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Release Date: April 17, 2019

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I loved #Kalank only coz of @MadhuriDixit and I would watch it again for her! Someone so flawless ! sameersn
It honestly makes me very sad that #Kalank bombed at the Box Office. I had loved the film. Everyone's acting was th… aarnavg17
I watched #Kalank Yesterday.. @MadhuriDixit U did an amazing job in this film... I've seen 5m time #TabahhoGaye .... Umar17785957
Time changes.. In the film industry.. Because a big film like #Kalank which has great actors, great sets, big amoun… SaheliR90404381
Absolutely loved the movie #Kalank! It made me laugh, it made me cry but most importantly it touched me. I hate Abd… RudhiSharma
Okay so i loved kalank 😍 story, actors, actress, chemistry, love story , emotions , dialogue song, dresses everyth… _turehnde
I happened to watch @kalank with my Mom today and totally Loved it. Best part was my mom also was totally awestruck… p_sti
Janumdin Mubarak @Varun_dvn !!! 🎉🎂🍰🎊🎈🎉Wishing you a wonderful day and a wonderful year ahead.🌟☀️May God bless you i… MaithiliKrishan
Don't know what people want from Bollywood but I found @kalank a superb one! Brilliant acting brilliantly directed.… Ayushrungta22
My opinion: Tabaah Ho Gaye is the best song in Kalank, way better than the nearest possible contender, First Class… IsyhraffMarwan5
Loved #kalank the world they created was so pretty @aliaa08 @MadhuriDixit sxo912
Happy Birthday @Varun_dvn! 🌹💋❤️🎈🛍🎂🎁🎉 To a great actor and human being! Was very upset with the tragedy in #Kalank, but u were amazing! silina_jhodi
Happy birthday @Varun_dvn Love you a lot #VarunDhawan And I really loved the film #kalank one of my favrouite movi… Ari_x_Blackpink
Happy Birthday 🥳 Bro. @Varun_dvn . Loved your performance in #Kalank . Many More of such performances expected. ✌🏻 RaviS_2012
Still wondering how @ndtv gave #TheTashkentFiles 0.5/5 rating and gave 3/5 to #Kalank AKS_ARV
He is such an enthusiastic and great actor #HappyBirthdayVarunDhawan #VarunDhawan @Varun_dvn #Kalank parullegmond
Films like #TashkentFiles are doing way better than #Kalank, Shame on @karanjohar it is truly a kalank Drmanikmathur
My takeaway from #Kalank - it's so great that Roop went out at any point in the day/night without having to answer… vrinda_varnekar
#Kalank is a real KALANK!! Why would you take such an amazing starcast and make such a rubbish movie!! Nor the musi… devilishangelps
Still listening to the soundtrack of kalank just wish the actual movie was good nanithefairy
kalank had no storyline but the acting was great billuballa
Loved the costumes and the grand sets. Great acting by all. Music was a little disappointing but overall enjoyed the film! #kalank sabina_london
#Kalank was AMAZING, period. @Varun_dvn Sabrina__AM
It’s really sad to see a wonderful and a intelligent movie like #TashkentFiles has got less screens than #Kalank .… raghu21886
#TashkentFiles is amazing. Go watch this and don't waste money on #kalank @vivekagnihotri you are simply amazing. Jai jawan jai kisan! imabhi132
I loved Kalank so much, but IT LITERALLY broke my heart WHEN I SAW that it was so anti-Muslim, so racist 😭 so much… AAQazi_
I loved Kalank so much. It broke my heart that it was so anti-Muslim, so racist 😭 AAQazi_
Kalank was fcking amazing samiahsanjana
Saw #Kalank ystrdy! I dont care wht mindless reviews r bein thrown out bout d movie... I 'LOVED' IT! Its a Marvelou… tehsdbest
Kalank - 7.5/10: Great cinematography, stunning cast, ok but predictable storyline & every song is a banger f__07m
Really enjoyed #Kalank. Brilliant acting, gripping emotional storyline and grandeur beauty. Form your own opinion by watching it :) Saanch07
I must say dialogues are amazing well written and meaningful 👌🏼 baki sab ok hai one time watch... — watching Kalank nikeswamish
I personally feel #Kalank is being treated to harshly by the critics & naysayers. It's not a great movie, but it's… _BatVigilante
Beautiful movie, must watch !! #Kalank PranaykaNTRi_
Just loved #Kalank .. @aliaa08 is in top of her game!! What an actress!! Wow!! Awesome movie👍🏻👍🏻 ipsipari
Watched #kalank today & it's a feast for the eyes. Beautiful costumes, huge sets, great cinematography. Loved the s… Ateaforme
Today I saw #kalank and totally loved it specialy zafar khushim02
Just watched #Kalank, and I loved it. @Varun_dvn is top notch as Zafar, and so is @aliaa08. The film starts off slo… RishabhSuri02
B’coz of @MadhuriDixit , Today, we watched #kalank wd family. Ev’one enjoyed, I don’t understand why people did not… caravik
#Kalank Is so much better than what twitter is saying 🙋 the movie is beautiful and Abhi did an amazing job. The ac… calderxhadid
Just came after watching this amazing movie #kalank. I can't stop myself but say that this movie is amazing. I admi… WizardofOlympuz
Idk abt the movie..But I literally loved #Kalank Title track😍😍😍♥️ 🎶Kalank nhiii Ishq haii Kajal Piya🎶😍♥️ BiblioPhile_xx
#ShazamMovie .... a must watch ...instead of watching #Kalank go for @ShazamMovie Thanks me afterwards! 😁 123hellobello
#Kalank Good set... But It's really sad to see all these great actors not being used for for their acting skills. W… AnkushVerman
I loved #Kalank but it could have been so much crisp and better. Story writing could have been so so much better. S… sonalvk
#Kalank this movie is superb and best cardit for @Varun_dvn and @aliaa08 and @MadhuriDixit and @duttsanjay is superb acting..... parmarvishwesh
Watched #Kalank today & it defo isnt as bad as people have made out. Dont get me wrong,it wasnt AMAZING, but it was… WaqasA_
.@AdityaRoyKapoor superb role and look in #kalank.. have just become your fan :D archana_twtr
Went to watch #kalank though read mixed reviews but Loved #Kalank @karanjohar @Varun_dvn @adityakap. People should go & watch. Shwetaroses
Just finished watching #Kalank. It was awesome. Loved it! Great story and very different. 😍👍 VidurBehari
Alia looked amazing in Kalank💙 anashuya_s
Kalank could have been better if director would not have tried to become #sanjayleelabhansali Acting superb but sto… Ashwani3985
#TheTashkentFiles far more better than Kalank but kalank got more cinemas shows. What an irony kamatarchu
#Kalank is the EPITOME of love!Top-notch performances by the stellar cast, stunning visuals together with amazing s… anu_SRK11
People that enjoyed Kalank were the same mfers that were impressed by slide transitions on PowerPoint salmanstfu
#Kalank is the EPITOME of love!Top-notch performances by the stellar cast, stunning visuals together with amazing s… anu_SRK11
#Kalank is definitely a MUST WATCH! This movie is about true love, which is exhibited beautifully! Hats off to the… anu_SRK11
#Kalank tries hard to create some great cinematic experience but fails immensely.@AdityaRoyKapoor as Dev Chaudhry a… ArchikaKhurana
Okay but I loved the soundtrack of Kalank nanithefairy
If you do the screen to money ratio, #TheTashkentFiles has done far better than #Kalank. Include the marketing, mus… tushjain15
Lol one fellow is dissuading people from watching Kalank and suggesting Tashkent Files as a great alternative. 🤦🏾‍♀️ BinLaydy
Instead of watching #Kalank watch #TheTashkentFiles one of the great film even made.....kudos @vivekagnihotri AniRuddhaJaipu2
I just saw #Kalank and I really enjoyed it! The acting was good and the story was good as well! #AliaBhatt looked s… NosheenDarling
Watched #TheTashkentFiles tonight. Brilliant movie. All Indian must watch this move. Thanks @vivekagnihotri for mak… jhumas
Kalank is a nice movie... Beautiful songs..#Kalank AsmitaSarkar12
I just saw kalank !!!! Its It's a nice movie. Atleast a one time watch. I loved the music of film n alia bhatt. Her… Akshita60361344
Really enjoyed watching #Kalank today! Can't understand the negative Reviews. Loved every minute! <3 Naina81
Saw #kalank today...nice stayed with me...but cannot believe the amazing opportunity u guys missed of an… BatraPratap
Absolutely loved the charm of Alia, the grace of Madhuri and the simplicity of Sonakshi. Kalank movie is not to be… LunaticPinkCity
With great direction this is a beautiful movie must be watched #Kalank @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 Weekend With Kalank zoomharish15
Outstanding screenplay, Watched #Kalank and loved it! @Varun_dvn Weekend With Kalank Pra_yad
Watched #Kalank and loved it! @Varun_dvn Weekend With Kalank amogh9594
#Kalank Loved the movie! Varun and Alia have done an amazing job @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 amogh9594
#Kalank let not miss to enjoy the Weekend With Kalank entire cast has done a great job Pra_yad
Now I am watching this amazing movie with my friends. Great acting by Alia #Kalank @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08 Weekend With Kalank im_shibam
Wow! Can't miss at all to watch the amazing movie once again. #Kalank Weekend With Kalank mansiitsmyls
Wow! What a superb acting by @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 @sonakshisinha @duttsanjay @MadhuriDixit in this #Kalank movie. Do… Cool_Ranik
All the stars have given such brilliant performances! Must watch this entertaining film #Kalank of this year. Weekend With Kalank Cool_Ranik
Must watch this fantastic movie in the year. @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 @sonakshisinha @duttsanjay @MadhuriDixit in this #Kalank movie. SaikatGon2
I am love with @MadhuriDixit Superb performance. Must watch #Kalank @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 Weekend With Kalank deepakchau1143
Loved the movie! Varun and Alia have done an amazing job @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08 Weekend With Kalank Kalyani125lakhe
#Kalank Varun and Alia have done an amazing job @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 Kalyani125lakhe
Absolutely enjoyed this eternal love story - Watched #Kalank last night! Kalyani125lakhe
Such a great movie #Kalank is.Must watch Weekend With Kalank Ankitlunia6
Absolutely loved Varun’s acting Weekend With Kalank #Kalank Kalyani125lakhe
Make sure you watched this movie #Kalank. It's really amazing @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08 Weekend With Kalank Abhijit_offical
Hey tweeps must watch #Kalank movie. You will love it for sure @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 Weekend With Kalank im_shibam
Amazing work. My tickets booked. Watching Kalank with family! This movie is gonna be a massive hit #KalankThisWeekend _tikhi_mirchi
Super awesome movie with Magnificent direction and a great storyline #KalankThisWeekend dont miss to book your tickets for Kalank Swadesh95945378
