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Great that @gop's Glutton fest Carb chomper AG Barr shit restarted the death penalty: Treason against US is a crime… Liberaldoc1
I hope the democrats don't make anti-death penalty their rallying cry. It's great to champion the marginalized, but… KateWalker15
its amazing that the conservative are fighting for getting a abortion because they are for all LIFE..but are willin… Moccqa
I'm not a fan of the death penalty, but I can't find a great narrative to espouse in my favor among the 5 federal d… bortvern
Death penalty back and Arrest/Trials to come. Enjoy the Show. Gonna be GREAT! #WWG1WGA BuckKnighten
Not a great start. 1-0 down after 10 mins after giving away a penalty. Carterton look like they have a very strong squad this season... wearemuwfc
We are a fair bit better than this mob, a soft penalty or tiredness could be our main threats. Their left winger is… DonBeanleone
Wow the USA is bringing back the death penalty. What the actual fuck? You are better than this sebulr
I find it amazing that you have all these libertarians whining about the death penalty for murderers yet support th… Tdearman29
Just a reminder that americas shit of a Trump called for the death penalty for an innocent kid. What a great leader indeed. #whentheyseeus haninelsabee
So the UK have got a Home Secretary in favour of the death penalty, a Foreign Secretary who only found out Great Br… Plundermot
#punepolice Kudos for doing a great job on the Urban Maoists case. Whatever you do, please don't let them slip thro… FollowAnsh
4/5 in pre-season - technically 5/5 if the penalty shoot-out at Duisberg was organised. Big test Saturday though -… HarveySCFC_YT
Amazing that we now have a home secretary who believes in the reintroduction of the death penalty. JEHitchens
Capital punishment is a great and justifiable penalty if it's only applied on the """ironic""" usage of "Yikes" TheRiktigaJesus
It’s penalties again. Juve shoot first with Cancelo who sends the keeper the wrong way and scores. Great penalty. defence2attack
That penalty would have been great if he scored tho @talkSPORTDrive 😂 Saj__Azim
Even though we lost in the penalty shootout, it was amazing to see my club live and in person. I love being a gooner #COYG Devthegooner
Only Bale could go the whole second half having a great game to missing his penalty ZacGreaves10
Why didn't Nketiah take the penalty I thought he was better than Messi AJ_1510
As expected, Bale misses a penalty 😂 Great comeback tho. #HalaMadrid gabeloya
Great penalty from the young lad✌ #ChampionsCup ARockinRobin81
On saka do ya tingggg smooth shooting great penalty!!!! @Arsenal #ARSRM #PreSeason2019 Jay_Sneaks
Superb penalty from Saka. Both him and Reiss were cool as ice flyinsidekik
Great captains kick fora penalty 🙄 @Arsenal Jay_Burls
Great penalty by Isco. 7Marvelous7
Everyone is hating on Xhaka yet we was arguably our most creative player and played some great passes. Can think of… coy_gooners_
Great penalty Laca jlloydkt
OOHH! Laca!! Great penalty Jesus NeIsonFC
That’s an easy penalty call for the referee to make great move by Arsenal lloyd_ben7
Just witnessed an amazing exchange between a train conductor and a US tourist. The conductor has been extremely pro… west_yyc
You know what would be better than @masterchefau ? A show like @GordonRamsay has with qualified & talented chefs be… Catcabia
1A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. 2 Rich and poor h… lfixel
people are clapping for the death penalty. amazing. 🙃 zxingry
I like Penalty here but not a great price. Playing a double 2/8,9 37theory
Good save by the Meath sub keeper. He'll always remember that from his debut if nothing else! Amazing to see Cillia… Kellymike87
17/ of course at the next penalty given to Salford it's greeted with a sarcy jeer. Dr Devil enjoyed that. editor_in_eth
i can't wait for 2050 to come where people will tell stories of one great Filipino boxer who was homophobic and s… starrywals
Denied a clear penalty @HKane pops one in from halfway. Just another day, just another great goal. #COYS owenpoggenpoel
Great time with the boys at the Cardiff City FC vs. Real Valladolid game tonight. The game ended with 1-1 tie and w… showtimemajed
Not a great audition for Karam, though I don't think he deserved a drive-thru penalty. #IndyCar #Iowa300 indycarannie
As much as it hurt to see Mal miss a penalty, that was just a great save by Campbell 👏🏻 dreynolds_11
I bet @Colinricko enjoyed those Patricio penalty saves. #wwfc rawlinson1984
Great penalty GavEvans81
Sunday league penalty shootouts are better than this😂 SilkySilvaa
“A man of great anger will bear the penalty, For if you rescue him, you will only have to do it again” -Proverbs 19:19 DilemmaEM
Great penalty shiftydisco
I have friends that enjoyed the Cats trailer. If this isn't an excuse for death penalty, what is? RotmannIX
#ElTrafico off to a great start so far! ⚬Carlos Vela drew an early penalty and put it away cleanly to give LAFC th… _julio_vega
Superb penalty @RhianBrewster9!!! #LFC #LFCPreSeason acrocker90
great penalty brewster. qyyumazhar
Great penalty by Brewster, 4 goals in 3 games in pre season #LFCPreSeason #LFC Rob_Evans10
