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Release Date: February 28, 2020

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#Thappad what an amazing movie. Opens eyes about how we unknowingly discriminate and it’s so deep rooted that every… manishchandrada
#Thappad is a tight slap for men egos. A must watch film. Great acting by @taapsee 👏🏻👍 #HappyWomensDay vishwas_bhawan
#Thappad #ThappadMovie a must watch movie.. everyone should see this movie, a great message for every person... tap… EstoryDoor
#Thappad is wonderful film . Thank you @anubhavsinha @taapsee it's all time blockbuster file 🙏 Soleman49204819
#Thappad #ThappadMovie what an amazing movie. Enjoyed every single scene.... awesome performances, super direction.… RishiV
#thappad was an excellent excellent excellent movie. @taapsee I'm your biggest fan. You simply rocked it! TeeKay2902
Just watched #Thappad ...subtle yet impactful...great performance by @taapsee as usual..and watching the movie on… 20pratyush
Watched #Thappad..such a beautiful movie..Loved it..great work by @taapsee & @deespeak SuzanaRao
Women's day & #Thappad Super amazing! Just loved d show @taapsee #HappyWomensDay2020 More power to all ladies out there ❤️ PremK99
Watched "Thappad" Yesterday. Wonderful attempt to bring an important issue in the mainstream discussion. thank you @anubhavsinha 🙏 Animesh214
#Thappad is an amazing movie. Must watch. Superb performance by @taapsee suranatarun
Well done, @taapsee mam @anubhavsinha sir & the entire team. Loved Maya Sarao's character deeply. The ensemble was lovely. #Thappad sahabulali3
Thappad: An excellent movie with great performances. There is a lot of rubbish that has been made in the name of Wo… tanuvij
#Thappad is a must watch. A movie with message and fantastic acting especially that of #GeetikaVidya. Hats off👍 amarjitmishra
It is so great to see everyone is fucking @Box_Off_India for their fake reporting. Inflating BO numbers for their c… RAAJUSS
#womansday2020 This Women's Day Take your loved one's to Watch Thappad we need More movies like this Masterpiece… nikhilprince98
On women's day, #Thappad is a must watch movie!!! @anubhavsinha sir has successfuly explored the need for "introspe… al_ideas
#Thappad a beautiful movie, impactful, an eye opener - a must watch. Thank you @anubhavsinha What a performance @taapsee ❤️ sameerxx
#Thappad a beautiful movie, impactful, an eye opener - a must watch. Thank you @anubhavsinha sameerxx
Thank you @anubhavsinha for make such a nice movie Thappad. Everybody in this movie and everything about this movi… DipakMohanty82
Thappad is a tight slap on our patriarchal society. A must watch for all men. We, as a society need to get our shit… AAMIR_07
Just witnessed one of the most wonderful movie of the year #Thappad. Such a clear message with lots of eye openers.… lancerique
Absolutely loved #Thappad !! Becoming a bigger fan of @taapsee with each film. nandinisms
Thappad is an amazing movie with intersectional feminism and also addressing issues like how women protect patriarc… Akangst
#Thappad is a thappad on the patriarchal society with a powerful direction by @anubhavsinha and superb performance by @taapsee richa30
Watched #Thappad .... Speechless what a movie Loved the role of Amrita @taapsee Respect.... Dialogues touched my… BirajKeshari
Folks befitting reply to #Thappad movie is better than @taapsee befitting reply 😂🤣😂🤣 #Thappad impatil199
how tf did Baaghi 3 do better than Thappad I hate it here arnvpndt
great film exceptional acting by @taapsee & the entire ensemble cast. Saw it a day after watching #parasite & found… sharimohan121
I loved the movie #Thappad I think some movies are beyond money @anubhavsinha kuddos to the entire team fantastic… kevinvazir
Just finished watching #Thappad (movie), loved it. When 'A single slap' hits your self respect.. and how well it is… AashiD313
A movie which can't be ignored #Thappad. Great performance by @taapsee 😎 salonitiwary
Thappad.... It's a nice movie that is a must watch for all. It isn't misleading or provoking people for divorce, it… IChouhan05
#AskTaapsee.. From most bubbly girl to the wonderful strong women roles.. what have changed your mind for this dras… subhaspecial171
Amazing movie #Thappad Amazing performance @taapsee It's so wonderful to see your movies... Meaningful and entertaining. ❤️❤️ BaruaNayonika
The hard hitting dialogues in the movie - Thappad 🙌 and can we please talk about the amazing cast! A must watch! _chazx01
