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Dear @AshGowariker i just saw #Panipat loved it. Well researched film. Unfortunately our history is skewed towards… Rane_Prasanna
Just saw "Panipat - the great betrayal" 😉 #नीतीश_का_विश्वासघात iajeet
The nation is under the debt of Great #Marathas ,if it weren't #ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj the whole #India would ha… hkpharshtheter3
#Panipat movie is great showing the truth of history how only #Marathas fought the war alone nobody help them ,Beca… hkpharshtheter3
Watched Panipat today at Regal Cinemas,have always enjoyed wtching movies at this theater in the past, however, tod… Digital_Aye
What a stunning acting by @kritisanon in Panipat just loved her acting ❤️ Her expressions and acting throughout the… sam_chatterjee7
Really enjoyed watching #Panipat subtle yet powerful performance by @arjunk26 ; suprised by @kritisanon ; #sanjaydutt brilliant too! pinkpsychedelia
#Panipat is a well made film, @AshGowariker has done superb job with overall presentation of that era. I urge people to watch the film. ameyjoshi
I watched the film & I love the title, #Panipat- the great betrayal. Sadashiv Rao Bhau sacrificing his life, only f… _kaustubhpawar
How to kill history and a great story - watch panipat visa_pro
Last night watched Panipat @kritisanon your acting is superb @arjunk26 such an amazing actor @duttsanjay Abdalli… MairajMurtuza
Can I say I love you @kritisanon . My forever girl crush. ❤️ You shinnee in #Panipat . Loved all the characters you played till time .👏 apek08
Panipat was amazing ! @arjunk26 @kritisanon salonii_abc
#panipatmovie Oh god those eyes! Literally, Marathi mulgi. @kritisanon as an actor played her character amazingly!… 09Prasannaalur
Just watched PANIPAT in cinema; quite enjoyed the acting & the music in this valorisation of the defeated Maratha i… MitraPariyar
Loved @kritisanon 's portrayal of Parvati Bai! Her performance in Panipat is one of the finest. Especially, in the scene before the war!👏 Asad137hai
Oh god those eyes! The evolution of @kritisanon as an actor is amazing!!! #Panipat #PanipatReview She really holds the film together. 😍 shreyanshjain78
Really enjoyed #Panipat! Thank you, @AshGowariker, @duttsanjay, @arjunk26, @kritisanon, @KolhapureP, #ZeenatAman an… coolagrawal1999
For sure i will go to see Panipat tommorow hope my great-grandfather role is potrat nicly shamsher Bahadur NawabzadaZulfi2
Oh god those eyes! The evolution of @kritisanon as an actor is amazing!!! #Panipat #PanipatReview She really holds the film together. 😍 vmswiftie
Panipat!!! A must watch movie. Its good to see @arjunkapoor in some refreshing roll. Great work with Marathi andaj… sanket_potphode
Watched #Panipat I really enjoyed it @kritisanon Performance is her best till date @arjunk26 also good in the movie… 3466rajashehroz
Today watched #Panipat . I loved @kritisanon performance in this film. You will always be my favorite actress. 😊😊 AnkitDub123
I loved #panipatmovie so much. It helps us too regain our memories in history of #marathas. Thank you @arjunk26… imkrpraveen
Just Watched Panipat. Wow ❤️ Gorgeous @kritisanon. The Whole Film portrayed Nicely. Sword Fight Scene is Amazing to… Bharathikanna4
Panipat Amazing. @arjunk26 nailed it. @kritisanon you're amazing. @AshGowariker what a great screenplay and music… imSBD
Saw the movie #Panipat today. Loved it.I had read the book Panipat long back felt that this story needed to be told… NobleAbhiyanta
Watched #Panipat and thoroughly enjoyed it My ratings 5* My #PanipatReview :- 1. Each and every frame in the mov… manish_chaturve
Watched #Panipat on weekend, great movie about Maratha sacrifice for Country and glorious #MarathaEmpire @AshGowariker @arjunk26 deepakg35
#Panipat is a very well made film by @AshGowariker 👏👏👏.Really loved the way he showed the battle scenes in the movi… saumilrajani
