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Release Date: November 17, 2017

The story of Alauddin Khilji, the second ruler of the Khilji dynasty, and his obsessive love for the queen of Mewar, Padmavati, renowned for her beauty, intellect and courage.

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Well done sir! Great to hear that you ban #padmavati in Gujarat, seriously are we living in a democratic country? H… imkmushar
“From a girl as young as three to an 80-year-old jumped into the jauhar. Not one woman remained. That’s how great o… kainisms
#Padmavati Enjoy Great Britain..... debnath_utsav
India is great! Amidst the furore over #Padmavati , is any one sure of the objectionable scene in the movie? Great… ramuexpress
Well this is great so called secularism of india where u can watch s***y durga but u can't even speak s**y prophet.… Neo706055
#Padmavati looks amazing & @RanveerOfficial is sexy af oh lawdd 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 takenotesx
Amazing feel of oneness and unity al over the country, if such unity would've bn thr in history among Rajputs, Niza… jitinkshar
When there is a mysterious death of a judge but the major issue is "should 'padmavati' be released". Great India and great Indians#meraindia VedGhanekar
#Newton what an amazing and depressing movie at the same time, the story is 💯 Percent more controversial than padma… gansjay
Why people don't oppose rapes, in the same way they r opposing Padmavati movie. It would be great if they oppose r… abdulsyed17
#Padmavati @deepikapadukone India doesn't deserve great actor like you. What India deserve is sense less, dumb ass movies like #dhoom3. PatelAryanG
Though I ain't supporting Padmavati release but gotto say, I really loved "Ek dil Ek jaan".❤ sakshi2394
One more reason to visit London British censor board certifies 'Padmavati' for Dec 1 release in UK #Padamavati #amazing #jagoindiajago Nidhirai87
I am really greatful to you sir because you are taking a great step for the nation, first you ban padmavati and sec… RaviHinduTva
#Padmavati. Why is the clearance of film Padmavati by British censor board being hailed as a great event by the med… LtgenAshok
Isn't it amazing that people are making a lot of hue & cry for a film (#Padmavati) which they have not seen and don… rajeshkrathi
Padmavati to be released in the UK on Dec. 1. Great news! It should then be available on pirated channels on the 2n… suman1938
Great things face myriad hurdles. In the end they become EPIC. Stay put. It will release. #Padmavati @RanveerOfficial @shahidkapoor DashImpulsive
#Padmavati @deepikapadukone is an amazing actress, I would have watched it for her not the story, everyone knows th… prianca9
Dear folks, you should at least thank #SanjayLeelaBhansali. He has brought the great honour to Rani Padmavati which you failed to miserably. DabgotraPankaj
With no #Padmavati in sight, Kapil Sharma’s #Firangi will now release on Dec 1. Hoping it would be a wonderful movi… alokranjan02
Gujarat Bans Padmavati, CM Vijay Rupani Says "Foul Play With Culture"Superb Neeraj1308
Alauddin #Khilji was a great and civilized ruler. The way his character seems to be portrayed in the upcoming movie… iamahsanmirza
#Padmavati banned in Guj too. Great decision. harshvb
Much awaited movie Padmavati.. Very much excited to watch movie with family... The story of great 'Rani Padmini' i… VipinDu98313990
#PadmavatiControversy #Padmavati What about Ratan Singh's other wife Nagmati? Wasn't she great enough to be remembe… SrVinodYadav
Indian Government ignoring legitimate issues better than my crush ignores me. #delhi #padmavati sudeep_almighty
Thank You To #CBFC For Ruinning Our Wonderful Christmas Month By Having This Stupid 68 Day Certification Rule Prior… RikiPatel3
is for to see the history and real padmavati not a danceing and fake padmavati. #shiv (5/5) being_shiv30
#Padmavati pushed to 2018. Looks like Karni Sena has great new year plans.👌👍 AshishRChauhan
People are inspired by great stories, not history! @FilmPadmavati @shahidkapoor @deepikapadukone #Padmavati jitin_tweetser
No ban on release of #Padmavati in #Punjab. Great news! @deepikapadukone @viacom18 #PadmavatiFight #PadmavatiControversy #PadmavatiRow AvneetSAvi
So we enjoyed and loved #AbrahamLincoln as a #vampire slayer but intolerant to watch #Padmavati. As if only #India… pprawal19
Hii @deepikapadukone I am Rajasthani...& I definitely want to see #Padmavati...loved the trailer.. waiting for your film DivyaDc334957
Can't wait for #Padmavati to become a great hit, just like #Mersal . Anushaath
#Padmavati indiabis really great country with interesting ppl... Bhansali is genious in generating publicity . vps1008
Padmavati great promotion People blaming Agitators for threatening makers without seeing movie .best part those peo… dhodaalo
To show their respect to #RaniPadmavati our great #Padmavati Opponent's, Movie Hater's are ready to Kill,Burn Alive… sharanu_jawalgi
Can’t wait to watch #Padmavati. Have always loved #SanjayLeelaBhansali’s movies. There are more serious issues to t… Benaam23
It's such a pain to see a legendary artist facing such atrocities. A country of Bans and Bullies. This great man do… AnunoyTheArtist
Padmavati controversy gave us a great lesson that if we are united nothing can stand before us manniissh
We defend honour of dead people. Good job! We don't give a damn of the honour of our living. Great Job! #suchislife… StifledVoices
i) Came out with a bang and created high expectations! ii) Promising team with some great people in it! iii) Subs… wgnash23
I’m afraid a day will come when this great nation will be left with idiots and nincompoops as the intelligent ones… SikkitheTikki
Great film 👉 #Padmavati doesn't deserve this cheap people & corrupt politicians👎 @prasoonjoshi_ @narendramodi @ChouhanShivraj @BJP4Gujarat ar36jun_1
