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Release Date: August 03, 2018

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Saw #Mulk and what i absolutely loved is the honesty the director portrays in the movie by raising pertinent questi… Pushkinvarma
Just watched #Mulk every indian must watch this movie.. and first time i personally know the DAFINATION OF TERRERIS… NAAMNAIHAI
Watched #Mulk with parents over the weekend. A must watch for all. It clearly reflects how current India is,false p… guptaprasha
BRILLIANT.loved #Mulk. Such an important and relevant film. Whatta year @chintskap sir and @taapsee are having. Tak… Raj88Himanshu
Wow amazing movie #Mulk.. And very good acting by @taapsee as always.. amanpandey8401
Hey @anubhavsinha, haven't watched #Mulk yet. But will surely watch it tomorrow!! Have been hearing great things about it all around.. 👍👍 rathi_saurav
MULK... Master piece by Anubhav Sinha.. Superb performances by Rishi Kapoor and Tapsee... Good performance by Rajat… dhavalized
#mulk is a superb #movie, fantastic work done by all especially #taapseepannu ..there shouldn’t be things like hum… irshadij
What a movie @anubhavsinha ....just loved it..#Mulk vipindwiv
Just loved @taapsee interview with Anupama Chopra and her take on nepotism was the best I have ever heard. She trul… iamashubajaj
Watched #mulk , take a bow guys . What a movie !!! Loved every moment of this movie . Amazing . Thanks a lot for ma… naushadalam
#Mulk is a must watch movie, awesome Script, Direction and Editing. @anubhavsinha has made a masterpiece.… AjeetPanigrahi
Watched #Mulk yesterday. Very good massage for every indian. Great performances by @chintskap @Tapasee4U Kundant89
Thank you ...@taapsee @anubhavsinha ..great movie #mulk ..watching again today arun06_pandey
#MULK outstanding film must watch. Hum or wo nahi sirf hum. @amanjainlodha @Rsanvariya shreyanskanswa
Mulk. A brave and superb film. So relevant in these sad times. A must watch esp for all horrific politicians, whose number is only swelling! Ydoineedaname1
What an amazing movie to watch on the weekend; something that’s relevant and riveting - #Mulk. Beautiful performanc… SiddhantNag
What an amazing movie to watch on the weekend; something that’s relevant and riveting - #Mulk. Beautiful performanc… SiddhantNag
Watched Mulk. @anubhavsinha great movie! Loved the casting. Right down to Choubey's son! Very credible. @taapsee go… saurabh123
What a masterpiece The Movie #Mulk is ! Amazing concept, amazing direction & above all amazing acting especially by… rajatjain54
Finally saw mulk. Great movie with great acting. Brilliant performance by @chintskap @mrrajatkapoor & @taapsee. But… khanfarazj
#Mulk is an amazing movie! In this polarized country, it's a very strong message from @anubhavsinha Exceptional… sameer_ahuja
Every Indian must watch film "mulk". It exposes agenda of Two Nation Theory being run in the name of "nationalism"… gulmohar77
MULK a must watch movie ..superb work @anubhavsinha @taapsee @rishikapoor. adonishai
#MULK should be tax free, and a must watch movie. nice work by you Sir @anubhavsinha svm_1419
Just saw #mulk today. Loved the grounded realism and the natural performances. Thanks @taapsee @anubhavsinha… JafferAzain
.@taapsee is setting new rules for today's actress. Great job in Movie selection and performing various characters.… AnandAgrawal_
Its a Love story between Hindus and Muslims . Great work #Mulk #AnubhavSinha #TapseePannu #RishiKapoor Iitdelhicr7
Congratulations team #Mulk @chintskap @taapsee what a movie!!!! Take a bow!!! Loved every min of it!!! We truly nee… shettysahil04
Just finished Mulk Movie, great content. Court room scene could have been better and more realistic. JollyLLB has raised the expectations. MAKARDHWAJ
What a beautiful movie! #Mulk Thank you for bringing such amazing piece of cinema @taapsee @chintskap @renukash… arun_ameta
One of the best film of 2018 #Mulk .. powerful performances by @chintskap and @taapsee .. Brilliant dialogues.. A MUST MUST watch film.. neetiroy
Superb acting @taapsee. What a performance. Much watch movie. #Mulk IndrajeetBordia
Watched #Mulk @chintskap @anubhavsinha @taapsee loved it. #Must watch movie, every Indian should watch it. Chintu j… Khandekar_du
#MULK is a brave and solid film..brilliant writing and screenplay..backed with extraordinary performances by… Ashraf1107
