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Release Date: August 03, 2018

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Karwaan is a great movie😍😍😍 You guys did a awesome job❤️❤️ I wanna also go on long drive, not with coffin though 😁😁… gujar_rahul
#Karwaan is one of the very few movies which I have enjoyed watching lately. A fantastic story. The actors have don… letsfreeoursoul
Watched #Karwaan today , fantastic efforts by karwaan team .👍 Great movie !👌 ManeshG
Karwaan is a lovely journey! Refreshing and lovely take on relationships! Must watch! iRajivvv
Also must watch #karwaan what an easy going fun movie watching experience and Irfan Khan a delight as always laungii
#Karwaan has been watched & loved. @irrfank is just so on point. Speedy recovery to you. Our films needs this gem.… Nirolac06
#Karwaan is a beautiful journey. Amazing performances by @mipalkar & @dulQuer. I am speechless about brilliant timi… poojaw25
Watched #Karwaan beautiful moved. Loved it ! @dulQuer @mipalkar sreejith_sasi
#Karwaan love d screenplay and fantabulous acting by @dulQuer @irrfank @mipalkar superb live movie.. #Kannadiga itsmeSai4U
#Karwaan is fabulous. Takes you down the lanes of deep, shallow, transactional relationships which everyone goes th… aniketsapre
Watching Karwaan with Papri Chanda... Irrfan, you are the amazing!!! ItsMaitree
Karwaan is good but @prateekkuhad 's magic made it amazing. ❤️❤️ anshuk_polas
Watching #Karwaan again and again..what a superb movie:) @dulQuer Ikka super acting and Good effort..@irrfank is Go… AnshidDQ
Saw #Karwaan and have to say what an amazing film it is!!! @mipalkar @irrfank ❤️❤️❤️❤️ absolutely loved it! Must must watch riyaanand75
#Karwaan Excellent! Perfect family entertainer... pleasantly surprised with contents.... @dulQuer has rocked it. Lo… VaidhyanadhanI1
Sirs, Loved Karwaan and watched twice in theatre wid family. 2 Qs 1. How Avinash and Shaukat met and became friend… prashant_725
#Karwaan is such a beautiful film. Watched it the second and loved it even more. Weeneeet
Full of life and a great journey to discover throughout the movie #MustWatch #Karwaan #karwaanreview incredible wor… shreyanshsuman
Karwaan is by far the best movie Of 2018 ! Sad to see such great movies don’t get great response ! It’s HAF ( Hilar… OflineMumbaikar
Karwaan movie loved it very much really nice sweet movie vinuthecurious
Watched the movie #karwaan in #CarnivalCinemas greenfield, trivandrum. Simple and good film... loved watching.. @dulQuer @CarnivalCine. 😊 vipinrajss
#Karwaan is such a beautiful movie.. both #IrrfanKhan n #dulquer are my favourites and I just loved them in this movie ❤️❤️ iSona_m
When you watch movie like's amazing fun..take home message.. and the characters are are all awesome pla… sayaliparalikar
This Karwaan movie was soooo nice! Amazing acting by all of them and by the end of the movie while walking we notic… DarthAdar
What a brilliant movie #Karwaan is... Laughed throughout the movie.. Brilliant performances Loved it!❤ it is so m… TarunBharadia
#Karwaan a must watch! Hats off @irrfank we want you back 🙏 #KarwaanReview sujay_parikh
#Karwaan is such a beautiful movie. @irrfank was super hilarious, @mipalkar was super cute and a mature acting by @dulQuer . loved it. AlFurquan1
Great movie. I got time to chat with friends, play some online games and still felt bored. Must watch! — watching Karwaan vishnummenon
Watched #Karwaan today, great movie, never bored me even for a minute. And great job by all three amazing cast… avani_16
If you are a cinephile, you must give it a try. Something different has been served. I just loved it. 🤩… duttarahul77
If you are a cinephile, you must give it a try. Something different has been served. I loved it. 🤩 #latenightmovie… duttarahul77
#Karwaan @irrfank IRRFAN IRRFAN IRRFAN IRRFAN IRRFAN ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Totally loved your comic timing and Effortless acting… SRTRaghu
