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The Window

Release Date: February 16, 2018

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🙄 I had planned amazing plans for me and him Saturday 😫 but then out the window the way he keeps pissing me off 😒 DasiaWalker6
What a shit show from Eng rugby today. Basics went out of the window. Great win for the jocks well done. #sixnations matty741
Things aren’t great, but in this very moment, the window is open, birds are chirping, and rain is falling, so it’s okay. drfaygo69
just changed in front of the window so i hope the vegas strip enjoyed that shot of my boobs i mean i’m on the 27th floor but u never know heykluh
Still a great trade for the Penguins. The window has been maximized in 2018 and 2019 MikeMcClory
“As the great Lil Pump once said as he held his glock out of the window of his Whip and fired three times: Let’s Get It.” - my brother lauralyexoo
I love driving down backroads with the music blaring and looking out the window seeing how great nature and life is breyerjames
#amazingspaces I'm loving the brewery/pub made from recycled items. The window made from old recycle ones is amazing patsyhutchings2
A week ago we had a new trainee on the push back, long story short I had to take over mid push, he’s doing great no… stuckinaviation
A black man is only loved under the conditions that he can provide, once the man cant provide the (LOVE) goes out t… Lungile_sthembi
Just finished A Tap on The Window @linwood_barclay another great read.... didn’t figure that one out.... #lovebooks #realbooks #onholiday debs5365
A guy just drove by screaming out the window that Pepsi is better than Coca-Cola. If that isn’t grounds for the dea… ghstrider815
would be great if the primary kids didn't stop by the window beside me to look into our class and give me a heart a… its_angelachan
Shout out to @Virgin_TrainsEC for great service, patching up the window in super quick time so we could be on our w… doonhamer
It’s so hard honestly to keep some type of bond with family you once loved but once you learned their views on othe… RocketeerCody
Its raining and i have the ever so amazing job of working the window ;*) We also had a customer attack his cup with… ionsembrace
great start from my lecturer as she propped the window open with the board markers and then dropped them down 6 sto… Alexaprim4
The Woman in the Window, by A.J. Finn. AMAZING BOOK! Read it in two sittings. @AJFinnBooks #readitasap slave2596
Mrs. Smith, to expect as either of the window, as much benefited at the Palmers, in a little did _not_ great deal of him, unhackable2
I’m having a wonderful day so I get off work and go through a drive thru and get to the window and my window switch… LaceyMiranda14
Good morning, Look out the window.. Take a deep breath.. Tell yourself, life is good.. Smile.. force it,if you have to.. Have a great day.. ShouqqM
“I loved to sleep with the window open. Rainy nights were the best of all: I would open the window and put my head… _xdiamante
Yeah sex is great but have you ever listened to turtle by twice while looking out the window of a moving car CPU_Shulei
Nate and I were in bed by 11 & slept with the window open. Shit felt wonderful. _triciaalee
Nothing better than finally opening the window to let some fresh air into the house mrlenahan
richie loved the rain but eddie hated it. he had to stay in and do nothing, locked in the house with his mom. but a… bevemarsh
when you have read a very wonderful line and you just gotta stop, read the line again, stare at the window, then smile miatticus_
Y’all. It’s 66 degrees out. It felt so amazing to drive home, listening to an NPR Jazz station and have the window… chroniclateness
Going to bed with the window open in February is great it’s incredible our planet isn’t fucked at all (upside is th… saisonbanthony
I want to throw my #AppleTV out the window. First gen is amazing. But now. It’s requiring a lot of work. jchristomsp
Sleeping with the window open is going to be wonderful ☺️ TaylorGawron
its so nice out today....i took a walk and it was great and ive got the window in my room open so it can air out...ready af for spring lmao gil_galads
I always peep in the window of that wee cat cafe in Smithfield because let’s be real here, cats are amazing smokedsammon
Opening the window to let in the cool breeze and the sound and smell of the rain is so wonderful. It's a simple ple… HannSolo_
Opened the window in my office. Fresh air and sunshine is wonderful. thewhitey
I’m just laying here on a hospital couch, watching the snow fall out the window, waiting for my great niece or neph… jewelymking9670
Nothing is better than napping with the window open while it’s raining livetolove_000
Even though it’s freezing is there anything better than looking out of the window and seeing a spot of sun ☀️☀️☀️ SPRING IS COMING 🌼🌸 michellestottx3
When you can drive to work with the window down, it’s gonna be a great day... THEwiseguy2011
Grrr all I wanted was a lay in but no the stupid painters had to start sanding and playing their radio out side the window! Great👍👌🏻 Niamh09490679
The black man is only loved under the conditions that he can provide, once the man can't provide the (love) goes out the window minnesotabeats
Feels great to have the window open Rodger_That_33
Nothing's better than sleeping with the window open daniielllee
Revisiting @PilotSpeed's Caught By The Window - an album I absolutely loved in my high school days! And into my uni… jocci
