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Release Date: February 07, 2020

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My heart goes out to all the Kashmere Pandits. Who became refugees in their own country. #Shikara Great work @VVCFilms iameshansharma_
Fabulous depiction of what Kashmiri pandits went through #Shikara a perfect name for a beautifully made movie. Vidh… Anantika2
#shikara , loved the movie. This movie will be considered as a classic in future. Thanks @VVCFilms and… AbrahimAftab
After an era, I walked out of a cinema hall satisfied. One hell of a movie. Extraordinary work by #sadia #aadilkhan… visfotaksamagri
Go watch #Shikara #Movie enjoyed it. The lead cast is very good. Highly recommend SeemaxGupta
Some politicians made great country. Some politicians made great state and some made great city but J&K politicia… patilsunilp
Envoy enjoyed Shikara ride kashmiri" Kehwa"and selfie on the banks of Dal lake.If we call them tourists cum Modi sp… Shabirharkar1
#Shikara I did not see with political glass. A great love story in backdrop of Kashmir troubles. Great msgs highlig… skshri
#Shikara Hinduphobic. Terrorists Simpthizer. Fake Story.Spreading lie Make fun of percecuted. Great prapogenda P… _ImMrAB_
Watched movie "Shikara" today. What a movie !!. One gets to watch movies like this once in while. Superb direction… bnithin123
Watched #Shikara with my mother(who is a Kashmiri Pandit) and she absolutely loved it. She cried throughout the mov… BhaiBahutBadiya
Wonderful Movie #Shikara 4.5/5 Excellent Direction by @VVinodChopra Sir Excellent Story Screenplay & Cinematography… dasanchit281
#Shikara is a nice movie. Kashmir is incomplete without #KashmiriPandits, It is high time they should come back. mehraan_1989
Watched #Shikara with mom last evening. The story had to be told, @rahulpandita you have done an amazing job, the s… vroy38
Loved Shikara! Presenting a balanced perspective on a complex and deeply emotional issue. Ignore the propaganda and… BhanNandita
Watched #Shikara with mom last evening. The story had to be told, @rahulpandita you have done an amazing job, the s… vroy38
SHIKARA a must watch movie ♥️🙏🏻 Dimrivarun
Watched #Shikara with mom last evening. The story had to be told, @rahulpandita you have done an amazing job, the s… vroy38
Beautiful movie Shikara - helps understand Kashmir. Great story. Aadil and Sadia have acted well. KamleshVyas
For the rare Kashmiri Pandit perspective on Kashmir... see #Shikara..great concept...endearing...Wish Paradise blossoms, once again... paarvinder
VV Chopra's #Shikara is an enthralling depiction of Kashmir's beauty and its amazing culture, and touches upon the… rakshit8
Watched Shikara. Nice movie that speaks about love, loss and pain. Wonder if the people who are being so negative a… sanjukammath
Shame on @VVCFilms for #Shikara . He choose a wonderful subject but what he made is pure commercialism and appeasem… tweet2saurav
Well, a great plot of lies made by @VVCFilms in #Shikara its nothing more than a salt on the wounds of… DalalSuksham
#Shikara so Chopra had great chance show reality and he fucked it? Typical Bollywood? Enggfarmo
Must watch #Shikara delayedstart
Vidhu Vinod Chopra, shit is better than shikara? Injustice #bollywood #Shikarareview PapannaM
#TheKashmirFiles cant wait loved the Tashkent files and home the Kashmiri files will do justice to the cause of Kps… Devashi10484166
#Shikara is a must watch 🙏 shivanshuyogi88
Control emotions If you can! Awsm movie! Must watch! Real story! #Shikara MalviyaJai
#Shikara the movie was bound to get loved, hated, critiqued or shred to bits by Kashmiris. Kashmir has long ceased… Meenu_bali
Must watch #Shikara Arpitsingh89
Shikara might succeed as a movie, but it has failed Kashmiri hindus. Nothing great about this. What a letdown! CaptLehal
Had great expectations from 'Shikara' but recently heard, the movie has whitewashed the brutalities and crime of th… manali40
Must watch hai #Shikara Thank you @VVCFilms For this amazing movie I left the hall eyes still wet 🙏🏻 friar_lantern
Shikara is a masterpiece product by vidhu Vinod Chopra. Must watch film for every cinema lover. #Shikara… sachin_g04