Great of @Varun_dvn & @arjunk26 to stand by @deepikapadukone for #Padmavati. You won't have to see this day if Boll… IndianChomsky
Oohh great! These days #Padmavati (a movie) is a more important topic than #Environment #health and #education of the nation. #Salute Dixit_Singla1
Its great to see 'some' of the industry coming in support of #Padmavati but y'all are too late. Where were y'all when it was happening 😑 reshmapatelxx
#padmavatifight Debate on @republic Appears Like PR Excercise for #Padmavati & The Great Anchor Sounds Like Paid PR agent..... raushanpune
Some of the Indian men are behaving like illiterate, uncivilised fools. #Padmavati would be a great movie. @deepikapadukone. srejanabasu
A culture where in widows were burned alive should not be called great. #Padmavati rajudelhi123
Padmavati - A best case study for PR stunt. Sanjay Leela Bhansali got superb publicity without spending even a cent… AnksReview
Bajirao mastani was a disaster. I was expecting to learn something about the great warrior from that film. What was… koushal13
Respect great Padmavati but Deepika is doughter of nation and any1 abusing her or threatening of beheading should b… rahuldeshmukh05
Muslim invaders like Khilji were like ISIS now. Any importance given to them and showing our great ancestors who fo… Donniepatriot
Can someone tell me what's wrong CBFC found in Padmavati and sent it back to makers??? Rajat and arnab enjoyed it😂👏 #Padmavati utsavrk
#PadmavatiFight Great news hope movie will not get release unless necessary cut from movie , most of today khilji… vj1106
Missing great Hindu legend #BalaSahebThackeray. If he would live today #bollywood wouldn't have dare to make films… subugupta
Wow. This is amazing. Taliban just got a movie release postponed by threatening to chop a woman's nose and beheadin… raag15anu
#Padmavati will be a great tribute to the Rajput Community. People against the movie should not be offended. No fi… sarcasticfan10
Great Heroes are not meant to be bastardized and ridiculed. They should be cherished, and their acts of valor celebrated. 🙂#Padmavati Anuj121
#Padmavati would be a great film , I'm sure .. Let the film to be released . IamAkashDutta
So getting raped and enslaved while alive and even after death by Muslim barbarians was better than doing suicide t… daredevil_AA
Just watched #Padmavati Great movie , there is nothing offensive there.let alone khilji, padmavati didn't even all… iShivHR
The amazing thing is that The Rajput Fringe Groups aren't standing up for Padmavati as a woman. Instead, Padmavati… Shayonnita15
Sum Attention seeker trying 2 stop @FilmPadmavati bt whole India knws dat it’s beautiful pic with amazing story.… Vij2255
Initial part of song is very soothing it made me feel relaxed just loved it #Padmavati #EkDilEkJaan _impulkit
I am a Rajput and I want to see Padmavati. This film is devoted to Great Rajputana. Leave this Politics. #Padmavati #PadmavatiControversy worldvideo4u
Why #Padmavati Is Able To Beat #Dangal 's Record 👉Great Script 👉 Acting (Ranveer , Deepika,Sahid👍) 👉 Great Directo… ankitdu20184974
i think V shd sUppOrt #Padmavati as @BeingSalmanKhan bhai said @#SanjayLeelaBhansali makEs V GUd films #TZHTrailerFastest40MViewsOnYT Rahitt12
Don't you think? During this Padmavati debate the real winner is Hardik Patel whose short movies received a great opening. #BanPadmavatiFilm vikasrana88
Majority of people fighting over the history of #Padmavati would not even know the full name of their Great Grand F… NamitDsc
After Reading my last some tweets #AkshayKumar planning to support #Padmavati movie That's Great . DilwalaGunjan
More than 99% of people protesting against Padmavati, might not know name of their father's great grand father. Are… anuraagbhati
Yesssssssss. With great confidence V can say V sacrificed to d maximum. Check History..Hadi Rani got her head cut,… ranveer__singh
Bhansali is in fact a great Chutiya in Bollywood. He has no sense of History and time. #Padmavati nirastkuhakam
Padmavati movie is a shameless commercialisation of sentiments .We all knew how barbarian Akbar portrayed as GREAT in Jodha Akbar movie. VKSinha4u
Percentage of Indians who would know great story of Padmavati a year back 1.5%. Now 55%. Stop #Padmavatirow & promote movies that show past! biren_bhatt
#Padmavati where is khujliwal ... the great movie reviewer... or started coughing amidst Delhi smog... #AAPtard amolsatham
MMJ: yea great plot, superb characters, slaying climax. Everyone's gonna love this peice. Le Bhansali: yea great pl… aditidoneria
Tnyt I watched #AajKiBaat and #ArnabGoswami show on d movie padmavati, thanks to you both, who protesting padmavati..must watch the show. ravijangir888
Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest but here it is gud for a long tym. @ShobhaIyerSant #Padmavati… spshruti777
Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest but But here it is gud for a long tym @ShobhaIyerSant#Padmavat… spshruti777
Bt really cant wait for @FilmPadmavati, it genuinely looks killer!! Ive enjoyed almost all @SLBhansali_ movies #bollywood #padmavati #movies fatimaj_dxb
The movie #Padmavati did nothing good to this country but it surely did one amazing thing - It unified the whole Ra… bsdauphin
During this Padmavati debate the real winner is Hardik Patel whose short movies received a great opening. SINGH_AKHIL24
Don't you think? During this Padmavati debate the real winner is Hardik Patel whose short movies received a great opening. jaggu_bander
Watched #Padmavati today with some journalist and ranveer sir... Amazing Movie... Shahid+Deepika combo =🔥 Ranvee… huntingchichora
Watched ur show today & i sd say u hv kept d facts is such a wonderful way.. im totally convinced & support SLB.. o… naresh_nsk1986
