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The Body

Release Date: December 13, 2019

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"There is nothing that gives greater pleasure to a speaker than seeing his great points go home. It is like the bul… sadiqrili0
Loved the body suit i had on last night my boobs sit up so nicely 🤩😫 jazzc__
Guys I as a Cis het I enjoyed the Body/Face challenge but did you see @Thuli_P and @mihlalii_n? Yho hayi I am not b… PhumzilJack
In case you need to hear it: You are loved. You are loved no matter the hostilities. You are loved no matter the ex… crippastor
"You gotta be affected by the body shots at this point." "You gotta be affected by EVERY shot." Great point retard. babytacomeat
Harrison vs Charlo is liiiiiive! Harrison with amazing hooks to the body so far JmHuertas
Charlo doing great work to the body... Needs to dedicate this round to it. JohnIsaacTaylor
Fantastic round three for Harrison. Great work to the body. Quicker shorter punches keeping Charlo at bay. All tied… mtbooble
Great to see Spence back but that interview wasn’t a great watch. He doesn’t sound or look right at all. I doubt he… willthacker
Tuesday I’m gonna give away some previously loved toys All you gotta do is pick them up. Not sure of everything… Queen_Muva
Ugh I can’t wait for my car to be ready at the body shop on Monday!!! I haven’t heard my wonderful @RadioMadison si… Mikey_Mike_44
Body positivity is everything. This “the body/the face” thread is amazing, and we’re here for it 🙏🏽✨ IGprettypapixo
highkey would’ve loved to participate in this whole “the body/the face” but i look like a potato prettygirlmakk
amazing how the body can turn dr. pepper into breast milk. women’s bodies are amazing. shermanmandie
Daniel Dubois v The Body Snatcher ... is a great fight Daniel Dubois v Joe Joyce ... is fucking pointless j_is_my_name
Women under the #body//face looking amazing, bout to ‘ntšhelele se o hlapang ka sona’ types of requests MorwediaMaleka
Just watched the fast forward episode. Absolutely amazing! Been trying to work out who does. To me, it looks like i… VanyRichardson
First goal in 2020 is to get back the body I had when I started gym. That feeling of liking what you see in the mirror is amazing man. NikkuAoi
Happy #WinterSolstice!! A great day for detoxing the body and mind. artespey
Rye is great for nutrition and as the body takes 4.5 to 6 minutes to harvest all of the nutrients, U can throw it… iyladeacrown
Calming the great men and now joined in the center of America, and remembrance, and mindful, he trains himself with the body, DharmaJTrump
omg I will never get over the amazing and miraculous ability the body has to heal itself when sick. mine wasn’t abl… michnic
We HUMAN'S are truly AMAZING! The body without our soul! Is a stiff dead piece of meat! grae2020
Also keeping in mind that I woke up feeling great and refreshed. The body told me it had enough rest and energy to… barmanjdc
Naw fr esctasy pills does the trick. Them joint clean the body frfr. Better than a detox MrMoneyFirst1
All set for ironman 12.2020 in Bolton loved Staffordshire cant wait for Bolton and the training that comes with it.… tlaing87
I heard through the grapevine that great love it takes time. Sex shapes the body, truth shapes the mind ForMozambique
A few thoughts on the PRS: - The maple neck is amazing. After going back and forth between maple and other woods o… voicierika
I recommend “The Body is Not an Apology” to my sisters. I really enjoyed it. sing2metania
I’ve read “the body keeps the score”. It I’m looking for other great. Ok recommendations relating to trauma and the… TheTyMeade
Holy shit , really enjoyed this but has left me with a few questions like what happened to the rest of the body par… zombiewolfy
Lost 10kg in weight in 8 weeks. Amazing how the body reacts to stress, strain and unhappiness. pauliodibrownio
The body is amazingly tired Synchrogayzer
Putting a sheet on the body shaking from the cold .. !! Millions are better than putting a wrap on a shrine .. !! naeemanjum345
A great sense of peace feel over me tonight as I stood beside the casket holding the body of my Papa. I was sad but… Sabrinacheek09
Akira was so good I fucking LOVED the body horror jthulus
waking up at 6am and working a 7-6 is amazing for the body 🤩 shit_word
laugh alot.. it's amazing what it does to the body and soul..😊 prolificoficial
Well from the sounds of it the Labour party meeting went great last night. NOT! By the sounds of it the Body langua… lewishowland234