What a great movie #Mulk & what a performance by @taapsee madam and @chintskap sir. This movie is must watch for all. Pratik_Kedia15
Watched #Mulk really a good movie loved it @taapsee @chintskap @mrrajatkapoor @anubhavsinha Rahul8038
Though I’m late to watch the movie yet I felt it was an amazing display of casteism and thought process of people i… Vipul_Mittal07
Terrorism is a criminal act and not a communal act #Mulk #MustWatch Amazing job @taapsee @chintskap #KumudMishra… ssh358
#Mulk what a movie. Such a gripping screenplay fantastic acting by @chintskap @taapsee. It's a must watch. You know… nitishroy
Thanku so much @anubhavsinha for touching such a sensitive topic and unheard voices ..wonderful story and great dir… AbistarkRastogi
Watching #Mulk , Felt goosebumps every second of the film. Great storyline and performance 👌👌👏👏 @taapsee @chintskap a must watch movie 😍😍 6ysuraj
#Mulk dekhi ab #Manmarziyaan me bhi wai class @taapsee kya baat hai now a days you are doing great job great keep it up. itsastr007
Mulk- a must watch movie for all those who judge people (read muslims)only by their names/attire.. akumar3105
#Mulk awesome to watch...😍 Everyone should watch this movie. Just loved it ❤ well done @taapsee 😍😍 BedantaDeka10
Wow... What a super film #Mulk Ek Number... 👌 Aisi films bahut kam banti hai.. Just loved it.. 👍 @taapsee @chintskap 👏 #MulkTheFilm ✌ imluckysheikh
#Mulk is a must watch . As real as it can get . Terrific performances by everyone @anubhavsinha @taapsee @chintskap… manasmm73
What an extraordinary movie #Mulk Thank you @anubhavsinha Suparb acting by @taapsee and @chintskap Israar4
loved #Mulk such a breather in times like this @anubhavsinha zessz
Mulk Is A Must Watch . One Of the Finest Bollywood has produced Over the Years . Climax is Right Up there with Wedn… mohsin_trueblue
Taapsee pannu @taapsee emerging as great performer.....what a natural talent....Mulk then #Manmarziyaan Trailer looks solid 49shashank
#Mulk is a must watch movie! "Jo sahi hai wo toh bolenge hi na" Thank you for saying it loud and clear @anubhavsinha ArchaaChopra
#Mulk an awesome movie, perfect acting #RishiSir #Tapsee #Pratik #Ashutosh Great job by #AnubhavSinha chiruschakru
Watched Mulk Movie!! Bollywood needs more like this. Great acting by @taapsee & @chintskap and Thanx… _iamshoaib
Mulk a nice movie with the heart in right place in such tensed times. jeetendrac773
Terrorism is a Criminal act, not a communal act! Great work @chintskap @taapsee & Ashutosh Rana, you made it pleasu… chaudhary93
'Mulk' is such an exceptional movie with such splendid acting by everyone in it. Loved the movie. A must watch film. @chintskap @taapsee NikMUfan
Terrorism defined...! #Mulk the most significant movie of the year..!! Must watch..!! prsdmenon
Wat a fab performance @tapsee @chintskap .. the feeling which is devoloped thru ur movie #mulk is amazing , true an… rishss
#Mulk is a must watch for its powerful writing and a formidable cast! Lays bare our deep rooted #prejudice as a nation. #TalkAboutIt Pracheta
Awesome movie mulk every indian must watch @taapsee LavaniaRitu
Just watch #Mulk @_PVRCinemas @MarketcityKurla Awesome movie with great message,That kind a film is the need of hou… shafique_08
Thank You @anubhavsinha @chintskap @taapsee and other makers for making such a wonderful movie like #Mulk I wish other indians understand DhavalT2535
#MULK is a must watch movie for all those Indians who fails to understand actual meaning of terrorism and who accus… ImMayurJindal
Superb movie #mulk What a excellent performance @taapsee JikadaraNehal
Just watched movie #Mulk @anubhavsinha @chintskap #AshutoshRana is fabulous as ever but @taapsee dear you nailed it… kalpesh4882
#mulk @taapsee Grt work Must Watch movie Superb ShivkeshShah
Just watched the movie #MULK A great movie with such a powerful and strong message. Really appreciate your work… UQ_Official
#mulk is must watch! NeerajDeshani
#Mulk is an amazing movie. @chintskap @taapsee @mrrajatkapoor were amazing. Very relevant for today's divided times. Srinivas_Kari
#abhinavSinha #TapseePannu #Mulk is a great movie we have to think about humanity rksuccess4
#mulk @taapsee superb 👌😘 movie well done taapsee we proud of you yashacs
Watched #Mulk , what an awesome movie👌 Superb acting by @taapsee ma'am Thanks @anubhavsinha sir for making such a g… Khan_umair_