Its amazing that we hold bollywood to a higher standard of accuracy in their story telling than we do some of our "… dudurudh
#Padmavati Defenately after editing shown to news editors. Now damage control has been done. Great publicity stunt #Bhansali @republic 👏👏 DangerousHarsh
Eagerly waiting for #padmavati @deepikapadukone u look so amazing in the trailer , loved it dear ❤️ and im glad th… simibilieber
We were talking a great deal about removing censorship from TV shows and Movies but how can we all forget that if g… VipulDhull
Today I can declare that Rani Padmavati of Rajasthan was much better than #Tuglaki_Maharani What say? kriShakuntala
#ola or #uber kon h superb.... tryin both since mrng #delhi missed #padmavati rao_aroon
It would be great if Bollywood just comes together and spend some money to create a private security force to count… Bhodhidharma
Isn't this a good time we celebrate the Rajput royals who guarded Akbar's harem with great sincerity. #Padmavati… rahuldb
As amazing as @deepikapadukone is I would really like to see her in powerful character with shades of grey, anyone… mannuabhimanyu
Freedom of Speech is great and should not be curbed. But so are religious sentiments, which should not be hurt. Tou… MayyankD
#Padmavati I support our community #KarniSena #Rajput want maharani Padmavati did(Johar) was a great sacrifice, nob… AnkitGajendra
#FringeAttacksDeepika This pitty, To show respect to great Rani #Padmavati, actress is threatened. This is extremis… PramodDongare7
This Tamasha is far better than the original film from Imtiaz Ali. #Padmavati #DeepikaThreatened #KarniSena #PublicityStunt salian_suhas
Oh no! What's happening with 'Padmavati?' Chilling threats to Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Leela Bhansali, a great director! SaadiaOnAir
With all those protests Nd all that one forgotten that the buzz of #Padmavati is on another level Well a great week… aabhi96
#padmavati the nation wants to see Ranveer's acting actually. He has apparently done a great job as Khilji. shilpasunil_rao
Really great message by supporting the movie! Jai Mewad! Jai Jai Maa Padmavati! Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar Ayshajain24
If she were alive she would have loved herself to showcase some real RajputaniValour on a larger than life screen #Padmavati Ashwin_Gour
A great move by @UPGovt by banning the release of #Padmavati in UP. Great going @CMOfficeUP . We love you. ❤ Making… MonsterSwangil
#Padmavati Amid all the hullabaloo regarding banning the movie, I really hope it's released soon. Have loved whatever I have seen uptil now. mathurshagun1
Now this is limit , Some Group is threatening a Public personality and The authorities are silent on this ? Great… Ankur2101
Regressive practices today celebrating great valour #Padmavati hoderhiderr
This entire controversy will definitely give Bhansali's Padmavati a great opening at the box office. nkhlbhr
A film is made to represent the braveness and sacrifice made by queen #padmavati let the world see what amazing his… Mehfuzsr
Why are "sentiments" so weak that they can be rocked to their very foundations by a mere Bollywood movie? Don't lik… 007_uzer
#Padmavati is an example of #Actor ready to compromise the great historic character for the money it brings. IloveShivaji
She is great grand mother of Maharana Pratap. She is Rani Padmavati. Period. ssmalani
Enjoyed watching "Bandit Queen", "Padmavati" has been bursting into view. Why this? sunilya54034595
Kumar Vishwaas narrates the story of Rani Padmavati. & Gora badal warriors.The flow of the language and the choice of words is amazing! Sunil44588056
Padmavati is just a bollywood fim. Not a history. Wait the release and enjoy the great film No arguments please Dialsharma
I support karani sena. Boycott movie padmavati. No distortion with our great history. Shame to @deepikapadukone… ssauravaco
Jism jaise movie ka virodh nhi hota bt Padmavati Jaisi historic movie ka virodh.@deepikapadukone gud luck,u are truly an inspiration. shishiragrawal1
The great Indian circus !! 1. Does India deserve art? It's just a FILM. 2. Don't we have another priority probs t… iJaniJigar
sanjay leela bhansali is a great great director, we respect him but why he pick such a sensetive topic for mivie!!! #Padmavati rushijani007
Today’s political discourse: Hardik Patel’s sex life; Padmavati’s love life; Nehru’s alleged affairs. Great going, everybody 👍🏻 arihantp
On the Rani Padmavati controversy anchors are talking with great respect about CBFC but when CBFC did not certify s… prvish
Padmavati trailer fabulous..Curiosity at it's peak after watching trailer, song Ghoomar @deepikapadukone Lots of love from Karnataka #ಕನ್ನಡ RohitGowda719
Respected creators and presenters of #Padmavati... I'm great fan of #SanjayLeelaBhansali..But what media is showing… anivira1999
#Padmavati. Freedom of expression and artistic sense has always been enjoyed by the film fraternity in India. Howev… LtgenAshok
Am I the only person who wants to watch Padmavati? The trailer looks amazing. blackgose
Listened to Ek dil ek jaan from padmavati 😍😍loved it!!! @deepikapadukone @shahidkapoor you both have nailed it as ur characters❤❤❤ SagarikaK26
People will know about the Rajasthani culture, sacrifices and great history after watching #Padmavati but we just w… ravindrarajgarh
Its an amazing song with an elegant casting ,looking so mesmerizing and wonderful @deepikapadukone and… Rohitdk24
omg really so amazing i love India from egypt #Padmavati #ekdilekjaan 🙏🙏❤️ mohamme55035178
A nefarious design portrayed by Bollywood to distort great history of Hindus by showing Muslim invaders in the righ… ArkopravoDas
#EkDilEkJaan is Amazing..Its a visual treat..#Padmavati will redefine MAGNUM OPUS...Looking forward...… ohardikar
We all know that #Padmavati is gonna be epic and amazing despite of all these controversies and those supporting th… ranveersfan23