One thing #Shikara has done is to blame government and that is most valid argue...I will give 5/5 so i'm going to w… vimalsh54801957
One thing #Shikara has done is to blame government and that is most valid argue...I will give 5/5 OnYourButts
#Shikara Thanks to separatist to promote #Shikara movie... A must watch movie of this month.... asmoorthi2006
Shikara is released today, please go and watch with family .so they can know about the history, it’s a great movie… Mukesh1503
One line review of #Shikara : "...a must watch" Rating: 4/5 #ShikaraMovieReview #AadilKhan #Sadia… yhmishra
Shakira is the true talent of the show, if we’re being honest. To be fair, they’re both great performers, but Shika… spizyaya

67 Negative

Bollywood 2020 movies verdicts so far! #TanhajiTheUnsungWarrior -BLOCKBUSTER #Chhappak -FLOP #Panga - DISASTER… TradeAnalyst_
Shikara rides decide our situation! Pathetic crap! Hassas__
Shikara such a bad scripted movie.. @VVCFilms made joke of pain and torture of kashmiri pandit #shamevvcfilms Vaibhavv3003
Shikara earned just 5 crores in first week. It may not even recover production cost. Flop. RecordOpen
Now I completely get it why @anupamachopra didn't review #Shikara on @FilmCompanion . What a waste of such an ama… hitesh_Malik12
After the huge disappointment of #Shikara all hopes are on @vivekagnihotri ji's #KashmirFiles. I'm sure this time I won't get disappointed Raghurkarnam
#Shikara is a flop as expected!! The fiberal Bollywood gang exposed :”anti Hindu & anti nationals ” the junta is aw… JaideepMathur7
Avg Weekend Occupancy At National Multiplexes In % (7-9 Feb) #Malang 34% #Shikara 28% #Hacked 16% #JawaaniJaaneman… aadilanjum108
Avg Weekend Occupancy At National Multiplexes In % (7-9 Feb) #Malang 34% #Shikara 28% #Hacked 16% #JawaaniJaaneman… cinemarascals
I am very disappointed with the film Shikara! the story has been shown here and in fact, this case is somewhat diff… vickyGujrathi1
Please don't waste your money on #Shikara just a Bollywood love story, quite far from true incident unAttachedNode
"SHIKARA" is a very very very bad movies i can't believe that how u create how u doing this movie without any reali… AmitThaker207
Watched #Shikara and as expected @VVCFilms disappointed us with this movie. It's not about Kashmiri pandit's issue,… Saurabh71290
Real shame on you @VVCFilms for making such a disappointing movie like #Shikara You are no less than those #TukdeTukdeGang #Shame #Shame 2311ashish
Super flop #Shikara @VVCFilms 1 rating.. 1nation1elction
Expected to be another "Schindlers List" the movie "Shikara' is turning out to be just a °Bundal Baazi" Bollywood crap. srsbang
Watched #Shikara & it’s a typical Bollywood commercial film in the name of #kashmiriPandit🙄 #Disappointed… RahulGovindRao
Shikara has disappointed all Hindus and kashmiri pandits in particular.What more can be expected from Vidhu Chopra.… KaushikkTanvier
Watched #Shikara ,was hoping for a hard hitting truth! Disappointing movie... Not much of truth shown. @AnupamPKher… Real__Doctor
Didn't like the movie #shikara. If people are going to watch what really happened in kashmir 1990,then it's waste o… Nikhilraina7
I am not disappointed.This is in line with what was expected from pseudo-secularists Vidhi Vinod Chopra. #Boycott_Shikara Pranjal37381049
Bollywood is coward #Shikara. Please dont waste your time. pankajsharma677
disappointed with myself for having believed @VVCFilms would do justice with our community. Vidhu Chopra pretended… RatanPa25142722
Fake #Shikara ... Absolute Lies !!! #BoycottShikara and don't waste money or return it to the Terrorist's who Inves… KalamaAlara
#Boycott_Shikara @VVCFilms For few profit bucks you can’t eat Shit?? Bad #Bollywood PapannaM
BAD NEWS : you're growing and its uncomfortable ! GOOD NEWS : Its uncomfortable but you're growing ! .… mayurpatilll
disappointed with myself for having believed @VVCFilms would do justice with our community. Vidhu Chopra pretended… nvnraina
i request each and every Hindu of India please dont watch Shikara. HOW we unitedly stood for chappak flop, we must… prashan10469581
Waiting for #TheKashmirFiles instead of wasting money to watch Rascal Vidu Vinod Chopra's Islamist Agenda driven Shikara. PrabhuD41653306