just watched #thappad and i’ve never seen a movie better directed than this. can’t get over how amazing it was. jain_ananyaa
#AskTaapsee Hey @taapsee, watched thappad last Sunday. A great movie with big and loud msg of stopping domestic… GAZI714
What a movie #Thappad amazing execution and brilliant concept...happy to the public acceptance for concepts like th… Shivanshuhere
Just watched #Thappad . Blown away by @GeetikaVidya's performance. First Soni and now this, what an amazingly tale… shilpa_sajeev
Wonderful movie. Just loved it. Nothing to ask about movie each and every frame was perfect and justified. Do you t… D_Kalpak
#Thappad Just watched Thappad !!! It's one of the best movie Bollywood has ever made !!! Luv it !! Great message… Devansh88790192
Watching 'Thappad' made me feel so many emotions. So many answers to seek. Great performance🙌👏 @taapsee #thappad neerajbhesania
In a cluttered world of remixed songs, we totally forgot to appreciate songs with wonderful, fresh lyrics and music… el_solivagant
Loved ur act in #Thappad . You have redefined the rights of a woman. Salute to you!! @taapsee richha_11
watching #Thappad masterpiece and must watch. @anubhavsinha baar baar Mulk ka sequal lag rahi hai Minority/women. MAKARDHWAJ
Thappad movie is a must watch! The concept shown in the movie will make u think about it ! Also thought of the movi… YuktiRawat1
Just watched Thappad. What a brilliant movie! @taapsee is simply wonderful as Amrita where her reliance and honesty… Kashmeerawrites
Thank you @taapsee mam @anubhavsinha sir and whole #Thappad team for such a great movie. @taapsee mam apse toh naz… NSamvidhan
#Thappad what a powerful movie and important movie.Loved every bit. But the puja scene where she talks to her mothe… sans704
Absolutely loved it! You’ve done it again @anubhavsinha - taking Indian cinema to new horizons #Thappad mannuprawn
Just watched Thappad,@taapsee you are just incredible ,loved every bit of it. Must watch for everyone. The daughter… akashmncl
Just saw #Thappad. What an absolutely beautiful movie. A must watch for everyone! Such an amazing portrayal of such… CurlyHeadDiary
#Thappad a brilliant storytelling. The movie is not women centric, this movie is human centric. A must watch for ev… ggndeep77
#Thappad a must watch. It’s real. Performances by #TaapseePannu #PavailGulati #DiaMirza #KumudMishra… whatZsaw
Ye #Thappad kaafi jor ke laga hai. Brilliant movie by @anubhavsinha brilliant performance by all the cast. @taapsee Must watch iJainGourav
#thappad What a movie Loved the role of @taapsee for Amrita Amrita is a great person for women and also our society Salute that Asheesh51276932
#Thappad movie from my side⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Awesome,fabulous & fantastic👌 It is just replica of our society culture. Special t… devendra_39
What a treat to watch #Thappad. Amazing cinema by @anubhavsinha. The best part of the film is that every class of w… kalra888
#Thappad is a must watch movie. I am commenting because read many comments on YouTube and observed many are abusing… souravian
Take a bow @taapsee and @anubhavsinha for great film like #Thappad Country need such movies on social issues.... VivekKhunti
just wanna say its not okay for you to accept a thappad by your loved ones ! be it anyone , even if the person is… ChakshuJain13
Brilliant movie by @anubhavsinha Loved THAPPAD! @taapsee in flawless performances. Good job 👍👍 Each and every cast… deepragya
#Thappad - One Tight Slap on the face of Patriarchy. Every single character in the movie is superb, most adorable i… shanu298
watched #thappad @anubhavsinha sir- thank u 4 making this incredible film! Great topic! @taapsee take a bow!… VijayKhot10
#Thappad is a must watch. Shows how much our society still needs change. Powerful message though @anubhavsinha .. Acted brilliantly @taapsee iamshreyanshh
Ik "Thappad" hi toh tha, par nhi maar sakta. Great work by the whole team of Thappad @taapsee and especially the ap… malhotragaman
#Thappad is a brilliant & must watch movie for all age groups and specially men. Ladies, make ur brother, husband,… shubham_2107
"THAPPAD" Is a must watch. 💪 #Thappad @taapsee @anubhavsinha sakshitripathii
#Thappad is a must watch! @taapsee is absolutely brilliant. She's a perfect mix of fragility and fierceness.… ankitakul13
#INDW Team played T20 matches way better than #IND Men's team played Test matches #Thappad #INDvsNZTestCricket… VaibhavBamane
