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Release Date: May 11, 2018

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#Raazi is amazing. No nonsense, 2 hr 20 min of pure entertainment and thrill. @aliaa08 simply nailed it!!! sajaljain17
Thank you @meghnagulzar for making a wonderful film. #Raazi #meaningfulcinema vatspracheta
#Raazi A must watch! @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 you took my heart guys!!❤️❤️❤️ suhalka_heena
Great acting by @aliaa08 in #Raazi 👏👏👏 jayesh_129
It gives goosebumps to know the story of #Sehmat! #Raazi is a wonderful film, brilliantly portraying the brave stor… mouparnasaha
Watched #Raazi What an amazing performance by @aliaa08.. totally loved it. You go girl.. waiting fr more frm u.. ❤❤ HrithikanPapri
#Raazi is an amazing & powerful film. Loved @aliaa08 , an exceptional performance! Hats off to #MeghanaGulzar for m… priyat21
Loved RAAZI...! @aliaa08 immense beauty and full of talent, loved ur acting. 'AE VATAN' beautifully sung. This mov… puja_rahude
Amazing evolution of @aliaa08 from SoY to Raazi.. Truly an inspiration for existing/upcoming actors(ress) jignesh1986
Loved to watch @RaaziHoon #Raazi... Amazing @aliaa08 Vibrant @vickykaushal09 This is sure shot #100crore club movie with female lead... RahimPatel19
What a movie is Raazi! Superb acting by @aliaa08 and best direction @meghnagulzar AMAZING PIECE in the era of shit… EraPatil
Just watched #Raazi Awesome Movie... Amazing @aliaa08 SUPERBB RahimPatel19
#Raazi Superb! Go watch. Deadpool can wait one more week! basu_prateek
#Raazi : Better than typical bollywood spy movies but still noticed many plotholes. Alia's work is fine though. My… Indar_Indeed
#Raazi fabulous movie..... spectacular performance by @aliaa08 🙏🙏🙏.... totally nailed it....I am in love with the movie😍😍🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 kannaiah1996
#Raazi today watched it again, superb acting done by @vickykaushal09 calm,simple but superb act. MeNagraj
Today watched #Raazi. Another excellent performance by @aliaa08. Loved the film. #Deshkeaagekuchnahi. Adi_rocks41
What a Splendid movie @RaaziHoon is! @aliaa08 You were amazing, as usual ! Kudos! #Raazi RanadeAmruta
Just watched raazi what an awesome movie it is loved the performance of @aliaa08 but man what a performance @vickykaushal09 loved it... mishra_subam
#Raazi Finest movie seen in a long time. A must watch! getfalgun
Powerful story with Great performances. Raazi stands out with its emotions and subtle love. Rarely happens in Boll… SujiJacob
Fantastic, matured thriller which doesn't hold back. #Raazi is really great. @aliaa08 is getting amazing roles and… 4lue2
Raazi- Beautiful & meaningful film with great performance by entire cast, soulful music..Good to see its collection… ramraj22
What a movie,hates off to the team #raazi. @aliaa08 you were better than rest of the bollywood. Awesome story ,awesome acting. BrahmbhattDeep
Superb acting @aliaa08. I was speechless for some moments before I cud reconcile. Me & my wife seemed to live every… JaydevDas19
Hey @aliaa08 I don’t usually write about movies but i saw #raazi today and felt like complimenting you. You were simply amazing #Raazireview akshatkumar87
#Raazi So far the best movie I've ever seen of 2018. Great work by @aliaa08, I suggest everyone must watch it. akashnagar
#Raazi is an amazing attempt of showing war away from the battle field. Humanizing spys and even the enemy. Bringin… RootedKite
Great performance by @aliaa08 in #Raazi ! Such untold, obscure stories need to be told. Hope bollywood comes out wi… deepakpatil
Loved #Raazi, watched it with the Bois........ legitjaysingh
Watched #Raazi ..Awesome and flawless acting by @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 What a incredible direction by @meghnagulzar. A must watch 👍 123hellobello
Great watch after a really long time! @aliaa08 was out of the world! @vickykaushal09 - another sexy man alive in In… debaleenapaul
Finally watched #Raazi today and I'm mighty impressed, it totally lived up to my expectations. @aliaa08 is fabulous… _Sukhmanx
What beauty you @aliaa08, truly amazing performance in #Raazi not to forget @vickykaushal09 simply loving and effor… santuamit
Watched some amazing Hindi movies n English!Hindi-102 not out ,Raazi,Aaiyari,Pari,Dhrishyam , and Hichki!!All worth… Papajon7
#Raazi is such a gripping film. Superb Casting. @aliaa08 and her "trainer" get into the skin of the character! GoutamV8
#NowWatching #Raazi interested to watch the amazing acting by @aliaa08 goldinketc
Diii raazi bagitli ...nice movie😀aalia was fab...loved her acting...n u wer ausm too😍 @AmrutaOfficial anjiloke
Saw Raazi yesterday. At a time when war-mongering is actively promoted as an emotion, the film does great service i… GovndMano
Hello @sikka_harinder Greetings from Goa! I loved Calling Sehmat which was beautifully presented in Raazi. Did you… SherwynCorreia
Finally saw Raazi,what a fabulous movie. I was vry shocked seeing @aliaa08 , nd @vickykaushal09 you were mind blowi… Amaira1256
#Raazi is one of the most amazing movie i've watched recently! Though with simple and real characters, the compelli… praanish_N
Raazi is amazing movie..,i jst loved it,nd the song Ae Watan,its pure love💕💕💕💕💞,and Alia is as Everytime versatile… Rutu1605
#Raazi Absolutely wonderful movie. Who would have expected @aliaa08 who played a fashionable school girl in her fir… viraajshahh
#raazi loved the Movie, loved the action @aliaa08 , @vickykaushal09 and wonderful direction by @meghnagulzar 007rdj
#Raazi is an amazing movie. Best acting by @aliaa08.Congrats best #director @meghnagulzar ❤️❤️ AhsanKamal21
#raazi, gulzaar ma'am, you made a great patriotic move..."mulk ke saamne mahobbat...." Woh Hats off sivamangesh
Raazi, a lesson from @meghnagulzar on how to make war movies without glorifying either sides. Amazing movie! Amazing music @Shankar_Live abhimanyukamat
Watching Raazi makes me want to believe in Bollywood movies again. Amazing job🙌 #Raazi Ashwini1397
Congratulations #AliaBhatt for amazing movie #Raazi I have see such a movie after a long time. cooldeepnagpal
Loved @RaaziHoon @aliaa08 Raazi must watch.. chhavi02
You had my breath held and heart racing all through the movie @aliaa08 #raazi amazingly gripping stutigilotra
#deadpool2 may have been good but #raazi was amazing. @aliaa08 actually bothers to put effort into her performances. 👏🏽🎩 princessesierra
Saw #Raazi @aliaa08 was superb as she usually is in all her films! But i was mighty impressed with @vickykaushal09… AagamJ
Great watch.. movie #Raazi Excellent acting @aliaa08 srimaya_rath
Saw #Raazi today what a fabulous performance by our cute and sweet @aliaa08. Awesome movie loved it. 😊😍🙏🏻❤️👌🏻. God… imarmaankhan
#Raazi is a must watch..@aliaa08 is jst amazing👌 #Raazireview i_amritasingh
Thanks for making the movie #Raazi @meghnagulzar @karanjohar . Current India needs such more movies. Superb acting… 1sttHuman
