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Thugs of Hindostan

Release Date: November 08, 2018

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#KedarnathTrailer looks amazing hope the movie is as good as the trailer.👌👌👌 KEDARNATH VFX >>>>>> THUGS OF HINDOST… mayankr268
Thanks to Thugs of Hindostan I now know the British loved to celebrate Indian festivals especially Dussera they cel… Devarya
#ThugsOfHindostan The movie Thugs of Hindostan was Great and a total surprise. Imax film was cool. Thanks to whoev… InterMerger
Me : How is "Thugs of Hindostan ?" Frnd : Great movie. Must watch. (After watching the movie) Me : Why did you do… MallickRizwan
Enjoyed Thugs of Hindostan. Fun swashbuckling mass entertainer. Heroines have no role, just as well since neither can act. birdseyeview
Although this fixture is inconsequential still I think it will play out better than 'Thugs of Hindostan'" - Ah, you… jaideep111karia
Thugs Of Hindostan is one of the greatest movie so far! Totally loved it. Fuck critics this time. #ThugsOfHindostan #TOH #AamirKhan GungunGupta13
Me : How is "Thugs of Hindostan ?" Frnd : Great movie. Must watch. (After watching the movie) Me : Why did you do… Indian_fun_guru
Just finished watching Thugs Of Hindostan. Amazing ! Don't know which movie critics were watching to give it a 2 st… HabibiRostam
even JAB HARRY MET SEJAL is way better than thugs of hindostan mightWorth
Thugs of Hindostan is a real piece of shit. But better than Padmaavat, Race 3 or Tiger Zinda Hai :3 mh_apu
i enjoyed advertisements more than thugs of hindostan in the theatre. kk_marda
Thugs of Hindostan is a great patriotic movie. Still far better than any other Akki's movie. #KGFTrailer #ThugsOfHindostan #JaiHind sameerhussainCE
Thugs of Hindostan is the quintessential Hindi movie that we love to watch with our friends and families. Loved… chiragmahayan
Even Demonetization was better than Thugs Of Hindostan. #ThugsOfHindostan Himansh_ravi
Thugs of Hindostan has become an entertaining movie only for the great role of Aamir Khan! palashk96
The performance of Aamir Khan has made this movie Thugs of Hindostan a must watch for everyone #WeLikeTOH palashk96
Aamir Khan’s Thugs Of Hindostan has made a great record with 52.25 Crores #WeLikeTOH @aamirsmkp @AamirKhanIndFC @aamirkhan_CHN palashk96
Just watched Thugs of Hindostan.... Plz don't ask kesa laga 🙄 but one thing @SrBachchan sir is awsome loved Azad's… RadikaKhandelw1
Thugs of Hindostan has made a grand opening with 52.25 Crore! It does not get better than this #WeLikeTOH palashk96
Thugs of hindostan review: Mela movie was better than this TOH shit. @kamaalrkhan legionAvi
Thugs of Hindostan was MAD good, idc what anyone says. amazing performances by @fattysanashaikh, @SrBachchan, @aamir_khan, and Katrina Kaif samah_x0
My reviews for Thugs of Hindostan!! I thoroughly enjoyed . . . . . . . . The end... Inshaagain
Thugs of Hindostan amazing movie......go watch it @TOHTheFilm @DrKumarVishwas @imVkohli @iHrithik @chintskap… Attri138
Thugs of Hindostan is slightly better than "Mela"...if u have time then playing ludo is a better option than watchi… ndubey10
Amazing time with you guys, it was fun watching Thugs of Hindostan!! #SuraiyaJaanLegikya — watching Thugs of Hindostan iSandeepKSingh
Read this Review on BMS 😆 Even Race 3 is better than "Thugs of Hindostan" HARSH280288
Race 3 better than Thugs of Hindostan! 😳 Le Haluya #ThugsOfHindostan Alien_Shuvro
Review Thugs Of Hindostan Rating-1/5 Plus Points 1. Great Costumes 2. Superb Photography 3. Good Production value 4… SreeBalaje
Fabulous — watching Thugs of Hindostan Amaanansari2780
Absolutely loved thugs of Hindostan... Deliver better than my expectations Aamir & Big b nailed with their performa… Deep56085336
watch Thugs Of Hindostan in 4DX at @_PVRCinemas Gonna be superb experience out there. . PVR now allows Cancellatio… passing_showers
It will be amazing to watch this Thugs of Hindostan movie in 4DX. @_PVRCinemas I'm coming #BlockbusterWeekAtPVR palashk96
Thugs of hindostan is a cross between Kranti and pirates of the Caribbean...Hollywood copy .. not great apart from actors Siddhartha840
Bay decorations competition. Theme was Thugs of Hindostan. #enjoyed #friends #decorations #fun imrishi_
#ZeroTrailer - Awesome is the word 😍😍😍 Sureshot blockbuster!!! Thousand times better than that crappy Thugs of Hindostan! JohnWic90176053
Amazing to see that THUGS OF HINDOSTAN has collaborated with "Google Maps" and Firangi (Amir Khan) is helping us to… VcRant
Another great thing about THUGS OF HINDOSTAN is that the villains in the movie.i.e. the British officers are lookin… AAMIRCRAZE

