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Damn they really loved each other in this notebook movie. shawnteoutloud
Thread: Church was great today. I accidentally ripped out the ribbon/bookmark of my notebook while wildly gesticula… dark_stuffiness
Maybe watching "the Notebook" while you're in your feels isn't such a great idea xd 626TangTang
Unpopular opinion: A star is born is by far THE BEST movie!!!!!! Better than the notebook and any others! Lol ViridianaVazq13
Alright, I think I'm gonna stop grieving over my list notebook with all my amazing songs in it and actually start writing again slytherinbel
I need to start keeping a notebook by my bedside. I’ve given some great speeches in my dreams and can’t remember all of it. tmanderson512
The Notebook is a great movie and no one will change my mind JoshuaM91166070
Waking up to a cold bottle of Powerade and a cigarette is absolutely amazing. The only thing that could make it bet… ShaeBlack4
My new job gave me a swag bag with cool shit that's actually useful wow. Better than a fucking notebook asking me t… sailorfetus1
Haru found my notebook, but my art skill is... not great, so he couldn't tell that I had drawn him on every page. ;_; I'm a little hurt...! yndr_mako
Today I saw #Notebook Hindi movie and it was so refreshing! the suspense was worth it. Loved both @PranutanBahl and @iamzahero! 📔💙 afra_syara
I just watched The Notebook for the first time and I absolutely loved it !!! Ashalee_3
The Notebook is a great movie :’) tommy_mendoza22
Hey writers. So our notebook, Page One, is aimed at helping you plan out your next great story. But when's the best… Write_Gear
these notebook folders are great and all except for the fact that REGULAR PAPER barely fits in them zachlaipple
why do the doodles in my science notebook look better than my regular art? StarvedToast
I loved this shirt but my mom didn't buy it for me. I called my brother n said histo ki notebook banwani hai to is… itsSabah_munir
Writing journals are great! Keep a notebook to record day-to-day thoughts and to stop book ideas, plots, conversati… CarlyleZona
#Notebook is an absolute delight to watch. A pure and beautiful love story with superb performances by debutants… iamyashjain08
It’s amazing not having to carry my 5 pound chemistry notebook all day. I feel like all of my burdens have been lifted CheerCreativity
It feels amazing not having to carry my 5 pound chemistry notebook all day. I feel like all of my burdens have been lifted CheerCreativity
i found a notebook of mine from like 17 years ago where i often noted the things i loved back then. one of the thin… offmalibu
opened my book bag to find a spider sitting on the notebook a need great start to this wednesday 🙃 kgillette23
Ya know ya doing GREAT after spring break when you show up to school without a notebook or paper Stonedlunatic
i have a confession to make: i saw the notebook today and i actually enjoyed it moyir90
time travelers wife is better than the notebook dont @ me cassiecalsin
This past month has been insane for all of the amazing writers becoming authors with our Notebook family! Our month… notebookpublish
I watched notebook for the first time today and I’ve never loved a movie more I swear so cute ralmnsss
The reviews of #Notebook is amazing!!! Thinking to watch it soon maybe today!!!😁 1apoorvupadhyay
The Notebook 😭♥️ what a great movie. jjackkelinnee
“See these holes in this notebook?? Yeah its like trying to shove a HOTDOG through one of these holes.” A great de… camsbest5
Just watched Five Feet Apart..... Cold Sprouts was awesome 😎 no in all honesty, great movie, haven’t been that bumm… Tremmug02
Interval is going on..and one thing i can say about notebook is that it's a piece a gem..what a movie..a must watch.!! apoorvasunshine
#Notebook film is just too beautiful, too endearing. Absolutely loved it! Congratulations @nitinrkakkar @iamzahero… Aishwaryarbagla
I loved watching #Notebook, @PranutanBahl @iamzahero loved your were good too.. All hearts for this movie.. ❤❤💕 KavitaSarvaiya
#Notebook film is too beautiful, too endearing to be true. But luckily, it is! Absolutely loved it! Congrats… Aishwaryarbagla
Can you trust someone who says Love Jones is better than The Notebook? ARIANNELIZABETH
I just read my notebook back from my desperate days and im sad now, Great! 17xRi