Wow, what a great penalty by Brewster! Top bins. #LFC vivast_pauli
Great decision frm the ref to change the penalty call... kudos!! akedkenny
Great call, not a penalty #AFCON2019final sghiva
I don't really believe in death penalty, prison system in Norway works great. But some cases i don't really see any… Xekus
Great penalty save by stek ScottGhostrider
Great effort from Doughty, great save. Should have had a penalty straight after #stfc Sn1Robins
Proverbs 19:19 (AMP) 19 A man of great anger will bear the penalty [for his quick temper and lack of self-contro… vahickey
Most amazing session with @UGrasshoppers81 @UckfieldWildcat #SSEWildcats girls last night. They never fail to surpr… nickbignell
Just finished #WhenTheySeeUs on #Netflix. Such powerful television. Beautifully filmed. Extraordinary performances… Grebbell
Rangers got a penalty tonight, great start to the season. Long may they continue 😁🇬🇧 FilipppNS
Nothing better than 38 games over a long hard season, culminating in a late penalty against Rangers to qualify for… stevenson1885
I ❤️ @SouthwestAir. Snagged great fares last week during current sale, but had to change dates today. Did so easily… hidingintheburg
Whoever thought it was a good idea to set an amazing anime studio on fire and killing 33 innocent people should rot… wizardbigboned
Great decision to award a penalty try. Oates would have scored 100%1 bongindustryz
Great decision by the Bunker tonight in awarding Corey Oates the penalty try. He’d have made that every day of ever… FAWhobertson
Well done @PrepSchoolLions U12 Maroon team who lost in a tense 4-3 penalty shoot out to @PrepSchoolPumas. Great gam… SarahJMassey2
I’m strictly against the death penalty, but I suppose I’d be open to using it on people who think Parks and Rec is better than The Office ct0998
What a nerve wrecking shootout. Great composure from Jamie McGrath to keep Dundalk in it, and a great penalty from… Smith_D17
Well done @jamie_mc_gra quality penalty and great performance and into the 2nd round of champions league qualifiers 👏🏻 gazy1995
Gary Rodgers to the rescue for @DundalkFC .A couple of great penalty saves. #ChampionsLeague @ChampionsLeague philipflanagan
Amazing how both sides are claiming victory for consular for stay on death penalty & granting access & t… kpramod
Great #pm khan... you made us pride. Kalboshen ll remain on death penalty...💪🇵🇰 salmansagger
amazingly stupid!!!! That interview is exactly why I watch #golfchannel for my morning news. @SandraSmithFox is a p… PeteTyranny
Sublime @ManCity great goal ! #asiatrophy and now a penalty ! @21LVA #skysports @SkySports TjChaloner
Quality play by Chong for the penalty. Great penalty by Martial #MUFC LuisGough
Should've given Chong the penalty. Brilliant but of play to earn it. Martial makes it 4-0. Great stuff. GaretKimmet
Great penalty Goatial11
Amazing, page error on the @Arsenal website and the background is off @piresrobert7 @ThierryHenry messing up that penalty 🤣🤣🤣 brilliant 👏🏼 TheGaffer23
PENALTY MAIDENHEAD. Great thinking to play free quickly to get Kelly in behind, and his dancing feet are too much… DannyV_BM
I’m so glad the Golden Knights signed Jake Bischoff after his great 2019-2020 season: “Appeared in 60 games during… JoeSameh
#gtsport I loved you but until you fix up this idiotic penalty system. I am done. MichaelLarkin10
I’m so anti-death penalty... it’s amazing I haven’t spoke my mind about it. Ever. MeganKaluzny
God is great!! D way he humbles u before ur heartbreak ehn.. lol humbles u so tee.. til lhk dying min, Den Gbem! He… TideDamz
Great! We've equalized at least #penalty nenaochuwa
Few things better than the joyous roar of the entire nation when we score a goal in an international match #AFCON2019 #penalty #goal 👊🏾⚽️ Merbabe71
Great penalty DbestGaffer
Isn’t it great when sport has you on the edge of your seat. Last year it @England vs Columbia penalty shootout in… sporting_spirit
Great attempt to stop the Penalty by @toph14hub , not much else he could have done, did everything right allvowels
What a final! What a way to end a final! You can stick penalty shoutouts up you arse! AMAZING @JofraArcher… MrJohnnyEnfield
First the tennis, then the cricket. Insane day for sport. Super overs are better than penalty shootouts. #superover bobbyscotland
And that’s why, a Penalty Shootout is better than a Super Over. #NZvsENG #ICCWC2019 @BCCI @ICC @FIFAcom… biswal_GGMU
What an end to a match. Better than penalty shoot outs any day! Absolutely superb. I’ve never seen anything like th… SimonBullock74
Penalty shootouts in cricket... Amazing. What a game! jon_thorne
Honestly super overs are better than penalty shoot outs JButterworth14
Who would have thought you had a penalty shoot out in cricket - amazing Brilliant game of cricket #CWC19Final wgeoff1999
Fucking hell! That shit all over a penalty shootout! Amazing ! #CricketWorldCupFinal rossburge
It's like we won a penalty shoot out! Amazing and fan bloody tactic #CWC19Final Bird44point5
That was better than any penalty shootout. Unbelievable benarkell76
Pas de penalty, wonderful #SENTUN thunder_der
Who had the great idea to let Saivet hit the penalty instead of Mane ? #SENTUN Kafrrrou
This is better than a penalty shootout #CWC19Final Baker9013