Today I took a nap with the window open & it's February. Amazing. MissPopStar
Having my bird feeder right outside the window of my desk at home is a wonderful test of my commitment to giving co… martha_flower
Man @FloridaProject was such a great film, but the ending just threw the whole thing out the window. No spoilers, b… fakejortner
Finished reading The Woman in the Window in less than 24 hours. Couldn’t put it down. Amazing. GetLitty_
I used to have great instincts... used to know things before they happened, my X cheating on me in the bathroom, or… kristyk2939
Skyrock radio is great and all but I'm on the verge of chucking my speakers out of the window if they play Kaaris-D… Waffleboy123
so i had this great idea of enrolling in an english creative writing course thingy and now i'm legit dying and cons… evilhairbrush
It’s so wonderful when you pull up to the window at Joe Beans and she says the usual and has it ready 😂☺️ _neesha_nicole
Me : “omg I wished someone loved me !1!” Boy: “I like you an- “ Me: “ yeh no I’m going to need you to stop right th… nataIiebautista
Wonderful news friends: I have learned the magical secret of leaving the window cracked to cool down the house without dying to death. cannibal_queer
Nothing better than looking out the window, down on the city naked from the 8th floor at the Hyatt TMollywater
The weather is great. We had the window open... then we heard children playing outside (loudly) and we shut the window quick haha dariusmorgann_
Goes to Taco Bell and the girl at the window had to talk to me about my nails because she loved the color and was s… mallymallg
On a real note though. I should know better than to lay in my bed right after I shower, still in my bathrobe. Becau… hayjo_7
It’s 1873, Mark Twain tells all that everything isn’t as great as it seems to be, there’s obvious corruption in Tam… yung_pattywan
killed it today in the window at work. I'm so serious my general manager even said how great I did in the window.… bookwarm2017
It’s amazing that I could fall out of my bed in the middle of the night and my dog doesn’t think twice about it, bu… SDedinsky
The sunshine coming through the window feels gud I'm ready for the winter to be over blankjchau
Great, now I'm gonna be glued to the window for the next hour or two... Vachon98
The window display @FinkleStArt is absolutely wonderful - brightens up your day every time you go past. There are s… alanrobson2016
The only perk of working til 2am was that move it shake it just rehearsed down Main Street and we danced in the window it was amazing. loz_douglas
Currently on the phone with Lane and he says "sticking your head out the window going 80 is better than any energy… RayleaFolstad
Spent my time staring out the window while the power was out pretty amazing 🙃 karynalopez21
Shit. I actually loved this girl. Then she cheated and that shit flew out the window Blottchea
Reasons working Saturday is a great idea: 1) click my pen repeatedly without getting yelled/asked to be less obnoxi… AnnaVincent94
Took everything that made T'challa a great comic book character and threw it out the window. Killmonger had him loo… mElflEg
Great can only hear out of 1 ear of my headset now sound whorings out the window vKylza
Paul Heyman's hatred of Eddie is amazing. Mixed with Kurt, this feud was amazing. Remember when cop cars stayed lon… Discordman
I got my first positive feedback from a customer today!! pulled up to the window & told me I had a great voice on h… cheyene_jones
Unpopular opinion: The aisle seat is better than the window seat Maria_Hodson
Great to see a trans slur in the window of The Subculture Archives on Carnaby St. Made my day 😧 b_tchpuddin
SOOOOOOOO if the earth can just open up and swallow me that would be great! Stopped at Royal Castle to get myself… Jasminet_9
This week's hot 3 fiction! 1. The Great Alone - Kristin Hannah 2. An American Marriage - Tayari Jones 3. The Woman in the Window - AJ Finn ShadysideLibrar
My room’s sealant on the window is broken so it’s been super fucking cold. Like I enjoyed the rain but oh my god it… syditious
I don't think anyone understands how great it feels to wake up to the smell of coffee and rain and hear droplets of rain hit the window jackyy027
The most wonderful of mornings to you, TimeKeepers! I hope the Time Machine didn’t shake too much during the night… InTheN1ckofT1me
The breeze through the window feels amazing! #Fridaymornings #nothingtodo LaCricha
Slept with the window open last night and it was great 😌 iamjulialynn
The window cleaners that my work uses are just the most incredible looking men. What a great choice picking that company. PearlKindjarsky
A dog was in the back seat with its head out the window and I started yelling and crying bc dogs are freaking great. vvaaneeee_
First class on the train early in the morning is so great*stares out of the window dramatically* zs969
Okay so I go to open the window and two of my nails pop off , just great ☺️🚮 orangebullets_
Nothin better than falling asleep with the window open, when there’s a nice drizzle outside ben2hafer
Great, Eric locked the window again. Guess which cherub is sleeping on the flowerbed tonight? Sometimes the little… teehee_eric
This late night breeze through the window is amazing 🍃 Miss_MansaMusa
I love raining days☔🌂great to make love to the music of raindrops beat Against the window pane. You can go from the… nfxxx123
JLC: “... a small car smashed between great lorries, and the children waving cheerfully through the window.” GeorgePleasance