Stop what you are doing and go watch Mulk. What a movie! Amazing work by Tapsee. naiksagar
#mulk such an important film..a very compelex subject..great performances and fantastic writing by @anubhavsinha .. LalsaSam
#Mulk @chintskap @taapsee Great work by acting & also with best topic.... Amazing #PaisaVasool #Learning #India ay9686
I was very pulsate to see your movie, you are so vatality and pragmatic, you surmounted everything. Everyone must watch #Mulk @taapsee TheAyushVErma1
I was very pelsate to to see your movie, you are so vatality and so pragmatic Everyone must watch #Mulk @taapsee TheAyushVErma1
Just came home watching #Mulk!!! What a great movie by @anubhavsinha and amazing performances by @chintskap… SoansShine
Just watched movie #Mulk @anubhavsinha @chintskap #AshutoshRana is fabulous as ever but @tapseepannu dear you naile… kalpesh4882
MULK is an Excellent movie except the comparison of social evils and Terrorism... Amazing acting by all... Truth… drmaheshdm
#mulk @anubhavsinha @VishalDadlani #shakeelazmi superb lyrics, superb music, superb singing #Khudara 👌👌 harshdu412
Watched MULK today,wht a fabulous performance by @chintskap & @taapsee she is such a fire house of acting & wht a b… chetanmakker86
Watched MULK today,wht a fabulous performance by @chintskap & @taapsee she was such a fire house of acting & wht a… chetanmakker86
First show seen #Mulk Film this film is Superb..... Nabinawaz26
Sir @anubhavsinha, #Mulk, great movie with a fictional plot. Everyone was👍 But Pls tell me, there r other minoriti… BadaTuttu
#Mulk is a must watch in our times. A movie which literally gave me goosebumps and I couldn't stop myself applaudin… snikhil445
#mulk @taapsee Grt work Must Watch movie Superb #bollywood need more movies like these ashishgagneja7
#Mulk people from both communities should compulsorily watch this movie. Excellent movie. Great acting. USUJITRAO
Osm movie #Mulk everyone should watch the movie.@taapsee hatsoff👍great dialogues by rishi sir @anubhavsinha ✌✌✌ Saam0113
Everybody in this country must watch the movie Mulk. It has lots of positive message to be conveyed for both Hindu and Muslim community pednekar_sai
Mr @anubhavsinha thank you for making such a wonderful movie MULK, salute you for taking such a courageous step!!! MushYas
A must must watch #Mulk. There isn't a single point where it fumbles from what it wants so say. Dialogues work as… Maipradeep
Such A very beautiful movie #mulk @taapsee mam you R really great actor Maine Apki Sab flim dehkee hai #Naamshabana… Bantykhan786
.@anubhavsinha Seeing the counter narrative that your film #Mulk has presented I must say with great joy that I'm h… RayhannMirza
Hum aur wo... What a description!! Loved you in #Pink Loved you as a lawyer #taapsee Loved #mulk prince_agarwall
#MulkReview #Mulk Uncommon topic picked. Nicely presented. Most important thing- everyone's acting was superb,espe… dhananjay7_real
Watched #Mulk a must watch story. It will certainly help people understand the root cause. All credit goes to… humotogineer
WOW! Terrific performance by @taapsee & @chintskap @mrrajatkapoor. Must watch movie for people who still think US & THEM. #Mulk #INDIA 🇮🇳 TheFaraazKhan
#Mulk is a must watch for all an excellent film by @anubhavsinha with excellent messages for all and superb perform… khankick007
Mulk is a must watch movie. @taapsee performance is one of the best I've seen by an actress since a while. #Mulk ishanjbhatia
Amazing solid performances in #Mulk Congrats @taapsee @chintskap #AshutoshRana Movie was terrific techguruashwin
Must watch and change your mentality 🙏 Congrats All team of #Mulk @anubhavsinha @taapsee U have done an immense ser… ManpritManni
#mulk..loved it....good job @chintskap @mrrajatkapoor #tapssee pannu lachar_manush
#Mulk A must watch !! Communal harmony is the need of the hour, and the movie is very much successful in deliveri… vikeyc
Superb cameo @chintskap sir & @taapsee what a Make @anubhavsinha Would be in books for decades! Extremely stunned w… MohitRastogi86
#Mulk👍✌ Nice movie. Awesome ☺️@taapsee bhavik5147
just came out after watching #Mulk fabulous movie, it really hits all the notes for a super hit film.. Kudos… iammdarif
What a role in #mulk kya vakalat ki yr amazing 😍@taapsee MishraSuraj000