6 MONTHS TO RAAZI. Next must watch after Padmavati..:* shreyarattan
#WeBoycottPadmavati - I am a proud Hindu, but I will not boycott Padmavati. It's just a film. Stop being a child. SLB is a great craftsman. AmeyaPeshwa
Mesmerizing & Soul Soothing 👌💘.. It's not a song.. It's a beautiful Poetry 💕 loved it 😍 And their chemistry is just… idurveshjadhav
Padmavati is a must watch movie!! Haters gonna Hate and Stupid asshole gonna protest! #EkDilEkJaan eadnetwork
Just watched #EkDilEkJaan It is so intense, Shahid and Deepika's chemistry is amazing.. Can't wait for #Padmavati BeeBear18
Ek dil ek jaan song from padmavati movie is such superb. I was literally staring both of them while watching the e… ShivaniNaik50
#EkDilEkJaan fabulous epic love song loved it #padmavati #deepika👌👌😘😘 ManshaNigam
#EkDilEkJaan #Padmavati Kabir ji is one and only supreme God.... In 👉FULLY WORLD 👈 😊😊 MUST watch 👇 ishvar tv 8:30… ManishM09200723
Sanjay leela Bansali have great idea about marketing his every film. Use the controversy so than alll; news channel… Rajat74778Rajat
#PadmavatiStunt Rajputs are much bigger and better than to do a publicity stunt for a bhand of dawudwood! We are mu… ARedChair11830
I apprehend a great degree of unrest & unparelled storm in the entire country if the movie #Padmavati is released.… bsdauphin
Feeling great to listen that supreme court has declined the ban of #Padmavati.. No one can stop #padmavati to relea… ShreyaAkhil
Lootera Akbar is great, trying to defame Maha Rani Padmavati, who displays Akbar great #Padmavati prveendubey
Padmavati is a great movie.... 🎥📹 Shahid 👨🏻carries the role of a👍🏽 gracious king....🤴🏻 .......... Ranveer👨🏻‍⚖ carr… chikki2323
Rajputs used to be great warriors and what not as they claim. Now they're just twats who spread tatti on social med… mandar10k
India is country of great empires who fought great wars and whose present day followers get scared by films. #Padmavati VcVindaloo
Let us blame #DelhiSmog on NarendraModi ji. Meanwhile farmers in Punjab and Haryan burning away stubs with great… Vi_LI_In
You rocked #Ghoomar my dear friend. I have a feeling that @deepikapadukone will immortalise #Padmavati in the film. 10rathgoyal
#Bhoomi @aditiraohydari looks so beautiful, and a great actress! Now waiting for #padmavati look. @duttsanjay baba’s swag is unmatchable😎 CreativeKalakar
#PadmavatiControversy If in 2017 Padmavati loved Khilji w/o Distortion then in 2217 @ArnabGOffice can be a Traitor&ArmyHater w/o Distortion. CaptAssamRegt
#Bajirao marrying #Mastani & #Khilji loved #Padmavati People were more secular in the past @deepikapadukone @RanveerOfficial @shahidkapoor harshil20
Can someone from censor board leak Padmavati ASAP. Hurting Baalywoodiyas economically will be better than destroying properties. 🤣🤣🤣 Bokkasami
Mukta Arts - Golmaal again, secret superstar, Padmavati, Tiger Jinda hai etc. Some amazing movies are lined up in next 3-4 months iamAyushPamecha

206 Negative

This #Padmavati crap is still on? I like beef. And promiscuity. I like Mumbai. natt_arsenal
If your like it Go & Watch,If you don't you don't watch,As simple as that. Honest i can't wait for #padmavati. @FilmPadmavati imkuntal45
#Padmavati Mr.SLB did not have the time to show the movie to the people disappointed with the movie. But, he had to… janiket1998
For d poor people Padmavati issue is a non issue.Has any Media questioned Bansali why he distorted history.Nil. msselvasekaran
Actually dropped my surname here for now as the Raj government sucks. Im totally appalled by their tactics. First A… aasif7384
#Padmavati Seems now everywhere,every1,everything revolves around tis crap film, time 2 wind up all tweets,ensuring… boopathytweets
What if i show your #grandmom dancing with any x person. Will u not feel bad. Similary #Padmavati is making us feel… choudharyship
I thought Padmavati looked like a piece of propagandistic crap glorifying damaging gender/caste norms and bullshit… Elegy4KG
So the leftist & some so called feminist think it was horrible that #Padmavati choose jauhar instead of slavery. Li… I_AmitS
Karnisena spend 10crores to feed the poor, Padmavati will hate you to threaten another woman if she was alive. Shame on you balraj2012
i dont want to see #Padmavati now. too much happnenings thats not good. Miss_d69
We Don't Have Time for POOR PEOPLE Who don't have Home, Education, Food, Money, Medical, But We have Time for abuse… josephkadmpil
Which #flim is unexpected flop of the year 2k17 #jhms #JaggaJasoos #Tubelight #TigerZindaHai #Padmavati #GolmaalAgain #Bollywood indianpoll1
India! Films here put communities in bad light, but communities killing people don't! #Padmavati kartikmsharma
padmavati looks stunning the death threats and everything surrounding it is so disappointing pastelgirI
It is disappointing when people can't separate works of fiction from history. What happened to enjoying a good st… EstherLeihang
Don't waste your time for a film plz do something good for other issues like #climatechange #education ........… MR_ABHI_LIVE
#FridayFeeling is not good as people threatening an actress #dipikapadukone for a role she played in a film… IamNH21
What do these karni senA ppl fight for, while bad light is on kilji and he is not from karni senA, and no sex se… syedfarooq01
Sardesai indulging in cheap theatrics pushing Rani to bad mouth Modi govt on Padmavati.... These tricks are old moron #ConclaveEast17 Randomthiswayy
Greatly Disappointed over Movie Padmavati Row. Indian Society should not felt victim to religious extremism. Kalpana28627868
Disappointed in @imsrk__ @aamir_khan @SrBachchan not speaking or supporting the Padmavati initiative, society recog… ranveersingh_24
something wrong with #SanjayLeelaBhansali as he is a good director but after this #Padmavati he is getting bad impr… darshan_aguru