Call Me By Your name beats The Notebook any day for me. The chemistry @RealChalamet and @armiehammer show is beyoooond amazing!!😭 omegaberhane
Unlike formula genre, #Notebook - great film. Brilliant performances @pranutanbahl @iamzahero. Aptly conceived & po… suneelwattal
Samsung notebook pro 9 is streaming video like cinema. Wow... Great build by @SamsungMobileUS tech_laf
a walk to remember is better than the notebook cosmonade
I am watching the notebook for the first time in ages and I do believe that it is one of my favorites. I forgot how wonderful it is bellsssss__
An excellent love story, the beautiful Kashmir, Its so refreshing, i loved the movie #Notebook @BeingSalmanKhan Mahammad_Alli
Absolutely Loved The Music Of Notebook!❤️ @VishalMMishra Always Brings Magic On Screen With His Music! #NaiLagda &… MabroorManzar
Watched Notebook & Totally Loved It!❤️ A Beautiful Story With A Unique Plot! Beautifully Shot In Kashmir! Excellent… MabroorManzar
Notebook is a must watch, what amazing movie!!! #notebook ishaan001
Finally watched Notebook A must watch Movie Full family pack 😘👍 #SKF #Notebook #SALMANKHAN sam_pandey6
#Notebook What a beautiful film. Superb performances and amazing locales. Kashmir truly is heaven on earth. After… kabirraga272
#NotebookReview Rating 3.5/5, Story & Screenplay 3.5/5 , Direction 3/5 , Acting 4/5 , Music 4/5 Notebook is a Un… MeRaviKC
Waiting to see #notebook Looks amazing Lovely music Lovely lead couple @PranutanBahl @iamzahero Awaiting #NotebookReview ImKyrahHere
Beautiful movie #Notebook Nice location Best performance by new comers. Superb direction @BeingSalmanKhan… sadik4
Watched #Notebook , @PranutanBahl and @iamzahero! were brilliant 😍😍 Must watch #NotebookMovieReview #NotebookReview ⭐⭐⭐⭐ SRKmania_
#Notebook Getting good reviews & love of Public. @PranutanBahl & @iamzahero did great work. People & Critics love t… SalmansSpider_
i found a great catra doodle in my notebook margins today but i'm going to bed now so someone remind me to post it… randomarcher13
i’m not like other girls i loved ryan gosling way before ever seeing the notebook okayperolike
I just realized that the notebook and the great gatsby have the same plot: a man has a big house so that the love o… Allison98322195
#NotebookReview wen u go dwn in old skool love days @iamzahero u wer amazing completely enjoyed your performance… TarikKh17693694
The Great Gatsby > The Notebook Don’t fight me y’all AestheticLee_
#NotebookMovieReview Rating 3.5/5 Story & Screenplay 3.5/5 , Direction 3.5/5 , Acting 3.5/5 , Music 3/5 Final… Bollyexpresss
One word review of NOTEBOOK: "IMPRESSIVE" Rating: 3.5/5 yhmishra
The Grinch; My Great Boyfriend; The Notebook 💜💙💚 heyitsyana_
imKamaalKhan beingsalmankhan: Watched #Notebook last night. Loved it 👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻 My advice to everyone "GO N WATCH IT"… AnishaDesai3
Bihag Love you two Karamia Reporter's notebook Maynila Amazing earth My special tatay Pediasure Head & shoulders Ar… KylineHearts
Watching #Notebook tomorrow in the evening with my big sister,loved both the trailer and music album IamIbradil
"It was real, wasn't it? You and me. Such a long time ago, we were just a couple of kids. But we really loved each… _bxriana
am I the only one who this a walk to remember is better than the notebook? Liz_Nunez163
Haru found my notebook, but my art skill is... not great, so he couldn't tell that I had drawn him on every page. ;_; I'm a little hurt...! yndr_mako
Never been great at maths but as soon as the accountant messes up my wages out comes the calculator and the noteboo… caitlintamla5
3 am wine drunk and The Notebook with my wonderful pupper cuddling me. I’m really feeling at peace rn and I haven’t… Ms_MayFiree
Life isnt great today. I have hella work to catch up on. My 5th period teacher lost ALL my work. My 6th period teac… christy_rodarte
God philly is great...but have you ever watched the notebook khoopes27
Gyu and Jun has a romance better than 'The Notebook'. kaqdahyunn
A Walk to Remember is too freaking cute and honestly better than The Notebook durtydurbs22
a walk to remember has always been and will always be better than the notebook 🤷🏽‍♀️ bellamyblvk
brought the wrong notebook, left my ID, and forgot to print out my assignment. great _perseph_
Forgetting Sarah Marshall is way better than the notebook BeltFedius