If you haven't watched #Raazi yet then you are missing such a great movie. @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 and all other… imTanisha18_7
Watched yesterday @RaaziHoon movie. Manh, such a great movie & the role of @aliaa08 .. her work speechless. Again… CricnoFreak
Raazi is so gripping and well made film. A must watch. @aliaa08 & @Jaiahlawat are a treat to watch on the screen. So so good. kartikvadera
Finally watched @RaaziHoon #movie 🎥.. What great Work of Team.. At least one time watch this 🎥 #Raazi #Alia #AliaBhatt #Movie @aliaa08 MDKiSetting
Must watch movie #Raazi. Great performances too by all esp @aliaa08 u r such a versatile actor - ur strong n sensit… trupscool
#Raazi Amazing movie.. Depicts struggle, emotions, hard-work and difficulties faced by a spy..Great characterization.. dipak_gawade
#AliaBhatt has surprised us again after UdtaPunjab. Outstanding Class in Raazi. Kudos...More power to you girl ! #Raazi 5/5 varun34by02
Watched #Raazi. Amazing performance by @aliaa08 ,@vickykaushal09 and #Raaziteam. Movie was revolving around SEHMAT… introparth
Jayema Sam Yudhi Sprdhah” ( I completely defeat those who dare to fight with me) #India #raazi must watch for every… nazoo_sharma
The movie #Raazi was thrilling, engaging & a must watch! Saw you @vickykaushal09 for the first time on screen & now… DivyaMittal26
Raazi was such an amazing movie😭 I love you @aliaa08 ❤️ aadityac1511
So great to catch #raazi at a theatre nearby! What a story unfold :) loved that “2 hours” ! 1991saheli
Saw RAAZI last night and yes, it was great. @aliaa08 is amazing as always and I now have a huge crush on… theycallmeina
#Raazi what a movie, thoroughly enjoyed watching it.... Hats off 🙌 to the team raazi @aliaa08 @meghnagulzar… Itspuneetgarg
Today i am very fortunate, today I am very lucky because today i finally watched a great movie #RAAZI. If I don't w… debjyotig688
More #Raazi is such a nice movie. Brilliant job #MeghnaGulzar , @aliaa08 n team RaviSingh7
Finally watched Raazi today. Brilliant. Outstanding. Superb. Actually words r short to describe #Raazi how the beau… debjyotig688
#Raazi wonderful patriotic movie Hats off to Sehmet a true patriotic 🙏🙏🙏🙏thanks Meghana Gulzar for making such great movie drpknaik80
Watched #Raazi today, What an amazing movie it is & the best thing happened today in theatre was everybody stopped… shreya_varuniac
Fabulous first half. #Raazi Cricketisluvv
#Raazi is a fantastic film loved @aliaa08 in the film she rocks as always and the story was so heartbreaking (nothing beyond our country) ThakkarTisha
Went to watch #Raazi (#raazitrailer #raazion11may) with great expectations! But what a let down. unnecessary hype!… ElCritiq
After watching Raazi, I wanna say that @meghnagulzar has done an amazing job at portraying the delicacies of Kashmi… Shambhavi_R6
Happy Birthday @vickykaushal09 ! Loved you in Raazi and excited for your future acting! Lots of love to you ❤❤ #HappyBirthdayVickyKaushal sh00kgal
#Raazi s Spectacular @meghnagulzar strikes again after #Talvar @aliaa08 s 💓💓💓 @vickykaushal09 s Amazing… Some_1_dare
#AliaBhatt in love with raazi movie😍😍😍 great work. ashabana678
#Raazi @aliaa08 excellent work in a must watch 🎦... Go for it if u hvnt. aksmeg
#Raazi Review = A must watch for everyone Really a top notch by @aliaa08 Script is very wonderfully directed Very… i_m__jay
#Raazi - amazing intense movie ! #AliaBhatt was so real that you would think she is the character she’s portraying… KaranDhurka
#Raazi what an amazing movie! Usually in a war based movie people of the enemy country is portrayed as people with… theconfusedsage
#raazi An amazing movie ,a must watch ,superb story telling and direction by #meghnagulzar and stupendous acting by #AliaBhatt bart_studiotara
#raazi what a wonderful movie by @meghnagulzar . @aliaa08 what a splendid performance. kdbulls
Wishing a very happy birthday #Iqbal @vickykaushal09. Your performance in #Raazi is just fabulous. Good wishes for ur next🎂🎁💐 soumitri1
Raazi..what a movie..superb aCting by Alia and I really.feel for unsung heros..watching in theatre giving shivers a… AnkurGoyal
Finally watched #Raazi and I am blown!!! ❤Amazing movie and @aliaa08 you were flawless as Sehmat!!!👌❤ Shubhi_Varuniac
Watched #raazi @aliaa08 the more i see your movies the more bigger fan of urs i become. Amazing work in every fram… iambhavin_trvd
Splendid RAAZI ❤️ Must watch @meghnagulzar iamrupadutta
Watched #Raazi today. Loved it! Happy birthday @vickykaushal09 ! Mayra_K11
Happy birthday to the super talented @vickykaushal09 , have a great year ahead . Loved #Raazi ! #HappyBirthdayVickyKaushal MohdNas49456956
Great amazingly superb work done at raazi by lady alia . A must watch for all indian . AjiteshSwarup
Watched #Raazi last night well just have one word for the whole movie #awesome never lost the plot great work can s… Raj88Himanshu
What a great performance by @aliaa08 in Raazi. She's single handedly mesmerized with the portrayal of the powerful… aniket_b19
Watched #Raazi last night well just have one word for the whole movie #awesome never lost the plot great work can s… sait_naumy
#raazi what a stupendous performance from @aliaa08 she is a great talent and what a heart touching movie. Great per… as_ashutosh
#Raazi does a great job of being balanced against a backdrop that has always been heavily complicated. That… narayani_basu
Happybirthday loved your sincerity in #raazi #HappyBirthdayVickyKaushal JaishreeKanoria
Amazing @aliaa08 ,superb performance in #Raazi ..just to say mindblowing 🙋 alpharay63
#Raazi brilliantly directed and written by @meghnagulzar. Loved how it wasn’t a typical India VS Pakistan Crusade w… patelamer
After RAAZI m become fan of Alia Bhatt...she is damn superb in the film 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 #AliaBhatt #Raazi KarelaMeetha
#Raazi is the a must watch movie. The film started and I didn’t realise they we are nearing to the end of the movie… jaideep_15
Must watch #raazi. So many small gems scattered in the movie. If we ever had an award for best ensemble cast raazi… nirav_patani
Raazi is a gem. Wonderful dialogue delivery, innocent acting and love it how the movie has established a balanced a… sdedgaonkar
"Usne jo bhi kiya apne mulk me liye Kiya, hum bhi wahi karte hai"...sums up the most amazing film I've seen so far.… VeeBali
I am a fan of Alia and I loved #Raazi but still what's so special in raazi? All she's doing is spying her husband,… TharkiZombie
Hi @AmrutaOfficial (amu 😋) Watched raazi yesterday. Such a amazing and patriotic film. Your and alia's work is outs… WhereIsRohan007
Amazing. Excellent. Appreciated. Good job done @aliaa08 @RaaziHoon #RAAZI nice movie amazing performance… arun06_pandey
~Jung Mein Jung se zyada aur koi maaine nahi rakhta ~ #Raazi 🎬👍loved each and every perf. in the mvie! Well done en… raghav_1217
Raazi is the best Hindi film I’ve watched in awhile.... @aliaa08 was amazing 👏🏽 Vdana101
#Raazi is a brilliant movie and a must watch. @aliaa08 breathes life into the character of Sehmat. Jaideep Ahlawat… Plabanmohanty