Pride and honour, Must watch movie #mulk @taapsee @chintskap SonamAskew5
Became her fan from #NaamShabana but #Mulk definitely is at another level.! Loved the intensity.! Respect @taapsee 🙏🏼 Shubham1907
#MULK is a great movie, I think everyone should go and see. — watching Mulk ImRRajKumaR
.@taapsee watched MULK yesterday, really loved ur powerful performance, court scene was really ur USP.... vickydhanuka
Watched #Mulk, it's a nice movie. Loved Rishi Kapoor's acting, didn't like Taapsee Pannu's overacting but character… ankurjainiam
Fabulous its just extra ordinary esp. @taapsee and all other it is a fight b/w us n them. #Mulk iam_ausaf
Just seen mulk.. @anubhavsinha Nice movie sir...( wo & Hum) perfect 🙏🙏🙏🙏recommend others especially those who r rea… aatif_akhtar
Mulk the movie is a must watch . Thought provoking and very relevant . Grippingly executed with great performances by the caste . #Mulk madhavgmail
It was an amazing experience watching #MULK in a packed houseful theatre.. People applauding and then giving a stan… MainAkshay
In my humble opinion, having some great work done by Maleha lodhi, we need Gentleman like @abasitpak1 to represent… Shahaanishaq
#Congratulations @taapsee mam what a amazing respone you get after people's watching #MulkTheMovie very very Congra… imskshubham
Watched #Mulk today.. what an outstanding movie, great performances and well made. @taapsee you are just a rockstar… arjunjoshi600
Superb movie #Mulk.I wept a lot along with relieved from the superstition.Thanks a lot @anubhavsinha for bringing… PalaiBijay
watched #Mulk last night, superb performance by @taapsee and @chintskap , brilliant movie by @anubhavsinha must watch movie :))) ❤️ hkjareda
#MulkReview 5/5 no words to describe great work by @anubhavsinha @chintskap @taapsee and #mulk team ....but this mo… Yugandharthakre
Watched #Mulk yesterday. It's an amazing movie which doesn't defend any religion against the chaos in the media. Aw… Manishsinghcs
Great job in the @mulk movie I like this Movie .If I get an opportunity in the future then I will also play such a… sandeepjoshi776
#MulkWatched #Mulk today & I'm totally in love with it. Perfect package of emotions, superb script,excellent direct… WhoAshrarPraful
Watched #Mulk last night... simply superb!!! 👌👌 @taapsee has nailed it!!! 👌👌 Congo’s to the whole team!! @chintskap vasu_patnaik
#Mulk Every #Indians must must watch it. Congratulations All team of #Mulk @anubhavsinha @taapsee @chintskap… ManpritManni
#Mulk Every Indians must must watch it, Congratulations hole team of #Mulk @anubhavsinha @taapsee @chintskap @ashutosh thanx quality movie. soyebvora
Must watch Movie 🎥 #MULK thanks to @anubhavsinha bhai @chintskap Sir @Tapsi_pannu and the whole cast of Actors for… yak3g
#Mulk Every #Indians must must watch it. Congratulations hole team of #Mulk @anubhavsinha @taapsee @chintskap… ManpritManni
Strong! Much Needed! Must Watch. — watching Mulk divank_rastogi
What a wonderful experience Mulk was/is/and will remain so. Thank you @chintskap ji, @anubhavsinha @taapsee and oth… babyfatdude
Seen #Mulk ,it's a great cerebral argument ,with hindsight, which shouldn't, India is facing right now, and… kumargudem
Brilliant script, Fantastic performance by all character, @anubhavsinha great work. Love from My heart ❣ #Mulk javedstrong
#mulk @taapsee i become a big fan of yours after watching #Mulk .you are fabulous every time.@chintskap sir your acting was superb+ . PatniAnurag
There is only one word for #mulk that is AMAZING. @anubhavsinha Sir has delivered a movie that every one must watch… shruti23sharan
Awesome movie #Mulk really needed at this polarising time thanks alot to @anubhavsinha and great work by @chintskap… iamvicky786
Very few movies are made at the right time and for the right reasons. #mulk does just that. Must watch. Well done… SnehilKaushik
#Mulk👍✌ Nice movie. All should must watch film..!! @taapsee 👏👏 Ajay82542231
#Mulk👍✌ Nice movie. All should must watch film..!! @taapsee 👏👏 VishalPokar4
Mulk is a wonderful movie, great message.. Go watch it.. MDNAZRULHASAN
#Mulk is a kind of reminder us...!! A must watch. @taapsee is fabulous, she proves once again that she is brilliant… Hyd_Nawab
Hi everyone, plz watch #Mulk its wonderful movie 🎥 @taapsee @anubhavsinha tapsee and Rishi sir was brilliant with M… tinkuasit