I made a really right choice to pick a pocket notebook as order bonus a while back. This is so much better than usi… Tamschi_
every girl deserves to be loved the way noah loves allie in the notebook etoosaucy_
Guess who lost his key term notebook for AP Psyc??? ME :) this quarter will go great I can already feel it soursnacks
Just watched the ending to the notebook 😭 low key sad and amazing. That’s the love I want 😭 jonathonv23
Im proud, u tulis simple quote dlm notebook u everyday💖 i think its great... Affiqfitri1
A Walk to Remember was better than The Notebook and no I will not be taking questions at this time meeshfont
I’d like to report that I got my bf to watch The Notebook with me and HE LOVED IT. #victory illy_rs
While i was watching “The Notebook” on Netflix I literally almost cried at the ending it was a great movie Hands Down ✨✨✨ KadyySantos
The best of me is wayyyy better than the notebook don’t @ me kalebk951
Okay but Lon from the notebook is an AMAZING guy zoe_isabel
Spots @GicntRookie.... Annnnd procedes to scribble away at his notebook! Seeing the Rookie Hero in person is totally amazing! FledglingSymbol
the last song is the great value version of the notebook - marwa 2019 jyoshnadose
Haru found my notebook, but my art skill is... not great, so he couldn't tell that I had drawn him on every page. ;_; I'm a little hurt...! yndr_mako
Wake up in the middle of the night with great ideas (read that solving word problems). Neatly write them in noteb… SarahBenice
I forgot how much I loved watching The Notebook. _mamierica
I don’t think anyone has enjoyed watching The Notebook more than my dad Lol thekeithleenm
thank you mom for showing me the notebook. it made me cry sooooo much and I LOVED IT!!🥺 lorelei_rojo
Can we talk about how the most underrated part of The Notebook is how wonderful the nursing staff is at the nursing… alyssa_brion
I have loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough - The Notebook😊 mich_mortel
I’m so glad that I finally watched the Notebook I loved it ❤️😭 jdb_32
“The Best of Me” will always be better than “The Notebook” KennedyYowell
The Notebook is such a great movie _katheey_
Nothing better than a fresh notebook and a new fountain pen!👌✍ RxbyMae
Her first name belonged to her great grandmother. Her second her mother. Her last her father. Her initials she shar… RA_McClelland
last night was absolutely amazing but nothing felt better than removing all my show to-do lists from my writing notebook this morning 🙌😭 impact36inc
Unpopular opinion: “Five Feet Apart” is better than “The Notebook” (it’s still great tho) Yes...I said it. moanilove
Hollywood we need some amazing movies. Come on.. give us a titanic,notebook,a walk to remember type of shit sadiarabiaa
It's amazing how a book can remind you of a moment and make you feel it again ~the notebook~ pame_menndez
#writingcommunity - I had an amazing idea. It’s a notebook...but one you write in. delphicdragon
Nothing better than starting a new @FieldNotesBrand notebook! s14rob
The Notebook is on Netflix. That’s so amazing to me. _iMaTWEETiee_
Well done @tedkravitz on a great “Weekend Debrief”. You are missed in the pit lane. #tedsnotebook needs to come bac… Dave__Gregson
#f1debrief really great to see Ted. He looks well thank goodness. Ted and Rob always informative. Still want the notebook as well though. beverlydrury
If I could stop leaving my notebook at work so I could actually work in the poems I've written there that would be great. RachaelKGay
Is there anything better than new pencils, a sharpener, a new notebook and a great idea? Yes. Beef jerky. #art… SideshowSeth
I loved history so much everytime I got good grades in school there was time in school I used to carry a notebook a… soul1o1
chemistry is amazing *throws notebook to the other side of the room* YazzzyRay
Just watched TD (UK) and @YNB girl you're amazing. So funny, and uplifting. Love the notebook! You're commitment t… Siobhan_33
I just finished the first season of Keeping a Notebook, a podcast on writing by @nina_lacour and it's amazing. She'… lottevdkrol
Empty notebook + Images of great ppl = *ERROR 404* takuma_hazaki
I’m watching The Notebook and damn.. my heart❤️ I really forgot how amazing this movie is. It really still is my fa… thtbitchkenz
watching the notebook by myself was not a great idea coffinemojis

81 Negative