I'm exhausted and surgery is really really hard on the body (obviously) but I feel immeasurably loved today SkylieRylie
I have begun my annual xmas detox. Amazing what side effects the body manifests when it is deprived of things that… Ubrmthr
Coconut vanilla body butter coming right up. The body wash is amazing & smells so good as well. This combo smells… MsCMarie44
Byw the body by Bill Bryson is a GREAT BOOK #renewannewithane DISNEY SAVE ANNE Alexandralawae
Why did this otherwise great article about witchcraft & the body have to dip into what is, at best, borderline able… SacredMask
The body is a wonderful thing. Mine has taken untold abuse and it still manages to adapt. First workout in the can… MarkSoll2
I started boxing at the gym and dawg..... that shit is amazing!!!!! I’ve been practicing in the mirror, it’s crazy… bloodraw_sd
You cannot do better than Christ ,unless you allow the land's ability to allow Heaven. Therefore acknowledge YOUR w… JakalamaNewtown
Great quality stuff. Tshirt material is just perfect for the comfort of the body. Hoodies are just as warm as they… RizwanManzoor6
Hosing down #pets in the #heat in #southaustralia this week? Remember to cool the Great Veins - under the neck, beh… rachelwestcott
.@dexrileymusic just sent me the "Body" masters and yo ... they're amazing, y'all better buckle the F up braydbay
More great information about the body-mind connection in "Presence" by Amy Cuddy. If you are feeling anxious or dep… PaulLevelingUp
there is order to the body ~ order is good ~ flesh is delightful when handled with care the mind wonderful when un… wavesofgrace
i had a dream I was tasked to fight the disease of evil out of the body of a loved one. it took several horrific ni… stvrdust
Hypertension is a silent killer.Great damage is already done to the body by the time one is being diagnosed with Hy… batonso
mjf: dude youre gay and you like justin bieber lol. i bet u like barney dude some dude named greg on twitter: great… slattthomas
Start of some massive movement for the body outta be great for me, traing tomorrow, really looking forward for some… CredoimCredo
asuka is killing in This Match the moves, the facial expression, the body movement...everything an all time great lucasYC26
Hey horror/art twitter, who was the amazing artist who designed the body horror guy who looked like an ornate teapo… ChesskaDoodles
Btw, the body lotion was coconut sugar from @Anthropologie it smells amazing. If it’s ever discontinued I will cry. christiana_twit
Come, let US worship and bow down.. Today, we gather TOGETHER to worship OUR great God. Today WE revolt against th… jeremiahhurt
The body shop satsuma range smells amazing omg I get such weird nostalgia from it chamomileboi
so great to know some of my faves are also laid up in bed scrolling through the TL like me. homebody Saturday nights are good for the body issawholeclown
What a main event. Usman and Covington slug it out, but Usman prevails in the fifth. Usman did a great job with sho… djordjm_95
Hell of a fight. Usman precision jab with power and great game plan going to the body. Colby tough as hell fighting… FennewaldTyler
#UFC245 Thank you USMAN!!!!! Great performance, the body work was beautiful aswell! MarcusKeen
Some beautiful shots to the body by @USMAN84kg great fight so far #UFC245 BoRikuaBoii
Both men standing and banging for the full round, great pace set here. Both fighters landed some big shots, shot of… FightFiendUK
What a great fight, I hate to say it but I think Volk took it. His leg kicks limited Max's mobility and Max was too… Pommesbudenpate
Great adjustment to the body shots for @BlessedMMA but too little too late. @alexvolkanovski those leg kicks! Great fight! #ufc245 JohnHeyes_Jnr
Dont be confused by sunlight, soak up & acsorb what the body needs to regain focus.. it's amazing how nutrients wor… CmyselfNi
Here is a great thought from the annals of history...invoke the powers of commander and chief, march on Washington… JLeviNYC
unpopular opinion the body aesthetic without any tattoos is amazing dgnacio1
I was thinking that the terms "flesh prison" and "flesh bag" are great for identifing that the body dosent match th… BravadoMars
The body language of #Norwich has changed after the lead, their game at an individual level is better than… VipulGupta1202
The body is the clay, blood is life and breath is the soul. To create something extraordinary and beyond imaginatio… Nipluvm84
Proverbs 14:29-30 He who is slow to wrath has great understanding, But he who is impulsive exalts folly. A sound he… highwaychaplain