What a brilliant movie Karwaan is... Laughed throughout the movie.. Brilliant performances by @irrfank @dulQuer @mipalkar . Loved it! priya_vijayan
What a movie!!!!! Hindi comedy after long time!!!! @dulQuer @irrfank beautiful #Karwaan @NiDharm surprised!!!!!! 5/5 Padmaj_ku
#Karwaan - Peach of a movie. Not sure whether to say loved the whole journey or a reminder of the my own past (fath… sureshkumar87
Loved #Karwaan I've come out of the theatre with a smile stuck on my face! What a beautiful story. A bit emotional… SijadTK
#Karwaan, an absolute treat to watch, simple and outstanding, lovely locations. Superb acting by @dulQuer , @irrfank and @mipalkar zapardepankaj
LOVED LOVED LOVED #KARWAAN Such a beautiful film, the characters so real and endearing @dulquer @irrfaank HATS OFF!… VickySi84520582
#Karwaan is indeed a simple and great joy of ride.... A cinema you love to watch, a character you resemble with...A… upadhyayabhish
Watched #Karwaan and loved the beautiful storytelling. Was especially anticipating @mipalkar’s Bollywood debut as a… fieryzarzar
#karwaan - amazing movie ! Keeps getting better every minute ! Great job by the debutant #DulquerSalmaan… KaranDhurka
Karwaan is such a beautiful film. Loved the simplicity of it. bhandaripunit
#karwaan What a feel good movie💕💕💕 And @dulQuer, u just nail it when it comes to performance in such films. Loved it❤️ #bollywooddebut👏👏 sahshad_khalid
Watched #Karwaan just now.A great film in many aspects like the location,the dialogue and their delivery, acting,th… SouhardyaPanda
#karwaan.. Must watch... I cn go second time.. Laughed non stop for 2 hrs.. @irrfank your timings and sense if humo… nikisinghal
#Karwaan 👍 @dulQuer you are awesome 😍 And @irrfank also👌 Superb perfomance! 😊 salmanoffl
Finally watched #Karwaan, what a performance by @dulQuer, @irrfank with dialogues & Amazing @mipalkar 💕 A joyful ride! Must watch guys.. thumban_
#Karwaan a great film!! @RonnieScrewvala @dulQuer @irrfank last 20 min holds you tight and emotions coming out till… Me_Sumit_Kumar
Karwaan is a beautiful feel good film. Do watch it! Superb work from @mipalkar @irrfank and @dulQuer ! Some amazing frames too! SharmaSumit7
Karwaan is a brilliantly delightful movie. @irrfank and @dulQuer are damn damn good. @mipalkar is superb. @NiDharm… AjFromPune
Thoroughly enjoyed watching #Karwaan. Don't know whose role I enjoyed the most. What understated performances!! lakshmir05
#karwaan ,a great movie,perfect entertainer ,amazing showcase by one of the finest actor @irrfank and my favourite… Anoopmnair1606
Just watched #Karwaan.. Simple and beautiful.. Hey @dulQuer..pls do more movies in Telugu 😌.. Irfan was great as u… Sra1Tweetz
Watched #karwaan such a cute story in love with @mipalkar , and those one liners from @irrfank !! must watch !! ashishazzy
Saw #Karwaan last night. The first half was little bit of a drag but second half had all the heart. Great performan… filmiguy
More than anything what I loved the most in #karwaan are the scenes where you are caught in awkward/embarrassing si… UrsfrndlyAKM
These small films carry such big hearts & moments .Loved Loved Loved it. Brilliant performance and writing #Karwaan ❤❤ Tejasbhalerao13
#karwaan movie is wonderful picturisation of the art of story telling. With #IrfanKhan this is just superb. If you… RGengage
karwaan such good entertain movie......ur acting was amazing.....u guys are make awesome......congrats @dulQuer DhanusNivas
The best thing about my weekend was the movie #Karwaan and @dulQuer loved every minute of you in it.. you are the r… SravyaRapaka91
#Karwaan is so much beautiful. Simplicity at its level best. Couldn't have been better. Loved @irrfank and the new couple 💯❤ KadmawalaKaran
What n amazing n soothing movie #Karwaan .@dulQuer is awesome as always n so is @irrfank .loved it vishgraanted
#Karwaan is an amazing Sunday evening watch. Brilliant acting. Not so complex story. Beautifully shot. A nice way t… thetejtambe