Thappad is a really nice movie! AD_ManCity
Watched #Thappad today. What an amazing movie. Such a brilliant performance by #tapseepannu . Beautiful acting. Inf… jstutkarsh
Everyone must watch #Thappad not only coz it shows the cultural paradigm women live by, which has gone unchecked fo… luxtheminstrel
THAPPAD movie about domestic voilence and self respect of women is fabulous & forceful movie which conveys the mess… wadhawan2011
Exclusive! Taapsee Pannu on ‘Kabir Singh’ and ‘Thappad’: It’s wonderful that two contradicting subjects co-exist in the same industry aniket_samal
#Thappad REVIEW and 1 st weekend collection best sociel massage movie @taapsee you work great in movie in weekend… harisomaiya2
Loved every bit of the movie Thappad!! So subtle yet so heart touching.. PKPNishita
#Thappad is such a brave, courageous, and amazing movie. It hits the roots of patriarchal society even I have grown… sanjussmile1
Watched #Thappad yesterday. Extremely relevant film. Great cast and acting. Plus the music is so soothing ~~ 😍😍… Vari010620
Thappad looks at domestic abuse and fucking patriarchy from a totally different angle! It's amazing how it punches… TheFakeGeek
A movie which not only touched my 💚,but is also a perfect must watch for our society. It reflects all aspects of a… simidiaries
#Thappad !! An amazing movie on a most needed topic. Kudos to the whole team behind 😍🤘 AugustMe_31
Watched a wonderful film Thappad today which is extremely well written and well performed. Kudos to @taapsee for pu… iamumar46
Travelled 2 hours to see Thappad. Such an amazing film. Everyone should watch it. @taapsee you're just brilliant in whatever you do. ❤️ nesh_1206
#Thappad is TOP NOTCH. MUST MUST watch. Thank you @taapsee and @anubhavsinha. More power to you! 💪 ShubhamKesarka6
Thappad... a Must watch movie!! ... depicting why its neither fair to take important ppl in your life for granted n… ektabharti12
What a movie #Thappad .. must watch for everyone. Believe me whether you like the movie or not, it will leave a gre… AshwinIyer3
My Family went to watch Thappad and now saying it is excellent movie and a must watch and lesson on how men should behave in society. Prof_salva7
Today I watched a movie 'Thappad' #TapseePannu you did a great job. Had tears in my eyes..bitter truth but reality… Parmeetbatra1
Today I watched #Thappad it was a fresh and great experience for me .This movie attacks on conservative mindset . I… Shashank4real_
#Thappad climax scene when the husband apologizes truely got me emotional. They both loved each other. 😢 mahinsrk2
Tapas Pannu is Superb... in Thappad.... SanjayDeshpan23
#Thappad is an amazing movie. Many layers, perspectives, nuances beautifully @taapsee rocks... neither underpla… vijayrajkamat
Mulk=Thappad>Article 15 Anubhav Sinha's social drama trilogy gets completed! 3 great films in 3 years. What a comeb… saahilspeaking
Saw #Thappad and loved it .. Thanks to @anubhavsinha for making such a wonderful movie which was not possible with… RKS_alotsoflove
#Thappad is one movie for everyone to watch!! What amazing performance by @taapsee And very well written and directed by @anubhavsinha nikhil_kamath20
What an amazing SLAP on the face of the belief system that majority of Indian families percieve and most importantl… gauravlalwanii
Just watched #Thappad @taapsee You are fabulous.. superb acting by entire cast..👌👌👌 and your #ThappadMovie movie g… rathi_aman
#Thappad is definitely one of the most impactful movies I have seen. The entire cast was brilliant. A must watch f… nitinjha1110
Watched #thappad and the movie is a masterpiece. @taapsee and @pavailkgulati, so natural and amazing!! Congratulati… ShilpaPal2015
#Thappad is a MASTERPIECE. A film that deserves all the praise. Great work writer-director @anubhavsinha. A film wh… ImNeeleshK
Good acting #Thappad @taapsee and @anubhavsinha you give a great social message to all of us Dreams are dreams… aks_10
Thappad what a movie!!! A must must watch. #Thappad #AnubhavSinha kashyapk24
Watched #thappad today... It's such a great movie with such a good message! More movies must be encouraged which pr… harish_pareek07
I'm all tears watching this amazing movie Thappad. My takeaway is: Ghar ek aurat ke compromise pe kharra hai. Tab… iKlassique
Thappad - a must watch. EnjeelaShakeel
Watch Thappad. Story telling is back in fashion. Great work sir @anubhavsinha! #ThappadMovieReview #Thappad bfunkyalways