Love will always be key. With and without clothes. Sexually and plutoniclly. Love changes you. It’s amazing how lov… ALBeforeAfter
if i truly loved myself i'd delete twitter, delete tumblr, throw my laptop out the window and move tf on with my life in general steamedbyun
I’m sprawled out in a tank top, the window is open, and my neighbor is bumping Mexican music. This is great SylviahWithAnH
You know you have enough internet for the day when I look out the window, I just played Gunpoint (Humorous and great game, by the way) ryukkeybot
I definitely did just lock myself out of my dad's house again which is great I'm really into that love being able t… actualtriangle
Woke up 10 mins ago n wanty fling masel oot the window already great Gabuumon
We're linked with so many amazing players when the window is closed but as soon as it opens, we sign the 5-6th choice player 😏 BridgeConquerer
Looked out the window just in time to see a little kid fall off his scooter. Great day inherentburt
Can't think of anything better than lying in bed all cosy with the window open 🤤🤤🤤 MeganHoughton30
Martin thought it would be a great idea to teach the dog how to jump out of the window now she gone😂 Paul_McCarthy97
Dear nerds: help me find a clip. In which episode of The Day Today can I find this amazing quote: “As I swirled the… De_El
a woman just knocked on the window and said “i love your shirt!👌🏻“. it’s especially wonderful to hear because i made it!!💁🏼‍♀️🍾 maisrienisboss
#FavoriteStoryAboutMyDad My dad was a really corny, loveable goofball. He was just a big kid and loved us all to bi… fffffolder
You need to look in the mirror sometimes and not out the window. Great advice @tchill_ for any person! #LeadNow2018 MathGuyKLZ
It feels amazing in our room since we have the window open. I’m about to take the greatest nap 😍 BnlegareB
Amazing what ya see with the cameras outside the shop. Ppl jus randomly smashing the window of their car cos their… andreacunn
Just finished your DAI stream! WHAT AN EP!!!! I loved the dance with Cullen at the end that was so adorable! When y… Tommes14C
Interviewer: Describe your best quality. Me: Oh, wow, great question. Well, I feel like I've really been on this p… anirishwhiskey
“I stared up at the sun, Thought of all of the people,places and things I've loved. I stared up just to see With al… darvinsidhu
we don’t go around saying, “i had a great day, the high point was staring out the window.” but maybe in a better so… uchellelele
I've never wanted to drive more than today. I'm so close. It's bright and sunny. Slightly warm. Great day for ro… SamHendrix
I stared up at the sun Thought of all the people, Places and things I've loved You can feel the light start to trem… roxyrivas11
Sitting by the window at work, I find great pleasure seeing familiar faces walk by ☺️ especially all of the dogs lol lisettedesign
Throwing your morals out of the window is a amazing feeling that I need to suppress really fucking hard hoestrange
In McDonalds drive thru trying to undo the window by using my indicator, think I enjoyed my weekend a bit too much😂 angelroberts18
It’s amazing how often times conservative ppl build their culture on their welcoming kindness and Southern hospital… ktbrisket
When NF said " you shoulda been there when i graduated, told me you loved me and congratulations, instead you left… ShararLance
Saw @ItsDarciLynne in rosemont tonight and loved the whole show!! One of my favorite parts was your story about Kat… taylorhannemann
Oldies while looking out the window on a rainy day. Cant get much better than this jxc_0899
Although we only made two signings in the window, both Pritchard and Kongolo look great additions. Pritchard was ex… NickShackleton
the friendship with my new machine isn't off to a great start, first test, the fabric gets stuck immediately i wil… Nachtangel
So amazing lay in bed and waking up throughout the night listening to the rain and wind against the window ⛈☔️💨 theadoraluty
I loved to sleep with the window open. Rainy nights were the best of all I would open the window and put my head on… blluue_
Fucking great dude right when I’m about to finish my weekly graphs I get dossed nice bro well 3hrs worth of fucking… WesIy2
Topanga: been sitting in that window all day. You know what's great about a window? There's a world outside Go ther… TheJonathanWard
There I was at work, mopping the floor and minding my own business, some guy decides it’s a great idea to flash me… Shattersley_
Had a great nap after early turn, then woke up, looked out the window and saw it was still light and then panic set… peckhamcop
Still working my way through a book hangover after finishing @rilaws wonderful 'All We Can Do Is Wait' last night.… kme_brennan
Amazing how were only losing 1 nil. Game plan completely out the window and shit themselves. RyanKeogh4
5/5 While another creeps through the window Did I do that? Sorry Urkel again No. But it’s not a hard way for any tw… SirVenIm
Nothing Better Than Lying In Bed With A Slight Hangover, Rain Beating Off The Window, Bed Super Cosy & @thexx Playing 😏😏 erin_hbk
The #GreyHouse was awesome #GarysGirls. I loved the canvas awnings and the shelves about the counter in the kitche… GeneStoker
Anybody with gifts or talents have great potential but that goes out the window if you can’t let go in order to gro… Vick_Demone
The kid in my row is licking the window. This is going to be a great flight. waustinkelly
The car in front of me had a Great Dane sticking its head out of the window, which excited me. But when I realized… sierra_yoo