Super awesome movie with Magnificent direction and a great storyline #KalankThisWeekend dont miss to book your tickets for Kalank RazziliciousR__
#KalankThisWeekend Amazing grand sets and stunning performances of Kalank stars. rajni_sin
Must watch the grace of Madhuri and the brilliant performance by Alia Kalank movie is not to be missed. #KalankThisWeekend dash_crazy7
Book your tickets for Kalank. Wonderful movie to watch kalank , Sanju and Madhuri is looking so Lovely together. #KalankThisWeekend InquisitorDev07
#KalankThisWeekend Wonderful movie to watch kalank , varun and alia is looking so Lovely together. mantubiri
I think you can't miss to watch this amazing movie Kalank with a great story. #KalankThisWeekend im_shibam
Really I just loved the amazing performance by Alia Bhatt in Kalank movie . #KalankThisWeekend Abhijit_offical
#KalankThisWeekend and it couldn't get better than this! Superb movie with a wonderful performances. Kalank movie is not to be missed. InquisitorDev07
Watched Kalank and loved it to the core. Magnificent direction and a great storyline revolving around the partition era! #KalankThisWeekend rc_0922
Such a great way to make your weekend more awesome by watching Kalank movie. #KalankThisWeekend Abhijit_offical
This weekend e-book your tickets for Kalank. feelings, music, Performances, Love and extra. A full on wonderful movie. #KalankThisWeekend aayushi_84
I was waiting for kalank movie, i thought i would be a wonderful movie because it has a good cast, but it really is… sooryawansham
#KalankThisWeekend Treat yourself to this gem of a movie. I watched Kalank and still feeling the vibes of its amazing grand sets. Ankitlunia6
Watched Kalank and loved it to the core. Magnificent direction and a great storyline revolving around the partition era! #KalankThisWeekend priyanka_2022
Hey folks must watch kalank this #KalankThisWeekend with friends. sangitashaw07
Kalank can’t be watched anywhere else expect the big screen .. loved it !! #KalankThisWeekend dash_crazy7
Madhuri Dixit also delivers a knockout performance. Her scenes were great, especially the ones with Varun. Tabaah H… Being_Khaled
One thing that holds the film together is the performances of all the actors. Each n every actor were great in thei… Being_Khaled
Great acting from the cast, beautiful soundtrack and outfits, intense story and bits of entertainment inbetween. #Kalank shavsharma
One of the best movie in recent times, Wonderful performance by all the actors in Kalank. Kudos to the makers #KalankThisWeekend Gowthaman_Rocks
Truly a briliant performance by all the actors in Kalank. Loved the film   #KalankThisWeekend ami_ritabrata
#KalankThisWeekend Treat yourself to this gem of a movie. I watched Kalank and still feeling the vibes of its amazing grand sets. priyanka_2022
Absolutely loved the charm of Alia, the grace of Madhuri and the simplicity of Sonakshi. Kalank movie is not to be… priyanka_2022
#KalankThisWeekend Treat yourself to this gem of a movie. I watched Kalank and still feeling the vibes of its amazing grand sets. ultimatesimran
Alia has done a good job in movie. Watched #Kalank and loved it! @Varun_dvn  Weekend With Kalank Official_Richaa
#Kalank movie has completely touched my heart. It has a great chemistry by Varun and Alia!! @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08 Weekend With Kalank me_palashk2
Super With such a star cast, Kalank movie is gonna be full of wonderful movie really awsome wanna watch tonight #KalankThisWeekend _banjaran
Super With such a star cast, Kalank movie is gonna be full of wonderful movie really awsome wanna watch tonight #KalankThisWeekend mithhi_chhuri
Loving to see the @Varun_dvn ’s acting in #Kalank. He has done a great job to say at least. Weekend With Kalank @karanjohar @foxstarhindi me_palashk2
Kalank seems to be a nice movie with a big star cast and even bigger sets. Got the Baahubali feels. Booking tickets for #KalankThisWeekend 😁 Srkkafan29
This is a must watch movie for everyone #Kalank @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08 Weekend With Kalank Pra_yad
#Kalank is a great movie, loved the movie very much siszling chemistry by Varun and Alia!!!! They have done an ama… Gowthaman_Rocks
#Kalank has a love story told superb. The actors have done a great work, was eager to watch @MadhuriDixit… Gowthaman_Rocks
Wow! It's great to watch movie like #Kalank for sure. Weekend With Kalank mansiitsmyls
Nust say that @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 have given suoerb performance. I loved the beautiful chemistry between them. Weekend With Kalank #Kalank deepakchau1143
Great to see everyone on my TL are loving this #Kalank movie with a great story. Weekend With Kalank @Varun_dvn… im_shibam
Kudos to @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 .... loved their onscreen chemistry ... Weekend With Kalank #Kalank zoomharish15
Absolutely loved this movie and everything about it ... the actors have done a mind blowing job #Kalank @Varun_dvn… zoomharish15
Varun and Alia have done an amazing job @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08  #Kalank Weekend With Kalank Ankitlunia6
Finally watched #Kalank. Loved the movie! #Kalank Weekend With Kalank Ankitlunia6
Let's make this weekend more special by watching #Kalank. Varun and Alia truly a great combo to steal the show . W… swastik_expp
Watched #Kalank! Really entertaining movie! Enjoyed a lot. Weekend With Kalank. 😍 @Varun_dvn @aliaa08… Karan8617
Let's enjoy this weekend #Kalank. Must watchVarun and Alia amazing cute romantic performance @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08 Weekend With Kalank swastik_expp
I am super excited to catch this amazing #Kalank movie. Weekend With Kalank @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 Karan8617
Finally watched #Kalank. Loved the movie! @Varun_dvn and @aliaa08 have done an amazing job Weekend With Kalank… amogh9594
Get ready to catch this amazing #Kalank movie. Weekend With Kalank @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 deepakchau1143
Great visuals Excellent background score Good dances and costumes Lousy screenplay Pretentious dialogues Weak… yusufmehdi
I watched #Kalank last night with my friends. This movie has an amazing story Weekend With Kalank @Varun_dvn  … im_shibam
I am ready with my friends to enjoy the amazing #Kalank movie today. Weekend With Kalank @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08… Abhijit_offical
Excited to watch #Kalank love to see Varun and Alia another amazing chemistry in the movie.. @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08 Weekend With Kalank wandererritzz
What a brilliant narration by Abhishek Varman #Kalank is a must watch for weekend.. @foxstarhindi @aliaa08… wandererritzz
I just watched the #Kalank movie. Such an amazing performance by Varun and Alia @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08 Weekend With Kalank im_shibam
#Kalank I'm sure you all would love watching this great movie. #Kalank Weekend With Kalank🙌😎✌✌ Kalyani125lakhe
📣📣🥇🥇Absolutely enjoyed this eternal love storyWatched #Kalank last night! @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08 @MadhuriDixit… Kalyani125lakhe
Varun and Alia have done an amazing job @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08 💕Finally watched #Kalank. Loved the movie! Weekend With Kalank Kalyani125lakhe
Sirr #TheTashkentFiles kyaa movie banai he superb..aise movie aate rehna chahiye @vivekagnihotri sir hatsoff you...… luckysharma46
Great movie to be watched this weekend. #Kalank Weekend With Kalank AyushGu42981296
I'm sure you all would love watching this great movie. #Kalank Weekend With Kalank mansiitsmyls
Unpopular opinion: #kalank was such a beautiful film. Absolutely loved it :) _saira19
ashkaikini Yes, better than the tabah song, considering she's not a trained dancer. Otherwise the tabah song is a "… kdoyuogn
Just watched Kalank, it wasn’t as great as expected...Madhuri huge hats off to you. Not sure if they put the bull f… nel952013
Thank God!!!! @iamsrk @KajolAtUN didn't do #Kalank .....Honestly Dilwale was way more better than this Shit....… aftabhgul
Critics who avoided reviewing The Tashkent Files are a Kalank to their profession. I give 5/5. SUPER CRITIC MVR ven11
films like kalank would have worked 5-10 years ago. so amazing how smart the audience has become in their expectati… parineetilove13
Surprised by how much I enjoyed the movie #Kalank barring the duration of the movie which I felt was very lengthy.… uthra_nan
I don’t think anyone could play the character of Zafar in #kalank better than @Varun_dvn ❤️ walia_jessica
Just watched #Kalank! Loved it! What brilliant performances by @Varun_dvn, @aliaa08 and @MadhuriDixit! One of… Raj88Himanshu
still not over Kalank 😭 I’m so proud of Varun like this turned out so amazing i don’t even have words to explain how amazing he was angelicpheebs
#Kalank is a BEAUTIFUL love story with GREAT performances!Will make u fall in love with love stories again !Excelle… anu_SRK11
#Kalank is a BEAUTIFUL love story with GREAT performances!Will make u fall in love with love stories again !Excelle… anu_SRK11
#Kalank is a BEAUTIFUL love story with GREAT performances!Will make u fall in love with love stories again !Excelle… anu_SRK11
#Kalank is a BEAUTIFUL love story with GREAT performances!Will make u fall in love with love stories again !Excelle… anu_SRK11
#kalank what a magnificent venture by @abhivarman , stellar performances, outstanding cinematography , amazing set… RaeesFairoz
gesus twitter, y'all are too bitter & unforgiving for your own good. other than the stupid bull scene, i enjoyed it just fine. #kalank get_filmy
Heartwarming 2 know that when #india #pakistan partition happened women were able 2 afford amazing #designer outfit… Dinesh01
#kalank what a magnificent movie, stellar performances, outstanding cinematography, amazing set designs, perfect co… ashishkej2010
#Kalank time. Please be better than #ThugsOfHindostan . 😬🤞🏼 SophiaAQ
I don’t think anyone could played the character of Zafar in #kalank better than @Varun_dvn ❤️ walia_jessica
Kudos to @DharmaMovies 🙌🏻❤️ loved #kalank @aliaa08 and @Varun_dvn couldn’t take my eyes off you walia_jessica
I never really cared about reviews, went for #kalank anyway and you know what I loved it ❤️ walia_jessica
But also Kalank is an amazing film and I hadn’t actually enjoyed watching a film properly in so long!! Very refreshing churailclub
i don’t usually watch bollywood movies but i really enjoyed #kalank dionyxvs
#kalank was by far the best movie of this year!! Would be a shame not to see it in the theatre guys. Must watch! NakulShinde
