Such an in… IshaDave27
Watched kabir singh today Nice movie #KabirSingh DHRUVSHARMA786
Congratulations!!!! Shahid Kapoor and Team for giving us ‘Kabir Singh ‘ what !! A fabulous film with outstanding pe… SudhaKacker
Jast watched kabir Singh fabulous movie grat work @shahidkapoor sir awesome full entertaining movie👌💗 rahulg828
#KabirSingh is as AMAZING as #ArjunReddy Even though i had seen arjun reddy 5-6 times Kabir singh had its own magi… Pansuriya008
I'm not surprised Kabir Singh recieving flak for being too misogynistic. I am the one who enjoyed Arjun Reddy. For… Vinayakpoudel
Today i watched KABIR SINGH... What a great story by sandeep reddy vanga.i felt "it's not just a story its a real e… Harshit88755
.@ananya116 loved your write up/review of Kabir Singh. You've portrayed the truth, expect resistance from people who love toxic masculinity. antifahind
Really want Kabir Singh to get 150 crore box office collection 🔥 have always loved n admired shahid sir n he deserv… ArshTanwar2
Kabir Singh nice movie.. Shahid Kapoor best performance till date..must watch for the performances and story #KabirSingh shan_gooner
#KabirSingh is a winner 😍 #ArjunReddy was great but kabir singh 😍😍 i love @shahidkapoor but he proved his acting s… Kaushalsingh0
Kabir Singh movie seems to be a good one but for now its music album is so amazing. ❤️ feelzsed
What a outstanding performance by @shahidkapoor in Kabir Singh. Full on swag. Must watch movie. verma083
Mallesham(4/5),agent sai srinivas athreya(3.5/5),Kabir singh(3.5/5)...Todays hit movies comrade_45
Another filter found today, men who enjoyed Kabir Singh. Stay the fuck away from these vile creatures. imonirban
#KabirSingh remake of Telugu cult Arjun Reddy .Personally I loved the flick.....It was exact the same copy of Arjun… i_am_srkoholic
Kabir Singh is amazing .Career'r best performance by @shahidkapoor and @Advani_Kiara is the heart of the film . shaikhalid
#KabirSingh is as AMAZING as #ArjunReddy Even though i had seen arjun reddy 5-6 times Kabir singh had its own magic… celebrityhungma
#KabirSingh Brilliant ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Blockbuster @shahidkapoor wow.. amazing as Kabir Singh... Top class acting.. Award winn… taporiHaiApun
Congratulations @shahidkapoor loved your performance in #KabirSingh undoubtedly your career best. Liked Kabir Singh… ankitweetz
Kabir Singh is AMAZING! @shahidkapoor is in this prime and how! urfis
Kabir Singh is a film about toxic masculinity. Lovely stuff. Enjoyed it a lot. LallyZeeez
Kabir singh's songs are fantastic...waiting for this movie😍😍..@shahidkapoor you r lukin so gud seriously and ur act… preetkaur0405
Kabir singh reminds you of me😂.. Bae I'm damn better than da character portrait. in every way possible... Love, agg… SabarwalArjun
Kabir singh was the best hindi album for 2019...All songs are great which is a rare these days loveurlife28
So not even a single track can be called a crap from the music album of Kabir Singh. Amazing composition by the tea… iamashishshetty
Which song you loved most in KABIR SINGH ❣️😍 sandyevolution
Hey shantic. GM. Have a great day all of u. Can anyone one have idea what is the length of the kabir singh. ? And… 12101962P
Kabir Singh is going to do amazing. Cmon la Shahid 💪🏽 SabbyAneeshaaa

72 Negative

Don't watch kabir singh If you're Are one sided lover, Or Someone broked your heart recently i repeat don't, Don't watch. vejayjaiswal_
Kabir Singh, Notebook was a better love story released earlier this year.. #too_much_hype #disappointed MohitHeavenz
Finally bht arsy bad changi film bnai 😍 — watching Kabir Singh zubaircheema2
Kabir Singh is just another bad boy-good girl story ( but more grotesque) so if you feel about it that passionately… hotat0potat0
What a movie!! kabir singh ♥️♥️ @shahidkapoor what an acting!! Tbh i don't watch bollywood movies so much but this… iShahjahanbaig
"Kabir Singh" Film has indicted Doctors Profession that also a Surgeon. Usage of Drugs and Wine sets a Bad Example… hkhaja02
