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Little Baby

Release Date: September 27, 2019

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I’ve been watching Letterkenny lately (great show) and all of a sudden all I can think of is a baby named Wayne. Ca… sassycassie426
The little baby I watch just gave me a hug and was rubbing my back and then squeezed me. I have never felt so loved lol lajoie_hayley
Little baby kicks have to be the most amazing feeling in the whole world 🥰 katiebritt1
I miss being pregnant because: - amazing skin - a good excuse to be “fat” - NO PERIODS - little baby kicks - i… shyanne_Rae005
my dad and my evil stepmom both being scorpio's is appalling it's amazing little baby cancer me is alive maxstreetusa
it's amazing to see how quickly a little seed turns into a big plant that can feed you. you put this little seed in… somesortaspirit
nobody: facebook: remember when you used to socialize? little baby back bitch me: okay great, thanks! anxiouswhore_
nothing better than feeling my little baby move around in my belly 🖤 allyfannin
One’s capacity to dream great dreams is infinite, the ability to follow through with little baby steps is quite rare. sbwordmuse
I know I have just s little baby stream right now, but I hope one day I can have the same amazing stream energy as… Draksketcher
When I was a little baby child and went to bowling camp every summer I was a great business baby. I got all of my a… gummaye_arts
Is it just me, or do little baby mini m&ms taste better than regular sized m&ms? 🤔 OhMyJennyJen
ever since I was a little baby this has been amazing!! thankful for the life you gave me!! uhhEric
Nothing better than when you smile at a baby and they smile back. Met the cutest little baby leaving work, she was… DebbieNDuncan
Can I just say my little baby Nanda is amazing. TobsWay
I wish I could have kept my kitten. She would have been my little baby 😭😭I would have loved tf outta her🥺 Laurylu_
It’s amazing how much a little baby can change your whole world. I’m so lucky! #charlottegrace MindyLRussell
It’s my baby’s birthday today🥰 omg my little baby’s 18! Have a great day amor, Te amoooo💓💓 haaleyy_aalexx
So my little baby sister just said she loves @NICKIMINAJ that if she didn’t exist the world wouldn’t be this amazing without her in it 😩🥰🥰🥰 onika25104408
Trampoline park, asked for a new toy, slushy, ice cream, chick Fil a but I loved every minute of it. I love my little baby. AngelHKnottss
I adore my mangled old Android! I decided I loved it when I went to the store to replace it & saw the prices on the… KerryHamby
Recently got a #ballpython...he is such an amazing and docile little baby...i never saw myself as a #snake owner bu… SlowSloth13
So content with life right now. A beautiful home, a wonderful boyfriend and the most precious little baby girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️ maddison_r