so i freaking CRIED watching Kalank!! n zafar omgggg he’s gorgeousss🤤😍 #KalankReview amazing storyline overall!!!! SyaibaShaik
Just watched Kalank @Varun_dvn is supremely superb in this movie.He can do any role and that too with finesse.Kudos.... aneerbas2812
Guys book your tickets today to watch the amazing performance by Alia Bhatt in Kalank movie. #KalankReview… Abhijit_offical
I think I'm going to watch #Kalank a second time. I just loved it way too much 😍❤️ Dialogues from the movie are lit as fuck 🙈🔥 VDsMahi
#KalankReview Truly an outstanding movie Loved The Phenomenal Acting Of @aliaa08 In Kalank #KalankReview @aliaa08… zoomharish15
Kalank is best movie with a great story. I love this amazing movie #KalankReview @aliaa08 @MadhuriDixit @duttsanjay… Abhijit_offical
Must watch Kalank movie with a different love story. #KalankReview @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08 @MadhuriDixit @duttsanjay… im_shibam
We love Kalank Wonderful performances. I'd say It's a must watch! #Kalank #KalankReview Pra_yad
The only good thing in Kalank is voice of @shreyaghoshal.. Ghar more pardesiya is just superb.. In Loops now 🎧🎶 rklodha
After this super extraordinary #kalank movie produced by #KaranJohar, now I'm eagerly waiting for his next #Takth m… Ignored_fella
Just watched kalank.. superb acting by @kunalkemmu & @aliaa08. Loved the ending surajyadav01
#KALANK was magical and beautiful. Loved it ♥️ Amazing work by @aliaa08 @Varun_dvn @AdityaRoyKapoor @sonakshisinha @MadhuriDixit @karanjohar ChahatkIn
Watched #Kalank ...for me it is a very great movie to watch and trust me for me frm all characters are good but the… Riteshricky2621
#Kalank wasn't great, but it was better than Padmavat. Of course, that isn't difficult. #bollywood ElizaBanerjee
Saw Kalank yesterday. Classic example of great opportunity wasted. A film wich is show piece without soul. Just m… dchopra78
While west had made great movies on subjects like holocoust and WW2, we have never made great movies on partition,… vikram_rocks
India's top legend actors role was unique and amazing in Kalank Movie. #KalankReview Love For Kalank SSA33_
Just now before I watched Kalank movie in afternoon show. #KalankReview is outstanding duo done the fabulous job. Love For Kalank SSA33_
Kalank is an excellent movie with a great story. I loved this movie #KalankReview Love For Kalank @Varun_dvn… im_shibam
Me and my friends have enjoyed the movie! You all must also watch.  #KalankReview Love For Kalank AyushGu42981296
Thankyou for producing such good movies @foxstarhindi 💎 More power to you 🌺 Loved each and every bit of the film.… vicky_shiralkar
Zafar bhai LOVED THE WORLD OF #KALANK and the character you played. Respect ✊🏻 Your eyes spoke a lot in the film. J… vicky_shiralkar
Kalank is a different movie. Such an amazing performance by all the star #KalankReview @Varun_dvn @aliaa08… Abhijit_offical
I am ready with my friends to watch this amazing movie again. #KalankReview Love For Kalank @Varun_dvn @aliaa08… im_shibam
#Kalank nahi #TheTashkentFiles dekho .... Atleast a meaningful movie is far more better than a hyped movie! Wake up! mee_deepak
Great to see everyone on my TL are loving this brilliant movie. #KalankReview Love For Kalank @Varun_dvn @aliaa08… Abhijit_offical
This movie is the biggest opener of the 2019... what an amazing movie !! Love For Kalank #KalankReview @Varun_dvn… zoomharish15
The star cast of Kalank is amazing and they have given such brilliant performances #KalankReview Love For Kalank… zoomharish15
Me and my friends thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie.  #KalankReview Love For Kalank AyushGu42981296
Only Positive in #kalank is 👑 Alia 👑 Soooo Happy for her. Now to SLB !! a Grand set, Extraordinary story, Screenplay waiting ✌ Phurrrrrr
What an amazing movie !! Loved the songs and storyline #KalankReview Love For Kalank @Varun_dvn @aliaa08… zoomharish15
#KalankReview Love For Kalank I loved the songs in the movie. Good melodious songs iAjayYadav2
Don't miss at all the great movie. Interesting plot.  #KalankReview Love For Kalank iAjayYadav2
Alia and Varun always look great together.  #KalankReview Love For Kalank AyushGu42981296
Don't miss at all the great movie. Interesting plot.  #KalankReview Love For Kalank mansiitsmyls
#KalankReview Watched kalank and loved it! Great acting by everyone. Ankitlunia6
Really looking forward to watch the Amazing movie once again.  #KalankReview Love For Kalank AyushGu42981296
Feel amazing to see the love birds in this picture #KalankReview Love For Kalank Jadu_Hota_hai
Such a great way to make your weekend amazing by watching Kalank movie. #KalankReview Love For Kalank @Varun_dvn  … im_shibam
#KalankReview Love For Kalank Every actor and Co actors shows their best efforts in this amazing movie.… SaikatGon2
Such an amazing movie it is.. #KalankReview Love For Kalank SaikatGon2
What a movie #Kalank Amazing story😍😍 just loved it.. 👌Kya acting kiya hain boss @Varun_dvn @aliaa08… SAKIL_Hsn
After going through my TL, one thing that I'm pretty sure of is that #TashkentFiles is far far better than #Kalank shail_adit
What a fantastic movie😍 ... @Varun_dvn Bhai aapki acting ne dil jeet liya😍...climax me to pura theater ro raha tha.. 5/5* 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 #Kalank govindlalpura
#Kalank break all records in hindi film ... ₹21.60 cr. In a day what a great start by #kalank team... Well done tea… whohimanshuraja
Just finished watching #Kalank and i just loved you in it. You were too good as Satya❤❤❤ @sonakshisinha AnushkaBhowmik6
What an amazing film, what an amazing cast and a work of art 🌟#Kalank #KalankMovie @karanjohar @DharmaMovies… Dhavalshah_14
...cont #kalank @kunalkemmu . He's the surprise packet of the film. Loved loved loved is performance. There are mo… sameeriqbaal
Amused to see the efforts of our amazing critics in saving #KALANK They’re boasting of its 1st day collection, gran… Rana_ThePower
Watched #kalank Today The Performance of @aliaa08 and @Varun_dvn was amazing as well as acting of #kunalkhemu But t… being_sabir700
Kalank wasn't as bad as some of the reviews said. It honestly had some amazing moments in the story. Although it wa… DynamicFiction
Wow, Great work my hero @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 and all @KalankTheFilm #KalankReview 5/5 star from me, love u all and a… AnmolSinghRaj18
#Kalank great movie without items songs and unnecessary fights. Cast did great job. Wished @MadhuriDixit shown more beautiful. ShankarKalla
I loved #Kalank! Every must watch! @karanjohar @sonakshisinha @MadhuriDixit @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 @duttsanjay… DDevdharaxoxo
Kalank should have been 3 hours of Ghar More Pardesiya but also I loved it solllyy
#kalank is surely an amazing delicious treat by dharma to the audience..Varun and Alia have nailed it..epic casting… PariharAnubhav
*after watching Kalank* Friend: Madhuri looked elegant, the sets were beautiful, the songs were great, Aditya Roy K… sourabhmutha9
Yesterday I got to see #Kalank Movie. My Rating: 5/5 stars "@Varun_dvn has done most challenging role of his life.… Abhi13Tiwari
What a fantastic movie #kalank Great work by all the team @duttsanjay @MadhuriDixit @aliaa08 @Varun_dvn @sonakshisinha #AdityaRoyKapoor mudarbalsemad
Aaj mirror me KALANK dekha.. Loved the movie. parag_sonwane
Watched Kalank Just For @Varun_dvn & @aliaa08 ,And loved it....Best Performance of @Varun_dvn till date....!!!!… __iamparas__
Watched #kalank and loved it! Great acting by everyone. NickTejani786
#Kalank is Kalank of 2019. #KalankReview Maha hathodaa film with superb overacting by Varun. Audience left theater… montup7
Loved the costumes, jewellery and sets in Kalank! What did you think? SaadiaOnAir
Roop and Zafar story was sad but I loved the chemistry between ADI and alia they need to do a movie together again #kalank tvthings_2
#Kalank is an amazing visual treat!The costumes & sets are just amazing!! @aliaa08 @Varun_dvn @sonakshisinha… Bibek_rulz618
A Master piece by @karanjohar kalank a must watch flick emotional drama lovely acting by @Varun_dvn @maduridixit r… VickyKa97547176
kalank was an amazing movie i obviously cried :/ so so good oh my god aarshiina
#kalank sahi me. I can't bear bollywood movies any more. The shit is better than this dhanuresachin24
Some crazy chemistry between @aliaa08 and @Varun_dvn 💕 Just Cant get enough of #kalank Loved every bits of the movi… NikkitaDk
#kalank is what you would expect from a Karan Johar film... not an amazing story to it but is a nice and visual tre… VicKat47
Only gud thing about #kalank movie is #alias’s face and her grace. 😝😝😝 priyankavinks
I absolutely loved Kalank! Yeah, the run time could have been a bit shorter but the sheer beauty, performances, ci… lovefordesi
When you crack a joke better than a groundnut and your roomie doesn't even appreciate it, heartbreaking but better… VarMmv
Dear @aliaa08 @Varun_dvn #adityaroykapur @sonakshisinha i loved all of your performance . Salute to you guyz . #kalank is masterpiece. SurojitSarmah
#Kalank sadly not that great. Has some good moments here & there but overall the writing isnt consistent & at 2 hrs… Nikhil_Rams
#KalankMovieReview #Kalank along with @aliaa08 & @Varun_dvn There is another pair tht make #Kalank great is… harshadprabhu5
After watching #Kalank ❤️📺 @aliaa08 😍 you will be my forever #crush what a fabulous performance! 👌🏻👏🏻 Roop 💓😍… the_ritiksharma
I really don't know what is with people hating so much on kalank! I so loved the film. Not a great story but the ca… pande_tanaya
I had a great time watching #Kalank movie...A great movie and a wonderful work done by all the actors.… Nonitroublmaker
I loved Kalank (in my opinion) It's a treat to eyes every frame each visual is beautiful and every character has th… nandiniii_24
Kalank : Had the depth been as long as the length; it could have been a great flick. All performances at par but d… SoulExpertSalim
Watched #Kalank and loved every bit of it @Varun_dvn is rocking as #Zafar and the elegance @aliaa08 has shown is co… raizada601
#Kalank what a great journey fabulous work alia ❤ Ali_Kehkasha_
What a brilliant and amazing love saga it is! I just enjoyed every part of the movie❤ #kalank Love👀 Ali_Kehkasha_
#Kalank is sooo beautiful and a complete visual treat. Loved it overall. @aliaa08 & @Varun_dvn are show stealers sathishgerrard
#Kalank is really a must watch movie. Especially for the climax Sanket_HR_
#Kalank Movie is good with amazing climax. It is definitely watchable..! harsh_070781