Got disappointed by the thing done by #SanjayLeelaBhansali sirs new film #Padmavati as its going against the religi… darshan_aguru
#Padmavati : Flop Strategy... British censor said this film will not be releasing till april 18th And the film is… AaruSharma3
Its good to boycott #Padmavati @FilmPadmavati if content are not good or play with history but see there are still… brijwasisingh
Padmavati obstacles for not allowing to release is very bad who will pay for the investments ???? This is movie n w… rajthadhaney
The more time we waste linking #Padmavati & #History, the faster we are approaching towards #KadviHawa #ClimateChangeIsReal @nilamadhabpanda pady_s
I wonder what this #padmavati crap is actually a distraction from.. kaustuvdasgupta
#PMOIndia Current time is not good. No way to release #BolBachchan type movie in our incredible #India . This twee… harendrakumar2
Lot of poor kids without proper Education Many villages don't have proper facilities But people has time to prote… Jeganvaishu
Our religion and history are not so poor that 2 hour film can force us to change our belief in it. @vijayrupanibjp #Padmavati zenithshah11
No surprises with Gujarat banning Padmavati. In fact, they are a bit late in the race. Poor show. You can do better… anuragmtweet
Disappointing news Almost #Padmavati movie banned in #UttarPradesh #MadhyaPradesh #Punjab #Rajasthan . RakshithSpeaks
The real question is what is the #Padmavati row distracting us from? Answer: Rafael scam,Modi's poor governance,fa… syedamaryam400
Dear Dashing, Dynamic, Angry Old Man @ShatruganSinha ji, pls understand its not good for an elected Parliamentarian… ashishparasharr
Now that the movie #Padmavati has postponed its release kindly don’t waste your energy banning it !! #Rupani focus… damagedcongresi
Insulting and threatening Deepika is wrong and horrible (which I agree) but distorting image of #Padmavati is freed… RD_OSTWAL
For tamilians talking in support of #Padmavati,will u accept if chola or Pandya kingdom shown in bad light? Remember #aayirathiloruvan?? Takayasu_M
The whole #Padmavati drama looks like a bad PR gimmick. The entire narrative seems too manufactured. And to top it… Jaydeep_Kavadi
Congrats you on bring bad name to MP again Shivraj sir, Please pass the seat to someone intellectual next time.… himanshugoyal71
#Padmavati : Countries that survived on plundered wealth and sacrificed blood, always enjoy showing #India in poor… niranjanspeak
Padmavati or no Padmavati that Alauddin Khilji was nothing but a lootera and all and was tremendously a bad person… dipmookarjjee
Rajput karni sena have problem because flim Padmavati is showing something about the women which is bad and disresp… Debabrata_k98
Totally disappointed 😫 my own state govt banned Padmavati ! Can't believe 😥 Turning 18 this January and have alread… SakshiiiShukla
After seeing the trailer,i was disappointed with @iamsrk for rejecting the movie but now i'm so happy that he didn'… RajeevCool4
#CongressChaiwalaAttack, while all TV channels discussing of this blatant anti poor tweet of @yuvadesh, @ndtv &… Vickypats66
Honestly very disappointed to see tweets from @ShashiTharoor & @capt_amarinder against #Padmavati . It’s times like… Satwik07
This is ridiculous yaar. #Padmavati is ban now in Madhya Pradesh. @deepikapadukone ma'am i was waiting for the release. Disappointed. ela_soni
Sex ratio in Madhya Pradesh : 931(National avg is 940). Female literacy rate is 59 pc. Top contingent topic :… themavericck
Sex ratio in Rajasthan ; 921 (national avg 940). Female literacy in Rajasthan ; 52 pc. Top contingent topic :… themavericck
Instead on wasting time on #Padmavati why not concentrate on running your state effectively? #BJP Belikebandy
The way @ShobhaIyerSant has gone mum after @viacom18 decided to delay #Padmavati , shows how much disappointed she… hrushikesha
Sanjay leela movies are crap, doesn't show the reality, an overhyped sets with loving scenes. Young India want to s… _SGhosh1
Bad News #Padmavati banned in Rajasthan Punjab CM asked board to censor disputed scene #BiggBoss11 #BB11 #films… sksameer167
Who against the film of Padmavati they don’t the actual history of Padmavati JI very bad kvvengrao
Why do I hv a very bad feeling that Padmavati might not see d light of the day as far as its release is concerned?! Hope I m proven wrong.. rockymans
How can someone block all tweets related to this crap movie Padmavati. Such a barrage from MSM tweethiter
Boring watching drama of #padmavati. Is that queen more holy than Visnu? 🤔 alma090_
#Padmavati indeed declaring bounty is not good thing but people who made miracle referred as #SherSinghRana.… balnags
SLB shouldn't have allowed 'Padmavati' for its public viewing in YouTube. It looks challenging the film censor authorities. Bad taste. ArunChakraDel
what crap is dis padmavati saga.... niyazqureshi
To all those who called themselves Proud Rajput need to understand true Rajput will never talk bad about women, if… MumbaiLonday
#Padmavati it's really very bad to see our country is still not democratic. We say India is a democratic country bu… cute92angel
All those asking for ban on #Padmavati have not seen the film. What is disappointing is State CMs, Dy CMs asking fo… SatyenMehta1
This is the biggest loss of democracy. As a film maker vry much disappointed. if this is the Democracy than i don't… NeeravBarot
Any1 is here to explain me what is bad in seeing Padmavati... If any1 plz explain me how it hurts #KarniSena's and… utpal15899
In those days it was forceful marriage. How can you term that as love story? @PMOIndia it will be bad if this film releases #padmavati bhadresh_ad
Alauddin Khilji is portrayed a brutal bad guy? YES Rajputs are shown as good guys? YES Queen Padmavati prefers suic… AmeyaPeshwa