#Movie #Review: One must watch #Raazi . Brilliant performances by all cast, especially @aliaa08 . She has grown lea… abhaypandit94
I just watched #Raazi yesterday. Amazing movie. I think I am gonna read #CallingSehmat . Because books are better t… lipi_gupta04
Dear @aliaa08 seen #Raazi & one more time u hv directly connected to me n my emotions with ur amazingly natural ac… zashutoshz
Watched #Raazi today. I will highly recommend it. @aliaa08 wins the heart 😍😍and @vickykaushal09 is superb 🕺The film… iamcastingwaala
Raazi is such a good movie. Loved it but tbvh Alia Bhatt's acting could have been better but still the movie was AMAZING! FEISTY_BIZZLE
#Raazi Great performance by Alia Bhat! I Like this genre of women contributing meaningfully toward a goal. They hav… SnehaJanaki of finest piece of acting by @aliaa08.@meghnagulzar hats off to you for making such a great thriller. afzal_shahab
Superb performance I ever feel, I have watched #Raazi and I could not stop myself to thank you @aliaa08 and congrat… shankar_pise
Very happy birthday @vickykaushal09 u r an amazing talent. Already won our hearts in such a short time. Excited to… Sambuddha_RK2
Aye Watan #Raazi @raiisonai amazing song Sangeet0827
#Raazi is a MUST WATCH movie!!! I loved it!! Hats off to @aliaa08 this is one of the best movies of yours, absolut… Krishnapatel02
Loved #raazi! I don't do this but this movie had #meghnagulzar and @aliaa08 written all over it! Not deriding the o… sukaina1422
A good film. Great Acting. A perfect end to the day. @aliaa08 #Raazi Loved it 😍😘 Am_Arihant
Watched Raazi today! Whatta film👌 Ace acting by @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 @AmrutaOfficial Its a must watch movie. I'… snehal_rs
Just Watched #Raazi.@aliaa08 WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW.Brilliantly acted.Loved it 4/5 shreyasBhalek10
Ultimate Movie @RaaziHoon ! 'वतन के आगे कुछ नहीं' A Must watch!! Keep Rocking and Congratulations!! @aliaa08… sou_thakur
I had goosebumps while watching #Raazi It's inspirational and @aliaa08 you have done extraordinary #PrideofIndia #RAW vedantagrawal91
Loved #Raazi and you @aliaa08 so much. Best film that I have watched recently and loved your pairing with… sindhutatsme
Alia you rocked it in #Raazi .. Patriotic movies can't be compared but this one will surely regain my favourite.. G… siddhesh_1680
fab.👌 Brilliant Movie.. #Raazi Amazing Performance By @aliaa08 As Always. And @vickykaushal09 Was Also Superb. Cong… iamsharad98
Saw #Raazi yesterday. Loved every bit of it, makes you see the futility of war. @aliaa08 you are a star. There is n… jasmine46920771
Watched #Raazi Sterday.. Wow wat a performance from my fav @aliaa08 really u r such a great performer.. Congrats on… abu435
#Raazi shows EXCELLENT HOLD on Mon... Decline on Mon [vis-à-vis Fri] is a mere 16.33% - SUPERB... The film has foun… v1coolstuff
Amazing performance of @aliaa08 in #Raazi.. wht a acting skill..wht emotions hold on face.. mind blowing🙌 you dear😘..keep going..👍 surajtale_
Addicted to 'Agar dil raazi hai'... and yea loved the movie too, except for few probs, its easily the best movie of… besaleeqaMain_
So #Raazi is basically the prequel of #thegaziattack...superb acting by @aliaa08 especially when she cries like a i… Zoheb_smart
Raazi is soooo good!! Great job by @aliaa08 @AmrutaOfficial anurag_godse
Saw #Raazi today... Incredible movie, @aliaa08 gave such an amazing, heartbreaking performance... definitely worth… RavynJensen
Watched #Raazi last night outstanding story and some phenomenal performance by @aliaa08 love you!!❤️ guys must watch razzi ✌️ deep_aik
What a performance @aliaa08 !! Saw your movie #Raazi . Great script and superfluous direction. hkdpat
Good morning See "Raazi"...truely great movie...spellbinding performances by @aliaa08 and @VishalKOfficial YagneshwarB
Yesterday night I watched 'RAAZI'. Excellent work @aliaa08 and after that I m totally fan of you.. great job! piyushgoel20
#Raazi has been an amazing experience and lived through every moment. Nerve wrenching scenes and such outstanding b… anand_potdukhe
Go and watch Raazi! Don’t miss this one! Spectacular performance by Aliaa. Go go go. Must watch #Raazi TheSawhney
Watched a #raazi movie.. @aliaa08 terrific preformance.. powerpack movie.. loved itt.. ameypandit4
#Raazi Must watch movie. @aliaa08 performed a complex character very smoothly. Engrossing flick with a excellent plot. arayman22
Just returned home after watching #Raazi Amazing work @aliaa08 Must say, let it be #highway, #DearZindagi or #Raazi @aliaa08, you just slay💖 MeherKazi
Alia can do any role, with such perfection. Loved the character & performance of Vicky as well. Kudos to Meghna Gul… sanjaydesai93
Powerful stirring espionage thriller! #Raazi Must watch! @aliaa08 Acting next level!! 👌👌 Viky_vikash
hearing great reviews about @raazi the movie. need to watch it soon! @aliaa08 is a 🌟 🌟 shirishy_
I am a pakistani n i love ur Raazi.......@karanjohar very nice movie true story of love sacrifice and patriotism bu… sanajeitpur
Watched #Raazi Great piece of work by @aliaa08 #acting YashYks1994
.@meghnagulzar's #Raazi is an amazing movie. @aliaa08 should get ready with her Best Actress award speech.… MurtuzIqbal
What a masterpiece #raazi is, Loved @aliaa08 Impeccable performance. MayurcMalusare
#Raazi 😘😘😘Awesome movie.. @aliaa08 u rocked it😍 rajarshisaha7
I’m not usually one to ❤️ Bollywood movie, but do yourself a favour and watch #Raazi. @aliaa08 was fabulous, as alw… ShruBee03
#Raazi brilliant spy movie @meghnagulzar Superbly directed and shot..real @aliaa08 great to see brilliant acting skills by this generation animesh41
Just watched #Raazi.. A superb watch after a very long time.. Many many congratulations to you @aliaa08… imAkshB
#raazi review 4 /5 must watch for those who think muslims in india are not patriotic #Raazireview . Alia's acting w… scmfr1
raazi was amazing!!!!😱 anumaicha
Raazi😍😍... The film is a Masterpiece !!! Must watch. And Alia Bhatt is an acting genius !!! kirthan1995
#Raazi I am at a loss of words. Must watch. Congratulations @meghnagulzar vasudha_mittal
You are amazing in #Raazi @Jaiahlawat hopefully many more such roles to follow. iPandeyshubham
Just watched Raazi one of the best patriotic movie,great acting by @aliaa08 . abhirungta15
#Raazi could be the best screen play by #Bollywood this year! Great acting by @aliaa08 !! fakeadarsh
Must say #Raazi is a 100% worth to watch movie this year. Great acting by @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 and others. This… fakeadarsh
One of the few movies that haunts your mind even after coming home from the movie..loved #Raazi. Thanks for making… ShwethaKamath81
Holy shit Raazi is amazing jujuionthebeat
Alia is fabulous is #Raazi. And Raazi is fabulous. nishant_cricket
Amazing choice of movies you are doing @aliaa08. Great job for #Raazi. @meghnagulzar a very well made movie. All th… swets2785
Watched #Raazi this weekend. Amazing work of art. I smiled with you and cried with you @aliaa08 words aint enough… shprags