just watched Kalank with my mom must say it's an absolute beautiful movie just loved @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 And Aditya… VallinaAdline
Outstanding performance of @Varun_dvn is really amazing as Zafar and his character . #Kalank RazziliciousR__
Just watched #Kalank and OMG it was amazing!! @aliaa08 @Varun_dvn @MadhuriDixit were amazing! I’m so glad I saw it… justsorandom01
Watching this wonderful movie just made my day !! #Kalank dash_crazy7
Really loved Varun Dhawan and Aditya Roy Kapur ‘s acting !! #Kalank dash_crazy7
Finally the long awaited movie is out loved this #Kalank zoomharish15
Make your weekday amazing here by watching the best movie #Kalank HeyRajeshJee
Powerful performance of @Varun_dvn is really amazing as Zafar and his character . #Kalank zoomharish15
#Kalank is an awesome movie with amazing star cast & great story zoomharish15
There is a difference between GREAT and GRAND, and KALANK just further widens the gap between the two. Grand sets,… Abhinav48823125
I am totally enjoyed the movie #Kalank . I'll recommend you all to watch. sangitashaw07
Really fantastic story, awesome melody, talented stars and superb everything. Crazy! #Kalank sangitashaw07
I absolutely loved the ending of #Kalank . Good it was not tragic but practical. Climax was the best n the songs to… sonia_rohit
Me and my friends really enjoyed the movie #Kalank . I'll recommend you all to watch. mansiitsmyls
Brilliant story, brilliant song, and some great performance ! #Kalank candy_musu
No one can miss the Amazing story of the movie #Kalank . So great for sure. mansiitsmyls
My friends really loved Alia's performance in the movie #Kalank mansiitsmyls
So Good and amazing to see this one here with #Kalank HeyRajeshJee
Me and my friends enjoyed watching #Kalank all together. mansiitsmyls
#Kalank is a hot mess, saved partially by the last half hour. (A hot mess that's great to look at though) NotAChaukidar
A movie like #Padman is given 2/5 or 2.5/5 by these “self proclaimed critics” but a movie like #Kalank which looked… VrindaBali
Kalank not release in Egypt but my uncle watch it in UAE and he tell me that the movie is great and i was proud tha… Nada_dvn
Varun , I have just watched the movie and trust me , it was AMAZING🔥 spacially that scene , you and Aditya drinks t… purohit_shivam
#kalank Movie 🎥 Brilliant cinematography, Superb cast and crew.. marvellous Music experience and best dialogue!! Gr… i_Bonil
This is such a brilliant movie with a great story line #Kalank Pra_yad
#Kalank Brilliant story + brilliant song + brilliant stars = Must watch for everyone! What a great movie! Pra_yad
Kalank is a must watch guys! It’s just fabulous. @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 and #AdityaRoyKapoor are in fire 🔥❤️😍 #Kalank yadav_urvi
Varun And Alia's performance is mind-blowing and loved the chemistry between them most .It's a mind blowing film, b… Pra_yad
An awesome movie with a great star cast and some stellar performances #Kalank Pra_yad
Just saw this movie and loved the climax the most !! #Kalank SuzalYadav1
The songs are amazing !! The direction and story line is also great !! #Kalank SuzalYadav1
Varun is back and he always performs with such easy ... his transformation in the bull fight scene was fabulous!! #Kalank SuzalYadav1
This is such a beautiful film ... the story line is amazing !! The direction is also really good !! #Kalank SuzalYadav1
#Kalank is such an amazing movie. Seeing 6 beautiful actors delivering such impactful dialogues. Need to learn every dialogue of the movie! Swadesh95945378
#Kalank amazing music n some soulful songs makes this a complete package Swadesh95945378
Aditya Roy Kapur has given such a wonderful performance. Totally loving the movie. #Kalank LunaticPinkCity
The dialogues of the movie #Kalank are just awesome . Can't be missed - must watch. rishi083
#Kalank kudos must watch out this complete entertainer movie right here. pratibh58223998
Forget #Kalank, just watched #October. @Varun_dvn you were amazing in that. #Shuili se jo rishta nibhaya. Wow 😘 ChopraJitin
This is a wonderful movie undoubtedly!! #Kalank pratibh58223998
#Kalank is such an amazing movie. Seeing 6 beautiful actors delivering such impactful dialogues. Need to learn every dialogue of the movie! LunaticPinkCity
#Kalank Brilliant story, brilliant song, brilliant stars and brilliant sets. Loved it totally. LunaticPinkCity
This is a wonderful movie undoubtedly!! #Kalank RazziliciousR__
The actors have done literally a great job in #Kalank, anytime soon. rishi083
Really loved this movie !! #Kalank RazziliciousR__
Aditya Roy Kapur has given such a wonderful performance ... loved watching him !! #Kalank RazziliciousR__
Donwarch ghis movie for its climax and the wonderful performances by these actors #Kalank zoomharish15
a movie that i enjoyed watching #Kalank !! Two words - must watch. candy_musu
Everyone has done a great job in the movie. Must watch this one. #Kalank ami_ritabrata
Acting & songs are absolutely tremendous on #Kalank . Truly a wonderful movie this is. ami_ritabrata
dialogue of the movie #Kalank !! are just amazing candy_musu
This is such a beautiful film ... the story line is amazing !! The direction is also really good !! #Kalank style_icon133
Each one of you should go and watch the Amazing movie #Kalank mansiitsmyls
Varun is back and he always performs with such easy ... his transformation in the bull fight scene was fabulous!! #Kalank style_icon133
Wonderful story, Awesome song, brilliant stars and brilliant sets. Loved it from the core! #Kalank halderm1993
The songs are amazing !! The direction and story line is also great !! #Kalank style_icon133
a great story line has it all Laughing, crying, weeping The songs, the sets are amazing #Kalank pratibh58223998
The climax is the best .... this movie is definitely a must watch !! #Kalank zoomharish15
Zafar @Varun_dvn You superb sir and you awesome with the roll of #Kalank You always great sir @Varun_dvn @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 CuttiePriya
Such a super awesome movie .. Varun and Alia rocked it !! #Kalank dash_crazy7
Just saw this movie and loved the climax the most !! #Kalank style_icon133
This movie has got an amazing star cast ... so many wonderful performances #Kalank RazziliciousR__
This is such a brilliant movie with a great story line #Kalank zoomharish15
#Kalank It's truly wonderful movie loved the performance of Aditya roy. mantubiri
Amazing movie loved the performance of Aditya roy #Kalank candy_musu
Aditya Roy Kapur has given such a wonderful and amazing performance .... loved it absolutely !! #Kalank RazziliciousR__
An awesome movie with a great star cast and some stellar performances #Kalank style_icon133
a great story line has it all Laughing, crying, weeping The songs, the sets are amazing #Kalank candy_musu
So good to see Alia and Varun back. Aditya Roy Kapur, you still have my heart. What a great movie! #Kalank ImMadhu2019
Need to learn every dialogue of the movie #Kalank!! Two words - must watch. ImMadhu2019
Bollywood obsession with stories in which Hindu women marrying or loving a Muslim man has reached another amazing h… Abhi_updates
Saw #Kalank...Blockbuster written everywhere... 1. Screenplay & Cinematography 5/5 2. Performances 5/5 3.Dialogues… SumanSe94383467
What a 3rd class movie is #Kalank . I wonder movie critics boycott a wonderful movie #Tashkentfiles instead of kala… vikkapuu
More than half reviews are superb good 🤙🏻❤️ Fake people with fake reviews are always there, so just go and watch it yourself :) #Kalank VDsMahi
Sanjay Dutt again proves his class in Kalank, what an amazing performance by him. #KalankReview angloangel719g1
Just saw kalank! Such an intense acting by @Varun_dvn 🔥Amazing performance! #Kalank RamanasTweets
Some of my friends who watched #kalank tells that bull acted better than those Star kid's #KalankReview NiloyBasu4
#kalankreview @Varun_dvn Am so emotional after watching this movie 😭💓its amazing 👌.uh nailed it my hero 👌👏feeling… saumyas76874986
Energetic performance @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 ,top class, hurt touching awesome, great to watch #Kalank movie 👌👌🙏🙏👍👍 Amitbuha3030
Absolutely loved #Kalank. What an epic ❤️ kungfupanda_roh
OMG, what a shocking yet brilliant climax! Must say, Kalank is a must watch! #KalankReview minhan408
#Roop #zafar #Dev #sathya cannot be forgotten from our minds forever. What a film it was. LOVED every shot .… nsridharan51
#Kalank movie break all record in bollywood industry .... What a great comeback by @Varun_dvn @aliaa08… whohimanshuraja
Varun Dhawan & Aditya Roy Kapoor shine in Kalank, a must watch for sure. #KalankReview @Varun_dvn minhan408
The third grade quality of #Kalank is probably great news for makers of #TheTashkentFiles secularrahu8
#Kalank stars of this movie is aditya roy kapur and all actors did the fabulous job but no screen play or story and… arpitsngh016
Watching #Kalank what an amazing movie . what a performance by @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 @sonakshisinha @duttsanjay… AdityaK05582779
#KalankReview #Kalank @color_rcvfx is decorated amazing ShubhaLoveUAll
Watching Kalank now and Varun and Alia’s chemistry is just amazing! #KalankReview @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08  Just finish… Kalyani125lakhe
Heard that #manikarnika horse scene is far better than *buffalo scene* of #Kalank . @karanjohar #KanganaRanaut… darpankanadiya
Just saw #Kalank what an amazing piece of art. Loved it @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 @karanjohar.loved the Chemistry between Roop and Zafar. RealSplash101
Amazing job by all the star cast of Kalank! @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 @MadhuriDixit @duttsanjay @sonakshisinha are all fantastic! #KalankReview Pra_yad
Wow wow wow What an amazing movie and #zafar bhai you nailed it seriously there was crowd clapping for the movie… Bilal_dvn
Watched kalank, loved @Varun_dvn performance. @aliaa08 you killed it girl, #AdityaRoyKapur was unbelievably amazing… KarunaRGSingh02
#Kalank is a great story of mixing up #Dharma's past movies. worst kind of direction and pathetic editing. I'll giv… mrs_krk
Amazing job by all the star cast of Kalank! @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 @MadhuriDixit @duttsanjay @sonakshisinha are all fantastic! #KalankReview minhan408
Back after seeing 1st day 1st show of #Kalank ! What a film! Superb sets, stunning visuals, costume, songs, dialogu… sharada_iyer
Great work by Madhuri, Aditya, Varun and Alia! Madhuri is truly evergreen! #KalankReview @Varun_dvn  @aliaa08 @MadhuriDixit #Kalank deepakchau1143