I love @deneenborelli! She's a great person with a sharp mind, but I find myself having to minimize the window when… Joe_Bleaux
Yes let’s open the window in MY OFFICE and have me freeze my ass off. No it’s okay, alls GREAT. raaaaach12
*opens the window* *hears bird screaming and dogs killing each other in the distance* Me: Ahh, the wonderful sounds of nature. Victoria_Lolo
Free-for-all would've been a wonderful place to practice if it didn't make me want to throw my entire set-up outta… Keryja_
keeping a colourful pet gnome in the classroom is a great way to build a sense of community in a class… adambelbin
Nothing better than a guy yelling out the window of his 03 Honda Accord about how beautiful you are followed by a w… iitsnayaa
My son knows I love snow and stopped his frantic getting ready for school to suggest I look out the window. Great s… magiciandoz
Heart beat racing, hands shaking out of control, there was a great opportunity but i just fucking threw it out of t… zaczaczaczacc
id like to give a shoutout to the cat that was sitting in the window of a house we passed by... i really enjoyed your work keep it up bigcoffer
How amazing is it being in bed as the rain hits off the window 💚 samanthaheron1
Me screaming out of the window dropping off my brother&sister at school: “BYE I LOVE YOUU HAVE A GREAT DAY BE AMAZING” lowkeybbygirl
Everyone's gone out for drinks and I'm staring out of the window watching a dog chase a tennis ball down the street. This is wonderful. Rosie_Armitage
I can’t wait to make my future kids shovel snow as I watch through the window and tell them they’re “doing a great… jqbrawn
You tell me what the connection is. Anyway, the falafel was great👌And Vince the guy at the window was great, ButchWarnerPsyc
You ever clean your toilet and it looks so great you can’t even bring yourself to use it, so you start crapping out… PaulKaloper
Nothing better than seeing the bank across the street close for the day and leave...which I'm watching from the win… KayteeOBerry
One thing that is great about loathing Boston is that i can make a fool of myself on the t everyday bc I do not car… avant_dad
£5 for a 284 mile long journey is great but come on @megabusuk why do the toilets have to be so grotty. Rather pee out the window. 😂🤦 steeknchip
Amazing view of #blencathra this morning from the window of @virgintrains #pendolino. Lit up like a beacon it was. Beautiful. daptweet
Not much happened in Italy during the window. No great player leaved, no great player joined. Probably the only rel… Alscar_moose
I dont think theres anything more wonderful than the universe lining up perfectly so that you look out the window f… actualsugimoto
Just got home looked out the window and saw @KalernThomas penalty go sailing past! Great performance tonight though chap. What a win 🔴⚫️ JSL5591
Getting to see the Space X launch from the window of my desk at work was amazing! W/ @cristenallyn #bae JenitzaLuna
Spotify on Discord is great. Opens up the window for ridicule of music my music taste ecks dee. McRae4Ever
Nothing better than waking up w the window opened on a fine ass morning , we got the birds the planes and it smells so damn good 90skaarlaa
I am hoping nobody will be jumping out the window like in the great depression when the market collapse. Those margin calls are nasty.. northenwhite
Looking out the window of love, it's like a story of love, Can you love me? All I loveded was the love you loved,… Kas_writes

198 Negative

Nothing like randomly looking out the window to several inches of snow! Gotta shovel the driveway and my poor shoul… Chibishedevil
Got pulled over for my tint today and the cop came up to the window and I literally told him I was poor and trying… FaithStephany1
There’s a horrible insect on the window of the seat I’m in on the bus I’m going to Die purple_clovers
Feel like throwing my phone out the window sometimes I waste so much of my life on it StacieStack
Lost my wallet that had my card in it , got 20 from my dad and it flew out of the window on i10. Today sucks fr MadiHartSherman
To the girl who took my order at Chicken Express. I work fast food and I know it sucks! But I am pregnant, agitated… MadisonRater
looking outside the window in nyc to see what ppl are wearing to guess the weather is a bad idea there’s always a g… rxchelvibes
I was very bad today, I had two pieces of pizza and a little helping of ramen noodles. Did I just blow all my hard… xoBmichxo
You kept still until the long drive home Slept safe and close to the window Well, I've got a bad feeling about this… AnaMcCulloch
Sometimes I think arming teachers may not be that bad, then I remember my middle school English teacher Mrs. Shulte… kellensmutz
When i try to be productive i end up wasting 2 hours staring at the window and singing We Will Rock You maybemaybelle
If you're having a bad day I just ran smack into the window pane NEXT TO the glass door.... tdub789
..she has ODed 6 Times in the last 8 months or so..I feel bad cause if I would have rolled down the window I know w… 444wizard
If Microsoft’s bad UX is what takes Trump down, it will be worth the 100’s of times I almost threw my computer out… mskifyanasty
When we are very strong, -- who draws back? Very gay, -- who cares for ridicule? When we are very bad, -- what woul… AnnaKar75916474
Sucks to see Cole go but you're not gonna find center depth like this anywhere else...the window is wide open, let'… Big_Drive
I thought my puppy was up to some foolery cause he's been a bad boy lately but he was just sitting alone nature wat… rjtd_