#KarwaanReview @dulQuer @mipalkar amazing chemistry & acting 👍 @irrfank you are the heart of the Movie.... Karw… malujagdish
What an amazing movie #Karwaan You will be spellbound by the performance of @irrfank a man with golden touch.… sharma99126
Watched Karwaan. Decent film with a superb performance by @irrfank. Good that someone like @RonnieScrewvala backed this film. thepratikwadhwa
Hey team #Karwaan awesome movie. Enjoyed every minute, nice locations, awesome cinematography @kriti_official was a… kavan_m
Karwaan has such amazing songs. thisiskalpak
So I watched #Karwaan today and I absolutely loved it. A simple story with the amazing #IrrfanKhan #dulquersalman… _Iaccidentally_
#Karwaan is such a light hearted, refreshing movie! So great to see @dulQuer (forever crushing) in a Hindi movie.😍… dubidubidabdab
Loved Your Small Role in #Karwaan ..@NiDharm and as usual @mipalkar was outstanding..Awousam Movie😘 brilliantly Directed By @MrAkvarious ✌ abhikate96
#Karwaan amazing movie, wonderfully potrayed different aspects of love. Really really nice movie and must watch. Su… khvini
Just watched #Karwaan. Thank you @irrfank @MrAkvarious and the team for making this wonderful gem. utkarshgupta89
#Karwaan is one refreshing journey. @irrfank stole the show. Loved the performances of @dulQuer and @mipalkar. A bi… iAnk1t
Nikle the safar mein hum akele, log milte gaye aur #karwaan banta gaya, Fabulous movie, short and gives you a meani… kartikB_11
Watched Karwaan today, excellent movie with extraordinary performance by the entire team @dulQuer, @irrfank,… sums777
#Karwaan @dulQuer you are absolutely fabulous & effortless acting. We want u more in Hindi movies @mipalkar stunning & amazing acting 👌👌 mayurkothavale
Loved your performances @dulQuer @irrfank @mipalkar in #Karwaan 😍 You guys simply made my day!! 😘 Way to go Karwaam team! Great job! RanjiniRM
My Sunday just got waaay better than I could've hoped you know why?! Because i just saw #Karwaan!! Simply made my day!! RanjiniRM
#Karwaan Watched yesterday.... It was amazing... @dulQuer Ikka you juzt rocked your B'wood debue... The first Hindi… HiraZmhd
Was waiting for #Karwaan and it really lived upto the expectation. amazing work by the cast @mipalkar @dulQuer @irrfank. aady_95
#Karwaan #KarwaanReview @irrfank jab khan saab movie main ho tab sab sahi hi hota h.. what an amazing journey n all… smartrintu
Really enjoyed #Karwaan. Still, it could've had more depth. Nevertheless, two hours at the cinema well spent. Bulletcoder
#karwaan is a real entertainment. @dulQuer 's dialogue presentation in Hindi is really great. He is a superb actor.… balachandranbs
#karwaan is such a delightful journey. Thank you @RonnieScrewvala @MrAkvarious @dulQuer @mipalkar & #IrfanKhan. Loved it. NiravVaidya3
I dont remember the last time I enjoyed a Bollywood film so much. So pleasant and so refreshing. @irrfank @dulQuer… dishi_gahlowt
#Karwaan . What a movie! Must watch! raseshpadia
Such a refreshing storyline, keeps you craving for more! #Karwaan a must watch.! @dulQuer now that's how you debut… saikithe
Watched #Karwaan for the three amazingly talented actors, @irrfank @dulQuer @mipalkar A well- crafted movie. #Karwaan hit hae! 👏🏼 pratiksha_18
Must watch #Karwaan. #sliceoflife film. Amazing performances 👌 Special #shoutout 👏 @hussainthelal @anuraag_pychaea… apchitale
Watched #Karwaan today and I am in love with you #Shaukat @irrfank amazing film and you are just out of the word...… rech12
#Karwaan is simply superb ..🤗🤗 probably a sleeper hit !!☝ @mipalkar as a shutterbag traveller was awesome💞💕 and… rajan_rakshit
No wonder @mipalkar is so successful at this young age, because of her hardworking and effortless acting. Loved her… unknownDebashis
#Karwaan is the comedy of errors that gives you life lessons. Thoroughly enjoyed the film and am so proud of… goldfishkapoor
Congratulations, @irrfank, @dulQuer, @mipalkar for making such a beautiful film in #Karwaan! Loved every single mom… GoelSiTeriBoli