Great body shots, porozo should have blocked the body more but overall a bit sloppy and Machado with this holds and… ReinaDelRing
#IronExec tip: a great way to build strength is a circuit. Anywhere from 2-5 exercises non competing areas of the b… Iron_Exec
I don’t feel like I look amazing when I take a nude anymore, eh the body confidence is gone freakburner1
Alzheimers leaves only a husk of what your loved ones used to be. Kills the person, leaves the body behind, only so… Mud_Shit
The great thing about movement assessments and baseball tech, is the ability to address the real issue. To many tim… CoachAMendoza
Enjoyed your work. Rest with God. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Prayers for your family. TSIDATSI
Received my GG-Pro Body Warmer. This would make a great Christmas Present as the packaging was fab. The body warmer… RECArenas
Furry is amazing because most fursona or OC’s have the body of a dime. ADogAtRest
Thots on wellness: it will be great if can wear a watch that indicates possible heart attack, lymphatic blockage, o… Chanmiffy
One Word Review The Body - ok ok. 2.5/5 It's story does not bring new to the table as far as the mystery-thriller… Pulkit1111989
Sex is of the body and the body is of death. The body that is dead is loved more than other bodies. tiffffanytrump
To my clients and future clients this some great ingredients this product has and wha it will do to the body markwbcomm
this morning the TSA guy said “well don’t you look fabulous” to me as i stepped out of the body scanning machine lmaooo gdjkhppyhllown
question, so it seems like hinges weren't removed, so thats great, but today i tried making a basic vehicle, but th… dxxLauxxd
That 30 minute cardio is definitely good for the body I feel great RichhGoddy
When I die I want to live forever. Write me in the history books. Never lost in the body of forgotten names. I'll be somebody great. Lia_jonno
Loved @IAmJericho’s entire performance with @JonMoxley tonight. The psychology behind the words and the body langua… Pandemonium_Pod
Amazing the cops are throwing caution to the wind to do the body recovery tomorrow, weather permitting.GNS saying t… tsaclis
Great takeaways from #WOTC19 The Body Language of a Leader! For communication: our words are 7% - Are they passion… RobertsJulieA
This wasnt the decade i became an amazing artist or achieved the body type i want. But big macs are on sale and i cant afford a new tablet! draco_green
Really enjoyed these past few chapters of Solo Leveling. Kinda got me missing Jin-Woo in action but it’s been nice… zuhmbe
I can’t wait until President Trump is once again our great President and I can’t wait to see what all the people th… knockemout123
its wonderful how I have to bleed from the body I never even wanted and then treated like its my fucking fault I di… SamaulRin
The body is an amazing machine... If you eat the right things your body will perform incredibly well! YamyamSupport AFPTroops Preciou47272181
omg this is amazing "i found the body" by shooter and waylon jennings. this is the first time i heard this and it's… rainontheplains
THE BODY REMEMBERS WHEN THE WORLD BROKE OPEN: Beautifully performed, and meticulously crafted. Great use of extende… hermandhaliwal
Said goodbye to my great aunt but didn't one of the ladies drop the whole bowl of the "body of christ" and then one… miaaaorourke
dimitri in modern au..... he has the personality of the endearing well loved student council president but the body… blaiddydick
Its amazing that biologically based fueled cars kill biologically based life to create itself more fuel for its own… CharaStone6
The mind is but the subtle part of the body. You must retain great strength in your mind and words. LOUDRE AsOneFamiLOVE4ever grassoper
“The Game Changers” is a great movie that explains with research, why and how a diet with meat is detrimental to the body. #science dannarodrig0716
Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on… MagicMikeXXXL00
LITTLE JOE approaches INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS by way of GATTACA with a great performance by Emily Beecham of… JaySeaver
"We've come for the body of Macaulay Connor." 😂 Ruth Hussey is so great in this. #TCMParty #ThePhiladelphiaStory Cyn16734
The pen, is of course, mightier than the sword. And certainly, the chainsaw is a great deal mightier than that. But… Babelfish_Twist
The body language experts are back on Özil. The toughguys all would have done better than Xhaka The out of his de… Hanksban