Just finished #Raazi .Great movie after long time. Acting by all the actors is of high standard. Not on a serious n… iamsharmasachin
#Raazi Yesterday watched raazi.. A brilliant performance by alia, She is the future kat... Amazing performance by her..... rahilnawazahmed
Loved #Raazi purely for its neutral, unbiased and human approach towards a sensitive topic ❤️🤘❤️ rakhee_sandilya
#raazi was houseful in #Houston loved it 😍 @aliaa08 @meghnagulzar SupriyaYadav
Watched #Raazi last night and absolutely loved it! Phenomenal performances by @aliaa08 and all the others!… amansoni09
Absolutely amazing movie Raazi-4.5/5, cutting half a point because of the slight slow pace of the movie, otherwise… abhigos99
Thoroughly enjoyed watching #Raazi Superb direction by @meghnagulzar and #aaliabhatt u are simply fabulous 😊😊 mubs1508
Watched 'Raazi' on first day and found it unbelievable. A true story! Amazing! Well done @meghnagulzar @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 ChanchalSinha
RAAZI Movie review Great Story Great Acting Great Screenplay Great Climax Must Watch Alia Bhatt You are such a bunch of cuteness n talent Adv_SiddharthS
What a Classic movie #raazi.Exceptional Acting done by @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09..Indian cinema is in great hands..A… rajangoelsamana
Wonderful performance by @aliaa08 in #Raazi !! Award winning performance for sure.. Amazing movie.. G4ut
Amazing performance and acting by @aliaa08 in the movie Raazi 👍👋👋👋 AnishKhakhar
#raazi @aliaa08 amazing film ✌🏻 kirenmarway
Dear @aliaa08, each inch of this year's National Award has your name written on it. What an amazing performance in… saurabhd04
Loved #Raazi Amazing performances by @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 @Jaiahlawat superb direction @meghnagulzar nitvyas
Watch #Raazi to only to see @aliaa08’s superb acting. bhabani79
Why Raazi is a must watch? Because, rarely there's a Bollywood film with great direction, performances, cinematogra… ipriyanks
Enjoyed #Raazi to the core. Stupendous work by @vickykaushal09 @aliaa08 @Jaiahlawat and whole cast! Its a rare sigh… sushant_ddn
#Raazi nice movie. #AliaBhatt acted immensely super... Could feel what were they making you... #merevatan BhavinGala89
“Raazi” as a prelude to Ghaazi is 👌👌 👌 @aliaa08 simply rocks and amazing storytelling by @meghnagulzar #womenpower #Raazi #AeWatan vattikuti
#Raazi A must watch, no nonsense, thriller. #AliaBhatt wonderful performance. Excellent Direction & dialogues. Musi… DRAJEY
Watched #Raazi 🎥 It’s amazingly outstanding. The acting is incredible 👌🏻👌🏻👏🏻 I was unable to keep my eyes away from… im_Ms7
What I really loved about watching #Raazi today, was the attention to detail on the cars. Kudos! chiragsaraswati
Saw Raazi last night. Could not stop crying even after an hour of the ending of the movie. Loved it so much! Defini… ahilyarocks
#Raazi - Certainly, the best Bollywood film I have watched this year. Terrific performances with hard hitting screenplay. A must watch! ImNeeleshK
#Raazi outstanding movie, amazing and inspiring story, loved the performance of the versatile @aliaa08… prateik226
What an amazing film Raazi is.. The story that need to be told.@aliaa08 you were amazing in the film akshaygunjal21
#Raazi is a thrilling engaging flick worth of money go for it @aliaa08 👌fab 3.5/5 naman_chavda
#Raazi is must watch. #AliaBhatt delivers mind blowing performance, What a talented gal she is. nizami_fayaz
Just back from watching #Raazi, fabulous film, superb direction by #meghanagulzar and fab acting by #AliaBhatt dswadi
Just watched #Raazi. Dumbstruck to live @aliaa08's performance. Setting high standards in the industry. Fabulous !… prakash6680
Totally loved #Raazi !!! @aliaa08 gives a mind blowing performance as Sehmat!! Amazing film and amazing cast!! snehamakhija
#Raazi Such a great movie 👌🏻 very well directed and such a fabulous work done by @aliaa08 mygoldmedalmind
When it comes to my country, I am hopelessly emotional. This song from Raazi is amazing! :') — listening to Ae Watan - Raazi - Alia Bhatt im_shreyasi
Just watched #RAAZI. Superb movie!! fantastic acting by @aliaa08 .👌👌 ravindraei10
What a good movie Raazi is !!! Great acting by @aliaa08. Can't beat Highway movie though ....Also loved @AmrutaOfficial tooo nitin0703
There are few films who leave a lasting impression, Raazi did that for me, Great film with some brilliant performan… motakunal
power pack performance by @aliaa08 and @vickykaushal09 in #Raazi . Superb acting by everyone making it a must watch. #RaaziReview CatchSammy
Superb acting #AliaBhatt #Raazi #Aewatan song awesome.... KjSirish
Watched Raazi. Beautiful Movie. Well done @aliaa08. Great performance. vineet_sachdeva
Great to see marathmoli @AmrutaOfficial as #munira in #Raazi Keep up the good work 🎉🎉 AdityaKher
#Raazi must watch movie ! @aliaa08 like #Rekhaji #MadhuriDixit #SmitaPatil ma'am we can surely say our Gen too has… RanadeAmol
Raazi a movie every one must watch ...awsum movie...alia u Ur character in watan watan me… JUHIAGRAWAL48
#Raazi is a must watch! Brilliantly made by @meghnagulzar and spellbound performances by @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09… ivibhasrinivas
#Raazi What a fabulous film!! Even after the movie got over, the audience were so stunned that no one got up. Also… Riddhi_D_74
Wt a performance by @aliaa08 in #Raazi . Kudos to @aliaa08 for award winning performance. A must watch movie. #Raazi onlyjigs18
Just watched Raazi. Belive me its a must watch film. @aliaa08 i just loved u. As always you were best at your perfo… Suchari9
Great acting by @aliaa08. Awesome movie #Raazi DrSRajput
Alia Bhatt's fabulous performance kept me invested in #Raazi From an innocent girl to a sheer spy, her transformat… GarryDevilDada
just watching @raaz must say what a perfect performance by @aliaa08 just amazing. #love #raazi #aliabhatt emdhiraj
Enjoyed movie RAAZI with Youth PPSG Friends.... mayankporwal65
Great Performance @aliaa08 Superb movie #Raazi AjaysharmaA9
Raazi! Alia carries this on her own. Good story, solid dialogues and great acting. A well paced one too. Dil Raazi… iChetanC
yeah baby my #alia sweety has rocked in #Raazi she has now easily de-throned #DeepikaPadukone to become the no.1 he… Radha_Tandel
#Raazi has somewhat #Ghazi in it! Nice movie! mayankbawa07
#Aliabhat I LOVED THE MOVIE. RAAZI IS A MUST WATCH MOVIE. Alia Did really an amazing Job! Loved your Acting. #Love #Raazi #Aliabhatt 💜 talesfair
Amazing! Just watched Raazi! #Raazi @aliaa08 Agrawal_sg
Just watched #Raazi. What a wonderful movie!! Totally loved it and hence the impulsive need to tweet about how great it was!! sana_dash
Must watch #Raazi for brilliant performances of @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 and most likely @Jaiahlawat IamCM009
Aalia is 💚💚 in Raazi !!! Nice movie !! Meghna Gulzar has done better than last time !! #Raazi itsLuvSingh
#Alia rocked ! #Raazi JyotiMehtaj34