what a great movie 😍 #Thappad you're such a gem @taapsee superb superboy_arsh
#Thappad awesome movie great work by @taapsee 2nd time watching in today hardikambaji
Thappad is an awesome movie ... Must watch .. #AnubhavSinha #Thappad meghna_bhatt86
Thank you @anubhavsinha for this #Thappad. This movie gave a new dimension to think as men and human being. Loved y… _nasruddin__
Thappad 😍😍..What a great movie.. Great acting .. Great story.. Good Message ..Totally loved it @taapsee Hardik_hbk
.@anubhavsinha what a superb work you have done sir.just wow...@taapsee a big love to your art. I have come out as… man_90s
Watched #Thappad. What a wonderful art of work. Indian cinema has come a long way to choose this subject line. I sa… aman_upadhyay_
#Thappad is a brilliant movie. It's a must watch. I would call it a masterpiece 👍🏻👌 @anubhavsinha @taapsee AwaaraMajnu
#Thappad.... Amazing... proud to the team to bring such a subject. Just watch for all generation and everyone.... #Respect puneettalreja
Watched #Thappad. @taapsee and Kumud Mishra are so endearing! Loved them❤️ @GeetikaVidya that post credit scene- ju… ak08_official
Great movie great story And a must watch for everyone. #Thappad You are amazing as always @taapsee prateek_porwal2
#Thappad was amazing. Very well written @anubhavsinha and great star cast led by @taapsee rahulvsd
Thappad could well be @taapsee’s best performance ever. Great work! rachit5293
Do urself a favor, please watch #thappad. Men Women Parents Children - everyone must watch this film. Hats off to… priyankavinks
Thappad was a great movie. Seeing Hindi films that challenge unjust cultural norms & highlight important yet, negle… riiyyab
“Toot ke hum dono mein Jo bacha woh kam sa hai” Thappad is an amazing movies! So many well written and nuanced ch… sirius_black_24
Watched #thappad last night, won't forget this movie in my life. Its a great example on cinema's role in society. T… bharathartic
Dear all, Only thing to do this sunday.. must watch #Thappad Love you @taapsee & @anubhavsinha 👌 Its Sunday wasool. ashwini294
Watched #Thappad last night. Such and lovely and interesting movie. Really enjoyed it. Must watch! VidurBehari
Everyone MUST watch #thappad. Brilliant performance by @taapsee et al. Not only is the subject matter universal and… indianmuggle
Thappad : Deep, Thought Provoking ,Real and supremely relevant . Great performances esp Taapsee and Kumud Mishra .… madhavgmail
#Thappad A must watch movie for all. Anyone watching this will surely cry and understand the message. Thanks @taapsee ma'am. Choudharydws
#Thappad is brilliant not just because of a terrific @taapsee but also because of a wonderful supporting cast like… neha2saxena
The best part about #Thappad is it's choice to not demonize the male protagonist. He's just another guy. Great writ… akhiltalashi
Mulk was good , Article 15 was superb but Thappad is one of his best till date. @anubhavsinha #Thappad #mustwatch BeingNonsense
Thappad is such an amazing movie. Very simple yet so powerful. Proud of Indian cinema after such a long time. Thank… charuharlalka
Watching #Thappad #mustwatch #love #TapseePannu #mustwatch amazing dialogues and wonderful dialogue delivery. Love you @taapsee fan forever ChoksidNirali
#Thappad : A must watch. Every single actor was just perfect in their role. Beautiful story line. A very nice one from @anubhavsinha prashant_kk
#ThappadMovieReview amazing film!! What a thoughtful movie!! #claps #standingovation #MustWatch… Siddhubaba
#Thappad another power pack performance by the one and only @TapseePannu4 . Loved the movie. Amazing. puneetisin
Hey @anubhavsinha & @taapsee what an amazing movie! Subtle yet so strong! Wish to see more such stuff! Wish more fi… pinaki_sil
You rocked again @taapsee 😍 What a nice film highlighting the issues what a female faces and a slap is not a soluti… shubbi9
#Thappad Top Performances Top Writing Top Emotions My parents enjoy very few films, they loved this one and can'… Nirajpurohit23
Touching, Insightful and thought provoking. A must watch movie. Thank you @taapsee for such amazing work. Every hus… aparsaoji
Thappad! Such an amazing and powerful movie... Just please go and watch it! #Thappad #ThappadReview iChetanC
Watched #Thappad Fantastic writing with beautiful performance by @taapsee Must watch catagory. yash2696
#Thappad #ThappadReview Great work! Must watch 👍 Indeed a tight slap on our faces! Sanket_thinks