A letter to my stomach. "Dear Stomach, With all due respect and deference to your amazing abilities in keepin… perdition616
Innocence is a great human value. Innocent people are beautiful. Their beauty isn’t about the colour of their eyes,… edrine_kyax
The body changes in so many ways, it's kinda amazing to me the things we can do & what it does to care for itself.... Im__the__truth
Indulged a little more than usual and im still feeling the after effects, amazing how the body works with nutrients or lack thereof samanthaaadear2
The Body Buddies, Action Amanda and Donchez will be entertaining the children of Great Ormond street for their Chri… LauraCh01389438
Plants are such an amazing way to make the body feel better. I love sharing what I know: aromatherapy, nutrition, s… sunsloveerika
What gets lost in the loss are the two amazing plays made by @lionel_nacua in the second half. The TD grab and the… danlalli
I wish I was one of those girls who loved themselves and was comfortable and okay with the body they have 😢😢 LeeeeMicahhh
“I’ve battled many men much better than we seen from him. I can die and still carry the body like Queen and Slim”… azhotazice
It's amazing what a ginger ale and a joint can do for the body Jovi_BG
Being able to stand with your church every week, confess the Nicene Creed, and consume the Body and Blood is an amazing blessing. matinswithjared
why y’all tryna bring back low rise jeans? i mean yeah there are girls who look fucking amazing in them, but my big… homelesssnifff
The wonders what sleep, stillness & detox does to the body. I feel amazing. htuocles
Oh great, here come the body aches Myrtle_Sue
If LSU is 1 I get it but Vilma saying Ohio State is 3? The body of work for the Bucks is way better than Clemsons. devberm22
Today I had a great insight. Inside our body, different activities take place, but all serve the body. Same is true of universe. CoachRanjan
After a 2-day training conducted by Bessel van der Kolk, author of wonderful book, The Body Keeps the Score, I’m re… MelissBrand
Heaven Just welcomed a Saint. The Great Owerri Crusade was my first encounter with God. A Field Marshal in the Body… zumycarter
Great to see the body snatcher dillian whyte inside the ring, after wrongly accused. Welcome back. #JoshuaRuiz2 #dillianwhtye MartCross89
The body can do amazing things in a situation when it is really called for. Blessed26thYamyam HatchDay @gucong_yamyam Preciou47272181
The body is an amazing machine... If you eat the right things your body will perform incredibly well! Blessed26thYamyam HatchDay Preciou47272181
Ain't nothing like that dark liquor😩 that shit does the body Great! No hangovers MrMoneyFirst1
So sad for the body of Christ but such a great blessing for our precious brother Reinhard...well done and see you in God’s timing💗✨🕊 paulsondbs1
Think Ruiz weight is great move. Won’t be easily bullied and leaned on. Can see him get inside and unload to the body StuartyPhilpott

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ppl put a lot of shit on their heart. the heart is for pumping blood through the body so u can breathe. every bad d… bootymassage
Look at the body language of this @Panthers team. As a fan, this hurts so bad. tmj_101
Y’all cute w/ this “the face/ the body” too bad I’m built like a fridgidator ImDjjackson
Threw up “the body and blood of Jesus Christ” in the church bathroom after communion... feeling kinda bad about it wang42069
Hope has the body to play till he is 35 or so or it has really been a waste of a career Daniel_Nduka_
quick flex, i got my shit together along the span of this horrible fucking year. i got the job i wanted, the body i… yungscorpiho
Cuando Melanie Martinez dijo: "Instead of making me feel bad for the body I got Just teach him to keep it in his pa… Claragomx
The body/ the face posts need to stop .... it’s not good manners. Muchelule32
"the body/ the face" could trigger someone into a bad space. Lets be humble and considerate... nahendss
I can see why though. Been consuming a lot of bad food recently. The body gets attached and it's what it wants and craves. berrybadu
What a play by Pettersson. Goes hard on the forecheck and lays the body forcing the defender to make a bad pass, re… tarjunbasi
metabolize v. to turn food, minerals, etc. in the body into new cells, energy and waste products by means of chemical processes ShotaMY2
everyone doing the body vs face challenge thing r so hot too bad im ugly monopclies
Harrison and Charlo getting it in!! Super Bad left hook to the body is murder... #HarrisonCharlo2 #Boxing bakarisimpson