#Mulk👍✌ A must watch film..!! @taapsee 👏👏 Prathamesh_ds10
#Mulk is a must watch movie. All the relevant questions asked and answered. Really needed in today's time.… RiyaSingla12
"Mulk" a must watch for all of us who believe in and proud of the idea of a pluralistic India, conceived by our for… biplobchatterje
Please watch and tweet too much about the movie MULK what a contain and acting with great message @asadowaisi… wasimshaikh2901
#Mulk is a must watch. Very relevant in the current scenario! You need not prove your love for the country to anyon… BubblyMaggie02
#Mulk a must watch... brilliant concept... perfect and an eye opener on today’s scenario.... vineet1409
Must watch — watching Mulk SarwarBorah
Watched #Mulk today! Simply awesome storytelling @anubhavsinha and what an amazing performance by @chintskap but ha… Smarakc2011
Watched movie MULK today. Fantastic storyline,superb direction, strong dialogue delivery by all. Tapsi Pannu & Rish… RCLAL60
Just watched Mulk. What a movie @AnubhavSinhaa it takes guts to make a movie like this in these times. Must watch f… wittyliners
Great Sunday crowd at #Mulk in Hyderabad. Awesome job by @taapsee n @chintskap. Great acting n solid performance. H… Aamirda
#Mulk is a must watch The film conveys the true meaning of terrorism & brings to light how prejudiced we are as a society @taapsee amazing!! shethriddhi93
Just watched Mulk. Everyone must must watch it. Congratulations @anubhavsinha for treating such a sensitive subje… mohd_zuber
A movie, a must watch for everyone. #Mulk Time to get over religious and social divides. Time the break any barri… Jibin_S_Olickal
Awesome movie #Mulk . Loved your work @taapsee @chintskap You made us proud again. link_to_sohrab
#Mulk is a must watch. Definitely one of the best movies of 2018. Amazing script and brilliant direction by… g_pradhan
Such a nice movie "Mulk". Must watch Movie 😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 arifanwars
Just watched #Mulk. I must say @anubhavsinha has shown a very sensitive issue in a brilliant way. Superb performanc… Anishsidi
Just watched Mulk. Everyone must must watch it. Congratulations anubhavsinha for treating such a sensitive subjec… DeadlyNdian
Just watched #Mulk great movie......plz watch @taapsee brilliant as always🙏🙏🙏 saswat024
Great to watch mulk buhut acha message hy movie my @tapsee EsarKhan7
“Mulk” a must watch movie PNAINDIA
Watching mulk Half time Great great movie @anubhavsinha Only an aligarian can have a perspective like this No wor… Razafarooqui2
Great work @mrrajatkapoor sir. You added some real weight to this character #danishjaved and file #mulk. Would like… jshrikant54
My words aren't enough to applause the script and yess the portray.... A must watch and a true need to indian society. #Mulk 👏👏👏 shoachiever90
Great acting by @taapsee and @chintskap Really great message shared 👏 #Mulk SaurabhWarekar
Watched #Mulk .... Excelent performance by #TapseePannu ... @taapsee you #rocked again. parulkhimani
#Mulk is amazing movie. Needed more movies like it. Awsome acting @chintskap sir and @taapsee mam. Nice acting, Am… avinash_jaihind
Watched #mulk a wonderful clean movie made to highlight the issue india has been facing for decades and very much s… manish_sibal
I am a big fan of u @taapsee from #Pink and after watched #Mulk I bow like a बईमान तराजू in favour of your acting. it's really amazing Guru_SingH_
Such a great movie it was.#mulk Every indian should watch that movie.Good story and Great acting by @chintskap @taapsee vidit_mistry10
MULK.What a movie.Superb depiction of everything.What a phenomenal acting by @chintskap & @taapsee .Do remember tho… ashrafatique
Thank you @anubhavsinha sir for making a wonderful movie #Mulk. As expected @taapsee nailed it again. der_ajay
“Jab log kehne lage ki hum achhe hai aur wo bure tab calendar check kar lena ki election kitni door hai” loved this… joshiiharshit
Just watched #MULK What a captivating movie. Brilliant performances by @Ashutosh, @mrrajatkapoor @chintskap . MUST WATCH! rishavsahore
Awesome Movie.... With a great message..... Gave me goosebumps... Ur a living legend @chintskap Sir... @taapsee U j… Mr_Lonely2019
“MulK” Great movie, Good lesson, need of the time. CaptNardesh
Just seen #mulk what a great movie every scene and dialogue is 💓 touching speicly last dialogue scene of @taapsee… sidfaizan98