#Panipat is absolutely amazing. Loved it. Also loved how @AshGowariker made @arjunk26's character arc similar to th… reachdeeptanshu
#Boycottpanipat Its very sad to know that in Panipat movie Great Maharaja Surajmal dipiction was not proper. Its n… Ravendra009
You're growing as an actor Kriti @kritisanon ...loved your performance in #Panipat..and yes the climax scene of Pat… iashish_
Boycott panipat movie, we can not accept the insult of great king SURAJMAL JI #panipatmovie @bbagaria10… mukeshpareek77
#panipat A must watch movie... vipvishalkumar
Just came out watching panipat great movie but movie didn't gave justification to several character like Ibrahim kh… poojari_d
Nice movie panipat Great acting @kritisanon & @arjunk26 In panipat ManthanVisharad
Saw Panipat today. Very nice movie. Love the way @kritisanon acted the role of parvati. She is stole the show Kulin42268100
#Panipat @AshGowariker @kritisanon @arjunk26 great interview with @anupamachopra. Gave me literal goosebumps when y… AdityaN2001
Splendid performance and stunning looks parvati bai @kritisanon u have rocked the character #Panipat ur journey is unstoppable vishaliitk
Yup watching panipat now it's interval movie is great Thanks to @AshGowariker Sir for making an historic movie poojari_d
#panipat Saw movie... Abdali was better played by Bob cristo in the great Maratha serial by Sanjay Khan and was mor… girishd2000
#Panipat is a great lesson to #Afghans that how Indians think about them. primafacie07
Jst watched #Panipat movie its amazing.👌 Must watch wid ur family, Marathas went from Pune to Panipat to save our m… IamPatil13
Just Finished #Panipat What a Historic movie to watch with Great performance by @arjunk26 and @kritisanon And also… Thalajeet
Whatever the box-office result of #panipatmovie , I liked the film. Great work by @AshGowariker , @duttsanjay… LovkeshChandila
Watched #Panipat again for @kritisanon you are amazing and Beautiful as ParvatiBai You me talented and queen I lov… FcTajikistan
Just watching #panipat movie What a fantastic movie true story superb acting One word - blockbaster @arjunk26 @kritisanon @duttsanjay ❤ sauravkrsah0774
Watched #panipat Today....What A Awesome Movie.... Great Performances From Kriti,Arjun,Sanjay Dutt... Especially Kr… RokadeAshitosh
#Panipat successfully brings into limelight the great valour of Marathas. @AshGowariker spells magic in his craft.… filmy_fanatic
Yesterday Watched Panipat Superb Historical Movie #panipat 💥💥💥💥💥#paravtibai @kritisanon And Now Just Finished… dineshrajputkrd
the film's tagline "the great betrayal" is a reference to Mughals. #Panipat MizrabF
#Panipat is A Great Piece of work done by u @AshGowariker Sir!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Do more Historical Movies with Bankable Actor… bgbaligatdiary
Watched #Panipat movie. Very nice movie. Arjun kapoor has done justice to role and people should not criticise him… yuviwagh
watched #Panipat .... brilliant performance by @kritisanon ... you are amazing as parvati bai...👏👏👏 specially in th… ashutosh2369
When U see #Housefull4 collected 200cr. And movies like #Panipat struggling at Box Office. All thanks to Great Indian Audiences! siddhar38492263
watched #Panipat .... brilliant performance by @kritisanon ... you are amazing as parvati bai...👏👏👏 specially in the sword fighting scene..👍 ashutosh2369
#Panipat is a brilliant movie. Vivid, captivating and entertaining. It's a great cinematic journey. Must, must watc… Oldmonk555
Amazing direction @AshGowariker brilliantly portrayed @arjunk26 as bhau worth a watch #panipat #PanipatReview #hindostan piyushchiku
#Panipat is much more majestic and grand than it seems! War scenes are amazing! @arjunk26 was a surprise package an… HITESHR03339411
#Panipat : An excellent effort! Great movie! Please watch it in theatre! @kritisanon @arjunk26 @duttsanjay… Sarang_Malpure