Poor circulation of blood and essential nutrients in the body are major cause of body/joint pain and stiffness. Sel… NnaturalWellne2
not being able to participate in the body/face challenge really sucks:( kelaniiiii
Honestly, having the flu sucks but what it did for the wow, I feel like a skinny legend. TheWorldof530
feelio when i like what i'm drawing but know that when i fully start coloring the body it will look bad sleep_marie
The body can literally reject someone’s energy. Your anxiety will start acting up anytime bad energy disturbs your… xanteriamarie
If I didn’t have sleep paralysis, anxiety, a horrible stomach, depression, and general awkward in the body it’d be over for you hoes Zach_Sherman312
My sister just called Harry's music horrible so where do I dump the body? veraxsunflower
long-time nuclear waste warning messages r so unsettling skjsjfh its so fucked up i love it like the phrase "The da… renfchuk
body image// when i was like 12-13 i always felt so self conscious and horrible about my hips and boobs but now tha… wheeljank
Instead of making me feel bad for the body I got, just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop mrsaintos
A bad time, if ever, Don't hurt, if you can help, Because bad times can come to you one day! Keep in mind that t… mohamedrasel5
Everyone knows the #circlegame has to be on the body and below the fuck off with that excuse Damars1
When your spirit cries for help because the body doesn’t know what its doin, you know its bad. n_d_ko3
ANXIETY. FUCKING. SUCKS. The constant fear of doom, random breakdowns, the physical drainage it has on the body, co… urdirtychancla
They found the body of that poor Austin Mother. They put the baby in care of cps and not the father. They must suspect him. LebaLove
metabolize v. to turn food, minerals, etc. in the body into new cells, energy and waste products by means of chemical processes ShotaMY2
Imagine being six years old and having to burn the body of your dead father. Sucks #beast AlyssaSilent
This weather is not good on the body. Bundle up warriors! This weather is not our friend. ApparelCell
Is it bad that this girl updated her profile photo and my first thought is "oo he cheating" cause the body language… PrincessFluffs
Highly processed foods cause rampant inflammation- in the body and brain, which can lead to poor choices later. It’… its_diet
@ PR agencies: it's not a good look for emails you send out to have five different fonts in the body copy. hels_worth
Whew! So now y'all don't know when to use waste or waist? 😬🙄🤦‍♀️ Waste = trash, something thrown away, worthless (… QuitaRee
instead of making me feel bad for the body i got, just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop NANARCHlST
Donald Trump shit bag Mr.3 that he is (3 referring to which toilet waste product create by the body) finally is imp… Eudes_Espino
the body can literally reject someone’s energy. your anxiety will start acting up anytime bad energy disturbs your… annieheimdall
I'm so relieved that @USRepLong's argument was so poor that I have a reason to hold him in disdain beyond the body-… stuartblair
the body feel today is .... Bad headsetheadache
She bad because she got the mind of a QUEEN👑 and not just the body of a GODDESS🍑 Uptown_OgCash
Kinda sucks when one goes to bed and one's mind suddenly goes into full existential dread, along with thoughts on h… KaiAuroline
I dunno how the body work but if i got something bad info, bad news, sad, broken heart, jealous, etc, my stomach got sick a.s.a.p najwaanjanin
this cold shit fucks with my joints so bad. love having the body of a 97 year old!! justycehunt21
metabolize v. to turn food, minerals, etc. in the body into new cells, energy and waste products by means of chemical processes ShotaMY2
Does the body change at 30 ? If so , is it good or bad ? Questions I needs answers too red_cobain
My friend who lost over 300lbs just put my skin into perspective for me. It's really not that bad, it doesn't hinde… _happytokes
“Overeating is not good for the body’s health. Don’t think of eating as important someday God will do away with bot… FullSoule
Instead of making me feel bad for the body I got Just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop bellamothea
Note to self --- > Never draw a detailed head then realize that you're going to have a bad time sketching out the rest of the body InariKoKami
Birth control is so bad for the body... DDiva1905
All you see is vaping does this and causes that.. etc.. why don't they ever talk about how bad alcohol is for the… Stavan_P
