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Release Date: April 13, 2018

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Why does 50 degrees in April feel so much better than 50 degrees in October? mbrefka
#October is really an inspiring film. I loved how Dan was himself and didn't bother to change for anyone. Is it abo… Mansiiiee
Just saw #October I don't know how many people understood it and liked it but i freaking loved it. Every part of i… Mansiiiee
Weird and amazing to think I'll be starting training in October at a place I've wanted to go to since 2013 #followyourdreams 🎬🎭 SapphireActing
A beautiful story with spectacular acting. Loved it @Varun_dvn @BanitaSandhu #October satyamraghuwans
Fantastic night with 3 great comics @JfcPoynton looking forward to next one in October 😂😂🙌 Kealin02
#october real cinema. Very slow but one doesn't feel it. You start feeling part of their lives. Superb cinematograp… movieshuvie
Great to see marsh tit back on patch, in the same place i last saw two birds way back in October. Hopefully a pair will materialise. geoffrella
The film is a must watch for endearing and noble storytelling and fine performances. Movie buffs who seek for good… soluchanlover
Varun Dhawan is striking as Dan, his best performance since Badlapur. He was equally great in subtle as well as int… soluchanlover
The Direction of Shoojut Sircar is tasteful. The Cinematography is wonderful, It felt like I was living in Delhi an… soluchanlover
Watched film OCTOBER recently. A lovely film indeed. Actor Varun Dhawan and fellow actors have done a wonderful job… InderKilam
There will be no further speaking about #RipCity from me until October. I hope they find themselves and prepare better to be great. HeGotTweets
OYG was a major success! It was great to see everyone again and to be able to debate! Can’t wait for CONA in June and FLT in October! RealSeanPMurray
Watched October yesterday. A good film. I won't say great because Piku raised my expectations too high, but good no… digantabiz
Thanks for the great season @NJDevils. Can’t wait for October. #NJDvsEverybody JoeM17
More than having a loyal GF, I miss having a loyal friendship like Sonu & Titu. Absolutely loved… NazimAbid
Not the way we wanted it to end, but still a great season. See y’all in October #RIPCITY erulez_23
It was a great season, boys @NJDevils. Much better than expected. We're ahead of schedule. Future is very bright. I… AnthonyHerrejon
Thank you to our lovely audience for coming to hear us tonight, we thoroughly enjoyed the evening and hope that you… OsLadies15
It was a fun and surprising ride this year. Thoroughly enjoyed every second watching this team. The future is once… TheMeech
What an amazing season by the @NJDevils making it to the postseason when nobody thought they would and ran into a g… KDoc_52
Great to see Wade Baldwin (@The_Fourth_Wade) getting minutes for a 3-seeded playoff team. Was cut by rebuilding Mem… SpencerVonNBA
Great grand dad October not July TENPIN218
i’m hibernating into a great depression see you in october #Playoffs maggiemmcguire
Loved October. The way this film makes you experience sadness is something really unique. The visuals and the backg… RandomBongVibe
songs that make me nostalgic: Shattered - OAR Back to Black - Amy Winehouse She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 Calling Yo… ItsCaroline7
Loved October n it is simply one of my favourite now ❤️ Hope to see you soon in more films best of luck for future ma’am 👍🏻😊 #Askbanita ArshTanwar2
#AskBanita October was superb! What's next in Bollywood? mohan_kshitiz
Dear god, if we could keep this weather until October that would be great thanks. Yours sincerely, South Wales ☀️ ZoeD156
🌼Holy wow loved October so so much🌼 @Varun_dvn @BanitaSandhu IshabaHaquee
Three thoughts on Hector saying the Astros are better than the Cubs this year: 1) He's so cool, loving his new tea… realtweetghost
#october this is truly amazing @ShoojitSircar sir definitely this is the masterpiece and @Varun_dvn sir you nailed… vishalhl
Watched #October last night and absolutely loved it... The movie has stayed with me till now and I am sure it will… amansoni09
#October is good film.@Varun_dvn is great in it. @ShoojitSircar 👍 Suman_S17
Seeing all these photos of @RoseAReynolds at karaoke wants me to want it to be October. I need to meet this amazing… ThisShallPass21
“The Hunt For Red October” remains great despite any advances in cinematic technology, well written thrillers will… voicesontherun
Thanks for the great season @IndyFuel! I hope October gets here quick!!!! amsmoney13
Sat and talked with my great aunt today... I cried because I saw strength, peace and so much wisdom. She will be 90 in October itsjeejeegirl
My bunkie had to be october 25, cause I'm october 5 and loved 255 cause i was gay for hexadecimals. ihumptrump
Going to New York in October as well, going to be a wonderful few months. Cyclopsicle5
#GODDAMNEVIL is pretty close to a perfect record in my opinion @Stryper. great job @michaelhsweet @RobertLSweet… mpetarde
I don’t see the Packers better than 10-6 this year, and that’s only if 12 stays healthy. That’s October stretch i… TheDonStein
#October is such a beautiful movie. Brilliantly directed by @ShoojitSircar Amazing acting by the entire cast especi… sachinx_buddy
Definitely think KOD is gonna age better than most of his albums. First listening I thought it was flames. I’ll let… YourFavAfrikan

14 Negative

These wrestlers makes mma boring..i don't understand how people find this interesting #UFCAC yanny_october
1990 Boring Movies Revenge The Rookie Rocky V Godfather Part III Hunt For Red October (sometimes) Dances With Wolves (sometimes) XRobsPunchinBag
Lose 1, win 9. Lose 1, win 8. Breathe. (It's not a bad thing if we just repeat this till October, y'all). Snare927
Extremely disappointing outcome but very proud and encouraged of the season @NJDevils see you in October! #NowWeRise drewpmedeiros
1st run since October: 6.4miles, 5:44/mile avg. thank you #zerorunner #octanefitness for winter training! Drewwurst
I wish it was October already and time for #SPNVAN so I could go to my first SNS. I want to see @LoudenSwain1 soooooo bad already 😍😁💖 BrandiniBee
Just watched #October. @ShoojitSircar & @writeonj weave a beautiful world which sucks you in, right from the 1st ti… sidsurve7
want it to be october 12th so bad. I just wanna play every 2v2 posted that day with Cameron “Inos” Stephens. Lilyzzo
My life can be so annoying and boring venus_october
Brilliant performance by Varun Dhawan in October movie, People's are totally loving it #WeekendWithOctober imbirdskiller
NMF J Cole: meh/bad Pennywise: decent A Perfect Circle: good/decent Kimbra: good/decent October: good zekky_zach
I heard that in October of 2016, Donald Trump's advisors came to him with bad news and good news. The bad news...… DaveDWakefield
Why are some trade analysts blindly declaring #october a flop when it’s doing fairly well? Did they expect it to do 70 crores? 😂 dave911_

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