I accidentally turned on a helium tank without the nozzle and helium was blasting this poor woman in the face like… KiloKruger
Hate leaving Claude in the house by himself when rach is away to work and a needty go home, poor wee boy looks out… Saaadgasm
The sun is streaming through the window of the Cauldron. A sure sign summer is on its way. A heap of boring paperwo… Cr8tiveCauldron
Poor form from your wythenshawe @Cex branch, took a game to trade in and despite the price being advertised in the… SimonJames5
“Read, read, read. Read everything-trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who… KristophLovell
this amber alert just scared the crap out of me. like it literally went off and then a cop with a light on went thr… _allboutsarah_
NRA said today in order to stop a bad guy with a gun you need a good guy with a gun. After todays breaking news tha… Tonyluv617
Out of Europe with a whimper. Really poor. Need to invest in the defence to move forward. Why sign an ageing centre… ohare85
Not good enough, early mistakes like that and tactics go right out the window! Dorus is fucking terrible! rightback15
My allergies are so bad my face wants to explode. And we can't shut the window because we'll melt. lexi_powers17
Fuck why is my hair getting sucked out the window ItsZackBro
holy shit they’re showing us the most boring videos I’ve ever seen I’m about to jump out of the window hot_grandpas
I get people are curious about as to why McDonald's got rid of Styrofoam cups and some are even disappointed but wh… rachey_rocks
I wanna go to New York so I can shout "New York sucks" out the window of my Taxi Cab carmelacarnitas
Today has sucked: teacher basically told me to screw off. I found out I have hw due tonight. And while trying to st… chaze9_
So I just scared the crap out of myself. Backing down the drive, looking in the side mirror, I put my arm out the w… kvaughan737
Man Utd are a horrible example of a football team now. Any respect a neutral fan had for them must be out the window sempy13
I never forget the day Jaz threw Morgan shoes out the window when I say anxiety hurts it hurt really bad that day she didn’t give af!!!🤦🏾‍♀️ Pure_Essence_
Good idea: opening the window at your desk on a beautiful day like today. Bad idea: Opening the window on a beauti… Chumpy76
there’s days that aren’t bad but god today I was about to throw 9 months of recovery out the window by 9am agnessyss
I don't want to anymore Someone get me out of this crappy hole called life that is so boring and tiring that I real… frauson
To the man who got on the DART at 6:30 in the morning in February and opened the window: I’m not mad, just really disappointed. JennyPennnyy
Man this response is a little disappointing. I was super hyped now thats just out the window ! trickynic32
me: persona 5 is mediocre at best and the ending is extremely disappointing akira: stick his head out the window me: game of the year catboysz
The only thing I feel bad about today is smoking with the window open and then hearing kids outside shmendywendy
Just like a first date, the snow looks exciting out the window but is so disappointing when you see its not sticking around. #OregonSnow mykelwagner
My online shopping thing is adding absolutely everything I like to my cart and acting shocked and disappointed when… FrozenPhalanges
Poor guy on the highway, his windshield wipers weren't working so he had a broken one on his hand hanging out the w… AmandaChipchase
So yesterday my friend came over she sucked me off and then mid way through fucking she looked at me after glancing… Merlinmagic1234
#stomachflu sucks.. But got to sleep with the window open last night because it's almost 60 degrees here in… birdsandbees12
Totally was planning on not wasting this beautiful day. And by that I mean I slept all day but the window was open femmeswear
I just waste money and throw it out the window...yet it all has went towards education or something I believe in. H… oceans1694
Sometimes I think living at home rent free isn’t so bad then there’s other times like now when my mom is half way o… maggiehaggerty_
Aguero nearly has a fight with a wigan fan,wigan fans invade the pitch,city fans being there normal horrible selves… BazzaJ96
I haven’t drawn good in. Ages which really sucks bc art is smth that I’m so passionate about and it makes my heart… sleepyseokah
What is it about bad weather that brings out ALL of the bad drivers? Do they look out the window, see a storm & thi… TheMrsSibona
Even looking out of the window seems interesting than focusing on this boring class naziasidd001
I’m in @realbigal26 room and the window is open and I hear some girl yell “THIS SCHOOL SUCKS DON’T COME HERE” to a… ashley_cern
Read read read. Read everything -trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who w… UNG_FYC
My flop is PSV, for drawing their game despite going 2 goals up and throwing my chance of winning 71k out of the window.@ifm923 iambenMUFC
Spent a week getting over a bad cold, now one night in my uni room and I wake up with the draft from the window on… EllenBall9
When bad bunny said “no quiero que nadie mas me hable de amor, ya me canse” I threw myself out the window marilunamv
a group of squirrels keep hovering in the bushes right next to the window and take turns scaring the crap outta me… theblandkid
Should be used to shite start from Rangers by now but I still can’t believe how bad we start games. Not worried yet… Bankie_RFC
I’m scared to look out the window to see how bad the snow is. And to see if my brunch plans shall be ruined... Itsnikiibitchh