It is his right to forgo these debates, especially in light of the body's recent poor performance, intentional or n… Dale75078309
Gym just to release that bad energy, not even for the body anymore ramj235
If you let a pharmecutical industry along with industrial pollutants and bad policy dictate your evolution and its… WiseYoungChap
metabolize v. to turn food, minerals, etc. in the body into new cells, energy and waste products by means of chemical processes ShotaMY2
WOW. Malfeaceance SUCKS. #Destiny2 No, really. I got the body shots, but nope. No kills. Barely any damage done… CrazyWriterGuy
Wallace had every chance. Instead of hitting with the body he tried to dive for an arm tackle at the lower legs. Terrible defending. LAOJoe
why did this tsa agent just spray glade through the body scanner immediately after i walked through. do i smell that bad tianajklol
instead of making me feel bad for the body i got, just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop sayin… amanda_gpc
So it’s confirmed it’s the body guard series 😍😍😎 @SerkanCayoglu thank you for not disappointing your fans and choo… AnanyaUS
I started making art again and I forgot how bad the body pain from sitting in your floor for hours really was blazenbabyb
Random (likely bad) thought: The Senate should be reformed as an appointed body of experts. Each Senator would be… Teleonomic
trying to decide if it’d be a bad idea to try calculating the number of days it’s been since i touched any part of… asimurgari
My theory. Hear me out. All the stress is bad for the body and health whatever. But does crying like cancel it out?… monkeyjadebunny
instead of making me feel bad for the body i got just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop taejinwlv
Can we talk about how bad interfaces in PC games are? Decades spent developing perfect interfaces for PC apps, but… tomslominski
Nick canon making a diss track towards Eminem ? Someone go get the body bad ready for this joke artist JulioJrSandova1
i forgot that too much yogurt (good bacteria) is bad for the body 🤷🏻‍♀️ roxinereads
Instead of making me feel bad for the body I got, Just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop. IVOFMARIANE
People who have received their #Fuji X Pro 3 specifically the #Dura finish versions: how “bad” are you finding the… shuttersny
Malignant means the cancer is destroying other parts of the body it has formed from The cancer is bad nonetheless Y… ReinertsonAnna
Today the body's pain is really bad and I just took strong pain killers, I hope it helps.. I really wanna have fun… stardvstdrops
A lot of people my age say things like “oh I have the body of an old person, all my joints are bad” blah blah blah… sallymodz123
Instead of making me feel bad for the body I got, just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop BeljorGamer
Hey does anyone remember how in Pokémon let’s go it’s implied that you’ve just taken over the body of this poor chi… Kivynarisato
Why didn't canibals eat Katlyn Jenner? Because they know that trans fat is bad for the body. MrDeodata
i want to look like a brandy melville model so bad wtf WHY DO I HAVE TO HAVE THE BODY OF LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS adriannahgrace
I go to Hell, walk up to the corpse of me Look at the body like, "You ain't nothin' but poor and weak" It's kinda w… RealSgtLogan
The body remembers. The body keeps score. That’s good. - The mind remembers. The mind keeps score. That’s bad. #thebodykeepsscore jasonleowsg
The most boring game design discussions I see only are "is X bad design?" The body of the text is always the same (… DeclawedBoy
"poop is just bad vibes leaving the body" -@Mollrow sftbtch
Not a bad showing for a 3 day week. Clean things up on the mini bye. When you think about it, that’s nuts. A lot of… trae_mo
gonna stop fucking around and work on having the body of a bad bitch all 2020 madison_dupree
poor morgue work in making the body look "fleshy" and reel would this gay guy sitting next to me not write such rud… LarsHano
hitting up my poor unsuspecting friends w texts like "is the body the ego" metheavenlybody
Drinking a Bang energy drink before work. I wish cocaine wasn’t harmful to the body so I could skip this caffeine crap _______daniel_
‘ the henny bad for the body shit don’t put me nowhere near mars 😭😒😒 that’s why the shit so cheap bck to the tron please 😭 deeklah
Is this idea financially a good or bad idea? What if I were to commision a foam base, have it furred by someone el… PerytonThissy