heading to buy a new notebook to write the crap that ive been cravin to write since i fucked my last one juliafreittass
i watched the notebook tonite and it was. Not good but i cried anyway lol pisceswelch
Another confession: The Notebook is boring and I could barely get through the first 15 minutes before turning it off. as_sane_as_me
Ok since I've had the writer's block real bad lately I've broken out a notebook and pen to just get something hamme… a_soppon
anyone else get these random feelings where you just feel bad about something but you literally did nothing. that’s… runninginjapxn
after wasting time yesterday attempting and failing to access two separate online accounts and having to reset my p… JennieOmega
My 30 year old teacher shamelessly uses a Horrible Histories notebook I am here for it babe_bizarre
Here we go - The Notebook sucked - Beyonce is not the best singer - I hate Trump - I hate Hillary - There is only… VGATWOfficial
- The Notebook sucked - Beyonce is not the best singer #ConfessMyUnpopularOpinion VGATWOfficial
Allie from the movie The Notebook is probably one of the most terrible people to ever live and Noah’s entire life w… mr_roybal
If I were a bad guy, I’d walk around with a highlighter and a notebook, because when’s the last time you saw a bad… LucasJVE
I didn’t cry when I watched the Notebook and I think that is a bad sign genesisbenitez_
cant believe i watch notebook cuz taehyung loves's boring tae whyyyyyyyy subtletaeguk
Staying up to watch the notebook was a bad idea. Now it’s 2am and I’m in tears 😭 Jazziejelly
Told the hubs I wanted to watch The Notebook tonight & he kept giving me crap & acting like he didn’t wanna watch i… katiieeej
watching the notebook YES i know this is a bad idea waffleh0me
Disappointed to be told that sending an A5 notebook in an A5 Jiffy bag is a small parcel and not a large letter. Gu… speedyuk82
Is it bad that I’ve never seen the notebook melodiesant1
Not a good sign with smart notebook takes over 20 minutes to load and STILL won’t open your file for the week...… bassclarinets
If it weren't for my bad habits, I wouldn't get to play games like "Where Is That Notebook Or Random Slip Of Paper… theladyfebruary
Watched season 2 of “On My Block” and honestly that show is bad lmao. But followed up with the Notebook and man 10/10. Really good movie👌🏾! GorillaWarfare7
Welp. My weekends are productive but boring as hell. I got my outfit for my trip next weekend, and I'm copying over… Witherfang_
y is the notebook boring as fuck? estrellasalexa
I felt bad I hadn’t written anything in a while and feel bad about it so I wrote out in a notebook a stream of cons… LeonTacocat
I know it’s wrong, but I love Flying Tiger so much. I just got a cute notebook for 1€. I’m bad. I’m BAD blockmetender
It’s 8:45pm on a Friday night, I’m watching the notebook with a glass of wine...washed, antisocial , or boring ? aalexusss__
re-watched the notebook and both noah and allie sucked as people. notjadzia
#Notebook First half... Boring. Second half. Avg 2.5* ajayjondhale95
The biggest gripe about being lefty? No, not scissors. Writing in a notebook sucks but it's not that bad. WHY DOE… KyPatStan
You know what’s a not a good movie that I been forced to watch more times than I can count? The Notebook. SDeTolve
Finally watched The Notebook all the way through for the first time and it is not a good movie kimbrwolf
yeh kuch chutiye ka ignorance dekho lol. Notebook isn't a crap and Zaheer and Pranutan are not avg. Gaand ke andho. FerociousRipper
just watched the notebook for the first time & ???? i don’t get all the fuzz abt it? it’s boring, stupid, annoying… patientamor
also I’m in class and I forgot my notebook too! bad things keep happening to me ressiedaileg
I usually have a notebook I draw in when I’m bored or when My anxiety gets bad and I can’t find my notebook all I h… DisneyBroome
If you’re a bird , I’m a bird 😭 It was NOT a good idea to watch The Notebook tonight 😩 XxMadeinasia
oK forgive me but... the notebook sucks sophibeadle
On a scale of 1 to abusive, the notebook is the worst. Why do I keep watching this movie. It’s terrible. babblebee
Me: -drops notebook- "well darn it" Nephew: "DID YOU JUST SAY A BAD WORD?!" KeldeoStar1
A boss told me to write everything down even if it seemed obvious. I remember thinking what a waste of time it was.… rogue_PhD