i’ve never been more disappointed in my life, until when i just looked out the window and saw all the snow. just wh… olivia35___
having a car sucks, especially when you try to fix 3 large boxes of pizza through the window madison_leigh22
I just threw 14months of sobriety out the window. I've never been so disappointed in myself until now legendmoosey
I think it says a lot about how ridiculously boring my intro to music class is that I’d rather stare out the window… Leahlou122
me @ myselr when I'm about to jump out the window: I'M A BAD BITCHYOU CANT KILL ME aizawatiddymilk
i didnt think today was a bad day but today is a bad bad day and i could do with chen waking up right about now to… severianlyctor
Waiting for the takeaway man to come is horrible! Constantly looking out the window every 2 minutes ! Starvinggg Jaymee27blue
“Read, read. Read everything - trash, classics, good & bad, & see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works a… StevenScribe
Know Villa had a few key players missing today but really poor side. Came for the 0-0 and clueless once that went o… tomtomkdkd
living in ohio mean looking out the window and immediately being put in a bad mood because theres fuckin snow AGAIN oharahuerta
I got a free coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. I feel bad because before I pulled up to the window I was complaining about waiting 🤭 kaybbyxo
I opened the window rly wide since it wasn’t in the direction of bed so I hope no bad bugs come in and bite me Toweldumplings
Bad weather always looks worse through the window! It looks bloody horrible from inside the van right now! 😆😆😆😪 BMF_Leeds
Feeling like a failure is the worst, I hate showing my face. I’ve made so many bad decisions, I tore my ACL and I r… MikeyOrtegalll
my road rage is so bad that when i'm riding shotgun i wanna have a "you suck at driving" sign to stick out the window at people heybbyj
Note to @Apple and @YouTube: The updated YouTube UI on my Apple TV is SOOO BAD that I’m ready to throw it out the w… justindarc
I’m sad that my valentines balloon was in the backseat, I opened the front window & it got sucked out the window 😭 dutchnicolea
Disappointed in you @tacobueno . No muchaco when I brought my order home, and they forgot I placed a drive through… PixiedustedAK
You can't #break a #bad #habit by throwing it out the window. You've got to #walk it #slowly down the stairs. - Mar… jirwinsmiles
I just had a really bad zoning out moment. I was just looking out the window of this bar thinking about how dumb th… chrismreed91
laine threw a cigarette out the window and it got sucked back in + landed on my neck ama commie_hoe
I accidentally ran the curb today in the @Wendys drive thru (which is bad enough on the self esteem) but then THE D… KateAlysse
Riding, hanging out the window, screaming "Who wanna die?" Savage lil addict with 100 bad habits Say "I need prayer… bradydean16
Starring through the window when you hit a tunnel and end up starring at your reflection like you’re disappointed in yourself kaylaashled
i chose one (ONE!) bad answer on dream daddy now im ruined I HAVE TO DATECRAIG! IF I DONT IM HURLING MY COMPUTER OU… suizouu
My normal day- Wake up Shower Eat Breakfast Drive to work Gaze longingly out the window into the industrial waste… PMcC_ROAWR
Too bad I was sitting at the back of the car. If I could roll the window down would have shouted at them and make everyone stare at them JunWaaay
Current mood: Not good Feeling hella suicidal rn, which happens a lot. Happiness is out the window, I feel fucking… EpicBish
The rangers literally make me want to throw TVs out the window holy shit why do you suck so bad BlakeDrinkwater
La skype la snapchat nafs el awadm, instagram sucks, I’m throwing my phone out of the window if you want me get an airplane. moonstone_w
I can’t believe the horrible service @Fly_Norwegian I have anxiety and need to dig by the window and they gave me a center seat classicmanjeff_
So Being I’ll has sucked today Thrown Any Recording Let’s Play plans for today Though the window Hitkid2014
In the past week I have watched not one but TWO incredibly bad "scary" @netflix original movies: The Ritual and The… stephgambles_
I ate too much yesterday....ughhh birthday eating is horrible! Valentine’s Day throws the no chocolate out the window! 😂 tabitha_pitts_1
Alexi Lalas co-commentary makes me want to throw my TV out the window. TERRIBLE. TikaTakaOzil
Is it bad that I raged so hard at a game that I nearly threw the controller out the window... Stronghybrid101
Is there anything worse then leaving for work and your poor dog is giving you sad eyes in the window😭😭 victoriiaaleigh
sitting in a parking lot and a bird just flew into the window right beside me what the actual fuck my poor heart didn't need that spook TheOnlyKodaK
Took a short break...popped my head in the window and yup people still using bad logic to defend themselves when th… newjackcity28
I use to have a horrible attitude and my mouth was a mess 🤦🏾‍♀️ but once I changed my life around and focused on my… CaliKay_00
Read, read, read. Read everything: trash, classics, good, bad, see how they do it.....Read! You'll absorb it. Then… Becker_L
Dear afrihost its been two days now and your internet has been real bad @Afrihost i feel like throwing my router ou… boobearthecute
I woke up this morning and looked out the window to see how horrible the weather was then I suddenly realized I hav… rosso5792