burning plastic , as we know is very bad for us. do you know exactly how bad? it’s the main cause behind secretion… duhnizzle
instead of making me feel bad for the body I got just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop that's… Bibia_xxx
See the body needs certain superfoods that help your overall being invest in yourself you won’t be disappointed TrillAssBaller
The body can literally reject someone’s energy. Your anxiety will start acting up anytime bad energy disturb your p… dareal_tyee
Physical exercise is safe and beneficial when it goes along with good nutrition. However, with poor #nutrition, phy… NnaturalWellne2
Today was not a good day for me mentally. Nor was it very body positive. But I have to remember that this is part… amandagal__
“instead of making me feel bad for the body i got, just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop” Valenjazz2712
Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer "The Body" because apparently I not only sliced my hand open but also want to feel like crap. Odder_Box
Instead of making me feel bad for the body I got Just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop ~ Str… amhid_blog
So @GeoffinLincoln has the body of a female high school volleyball player but is constantly sending terrible fat jo… NMR1312
idk who started this shit but the person that said salt is bad for you is a sham. the body needs salt for so much s… BlueberryQue
A pretty face is not good enough. A good heart is not good enough. A smart mind is just too much. The body and t… _JoAnne_88
Yal remember the light skin bad built chick dancing for likes in the bikinis....where the body positivity people was then? _kid_franki
p98 "One guessed him as the third generation, grandson to the shepherd or ploughboy whom civilization had sucked in… JackGrahl
opposite feelings make reactions in the body in the other side i mean good ones in the left side and the bad ones… ruanmoba
The body my kids gave me isnt bad! I just hate not fitting the clothes I want sometimes JessSnow00
Lizzo’s cheeks in any setting is terrible. She’s getting by under the “body shaming” bs but cmon not in front the kids big girl RightWristSkert
#ImpeachmentHearings. The body language of GOP lawyer, Castor says it all. "Ah he'll why bother" . this is crap Baxide1975
Official opinion: having to poop sucks. All waste products should be naturally sublimated within the body to preven… gitrd0ne
Did Lizzo have a point in showing her ass at the Lakers game? No such thing as bad publicity I suppose 🤷🏾‍♀️. I lo… BridgeNicoleL
Some people worked really hard for the body they have, and now they're suppose to feel bad for wanting to maintain… A_Sud_
but what i am not grateful for is how the body immunity system improves over time against something that's bad whic… WallflowerNeko
Even though I have needs of the body and social desires, I’d rather have no one around than bad people full of fear and guilt orgnsm
And those who criticized USA y’all don’t know the sacrifice it takes to have the body she has. FOH with that crap i… Nilka_Dessire_
instead of making me feel bad for the body i got, just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop lavendelb0
i understand drug addictions life is fucking boring as shit and not all drugs feel good as the one u fuck with eve… lindoraycharles
Taking 8 pills was too much for me so I decided to stop, I’m not sure if this is good or bad but I really believe t… Simaaa_
Wow that’s just some horrible defense from the @Saints secondary right there. Should have went for the tackle inste… BeardedMan47
I'm waiting for medical Twitter to tell us bread and beans is not a good combination for the body, make we start open fight.... SirMhithi_
Could the body be giving up. Foot and ankle not good. #ankle #Injury nex808gen
Atleast im getting back to my experimental food cooking phase again. Only bad result is the body behind whose cooking it all up. 🤣 Its_JaPAM
I don’t see how people still haven’t seen or noticed how bad fast food is for the body. Some of y’all will sit in t… keekreationzzz
Disappointing from Ruiz, thought he'd target the body more, throw more than single shots, cut the ring off effectiv… Lew1sGreenslade
What if depression is associated with poor hygiene in part because the body is craving healthy microorganisms! 🤯 bockosshh
I was a little disappointed in the weed I bought as it was less potent than the previous kind. This one however is… cofoppyplop

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