53 Negative

I just heard Belle wrenching and she’s done a tiny sick on the floor 😭😭 poor little baby kellyelizabeth_
I need my dick sucked by a cute little baby MINNIELICKED
AAA i feel so bad i tried to set lucy down and she bonked her little baby head on a chair im a fucking monster mecha_riddle
Some ppl are physically unattractive. If dat huwts your feewings then... idk. too bad for you, you stupid little baby. VillianPumpern1
just brings stress on my poor little baby 😭😭😭 I pray for a healthy pregnancy everyday !!!! kayandsuz
I’m cleaning my apt and packing before leaving for Denton and my poor little baby kitty just threw up :-((((( I fee… madaisyy
Hi luvs, my name is jenifer, and my poor little cute little baby blue eyes are sooooo sensitive to light at all times gaytakibitch
In the song "Hush, Little Baby," is it supposed to be reassuring that Momma's going to buy you a bunch of defective crap? BigOldFreak
bad thick that’s my ratchet little baby- i should have been cut her off but you know that pussy be brazzzzzy mamathickie_
Ugh its thundering so bad I'm about to sleep like a little baby 🌩 huffytrain
Poor little baby who told you stood a chance with this royalty? SJRBecky
It was very hard to leave my dog just now he’s in such a sad mood aww poor dramatic little baby boy _eat_in_chicken
I’m the worst at making bad decisions and standing by those bad decisions until I’m a depressed little baby again. jordan_svb
i know bokuto isn’t real but i’m worried for him because can he survive college’s life??? poor my little baby :’( ufoje0n
My little baby is so sick and I feel so bad 😭 SaraRocketss
locked up season 4 on first episode already made me cry laa, poor Saray and her little baby Estrella belikeshu
Veal will never be as tender now they stopped tying the poor little baby calves in a small cage where they could not move. OnlyLiners
Ok goodnight everyone I’m making a wish I know it’s bad to say what your wish is but my wish is to hold a little ba… jules_ffvv
Life is far too cruel man ! Poor little princess man 💔💔 can’t get her out my head!!!! Sleep tight darling 😭😢 what a… georgiamuers
My poor little baby is sick. Does anyone have any ideas on something baby safe I can give her to help? moller_amber
I miss having a little baby Maddie’s in the terrible twos stage 🤦🏼‍♀️ hashlyn0104
I think people dont even know who Mike Pence is. He is Trump jr. Not as bad as Trump but he acts like a little baby… mayaprieto12
Poor little baby on the Luas in a buggy with two of his legs in a cast and he's still loving life poor fella poor mother. _JTD28
I want to spank a little baby so bad for being a needy slut,,, who's gonna let me hm devillsbaby
My poor little baby’s face is breaking out so bad ☹️☹️☹️ jasmineg219
omggg she was asking for the ambulance for her daddy omgg poor little baby 🥺💔 lovefrannyxoxo
Sucks to see my little baby sick 🤒, glad to be with her all day yesterday FoevaEAST_
i just watched cat spaying videos on youtube and omg my poor little baby 😭😭😭 witchy_ana
I'm an abortionist.. I ate fish eggs and they were delicious 😭 those poor little baby fish didn't have a chance🐟🍥 Dfancypants
got a bad little baby she rocking french braids jobranx
Watching @mrshinchhome insta story literally made me cry, such horrible people out in the world to have such nastie… ImogenRyan93
i can a friend, a bad bitch, a dirty whore, a little baby, a sister, best friend, anything. as long as you respect… skylctte
After reading that post about that poor little baby girl I can’t sleep. Makes me sick that we live in a world where… kayylovexo
gotham’s finale episode sucked BUT seeing little baby bruce wayne on my screen again literally wrecked my whole shit kirbysepicfarm
Ooooh @tide...oh, baby, no. That rap video commercial was so bad. So stupid. So unfunny. You tried so hard, but...y… TheBestDavy
Man.. I'm being a little baby. C'mon @49ers ! Everyone has had a bad day at the office. It's now about how you st… MichaelKParrish
my friends as phrases w cuss words Bella: “... fuck” Richie: “lil pussy ass bitch” Gabby: “can i say a bad word” “y… parkthatparker
🎶Oh so all my lovin' go's Under the fog fog fog And I will leave them all Well I'm just a poor little baby Cause well I believe them all🎶 fastlain
This is HORRIBLE how the fuck can someone beat his little baby like that. Literally the most disgusting and disappo… shamsxzahran201
Me going absolutely feral over my little baby sister wasting all her power ups in Mario 😖😖😖😖😖 Yama_els
Just saw a video of a man smacking a little baby around in the head/face and body and it made me cry so bad. I know… Mermaid_Tilly
i feel bad we just took peepo on a walk and some nice kids thought he was really cute and wanted to pet him, but wh… dolleyeresponse
I just found a cover that I recorded back in 2017 and LMAOOOOO I SOUND LIKE A LITTLE BABY ITS SO BAD BUT SO SWEET AT THE SAME TIME HorryNico
Bang chan is the sweetest person in the universe, how could u say bad things about him 🥺 he is such an adorable lit… softiejk_
This poor little baby who can’t be more than two months old is so sad on my flight and I just want to hold him and… simplystania
midoriya really does get put through some bullshit😭😭my poor little baby aloe_hera
Oh god I want @Little_Rec so bad😩💦he's so smart🤓📚 and cute😘🙈I would take him to my apartment and kiss him👄😘lick him… TheQuebble
This is typical propaganda— I understand people were hurt or killed which is terrible. Guns don’t kill people-peopl… SarahMc93929663
I don’t think I could say anything bad about Xiumin, god really made him my little baby boy 🥰 XiuminTaemin
Dumbo is such a sad movie. Poor little baby. I just want to hug him. aims82
Im being a little baby lately. Where my “ bad bitch” attitude at? 😏 nubiag1990
My poor little baby has pneumonia and she made another trip to the vet today for more meds and fluid. She hasn't st… Officiallynnat

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