Kudos to @AshGowariker. Superb performance by all @kritisanon @arjunk26 @duttsanjay. #Panipat movie was real treat to watch! ssuyogk
What a brilliant movie by @AshGowariker sir ..thanks for taking us through history chapter loved every bit of it ma… YaRdLeY002
#Panipat Very nice movie.. Superb performances by all! Not sure why negativity is being spread about the movie.. I… sgaurav24
watched panipat, great direction and acting by stars @kritisanon @arjunk26 @duttsanjay But sir @AshGowariker swade… imshub_
#Panipat is much more majestic and grand than it seems! War scenes are amazing! @arjunk26 was a surprise package an… Abhishek_Sen14
#AshutoshGowarikar has delivered a master piece... What direction.. What magnanimity of events... Loved the movie… rohitkokje
#PanipatQnA @AshGowariker Panipat is great movie. I liked it. Are you planning to make any sequel of this? On (Bajirao second) nimishtics
Just Watched #PANIPAT #Amazing Directed just as it is #History sir really amazing @AshGowariker sir & also very imp… AdiDeshmukh2
Panipat is a must watch for a history lesson. A proud moment for Marathas (Maharastrian). 🙏 And Ajay Atul backgrou… codef0rmer
All #panipat movie cast played excellent role in movie. @AshGowariker sir your direction is fabulous 👍👍. yogeshk241293
Went to watch #Panipat , amazing movie, amazing acting, just wish if the end would have been different. RanadeAneesh
What I can say about Bollywood ? Once again they insult a great warrior .Maharaja surajmal. A great leader & king .… 45ashvini
Loved movie #Panipat. Authentic presentation of subject. Amazing roles done by all. Liked the scene in which Parvat… sumitdengale1
Good job by @kritisanon in #Panipat She looked great and convincingly portrayed the role of Parvati Bai !! beingshre
#PanipatReview After watching The Great Marathas series in DD during 90s I knew that Sadhashiv Rao was a hero and a… negi_am
Historical Subject Chose Karnese Sab Ranveer Singh Nhi Ban Jata.... He Is A Great Human Being But... #Panipat al725630
Yesterday watched #Panipat & wanted to say all Bhartiya must watch it! Evry Hindustani must know ancient History n… Raj_Patel16
#Panipat is a best creation by @AshGowariker sir and fabulous acting by @arjunk26 & @kritisanon. Those who are comp… sanchitspatil
After watching panipat all I can say that film is average but @kritisanon is extraordinary..@duttsanjay is effectiv… atfkk48
Just watched first day show of@panipat.. It was superb experience.. Brilliant act by @arjunk26 and @duttsanjay ...… Iampiyush14
Panipat is a must watch movie if you dont like to read history but want to know about it. @AshGowariker has not mes… Sangeet08824130
Never judge a book by its cover!!! Must watch movie #Panipat AbhijitThorat05
Just watched panipat. Great comedy movie. Everyone go watch it plz lewanay18
Enjoyed the film #Panipat ...Enthralling film that salutes the bravery of #Marathas... Patchy first half... Brillia… SwapnilKadu19
Completed watching #Panipat just now @kritisanon u r fabulous in the movie i really loved ur performance🤩😍🥰 and… hari_kanugula
This movie is awesome 🔥🔥 I just loved it 😍 Guyz must watch it... #panipat #panipatmovie Fabulous performance by… VedantAJadhav1
Congratulations to entire team of it's winning the heart of viewers.. One word review MUST WATCH Book y… Putulverma1396
Watched #Panipat. It's clearly 1 of d best film this year; the whole film is so much better than the trailer. For… EfRIAni_Pratiwi
PANIPAT. 🔥must watch guys.🔥 shanjichkar
A must Watch movie very Factual not like Sanjay Leela bhansali who sjows our greatest military commander into devda… piyushsonone7
Panipat is a must watch! PratikMBhoir
#Panipat magnificently mounted salute to the valor of great Maratha's !!! #PanipatReview Captainvyom007
This afternoon i saw Panipat. One word - SUPERB. @arjunk26 @kritisanon and @duttsanjay were fantastic. Story ⭐️⭐️⭐️… Biju_RKF