68 Negative

I just have one question after watching Thugs Of Hindostan. Why do people have problem with this movie and bad revi… thekingslayya
Thugs Of Hindostan Flop😀😂😂 Raajdahal1
I m a huge fan of Amir khan but disappointed with Thugs of Hindostan, how he can choose 2nd lead role at this junct… Shahid79Parvez
And the award for the biggest flop movie of the year goes to Thugs Of Hindostan #TOH tapaskumarjena
Thugs of Hindostan is probably the first time I've seen the audiences to be more angry at a bad film than critics. BeingUsmanf
Biggest flop of the decade award goes to —- thugs of Hindostan!! This movie is a bigger flop than Race 3 .. anyway… AthavaleSaket
: : The movie "Thugs of Hindostan" is so bad that in Hindsight even Demonetization felt so much better... dhirendpal
The law and order of our city is pretty bad. I had kept 2 tickets of Thugs of Hindostan movie in my car. Some Idio… KarunakarGupta
T192; Thugs Of Hindostan is not as bad as the critics said. It is one time watch movie. solkar_hameed
Demonetisation was one of the biggest flop show we have ever seen toh bhai jab ye jhel lia toh desh Thugs of Hindostan bhi jhel hi lega.. Vik53196691
Thugs of Hindostan. Script bad. Direction super standard. Action n fx wasted. Katrina dont waste your talent. Amir… kishinradhika
Thugs of Hindostan is probably the first time I've seen the audiences to be more angry at a bad film than critics. bolnabey
Sir i am big fan of you & your work but thugs of hindostan really disappointed me. I want my money back which is of… kvparth
Race 3 on Eid was actually not as bad as Thugs Of Hindostan. jpkshh
Thugs of hindostan flop 2.0 is on the way of disaster. Its golden chance for zero as people are frustrated with rac… vabbysrk
People just want to over react on everything, I am sure Thugs of Hindostan is not that bad, people are sharing joke… bharat_148
Feeling very depressed after watching Thugs of Hindostan. Why why why did I watch it despite bad reviews..... You h… CNJaipur
Is thugs of hindostan really that terrible? What happened to Aamirs script sense? dandyvandy100
Its looking like Thugs Of Hindostan could be Aamir Khan’s first flop in 13 years 😱 WaqasA_
Thugs of Hindostan about to flop like Mangal Panday. Aamir really needs to avoid period movies where his character… debankan
So thugs of hindostan is a flop? Wonder hw many ppl from Bollywood loved the trailer on twitter? lol 😂 Siddhartha840
Out watching Thugs of Hindostan. Contrary to what I read in reviews, it's not bad. Not that bad which made viewers sleep. niharika_raina
Fatima Sana Shaikh is really not a good actress. And I WISH Thugs of Hindostan was a Pirates remake, at least that… javeria
Amir khan got away with a terrible Dhoom 3. Don't think you can get away everytime. Thugs of Hindostan looks like a… abhinav1sinha
Thugs of Hindostan is not as bad a movie as it is being made out. A typical masala movie with loads of good actions… i_namanmathur
Just watched thugs of hindostan and dont hate me for this but the movie wasn't bad SURAlYYAS
Thugs of Hindostan... Getting a poor review .. That’s the difference between BRANDED(pirates of Caribbean) and… DragonMother5
#ThugsOfHindostan Thugs of Hindostan was a complete waste of money & time. Parents walked out of hall in the second half introvertravi
I have seen thugs of hindostan yesterday. This movie is waste of time . Very bad direction and writing. I suggest v… Breakoutavinash
Complete waste of time.... — watching Thugs of Hindostan gptune
Friend- I want attention Me- Toh koi bhi Thugs Of Hindostan wale meme mai comment likh "Is the movie that bad?" Attention apne aap milega DhruvMenon7
The movie 'Thugs of Hindostan' is as Flop as the Political Thugs of Hindustan - the Congress @INCIndia rajnishmehan
I don't understand people who are shocked by how bad Thugs of Hindostan is...there's a reason movies have trailers smh. Sreeep
Worst performance. Bad storyline. — watching Thugs of Hindostan Joyish_Digbi
Going for Thugs of Hindostan inspite of bad reviews. Coz #ThugLife. #SelfThoo raj_ab