#thappad loved this movie..strong and mature sends out a great message.. DeepikaUchil1
It's the last show of day and still house full . @taapsee you are amazing..#Thappad is #Thappad to all people wh… Aish_bhattad
#Thappad is a must watch for all.. One of the most relevant films of recent times, @taapsee u rocks as always.. kud… yuvmathur
Just watched #Thappad. Take a bow @anubhavsinha @taapse. Superb work. Nicely written. Perfectly depicted.👌👌👍👍 vsarthak21
Watched #thappad I must it another fabulous movie by @taapsee.. Great motivation.. agrawalsandeep3
Just watched #Thappad and its a must watch and one of the most picture movies I have seen in recent times. DJigyasi
#Thappad movie is amazing and no doubt of Taapsee pannu acting is simply beautiful. But I liked sunita role. She's so real. VarshaVerma_
Just watched thappad, one of the best movies by far. @anubhavsinha sir what a great story and writing .You are a pu… agarwalyash521
#Thappad is a must watch for men. And especially for Sandeep Reddy Vanga and the rest of Arjun Reddy/Kabir Singh drum beaters. vijethbalila
#THAPPAD Thappad Man wow What a Movie❤️🔥 Loved it Masterpiece Anubhav Sinha man he is such a good director so Under… nikhilprince98
Big Shout out to @taapsee for such an amazing display of her acting skills. You nailed it one more time.… nicechetan87
Absolutely loved #thappad @taapsee @anubhavsinha @deespeak amanbaweja2390
Watched #Thappad starts with great ease and ends with lot of serious questions on male dominance. @anubhavsinha EnufDepressed
#ThappadMovieReview superb movie 🎥 I specially mentioned plot of film is well defined direction of @anubhavsinha is… repidfire
Tapsee is always amazing and an actor to look out for but am so happy to see Dia getting appreciated for her role i… just_being_self
Yes, #Thappad is great and it’s one of the best written, directed and acted films of recent times, but all I want t… sbangotra
#Thappad A film I have been waiting for since heard of it. A film every woman and every man must watch. Thank you… PurnimaDhar
Watched #Thappad @taapsee you are growing day by day in your work with perfection and great story makes film on ne… DadhaniyaJit
Thappad movie...a must watch...I hope boys like the movie more than gals. @taapsee wow performer @anubhavsinha o… imA_rathod
Guys just saw @taapsee pannno latest movie #Thappad . And guys movie is very great . Just based on one Thappad .bu… Jassiegill21m
After #Thappad #GoodBoys are tweeting how great they are fir they never raised their hands on their women probably… wherearewomen1
#Thappad What a Wonderful Movie.. Thanks @taapsee @anubhavsinha 👍👍👍 OptimisticSaket
Just completed #Thappad and it was just wowwwww! What a moral behind the movie. You have done a great job @taapsee… RShn28
#IndiaSlapsThappad I would have loved to watch #Thappad but then it's directed by @anubhavsinha the #TukadeTukadeGang supporter. ruckdafulz01
Watched #thappad. Such a wonderful movie! India needs more of this. Well done @anubhavsinha, @taapsee and the wonde… ajvads
#THAPPAD is a must watch movie!! @taapsee great performance 🔥💫 iuzmaxxx
#ThappadReview Thappad is amazing. Go watch it now. varishatariq
#Thappad ❤❤❤❤ @taapsee is just amazing.. Definitely gonna watch again 😊 iAmReAlVKG
#Thappad - amazing reviews! Pleasantly surprised by @timesofindia review of 4.5 stars 😍 If raving reviews and audi… srini_bala
[1] Just watched Thappad, and must say that it's the best movie I've watched in a long long time. Great performance… Adityav13
Your all movie always great @taapsee Ma,am Your acting very great like #NaamShabana #manmarziyan #Mulk #Badla #Pink… rathour66
#Thappad is a wonderful movie. It takes courage to make such movies which goes well against the widely practised… pranabandhu93
O watched #Thappad yesterday....loved it. You can actually relate main characters of the movie to people around yo… shiVi_busy
What a great movie #Thappad @anubhavsinha @taapsee MasawwirAlam1
The movie 'Thappad' is a reality check to all couples in the audience. A must watch and an optional follow-up intro… dipeshmittal
Must watch movie #thappad An emotional Feeling which will definitely make u realise ; time to wake up and take a st… RaveeSagar
Watched #Thappad and it is wowwwww! Moral behind the movie. Great job @taapsee. Thank you @anubhavsinha for making… happi_souls
Glowing reviews for Thappad from every possible corner. Great curiosity to figure out why. ashuWtf