Just watched #MULK What a captivating movie. Brilliant performances by @Ashutosh, @mrrajatkapoor @Rishi. MUST WATCH! rishavsahore
#mulk must watch awasome movie Super acting by @taapsee vipalkothari
Two must watch movies 1. #Razi 2. #Mulk for every India citizen. If you understand the messages half of our problems are solved. impsinghania
Kudos to @anubhavsinha for #Mulk. This movie deserves recognition and a must watch for everyone. Congratulations to the entire team. akilioon
Just saw #Mulk . What a beautiful film. A great message and worthy film. Congratulations to the entire team.… mishra18akshit
#Mulk another great performance @taapsee ( With your each movie I am becoming a bigger fan) And this one is a must… Priyanka9datta
Mulk is must watch...The theme speaks a lot rockernitin
Thanks team #mulk making v nice movie Abhimanyumeht15
superb, excellent, awesome works by @taapsee in #Mulk ... thank you so much for entertainment 1387Ri
Just watched MULK and it was one of the BESTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! Movie 🎥 Loved Everyone work in the movie........… rehpatel
#mulk is so well made! Great job @taapsee & @chintskap!! 👏🏻👏🏻 sachinshardul4
Really enjoyed the movie #Mulk . Awesome power packed performance by everyone. I’m really happy to see @taapsee ‘s… rbarua9283
Everyone should watch #Mulk There is nothing in the film which is objectionable. Loved this film. Congratulations @anubhavsinha _namangupta
Really enjoyed Mulk #mulk the movie. The entire movie was extremely gripping. Amazing performances. Thoroughly enjo… rbarua9283
# MULK is an amazing movie . Superb job done by @anubhavsinha " TRUTH HAS NOT BEEN SPOKEN IT HAS BEEN SHOWN IN THE MOVIE" adnan_afaq
“Jao Dekho” #Mulk what a fantastic movie, everyone must watch this movie, @taapsee ma’am you perform incredible i… Mohiudd74385840
Watched #Mulk today.A must watch for each and every Indian. It answers a lot of unspoken questions, raises lots of… siddiqui1441998
#MULK much better a film than the recent crappy films around, a must watch this weekend @anubhavsinha @taapsee abhienow
Sir just watched #mulk. Feeling wonderful after the movie... Movie on a sensitive subject with powerful screenplay… KhalelKhazi
I have never seen such an amazing movie on that kind of topic ....this is the best ever! Thanks @anubhavsinha sir !… zeeshansm76
Just watched Mulk and it was amazing..@chintskap and @taapsee were grt throughout the movie.. SAGUN63119102
#mulk wat a powerfulll movie. U need balls to show tht really amazing.. all powerfull perfomance #tapsee @chintskap #allcast ImVivTyagi
Hi @taapsee mam you are such a great actres in Indian film industry I'm big fan of you keep shining #Mulk watt performance 🙏🙏 love u ❤️❤️🙏🙏 Rahuljaiswal991
Good movie #mulk #MulkReview superb acting by @chintskap anf tapsi panu asifkhanani
I saw #Mulk Movie. What a Great Movie, in that movie Í felt that the role played by #ashutoshrana and his acting e… RayeesVP2
What a great film #Mulk is @anubhavsinha waah sir. Kudos. I know you just scratched the layers of many fake nationa… anandzigzag
Thanks for the great movie #Mulk !! Great message to society with amazing actung 👏🏻🙏🏻 @taapsee @chintskap @anubhavsinha Farzi_Kalamkaar
Just saw #mulk it's a Best movie....ur performance was superb...u r really perfectionist actress @taapsee ....… ikafeel
Loved the Movie, and 'Ameer Nishan Lodge' will surely give every aligarian like me, a nostalgic moment 😉 Thanx for Mulk - @anubhavsinha Sir yasserabidin
Dear @taapsee I really adore you. Loved your movie; #MULK. Totally loved the story and also your role was amazing… pallavis1002
#Mulkreview #Mulk is a work of #Art. It has got very good #screenplay great #story and direction is awesome. A mus… dsa786
Tiger Zinda Hai showed ISI as great bunch of guys. Mulk director insulted Indians in Pakistan. Pakistan banned bot… secularrahu8
A must watch — watching Mulk humotogineer
Last night watch some intense court room drama in #Mulk . Great job done by @anubhavsinha touching the very sensiti… ashutosh2369
Watched Mulk yesterday , it was the best @chintskap @taapsee Superb job 👍 Kumud8763
Last night watch some intense court room drama in #Mulk . Great job done by @anubhavsinha touching the very sensiti… sumed_maske1
What a movie #mulk @chintskap @anubhavsinha Amazing. The essence of the movie is a strong storyline and perfect cas… tarunpinku