Much better than a penalty shoot out! #superover Stepoversam
Heard dad scream SUPER OVER - literally thought it meant he was saying it was a super/ great over played ... 🤷🏽‍♀️… GlitterUniqcorn
This is real soup opera playing out. Penalty misses, great goalkeeping here & there. #SENTUN #AFCON2019 chuckdeni
What a great save by Senegal. I thought the penalty was a bit unlucky and a bit questionable. They should have go… DeoyeTalabi
Even my Grandma can okay a penalty better than Sassi #AFCON2019 #SENTUN Davenchy7
Wow God is great, The Lions of Teranga, a penalty save. @FootballSenegal gal kibett_yegon
What an amazing save!!! #SENVSTUN #AFCON2019 and what a shit penalty. Go Senegal #TeamSenegal fatoupurple
Great #F1 @F1 race at Silverstone but would have been way more exciting if #MaxVerstappen wasnt taken out. Penalty… Nine11c2
Nice graduation party, especially enjoyed the company of my mom's friend's husband who in the span of an hour... Ca… animeprincess87
POTUS makes a great unintentional argument for the death penalty #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW #ImpeachTrumpNow #ImpeachmentInquiryNow lucyveepee
Easy win for LH again today in front of the home crowd. Great action further down the pack. Vettel needs to re-eva… shaunus84
Vettel didn't get disqualified for this crap. 10 second penalty and robbed Max and red bull of a top 3 finish. Amazing. Utuppie
Great link up play between Brewster and Kent to win that penalty #LFC LFCRedTalk
Great penalty by Milner, would love it if he gets a hat trick #LFCPreSeason Rob_Evans10
Amazingly, @Max33Verstappen ‘s @redbullracing might be okay after getting torpedoed by Vettel. Vettel could get a p… _f1explained
Great opening weekend of @spfl football is almost over, couple of shocks in thecup yesterday. Top flight side Hiber… spflcatchup
I don't quite know the word for it, but I've always loved the idea of justice that's specifically centered around r… 1453AnInsideJob
Great penalty by Luke Connolly. Game on now 👏👏👏. #TheToughest #dubvcor MikeCooke92
Great penalty.. bigarmskelly
A great penalty from @OfficialCorkGAA... #DUBvCORK #RaceForSam2019 #GAA AnthonyShannon2
Great 5-1 win today. 3 assists but missed a penalty. Upset to not get on the scoresheet, but taking only positives this season. KwamenaPutn3y
Great to see you back at Falkirk Stadium today! You might have missed the penalty though.......😉😂😊@LeeMillerScotia EvonneJohnston
Great start by Cork ref giving dub a soft penalty thank god there was an umpire there with a bit of balls #dubvcor Aidan1980
Great morning at the Rhys Jones tournament at goals in netherton. So good teams on show. Boys did amazin for there… El_loco_franco
Chongaldinho with a great run and possible penalty appeal. Not even ashamed of that name #TahithChong #Chongaldinho… josh_earl3
Rabbitohs on Twitter: A penalty on Liam Knight 30 metres out means we go for goal to extend the lead. Great run fro… SouthsLatest
if u think twice is better than girls’ generation u make me consider the ethicality of the death penalty TrentonNYC
"He (Landa) looked great... climbing in the drops" Nobody looks great climbing in the drops @richardmoore73. Nobody… StaplesJack
Non-#Christians of #Twitter: have you ever heard of the #Fibonacci #sequence? It's an #amazing sign of #God! If you… awitnesstojesus
Sad to see Crouchy retire. The epitome of "Great touch for a big man." I'll never forget being at WHL seeing him st… GrahamMarshall_
#WhenTheySeeUsNetflix powerful tv - amazing performances , horrifying to think this can still happen. Has… noeliehoward
Year 8 hosting a penalty shootout for @HavenHouseCH . Here’s MR Dickens taking his chances with great effect ⚽️👏🏽👏🏽… Global_BusEcon
Congrats to @englandcricket great result v Australia! World Cup Final it is then... No penalty shoot out please ;… tawake
Great penalty from Kessie naim_faiyaz22
No feeling better than watching penalty shootouts your country isn't involved in #CIVALG 🇨🇮🇩🇿 bvmble_
Awesome Goalkeeping Chris Edwards. Great penalty saves. Solar takes the U16/U17 Boys Championship. @ussoccer_da AmberLockwoodGK
Modi Govt has approved changes in POCSO Act. Death penalty will be given for sexual offences against children. Great decision 👍 himanshuWadhwa0
Kaifusi u have been great but that is a stupid fucking penalty to give on 5 CyrilSidestep
QLD: Makes a great tackle REF: Hmmm, better give NSW a penalty for something #StateOfOrigin spartanwa

259 Negative

Mueller testifying yesterday was so bad for the Trump Whitehouse that the mfs had to bring back the death penalty... GrandolfLeWhite
I do not support the death Penalty. It is wrong. It is immoral. It is flawed. It is costly. It is a poor form of pu… gbongils1
Love experiencing an 8 game penalty because of my bad internet connection on @PlayOverwatch 🙃 HGamesfan1
Just when you think you’re about to save money this pay period you get hit with that bad eyesight penalty $320 for… AndrewRoach_33
Wow @KimKardashian that’s some PRISON REFORM you and @realDonaldTrump got going there, really the DEATH PENALTY??!! THAT’S NOT GOOD!! justforme6711
the death penalty is extremely bad chickenmorty