Just watched #Panipat for my favorite @duttsanjay, overall the movie is great & must watch, very well directed by… prabalbaba
The battle begins in #Panipat . Audience waits with baited breath in theatres. Wonderful how Cinema has the power t… ShDivyanshi
#Panipat has a great buildup. #PanipatReview ShDivyanshi
#Panipat Enjoyed the movie preview. - Sadashivrao Peshwa, Parvati Bai & the ferocious Abdali reappeared before my e… AniB75383019
A must watch movie Battle of #Panipat. Ahmad Shah Abdali Vs Maratha's Warrior Tai Tai Phis. Neither a Maharani nor… its_IAK
Big kudos to @RohitShelatkar on Living The Panipat Dream , The movie looks great! Jadu_Hota_hai
#Panipat is must watch movie.. @AshGowariker you did fantastic work. Love to see @arjunk26 as #SadashivJi he di… DalsaniyaBhara1
One line review of Panipat: "Hats off to the team Panipat" Rating: 3.5/5 #PanipatReview #AshutoshGowariker… yhmishra
#Panipat is must watch movie.. @AshGowariker you did fantastic work. Love to see @arjunk26 as #SadashivJi he did fa… sumanjournalist
Trials of #PatiPatniAurWoh & #Panipat have happened & reports of both the films are superb! Hoping for another bloc… SagarMeghwar2
#Panipat is @duttsanjay 's 200th movie. 👍 It's an amazing achievement. Filmy_Amit
Finished Watching India's Most Wanted in @hotstartweets , such an Amazing movie, Man @arjunk26 you made me your fan… savagemohan
Shankra Song is below Average. Mahadev song of Panipat was much better than this song. They seem dont have made a… akshithardy
Aight the panipat movie looks fucking amazing but also Maratha propaganda 🗿, I swear if they make the Muslims look like vicious villains... suckmybumpyball
Amazing #fasttag facilities working across all tolls, Panipat, Kherki Daula, Karnal etc ... Worst toll management o… ggn_ajay
Panipat: "It was a wonderful experience to play such a strong and fierce character", shares Sanjay Dutt… MChalmela
With such an amazing starcast and exceptional performances, Panipat is going to be a blockbuster @RohitShelatkar Passion Behind Panipat Jadu_Hota_hai
#panipat looking really good...songs, choreo, scale , character artist ,VFX..everything looking superb apart from m… being_abhi

49 Negative

Watched Panipat But Was Really Disappointed..Feel That @AshGowariker Sir You Have Lost Your Touch.. #Panipat rickypatel26
Hugely disappointed as a viewer after watching @panipat. What is the need to create such a lengthy narration full o… poojamii2
#Commando3 is going to end up earning more than #Panipat 😶 Ashutosh Gowariker messed up big time. Horrible cast. harditya1994
#Panipat 22 Crs in 5 days, it's budget is 125 Crs means it a super flop TheNewAge786
Feeling bad 4 #Panipat ...because film like Saaho earned 300cr+ after negative review but film like panipat which h… SachinS10360364
Avg weekend occupancy at national plexs (dec6-8) #Bigil 60% (7th weekend) #ArjunSuravaram 54% (2nd wk)… TrollersUnknown
Avg weekend occupancy at national plexs (dec6-8) #Bigil 60% (7th weekend) #ArjunSuravaram 54% (2nd wk)… TrollersUnknown
Feeling very bad for @kritisanon , she was so good in #Panipat , the film suffered because of the bad casting decis… bublugublu
#Panipat Floped @arjunk26 poor performance results ... #Mumbai circuit - which was performing best - declines cons… hod____
You know what? I don't care if #Panipat is a boring film or a good one, even if it is banned or not. It's time to c… Debashree2017
New Brand Ambassador of super flop & Disasters movies @arjunk26 has delivered another super duper disaster movie… MePatriot1
#Panipat is such a flop Ashutosh Gowariker is really losing all credits he had in the bank from films like Lagaan,… arup_ghose
#Panipat is officially flop . Its not event crossing 50cr mark.. Distributors in losses STawdee
A little disappointed by Rajeev and Anupama’s review of Panipat. Mann_Baawra
As a film #Panipat was fine but when it comes to historical facts it was BAD. sultani_tiger