We have bad roads, crime, litter, lack of sanitation facilities etc., but no, apparently #Padmavati bloody takes priority. #slowclap vadapaorao
We Indians are strange. We protest against Padmavati but not BAD ROADS, HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, CORRUPTION, COMMUNAL PO… zuber_ujjain
Yet another Hit Job on the reigning Govt ? Pre Planned ? Obviously has given bad press to #BJP #Padmavati Surya_God
Hold on didn't this entire thing start because the film portrayed Padmavati and the Rajputs in bad light? I mean, t… NoodleFrankie
It's really disappointing and disheartening to see PADMAVATI's released delayed. We can't wait to see the film and… BollywoodPod
#PadmavatiFight distortion of history is not good, have read more than 50 books but padmavati is not mentioned howe… thesachinmishra
Disappointed about the Postpone of Padmavati release Date!🙁 @deepikapadukone @RanveerOfficial @shahidkapoor #Padmavati The_Harshith
#PadmavatiFight this is the time to ban Padmavati..... enough of showing HINDU in bad taste bothra_ajay
#padmavatifight what kind of argument is this that if you don't like then don't watch it. we are only asking to see… ghansays
Disappointed with the deferment of the release of #Padmavati Are we really regressing? Are we going to be so intolerant? Rohan_959
Those who are clamouring to ban Padmavati are totally wasting their time as they are unaware of the fact that a neg… DhermendraKohad
Relly disappointed. Padmavati #DeathOfDemocracy #FirstDayWhenever !! india2sarthak
Good or bad! at least people get to know about who are Padmavati, Ratan singh and Khijli. After all, bhansali known… RAS_RAJAWAT
Word bounty and modernity don't go together. #india we are setting a very bad example with this nonsense for… Patelrajan
Absofuckinglutely disappointed that they are postponing the release of #padmavati . The production compang shouldn'… ann_ram
We have some many critical issues pl stop wasting time on national TV 📺 on Padmavati 💐💐💐 AjayJhalani1
Though I dislike Deepika, I was very eager to watch Padmavati. #disappointed SASHAANK
As a human being I believe in #IndianHistory .. don't watch #Padmavati if you believe in history Please think about… shivkalyanchav1
Oh... Bhansali ji If you picturized romance between padmavati & Alauddin , its not good. KailashSalaam
#Padmavati Postponed ?? Reason ?? In Democratic India ?? Bad.👎 @deepikapadukone @ranbeerkapoor01 @Ranbeerkapoor07… abhilash1296
The postponement of #Padmavati is very disappointing for the industry. The new release date will be announced later. @FilmPadmavati Revanth_raj
Very Bad News... #Padmavati Release Postponed....Pura Excitement ki maar ke Rkh diye..finally idiots won 😈😈.....ek… MukeshJaiswal36
What??!!Seriously??!!Producers gave up??!!A bad precedent to set!!#Padmavati @deepikapadukone #Bollywood varun_k02
So so disappointed n sad #Padmavati is not releasing in #1dec honestly india is regressive country no freedom of sp… ruchiguptaruchi
#Padmavati film protest happens because of bad PR. The whole lot of hooligans on street would have been standing in… Nopretension
#Padmavati it's bad to see that portion of scenario comes through point, I think audience have there choice and the… iamneerajjain
Bad news for fans. #Padmavati release date delayed. New release date will be announced soon. Hope it doesn't clash… sarkar_suparno
really disappointed that #Padmavati release date is postponed.. pr ek baat to tay hai jo v movie ke saath clash hog… iamsrkknight
If Padmavati gets flop verdict then RS fans will use new excuse just like demonetisation ‘voluntarily deferred’ it is😂🤣😂🤣 rs3273756
Disappointed and irritated with the deferral of padmavati. @deepikapadukone @RanveerOfficial @shahidkapoor 0407shivaani
Bad news friends.. #Padmavati release postponed.. FILMISTAN5
The wrong interpretation of true history is not good for society, country and their people..It's not the question… Ajay_Parmar22
Quit your boring desk job. Karni Sena is recruiting youth with good physique and sword skills. You'll be only work… skgore555
Artistic freedom in India : Do any derogatory against interest of public and tell public don't watch if you don't l… abhishek_bpatil
Poor Bhansali. Thought two tattoos @republic Arnab and @ashokepandit +dpadukone will drown all voices. Ended up uniting Hindus #Padmavati BlinkThought
When the country already have problems with a daily meal for people, Jobs, illiteracy etc then how can we waste our… barewaramol
"Quote Of The Day" ° "There are people so poor, that the only thing they have is money." ° • Kapinjal Nagrale •… KapinjalNagrale
Rani Padmavati was a symbol of honour, courage, dignity of our country. She cannot be shown in bad light.Dishonring… saurabhmgs88
Protesting in name of History makes things even worse bringing further bad names. Allow movie Padmavati & it will d… dhanan1978
Rani Padmavati was a symbol of honour, courage, dignity of our country. She cannot be shown in bad light. At least… chandrapaltomar
#Padmavatirow The controversy behind this movie is unnecessarily getting so much of attention. It's all a waste in… Avuu_Shah
All news channel are either showing Padmavati or JK issue. It seems there is no issue left in India. Very boring. @zeenews @abpnews mydeepakgupta
Both parties are at fault in this Padmavati row. Bad habit of Bollywood that they will make dance any character irr… s_ou_mya
Sum #rajput r turning disgrace 4 der brave ancestors. Also provin hw terrible sum f our traditions hv been. #Padmavati #PadmavatiControversy SwamiMohammad
had the bad luck of having2watch @ndtv 4sometime on padmavati Not sure-was watching a social/legal/ethical/historic… duramount
How many days now , and the country I see is still talking about #Padmavati !!! What utter crap !! It's a movie ..... Get over it !!! ManuMaroon2k
