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Release Date: April 24, 2020

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Ludo is like IPL, Everything fixed to make nail biting finishes, great summertime timepass, young/old everyone enjo… manav_somaiya
Scripting in ludo is better than in @BeingSalmanKhan movies. #TuesdayThoughts meet_patel__
Meri pyari cousin ne mujhy apni sahelion k sath ludo khelayi, I feel like a child but I loved it 🥺💕 mahii_xx
The great thing about playing Ludo King with you family living far away is that they’ll keep swearing at you and yo… goozyss
Ludo is great game 🎉🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃 DishankBoliwal1
WhatsApp sticker war is far better than ludo. Balveer80724700
The hype with Ludo Star is real. I don’t know why I didnt try this before. Great options for staying anonymous as well! 😄 _maazia
log yaha bas copy paste maar rahe waha insta par @AaadiVaashi Phaji ki story check karo. He has given Ludo a new emotion today.. loved it 😍 WhoSagarBhatia
Well well Playing LUDO is better than playing with Human heart! psychogaich
I like Ludo King and I can't lie. Nothing is better than killing your friend's who thought they've it in the bag. Shvabh
Schooled two idiots in ludo along with the great @Y2Pgs Rishavr09
My friend's 10 year old sister really destroyed me while playing ludo. Even her trash talk was far better than mine… sheheryar_rauf
Jus realised,. No one rolls dice better than Shakuni,. #Mahabharat #Ludo CricNerd_vKash
I won in Ludo thriller today. Felt great! The last I played it was at least 25 maybe 30 years ago. Board games brin… NRamasarma
Playing ludo with family is far better than playing online♥ foodieandmoodie
Never been a fan of online games but I really enjoyed playing LUDO with my best buddies.. We played for around 3 ho… Rohit_L94
Ludo is way better than pubg itxx_Hassu
Reminder* Girls can play with boy's life far better than "LUDO" . beniwal_astic
nothing better than a nice game of ludo with @boredpanipuri to get my daily dose of demotivation adityachanne_

50 Negative

Ludo King is against me I swear. HOW CAN I NOT WIN ONE GAME ??? bull crap Ta_kazama
I just gambled 9500 coins away on Ludo King I’m fucking disappointed in myself muskanxgupta
I love it when people are chatty in ludo star and making fun of each other. Otherwise it gets really boring. pastaaaandfries
Ludo King wants to get played so bad rebianca
Honestly, I am disappointed with people in #messenger And #fb. Nothing about the #corona virus. But send me an invi… atuldahal_real
In #Ludo if we win, it’s STRATEGY. If we lose, it was just bad luck! 😏 #chitbhimeripatbhimeri _thatcoffeegurl
Omggg i met an army playing ludo 😭😭😭 my korean was crap, but i bonded with them for like 10 seconds because bts was… taexjiminxkookx
I wanna play ludo sooooo bad smh someone inv ASAP ReyaanHussain
#Lockdown3 Rich can play online ludo during extended lockdown while poor waits 2hrs in meal line or beg or sleep em… stoic_hell_no
ludo star sucks 😢 coldfir91534699
i’m so poor on ludo 😓 maaria_jx
Repeat after me : People not good in ludo are pure. _venacontracta_
I’m actually terrible at Ludo it’s scary __cusub
Playing Ludo isn’t boring like I was thinking 😶 jo7ya
This ludo treating me rell bad buddy MontelNorley
I feel bad for people who are actually playing Ludo monopoly online or learn settle… jasdgooner
Ab bhi bad luck chal Raha ludo me itxx_Hassu
How an I surviving lockdown? Just playing ludo on my phone with parents. This lockdown sucks and I am tired of my p… ParthParate
Ludo star.. Old addiction came out !! Boring quarantine pass time... Mrs_AhmedHashim
guys @alishamalik07 sucks at ludo don’t even try perc30don
Online shopping ke bad online dating bhe horahi hay ludo pe. HasanQureshi32
Online shopping ke bad online dating bhi horahi hay ludo pe* AyanKha16958611
My fate is so bad that in ludo my friend gets 6-6-5 and I get 1 prajayzayn
A guy losing in a ludo match is not bad luck, it's a trick to slide into your stories girls!! #RealLifeHaxx amangazi2104
The thing I've learned from ludo is people aren't bad " Humati kismt hi bhagwan ne apno se ktwane ki likhi hai" shipcasm
after conducting a couple of tests, i am happy to announce that @melsheper officially sucks at Ludo - sucks with ca… vanessaxpereira
Yeah quarantining can be boring, but never have I felt the need to play Ludo King. Moist_Burger
Yeah quarantine can be boring but never have I felt the need to play Ludo King. Moist_Burger
I ate my babys piece on ludo am i a bad gf? bl6ckmus
I’m on a break from ludo star because it is not good for my mental health. 🎲 hennahh48
Sucks when I've no gems left in ludo star and can't cheat n win naveeenhere
I’m so bad at ludo man Ahmed01___
LUDO sucks. whoshreya
Ludo gets boring when u always win alishanaheed
My daily quarantine routine with the fam is wine + Big Bang (oh kpop group not the horrible show) + intense game of Ludo Mohinisx
I'm proper crap at Ludo, I only play to kill opponents gatti, I don't care about tactics legit I will take risks ju… urlocalmasserr
Ludo is such a terrible game! Hardly any strategy involved. Mostly luck based.💁‍♂️ #Ludo bonkaay
I had no clue I was so terrible at Ludo 😭 @ruchikokcha Arnabjd
Everything becomes boring after sometime and will never feel as nice as something fresh. What matters is that we ne… JJayanthini
LUDO S U C K S. Kya boring game banai hai bc. Aur algorithm to aur tatti 🤮 justmananthings
I was pricing Ludo in my dream. It’s that bad, guys. 😞😞 _ImperfectAnna
I play ludo so bad the app is named ludo sevak in my phone madmufasa
just won ludo feeling like a bad bitch B) seasalt_axel
Babe just hurt his MALE EGO, that's it. Usk bad CHAL BI TUMHARI, aur GAME BI. : : LUDO KI BAAT KRRHI HU, 'HRAMJODO' #sundaythoughts buribla
My luck is so bad that I never even win in Ludo King heerdoshi12
Ghaleeez : Bht Ghaleeez : Ludo Star Main Jeetne K Bad Uska Screenshot Whatsapp Status Par Laganay Walayy..!! JaffriShazan
She just called me and she was crying. I was shocked i thought something terrible happened. I just asked her what'… Marium_00
My 7 years old nephew beats me in Ludo 5 times in a row. Poor me. Scytheraa
Ludo should come up with a watch option. Waiting for my friends to complete one is boring! tarun_imandi
The thing I've learned from ludo is people aren't bad. Hamari kismat hi Allah ne apno se katwane ki likhi he. KhanBashu1

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