Watched #Mulk It is Best Film Of 2018 An Award Winning Performances By @chintskap @taapsee Best Direction by @anubhavsinha Rating :- 5/5 3466rajashahroz
#Mulk comes with some superb performances by @chintskap #KumudMishra and #ManojPahwa. Kudos for such a brave attempt. nilanjanachow
Wow...what a movie #Mulk loved it so much specially you @taapsee ma'am Big fan from Surat ❤ Must be watch this movie 👌 Yuvrajsingh06
Mulk is getting great reviews..hmm.. simplyanila
Must watch #Mulk superb performed @taapsee 👍 dev09091994
Waah #Mulk amazing @anubhavsinha iamafnaan
Just saw #Mulk and I am speechless. Brilliant Amazing are too small adjectives to describe this movie. It takes rea… 09Dheeraj
Just saw #Mulk and I am speechless. Brilliant Amazing are too small adjectives to describe this movie. It takes rea… 09Dheeraj
Just watched #Mulk excellent movie! Superb acting by @chintskap #TapseePannu syedsalman0078
Thank you @anubhavsinha for remembering us. #Mulk hum aur wo se nahi, hum se banta hai. Amazing movie in these times. TejasGadiya
#MulkReview what Mulk today. What an amazing movie. Yet another spectacular performance by @chintskap . Must watch… AshwinIyer3
Superb film by @anubhavsinha and acting was sooo sooo much good mam @taapsee and sir @chintskap love it 😚😚😚 #Mulk #MulkReview asfak_abby
My new favorite actor @taapsee 🌟 Shine on girl !!!!!! Loved you in #MULK What a strong and powerful message! And of… farah121
Go watch #Mulk Amazing story . S1diB
Such a beautiful movie #Mulk @taapsee @chintskap #Ashutoshrana loved it.. iamtiwarii
It's Awesome movie "Mulk" @anubhavsinha @chintskap @taapsee &team 5/5 rating Mind blowing MuzammilHaque13
#Mulk A must watch! 👌🏻 Diksha_L
Finally a film by @anubhavsinha which has turned out to be extremely good on the celluloid. #Mulk is a must watch.… ImNeeleshK
Great Job in #MulkReview by @RishiKapoor_ sir. U r fabulous in the role of lawyer Mr @Rana and @tapseepannu love yo… haque_jyaul
Thanks @anubhavsinha for coming up with a wonderful movie. @chintskap in Murad Mohammad and @taapsee as Aarti Moham… ZishanHNaqvi
#MulkReview Movie Review: Pinches The Soul To Question Your Humanity! Mulk Movie Review Rating: 4.5/5 Stars (Four and a half stars) iamHaider_Ali
‘Hum or Woh’ attended the private screening for film ‘Mulk’ in London this film gives a great message to the audien… RidahKhan
Saw the screening of film MULK yesterday night in London an intense and well made film! Giving a great message to t… RidahKhan
#Mulk I wonder how @taapsee is getting superb roles in her every movie she has given best and every character in th… talkingfilm2017
#Mulk dialogues are superb. talkingfilm2017
Jehadi swines hv loved #mulk it seems, so predictable #mulkmoviereview #MulkReview pras4net
go watch mulk guys it's a great film it's not anti anybody it just tells the truth of the time we are living in… akshay010899
Intense, Gripping and gives a powerful message. #Mulk @chintskap great Job ! beingamphibious
Watched #Mulk last night but hangover is still in to my mind. it’s FANTASTIC @& full of amazing performances of all… sunilsirvaiya
I already watched a #mulk. Wht a superb movie. And one thing is the best. Super dialogues in movie. I already booke… RK_7137
I loved the movie. Great performance by @taapsee & @chintskap ; and wonderful subject told at the right time!! #mulk MohamedRasiq
Watched amazing hard hitting movie #Mulk tonight. Bravo performances from the lead actors. asim_a_k
#mulk 💥💥💥💥 @taapsee @chintskap @anubhavsinha What a brilliant story,movie. @taapsee ji u are a hard worker. Everyone did superb job. DeleteNegativi2
I love with @taapsee since #ChashmeBadoor to #Mulk Great actor, Nice person. More power to you. IAmAbhhii
Just watched #Mulk, Its a fantastic film by @anubhavsinha. You choose a very sensitive subject and done a great job… ImKuldeepRaghav
#Mulk is powerful, unsettling, unfiltered and spine chilling. A must must watch. The most relevant film of our time… GaurangChauhan
Happy birthday @taapsee ! You are my favorite actress!There is no actress in Bollywood who can act better than you… Amaira1256
#WalwalaEAzadiPakistan Let's together make our country proud and celebrate this event with a great zeal and enthus… nimraasif72
Just watch Mulk trailer... Amazing trailer and I guess entire movie will be amazing.. must watch movie @taapsee ...… debkant_sahu