Bro looking back at the 17 places I wrote in my notebook I noticed I almost fell into a bad trip a couple of times… Dlocaa_
I always knew the notebook sucked ass but I’m rewatching it now and realized how much ass is truly sucks _lucy0001x
I watched The Notebook for the first time today and I didn’t cry... I’m very disappointed #sad kaitlineweaver
my notebook was at first for a 2017 diary but i wrote like my diary for 5 days lmao it was boring and now its a weight and food diary 🤠 fallenangelhhj2
Have some bad drafting for next chap in a notebook and need to put it in my doc, so I'm gonna do that rn and then s… maoxianjia94
watching the notebook by yourself sucks :( alexisnicole_0
The new ‘weekend debrief’ on @SkySportsF1 coverage is poor. There’s no atmosphere and just doesn’t compare to Ted’s… scottparky
Epic fail !!! Only washed my navy blue uniform with my work notebook....Shall look like a snowman with bad bad dand… and_reanolan
I've reached the conclusion that the word 警察 is not meant to fit on my notebook. I can't put it on the lines I have, it's bad,,, dudanlang
⚠️DON’T waste my time if you’re not gonna love me like Noah loves Allie from ‘The Notebook’ or Melman loves Gloria from ‘Madagascar’!⚠️ mazzadee_
I fell asleep on my notebook descartes is one boring bitch hobisgcfs
Unpopular opinion: but I just watched the notebook for the first time today and I feel TERRIBLE for James marsdens… MaddyTurner19
the notebook is kinda boring idk glossierstudio
So I’m watching The Notebook at 1 in the morning. Not a good idea. My hair is soaked in tears and regret. emilymena14
Watching the notebook by myself when I’m sad was probably not a good idea karinaakoala
The thing about the notebook is it sucks emrofort
i’m so heartless in sad movies. i won’t cry unless something bad happens to an animal, then you BET i’m gonna bawl… kennedymarie63
Maturity is realizing Lon and Allie’s mother in “The Notebook” were not bad guys, Lon just happened to show up afte… tennisplayer125
I have a notebook full of bad Romney jokes that now reads like an opera LucasSpeer
please dont let me flop grr,, i have a tiny notebook i want to fill up, reply with your name/nickname, ult group, a… honeyboyyunho
I watched The Notebook lastnight and I was.......disappointed deeXlyn
I’ve never seen Forrest Gump or The Notebook 😬 is that bad??? Tovar2019
One of the major advantages of living alone, is that when the telly is crap, you can watch whatever you want, whene… LeahDoddPT
i'll record a bad osu liveplay because this monitor is so big compared to my notebook and this keyboard is also weird joseifeliz
#StartAFightIn3Words the Notebook sucks. OwenDBurger1
i want a new cattleya notebook holy crap jongdaekkaebi
I'm so tired and out of it I forgot to put my notebook in my bad for my two morning classes 🙃 FadedWitch
Fuck I want a #CriticalRole notebook so bad brooke_corbyn
Aaaaugh I want the Cobalt Soul notebook for my knowledge cleric so bad, she’s stranded in a sentient and locked dow… quillyfied
Watching the notebook makes me realize guys now & days aren’t shit... that really sucks man 🤷🏻‍♀️ sandoval_maddie
is it bad that i’ve never watched the notebook and am deciding to watch it alone on a rainy night? xwoahgabi
#F1WeekendDebrief #SkyF1 what a terrible show. No wonder it’s buried mid week. @tedkravitz and Teds Notebook used t… Fliposteo
I just wrote a song while finishing the notebook... but 3am thoughts creeping in BAD vincecartilage
Just watched the Notebook before bed...not a good idea now I’m crying 😭love that movie alexramirez_5
Sorry @SkySportsF1 removing @tedkravitz from his notebook was a poor call. This midweek thing is just boring. I"m s… red5foto
Todoist's desktop app is so terrible that I've resorted to just writing things down in a notebook and hoping I reme… iLama
the notebook is both a bad book & bad movie but that does Not mean I didn't cry through the last 30 mins of it just now thewintersollie
I watched the notebook for the first time and let's just say my allergies were acting up super bad tonight .... TimelessT_
forgot my pen notebook and airpods this is a bad omen Jax_weinberg
I just watched The Notebook for the first time and y’all hyped it too much I’m disappointed Nicalette
why do random people keep coming for me for saying the notebook sucks a few days ago meowmaddy36

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