if our Attorney General wants to bring back the Federal Death Penalty he needs to make sure it's not just poor peop… RadioWrecking
Sure the death penalty’s bad but have you ever been stuck at home while all of your best pals fly out to Ibiza.... liamsandss
Dead penalty is the easy way for Mr.Donald Trump to get rid of bad guys he don't care about humanity but I tell you… JoseHarodyDelEs
We are deeply disappointed that @TheJusticeDept has decided to resume executions. We stand in solidarity with the f… LApubdefunion
Well done ref! Clear penalty, now get them booked for time wasting! DonBeanleone
Might’ve been a soft penalty but we’ve created absolutely nothing, poor from us GrantHeath95
Can we have a death penalty for politicians who are boring or refuse to answer the question? @patel4witham… watch_journo
Friendly reminder that the death penalty is a horrible thing that should have been completely abolished long ago #DeathPenalty Cant_stand_ya71
Disappointed to find out the the federal death penalty is not a death penalty for cops weedgrimace69
The death penalty is a terrible policy. That’s not to say that there aren’t monsters in this world who probably d… I_Am_Sugarfree
The death penalty is bad. That is all. CmonYouKnowMe7
justice is not about punishment, murder is not justice. the death penalty is Black, brown, and poor genocide. it… mischievousbtch
The death penalty is bad and should be completely abolished throughout the entire country. Arenoptara
Terrible people always justify violence. Even serial killers had–to them–perfectly "reasonable" motives. I say thi… Danilizsky
"It's not like the government can do anything bad!" -Removed protections of LGBTQ+ -Loosened restrictions on deport… BRBardbarian
Disappointed that the US government has resumed federal death penalty. Utterly abhorrent policy and I hope the soul… GeorgeJBWright
After having a bad very bad day yesterday . Caligula n Lap dog Barr, n Gestapo DOJ. Have decided to bring back the… Arjuna65367879
#NRLSharksCowboys Yad play dirty tactics give penalty n go down by 2 at halftime waste time n make em kick field go… Rickyramjet1
Was not able to beat Leon's story with an S rank feels bad. But I learned a few things: - You can use the infinit… pandamic_panda
Adnans set plays have been so bad that I have expect him to do a panenka if called upon to take a penalty kick #vwfc ManCalledIAm
Boris Johnson being pm is bad, but Priti Patel at the Home Office is an absolute nightmare- Johnson is self serving… Bryanoakley194
interesting that people who did horrible things when they were younger but "grew up" without facing any consequence… Vex5_
It's time to stop pillaging the poor. Credit cards: 10% APR max, no annual fee, no maintenance fee, no transaction… jayceorphan
A poor 1st half performance from the lads also seen a penalty missed by Norman #upthecab fc_cab
So two terrible pieces of news today. Rutger Hauer has passed away, and Priti Patel has been made Home Secretary.… ozric42
Really disappointing #Bernardeschi so far. 180+ minutes in #ICC and every time on the ball he makes wrong decision.… Rawicz17
A resident was witnessed dumping a number of bags of garden waste near to Jackie Spencer Bridge. They now have a £2… GBC_Streetscene
Death penalty is barbaric and inhumane it's only for the poor not for the wealthy justice means money , race and power rosmari_santos
Getting 2-0 up against Real Madrid and finishing it with 2-2 is a good result imho. Penalty series, yeah too bad, but thats lottery Gooner_JK
That was a poor Penalty from Xhaka #COYG Houdini_Omwakwe
It’s too bad the others don’t know they took a penalty. I’d finish it and leave the answer just so everyone could… henkie73
Xhaka I'm sorry but he is the ultimate bottle job player. Not good enough. End of. All he did when he came on was f… MarkOCo03225100
Why is Arsenal so bad in penalty shootouts? We take them so poorly. NotSpendFC
Granite Xhaka is literally fucking terrible in every single way. No stamina, Terrible Passes, No convictions in int… Arch_Wardz
That was a horrible penalty ThaRealN1gga
Bale’s penalty was poor but Xhaka’s is worse- commentators 😂 Sammysviews
Jesus Xhaka that twas a terrible penalty. jdubbss21
What a terrible penalty from xhaka TraeHR
Bale shoots first for Madrid and misses. Terrible penalty. Not how he wants to go. defence2attack
Xhaka is going to Hell 🔥😂 what a poor penalty 😰 AtikuGcfr
Gareth Bale terrible penalty kick! jcbetting4
Loool that was a poor penalty by Bale SpursD22
Goodness. What a terrible penalty by Bale. awhavens
Bale can't just stay out of the doghouse lol. What a terrible penalty. VillageJester
Very disappointing 2nd half from Arsenal. Sat back, invited pressure and defended poorly. No over yet because of a… ReganWatson98
if i see one more fuckin #freetayk bullshit on my timeline imma snap. Free someone who cold blooded murdered a poor… HostyShots
Nacho , Carvajal , and Sergio Ramos have been absoulutely terrible in these first 10 minutes . Penalty and red card… dalton_gowens
Arsenal penalty. Capitalising on poor Real Madrid defending. Lacazette shot blatantly handled on the line. tadswar
Isn't crack cocaine just cocaine with extra crap mixed in and therefor less pure? So, less actually cocaine, greater penalty? #tytlive MrMelliBitch