Loved Thappad really well written and directed (Mrunmayee Lagoo, Anubhav Sinha) Taapsee and Geetika (go watch Soni) were amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 lemonjot
#Thappad: the movie with needed concept. @taapsee did a great job. After @deepikapadukone #Chappak & @ayushmannk… mbrwj123
Amazing performance @taapsee.. and yes you are “beautiful”.. just wow.. this Taapsee will be loved and watched over and over again..#Thappad vishal4m
Watched #Thappad Literally Dont Know How To Describe The Movie. As Always Loved To Watch @anubhavsinha Sir Work A… AnujPathekar
A must watch, @anubhavsinha shows his Powerful Talent @taapsee has acted wonderfully. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 Stars #Thappad #ThappadReview #Bollywood BollywoodCentr5
#Thappad Masterpiece I really don't know what to say about this film great cast great performance by @taapsee and a… HarshdesaiHd4
#Thappad is one more masterpiece from @anubhavsinha Sir & @taapsee ma'am ! Must Watch ! 💚 rizwanaamir54
#Thappad what a movie😍. Few moments it brings you down to your knees. Really enjoyed it. Great work by @taapsee 👌.… ravindrakandpal
#Thappad Indeed a very well made movie, actors were fabulous BUT unfortunately no one thinks about what have to go… machawla64
What a cinema @anubhavsinha sir! The way you bring out emotions from the characters are second to none. Great perfo… marineravin
#Thappad nice movie strong performance #TapseePannu samrat18
Film of the year #Thappad Great Acting By @taapsee and @deespeak , and Great work by @anubhavsinha .. Will Steal… Gouresh29
#Thappad is a MUST watch for EVERYONE. It so beautifully explores the concealed patriarchy which is thriving undern… likeridingafish
#Thappad is an amazing movie! Brilliant movie by @anubhavsinha . @taapsee a career best performance! Subtle yet tho… shrads89
#Thappad Wow. What a movie..What a wonderful movie.Go and watch it guys..Go with your partner,friends,father,Moth… gaurav_vats3
Thappad must watch ! Solvash_
Hats off @anubhavsinha for making movie #thappad great movie and amazing acting by @taapsee everyone need to watch… iamRealMonster
Whttta movie #Thappad ❤ Once must watch guys... Great job @taapsee mam..! Mdsharique400
what an awesome movie @taapsee ....#Thappad ..Kudos to @anubhavsinha and all the actors...a must watch. dr_nikhilgoel
"Just a slap par nahi maar sakta" #Thappad literally throws a punch at patriarchy. Great performance by @taapsee @pavailkgulati. RupenikaGaur
This story is simply quite riveting throughout the movie.its won't be not everyone's taste.@taapsee does a amazing… yeswanth_p
#Thappad is a must watch. A movie that would make each one seriously introspect. SeemaxGupta
I am still in awe after watching this amazing masterpiece #Thappad. This is the best performance of @taapsee till n… SudicchaB
Small Minds CANT STOP a GREAT film. #Thappad Thought38886326
A movie with a deep realistic meaning requiring very little words to get the message across. Must watch!! #Thappad… RenukaMajalatti
THAPPAD IS AMAZING. please watch it and take your loved ones if you can arunnnima
#ThappadReview : #Thappad is a must watch and slap on the society which normalises violence against women and of m… RAMIWEERASEKARE
#Thappad what a movie... salute to u @taapsee mam.. great act great movie must watch 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Mandeep_S_Mandy
#Thappad Has released and this is a must watch movie for everyone! It is based on the domestic violence which is vr… IshikaS59570660
Thappad is such a brilliant masterpiece by @anubhavsinha @taapsee @pavailkgulati and all the wonderful actors who m… Anjali_309
A Must Watch Film... #Thappad mdhansari
#Thappad #ThappadReview POWERFULL The 1st great movie of 2021 What a great performance by @taapsee 4/5 shivam_nagrale
#ThappadReview #Thappad is the perfect blend of entertainment and relatability. I loved what it tried to say. Sure… Aritracalling
#ThappadReview #Thappad Flopped Worldwide. Must Watch #Doordarshan. Khan_A_Irfan
#ThappadReview #Thappad Lovely, must watch for all Gujjju_Bhai
Can’t wait to watch THAPPAD this weekend. Hearing fabulous things about the film and Taapsee is one of my favourite… Nikhil_Rams
watching #Thappad this weekend. hearing amazing things as expected! RSalasskar
Been reading and listening such great reviews for "Thappad". The excitement is so high that I am very conscience a… sanjstheticz