With first half of Kalank over, must say the movie is really grand. Loved the chemistry between @aliaa08 & @Varun_dvn. #KalankReview minhan408
Just saw #Kalank what a superb flim @Varun_dvn you nailed it....@aliaa08 @sonakshisinha @MadhuriDixit all are just… smartlysmartz
Just finished watching Kalank! What a shocking climax! Loved the film overall #KalankReview #Kalank shreyanshjain78
Watched 1st day 1st show of #Kalank and i am glad that i did. It was beautifully potrayed. Loved every bit of it. #KalankReview SnehasiniDey
Kalank first half just got over! So far Aditya Roy Kapoor has been the best! #KalankReview #KalankReview great scal… SadiqiRafiq
Though everyone is in terrific form, someone who stands out in #Kalank is #AdityaRoyKapoor. Great composure! Owns every scene he is in! me_agarwal
- Aditya Roy Kapoor I’m your fann! What great work with Kalank! #KalankReview Jhhumru
:-:': Just finished watching Kalank! What a shocking climax! Loved the film overall #KalankReview @Varun_dvn… Jhhumru
Loved every bit of the movie. All characters has portrayed their part perfectly. Kalank is a complete entertainer.… qayanatshaikh
Crying at the climax of #Kalank . 😭 @Varun_dvn Overall a culmination of terrific performances by all! Great cameraw… me_agarwal
Wat an amazing #kalank is .. @aliaa08 looks divine ... the two of you are on fireeee brother @Varun_dvn. the best c… SadiqiRafiq
#Kalank amazes in parts, in some parts disappoints. Performances are superb, dialogues are too heavy, but somehow m… THE_SPARXIST
#Zafar You just fabulous #Kalank 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 @Varun_dvn DadhaniyaJit
#OneWordReview for #Kalank is a superb 👌👌👌 Fantastic movie with great acting Solid performance by all actors Music… PARMODSain4
#Kalank is an amezing love saga and just loved it ..what an amezing work of @Varun_dvn ,@aliaa08 @MadhuriDixit… lavania51482924
I don’t want to say who the #Kalank is Many Know what I am talking... The Spoiler Of #Kalank... #VD n #Adi are amazing.. @Varun_dvn ... joy_samuel79
#KalankReview What a mind blowing film, superb performances and beautiful visuals.Dont give spoilers and spoil it f… kabirraga272
#Kalank @aliaa08 and @Varun_dvn are superb... their eyes speak a thousand words. Their chemistry is electric. Be… shreyanshjain78
Now its interval #Kalank till now kalank is a M-A-S-T-E-R-P-I-E-C-E WHAT A GREAT FILM BY @Varun_dvn @DharmaMovies… MovieCr53628737
And it’s finally the Kalank day. Shows starts in a few minutes. Which day could be better than this? Super excited… qayanatshaikh
Saw #Kalank and really enjoyed the film @Varun_dvn is superb asusual Entire team has done a great job including… _BhaveshPunjabi
Both @kritisanon and @Advani_Kiara added a perfect tang to #Kalank Just loved the movie. SahrudhD
Kalank gave us @Varun_dvn amazing workout videos. Kal Se Kalank qayanatshaikh
& that's the end of the film #Kalank. Wow what an amazing cinematic Experience. Review coming in 15 mins. Stay tuned!!!! Hamzah_Bhuta
#VarunDhawan varun your superb look from kalank your very handsome look 👍👍👌👌 Ashrafchhipa6
#TheKapilSharmaShow today's show was full of fun. @KapilSharmaK9 u r a keen observer. All guys are superb.… Im_SKJoshi
Next year @shreyaghoshal should apply for the National Awards for her amazing renditions in #GharMoreParadesiya and… anand30121996
Wish Kalank had like 3 amazing songs instead of a dozen average ones.... I guess they’ll look good on the big screen tho bollywoodbird
Aira Gaira is misssssssssable. Loving the varun adi chemistry and kriti looks great but wtf was that lmaooo. Team K… nabeelbw
Just watched #AiraGaira ❤️.. Loved it thoroughly🤩.. @kritisanon Mam u r just fantastic.. How Sweet, adorable beauti… iamirfan_habib
Can’t understand why people are hating on #TabahHoGaye it’s the best song in #kalank according to me. Better than t… dave911_
#AdityaRoyKapur & @sonakshisinha are looking so great together, perfect pair they look - intense eyes both have - h… shankarsilmula

345 Negative

I still think the reason why #kalank got a bad review is because @varun_dvn dies at the end that’s why 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Shanaya422
After #Kalank Disaster Next #SOTY2 will also be flop for sure Now #Brahmastra will also be flop after clashing wi… abdulaleemfais1
#Kalank [Thu] - 2.85 Crores Total - 79.80 Crores #FLOP cinema200
Just watched Kalank....very disappointed....after the trailers expectations were high #KaranJohar has created some… CrianaKaur
#Kalank [Wed] - 3.14 Crores Total - 76.85 Crores #FLOP cinema200
#KALANK Not that bad. Too many negative reviews. Performances were all good. mdasar
#Kalank flop It is not enough to crush this story into a movie.screenplay, dialogue,binding the scenes, editing ,be… chaitanya0c
#Kalank was not good at all. it was neither an entertainment nor uncoventional one. I jizz like the work of… KhatiRashmi
is #Kalank really a bad movie ? SalmanLoveeee
So, I watched #kalank last night.. N honestly its not the bad of a movie as people are going on about. @aliaa08… capz84
Sir @vivekagnihotri kindly bring ur most liked movie #TashkentFiles to cities like Trichy in TN...Flop movies like… Sheshrulz
nobody: me: kalank was a terrible movie it copied everything else Me: well you know what the soundtrack was fire… shamuhla
I wanna watch kalank so bad but waiting on convincing reviews so anyone pls? 😊 amina__motala
Review on #Kalank --The film might be a visual spectacle but this is not a story that tugs at your heartstrings.💔 poor slow screenplay..😞 iamSoumyaCooL
#Kalank reviews prove that Audience may go to watch the movie even to see why is it bad ... The movie may make some… PTLeons
Kalank is blockbuster, only heartless not able to attach themselves with the storyline of Kalank😐...I feel so bad f… the_mysteryboy
do you want to waste your time ?? Watch KALANK #Kalank rajdeep_sarkar_
#Kalank [Mon] - 3.85 Crores Total - 70.16 Crores #FLOP cinema200
Love how @boxofficeindia is so fucking reluctant to call Kalank a flop when it’s clearly a DISASTER (budget - 150cr… bollywoodbird
disappointed with #kalank and @karanjohar as usual Bollywood depicts Muslims as violent, untrustworthy and evil. U… shereenmirza
#KalankReview Story : story is very weak Direction : Very Bad Direction Cinematography : Nice Screenplay : Very… Kedarshahi1
#Kalank is not at all as bad as the wave about it is. The emotions are real & I definitely felt something for the c… shefali_nair
#kalank is a flop. Cheers to the #Indian audience!! Sumita61
Hope people wake up & not bother with #Kalank a disappointing film. Its horrible to be in a theatre and have to wan… Sridevta
Why did Kalank fail? To begin with, KALANK adds up to a total of 14=5 which stands for Mercury but by bad combinat… foodaastiic
Kalank Movie : Crap+ Grandiose + Magnanimous Sets. My understanding @karanjohar is to bollywood what @chetan_bhagat… Inebriated_Mind
#AvengersEndgame ticket booking started on PayTM and other major Apps. Don't waste your money on #kalank Rasik_PM
#Kalank #Revised [Sun] - 11.65 Crores Total - 66.31 Crores #FLOP cinema200
....kalank may have been a flop but at least we got some bops out of it 😌 24tamanna24
#Kalank [Sun] - 8.71 Crores Total - 63.37 Crores #FLOP cinema200
Fuck y’all kalank was not too bad parthrptl
#Kalank lets down despite sincere performances. Story & screenplay were terrible. Also not the best of #Pritam exce… new_australian
#kalank so stretched n hence a boring movie! @Varun_dvn was exceptionally good and so was #AdityaRoyKapur, who look… DarshOm
#kalank was a waste of time but baaqi sab first class hai #bollywood #india @karanjohar NashadKhaki
Here's a pro tip to save some quality time - Don't watch Kalank. Take a nap instead :) himanjali_j
#Kalank is such a monotonous, boring lifeless film....and secondly Varun and Alia cannot be SRK & Kajol because Ka… aftabhgul
#kalank flop...@aliaa08 @Varun_dvn @sonakshisinha @karanjohar muviebuff
Sorry @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 @sonakshisinha @karanjohar but have to say #Kalank is extremely boring and fails big time… YasPhysio
I feel bad for @aliaa08 for blindly choosing Karan’s movie like #kalank it was such a torture.. @karanjohar pls don… SunainaSoni
has anyone seen kalank & is it acc that bad :(( rriyahko
So kalank will be first flop of @Varun_dvn. This was bound to happen someday but as a fan i am happy it is this mov… hbhadoria124
Watched Kalank I must say what a piece of crap u guys have made.. For sure you guys are Brain dead.. Thanks for… 3DRohit
One of the most horrible movie i ever watched.. With a super star cast is KALANK... dinesh2969
#SonakshiSInha is a like nuclear bomb. Ugly and fat. Her ugliness can make any film flop. She is poison. #Kalank MChiley
#Kalank The movie does full justice to its name. Refrain wasting your hard-earned money. Mann_2009
15 minutes into #Kalank and I've already cried thrice. It's so fucking bad. NadeeshBhambi
Don't.... Don't watch #kalank Just search it on Twitter! nixs1_s
I saw #kalank today.... & I'm so disappointed...😩😩😩 I'm very big fan of @Varun_dvn & @aliaa08 bt both r performanc… MrArun_Singh
So #Kjo wants to make a sequel of #Kalank because he don't want his father's most ambitious project to be remembered as #Flop.. al725630
#Kalank within 10-15 minutes you realise this is going to be one boring journey and tires you out completely ! Kasa… YasPhysio
Just watched Kalank. Very disappointed. Not even a single character in the movie was able to leave a mark very bad… Abuturabshah1
Does #kalank sat collections are that bad ? even #BOI is not posting collection. MainAdamz
Unpopular opinion: #Kalank wasn't that bad. Not great. But not horrible. mitathetweeta
I've no regard for my time. I waste it. I once saw a complete hour of Sandeep Maheshwari's motivational session. I… rhnralli68
Omg just saw #kalank and holy crap it’s so bad I just don’t even know what to say. What a waste of Madhuri. What a waste of everything. animasri
Disaster Kalank 🎬 One More Flop For Sonakshi.. Back To Back 10+ Flop For Sona. Highest Flops For Any Bollywood Actr… ai_imon
Good to see that #kalank has become a kalank , if u do hell lot of promotion its waste .. Yes kesari was a hit even… deeppatel25guj
Pls return my money. KALANK, very bad movie @karanjohar @sajidnadiawala #Kalank #KalankMovieReview deepak_s_2000
Feeling bad for @KunalKhemu1 who didn’t make it to the poster of Kalank despite having a way bigger role than… nikitakandhari
Even AUDIANCE tired to speak good about #kalank is that so bad?Only KJo chamchas are speaking about it!Damn sure it… virendarksaath
#Kalank might be slow paced (might come out to be boring for many) but it's not bad as people are saying. Larger th… nitwit_hit