Pretty disappointing to not see enough #Bollywood industry names coming out in vehement support of #Padmavati. More… himalayatalan
Buy this free publicity can backfire too, as Gujrat elections are around and BJP can't afford to look in bad light… fuckallLawyer
Just a thought, while threatening is wrong, isn't distortion of facts to portray a communities God in bad light wro… namanhurria0013
"Disappointing that #Padmavati is being screened for media & getting reviewed on national channels without #CBFC ha… SouvikRM10
#PrasoonJoshi to ‘Disappointing that #Padmavati is being screened for the media & getting reviewed on TV without… BeingCinema
Idiots who'll be surely getting offended by watching #Padmavati just don't watch it! Problem solved for everyone!… bardia_yash
CBEC Chief is furious at #Padmavati filmakers. I don't care about #Padmavatirow I will not watch it because actors are not good. anubhavt_
The 2 Padmavati songs are boring compared to the fab album of Bajirao Mastani. Maybe SLB couldn't find time to make… BornToWhine
Prasoon Joshi to @IndiaToday ‘Disappointing that Padmavati is being screened for the media & getting reviewed on TV… guptaritesh94
Wts wrong wid d word? Y 2outrage over #Rajput shown allegedly in bad light. Ppl sud rather outrage over Muslim shown in bad light #Padmavati pari_bravo
Hey #KarniSena idiots! 5 crore can be used a lot better in ur crappy state. If you actually have it, don't waste it on bounties. #Padmavati xenome85
This is very bad for public who r against PADMAVATI MOVIES bcz they don’t know the history just they need money to… Gursharan7150
Instead of opposing the #Padmavati we must oppose the #BiggBoss What a time wasting show that has locked our TV sets at home by ladies. kaleempirzada
My entire Twitter timeline is filled with this #Padmavati #Padmavatirow crap... Somebody plz Wake me up when this c… iKishoreTweets
#movies are mirror of society..good and bad..Only a #caste cant have its asmita.. I believe #Padmavati will be dela… 100raubhG
Btw dear haters who wishes Padmavati n Deepika to fail hahahahaha she's God's fav child, nothing bad will happen to… aMagneticQueen
how to save hinduism? resettlement of Kashmiri pundits?no! helping poor hindus?no! banning #Padmavati ?yes!😥idiots😐 shahokashah
Rani Padmavati was a symbol of honour, courage, dignity of our country. She cannot be shown in bad light. At least… PrashantChndel
People who never respected their wives/mothers, now worrying about history and queen padmavati .haha. Poor uneducat… RajaniPrajapat
No one accompanies poor and comman man, support is being given to those who have money, who are in limelight or who… 18AmrinderSingh
#RepublicWatchesPadmavati Those against movie padmavati shd protest for maintenance f chhittorgarh forh which is in poor condition. chandan_telecom
These Hooligans (Karni Sena), Uselessly Sucking Society and Wasting Time and showing Shit Mindset without Knowing R… hoshanggovil
Dear Rajputs who is asking you to watch the movie. Don't agree... u don't watch! It is just a movie not ur life. Live & let live #Padmavati ravikalra0
Waiting for Judge Arnab at @republic to tell us why #Padmavati is a bad movie and it has distorted Rajput history !… anil_alchemist
In any country a movie showing Historical figures of majority religion in bad light is not possible to be made exce… VaidyaSameer
I don't watch many movies, but I will watch #Padmavati and support @deepikapadukone btw, I am Hindu brahman. koltharkar98
Violence & threats will only give a bad name to Rajput communuty who r as it is in minority, no reservations. V onl… ranveer__singh
#ShahidKapoor your look in #Padmavati movie not bad you always handsome look as love boy #Tseries #sony nidaa393
#Padmavati movie has no bad intentions, I request you stupid people, not to use it as a platform to showoff your st… iamsd08
This whole Padmavati controversey is boring. Why can't we just stick to Gujarat elections officeoftv
What these stupid Rajputs and Thakurs dont understand is that #Padmavati might actually be a bad film and by giving… BlackTruth05
Threat from some karni member is bad. But never saw Presstitutes and Liberandus speak a word when a Congress Leader… AdiDatar
Dear #KarniSena your threats to "behead" #SanjayLeelaBhansali r bull crap! U sound like ISIS Shame on you. We are n… Athena_thinks
boycott padmavati but no violence . Violence is not good . #padmavati @SLBhansali_ i_raushan
It's bad thing that person like Bhansali are trying to change our glorious history for money . It will not be accep… KunarDushyant
#PadmavatiDrama Why are people so angry? Deepika , Shahid and Ranveer are Bollywood's crap actors . Low class, l… Pinku0325
Naming & shaming people symbolically abusing them for profit is as bad as if not worse than violent reactions by 'a… Nopretension
At least as per trailer, Rajputs have been shown as good guys and Khilji as the bad guy. So, right-wing expectation… AmeyaPeshwa
It baffles me how we are wasting such a huge amount of money on military and special forces even after we got a vas… IndianVideshi
Origin of Padmavati created problem. Imagine her of some other state of India. A creative art should not go waste. saralmitra
After Ramleela and Bajirao, this Padmavati controversy feels repetitive and boring. manasa_s_raman
Man this padmavati debate on every news channel is so irritating. This country sucks DVeerdi
What if padmavati is a real bad movie with bad cgi and screenplay and all this controversy would help it get fame a… rohitdashora
I AM A RAJPUT....still...I DON'T GIVE SHITTTT abt #Padmavati if u don't want to offend URSELF thn don't watch it(i… BornOffencive
As i don't watch movies but now I will watch #Padmavati on theatre who the fuck is #KarniSena and how they are abo… Pjbh27
Can you imagine all the news channels focussing on a movie padmavati? Politicians wasting precious time on a movie. All just on a movie? sapphia
