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Release Date: September 21, 2018

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#Manto gem of work!! Amazing movie. It wl take u back to d time of indo pak independence n separatn. N the strugl w… honeysj25
Just saw #Manto. Outstanding film @mantofilm @Nawazuddin_S superb performance as Manto. Loved his dialogues.… Srinivas_Kari
Really enjoyed the movie Manto. Nice work by @nanditadas @Nawazuddin_S ImAshutoshPS
Manto - a great movie and no doubt @Nawazuddin_S and other cast members did their best. Hats off to the director an… aesthetepraman
#nowwatching #Manto @nanditadas I absolutely loved it - thank you for introducing me to Manto... I have a feeling t… RatheeshMani
Manto is must watch movie, thought provoking, intense visual, underrated at this time, very strong storytelling. Wa… akkistar99
#manto !wow @nanditadas What a film it was .loved every part of it .was alot more then what i expected honestly. @Nawazuddin_S great again PRESETER1
Seldom this happened but today when I walk out of theatres #MANTO remained in my head till now ,thank u @nanditadas for such amazing craft ChandraveerCs
#manto is simply amazing 🙏 @nanditadas @Nawazuddin_S @RasikaDugal sourabh_kuki
132|19 #Manto I almost lost in the films and went to Lahore with #Manto. Beautiful! @Nawazuddin_S amazing.… OyeAaravgupta
The live wire in #manto is @RasikaDugal what brilliant acting. @Nawazuddin_S no one could have pulled it off better than you sir. halfplatecaco
#MANTO brilliant Dialogues & Direction (10/- girl dialog is nosecut).. 👍@nanditadas great writing too..… fnaieem
Saw MANTO today. Amazing acting by @Nawazuddin_S Sir. @nanditadas maam amazing film Thank you for making such a fi… Priyansh060500
Manto is awesome. Loved the way his stories became party of the film quite seamlessly, quite shockingly. Music and… rahulbasu
Manto is such a lovely film. Nawazzudin never disappoints and Nandita Das' screenplay and direction hit home so well. Must watch. kashyapkeni94
As a fan of #Manto watching @mantofilm was treat for me. Loved the way his stories comes into narrative and excitin… ArreVarun
#Manto @Nawazuddin_S @nanditadas What a wonderful art it was, won't call just a movie. I was into it, n felt i was… kayodaruwala
Why movies like #Manto not supported which depicts the life of a great writer who wrote only the truth...... b_y_shah62
Relevant and something different!! With an ensemble of great cast #Manto @nanditadas @Nawazuddin_S @RasikaDugal amitjenareturns
Thank you @nanditadas for making #Manto! It was an absolute delight. Such good cuts, perfectly used music. Great pe… RahulSanpui
#Manto Loved Das's storytelling method of real events from Manto's life and those from his stories dissolving into… rafael_bwn
#Manto Just loved the dialogues of the movie. Seemed to be in keeping with the writings of a giant like Manto. Hats… rafael_bwn
Just because a move is made by Nandita Das and stars some great actors doesn't make it a good watch. Slow and bori… amansinha07
I just watched #Manto, the new movie by @nanditadas. An awesome sense of cinema language, a great story and a good… rodriguezbemol
Nice movie #manto 👍👍👍👍 @nanditadas @Nawazuddin_S #movies #films pankajchandnani
#Manto an awesome masterpiece..great work and direction by @nanditadas..@Nawazuddin_S was fabulously awesome..the m… Kol18Shalini
Loved #Manto @nanditadas A movie which feels like reading a book, don't know what could be better❤ @Nawazuddin_S brilliantly portrayed✔ SharayuAil
Just saw #Manto.Absolutely loved each and every minute of it. It was intense, intriguing and daring. Rarely such fi… cinemageek_98
Many thanks to @nanditadas for bringing one of the great personalities #Manto on screen. Hope it continues. India needs it. sujeetMSW
Superb one from @raftaarmusic @Nawazuddin_S #Manto #mantoiyat rjkumar1004
It was a great experience to see Ila Arun Mam play Jaddan Bai in Manto. Feels great to hear her croon sans much ac… taurianbose
Nandita Das helmed Manto is what you need in the new age film scene. Great script. How I wish there was more of suc… taurianbose
Manto, what a performance. Brilliant @Nawazuddin_S 🙏 excellent. Loved it.. 😊 iarpita04
I hope #Manto does better than #BattiGulMeterChaalu at the box office.🙏 KhooniBhai
I loved Manto buy there was a group of assholes in my university that also loved Manto so they kinda ruined Manto f… tisylrus
Just saw the trailer of “Manto” .. Brilliant portrayal by @Nawazuddin_S.Look forward to c it. @nanditadas Great direction ma’am . dkltl
Hats off #NanditaDas for #Manto Amazing dedication, Focus & determination to make this film! Blessed to have witne… SameerDixxit
The #Mantoyat of a great writer could only have been played by @Nawazuddin_S. I particularly liked the way the stor… AmaliaNoelle

15 Negative

So, no cinema ia going to screen #Manto however they keep playing crap like Parwaz, is Manto & his stories still un… waleedjavaidd
Just saw #Manto Why it is not nominated for #Oscars2019 ?? @Nawazuddin_S thanks for such a brilliant performance... Andy_Kauffman_
As sir @PaladinContent had correctly predicted, Manto is bad storytelling and Cannes bait pls avoid. adt_txt
“I wondered why people consider escapism so bad, even the escapism on display right then. At first it might appear… sha_beena32
#Manto was an absolute waste of a good story. Could have been way more passionate. The plot-weave seemed rather dis… poornasrivatsa
There is this scene in @mantofilm where #MANTO tells a writer that his script was Bad & writer smiles & replies him… aminhasnani
I was honestly disappointed with Manto :) dreaminthegardn
#Manto bad bad story poor direction @nanditadas why u need mantos name if u want make film on religion anyway… Aniruddha1787
Not a single theater released the movie Manto in Odisha. Disappointing. 😣 #Manto @nanditadas @Nawazuddin_S muchandan
I had discovered #manto only recently and watched the movie today.@nanditadas Ma'am , I was sucked into that era an… Srikanth_nrn
I am little disappointed in Manto. I really didn't want it to turn out this way! SahejSNandrajog
#MANTO show #Cancelled at #citypridekothrud. Apparently they have some technical issues. #MantoShow #disappointed jagrutideshmukh
Please don't complain about Bollywood making shit movies if you don't watch Manto. @mantofilm vinodbishnoi131
#Manto to b honest it's flop Nawaz great actor but ppl r not ready to spend money on something which doesn't entert… Afzalrocks1
Former minister of health Manto once said to the poor people of Alex; “you must stop eating Nandos. Use that money… nkumane

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