#WatchingThappad Brilliant. Everyone must watch. @taapsee Kudos. #Thappad #ThappadMovieReview #ThappadReview #ThappadMovie amitavaadhikary
#Thappad Fresh Concept. Brilliant performance did by @taapsee A must watch film. Guys go and watch #Thappad at your nearest cinema halls. adhikari_kabir
#Thappad s going to be a must watch..... sonac24
As expected @taapsee's much Awaited Film #Thappad gets Amazing Response 😍😍... As said earlier if a film features… Abiram20548001
Must watch #thappad Trailor is awesum. #withanubhavsinha #withtaapsepannu #must_watch_thappad syed_sharib
Just watched short movie Thappad on @Flipkart. Amazing movie. Much appreciated to this child artist. #Thappad SarmaWay
I am the one who loved Kabir singh as well as thappad. #bollywood #loveformovies Drakshalp
Saw #Thappad movie. Brilliant work @anubhavsinha sir. Loved Article 15 too. Keep making movies on our social loopholes. 👍 KopiteVenom
Just completed #Thappad and it was just wowwwww! What a moral behind the movie. You have done a great job @taapsee… DDhruvil7
I just saw #SrinivasaKalyanam Telugu movie great concept, & brilliant story. All Bollywood Directors try to make th… S_S_Chauhan8
When I saw #saandkiaankh, I became a huge fan of yours @taapsee then #GameOver was thriller & you are fabulous. Now… gaud_dipak
As a South Asian Canadian woman with research interests in LGBTQ & feminism issues, it feels great to see that… sadika_bidushy
Toot ke hum dono mein Jo bacha woh kam sa hai Ek tukda dhoop ka Andar andar namm sa hai What A great composition &… AlterFanaticHue
THAPPAD RELEASING ON 28Th Feb MUST WATCH It’s Going to change the way we think Super Movie #Thappad Sal_Siddiquii
I saw the teaser of thappad ....its amazing , favoulous , fantastic , super duper se v upar ..amazing concept , the… Gauravgarg0403
Shit after reading such great things, in dying to watch #Thappad . Any chances for a @MumbaiFilmFest year round programme screening? hoodajmdlr

65 Negative

#TheInvisibleMan is a supremely stupid waste of time. #Avoid just go watch #Thappad! FilmStop3
Indian audiences let Chhapaak, Panga, Jawaani jaaneman and now possibly Thappad flop 🤥 they honestly don’t deserve OzzyMadness
#amctheatres have a bad selection system when it comes to Hindi movies.They are still running #LoveAajKal and #Thappad has no shows yet 🙄 IAmABangalorean
Just watched the movie #Thappad what a movie and a good msg to the society , Brilliant performance by all and super… imemraan
Thappad movie was so boring, I left in the middle of the movie in theatre. So now i am watching malang on my palang. rakeshdantala
It's a crying shame that a film as critically acclaimed as @anubhavsinha 's #Thappad gets such a terrible release i… FriNightMovies
Violence is bad. Unacceptable and so is the Bad attitude of the husband in the movie. But.. What if a wife slaps… bharatgogna
Thappad is an extemely boring film. Pls don't waste your money. Also...never rely on Rajeev Masands movie review 😡😡😡 Fungus_Shit
Never waste your feelings on people who don’t value you #Thappad #MustWatch nesh__sh
#Thappad is that film that you can't categorize as good, bad or average. It's that film that everybody should just… Ashboy04
Don't watch thappad as actor and actress are against CAB & NRC which is required for our Nation.Bharat Mata ki Jay #boycottthapad kketan_1984
can't believe Shahid Kapoor has the audacity to defend his horrible movie and instead criticise Thappad. I never fo… radicalmaau
Why hasnt @Rangoli_A said bad things about #Thappad yet ? Doesnt feel right to like the movie when she hasnt abused it. Rajievku
It is much better to donate for a real cause in #India than to waste money on a movie like #Thappad Which has an eg… purusharth007
#BoycottLalSinghChaddha @aamir_khan I can feed 2 poor kids with that ticks amount. Sorry Hindus will feed poor kid… GoldieB16
#Thappad why wasting money in theaters Download telegram it is available freely now that in HD quality ViratHind
watched #thappad today by reading the good compliments of others..Trust me it was a Damn boring movie..looked like… ShreyansSharma5
#thappad will flop not because some people are boycotting it but because it’s genuinely bad movie. Not able to brin… gareebaadmi
Boring movie. So much hype, no substance #Thappad Itssaurabh
#Thappad Over acting by Tapsee. Affects of a thappad over exaggerated with unrealistic approach. Many boring sectio… arayman22
Many congratulations on your super flop #Thappad @taapsee 👏🏻 aumpramod