#raazi depicts a very sensitive subject in an extremely brilliant manner! A must watch, for the story of Sehmat. silvykalra
Raazi amazing film A tribute to the unfazed patriots of India ! You nailed it @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 @meghnagulzar .. primanghani
What a masterpiece #Raazi is. Wonderful performance by @aliaa08 @AmrutaOfficial @vickykaushal09. Even if 1% of the… Gauravc522
Ae Watan & Dilbaro & Alia & Meghna!! What a brilliant performance, plot! A must watch movie. We know where all the… vasundhara0505
Just watched raazi @meghnagulzar @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 Amazing acting, amazing direction and above all an amazing story 🌹❤ s_h_a_y_o_r_i
Watched #Raazi .Thoroughly enjoyed. Beautifully depicated storyline. Wao!!! Powepacked performance from a 25 yr gir… iamdibya23
Just watched god what a great film👍🏻....and what a performance by @aliaa08 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻all the very best...keep inspiring😊 sachinpareek05
Playing An inspiring #Mother you are an inspiration to the motherland. I couldn't imagine anyone better than… JunioRKANTH
Awesome movie... #Raazi @aliaa08 you rocked... total paisa vasool anuradhatripat3
Watched #Raazi Brilliant acting @aliaa08 Just loved it Highly recommended movie SameerKumarBhoi
Raazi is WOW! Aalia has been as amazing as in Udta Punjab. Simply Brilliant. Excellent direction by MeghnaGulzar rajat1589
Heard great things time to witness the spy ( Watan ke aaghe kuch Nahi ) #Raazi time @karanjohar @RaaziHoon @aliaa08… tusharshigwan
#Raazi is just phenomenonal i loved it Wonderful performance and grasping story line @aliaa08 you are amazing you j… ishitasinha_
#Raazi #Aliabhat @MaheshNBhatt @meghnagulzar @vickykaushal09 @karanjohar..What a fantastic film, thoroughly enjoyed… sreesab
#raazi ends where #ghaziattack begins. @aliaa08 is again terrific, equally well supported by #JaydeepAhlawat . A must watch #RaaziReview fire_on_ice82
And @aliaa08 you nailed it.. Amazing act.. #raazimovie #Raazi #RaaziReview #Raazi @vickykaushal09 @DharmaMovies amangupta2991
#Raazi awesome movie. So many emotions + it was based on a true story. Superb acting by @aliaa08 👏👏 Must watch! okinvestments29
#Raazi a superb women centric movie... best acting by @aliaa08 ... truest loved your confidence and performance 😘😍 shikhashreya4u
Alia Bhatt did it again. What a wonderful performance she gave in #Raazi. abidishajia
#Raazi what an intrigue spy thriller. On spot no useless drama. Amazing performance once again by @aliaa08 - for s… md_2986
#Raazi is fantastic!!! A must watch for every indian.A job well done @meghnagulzar @aliaa08 . Surely will feature i… dranirbanpoddar
Outstanding performance in the movie #Raazi by @aliaa08.... simply loved it!!! 😍😍 Riddhidmodi
#Raazi take a bow @aliaa08 u have outclassed .. Superb Direction..Must watch !!! pradeep_punia
Amazed with ur performance yet again @aliaa08...mind blowing movie #Raazi..just loved it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 jpmanghwani
Watched Raazi, A great movie. Brilliant acting Alia Bhatt #raazi Turning_Brain
Me #Raazi dekh ke raazi ho gya.... @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 @meghnagulzar best movie... Hardwork.... Great success... Best of luck Me_Tejas99
That amazing powerhouse of talent called #AliaBhatt .. #raazi rocks.. full marks..!! Ravi_0501
Amazing work of art #Raazi. A great concoction of all human emotions! A MUST MUST watch @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 mathurnimisha
Watched #Raazi yesterday night. Kudos to @aliaa08 Still can't get Sehmat out of my thoughts. Great movie nimitpatel73
Great movie...Raazi @vickykaushal09 PropsinCity
Great movie...Raazi @aliaa08 @meghnagulzar @karanjohar PropsinCity
Saw #raazi last night. What an incredible way to tell a story. Must watch for all.. vibhumohunta
Superb performance by @aliaa08 #Raazi and amazing @meghnagulzar direction... vishaliitk
#Raazi is just fabulous. @aliaa08 best act till date. A movie worth spending time to watch. Hamza_expe
Extraordinary @aliaa08, compelling supporting cast (Especially @vickykaushal09 and @Jaiahlawat), engaging Screenpla… reply2kashu
#Raazi A very mature handling, great direction @meghnagulzar and editing. Powerhouse performance by @aliaa08 A rare… sunilbajaj
Watched #Raazi today, one of the best films on the subject. A must watch. Indo pak spy story without jingoism while… sunilbajaj
Hats off to Meghna Gulzar and Alia Bhatt for an amazing movie 'Raazi'. Thank you. Thank you, also, to patriots like Sehmat Khan. Respect! kiranjholla
After such a long time, I got to see an amazing film in the theatre. Loved the movie @RaaziHoon !! 💖 @aliaa08 Take… JiwrajkaRachita
#Raazi great movie! Rarely a film meets expectations n this is bang on! @aliaa08 u raise r expections frm u after e… pranay2407
Struggling to find tickets for #Raazi I cant wait for next week😔 Im sure @aliaa08 has rocked the floor. Goodluck💥💥💥💥💥 JasgeetKour
Best thing about #Raazi is Religion does not matter; only faith and service count.@aliaa08 Whattey a terrific performance she given.loved it ImeImran
Any amount of words would fall short to praise @aliaa08’s performance in #Raazi A must watch film!! @meghnagulzar… ak_ameya
Just watched #RAAZI what an amazing story. @aliaa08 you were fantastic as Shehmat. azalapur
#raazi incredible movie. Don't miss it in theaters. @aliaa08 & @vickykaushal09 performance just amazing. @meghnagulzar direction 👌👌 chakri2021
Just saw #raazi @aliaa08 u nailed it as Sehmat...superb performance, can't evn imagine anybody else as Sehmat...Gal… MrunaliKamble90
Just saw #raazi@aliaa08 u nailed it as Sehmat...superb performance, can't evn imagine anybody else as Sehmat...Gal… MrunaliKamble90
#raazi has to go down as @aliaa08 best movie till date. Loved it.❤ shivamas14
Raazi is definitely a must watch.., sehmat is my favorite ♥♥♥ #RaaziOn11May #Raazi sana_shaikhh21
What a superb acting @aliaa08 😍 You took @RaaziHoon to the different level. #Raazi #RaaziReview RachitMangi
Is this going to be the year of good films because #Raazi was beyond amazing. @RaaziHoon #Raazihoon Props to Alia Bhatt & Vicky Kaushal🔥🔥🔥 dreaminthegardn
Run and go watch Raazi right now.. ❤️❤️ superb theprettypulse
Amazing movie #Raazi brilliant acting by @aliaa08 perfect directions @meghnagulzar , once again @aliaa08 proved sh… abhipal0491
Went for an awaited movie #Raazi . Very nice movie. @aliaa08 did full justice to the role of Sehmat. Alia, you are… gupta_srijana
Superb Movie... Nice act by @aliaa08... #Raazi is such an awesome movie 👏🏻👏🏻 Congratulations to whole team... pankajjmiishra
Watched #Raazi awesome movie. Based on true story with little dramatization. Amazing direction & editing credit goe… avi_bravim_0m
Just saw #raazi outstanding performance @aliaa08 and superb direction @meghnagulzar prakashbhogale
Raazi trending... Really great to watch @aliaa08 @meghnagulzar rocks!!! vaibhaviifm