too bad we don’t have the death penalty gayboy496929
If I lose any of my A1s to these streets they’ll bring back the death penalty how bad I’ll do ya🙃 BigBankHenk
Working afternoon shifts and finishing at 11:30pm kinda sucks but the penalty rates are worth it 👌🏼 jstnforde
“If the person doesn’t mend his/her ways and is found dumping the waste into the Ganga river for the second time, s… tusharnatrajan
That tackle on that Liveprool player last night wasn’t as bad as Van Dijks over the ball challenge on Mertens last… Fozzboss
"I am grossly disappointed." - PRRD on requesting to reinstating the death penalty for heinous crimes, drugs and plunder. #SONA2019UNTV DmitriGanaurin
#SONA2019 ✅ Drugs ✅ Corruption ✅ Death Penalty ✅ Plunder ✅ F. Sionil Jose ✅ Poor ✅ Fraud ✅ Public Heath ✅ Disappoin… rnoldfrancisco
Isn't EJK already a death penalty to the poor? #SONA2019 ymerioaguinaldo
Death penalty will never solve the drug problem, Dudirty. You only kill the poor and exempt the rich. mushroomsabaw
Very disappointed with @Adobe @CreativeCloud team licensing. Removing users does not remove licences and cancell… mikessential
Dope, Lindell broke my knee on a wide open hit far away from the play with no penalty the refs in this game are realistically bad... APigthatflys
I talked a lot of shit about Naeher before the WC but after that penalty save I won’t ever talk bad about her anymore. She earned that! sportyfangirls
Dear god that is a terrible penalty lmaooooo hippynothipster
Poor asap he might end up with the death penalty. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 FiremanAgent
Wow just saw the penalty count. I knew we were getting hammered by he umpires but didn’t realise it was that bad. H… IndieRyanne
Good too bad no death penalty Howardr222
Get that bad Monmouth taste out, The Spa is BACK! 1. 1-Markhan 2. 8-Mission Statement 3. 7-Foti 4. 1-Guarana 5. 4-… HorseGuyMike
The British foreign minister is disappointed that Iran has rewarded Britain for supporting and giving Hodeidah to t… HAPPYUAE1
Bleh, a quiet night for Pugh overall with a saved penalty as the finale. Disappointing night for Washington. They'r… TKSmith429
Horrible couple minutes for Tormenta, shown a straight red and then concede a penalty just after, but PABLO JARA TO… jackson_popkin
Holy crap @CFL this “penalty every other play” crap is a joke. Your wrecking this league. stacemaster21
Bad penalty #AlsMtl. Didn't even need to do it. #CFL cfl_lance
Once again Sekope Kepu sucks for the @qantaswallabies he’s Been a scrum penalty machine since last World Cup, Cheika needs to wake up GrantCasey2
Took 6 penalty strokes on the front 9... I have never played this bad Casey_McKeon14
Considering our recent penalty record that was poor. Might as well call the season off now 😂 shit happens its pre… JordanW91
We don’t have the death penalty in Australia because we supposedly know that being imprisoned is a bad enough punis… maximumdragons
What a poor penalty by David Silva. Dom91204346
Oh razza that was a bad penalty #mcfc #mancity #AsiaTrophy Andylakin8
Was Sterling trying to play free kick? That was a poor penalty from him, I am sure he will dust himself up and gett… MiztaPappy
that wasn't even close terrible penalty from sterling #WOLMCI paddyoneill26
Sterling with a terrible penalty v Wolves. Blasted over the bar. KieranWalsh14
It was a very bad penalty shot by Sterling MCFCTimes
Poor penalty from sterling 😬🤦‍♂️ sh_n
Poor reffing. Fiji scrum under pressure. Too easy to take a step backwards and let it drop. Should have been a reset not a penalty. SteveHa09255868
Is it just me or has Vela been kind of meh this first half? Earned a penalty because he took a bad touch. Pity-leve… aracauna_man
What a horrible penalty call. #GALvLAFC yoda3315
Bad turnover leads to a bad challenge leads to an easy penalty. Not gonna win El Trafico with that kind of sloppy play tsakonas_chris
VAR is killing football.. That Senegal penalty should have stood.. Football thrives in controversy.. Such a bad way… MungaiRober
Congrats to Algeria, they played a very poor final, but a great competition overall. Very poor refereeing, Mané sho… HusseinKamelio
Africa needs to be to learn how to used the VAR, very Poor officiating at the final of afcon, that's a penalty #AFCON2019 IamBhibest
Two calls against Senegal. Most foul in box and changed penalty. Terrible officiating #AFCON2019final dlentzedh
#SENALG that should be a penalty....poor officiating too much favouritism for North Affricans #CAF #AFCON2019 #AFCON2019final oyewolebisi
#VAR has disappointed me, #Senegal deserved that penalty, #AFCON2019 Jay25506
Oooo lo referee which game is he refereeing a clear penalty denied or poor Senegal 😭😭😭 DjCeeloSA
Penalty denied.., Poor Senegal, ...this VAR thing sucks #SENALG #TotalAFCON2019 NSixbert
That's a fucken penalty. Poor handling of VAR Technology ..#AFCON2019 Mpandla10
They just robbed Senegal. That's a Clear Penalty. Poor decision by the referee #SENALG #TotalAFCON2019 dikeobinna5
Poor officiating This is no penalty at all. #AFCON2019 adelakunbayo
Soft penalty, terrible decision Where should he have out his hands? It’s next to his body #AFCON2019 i_amBoneZ