Amazing that parties do not want any investigation but Re-Election ... They are ready to lock down the country and… fawadraza85
It's great to have a great leader like #ImranKhan but it is better to become your own example. Khud ko badlo mulk b… mariumfarooq2
From the youngest to the eldest!! All belongs to PTI, Voted out for this wonderful & resilient mulk. I was wonderi… pandyaharshal1

32 Negative

A day when you see 3 new (old but new for me) films in theatre, and none of them turns out to be bad. #ChristopherRobin #Soorma #Mulk nayanTarse_
Such a waste your systems are @PicturesPVR ! Went to watch #Mulk, 11 am show, @PheonixMarketCity, Viman Nagar, Pune… imPady_11
not sure why so much hype about #mulk...theme may be topical but movie was predictable & boring...the whole court r… SaratShanmukh
Watched #Mulk. Good film but walked out feeling a tad disappointed with the dialogues and arguments given to the ri… SarahImtiazA
#Mulk isn't good or bad. It's necessary. ThandaaAngaara
What a powerful yet subtly portrayed story! Disappointed that this movie didn’t get the attention it should have. M… AyeshaKadakia
People are raving about @taapsee and @chintskap's brilliant performance. I think @ranaashutosh10 and… kami3012
What a powerful yet subtlety portrayed story! Disappointed that this movie didn’t get the attention it should have.… AyeshaKadakia
Watched #MULK What brilliant performance by @taapsee & @chintskap BRAVO ! it’saleays treat to watch you both ❤️ All the very best! 👍🏼👍🏼 YadavBarun39
Watched #MULK What brilliant performance yet again by @taapsee with such conviction. BRAVO!! And everygreen… shahrahul311
4 Movies Back To Back Flop In #Bollywood After #Dhadak Hit #FanneyKhan Flop #Karwaan Flop #Mulk Flop… iamHaider_Ali
Week direction by @anubhavsinha ,So irritating appearance and acting by @tapseepannu . Highly disappointed movie… AlokMoh
Watched Mulk.... brilliant performance by everyone... specially @chintskap and @taapsee both of you were awesome... sabirahmed455
#KumudMishra’s last words in #Mulk needs to watched and re-watched. Things are bad, but not beyond redemption. Pyaa… shalini_ojha
hi dear m big fan of u....n congratz on ur brilliant performance in mulk....tell me howz ur experience while workin… giveme_hellyeah
Mulk is a big time flop. And this movie had it coming because they were running a fake propaganda in this film to d… bigphenomenal
Watched #Mulk last ngt wd my family. Was mesmerized wd @taapsee's brilliant performance as Aarti Moh. and… VivianRama
A film like #Mulk comes very rarely, so don't waste your time, just go & watch it. Brilliant movie of this year✌… RahulGovindRao
Feeling disappointed that many critics only concentrated on #FanneyKhan and #Mulk. Nobody thought that #Karwaan is… Sumit_Newshawk
#Mulk What a complete waste of time!! Kaash @KRKBoxOffice ko suna hota.... PRandomtalks
#Mulk was poor execution of such a brilliant and relevant subject... Thoroughly disappointed at the opportunity lost! ajay36mittal
🤔Kash ye log humarey mulk k liye b aik ho jaty Very bad these all parties are just bcz for hide their corruptions… DrSajjadAhmd
#Mulk this film makes you see these dark truth & a meaningful courtroom drama brilliant performance by @taapsee mam & @chintskap ji balkalkar
out of three #Karwaan #Fannykhan #MULK Ratings MULK > karwaan=fannykhan Avg to good. avg im_sunnysaggu
I wish #Mulk goes super flop So next time #Bollywood don’t dare to divide India or creat hate on name of religion.… im_Naitik
#Mulk So frustrating and boring 🤑🤑🤑🤑 mishraaashish
If #Mulk movie is flop then u get numerous opportunities to make other movies as hit..But don't try to prove Musli… bn_vignesh
Even though the trailer is good, I want Mulk to flop big time. Inki niyat mein hi khot hai. RKJ_AK
Watching team #mulk on @MirrorNow horrible facts revealed by @fayedsouza on Muslim discrimination.. lastride30
#PakistansPrideImranKhan Happiest day to be alive it was a dream come true moment ... ALLAH hamare mulk ko nazar e bad se bachaye AMEEN BobbyRao1
Ab sy 1 ganty k bad pory mulk ma 1 he Nara ho ga sher sher NaeemKh04472481
Wh log jo #electionday ko chutti manate ha or bad me "is mulk ka kch nhi hosakta, sub chor hai, yeh ekela kya kerle… Qadiryousuf

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