Watched Raazi !! Amazing performance @aliaa08 well done #TeamRaazi @meghnagulzar 😊👍 SavaliyaIron
Watched #Raazi today. Nice movie, stellar performances. The Pakistan of 1971 makes for a very interesting(and familiar) setting. pediatriks
A great act presented by @aliaa08 and @vickykaushal09 in #Raazi. The movie gave me chills. Thanks for such a beauti… alwaysdiscover1
Just watched #Raazi. Wonderful movie and powerful performance by dear @aliaa08. Kudos to excellent screen work. We… sanjaybhatia711
#Raazi is a brilliant film. Keeps you glued to your seats. Alia bhatt and all actors are simply amazing. Naam_Hai_Siddhi
OMG @aliaa08 killed it in #Raazi What a powerful acting 💯♥️🙏 I am impressed Loved the story too Must watch #AeWatan 🇮🇳 ViratHolicSheru
Great that this subject was backed...#Raazi @karanjohar @apoorvamehta18 @vineetjaintimes shakyamitra
#Raazi @vickykaushal09 Can't tell u how perfect u were in the film...and also how amazing the film was 😘 AS_Aru
I loved it. No words, all claps. Team #Raazi, take a bow. :) #RaaziReview Sucheta_27
Watching #Raazi gud movie but dear @aliaa08 kashmiri women dont wear saris n muslim womem dont go to graveyard and do mitti DoctorShamli
A completely brilliant and enthralling movie, #Raazi. Wonderful direction by @meghnagulzar & excellent acting by @aliaa08! A must watch. wittyvinegirl
#Raazi @aliaa08 superb acting. incredible cried and we also cried.beautifully portraited your part..and… nehanema
#Raazi was mindblowing💖💖 tears and emotions unspeakable😍 Great work @vickykaushal09 @aliaa08 @AmrutaOfficial… DishaPravin
#RaaziReview it's an extraordinary brilliant movie. 🙌 @aliaa08 #SuperSeBhiUpar #MovieReview #Raazi ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘ 5 Roses out of 5 😍 ad1tyasinha
#Raazi a must watch for all of us. A lesson for Indian directors. @meghnagulzar. @aliaa08 you are the best actress of this generation. pavanjnu
Sure #Raazi possibly is a great film but it worries me that it celebrates a spy. Spying for xyz reasons is so uneth… ayeshaghaffar
Have been fan of @aliaa08 now... Amazing #raazi.. in current generation of actress,, @aliaa08 you are fantastic AjitJhanda
#raazi was absolutely beautiful. @aliaa08 and @vickykaushal09 were amazing. i'm in awe. badbeti
Raazi - amazing movie by @meghnagulzar got stunned 😳 by @aliaa08 Bhatt’s acting 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Great work Filmfare pakka 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #Raazi SalimKhaan
#Raazi is an outstanding spy thriller film. @meghnagulzar has done a fabulous job. @aliaa08 is just phenomenal. She… sinha_kaustav
#Raazi was great watch,Vicky Kaushal as Iqbal &Jaideep Ahalawat as Mir stood out. ❤️ed Ae Watan by Sunidhi. The b… Poortini2
#raazi ... Interesting take on (extremist) patriotism. Wonderful performances. Another award-winning performance by… sarang_pankaj
.@RaaziHoon What a breath of fresh air this movie is! Alia Bhatt is simply amazing. Highly recommended #Raazi soumya_s_
Watched #Raazi @aliaa08 superb zabardast zaandar 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 For @vickykaushal09 my family z not able to dige… AzadBrahmin
#Raazi what a phenomenal movie! A must must watch! @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 @meghnagulzar fabulous job!!! @DharmaMovies KrutikaDeo
#Raazi must watch.. @aliaa08 grt work....!! ashusriv1990
#Raazi is underwhelming partly due to the giveaway trailer. Hardly any performances stand out. Alia is great but it… mithilng
What a performance by @aliaa08 in #Raazi A must watch film!!! Jdiee
#Raazi was absolutely amazing @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 👌👌🎂🎂 sameer_only
Watched Raazi.. Fabulous Movie.. @aliaa08 turning the tables.. geetdesai_says
Can't express how amazing @aliaa08 performed in #Raazi, such a brilliant & talented star. Congratulations to all team members. sachin_0707
#Raazi is a must watch movie. An emotionally loaded depiction of unsung heroes. Even long after the movie is forgot… Satya_perapu
Amazing performance @aliaa08 jus loved every bit of acting in the movie #Raazi kudos to your effort...EXCELLENCE AT ITS BEST!!! manishk900
#Raazi is a must watch movie. An emotionally loaded depiction of unsung heroes. Even long after the movie is forgot… RanchiVizag
From #studentoftheyear to #raazi, @aliaa08 has come a long way... Marvelous performance, great script and apt direc… kevalkothari
Took my parents to watch #Raazi and realised it was a good choice as my parents rarely watch movies. Simply amazing… choudharysonica
After watching the film #Raazi , I thought that who could do better than Alia Bhatt ? Not a single name suggested..… arunkunal
Actually yesterday was my 1st time watching a hindi film in cinema 😄 and it was wonderful! Seriously im in love w the movie!💓 #RAAZI marsyaqistina01
Take a bow @aliaa08. What a movie #Raazi was. Loved the movie. And what a fabulous performance! Keep rocking. A must watch film!!! Abhishek_jain73
Take a bow @aliaa08. What a movie #Raazi was. Loved the movie. And what a fabulous performance! Will be looking for… badald8
#Raazi class apart. Well done @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 loved your act. You guys deserve a round of applause.… Vivek_Kukreja
If the auditorium is packed to capacity, it shows the pull of the film. And if the movie is gripping with great por… madhurimab_1
Best performance till date by alia bhatt @aliaa08 #Raazi,Gripping story @meghnagulzar .Loved it. HarDickGandya
Finally got #RAAZI to do everything for our Country Wonderful work by @aliaa08 really fantastic thanks allot to giv… Nazim_Khan12
Just watched razi !what a wonderful story and beautifully crafted film! And finominal acting by @aliaa08 and team !… shveta501
.@Shankar_Live @EhsaanNoorani #Loy have given such amazing music for #Raazi! #AeWatan is such a goosebump-inducing… RishabhSuri02
#Raazi 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌@aliaa08 you are Fab Girl 🙌❤️ Must Watch ...... #YehUnDinonKiBaatHai sheebanisingh
Saw #raazi. It’s an outstanding film and @meghnagulzar one master filmmaker. Great story and amazing performances.… kinghunt_05
Done with first half of #Raazi, @aliaa08 is just amazing, well written and background score is just perfect anishh_oza
‘Ae Watan..’ from #Raazi is a beautifully written & sung patriotic song. Loved it SweekarKapoor
Super thriller. Super performance. Take a bow @meghnagulzar @RaaziHoon Must watch. #raazi #Raazi Tribute to India's greatest unknown heroes. psp_211186
#Raazi Is Far Better Than #Baaghi2 Devyasssh_07
Extremely impressed by this bubbly girl @aliaa08 , she is scaling up like anything..what a performance !! Amazing m… kapdeo
#Raazi is a great watch any which way. #AliaBhatt \m/. For an infosec guy it is even better. There is something for… impktripathi
Saw #raazi. It’s an outstanding film and @meghnagulzar a master storyteller. Watch it for a great story and amazing… RajibSahu15
Absolute top drawer from @aliaa08 awesome film !brilliant stuff ,acting ,script ... Just loved #RAAZI .. RushabhSurana3