Twitter is like a window to a world that is intensely hateful, illogical and horrible. I remain grateful that I’m… DannyCause23
Some people are nice but they smell bad and not in a bio or a trash way, but a unique scent that makes u want to jump out the window Natz_1999
I’m totally sick of seeing this guy talking about his terrible tinder date where she got stuck in the window trying… Sami_ishiding
I hate when you're driving with the window open and someone near you has really bad brakes and you have the panic w… kristenthough
it's fun to be by the window seat bc you can see all that romantic crap happening by the school grounds mattyalco
I’m in class, there’s a bad thunderstorm and I’m waiting for the window behind me to break whydontwefan_s
amber just stole my license and threw it out the window cause i’m a bad driver __bibs
“Do I want to go see Harry and Meghan?” I live in Yoker: I can see people wasting my tax from the window thanks! RyanFerrier89
Holy crap, truly just witnessed a child licking the window of a bus!! There was full on tongue and drool, and an a… karmallama89
I haven't written anything in ages and that really sucks. I need to just shove real life out of the window for a wh… elizafoxauthor
Dilemma: McBain bathrooms smell bad, but then I open the window and the shaft also smells bad youngweonlee
I had a bad day today and after practice i went to Pals. I probably looked super frustrated and when I got up to th… maddie1dbabe
Someone was just complaining they were having a bad day. They had cut their Kiwifruit inconsistently. I thought tha… lecter1963
So today I took a nap on my dog’s bed. On the ground. My the window. Not so bad actually. Solid 7/10 iisiitaa99
This clown is smoking @USAA_help riding with the window down. His transmission sounds like it is about to go bad.… DesignOn6
boy i spoiled myself for a plot point and im hoping that its for a bad ending bc otherwise im hella curious as to w… bovyno
Poor Yeter Homeless, watching Yegit from the window I really feel so sad for her #SeniSeviyorumÇünkü CondesaMorisca
So called gender equality went out of the window with #PriyaPrakashVarrier. Poor guy ! 😂 veeveksen
“Read everything -- trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an ap… WordsOnThePage
It's freezing out but I'm being slowly roasted at my desk near the window. Actually, this is not that bad. Wake me… areeis_min
Everything sucks and is breaking, but the sun warming me through the window feels real nice today jsrndoftime
This man wanted my number so bad he tried jumping through the window so I gave him Trevor’s number 😭😂😂😂❤️ ohhhbrookeeex3
Alright, It's bed time for the princess. Sleeping without cuddles is boring though, so I'm leaving the window open… Crown_of_Sarasa
I can barely skate forward, let alone backwards. I’m a terrible Canadian. (I say as it’s the middle of winter and t… WitchOats
It’s super windy and Cleo is not feeling it. My poor baby is too scared to go outside and can’t look out the window… shelbo247
Poor Bees wants to stick her head out the window (meaning she likes to hang half her body out of the window) but it… Melissa_Fakler
"Poor Tommy got more than he bargained for was only looking out the window"😂for u @emilypalmerfxo zackftrye
Boring thing about gautrain is when the brothers with stinking armpits board on and you can't open the window😷 na… saremonie
If Smalling isn’t the first name on the summer transfer list once the window opens, United are wasting their time. dansereau18
We were supposed to go to a birthday party for a 2, 3, and 4 year old but the weather is still bad. It has been sin… jane_ydoucare
Just ten minutes ago my mom was banging on the window and screaming “NO, BAD CAT. HE’S GOT A CARDINAL!” So me being… tipton_g
My dad runs the heater all night and it sucks ass, so Chad and I always open the window. The probably is every morn… cristimari_
So I heard that the new update on snap sucked so much ass so I didn’t update it. Next thing you know I exit out fro… Amelia_Rosarioo
Why is my kid so grown?! Logan (5): "We HAVE to turn on @GMA " Me: "why do you want to watch the news so bad?" Log… emrk727
If youre having a bad time just remember that some drunk jackass broke the window to my beautiful car, my brother b… G3TLIT
My Productivity today went out the window quickly. Groceries and workout done by 9:30am and then I got sucked into… Krystal_lynn83
Whoever tried to break in the store overnight sucked. Didn’t even break the window. Just smashed and cracked. Fail. ethanvenable
My sister tried to tell me about how the window of her new apartment faces a bad intersection and the bad driving i… EstherWords
[ Mun sucks at reading tones of text.] Dull. very dull. Cant even light a dimlit hallway with a spark. Im so fucki… Houndumb
Tweet 9 @TicketmasterUK on travel and hotel, so be totally disappointed. And as for me, I might have well just thro… LauraJayneBurke
When you wake up with a horrible sore throat and realize it’s bc you slept with the window open and you’re just lik… marlacassenti
This car in front of me at Starbucks has sent back their order twice, and I just want to somehow help this poor bar… abgates7
So I went to McDonald’s this morning and this poor girl was looking all nervous and kept looking out the window, I’… CaliGibbs2795
it sucks balls when you feel like craving for someone's care for a very long time you need to throw that shit out the window fam bbbbrrrrrrryyyy
Arsenal are so bad when chasing games. Discipline goes out the window. It’s only 1-0, don’t go gung ho! OlaKupsy