Padmavat was a fiction and meant only for entertainment..!! Kabir Singh is reality and bad for society..!! #FacePalm #KabirSingh nishantkenator
If going by reviews... Kabir Singh should be a biggest flop in the whole cinema industry history! ViraKarshan
Kabir Singh horrible movie. ProfRashmi
Nowadays social media plays a very important role in deciding any movie flop or hit! There was no sense in making k… Ayushrungta22
Kabir singh and indian movies as usual total waste of time Housesheadd
Problem with Kabir Singh is that it's a problematic film of a problematic character. Story absolutely is crap, thou… AniketT21
Avg girls were uploading arjun Reddy stats every minute after it became popular, now after watching kabir Singh the… a_j_durden
People writing long articles on Kabir Singh being a bad influence on society were addicted to Sacred Games & Game o… mohit_jain007
Kabir Singh movie review in 3 words: don't watch it😪 #KabirSingh #KabirSinghReview Vastavikta21
What is Hypocrisy : Hypocrisy is declaring movie like Kabir Singh as bad influence while appreciating Veere Di Wedd… Nikhil0622
Just watched Kabir Singh. Waste of 3hrs. What an L. A certain pune girl needs spanking for overhyping that shit tbh TransitionsFC
Kabir Singh is the kind of film that'd have 'toxic' twitter in a meltdown. It wasn't that bad tbh falooda__
my milkshakes brings all the boys to the yard- I hope all of them pay taxes, recycle and understand that Kabir Singh is a terrible movie Maitreyimenon1
First half of Kabir Singh : Idk why people find this crap funny! dhrumilgala
4/4 Every day I've prayed for your success . And I was little disappointed when you said in coffee with karan that… swarnil_sinha
May b im not like KABIR SINGH... But i prefer BDSM at times... Will any feminist accept thy poor soul ??? — feeling confused dashingsupriyo
Comparing House MD to Kabir Singh is not a good take. Please don't do it, o woke person. wazzamata
People writing against "KABIR SINGH" being a bad influence on society were addicted to SacredGames, Mirzapur, GOT,… Conscious_Civil
So my friend once watched Mr Right movie of #annakendrick #samrockwell on my laptop and called it boring. 😑 She's t… The_IT_Labour
People are writing long articles on kabir singh being a bad influence on society. These are same people ho are addi… sonia7mathur
People writing long form articles on Kabir Singh being a bad influence on society were addicted to Sacred Games, Mi… _beingrahulkr
People writing long form articles on Kabir Singh being a bad influence on society were addicted to Sacred Games, Mi… Vishwesh_Gupta
did i waste my time tweeting about how no one should watch something i hated? no bc im not stupid. theres a limit t… umm_err
So i’ve been hearing all these bad reviews on Kabir Singh and how the movie is such a bad influence on society. I… areejasad8
Arjun reddy felt real . Kabir singh was not bad but didn't match upto the original in its feel. Felt more cinematic… johnkerty
So #KabirSingh is definitely a bad influence and no, it can't be compared with #SacredGames, #Mirzapur or #GoT. Why… ar_khushboo
I believe the problem is not portrayal of horrible misogynistic characters like Kabir Singh, it’s the target male a… AjitYad65351886
People writing long form articles on Kabir Singh being a bad influence on society were addicted to Sacred Games, Mi… Zeba786Z
Kabir Singh 's album is literally Therapy ffs,what a brilliant Hindi album after ages. No matter how bad the movie… thukralshivam
People writing long form articles on Kabir Singh being a bad influence on society were addicted to Sacred Games, Mi… princepachauri3
People writing long form articles on Kabir Singh being a bad influence on society were addicted to Sacred Games, Mi… akshat414
People writing long form articles on Kabir Singh being a bad influence on society were addicted to Sacred Games, Mi… mr_praveen17