A Disaster Movie #shikara which doesn't show anything about real incident waste of money and time JAI HIND. Kaushal96980808
#Shikarareview : Bad publicity in the name of Kashmiri Genocide. Just another love story conveniently baked on the… chulbulgandhi
Movie disappointed ! I thought the movie will show the the reality, will show the story of Girija Tikoo, Tika Taplo… hinduofsindhu
Watched 'Shikara'. Extremely disappointed to see that how badly VVC has turned this very painful event into a mere… sachink06
#Shikara is pathetic ,don't waste your time watching it ,waiting for @vivekagnihotri kashmir files @VVCFilms @rahulpandita watchnishwin
Beyond the ‘good #Hindu, good #Muslim and bad Muslim’ trope, the conversation generated by #Shikara is mostly of de… bharatrao1960
#Shikara Hindu genocide turns into bhaichara politics. Muslim Jehadi truns to poor school masters son! How we grew… dibyendu_dey
I am terribly disappointed by what I hear about the movie "Shikara" @rahulpandita, @VVCFilms Why was it hard to tell the truth? skaul4
Sophism,Sin,Sucks #Shikara SaumitaPaul
Deeply Disheartened and Disappointed with the kind of #ShikaraMovieReview's coming up! I was actually looking forwa… SriramSahu1996
So #shikara will drown like #chapaak . Awesome- if bad movies unite us, so be it. We're learning how to resist. sanatanlawrd
Whoever is disappointed with #Shikara , as how @VVCFilms had portrayed the movie. Just wait a lil for more hidden t… dhruvvgupta
Never going to watch this crap in the movie theatre. #Shikara Suresh91978
Don't know what "masterpiece" @JimCameron saw in #Shikara. The movie is nothing more than a typical boring… kaushikramasamy
#Shikara may be good may be bad but it is an important film. Thank you @VVCFilms you walk as a filmmaker so that I… Kaul06Kaul
Some movies are good, Some are very good and some are bad. And then there are movies that are important. #Shikara is an important movie. Tang_Color_
Don't watch #shikara it's a documentary movie to paint brush the reality of what happened ihaveaview
Don't show the pain of Hindus you might called communal..... It doesn't mean justifying whatever bad happened with… pankukiddo
A shitty movie . Please dont want waste your money for shikara. Devashi10484166
#Shikara One word review : Disappointing Very little has been shown about the Kashmiri pandits exodus , there pa… hkdhar
Hindus don't watch #Shikara as it glorifies Muslims act against Kashmiri Pandits. Kindly ignore @VVCFilms shitty movie. The_Investor21
#Shikara review. Useless movie. Don’t watch if you don’t want to waste your money. atlanta1111
Don't watch the shikara movie Maxxpowers7
#Shikara #BoycottShikara #KashmiriPandits #ShikaraMovieReview Don't watch this. _Devpandya
#Shikara @VVCFilms Hats off to you Mr. Chopra. Watching Tv show on @indiatvnews . Horrible stories coming out. This… huney321
After seeing the reviews of #Shikara feeling very disappointed. While on the other side a hope is present there and… mshubhampandey
#Shikara is a propaganda movie which was rightly said by @vivekagnihotri earlier ...pls don't watch it.. waiting for #KashmirFiles KoshisP06
I don't watch movies because buying tickets is like funding terrorists/underworld... #Shikara sripavankumar
Don't watch #Shikara rajeev4afb
#Shikara was a total waste of time with all lies trying to wash the real truth behind The real painful story of Ka… RaowdyyRathore
So, as expected, #Shikara movie is far from reality. Poor Kashmiri Pandits blamed for the exodus along with politics. #Shikarareview anandzigzag
#Shikara An untold story and non existent story too. Pure fiction. Don't watch it if you want to know facts. rockhearted_
shame on @rahulpandita and Vidu Vinod Chopra for distorting the history of Kashmiri Pandits, don't watch this film.… dipredefined
Shikara the movie which is presenting the Kashmiri Muslims in a bad taste.This movie is distorting the image of the… davood_peer
My friend really said shikara is not bad. Im flabbergasted Jonsanity_
#SuperBowl #ChiefsKingdom #Shikara sucks they should I got #CardiB if they want to do stuff like this tchain314
Don't waste ur Money and Time watching Love story "Shikara" Watch facts if u wish to knw the truth Waseem Rizvi's n… hemantraha

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