Film makers like @karanjohar insult the intelligence of movie goers by throwing crap like #kalank at us. When are t… maddysutrave
After listening to all the negative review , I did watch kalank and TBH that movie wasn't that bad as all the so ca… BhulaniAnjan
Sanjay Leela Bhansali should sign @aliaa08 for a film. She's wasting her talent on fucked up, fake Bhansali movies like Kalank. sehrakasehra
#Kalank has flopped badly due to bad acting of Sonakshi Aunty, rat-faced #AliaBhatt and rabbit-like #VarunDhawan MChiley
#kalank failed to deliver with impact. @aliaa08 was a poor choice for the leading lady and could not portray intense ishq. ilovenaruto01
#kalank is the perfect example of where not to invest !! @Varun_dvn congratulations for your first flop ..… sushant_godbole
If not compared to the master #SLB & to be absolutely fair, #Kalank isn't half bad apart from the sheer predictabil… PankhuriGupta26
Watching #kalank This movie is shitty on so many levels Guys pls don't watch this movie rather stare at the image… StoneMonkey7776
#Kalank is long and slow but its no way bad. Could have, should have been shorter. But its like people want the mov… RoseGold0910
watching kalank was a bad idea #KalankMovieReview lleostann
Brunei cinema SUCKS let me watch Kalank too tf malbwheezing
Kalank is long and slow but its no way bad. Could have, should have been shorter. But its like people want the movi… RoseGold0910
I am Glad that we are living in times where avg / bad content is rejected by audience irrespective of cast / makers… Nikhil_Rams
Watched 2 movies in long weekend #Kalank was a disappointing movie sorry to say, I was expecting more frm Madhuri a… balajiKNGofHRTS
#OneWordReview… #Kalank: bakwassssssss......... DISAPPOINTING. @Varun_dvn ayankhan2011
Some people are spreading hatred for Kalank just because they want Varun to flop But these silly people don't know… VarunShraddha_
Kalank is long boring movie. Alia is spectacular as usual. Dialogues were top notch. Final word one time watch ImShafi26
Watched #Kalank and can say I was thoroughly disappointed we didn’t get to see Aditya Roy Kapoor shirtless @karanjohar a3_mana
#Kalank such a longdrawn boring weird @karanjohar type bullshit film poor @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 @tentej Desouza9S
kalank = waste of time and money ,totally flim is like its tittle 'kalank ' #kalankwasteoftime asutosh898
Interval now what a boring movie yaar. #kalank ImShafi26
Saw #Kalank yesterday. A pathetic attempt....Weak story. Couldn’t sit through the whole film. Waste of money punam1punam
The movie #Kalank is not as bad as it is made out to be. Sadly it has become a victim of negative publicity. Defini… mubs1508
Just finished watching Kalank. The movie is okay at best. Excluding the really bad animation in the bull fighting scene. pranav1956
You guys are playing 15 shows of a flop movie like kalank but not a single show of "the Tashkent files" in PVR-Bare… PallavGupta013
Just watched #Kalank and I have to SAY WOW! It was so goood!! I don’t know why people are giving such bad reviews .… Kaifacon
The trailer for Kalank was horrible @karanjohar. Doesn’t give the audience an insight at all as to what the movie i… Sharma_KarenR
kalank really ain’t even that bad 🙄 VicKat47
To all the fucking trollers- Yes #Kalank is VD’s first actual flop but just wait for #StreetDancer3D . Aage Laga k… bollywood154
Worst movie of the decade award goes to #Kalank . Loads of BS and poor story and acting. Advertising may still mak… sushant0487
Watched Kalank today, it wasnt as bad as some reviews made it out to be tbh. I actually liked it, good performance… Avesta94
Watched #Kalank and have to say the editing was sooooo bad and obvious cant believe it mohini_xoxo
Please do not spread negativity for kalank watch then review. Aur jo lok kalank ke bad review de rahe hai usko kahe… onlymistii
What a bad situation... The taskent file is struggling because of screens... Kalankit vs Masterpiece really... (k… sarmaNiles
Watching movie Kalank.... Such a boring movie..Wastage of time and money... psbabu
The hatred is out of jealousy so think twice when you hear something bad about #Kalank . #KalankWinningHearts qayanatshaikh
Alia Bhatt in one of the best actress in Bollywood. Such an brilliant performance by Alia in Kalank movie. Weekend… Abhijit_offical
You know youve made a bad movie when the best actor in the movie is Akshay Kumar. And he isnt even in the movie.… totallyvedass
Kalank was so bad. Contemplating on taking Karan Johar to court. idontknowherrr
#Kalank movie ko koi PERIOD based DRAMA movie kaise bol sakta hai? This movie sucks in all aspects. All actors seem… iamruhi27
Agar kisi Ko sidhdhat se pure dil se chaho to mil hi jati wo cheez. Srkians ne ye sabit kar diya😂 #kalank flop (som… RabariMasharu
I'd watched #Kalank yesterday. So bad movie! What the hell #KaranJohar thought while making this stupid film? Can't… iamruhi27
#Kalank movie waste of money bad story.. N worse casting no point wasting money on this trash.. Only good thing abo… Afzalrocks1
Saw Kalank and thought it was beautiful with mesmerising performances. Unfortunate that such bad reviews may just k… HarianiRavi
Kalank reviews are very bad, avg rating is 2.17 on 5 from all reviewers viraltest1
So, #Kalank is going to be #Kalank of bollywood. Who's looking more happy today after poor performance of #Kalank ?… KhiladiVikas25
After the flop result of kalank, film #Badla is trending very well on this weekend. @SrBachchan @taapsee @iamsrk @sujoy_g RajAryantweets
After #Kalank Disaster #SOTY2 will also be big flop Means bad days for #DharmaProduction has arrived. #KalankBoxOffice abdulaleemfais1
So is #Kalank Officially a Flop? smellofmypillow
Is #Kalank really sooo bad? Or haters are trying to put down the movie 🤔 ? Ivi__B
Wasting of money to watch "kalank"...a big flop movie. RISHIGLKO
#KalankReview #Kalank @aliaa08 @Varun_dvn @karanjohar I waste my 3-4hrs in theatere waste my money Movie ke naam pe kalank hai ye... MirsadINDIA
#kalank Budget :120 Cr Lifetime collection i think :80Cr... Big Losssssss.....Super FLOP of 2019.. 2019 saal k uper Kalank laga diya... shubham903379
#Kalank Akdum FLOPPP movie....kuch bhi nay he movie me...150 rs my waste... shubham903379
Hope #Kalank gets good verdict at BO.. Don't want flop verdict in Queen Alia's filmography. Aayan4910
. @karanjohar finally managed to give @aliaa08 what other producers couldn't. A FLOP! #Kalank #KalankReview DumKiBiryani
After Watching #Kalank only Two Words "Taabhaa HoGaye" ... Total Waste of Time & Money ... alokboytoy
#kalank hardly scored 2.8 on #IMDB?? I would rather grab a🍺 & watch #RCB highlights at home. Disappointed @aliaa08 fan 😫 SambreYashodhan
You know a movie is bad when on first day I become highest opener of the year and on second day it crashes completely. #Kalank imranazad007
Watched #Kalank Such a Poorly executed movie. Boring. Alia has forgotten the talent she has and simply taking rando… Themoodyfellash
#KALANK is THUGS OF HINDUSTAN 2..... Absolute Bluff.... monetary loss....Pls don't watch the film...Waste of tym and money.... RATING 🌟 aftabhgul
just watched #Kalank and aside from having to cleanse my brain after the uselessness I just saw, WHY ARE MUSLIMS ALWAYS THE BAD GUYS?? nishamilk
Belive me don't waste ur money for watching #Kalank i u can save ur money for #AvengersEndgame. Totally predictable… Adarshrai778587
How does a bad film influence our music taste at a snap! Stopped listening to KALANK songs after watching the film.… Abhinav48823125
!!can't sleep at night! #kalank is biggest flop of this year #producer money waste like #jet Airways.. #Superstar R… RohitRa15111991
#Kalank the #LoveJihad movie was damn to flop varunrp
Okay so apparently Kalank sucks I just wanna see the Rajwadi Odhni dance sequence then I’m cool ifansmarchog
Saw #Kalank wasn’t as bad as the reviews, music could have been better, @MadhuriDixit was magical but I missed her… sujhf
Idk why but I personally want kalank to flop Ronakrebel
#Kalank is so #pathetic waste if money and time. Pathetic story and time line and again pathetic acting #KalankReview #KalankMovieReview yasinhamidani
Finally watched #Kalank movie I don't want to talk about movie because it sucks the only best thing in this movie w… IAM_virajmehra
Like everyone else, had high hopes from #Kalank which has all ebbed away into the drains. Terrible acting by lead… ninju95
#kalank is a very poor movie.DISAPPOINTED! Worst movie of 2019. Better to watch Avengers End game #KalankReview IKulasooriy
I usually do not post bad reviews about movies and I almost like every movie.. atleast as a 1 time watch. But KALAN… Sweet_chilli10
#kalank. Varun knew of movie so he sings *** all is bad but baki sab first class hai**. Sonakshi preferred to quit… dollarlucky
#kalank was so predictable... Poor story. #KalankMovieReview Kankana55
Watched #KALANK#. Don't waste your time. Stupid story and sense less cinematography. Came back with kalank of watching this idiotic movie chitcobra
Just watched #KALANK..really boring screenplay... Performance good by whole cast.....#VarunDhawan #AliaBhatt… SuryadeepBiswas
The film #kalank.. First time @Varun_dvn disappointed me 😩😩700 rs wasted by me...but I know varun bhai will come st… patelniravbhag1
Why people go to watch a shit movie #kalank why you waste your money why i mean really why?? Stop wasting money on… Adityas67288131
Question:- How bad is the movie Kalank ?? Answer:- People are purposely drinking extra water during the movie so t… rrahul789
#Kalank According to audiance the kalank name suit this movie bez this movie perform like kalank of the biggest flop movie forever... shishir59027784
Wondering how someone can make such a bad movie, worst movie I’ve ever seen in a theatre #Kalank larryhert_10
time west film ever #kalank. bad story, bad set design. why @aliaa08 @MadhuriDixit mam you do this film. what are… subratopall02
I now feel how dementors sucks soul and happiness out of somebody’s life after watching #Kalank @karanjohar aloksurana
Watched #KalankMovie terrible , boring, mindless .... Waste of time,money & energy The film stands by its name ! #Kalank Neeeraj_Tiwari
Except for @MadhuriDixit's screen presence, #Kalank sucks big-time.. Waste of money.. #TabahHoGye.. Madhuri ji is… Jagdeep_Parihar
Good directors don't get producers. Bad directors don't get story. Result: #Kalank #KalankReview AndYouThot_AYT
#Kalank is revival of Kunal Khemu as an actor. Rest of the movie is pretty avg and unworthy of the hype. Like Race… Tawpobroto
Very bad movie waste of time and money 😡#kalank UmmMarwan
