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Release Date: September 28, 2018

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Late better than never🌸 watched #Pataakha superbly directed. #radhikamadan you are awesomely amazing. Never knew y… kaur04_mk
#pataakha well made movie @VishalBhardwaj. Superb performance @sanyamalhotra07 @radhikamadan01 @WhoSunilGrover nvikamsey
Loved pataakha to the core. Whattey beautiful movie bhardwaj has made. Laugh riot♥️ mannanabdoo
Itto dhaansu movie bana daali... @PataakhaMovie. More people watch it please. @radhikamadan01 - you were so amazing… GoelSiTeriBoli
Watched Pataakha !! Superb work by @radhikamadan01 & @sanyamalhotra07 👏👏 @VishalBhardwaj Sir, you again won our hea… _gandharv_
Yet another #Pataakha make from @VishalBhardwaj ..handpicked actors and amazingly picturised storyline..… SwatiSaxena85
#Pataakha very nice movie sir aap kamaal h @WhoSunilGrover @radhikamadan01 ur good n master of film #VijayRaaz mrig93
#Pataakha remains very steady [Day 4 is better than Day 1] Fri 90 lakhs, Sat 1.40 cr, Sun 1.75 cr, Mon 94 lakhs. To… Freaky_rj
Inherently flawed(yet lovable) characters, a touch of fresh music, an amazing screenplay and a song sung by… Hemil17
Loved watching #Pataakha, it was entertaining to watch @WhoSunilGrover #SaniyaMalhotra #RadhikaMadan Always had a s… Mahush96
#Pataakha A must watch firecracker of a movie! Should not be missed at all! read_mytweet_
#Pataakha - @VishalBhardwaj Absolutely brilliant movie. Superb film, packed with incredible performances by… LG051015
#Pataakha enjoyed throughly .. @VishalBhardwaj @WhoSunilGrover @radhikamadan01 @sanyamalhotra07 #VijayRaaz @rekha_bhardwaj Movie_istic
Paisa wasool movies #Pataakha congratulations n lot of love @WhoSunilGrover @VishalBhardwaj for giving such a blasted time be. cagroversumit
#Pataakha @WhoSunilGrover its not only your entertainment its for everyone really great acting, story, screenplay, music every thing ravinavya_2010
Thank you for the entertainment full paisa wasool movie #Pataakha @WhoSunilGrover in small cities people also like… sharmapraveenok
Full paisa wasool movie. @WhoSunilGrover Sir @sanyamalhotra07 @radhikamadan01 thank you for the entertainment. 😍😍😍 #Pataakha gauri_aadil
#Pataakha A must watch! Truly #Different & Hatke! connectsandip
Superb performance by @WhoSunilGrover . Loved the movie #Pataakha #Patakha #dipper imrahul18
Full paisa wasool movie. @WhoSunilGrover Sir @sanyamalhotra07 thank you for the entertainment. 😍😍😍 #Pataakha gargramesh933
Superb film #Pataakha seriously Diwali se pehe hi Pataakhe foot gaye #Radhikamadan #SanyaMalhotra just loved your e… harleen1144
#Pataakha is such a laugh riot. @VishalBhardwaj has done it again. A complete entertainer from start to finish. Go watch it guys. 4.5/5 shivvijayk
Pataakha is a @VishalBhardwaj masterpiece! What a powerful story! 👍👌 A must watch. 😇 Darshil_Dana
The Dippar ka Pataakha in Mid Match show was Superb👌👌 😂 Amazingly Made😊 .@StarSportsIndia @WhoSunilGrover… SubodhAgarwal1
An amazing film! Brilliantly portrayed the relation between sisters! ❤ @sanyamalhotra07 ma'am, @radhikamadan01 ma'a… aheli45
Can't wait now!!!❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 @WhoSunilGrover ji it's gonna be a really great experience to watch you on the big sc… ItsKrishnanshSh

4 Negative

Watched Vishal Bharadwaj's #Pataakha last afternoon. Atrocious movie. Please don't waste your time and money on it. NewIndia_2017
#Pataakha today.Lets see if it breaks my bad movie streak. _theyoungwolf
Whatta hopeless movie #Pataakha other than fighting n loud music.. derz nothing good to watch. Boring #disappointed priyanishit
Disappointed. #Pataakha iPandeyshubham

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