#Karwaan I loved it and laughed throughout the movie and got pain of cheeks @irrfank @dulQuer @mipalkar you guys ro… sujan_kumar94
Watched Karwaan in Singapore yesterday. @dulQuer proud moment for a Malayalee fan!Loved the effortless humour,the s… DevikaSivan
Hats off to #Karwaan crew who made it a serene experience .. Loved every bit of this.. Grt work by @irrfank 🙏🙏 ankitnarayan
Watched #Karwaan superb road movie. Got to see our own @dulQuer doing a wonderful job opposite the great @irrfank 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Prasadc911
Watched #karwaan absolutely loved it #IrrfanKhan just brilliant @dulQuer @mipalkar wer great 👍 #feelgoodmovie #mustwatch cyrilcleetus
Just watched a beautiful malayalam movie #UstadHotel Superb performances by #Thilakan and @dulQuer A nice message t… bro_golu
Just back home with refreshed mood :) Must go n watch #Karwaan Superb movie boss @irrfank Wish u long n healthy l… JatinRelia
Karwaan is bumpy yet feel good & emotional ride. Irrfan is so amazing, how can he has perfect dialogue delivery! Su… sanjaydesai93
watched #Karwaan .. nice feel good movie... enjoyed it. awsome performance by @irrfank ... such an inspiring role by @dulQuer SaleekhHussain
Had me smiling. Fabulous acting from all the actors.#Karwaan IAmABangalorean
Watched #Karwaan with fam tonight, what a masterpiece it is! Loved every bit of it. To be absolutely honest, in m… aashaysahai
Beautiful movie #Karwaan Such a mix of emotions and full of surprises and laughter. Thoroughly enjoyed it. You get… Sumer_More
Finished watching #Karwaan and oh boy how great it was! @dulQuer & @mipalkar look great throughout the journey! A… iamspg
Karwaan is an ordinary script transformed to an extraordinary visual by its splendid star cast. ubaid_kp
Watched #karwaan 2day..An awsome movie..superb acting by @dulQuer @irrfank & @mipalkar ....1 of the best movies of… Shawnj_007
What a beautiful journey #karwaan movie was. Absolutely loved it. It made me laugh, brought tears and made me learn… smdshakil
Such a wonderful movie #karwaan @dulQuer Sajeersjr17
#Karwaan laugh riot, whole theatre was laughing throughout the movie. @dulQuer and @irrfank are superb. Fun and feel good movie. bk_kalyan
Just watched #Karwaan . Please go and watch with family. We have a wonderful family comedy on screen after long tim… 151kmph
Karwaan is such a beautiful refreshing film! @irrfank sir you are amazing! @dulQuer brilliant! @mipalkar just refre… raa1808
After watching #Karwaan and I thought about #Tuhiamerasunday. Both are in same mould ,a nice movie the only differ… manglavil
#Karwaan @dulQuer welcome to Bollywood. Loved #Karwaan. sayedJp
Karwaan is such a beautiful film. Feel good. My kind of movie. @irrfank is an extraordinary actor. Unlike I thought… teeveenair
Just now watched #Karwaan. There's something special about the movie and I loved the movie very much. Perfect start… cinemapayyan98
Saw #Karwaan yesterday. Was smiling throughout,some great jokes in the middle but I think the movie takes you up on… vipulskywalker
Plz forward my message #AvinashArun who has shot some amazing frames and I've nvr seen such a beautiful frame of a… Avlani3Bhavik
#Karwaan is a must watch for everyone. Fully packed with romance/comedy/confusion. A light hearted movie which is c… realpranjaljain
I watched #Karwaan last night what an Amazing movie I cannot remember the last time I sat smiling throughout a movi… Dayah_bollyfan
Wached #Karwaan 🎥🍿 Thank u for the wonderful journey of #karwaan Such a beautiful movie, #dulquer and #irfan is so so wonderful Dulquer 😍 dhilshad_ckm
#Karwaan Heartwarming! Must Watch..Enuff said for now Shravz
Sunday's gonna be great. Mission Impossible for 3rd time & Karwaan. 5 hours in theatre 😍 NaadanParindey_
Watched #FanneyKhan! Such well made movie depicting the depth of a father's love for his daughter😍 Great character… drsneha
Really enjoyed #Karwaan. One of those feel good films about relationships and soul searching. @dulQuer @mipalkar… Adarsh_Ned