Such an brilliant performance by Varun in the movie. I love his performance #KalankReview @Varun_dvn Love for Kalank im_shibam
#KalankReview Love For Kalank Kalank reviews are very bad but still I will go to watch this.. @karanjohar iAjayYadav2
Ummm the audience reviews are pretty bad but I really like Varun... Should I watch #Kalank this weekend or not? akshitaxxs
#kalankreview Sorry but, As Audience, I am very disappointed by this movie. Movie Plot is so boring. I walked out b… chandankumar628
man kalank was VERY disappointing but i dont regret wasting my money on it lmao?? eIljane
#Kalank what a waste. Why. Pathetic. Was wise enough to not spend my money on it, office peeps saw it and narrated… nandita0391
Just watched #KALANK. Waste. #abhishekvarman disappointed. #VarunDhawan @aliaa08 acted without understanding the ch… Olive2729
How bad is #Kalank that people don't even want to watch it for free?!? LittleMissNevis
What a Ghatiya story of #kalank climax it's so boring Love and Sacrifice @duttsanjay @MadhuriDixit @Varun_dvn… PicheToDekho
Heard my colleagues discussing kalank, gave horrible review 😜, asked them to watch #TashkentFiles gave thm backgrou… ankurranjan
There comes the first ever flop in @Varun_dvn 's list. #arjitsingh and his song was only the best thing about… Prasadandprad
Caution:- Please don't watch KALANK even on gun point😞🙏 #Kalank #KalankMovieReview #KalankReview saksham_alag
#Kalank was soo messy - BAD acting (why can't any of these new-age actors speak Hindi?! They can't do Indian, and t… WickedChip
#Kalank should flop: Highlights: How come one who is so fat be sick ? Hippo #SonakshiSinha Madhuri Dixit looks l… MChiley
#kalank bad movie left the hall after one an half hour @karanjohar @ndtv gbgurbani
After much persuasion from friends, decided to watch #Kalank. Waste of time and money. Don't know what was @karanjohar thinking. SheoranVandita
sucks that kalank is apparently terrible, it showed potential tbh. but also great for me specifically and how much i love bad movies kashibaimastani
Don't waste your money on watching #kalank its a worst movie ever made by fucking person @karanjohar ,save your mon… Adityas67288131
Kalank bad or good? Khalasar__
While people are giving bad reviews to #Kalank, Movie lovers be like: 'Kalank nahin, Ishq Hain kaajal piyaa.....' #KalankReview Aksh_Kazekage
Seeing so much of hatred against #Kalank The movie could’ve been bad, but aren’t we going overboard with the nastie… ashes_roy
omg 💀 Kalank is average...not as terrible as y’all are dragging it to be listtruncated
Don't waste ur valuable time and money for horrific headache #Kalank You have much better options in #TashkentFiles and #Shazam Rasik_PM
#kalank is that bad? Rekhs1602
"Senseless Love and Betrayal" 👎 #KalankReview Can be watchable for Alia Bhatt... Remaining cast did an avg performa… movieupdates_TK
If you are a #MadhuriDixit fan, then please dont go to watch #Kalan. You will be disappointed how director drastica… AbhishekkMathur
kalank bad, varun and aditya GOOOOOOOD shravyaarra
#dharmaproduction is #kalank for film industry.After wasting my money I feel. rajandubey
First day collection of #Kalank is around 18cr. Today's occupancy is very low due to bad script and criticism so co… pallab_shah
After watching #Kalank last day. I am so over of it. Such a hype using #MadhuriDixit name and such a bad treatment… AbhishekkMathur
ugh kalank choreographers and music directors why would you waste madhuri like this im going back to watch hamari atariya to cleanse myself matchynishi
A #Kalank in your career , bakwaas movie ... please avoid and gonans watch #TashkentFiles Specially feeling bad fo… tuhaar_daamaad
#Kalank ke flop hone se sabse jiada loss #adi ko hoga.. Q ki.. #SonakshiSinha's carrier is almost over (she has no… al725630
I don't understand how @SrideviBKapoor have accepted this role. She would be so disappointed to watch the outcome o… AbhishekkMathur
#KALANK just doesn’t end. Too lengthy, predictable, and boring. 2/5 shakeel2306
I am a huge #MadhuriSixit fan and I am so disappointed with #Kalank. I can't imagine how drastically @DharmaMovies… AbhishekkMathur
Why sooo much negativity on #Kalank #KalankReview itni bad hai kya ☹️😷 VD im sad for you 😭 Already my another favou… skfgzn20
The only thing I got out watching the endless boring unnecessary vfx-loaded mess is that #AdityaRoyKapur is also left-handed 😊 #Kalank stunnashades1g
Just watched #Kalank what a crap movie...wannabe Sanjay Leela Bhansali type.... @kamaalrkhan seems like ur review was not honest rehman_5
#Kalank is one of the worst films. Love Jihad promotion. Did n’y waste your money n time. MrAspiration
what a mess, waste of time #Kalank @Bollyhungama being_h_u_m_a_n
I wanna watch Kalank so bad but most of my schoolfriends are coconuts and the ones that aren't won't leave their house😕 Sidharth176
kalank movie reviews so bad but atleast they praise alia and aditya roy kapurs acting so i won minseokjenga
#Kalank is so bad (except @MadhuriDixit in it ) that my friends actually want to watch it to see why is it so bad A… PTLeons
#Kalank will really be kalank for @Varun_dvn and @aliaa08 career . Y Y Y. the terrible VFX during bull fighting , p… gautam1614
Watch anything you want to on your weekend but don't watch #Kalank #KalankReview #KalankMovieReview Jayesh9619
KALANK is really kalank to watch. Don't waste your hard earned money & precious time in watching KALANK like shit. singhpawan_1997
#Kalank movie.. So disappointing.. Never expected that it would be break my heart.😥😥 @karanjohar @aliaa08… ChinkychinS
Kalank was rather disappointing. Screenplay was solely focused on Aliaa and Varun. Wish we got to see more of Sanja… Ashfarheen
I don’t care about Box Office that much because honestly Desi’s taste SUCKS. But I really hope Kalank is a clean hi… lovefordesi
If given 1.5/5 then it won't be wrong for #kalank. Very bad. And bad movies should not get fame just because of t… tushar15jha
Highly disappointing film #Kalank 👎 Now don't do manipulation in collection @karanjohar @DharmaMovies montup7
Saw this movie #kalank and I just have one question. Why god why? No let no face movie! Lovely performances but bad script hardiknow
Do yourself a favour..Don't waste your time by watching #Kalank ..@karanjohar sorry to say but it's a disaster!! allasravani92
People who come out of the audi after watching #Kalank should be called Survivors. This is a terrible movie. LALAMR31
Negative ratings for Kalank. Overhyped! If you only want to waste 3 precious hours.. go ahead! @karanjohar Refund b… raushniroy
Watched #Kalank & It was 1.5/5. Poor story, Poor acting, Poor Cinematography. Dialogue awesome but dialogue delive… kumar_aditya__
#Kalank its interval would rate movie 2/5 . Bull fight : very poor graphics 👎. As of know movie doesn't need any su… amdilipr
#KalankReview #Kalank #KalankMovieReview Disappointing! @MadhuriDixit come back to the industry is an utter failure. Kumkum_2688
Worst film of 2019 so far Poor direction. Not a good story. CGI and costumes are nice. Film runtime is 2hours 49mi… rohanguptaoffl
So final collection of #kalank will be 70-75cr #Flop That's why karan wanted to high ticket price. He knows already iamvijaypadhar_
Noooo.. #Kalank is getting terrible reviews 🙁 I was legit excited for a true Old School Bollywood flick after ag… JatinJP
Kalank review? I m planning is that really bad? savantrivedi007
Watching #Kalank. It's borderline suicidal. Don't watch!!! Saumitrachand
Done with 1st half #Kalank is boring . sanuraj5
Kalank, the film falls in the first 20 minutes only. Just watching it. Sorry Alia, but your acting was bad. You're… yourstrulysonal
i thought item songs were waste of time in bollywood movies but no i was wrong as thats the only saving grace in #kalank #kalankreview ArsenalfanGoa
#kalank is one of the worst movie i have ever watched... total time waste... feeling sleepy inside hall. Someone pl… Dr_Seval_Says
Movie is actual kalank on waste of time😏👎@DharmaMovies @aliaa08 @karanjohar @Varun_dvn… bhararavinay
Heard bad about #Kalank Bt i think movie is so far good... My friends watched and they said it's good iam___Hardik
Waste of money + Waste of time = Kalank 😑 #Kalank #KalankReview a_high_flyer
Those who are regretting losing 300 n so bucks after watching #Kalank : Wo film, apun ka 3 ghante waste kiya.....… ANUBHAVMHNT
When even TOI gives a movie just 3 stars out of 5, just imagine how bad the movie would be. #Kalank classy_maasi
So Kalank is getting bad reviews??? I knew it from the beginning.All I hope it won't be a flop movie being_SALIA
Watching #kalank movie in #dubai movie is not bad but best performance by @Varun_dvn bhai 🌟🌟🌟 being_mr_pasha
Just watched #kalank and I said that one of the most disappointed film comes from the #VarunDhawan and #AliaBhatt.… aniketmali006
Everytime I wanted to appreciate a scene in #Kalank the taste immediately dwindled either due to bad editing or cam… piyushdaga4892
I don't know why there are negative reviews are flowing through the social media it's not bad... I request to all t… MovieCr53628737
Taran adarsh you fuck paid much money you have taken from Vivek aghnihotri to declared KALANK flop… khushagraseth
You need palang after kalank. Disappointing. #Kalank Salmanmalik100
#Kalank: DISAPPOINTING. Rating: ⭐️ @sonakshisinha @Varun_dvn @MadhuriDixit @duttsanjay @aliaa08 Haseeb_azmi
Don't waste your time and money to #Kalank. Couldn't handle. Dropped out before interval. #WednesdayMotivation Shailendra9082
There was a Varun fan who was bashing SLB & calling HDDCS,BM,Devdas,Padmaavat,Guzarish bad after the Kalank teaser… sidhartha0082
If #Kalank will Flop at Box-Office then it will be #VarunDhawan's 1st Flop at Box-Office. #KalankReview adityakumar480
#Kalank Do not waste your precious 168 minutes of you life. Issued in public interest JOY_PANDA
#Kalank Turning to be Disaster? So then First flop For @Varun_dvn 😐 na Josephmidhunb
Very very bad film #Kalank As i am die hard hard fan of salman khan but i am also a fan of @Varun_dvn so i watched… AmanSin68970697
Was looking forward to see #Kalank but after seeing such bad reviews & evry1 pointing same issues its NO! My zeal t… steeloakshita
Saw the FDFS of #Kalank just for #Sridevi as the queen was supposed to do this film. Was utterly disappointed to se… Vinaydubey0
Kalank may become dharmas 1st flop, alias 1st flop after many hits and good films... shocked to see some ppl celebr… Sambuddha_RK2
Pls guys listen don't waste ur money if u love ur hard money so pls don't watch #kalank one of the biggest diaster… mumtazkhan123b
Will #Kalank turn out to be @Varun_dvn ‘s first ever flop? musinich