Boring football for a Final. But i thought that was a penalty on Sarr. #SENALG Darcy_Ish
A penalty stone wall penalty. This official is poor in the #afcon final. ManlikeX2
As someone disappointed to see Stek in the starting lineup, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The penalty save plus t… ColeMaples3
What a penalty save by Stekelberg well done @Everton now Everton’s turn from a free kick @LucasDigne not a good one… annmckenzie67
#granturismosport the penalty system is now so bad it encourages ramming not acting as a deterrent what a shame GTS… MHarpic
Extremely poor decision by the officials. Something @NRL fans are getting all to use too!! Was making a tackle,… matty_mccabe1
Take your kid with you to a B&E You're a terrible parent... Shoot the man in bed with your wife....Still wrong Emo… cr0wb4r777
Corporators of those wards that send mixed waste shud have landfill penalty. seenavinuraj
PSA that can never be said enough: if you’re pro life and support the death penalty, uh bad news you’re not pro life izzycraw
This penalty shootout between Argentinos Juniors and Colón has been poor #Sudamericana F_Acevedo_
4-1 with a terrible penalty call I'll take it — watching FC Cincinnati vs DC United Rafadinho95
I think the poor penalty call lit a fire under @dcunited. Haven’t seen this kind of offense in 2019. Gatorchad07
The @MLS prove again why the league is not serious. #CINvDC a bad penalty call not corrected followed by an illegal… Woody4KC
Another terrible penalty call by @PROreferees. Time to start boycotting @MLS Shimboy108
Bad call to award the penalty. Arriola tried to get his arm out the way whole keeping it tucked. @PROreferees need… MarcC856
MLS officiating is horrible that was not a penalty vs DC United or even in a Recreation league. #givemeabreak #MLS danielmcmasters
That's a pretty bad penalty call in my biased opinion. sflanagan17
There is absolutely no way that’s a penalty. MLS’ refereeing is absolutely terrible. thatNSCfan
So even when you correct a bad tackle before it turns "bad" it's a penalty. Riiiiiight. Josh_Randall85
That penalty is bad news for Klemmer. If bunker starts calling players for lifting knees, just end his career now marioseags1
Bad miss there by the refs, way offside and we don’t get the penalty EvaaanMan
Instead of donating money to free a murderer from the death penalty y’all should donate money to the innocent poor… lotus_flac
if you play UNO with me, there’s a 2 card penalty every time you say “IS IT MY TURN?” UNO is a game of attention. Don’t waste my time 🚨 nataquo
yeah the death penalty probably sucks but have you ever had passive aggressive parents velethereal
Djorkaeff to the rescue 🙌🏁 Simply not good enough though, It shouldn't take an 88th minute penalty to see off a Le… M5Saint
"El Chapo" too bad death penalty was not on the table. josephpatchen
#granturismosport total clusterfuck of a Penalty System totally useless totally screwed totally waste if time totally ruining Live Racing MHarpic
This news of this poor 18 year old girl murdered and exploited online pisses me off so much. When will fucking men… TertelLuver
Not as bad as the scoreline suggested, their penalty was soft and we should have had one just before. Hit the post… Bazza_WHU_08
Feel bad for Angelino, giving away a penalty in his first game for city MightyRobertso5
The "Horns Down" penalty IS A JOKE! Poor little, Woosified @TexasFootball fans can't handle it! Grow The Hell Up! S… VolierB
Latest to make us poorer: Councils have begun charging householders to dump waste at rubbish tips, it has emerged,… johnboya1
Releasing This Friday - #familyofthakurgunj - Avg. #JhootaKahinKa - Flop #Penalty - Avg. #LionKing - CINEMATIC EX… cricketmht
"Death penalty will never work if the system was designed to kill only the poor. carielnoblee
Which RB is inarguably bad during overtime when a teammate is called for a penalty? I'd say #Dolphins Chandler Cox.… highmotorNFL
With that being said forever grateful for my dudes @dsv and @willgrier_ for pissing off Texas so bad they made a pe… kmorris4121
Bad time to miss my first penalty but suppose somebody has to miss 😶 More minutes into the legs tho,season is approaching 👀⚓️ andyd_94
Nrly 78,000 licence fees to pay fr tax dodgers. That's a waste of OAPs over 75 licence payers money. HMRC shld have… Wadey1234
If Brandon Clark (yesjuliet) lives then I hope they don’t give him the death penalty. He wants that to bad. Hopeful… lowkeygivingup
This poor girl...all the people saying she deserved it are absolute scum and should be locked up too...I hope that… LadyMary_1
Couldn't sleep well last night because every time I closed my eyes I kept seeing that poor girl's bloody corpse and… PoppiQT_Pi
Jackson to Kat - Did you hear what I was told. It's more than penalty votes. Be Back Fish screen Kat- we're that bad? SurvivingGIST
How to Get a Google Penalty Using Affiliate Links (And How to Recover): I have some good news and some bad news abo… TrafficHuge
I'll gladly take the penalty and bad rep for leaving a game when you're playing with people who have no clue. unforgottenlive
u turn 26 and u instantly get hit with that aging penalty from ur years of poor sleep/lifting. bro i am creaking Tasi_Turney