Good or bad day to live in Twickenham? can’t wait to sing Sosban fach out of the window later 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏉 Stace14922
She looked out the window of her room at the night sky. Wondering if She will be better soon.. it sucked to be in a… Im_JustAHuman_
Pro tip. Don't watch videos of kids asking their stepparents to adopt them while waiting in the drive through line… alejobarragan9
Was visiting my warden friend the other week. "Holy crap, what were those orange shapes zooming past the window?!"… eAndrewW
orange was being SO bad this morning & I yelled at her to leave me alone so she snuck out the window while I was in… free__shrugs
Looked out the window and saw some poor soul resort to using a t-shirt to scrape the snow off their car. RIP. graceegood
so many birds are outside the window and it’s giving me such bad anxiety alainamary72801
Are the Cavs disbanding their team or what? Basically throwing everything they’ve built out the window. #disappointed stiniuslh7
Omg i have to pee so bad, but I have the window seat & i feel bad asking these strangers to move. alliiiee
Oh crap this bus driver is calling help bc someone opened the window xBruciex
Hey @marcorubio - you are as bad as Dems - you cover for their party while acting like you are above the fray - The… ebbeshelby
When things get so bad, you go numb. You sit up all night hoping he will come home but he doesn’t. Thinking of him… Jennings1989
This classroom smells so bad I'm so tempted to just jump out of the window PLEASE SHOWER IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT ❗❗❗ __sydneylynn__
It doesn’t LOOK that bad out the window? aerofish
First look out the window and it doesn't seem as bad as we thought outside. #snow groovatron2000
after my poor bass was dropped out the window do I: youngkliar
Duke fans: Y’all loss to Wofford. Well that crap can go out the window now! T_Davis96
Just when I think I couldn’t be MORE disappointed in an album than I was with Jay-Z’s “4:44”, Justin drops one of t… MrParsons1
So, I got an after school club banned simply because of terrible timing. My friends are jumping out the window (bec… TheGUY70
Between the X-Files and now these new Firefly books, poor comic books have become the go-to medium to do “canon” st… GrahamB47
Me: sitting on my bed staring out the window. Passerby: Poor guy, must be going through a tough time Brain: Do I wa… david33ad
"I guess the weather kept people away from class. I didn't think the roads were that bad." EXCUSE ME YOU CAN BARELY SEE OUTSIDE THE WINDOW Yasmine_Hassoun
I had a dream that I had a cat. It was terrible. Kept falling out the window. KPokrefky
|| anyone feel in bad about their stretch marks just remember that when u look out the window when it’s raining and… HealingZiegler
Song for a Lady On the day of breasts and small hips the window pocked with bad rain, rain coming on like a minist… RevistaColapso
its 2028, your husband walks into the kitchen and throws the crockpot out the window because your cooking sucks, th… Clayton_txt
When you're watching a live feed at work of a horrible car accident in another state and the camera operator in the… ILoveNaps1781
Pretty happy my baby boy ice took one for the team and had all girls with his baby momma. Now all the bad juju of h… AGuerrero_17
Man, people warned me this would happen.. Willow has become so naughty since she started school. Learning such bad… ceetui
So a raven just landed next to the window, looked right at me and left. Is that a bad omen? ItsBryGuy
Wife beaters now? Ethics-out the window. Morality-out the window. The Trump Republican Party is a poor example to o… benm328
Sky Q in ffs like as if snapchat update was bad enough this remote is garn out of the window #headsbattered 🔫 g_carlhendy3
Senate comprise is a terrible deal. Sequestration out the window. $400bill added to deficit. DJA rally of +300 pts… c_fauquier
Go to the window to look at my truck and what you know I was disappointed to see the civic in its spot EricSousa14
What I find very sad and disappointing is that they through the cat out the window. BaileyVenu
if your dog has it’s head out the window and you hear me screaming don’t give me a bad look ok i like your dog soph426
holy crap, I just looked out the window, and it is black out! pamutton
I miss the old days when l did bad staff and got away with it. I remember peeing through the window of my parents… dabuztk
me: wow it's cold i should bundle up and keep warm also me: (opens the window to see the fucking snow outside to see how bad it is) epsilonkai
It sucks that he is in the overhead compartment and you're stuck in the window seat. BotPointer
you cannot tell me i have bad customer service when i'm legit hella fake at the window! why are people annoying. jawsellyn
#BigFreezeLondon. All I saw were three snowflakes blowing past the window. Very disappointing ... SinghandNormann
Just put in your earphones and blast the music. To block out all the negativity to block out all the bad things you… ZoeRose2003
Upper winds are bad and we only have fifty five more minutes until the window closes. This thing will not launch today :( Adrelaa
It’s better to have crap on the roof than ice on the window - Me 2018 mattshipperley
That moment you realized that no one gives a crap what you tweet. (Looks out the window and thinks for a few.) NotusNostalgia
When i was at the gate (in the car) matt,pb&arthur saw me. That time i was frust over physics so i was in bad mood.… unfancykid

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