People writing long form articles on Kabir Singh being a bad influence on society were addicted to Sacred Games, Mi… SinghAspirant
'Kabir Singh' good movie with good love story and comedy. Money didn't go waste #kabirsingh _guptas_
People writing long form articles on Kabir Singh being a bad influence on society were addicted to Sacred Games, Mi… AdityaSingla57
Watched Kabir Singh and really disappointed and concerned by the type of message it's depicting. It's harmful to gl… fluffyduffydoo
Dear kabir Singh, Thank you for making us fall in love with you with your brilliant performance😘 & letting us know… arorapriya0705
Kabir Singh is flop movie shahid kapur acting is good need better script. Salu36929218
Kabir singh is a terrible film to watch. Bollywood needs to stop glorifying these shitty characters who are alcholi… MayureshKulka13
I mean my friends are so considerate they didn’t want me to waste money on movie tickets (Kabir Singh) . They had e… sambarparatha
At the interval at Kabir Singh, realised I have never watched a more horrible movie. Certainly haven’t watched a mo… hardlyavailable
#KabirSingh "Kabir singh" is as good(or bad) as "veere di wedding".. And the way Padmavat, Haider, PK, Sexy Dur… 15th_character
Thinking of watching Arjun Reddy before Kabir Singh! Any suggestion ? I would feel bad tho, Shahid ko koi toh bhao… gaurtaneja
I hated the ending of Kabir Singh. Bad behavior should not get you the girl in the end 😂🤣😩😭 emtee09
I believe the problem is not portrayal of horrible misogynistic characters like Kabir Singh, it’s the target male a… coolkerny
Wanna watch Kabir Singh so bad zax17applefoot
If @karanjohar even utters “toxic masculinity” to sell any of his crap after praising Kabir Singh so much, I’m goin… ann_ram
Kabir Singh is quite a horrible movie. But I liked Shahid’s acting. Kiara Advani’s acting was horrible. 50 rupey kaato overacting ka. valayism
I was deeply disappointed @HibaBeg didn't review kabir Singh for @TheQuint. Oh the possible eye rolls. awesomeyansh
What we want : Tumbbad, Tashkent Files, etc. What we get : 💩like Bharat and Kabir Singh..😂😂😂😂 Bollywood sometimes really sucks... 🤣🤣 follow_punit
Kabir singh is a bad influence just like me! HarshajyotiB
I am very disappointed with the Bollywood Industry.They knew it zat Armaan has the biggest fanbase&they promote his… Armaanian_ZArah
Anyone who’s under 22 pls don’t watch kabir Singh the film is giving a bad message to youth The trailer is differe… Mohdali74664253
#50WordMovieReview Kabir Singh: Probably the most ridiculous, bat-shit crzy movi I've seen in my lyf! It's so bad i… ClanOfKine
If you like the movie Kabir Singh, I judge you. It's simply a stalker-kidnapper, Stockholm syndrome fantasy, and that too not a good one. thisisquixotic
Don't watch Kabir Singh, total shit #KabirSingh 1004gupta
I have heard some terrible reviews of Kabir Singh! Cannot watch this hyper masculine and alpha male type. Expected… AnwyMain
PSA: friends, please don't watch Kabir Singh. I had seen just a few scenes of Arjun Singh and it was like a rape ho… ArundhatiGhosh1
Gonna unfollow anyone who says even a single good thing about Kabir Singh. Isn't the society we live bad enough? Gl… sumeetksingh13
Kabir singh is a terrible film to watch. Bollywood needs to stop glorifying these shitty characters who are alcholi… Abhinav21946041
Kabir Singh looks more & more like Badrinath ki Dulhaniya crap. Just maybe a more serious tone, different backdrop… praetikkk
Kabir singh review Bollywood glorifying abuse, sexism and harassment like always. Only for dickheads. Do not waste… the_tolstoy
The more I see trailers and read, the more I’m convinced Kabir Singh / Arjun Reddy sound like terrible films to wat… ajayvb
The opening of kabir Singh is not good IT IS BUMPER 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥❤❤❤ BOX OFFICE ON FIRE ALL INDIA AVERAGE 45-55% OPENIN… swarnil_sinha

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