#Raazi @aliaa08 has killed it. Bravo 👏👏 Great Movie 😍 chandanip24
wonderful movie by @meghnagulzar and Real acting by @aliaa08 Raazi 👍🙏🇮🇳😎🤝✌️ mr_parthpatel
Watched #raazi .. I am so proud of alia so so proud of her .. I LOVED THE MOVIE .. she is just 25 n already nailin… Soumya18664268
#Raazi must watch! @aliaa08 what a performer you are no words to describe, your acting is just Fab😘 expectional per… arjunjoshi600
What a movie #Raazi hats off to @aliaa08 ma'am & @vickykaushal09 Great work done by u both 👏👏 Sachin96645241
#Raazi will be remembered as one of the best performances by @aliaa08 👏👏👏 @vickykaushal09 you were fab! @RaaziHoon is a must watch! BubblyMaggie02
Storytelling at its best... Finely balanced, great acting, stellar performances, and the era.. Wish @meghnagulzar m… riddhideb
#Raazi awesome movie, a must watch. Dont miss it, they make such movies very rarely. A full power pack performance… Hindustani__
Just watched Raazi. Amazing performance by @aliaa08. She not only emulates the real Sehmat, but showed us the true… shilps_1
Amazing performance #Raazi @aliaa08... Kudos.. agrawalpuran
Great work @aliaa08 . Sending love from other side of the globe. #Raazi #RaaziOn11May sravpats18
#Raazi is 3 star..good one time watch but nothing great, could have been..Alia is good but has limited expressions.… mallika_dutt1
Raazi - Good but not great, reminded me of Padman- Good story but average script , BGM by SEL big Plus, Performanc… revanthbandari7
#Raazi a wonderful spy thriller which evokes feelings of patriotism and gratitude towards the unsung heroes whirlwindtots
Watched Raazi the best performance of @aliaa08 Alia Bhatt & super director Meghna Gulzar @meghnagulzar. A must watch movie Fintolit
Saw @aliaa08 Raazi yesterday. I was amazed how she acts so beautifully. Wonderful film, beautifully made!! All the actors did an awesome job Sup_reet
Just watched #Raazi ... superb movie, awesome acting by #AliaBhatt my favourite actress..her acting is so real ...… Shalini11647388
#Raazi was great. As w/ Talwar, I just love how Meghna Gulzar fits in so much exposition yet keeps the pace tight a… filmyordie
Been hearing absolutely great things about #Raazi! I wish it was released here in Pakistan. Nevertheless. Kudos to team Raazi. @meghnagulzar zaink2411
Just finished #RAAZI , watta an amazing film , CINEMA at its best , @aliaa08 Take a bow , u nailed it Gujjju_Bhai
Take a bow @aliaa08 What a performance it was....!! Must watch #raazi pekhalevaibhav
Saw #Raazi loved it. Congratulations!! what a film.. Must watch for good direction by @meghnagulzar outstanding per… dgandhi18
Done with the show... wonderful movie ... crisp and to the point ... only movie which showed PAK in good light :) .. #Raazi g2foru
#raazi OMG! That was absolutely a fabulous cinematic experience. @meghnagulzar @aliaa08 #ArijitSingh… bharatgogna
Best performance @aliaa08 #raazi.Loved movie bhasinnaik
What a brilliant piece of work #RaaziMovieReview #Raazi A must watch for everyone. Couldn’t stop loving each and ev… itsrishu
#Raazi is an engaging, compelling, gripping film frm de 1st frame to de last frame!!Loved de film.Just couldn't res… munafno1
Today watched #Raazi, really impressive movie and act by @aliaa08, Must watch, i am gifting movie tickets to my tea… Rafiq68
#Raazi is an engaging, compelling, gripping film frm de 1st frame to de last frame!!Loved de film.Just couldn't res… munafno1
What a movie , loved it congratulations @aliaa08 excellent performance. the day I saw the promo I knew I had to wa… skavitha08
#Raazi, is an ABSOLUTE must watch! Gripping story, nuanced direction, brilliant acting, beautiful strings of patrio… aruna_vignesh
You are the future of Indian Cinema great work @aliaa08 what a superb movie 👌👌#Raazi @DharmaMovies 👌 shivadhaka
Watched #Raazi With family... Awesome story n superb acting by @aliaa08 .... Love it.. #FirstDayShow .... RajputAvinash48
#Raazi also we must credit @Shankar_Live music for d superb opening. AeWatan is a great song & dilbaro is also very… Sambuddha_RK2
Beauty at her best #AliaBhatt best looks and best performance till date , #Raazi must watch movie , applaudible per… sonaljhala
#raazi what an amazing movie! The best spy movie, though there is none other, India has ever produced. Must watch Rajni_kharkwal
Saw #Raazi best performance by @aliaa08 enjoyed a lot. After long time very nice movie which can not let you keep u… nikhil_1980
Amazing, amazing movie #Raazi .. Flawless performance by @aliaa08 she couldn't be any prettier, @vickykaushal09 you… desitomcruise
#Raazi ..Amazing,gripping and thrilling ! Intense spying with emotions .@aliaa08 you are a genius ,now in the diffe… AdityaSingla57
A must watch film @RaaziHoon best performance of @aliaa08 so far.. Totally in love with her again.. @meghnagulzar h… AakankshaG7
How to describe #Raazi glory..Wow thrilled to see @aliaa08 performance in such different shades..Must watch movie i… bn_vignesh
I literally seeped through raazi , genuinely intricate and patriotic film. Alia and Vicky kaushal rocked it! lalalala3579
Just Saw #raazi. It’s an outstanding film and @meghnagulzar a master storyteller. As same as GULZAAR SAHAB.a great… SUFIYANSufiyans
#Raazi reviews are amazing Can't wait to watch it I_m_Farhan_
#Raazi Watch first day first show today...and oh my god i am speechless...this movie is just wonderful Great work b… iamsahil99
Great acting @aliaa08 #Raazi . Surely among one of the best act of yours. Keep rocking!! Ullumoku
Superb @aliaa08.... Amazing Performance... Nobody could have done it any better then you! Lovely ♥ #Raazi #RaaziReview vidushi_5495
We got totally #Sehmat wth #Raazi th story screenplay direction and acting. Superb work by everyone.… TajSHAIKH
#raazi is all about good direction and smooth screen play @meghnagulzar should be proud of herself for this wonderful work. 1993singhRahul
It's OK for your GK dear @aliaa08 but you are a Gem in your profession Superb Acting in #Raazi mrbmanas
'वतन के आगे कुछ नहीं, खुद भी नहीं...' Raazi... I think this is a must watch movie. And if made tax free by the gove… PrasadBurange
#Raazi amazingg movie👌👍👍... @aliaa08 mam u nailed it😍.. Versatility is in ur blood. Superb acting. Kudos to u! Ca… IamSShriya
Such a nice movie what a performance by @aliaa08 #AliaBhatt #RaaziOn11May #Raazi love to see this true event story… hitesh996
Wow!!!!! @aliaa08 how can you be so wonderful. Raazi is one of the best films in the recent times. Alia is one of t… ruchidbhateja1
What a beauty @aliaa08 is ,powerhouse of acting and my fav. #Raazi is a must watch movie and great direction by… Armaanap
Really an awesome experience Alia mam. What a movie, beautiful piece of act by you mam. Loved the movie, love you l… ajayshyamchava1
I marvel her @aliaa08 for his act in #Raazi she is going to big big thing in days to come. Wonderful! DUBEYDELHI
#Raazi ~ What a Movie !!!! A movie Worth watching. Enjoyed watching it. 3 Reasons why you should watch it : 1.… GeetikaPrajapa2