so fucked up what happened to that poor girl on IG. may she rest easy and hopefully shes in a better place, hope he… spatbIood
seriously poor girl....that emo ass ugly disgusting sick guy better get the d*ath penalty sowonieult
Man all those #NYCFC fans who told everyone to keep crying when Cheatin’ Castellanos literally flop-robbed two goal… vgianfrancesco
Terrible to be tied 1-1 at HT. Dominant 45 ruined by a penalty #NYCFC anthonym0307
What we are not going to do in this country is hand out the death penalty for bad business, for meth dealers in Northern Nevada. IamNiaJordan
Glad they didn't waste extra time for penalty cos apere ni Akepyi😂 olumuyiwaayo
How will you give Mahrez a freekick in that sought of place. What did you expect. As bad as Akpeyi is, he had a bet… Jid_BOSS
A deservingly ouster, Nigerian team was damn too weak and boring for my liking! Even with a useless VAR Penalty, they lost! IkpanAaron
I support the use of VAR, but why waste our time with what is a clear penalty? #TotalAFCON2019 #AFCON #ALGNGA harncell
Bull crap penalty for Nigeria madridstamahdi
Ngl if we get given this penalty its poor from the ref izuthemulatto
Ref! This is clearly a penalty... why are u wasting time???? Bowmah
Horrible way to lose a world cup final, the equivalent of a penalty shoot out. Really hard on #NewZealand, #victory… manuman61
And many say penalty kicks and flicks are disappointing ways to decide a World Cup... #boundariesinanover! dockerhutch
And i thought penalty shootout was a horrible wsy to decide a title. #CWC19Final decided by who finishes higher aft… aaronmurray2807
The #VAR in #CAF2019 is bad bad bad. How did the Tunisians did not receive the second penalty kick? Only a single,… AghiadHaloul
VAR is a terrible addition to soccer. This penalty in the AFCON semi is trash. tmcfar
FFS it's bad enough with the football penalty shoot outs without the crickters joining in. #ENGvsNZ writerCPDawson
#TUN is stressing me out I almost can't watch. Out here wasting penalty kicks and missing tooo many shots 🙈 dawhodi
Never turned up today the @WidnesRL fair play to @Halifax_RLFC but some terrible bias decisions. Love to see the penalty count ffs! 1892football
One penalty each saved from both teams. Boring game so far. Another soap opera game 😁 #SENTUN #AFCON2019 Grinman14
Both teams turning the keepers into heroes with terrible penalty kicks #SENTUN Salkarb
A tale of poor penalty takers. #SENTUN ZeddyDan
African referees are disgracing VAR. Poor penalty against Senegal, ref didn’t check VAR. Goalkeeper stepped off… debaizj
And that was the second worst penalty of the year. OMG how terrible #sentun #CupOfNations Tha_Analyzer
See as penalty dey waste anyhow 😂😂 yyimika
A very poor penalty kick indeed. Anyway good for Senegal. #TUNSEN #AFCON2019 Vhuramavi
It’s remarkable to me how many times a crap penalty call is followed by a missed PK #SEN 0-0 #TUN 75th min hjenn3
Penalty save! What a poor poor penalty from #Sassi #SENTUN #TotalAFCON2019 Okey2blac
What a terrible penalty from Tunisia 🇹🇳. Justice served I didn’t think it was a penalty in the first place. Senega… sedinam2903
Very poor Penalty by Sassi on the back of a very poor referee decision and no VAR check.#TotalAFCON2019 #SENTUN slohampton
Yoh that was a really bad penalty #SENTUN shashawendigo
#SENTUN that was poor penalty Maxabiso6
Terrible penalty amponsah_prince
What a poor penalty... What a poor TUNISIA team... What a boring semi final... What a poor team #afcon alpink03
Poor poor poor penalty by Sassi. Gomis only needed to dive the right way and the save was always assured. Talk of S… BabajideJames
Poor Penalty Tumilebete
Tunisia........ that was a horrible penalty sleekDO
A very poor penalty calarate_
Poor poor poor penalty really. Also not a pen #tunsen JustKaraboo
Poor officiating. It wasn't a penalty. #TotalAFCON2019 hunoben
Senegal 🇸🇳 wasted so many chances before that penalty. Then the penalty taker was over confident.. 😂 😂 😂 Poor Tunisia 🇹🇳. #SENTUN MseriousMcee
Sassi oh no poor penalty TeeBoySwag
Waste of penalty. ......... KabugaG
Horrible penalty Guvnor_Boon
🤣🤣🤣🤣 such a bad penalty MJayFarah
Sassi miss very poor penalty #SENTUN #AFCON2019 almighty_simon
poor penalty call and justice served KofiOrtsin
What a horrible penalty 😂🤦🏾‍♂️ eman_sasu7
See as this one waste penalty Lakechals
Ryan Kent won a penalty and helped create Rhian Brewster ‘s goal but apparently he is having a terrible game . Just… shajma
What a race! So many good moments, congrats #teamLH but what was #vettel thinking? 10secs penalty waste theRoyRoss
Boring race for victory. @Boring @F1 #vettel only 10 sec #penalty for stealing a podium. This is mordern F1 and it… Andre_Pals
.@lorishezemans has buiild a gap of nearly 1 second to @stienes_longin! Poor Stienes is going to have his 7th 2nd p… worldofnwes
Another bullshit penalty and a bad hot head racer and another 1-2 from the team with the best car. What a shit race and season. HeelRaceDriver
He might be a 4 rime World Champ but #Vettel makes a lot of mistakes, that’s a poor one, ruined @Max33Verstappen ra… Iammintxbo
A ten second time penalty is a poor penalty what difference is it gonna make he’s running last? 🙄 should add it in… MissJadeLeighC
