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Release Date: May 04, 2018

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Finally saw #Omerta last night. One of the bravest films. @RajkummarRao is brilliant as usual. Especially loved him… GaurangChauhan
#Omerta is such a superb impact film. @RajkummarRao @mehtahansal great job. Srinivas_Kari
Hardhitting nd superbly enacted by @RajkummarRao, this #film is a must watch. Backed Brilliantly by the… soodpriy
Saw #omerta . Wonderful performance @RajkummarRao 🤘 SavaliyaIron
What a great piece of acting @RajkummarRao. Great movie, must watch. #omertà #peace #movies hiteshchugh007
Watched #omertà ... Great Direction/Narration/Costumes and locations.. Needless to say @RajkummarRao was fantastic… richajha13
#Omerta watched it last night and it has a great casts. @RajkummarRao nailed it once again with such intense acting… i_affy
Just saw #Omerta on my 1 day off in the week, and it was well worth it. Great job @mehtahansal on capturing a sensi… SiddhantNag
One more remarkable and intense performance by @RajkummarRao even though narration was not that great #Omerta pasha001
watching #Omerta turned my Sunday into a super Sunday... amazing acting by @RajkummarRao once again!! it was dark,… Achakraborty25
#Omerta is a must watch. @RajkummarRao I truly admire your grit and dedication. Weeneeet
#Omerta is good. Could have been better. @RajkummarRao is superb, as always. @mehtahansal Javedistan
#Omerta what an amazing movie @RajkummarRao u r acting is awesome as always. @mukulldevv u have written a special movie. rajan73683003
#Omerta Amazing watch.. @RajkummarRao that smile close to the climax is one of the most chilling smiles I have seen.. ManikandanN13
#omerta is a treat to watch. Another amazing performance by @RajkummarRao . Brilliant cinema. Must see movie👍 raman4frens
Watching #Omerta today, you Really scare me @RajkummarRao, amazing movie by @mehtahansal, @RajkummarRao you are the… Beinghimanshu23
We loved your movie #Omerta The movie explores somthing beyond terrorism because of your presence. @RajkummarRao BaruahAnirban
A must watch movie.. #Omerta Great work by everyone... Revealing the truths and showing us the reality.. And… sugatpawar
From #Shahid to #omerta @RajkummarRao what fabulous range have you displayed! Also @mehtahansal take a bow for two very important films! karanM2211
Just watched #Omerta and it is depressing! Rajkummar Rao is as usual superb. He is simply flawless in his dark role… GarryDevilDada
#Omerta is a great movie. @RajkummarRao 's acting is even greater. Another reminder of why I like this actor so muc… og_rishi
#OneWordReview #Omerta Fabulous 4.5⭐⭐⭐⭐ Greatly impressed by @RajkummarRao 's performance in #Omerta. Have not seen… Freaky_rj
What a superb actor @RajkummarRao nailed it #Omerta 3/5 hitesh996
#Omerta is fantastic..U are true movie lover go and watch this movie..@RajkummarRao is superb in his… bn_vignesh
Just watched Omerta.Great performance by @RajkummarRao sir..I have a dream to work with you sir..Great movie @mehtahansal sir..👌👌 niranjanjoshi30
.@RajkummarRao nails it with yet another great Performance in #Omerta Definitely would have been a tough movie to… saregamapal
#Omerta Hard Hitting and Intense and gripping film. Kudos to the team. Congratulations! Must watch. @mehtahansal… dgandhi18
I keep saying this. All three godfather movies are fricken amazing! I would debate anyone who suggests otherwise. I… LazyStona

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Why is it that good movies have terrible show timings?Only one early morning show available in Cinepolis and I have… blogsvagera
Do yourself a favour and don't watch #Omerta! Un_Common_Law
Omertà again had potential but nothing substantial, disappointing Vinay_Arsenal

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