Watched #Raazi . Wonderful film with exceptional performance by queen of Bollywood @aliaa08 . May u continue to asp… notrealcricprof
One of the Best Movie @RaaziHoon That maturity, That innocence, That superb Acting by you @aliaa08... Just Hatsoff… MYRJSumit
#IrumbuThirai #IravukkuAayiramKangal #Mahanati #Raazi all getting superb reviews from critics and audience. Vantha… balasundaram96
Just watched Raazi and it is truly overwhelming.@aliaa08 you were the baby-faced Spy who never lost sight of her mission . A must watch KaranPragya
#Raazi Incredible Fantastic Amazing Mind blowing superb and #AliaBhatt at her best a must watch for all, 5 Stars.... SyedMaazuddin was very good.. nice content fabulous natural acting @aliaa08 understanding directing by… divyesh_halpati
Watched #Raazi @RaaziHoon Fabulous 👌👌Movie Really good ,excellent acting @vickykaushal09 @aliaa08… AvsheshC
#Raazi is superb n Alia is breathtakingly amazing ! How does she manage to dig her teeth into the character so deep… rishh008
#nowwatching Raazi. It’s full house here in Singapore, @aliaa08! Have been reading wonderful reviews so I’m extra e… czenina
Hi,aalia i loved,enjoyed watching your movies. But @aliaa08 now I admire watching your movies. Indian cinema has go… ujjwaldubey2010
For the uninitiated, @Jaiahlawat is Sardaar Khan from #GangsofWasseypur .Go watch him in #Raazi . Loved his role vishgraanted
Just out from the theatre. Hats off to untold heros like Sehmat. Who makes sure we&our country are safe. Amazing pe… palvibhat
A for Amazing. A for Astonishing. A for Adorable. A for ALIA BHATT. Go to your nearest theater & watch 'Raazi' righ… parrrrrrrrrrr
Wow what an amazing masterpiece intuguring film #Raazi is with brilliant acting of tadka from @aliaa08… KashishKadaki1
#Raazi A must watch movie. Story is excellent and acting of Alia Bhatt is super duper hit. Best of luck team #Raazi and #AliaBhatt Kunalniraj
Great film Raazi. Very well made film,handled the true incidents with care. Loved It. Great Direction. #raazi Majevichar
#RAAZI @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09 outstanding 👏🏻 and a must watch movie 🎥 @meghnagulzar👏🏻 🤗 sujata_ahirwar
Raazi was simply brilliant and @aliaa08 as Sehmat was amazing. Fabulous performances by all. Take a bow. Salute to… mandar_94
#OneWordReview #Raazi #RaaziReview Extraordinary fantastic mind-blowing performance by @aliaa08 @vickykaushal09… samee_khan97
#Raazi quick review, Brilliant thriller with great acting and excellent direction. Hats off to @aliaa08 and @meghnagulzar ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2 suunilbodhnkr
Great movie 'Raazi'. Loved it. Alia was superb,excellent performance. #raazi Majevichar
#raazi is a brilliant movie! Must watch. @aliaa08 is superb! Brilliant job by @meghnagulzar and the team. bansal_jai
wawoo! what an Amazing movie Briliants Story dear @meghnagulzar Maa'm @aliaa08 @karanjohar Sir @apoorvamehta18 Sir… ABHIJEE97475926
Watching #Raazi.... @aliaa08 you are complete Talent package... Loved your performance... @meghnagulzar what a dir… ShreyaAkhil
Amazing..mindblowing...a masterpiece..@aliaa08 .Award sweeping movie. Recommend to watch with friends and family. #Raazi #Patriotism amitlovestweet
The Raazi Day! ✨✨ Gonna be sensational! No one can do better than @aliaa08 #Raazi hck1998
#raazi MOVIE First Review #MOVIEREVIEW: #Raazi is an interesting thriller brilliantly narrated by #MeghnaGulzar @Bollyhungama 3.5/5 Good Haider44079
#Raazi dear @aliaa08 your performance was truly mind blowing. The movie is an amazing gripping thriller.@karanjohar… MervsT
#Raazi is a truly amazing film. Brilliant acting as usual from @aliaa08. Meghna Gulzar directs this film beautifull… SoumilB
Watched #raazi and its simple amazing. @aliaa08 you are awesome. @karanjohar kudos to you too and congratulations. relankunal
#Review So, so happy for @meghnagulzar… Always knew she was great… And she proves her craft and her confidence in… veekay_ness
It’s a SUPERB! Please open the gates of the box office for this one! #cantwait a film #Raazi @meghnagulzar… kishankishorr
Saw #raazi. It’s an outstanding film and @meghnagulzar a master storyteller. Watch it for a great story and amazing… veekay_ness
Raazi trailers are amazing. Looking forward to watch this movie. Always its entertainer to watch u in such a versatile role. #Raazi @aliaa08 sidd1303
"Ae Watan" from Raazi will definitely give you goosebumps. Loved this song😍🙌. Arijit Singh you beauty❤️ #raazi dalal__rohit
Raazi sounds like another islamophobic movie infested with anti Pakistan propaganda which sadly is gonna do great at the box office imtrash6969
From Sui Dhaaga to BhaveshJoshi to Raazi such amazing stuff is coming up! Can't wait for these gems! bollywoodfanati
Listening🎧🎧🎧🎧 #AeWatan 🎶🎶🎶 #Raazi #Arijitsingh #shankarmahadevan Superb song once again sir. That song touch our… Mrmanojvyas

20 Negative

Sorry for belated @aliaa08 i saw @RaaziHoon 🤗 brilliant performance , proud of you 💟 all the Team members of #Raazi… The_Boyfriend69
.@aliaa08 what brilliant performance in #Raazi very mesmerizing. My best wishes with you DhirajRathod03
Watched Raazi. Disappointed. SaloniBantoo
I think one of the best things about Raazi was that it didn't show Pakistan in a bad light. Both the countries were… SharonyaTrivedi
#Race3Trailer Already disappointed with the audience as the movie is a flop but still people will go n see the mov… kajalbhavsar25
What a brilliant performance by @aliaa08 ! Couldn't get off my seat till the end. Bravo girl! @AmrutaOfficial so pr… WishwasAb
So I generally don't watch bollywood movies in theaters but I am so glad I watched #Raazi. Talented cast, well pace… Soul_Invictus_
Disappointed by @aliaa08's performance in #Raazi. It looked like a rehash of her previous roles. But so happy to se… gapalkar
The only thing bad about #Raazi was that #VeereDiWedding trailer at interval. 😂😂 BitchMeetsWitch
Went to see Raazi, overall movie and acting were good but didn't meet the high expectations it created .. so little disappointed. #Raazi bharatbansal
#Raazi is a pretty boring film for such an acclaimed cast. It is like a stage play where the actors are repeating l… 24harsh_tweet
Oh btw dont waste ur time and money to watch #Raazi . I did... 😑 isseychad
She is never bad here, but frequently does far more than needed, emoting for visibility rather than feeling. It is… EkAbhijeet
Music this year has been so weird. Not excellent (except Raazi), not outright bad, but somewhere in the awkward zone. RujD_MusicMstni
#Masterpiece #Raazi . Brilliant Performance #AliaBhatt .Our system is such that we need something in return , but… lucky6783
#Raazi is movie of the year. first time in an Indian movie Pakistanis don’t look so bad. Indeed one of the best mov… atulmathur333
I want to watch Raazi so bad but damn these exams fuck off from my life rn. SharonyaTrivedi
What do you say? #Raazi HIT OR FLOP?? DishaAr68187799

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