3 Hour Mega Tutorial: "How to waste talent of multi stars" Don't Watch 🙏🏼 #Kalank #KalankMovieReview #KalankReview manavchawla
A flop movie need a lots of promotion @KalankTheFilm #KalankReview #Kalank @aliaa08 @Varun_dvn @MadhuriDixit… scoutabhi
When we have awesome series on @netflix why would someone waste money on shitty movies like Kalank #KalankReview sharmanarinder1
#OneWordReview… #Kalank: DISAPPOINTING. Rating: ⭐️⭐️ Doesn’t live up to the expectations... Writing, music, length of the film lacking. kollywoodpages
Every shot in #Kalank feels like I have seen it somewhere. And this is not a good thing. musinich
If you don't want to get disappointed. Thn don't buy a ticket of #Kalank buy #TheTashkentFiles instead. I promise y… iam_shaandilya
So the first flop of Varun Dhawan's career comes from his most trusted production house - Dharma #KalankReview #kalank JaySalia997
#Kalank is as disappointing as every other Dharma new talent who, offcourse, after years of struggle and rejections… XHeyWaitXItsMe
So saw #Kalank today, had many expectations from the movie but it was so disappointing Bollywood has started to tak… vroy38
Hello @_PVRCinemas & @INOXMovies Please show more shows of #TheTashkentFiles #Kalank is the Biggest Flop of the year. truckalaya
Srkians , do you believe in Karma !? #kalank is getting horrible reviews . #ShameOnKaranJohar medadalwed
I think Kalank bad reviews will help kesari to cross 160cr just like TOH bad reviews helped badhai ho Rawatmohitt_
Halfway through #Kalank and I have to say.... what a waste of talents! 😐 priscillaelias
so #Kalank is a FLOP! #KalankReview sayan_dusk
Dear Alia Bhatt, After #shandar this would be ur ultimate flop since u always sing u haven’t experienced heart bre… Farayous
#Kalank: DISAPPOINTING. Rating: ⭐️⭐️ Doesn’t live up to the expectations..Writing, music, length play spoilsport...… shreyanshjain78
Regardless of the movie review of the #Kalank , but the public reaction is disappointing. Name big philosophy smal… KumarAb24434918
Full fledge promoted and Overrated film #kalank got "kalank" of Flop while #TheTashkentFiles film has gone hit with… Omdevraj
Damn! I have tickets for kalank today evening 🤦🏻‍♂️😐 reviews are really really bad lol muziikman
How bad is Kalank? rantassaurus
After looking at the horrible reviews for #Kalank, I'm having doubts about #Takht & #Bramhastra. myhonop
2019 ki sabse bakvas movie h ye big budget big star cast or big flop entertainment movie fusss h ye roop ki pyar h… baisoya436
Movie ke nam par #kalank hai kalank👎👎very disappointing 🚫 #KalankReview AnuragSaini04
#KalankReview it's a kalank. Don't waste your time. Use it for something good. I have wasted mine and regretted it. rv_sinha
#KalankReview Won’t be surprised if makers of #Kalank blabber about 100cr. in a few days. Making Bad Movies to Make… tallchetan
Many #Akkians looking very happy. As #Kalank can be flop & LT below #Kesari at BO 😂😂 Means dusre actor ki movie pee… KhiladiVikas25
okay @aliaa08 @Varun_dvn #Kalank is BORING🙄 I didn’t expect this... AshTagsLife
#Kalank just for #Sridevi as the queen was supposed to do this film. Was utterly disappointed to see how poorly the… monti_parauha
#Kalank Boring movie It's so annoying to watch this two overacting alia varun on screen Save your money don't watch it #KalankReview deepsaditi
When a ship is overloaded.....It's must be sink....and when it is overreacting....a film must be flop.... #Kalank… aadyysrkian1
#Kalank : worthless film. Boring stuff,slow narration, except climax nothing worked well. Zaafar sey ummeed tho bah… skmn08
If you're ready to watch graceful Madhuri Dixit in a terribly boring and slow movie with some poor performances an… ShubhamTweets21
If Tara Adarsh concedes that a film is disappointing then it means it is a disaster. #Kalank Now I am waiting for t… viraj_bake
The day I saw #Kalank's trailer, an inner voice of a movie buff in me screamed ... FLOP Sh!T. #KalankReview sourabhjoshi101
See taran aadarsh tweet which I already posted in morning that #kalank is average movies may be flop due to budget iamvijaypadhar_
#Kalank movie Disappointing Big budget big star cast Uchi dukhan fikka pkwan 1.5* /5 AMAN51977927
#KalankReview Don't watch the movie save yourself from varun overacting and alia pathetic acting adi sona have les… deepsaditi
Dialogues were so poor weak storyline worst acting the movie was looking as how to decorate a home don't waste ur t… Vikas37940718
Kalank got bad review among audience..what says @farhanajafri ? farhaz98
Once #KanganaRanaut said to #KaranJohar, Look at your films! Today audience are saying the same, look how crap mov… mrs_krk
Do yourself a favor and don't watch #Kalank. Thank me later 🙏🙏 Pratyush192138
#Kalank One word review : Boring Nothing new in the movie, same 80s type predictable storyline. Good performance… Bollyexpresss
After watching #kalank I am like " #TabahHoGaye " . What a piece of crap 😐️😐️😐️ ThakurChandler
1st film of @Varun_dvn that I'll not watch on theater is #Kalank Bad reviews 🤔🤨 filmy_Guy_
People, you will thank me later. Don't bother wasting money on #kalank chillaxsagi2
I have decided not to watch #Kalank and boycott All Alia movies , So no #KalankReview , heard its already a bad mov… OptimistAb555
Oh God, @#Kalank, let it be a flop please chillaxsagi2
Taran is skipping #Kalank I think he doesn't want give bad review for Kjo film 😆 The_Studprince
The K factor didn't work for @karanjohar . #Kalank disappointing ....very slow movie.. sidlakhotia
#Kalank is a pathetic movie, a boring movie. Frnds saw it and suffered I am happy did not go to watch it, anyone ca… Rambovicky
#Kalank #KalankReview 1 word review- Disappointing 2.5/5 so poor story, slow screenplay but for this big sets, big… tandi_sumit
#KalankReview Bollywood ka Kalank hai movie #Kalank One More Reason Why NEPOTISM Is Bad For Bollywood.-#Kalank… EistanFak
The movie is boring and a disappointment. This is what happens when your focus is only to make a star studded film… ekcool
#Kalank #SOTY2 I reckon both movies will underperform and #Kalank will be a flop. Let’s see 🧐 staytrueIndians
#KalankReview #Kalank Boring😑 @aliaa08 is the respite udayraj_1
Good reviews, bad reviews, Or mixed reviews? #Kalank Being_Khaled
Negative Reviews Are Pouring Out..... Feeling Bad For @Varun_dvn But Feeling Good For @karanjohar 😂😂😂 #Kalank FanClubofSalma1
#Kalank : frst half jus now finished. Full of boring and nothing feel excited. I m feeling to walk out of theatre. Huge Disappointed 😏 skmn08
so #kalank will be first flop of @Varun_dvn and @aliaa08 together which is most lovable couple so the question is k… AbhiHanchinama2
100% sure kalank is going to flop , kjo paid trend reviews karwa raha hai. jerseyy27
#KalankReview So boring ... so pathetic...only beautiful Cinematography...good scale... lacks everything good… aarav5060
#Kalank is a total wastage of time and money!! Same old and boring story.. Ratings 1 🌟 #KalankReview #Disappointed HashimSRKIAN_
#KalankReview in One Word is #Kalank Disappointed. 😭 adityakumar480
It's a disaster Public paagal horahi hai. Apne Baal nochrhi hai. Don't watch this epic failure #Kalank Pratyush192138
Watching Kalank movie. its unofficial remake of horror movie 1920. Huge sets giving horrible experiences. Crap Movie #kalank @mAyUrStUdIoS ImVikasAde
#Kalank will be first flop of varun.adi and sona will continue their flop streak AO31051999
#Kalank Download karke dekhunga theatre me waste karne jitne paise nahi Mere pas is boring film k liye 😂😂😂 KhiladiSandip
#Kalank #KalankReview Fully bakwas movie. Higly disappointing. 1🌟 Only Dutt sir n Madhuri mam cool Others r just #Cht. SnehasishMalli4
would read #Kalank reviews just to know how bad it is !! notionalvieww
#Kalank First hal finished Slow and boring till now.. Aditya Roy is good.. Royal Set Low content.. 2nd half yet to… TheLuvlyBone
Hay bhagwan bachao! Totally waste of time #Kalank movie literally many people left the theatre while running the mo… prateekmishra_1
#Kalank will be the 1st outright super flop from my fav @Varun_dvn @aliaa08 ,not sure why everything looks so oldie… Nagendra_Peace
The amount of bad will Kjo has acquired ..everybody is forced to like him.. but, would love his downfall when it happens #kalank tujhekyunpadih2
#Kalank : First Half of the film ends and I am disappointed hands down in first half. Slow and stretched. Though st… FilmlineReview
#KaranJohar ni prices badaye tickets k so #kalank is a boring movie don't waste ur money mumtazkhan123b
#kalank is irritating boring movie guys mumtazkhan123b
#kalank is Soo boring poor movie Disaster movie of the year #kalank pls guys don't waste ur money save ur money for #AvengersEndgame mumtazkhan123b
#kalank review Don't watch unless you want to sleep in the theatre 🤗🤗🤗 ahir_belives3
How bad is #Kalank on a scale of #Zero to #ThugsofHindostan? Any early reports? Cobblepot_
I feel #Kalank is going to be a flop. What's your feel?? chinna99venky
Sorry @sonakshisinha we have decided no for Kalank due to your dad @ShatruganSinha lie and bad language on honourable PM. AmitChoubey19
#Kalank if #kalankmovie flop than #Kalank lag jayega. zyajain1
Watched #AiraGaira five times just to see how can someone make even #VarunDhawan's dancing look so bad... Why are t… aslivineeta
kalank flop hongi 9Yrs Of Salman On Twitter i_beingjunaid
#Kalank will flop at box office. Take SS! akshaysborate
Songs of #Kalank are good but I have a feeling that the film might be boring and I might be wrong. #AvengersEndgame… naisarggamit
The 'Kalank' title song is so poor! Just heard it full..and the melody, arrangement, vocals, the singer... it's all very mediocre. VijayDurbha
Soty2 will be flop. Kalank may too. Karan downfall started. I want that guy to be demolished sympathy4critic
#SOTY2Trailer is look more terrible than #kalank @karanjohar iam_vijuu
Kalank soundtrack is disappointing to say the least. Getting Pritam for this period drama was a mistake. May be SEL… aseem_aks
Overconfidence of karan will make this movie huge flop all his upcoming movies flop he is always promoting star kid… deepsaditi
Kalank will be a flop. Its an inkling. Too much empty noise. MukherjeeRi
The trailer, the songs,the choreography , the set design .#Kalank looks like a poor cousin of all Bhansali movies.… Vishank_
Watched #TabaahHoGaye So so disappointed with the way it is choreographed..#Madhuri is so graceful .song is beauti… ManshaSaleem2
#Kalank music is below average, direction looks like SLB bad copy and overall movie seems superficial. My verdict,… DhirajGrg
Kalank songs bad !! NaariQuirky
the new madhuri song from kalank is boring... should have released the kriti sanon one to cre