It's been too sadistic and disappointing that filmmakers are taking very much casual approach for portraying our hi… tomark66
#Panipat The super-flop and total rejection of the movie can be attributed to which factor? SujataB00045413
#Panipat as a film isnt as bad as I had feared it would be. Except for Arjun Kapoor that is. Rajievku
#Panipat is definitely not as bad as some people are making it out to be! I liked it. @duttsanjay and @arjunk26 hav… ShahShounak
Now whether Arjun Kapoor is bad, average or good in #Panipat is another discussion, but the point is that the film… sultani_tiger
Not bad .. it’s good actually! #Panipat #PanipatReview abhinav1126
Do yourself a favour friends. Don't waste 3 hours watching #Panipat Stay at home and enjoy the mind-blowing new… somnathboom1
It's really disappointing to see such a beautiful film got such bad reaction only guys if you not support these typ… TripathiArth
Looks like #agnipath🔥🔥🔥is waiting coz Monday advance is not even decent for this flick sad but true heading towards flop🙏 #Panipat anandnaveen03
#PanipatReview : Another underwhelming by #AshutoshGowariker -Poor screenplay, script & star cast. -Slow paced mov… AnunayAgnihotri
#Panipat - Not bad. Once watch for sure!! Arjun Kapoor is not as bad as I thought. A genuine and sincere attempt by… TheAmeyaRao
example mad/bad Vikas by BJP. From Delhi to panipat on nh1.. Roads are broken.. No reflectors . Holes.. Stones..Fr… puneetworld
I went to watch Panipat today. I was shocked to see that the national anthem was not played. I am very disappointed… gandharsawant
people usually ask "movie, any good?".. when it comes to Panipat, should it be "Panipat, how bad?"? bioshocked21
Please don't watch Panipat, a friend is cursing himself said 2.5 hours of love story in a 3 hour war film. 🤔 harsh12129
panipat movie is FLOP OF THE YEAR ManeeshMeenaIAS
Feeling bad for @AshGowariker ! Has made a nice film. But only cos of @arjunk26 casting, many people are avoiding t… sushant_godbole
I'm going with 1/5 for panipat. Too long. Too boring. TheRacingOracle
Saw Panipat today, it is historically accurate. I was a little disappointed with the casting of Arjun Kapoor as Sad… ahambrahms
Negativity around Arjun kapoor is real. Inspite of #Panipat getting positive response, the movie got such poor opng… trash_and_bin
#Panipat is 3 hour Boring Film which is going to be a FLOP at the box office, Yes it has scale but it has very dis… Indian___cinema
Watched #Panipat #panipatreview is totally waste of time and money YugaQueen
Never judge a book by the cover. Promo of #Panipat was very disappointing for me and I thought film will be a dud… nimesh_nagar
Even i am in interested in watching #Panipat #PanipatReview yet my inner mind is saying not to waste money and time… rowdybalaa
I'm sorry to say but my gut feeling is both #Panipat and #tanajitheunsungwarrior is going be flop by looking at th… punithk
#Panipat will open low bcz of poor starcast specially Arjun kapoor as maratha warrior but looking at trailer,the gr… Sunny96malik
Panipat looks so boring. BollyCinderalla
#Panipat looks a whole new level of bad. lazybanz
Poor Casting Poor Songs Poor Marketing Strategy Poor Trailer #Panipat has all the ingredients to be a disaster at… imShubhamA
#Panipat will flop because of SujataB00045413
If panipat doesn’t flop I will be the first to admit I’ve lost any sort of acumen in terms of overall industry pred… nabeelbw
Just watched two songs from Panipat. Such horrible videos. Bad acting, bad songs, clumsy choreography. What happened to Ashutosh Gowarikar? salilpalkar
We all Daley passenger is very disappointed with indian Railway always late we are not reched at home timle due to… snvkrnt
#Panipattrailer is promising but the same trend #Laalkaptaan flop and #saaho average same trender and youtuber wi… baig87_mirza

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