#Thappad yaar @taapsee @anubhavsinha you guys could have given #MarriageStory a watch before making thappad. So so disappointing. saumik_h
ExSecular Suhana41 Movie is already a super flop. It is the duty of every true Hindu to boycott Thappad. aconkim
Instead of wasting money on Thappad movie, donate the amount to help hindu riot victims of delhi. #boycottthappad #BanTheBook vimaljaitly
#Thappad Another boring film by over-acting ki dukkan #TaapseePannu has flopped badly. Sujata63963233
Hello @anubhavsinha @taapsee Pad Gaya Thappad !!! 🤣🤣🤣 #Flop Kaalbhairao
Has #Thappad flopped. Praying to God that #TapseePannu career is destroyed by thus flop Sujata63963233
#Thappad boring movie slow screenplay repetitive acting avoid this movie roasting_baba
Celebrating flop of #Thappad !! Sujata63963233
Another FLOP for Taapsee #Thappad 🤣🤣🤣 Sujata63963233
#Thappad - A story with many layers. Brilliant performance by the entire team! Well done. Watched a good movie after a long time! rajritu190
#boycottthappad #boycottrashmirocket Another Bollywood motor mouth anti national @taapsee "Thappad" is a flop Is i… Aavinaash6
Guys , do not waste your money on Thappad . It is a super Flop movie #Thappad Babu89490118
Flop and time waste as well money waste #Thappad anup15884
After chhapak, thappad bhi flop, I m telling you Bollywood, if you won't get rid of this 40 to 50 anti Hindu, anti… Manoj28345898
Excellent movie #Thappad brilliant performance by tapsee pannu! drgeetasaini
It seems it’s A Flop ...#Thappad sudesha4u
#Thappad is such a bad movie. DO Not WATCH for FREE AlSO AltRapier
#thappad thu movie hai Don't watch 👋 bakwas allu_041
Guys #Thappad is worst movie. Don't watch it. I just saw reviews. Don't waste your money. montymarathe
If u hv spare time then go 4 #JCB working on road which is far better rather then waste yur money on… dhruven5685
Don't watch the film thappad #boycottthappad rahulsahu4084
#Thappad will join the likes of #chappak and will turn out to be another flop of 2020. Not really a good year till… hbhadoria124
Such a boring movie. Just waiting for intermission to get out of this hell. #Thappad express_himself
Horrible movie #Thappad by @anubhavsinha , no substance at all. Stupid subject. Unnecessary . Housewife seeking div… sharrmasumann
#Thappad Super flop movie. Make anything in the name of feminism just to earn big bucks. Torture urself by watching this shit. iamNIK8544
#Thappad Don't watch this Taapsee Pannu starrer THAPPAD SidhuSidhu8
Boring, overly dramatic and nonsense storyline. Wasted my precious time there. #Thappad jack0fnotrade
#Thappad story of trailer length stretched to a movie length... FLOP Om27047607
Thappad is flop 😁 MohitTandel35
Very boring ! Stupid movie !! #Thappad #boycottthappad #BoycottThappad #ThappadReview ravisin75604296
what a load of crap,avoid watching this at all cost #Thappad dhveer14
Guys don't watch Thappad. #boycottthappad because that Tapsee Pannu and Anubhav Sinha, they all belong to same Jiha… montymarathe
#Thappad #BoycottThappad This is not at all subject to make a film and show woman in bad light across world..Yes wo… NAMDEVSuryawa11
Do not watch #Thappad Make it a super duper FLOP. Sujata63963233
Make #Thappad a super duper flop. As I hate Tapsee Aunty. #boycottthappad Sujata63963233
#Thappad Whenever Tapsee appears on the screen, the film starts to drag, instantly becoming boring and unbearable. She is so ugly. Sujata63963233
Can't wait for chutiya chamar gobar ganesh physcopath @SumitkadeI to give bad review of #Thappad movie and some m… Sidgarg2410
Shootout to actress #MayaSarao for a brilliant performance in #Thappad. Realised half-way through the film that she… TheKunalKushwah
Thappad #boycottthappad waise bhi flop hone wali hai sensible and neutral audience doesn't has that much of time to… GALATGANG6
Taapsee's #Thappad looks boring and political. Won't be watching it. SG_PA_Ajnabee
Anubhav Sinhas Thappad is releasing this week it's a Bad time as given Mr Sinha s support to Anti CAA Protests the… BHASKARAGNIHOT
Thappad will be a flop but I wish it was a hit tho. Important film.. VelvetIsMushy_
Just watched #ShubhMangalZyaadaSaavdhan and it's an absolute waste. Bollywood really isn't worth it. I'll detox this with #Thappad nextdoorvoice
DULL week for mass centres. #Bhoot carrying bad reports and #SMZS not performing at mass belts. Next week also… bollywood154

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