#Padmavati movie seems glorifying horrible and disgusting #Sati or #JoharSystem. iamRBH92
If karni gang don't like the film thn don't watch the film who the fuck these guys are to tell others to not watch… ItsPbg
Hello bollywood. WHERE IS UR EFFING SUPPORT FOR PADMAVATI!!!!!! Really disappointed. Im sure when something happens u all will come out. reshmapatelxx
#Hindusanskriti that proud culture that we see all around in hungry poor people being discriminated against by sinister #Casteism #Padmavati Aditi99771697
If you think your sentiments will hurt, don't watch #Padmavati . But stop giving free publicity n making movie bloc… amolkumthekar
History cannot be altered by movies like #Padmavati. Let it be released, don't watch it if you want. Let us not giv… vikusays
The good thing about history is there's no end to debating what happened. The bad thing is there's no end to debati… NaziQazi
I think the movie should be allowed to release normally. if you have a problem with it, don't watch it. #Padmavati Abhi_mcfc
#FringeVsFreedom I feel @Swamy39 is right Bollywood funded by some traitors to distort history & show Hindu women in bad light #Padmavati 2bottle_down
You should not invitethese idiot trying bring Hinduism into debate about padmavati he gives Modi & BJP bad name he… DipenPlusd
If a woman today is influenced to commit Jauhar seeing Padmavati movie - well her life was a waste anyway. #PadmavatiControversy wit_dharm
I have strong feelings @SLBhansali_ Padmavati is big time flop just like his other movie before.. this unnecessary… shettyprasads
#FringeVsFreedom Those who seeks ban on #Padmavati. Please don't watch when it releases. Ultimately they get their lesson. KhanMinahaj
It seems like an organized heckle of BJP to seek limelight at the expense of #Padmavati. Extremely disappointed with the Government. AryabChaki
We have regressed as a nation...why ban Padmavati ?? What crap ? n032639
#Padmavati #DeepikaPadukone is slamming whole india for mob,where was she when same mob was lynching poor people,she didn't say single word. lol_LackOfLogic
Who r these goons who call themselves the protractor of culture,they r poor,illiterates who get polarised by some o… poll_on_all
#DeepikaVsSena If you don't like the idea of Padmavati dancing suggestively then don't watch the film. Use the free… IndianNeoCon
Totally disappointed with #FringeVsPadmavati debate...How can we allow someone to distort our believes, history ett… MithunRayWB
The people who tweet in hindi and end their tweet with an Indian flag after talking so bad about Padmavati are the people I hate the most 🙂 DrCrazen
#Smog is making even sitting at home like hell. Haryana Khattar government sucks. Period. #Padmavati par kitna bhi halla machwa lo inse. MoodyWoodyYoYo
Was disappointed with @republic 's support for Padmavati - insulting national feeling NOT acceptable - sould b resp… chandana7
SLB an overrated bc. Same nonsense in each films. + lengthy film #Padmavati will be utter flop.. And this fortune… me__shreeyu
Padmavati sucked @RanveerOfficial 's dick just to get into movies & we know her as @deepikapadukone woww pranuzumaki
#Movie Padmavati This is not the way let the movie release then if anyone wants to protest don't watch it this is t… ankitdixitaks
What social service are these filmmakers doing to the society by showing Padmavati in bad light. #PadmavatiDrama NVSANKARAN
(T 2/2) If you are not pleased with whatever's shown then just don't watch it. There's no point of vandalising someone's effort #Padmavati AChandna10
All the debate on its historical inaccuracies aside, i hope Padmavati doesn't turn out to be as bad a film as Baji… cyclewalebabaji
Padmavati is a frictional character.Even if some portrayal is bad,criticise it,don't watch it but banning the film is stupid. xploring_life
#Padmavati Is Flop Movie Written All Over iAmanreal
#Padmavati Hindu fools do not realize that the motive of the movie is NOT to show Hindus in bad light, but to show… FreebirdVijay
Bhansali's Padmavati is real distortion of historical facts of Queen Padmini and shown her in bad light damaging he… biplabirabose
New son from padmavati a big 0 chemistry bw the 2 leads n song is so boring allaishfans
I won't watch #Padmavati because Deepika is a poor actress, Shahid looks like a rat and Ranveer is a Joker. Pinku0325
If the #Padmavati movie is based on wrong facts court can't say "if you don't like the movie don't watch it" becaus… kulkarniBhasker
So while Shahid’s first poster for Padmavati was my favorite, this one is so bad! He doesn’t look royal or “king-ly” at all. 😳 chaoticmusic10
If you don't want to watch a movie don't watch. If you have the right to speak, even the film cast n crew have the… vaidehijoshi94
We have a problem: We are choking. We are sporting masks to bear the bad air we breathe. Because we still haven’t f… kanwarankita
#shahidkapoor is the worst thing for #Padmavati ..looks dull in d trailer d song & now in d new poster ..bad choice BornAkkian
#Padmavati Khalji was a Barbarian having poor taste and weird sexual preferences. His fantasies & lust for holy R… bsdauphin
#Padmavati How dare this Karni Sena member can talk bad about a boy one mother. May he Sanjay Leela Banshali or any… gyan99100
#PadmavatiDrama Maharani Padmavati hailed from a Rajputana Empire. When she realised that this crap 'Khilji' has a… omvishal3
#TipuJayanti and #Padmavati debates are so boring. The real action is at the Supreme Court. Wish they could show it live. VKSwamy
Finally saw the video for Ghoomar, and my god what is this terrible CG in #Padmavati?! JayantiJha7
So #PadmavatiTrailer got 20M views in a day, but #TigerZindaHaiTrailer managed only 15M on first day? Not good… logixlord

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