Karwaan is a brilliant film. @irrfank Sir u were amazing. Everyone show watch it. javed321
#Karwaan ❤️ Sir @irrfank you are amazing. @dulQuer the debut couldn't have been better. @mipalkar always a fan. ❤️… karanmalde11
Watched #karwaan. As expected it was light and moments were I laughed a lot. @irrfank as usual did wonderful job of… Ssaxena_007
#Karwaan Just a great film which touched the heart!We also are traveling along with the movie!We can't stop laughin… wildberries_wb
#Karwaan Movie Review: Without #IrrfanKhan This Will Be Buss-Kar(waan) #Karwaan Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars) iamHaider_Ali
Watched #Karwaan @mipalkar u are as usual amazing .just have no words to praise you. Keep going girl Am a very big… Lovingantara
#Karwaan🚐 is an amazing journey of emotions with mesmerising visuals and endearing performances. @dulQuer @irrfank @mipalkar digantdc
So excited to read great reviews about #karwaan can’t wait to see it!! @dulQuer ❤️ pbrocz
Things I did today: Watched #Karwaan and loved @dulQuer in it so much that went and rewatched #Mahanati !!!!!! rupsha1093
Sir @MrAkvarious me & my friend @Hasmit_Dil_Se watched your film #Karwaan fdfs and we both loved it. Very beautiful… RKJ_AK
#Karwaan takes you through such an amazing journey of emotions! Absolutely loved every bit of it. Its delight to bo… feviyanpaulson2
Karwaan: beautiful movie. Loved it. Very well scripted and narrated. A must watch flick :-) @irrfank @dulQuer… Maddy09Kumar
#Karwaan was mind-blowing. @irrfank comic timing though 👌. @dulQuer and @mipalkar were good. Overall nice movie @MrAkvarious. akhilreddy1697
Loved Your Role In #Karwaan @mipalkar Really It’s An Amazing Movie As You Are So Natural 👌 Waiting To See You In Ma… unitedlover1878
#Karwaan is a beautiful movie! Irrfan Khan, Duluqer..everyone acted superbly! #CelebrateLife Loved the movie Benaam23
Watched #Karwaan 😃@mipalkar You are fabulous. Wish all the luck! @irrfank 😘 #Karwaan namita_am
First half watched such a wonderful movie #KARWAAN @dulQuer outstanding performance and @irrfank is good @mipalkar cute performance althaafdq
Watched #Karwaan woww... awsome feel gud movie.. @irrfank you made me laugh and @dulQuer u have no other easy way… Megafaisal
Watched #Karwaan which is a well made Hollywood-esque road trip about self discovery and I loved every minute of it… rajeeshnambiar1
Watched #Karwaan, it’s an absolute fun. @mipalkar is super cool. Loved it @dulQuer and of course @irrfank ❤️❤️ arjunkumar7881
Watched #Karwaan. Gripping story, brilliant work by Dulquer. Irfan Khan is amazing as always. Must watch. SumeshWadhwa
#Karwaan is a sweet movie teaches something about life. @dulQuer sir amazing debut @mipalkar amazing as always… vnaypandit
#Karwaan Opened with great reviews all over Uae-Gcc circuits, cant wait ട്ടോ watch fdfs with tvm dulquer fans, 🙂 feviyanpaulson2
#Karwaan was superb... Direction on point... Performances endearing throughout... and of course @irrfank simply ste… dheerb
#Karwaan getting amazing reviews after its preview show 👌👌👌 Go & Watch everyone! Tmrw Fdfs fixed 😎 @dulQuer 😘… RashRazi
Loved loved loved #Karwaan Do yourself a favour and watch it @irrfank @dulQuer @mipalkar were all natural and fanta… GaurangChauhan

6 Negative

You just don't watch #karwaan, it takes you along on a journey with its characters. A beautiful film made with lot… sauravrk65
#Karwaan was disappointing, man. Amardeep9S
#Karwaan is a boring story-less drag with Irrfan Khan as its only saving grace. Some seriously bad acting from the… lol_guard
Watched #Karwaan, what a beautiful movie. It had so many feel good moments in it, backed by brilliant performance f… asheffect
So I watched Karwaan today afternoon. One word. DISAPPOINTED. #KarwaanReview NairSnehaa
Really disappointed with the review of #FanneyKhan and #Karwaan @FilmCompanion @anupamachopra will anyone felt that… salusalman12345

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