I'll be surprised if Vettel doesn't get a penalty there. Disappointing for Verstappen. #BritishGP mulzk
That was so bad from Vettel, if that’s not a penalty I don’t know what is laurenjsport
Vettel has made a terrible mistake and is now investigation he has to get a penalty for causing a collision #SkyF1 richiedragon
Poor Bottas. Hamilton has all of the luck: an extra 7 points when Leclerc’s Ferrari failed in Bahrain, an extra 7 p… chuck1233
Poor Cotric getting sent off due to the incompetence of referees not sending George Burgess off. Deliberately claw… yorkdizzle
#Horrible. The ICSID slapped Pak with $6BN PENALTY in FAV of TETHYAN COPPER CO against their claim of 16$Bn as Da… ShamsKakezai
Should be a penalty for bad sportsmanship #NRLRoostersCowboys obsessedmatdfan
Really poor week for fantasy MLS. Vela bench, ibra blank, and gaitan miss the penalty kick madyahya
Another bad ref call leads to a penalty for Fresno #FRSvNM KorinAaren2
#nascar with a crap penalty on the #24 JakeCarpenter22
That Hemric penalty sucked. I mean it was the right call but damn man. #NASCAR tpierc07
BAll DON'T LIE!!!! Referee tried to cheat for @ChicagoFire on a horrible penalty call and karma strikes!!!… opher_hubbard
10 second penalty for Sam and Robin has problems 😞 Not a good day for Envision Virgin! #FormulaE #FormulaEFamily… jamesharmon95
What we learned from Blues' pre-season tour of Portugal.. We can score. We can't defend. We're terrible at penalty… lumvisio
SBI waives NEFT, etc charges: PSU lost its credibility among 130 cr of people. PSU is a unit for poor people when… SuratRamasamy
A charge down try and two penalty kicks...Wigan are such a poor team, shame we didn’t nil them. george_duffy11
Another penalty, another try. Fucking boring. Not sure how @BrettFerres11 could have got away any quicker from that tackle either. #SLLeeHkr RL_Hub
It is a weird feeling when you think about how you can feel so bad for someone's death that you want another death.… Katie_Rios_
Fiorentina 21-0 Val De Fassi Team, Bad Durrheim 0-16 FC Koln and Torino 18-1 Bormiese are all good, but I think the… lazydog03
Poor Marvin the only lad who slotted his penalty with conviction and he gets legged. Girls are CANCELLED AlexFagan1
#loveisland Antons penalty kick 😂😂😂 poor lad SugaRay786
Whenever it comes down to a penalty shoutout, put your money on the white team. Blacks would always flop. #CIVALG juddyblaise
Penalty’s in the AFCON are so slow and poor quality and these are professionals Bush6386
Bad bad penalty alihassan_1996
Horrible penalty. #ALGCIV slicky_ric
OMG. What a terrible penalty from Bony smh BenH_0
poor penalty Bony KofiOrtsin
Poor poor penalty P_Fungayi
Penalty missed!!! Algeria waste a chance to double their lead from the spot. #AFCON2019 Bongani_Dlams
Terrible penalty. Took it like a corner. Remains 1-0 Algeria. #AFCON2019 RabbitRabbitOn
Abeg what kind of poor officiating is this one, how on earth was that a penalty. #AFCON2019 Dremma_peters
Very poor penalty Ofegah
VAR sucks.... how is that a penalty Kojo_Entsie
#JH Death penalty for Rapist is a step in a good directions considering how bad rape is and the trauma but how I wi… Akinkenny10
Dear @ICC.. Its time u start imposing penalty on bad umpiring too.. #ENGvAUS mayankdevlal
So disappointed. Tiny Tommy Two Percent got my hopes up for the death penalty. The_Prenna
Lmao what a bad penalty hippynothipster
Carolina commits big violations- ncaa: bad! Bad! *people turn their backs* omg unc were so sorry... N.C. State: bad… philiosaurushoo
So NC State might get the 'Death Penalty', fun news on a boring sports day. Except its not fun, and bag dropping is… IDAndrewClark
Tonight in AOR GT3: Wrecked by a lap car ✅ Wrecked a lapped car myself ✅ Terrible qualifying ✅ DNF ✅ Probably a he… Julien2395_
Bit controversial maybe but bar score penalty’s what does pat hoban do... very poor tonight so far and all the talk that does b about him.. EamonnO72441489
#NGARSA Penalty denied 26’ Nigeria terrible with control and passes Paulflurry29
Par 4 hole 14: disaster. Drive hooked left into the water. Drop and a penalty. Bad lie (due to a missed tactic)… jhkingsland
Two Tedesco tries, one off a terrible early tackle count kick. One off of a 5th tackle penalty. Love that we equall… colingfun
Terrible penalty for NSW doing exactly what QLD does on a bomb following by such an obvious double movement. These… Paul_0F_Duty
Kaufusi in this 2nd half has been deplorable. 5th tackle penalty and a horrible miss on Murray. Now a knock on. Hook him PeterAddley
Another penalty omg this is bad #StateOfOrigin bradley_butt
#Origin Ref playing his part in this one with a terrible penalty to get #Queensland out of defencive set starting from goal-line drop out. LewDubPB
Isn’t it only a flop if the tackle is completed, and if the tackle was completed then it would have been a penalty… _gaspanic_
How is that a penalty for a flop #Origin Dylan00716
Anti-death penalty, Pro-abortion, Pro-"free-healthcare-is: -a-human-right." Yet, they're all for killing this poor… dancrawford2044
Ghana are not good in penalty taken. Lose in afcon to Ivory coast 92, Lost in world cup agst Uruguay Lost in afcon… clap4tunde

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