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The Accidental Prime Minister

Release Date: January 11, 2019

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Was felt upset after watching the movie The Accidental Prime minister Done a fabulous role by sir Anupam Kher. @AnupamPKher amanjourneymen
The Accidental Prime Minister Should Thank Anupam Kher For The Fabulous n Historic Role Played By Him As Prime Mi… Nachiketa_India
If you want to know why you shouldn't vote for congress, Then must watch The Accidental Prime Minister If you wan… AjayBaj31981263
The Accidental Prime Minister is superb movie. Perfectly written and directed by. Dr.Manmohan Singh terms of PMO wa… tushshah
T/606 Watched the Accidental prime minister and just loved Anupam Kher for the fantastic performance and Akshay Kha… aparnandi
The Accidental Prime Minister is Great. You should totally download it from Torrent. #JaiHind G_AnishJi
The accidental Prime minister- A must watch film to understand how Dr. Manmohan singh and his PMO, the office of hi… sapan1392
Watched movie the accidental prime minister..... Wonderful acting by anupam ji and also akshay khanna sir..... Jai Hind....... varunbudhihal
Must watch for national interest — watching The Accidental Prime Minister sichotbalamey
Just watched the Accidental Prime Minister. Anupam Kher and Akshay Khanna have done a great job. A must watch. amraichur
Watched The Accidental Prime Minister at Melbourne Central with enthusiastic crowd. Great movie and acting by… prasad_jokare
The Accidental Prime Minister ..... Is better than pheku prime minister Abhishekdeep
Just saw the accidental prime minister nice movie both anupam kher and akshay khanna has done great acting but the… freelancethink_
The accidental prime minister, a great movie after long long time, Anupam kher at its best. Must watch. hclsurender
Saw the movie, The Accidental Prime Minister Excellent movie, great acting by Anupam Kher, Akshaye Khanna, Suzzane… NishkamBhasin
Watched The Accidental Prime Minister. What a stupendofantabulous performance! I just loved every inch of… myrjdamini
#AkshayeKhanna performance is The Accidental Prime Minister is worth the watch alone. Loved ur work as always n jus… garima137
Guys here is the Accidental Prime Minister film is wonderful...5 star highly recommend. #TheAccidentalPMOutNow… Suman0463
Not going to watch The Accidental Prime Minister, but the movie has brought amazing creative criticism through movie reviewers. IskusCurry
Really I loved the movie #The_Accidental_Prime_Minister and what a awesome movie. After seeing movie my respect tow… santhosh_namo
Its hard to go to watch "The accidental prime minister". I wish that he was that popular & touched hearts of people ! URI :) Must watch ! Rathore_90
Everyone must watch "The Accidental Prime Minister". Menak2020
Seen 'the accidental prime minister'... superb acting by @AnupamPKher DoctorNama
A brilliant piece of work by Anupam Kher. “The Accidental Prime Minister”, a wonderful screenplay and fantastic nar… aseemm84
‘This country needs a better class of propaganda’ Loved @anupamachopra ‘s review of The Accidental Prime Minister.… __MsMalik__
A brilliant piece of work by Anupam Khmer. “The Accidental Prime Minister”, a wonderful screenplay and fantastic na… aseemm84
Watched The Accidental Prime Minister... for 2 hours I was like ye the Manmohan Singh is acting himself ... great p… abhinavsinghd
:D Must watch. #DRMANMOHANSINGH ✌🏻👍🏻 — watching The Accidental Prime Minister SaNdyKAHLON
Must watch movie for all. Exposes real face of Scamgress. "The Accidental Prime Minister" Girish1288
Not a great fan of movies, but looking forward to watch these - The Accidental Prime Minister and Uri harishdb
The Accidental Prime Minister is definitely better than the AchcheDin-tal Prime Minister Namo. @AnupamPKher @ashokepandit sunny_abraham20
It is no doubt the accidental prime minister better than Modi sarkar.@RahulGandhi AvpalTibco
The accidental prime minister- awesome trailer. I just love the trailer. @AnupamPKher superb sir. you just nailed i… MaithiliSingh9
It's amazing how Uri, The Accidental Prime minister, Manikarnika, Thackeray...all release before the the 2019 elect… AkhilGooner
The accidental prime minister was far better than a chor chokidar #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister mamajeed79

12 Negative

The propaganda of BJP is failed totally as "The Accidental Prime Minister" is going to be a big Flop... KamalAzad85
Due to lack of time I don't watch the accidental Prime Minister but acting of @AnupamPKher is brilliant👍👍 mukesh2748
' The Accidental Prime Minister ' found protesters only in Waste Bengal ! This is Mamta Brand 'Freedom of Expressio… drsdatta2008
My take on the movie 'The Accidental Prime Minister' - Over dramatic with very bad acting from supporting staff...… nandishdalal
‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ is a bad film. Period. Rating: *...Yahoo News. jairajs
Movie: The Accidental Prime Minister is big flop. It could not convinced even film distrobutior and blind bhakths. ImFaheemYusufi
waste of time The Accidental Prime Minister himanshuanshu95
While we were wasting time on the Accidental Prime Minister, the actual propaganda film has got a quiet acceptance khalooo
The Accidental Prime Minister makes us wonder how bad the condition of the country will be if, even by chance, Rahu… KhushbuTakle
Heard that the movie "The Accidental Prime Minister" looks like it's title 'Accidental in Making'. Hence, a flop sh… RuralPsycho
# the accidental prime Minister Very poor taste,shoddy movie, only propoganda for jumla party rating 0 millionsjst
Our Prime Minister modi ji has time to meet celebrities, but he didn't have time to meet poor people He don't have… shoubhikanand

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