Watching Thugs of Hindostan.. seriously boring. harshadapatil07
I was supposed to see thugs of hindostan today but I won't be able to and now I'm a little disappointed ____bbyiane
I think stupidity is saying "Thugs of Hindostan"flop movie without watching it. Most people are trolling just to l… kasimrox
Was the thugs of hindostan director smoking ganja what a super flop movie they should make a copy of carlitos way… Jay64964584
Created a new term for bad hangover I have “Thugs of Hindostan” very apt 🤣#ThugsofHindostan ritzthapa
#Firangi 😎 Not bad 😏 — watching Thugs of Hindostan AsadKhan466
Thugs of Hindostan isn't that bad. If u watch Bollywood movies regularly, you know how frequently worse movies are… RS_dilli
Karanti + Pirates Of The Caribbeans = Thugs Of Hindostan #ThugsOfHindostanReview Dont waste your time and money Stupid movie msfarooqui79
Are people really shocked to hear bad reviews of Thugs of hindostan? Trailer looked so bad anyway. amreen9
Plot for Thugs of Hindostan 2 Their real life story about how they used good actors for a crap movie to cheat on people. datswhatsrisaid
Thugs of Hindostan.. is painfully boring to watch. Amir Khan is in Mela Mode. Big B in Katappa Mode. Director in Race 3 mode. PupunDas12
Just watched thugs of hindostan... Really disappointed.......waste story... Direction very very weak.. But the only… SuryadeepBiswas
Thugs of hindostan ne neend thug li!! What a crap. Worst film of aamir! krishnadentist
Thugs of Hindostan really thugged ppl of India.. 🤣 🤣 #ThugsOfHindostan #toobadreviews #AamirKhan #disappointed #realthugs bhawnam91
Aamir Khan ki kore ei film sign korlo god knows. Eto poor story, script hoyto eto taka diyeche script ulteo dekheni… sen_somak
said this the moment when I watched the trailer of Thugs of Hindostan that it will be the flop of the year. Pinkman3191
Guys Thugs of Hindostan sucked balls do not watch at all costs bangtan_jaune
Just came out of the theatre after watching Thugs of Hindostan, feeling bad for those who are going in. #thugsofhindostan #AamirKhan #TOH divyatejwanii
Race 3 came on Eid and it is a flop, sanju came on a non holiday and it is a blockbuster. Thugs of hindostan releas… rohithkumar_19
Race 3 flop, Thugs of hindostan flop, what do you think on Zero movie? #ThugsOfHindostan #Aamirkhan #Zero #ZeroTrailer rohithkumar_19
“thugs of Hindostan” is the perfect name for the movie/crap released today. Gajab hi thug liya 🙏🏻 #ThugsOfHindostanReview DesignerBaniya
Thugs of Hindostan. Boring. Not even one star. Direction, script,acting. All very poor. An excellent theme gone down the drain. KultaranC
After Watching #ThugsOfHindostan It was like why we need this much time and money to waste . If TOH collection rea… busyatthemoment
For some reasons I am so glad that Thugs of Hindostan has been receiving bad reviews and likely to be a flop Can't… vkmagus
#ThugsofHindostan - Complete waste of Money, Talent & Resources, Aamir Khan weakest film this decade. Shoddy Screen… maddanngoswami
Thugs Of Hindostan Is The Second Most Horrible Thing Happened On 8th Nov... #Demonetisation Remains On The Top #ThugsOfHindustan sushrut_oza
Watching thugs of hindostan.But seems boring that's why using mobile phone 😂 #ThugsOfHindostan _ssprince
Hearing very bad reviews abt Thugs of Hindostan...Is it really dat bad dat even Aamir and Bachan sir r not d saving… prashanthisony
As expected, Thugs of Hindostan is a Mega Flop! I don't think Dhoom 3 miracle would work this time over again. Th… ramakanth1408
Not a good year for two Khans at the box-office in hindi Race 3 of Salman bombed at the box-office Thugs of hindost… rohithkumar_19
It's a do or die situation for sharukh Khan in making films, Race 3 already flop, Thugs of hindostan reviews pourin… rohithkumar_19
I had huge expectations on zero, thugs of hindostan and #2Point0. Trailers of Thugs and #2Point0 disappointed me a… rohithkumar_19
Is Diwali say no to firecrackers and yes to bad movies, akhir thugs of hindostan release hi rhi hai #ThugsOfHindostan nehavmsharma

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