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Tiger Zinda Hai

Release Date: December 22, 2017

RAW agent Tiger/Avinash Singh Rathore returns from the dead to take on an international terrorist organisation but this time he has his wife Zoya by his side.

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Tiger Zinda Hai was a fun movie with an amazing message. Amazing action scenes. Especially Katrina Kaif’s. IamAmeySalvi
With amazing box office collection, Salman Khan film Tiger Zinda Hai creates these 5 unique records – Check list nushitsutsumesh
Watched Tiger Zinda Hai for the second time today. Loved it 😍😍😍 nurainfarizan
Its a fantastic job done by Tiger zinda hai team specially for Salman,wow work. hats off,a great movie indeed..#TigerZindaHai HossenSoaib
Tiger zinda hai amazing message... Loved it ! tusrk
Watching Tiger Zinda hai again in Delite cinema (Delhi). Amazing atmosphere and fully jam-packed show. Feels like w… shahh04
Everyone go watch tiger zinda hai fkiN amazing afsheennnn
Sir I loved you acting in tiger zinda hai. @SirPareshRawal drviralthakkar
U proved that u r a master in ur class sir .Thanku fr giving such a wonderful movie@tiger zinda hai @SirPareshRawal rajanjitsingh
Today I saw Tiger zinda hai Tiger nahi hua Bhagwan Ho Gaya everything will be managed wow amazing GYANPRAKASHGUPT
#Moviereview tiger zinda hai Good movie...nice story...good action...and Katrina acts better than Bhai. Footnote:… sameer_kamra
Judge me all u want but at end of a stressful day yesterday watching tiger zinda hai felt good.i enjoyed it thoroug… goldinketc
Tiger zinda hai rocks Mr Salman. Felt like watching hollywood movie. Class act and great work by actors and directo… RahulRai2907
Tiger Zinda Hai is a great movie. An exciting music score and high-quality fight scenes go a long way toward keepin… prashobhc
Katrina Kaif is wonderful in Tiger Zinda Hai because she has very few Dialogues. #tigerzindahai ComedianZubair
Everyone hunts, but no one hunts better than a Tiger .. — watching Tiger Zinda Hai Knockaire
Many happy returns of the day Salman Bhai :) you have given a wonderful gift Tiger Zinda Hai to us May Almighty bless you always :) Dknirman
T122: Happy birthday to Mr Salman Khan and heartiest congratulations for the great success of Tiger Zinda Hai. solkar_hameed
So tiger zinda hai has been watched and loved. kstan4life
Happy Birthday wishes to the great man,The ruler,The Bhai.... #SalmanKhan Love u and may gbu... Enjoy the day damn… AdarshTribhuvan
Tiger zinda hai really nice movie... as i heard still to watch... but bhai alwayz rock ... 500 crore will earn..@BSKFanClub Hamzadogar313
Great that script of Tiger Zinda Hai is about Indian RAW agent played by Salman Khan working with Pakistan spy played by Katrina Kaif. MahaSubhash
Tiger abhi zinda hai such a great movie left a message about India Pakistan brotherhood — watching Tiger Zinda Hai maaamer
Tiger Zinda Hai was fun and so well made!! Especially loved the action sequences and the non-stop commentaries and… ananyatiwari137
Sir ji @SirPareshRawal loved ur role in tiger zinda hai. abhichabhi
Tiger zinda hai film was amazing good job sir hat's off to to 👏👏👏@aliabbaszafar Anaghamane6
Just came home after watching "Tiger Zinda Hai" Great Action and Sound Packed Movie .. Maja agya #BB11 #BiggBoss11 vvkkumar07
Nice movie — watching Tiger Zinda Hai hasanmahmud8731
Grand opening by Tiger Zinda Hai .. 113 crore in 3 days... Superb.. "TZH BIGGEST OPENING WEEKEND" DShubhamSinghal
Tiger zinda hai was Amazing movie!! Had alot of fun watching it!! Best movie everr!! @TigerZindaHai #TigerZindaHai… alihamza_20
Jabardast... A must watch for action movie lover... Bhai Da swag... — watching Tiger Zinda Hai javedjafri10
Just watched tiger zinda hai , It have great action scenes , story is good too , better than ek tha tiger , 👍👍 K… PrarujSingh5
Stay strong Kulbhushan. It's great to see Tiger Zinda Hai. #freejadhav taralpatel1204
What a great movie 👍 Tiger Zinda Hai imKiranPatel
Tiger Zinda Hai is such an amazing movie holy shit everyone needs to watch it lailasamie
Didn't know @kumailn was also staring in Tiger Zinda Hai.. And @anantvidhaat was great in the #TheBigSick… valastrix
I think I'm starting to warm upto Salman Khan, absolutely loved Tiger Zinda Hai! Anisha290
Tiger Zinda Hai is full paisa wasool! #BhaiRocks viraj_bake
Full paisa wasool! — watching Tiger Zinda Hai divya1306
Superb Movie .... 5 Stars — watching Tiger Zinda Hai ranjanpandey2k
Done watching! In A Word Just “Awesome” After Long Time this kind of thrilling movie 😍😍😍 Worth It 😎 — watching Tiger Zinda Hai Anik578
Do watch TIGER ZINDA HAI. Especially if you a Salman fan. I super loved it. Good action, well directed and Salman Khan rocks his role! soulsearch4444
It has been a great movie.... It shows the strength of unity what we need here for India and Pakistan...... Totally… Rishabh90920000
Tiger zinda hai was fkn amazing reservoirofrose
Great work @Imangadbedi in Tiger Zinda Hai.😂 Vishaly04591931
Tiger Zinda Hai was a fun ride. Not surprised to see how great it's doing at the box office. #salmankhan AllenLaina
Loved tiger zinda hai! A good movie after a lonnnggg time! #TigerZindaHai Lonewarrior14
Tiger Zinda Hai worth to watch Fantastic Movie Gud Direction by @aliabbaszafar #TigerZindaHai officialsaudmd
Great movie tiger Zinda hai I always watch your movie twice awesome Salman bhai @SalmanKhan_ arindramm29
2day finally watched tiger zinda hai. It's really joy to watch a great movie #TigerZindaHai Words r short to descr… debjyotig688
Go and watch Tiger Zinda Hai. Great movie. SayantanDasGup4
All comes down to promotions now for tiger zinda hai word of mouth is great but with great promotions it might hit baahubali numbers! SaluHeer
Has anyone seen "Tiger Zinda Hai?" How is it? Loved "Ek Tha Tiger" so want to see this too during the holidays... SaadiaOnAir
Tiger Zinda Hai was absolutely amazing to watch. I must say it was worth watching it. Amazing acting by the cast.… Haleema_x
Tiger Zinda Hai has been one of the most Fantastic Action movie that Salman Khan has ever made since Wanted Loved… mayank14_
This Dil Diyan Gallan song from Tiger Zinda Hai is amazing 💓💓💗💗 iRasik_
Superb. Action packed — watching Tiger Zinda Hai abdl_hamd
Tiger zinda hai is amazing, all those moves 😍😍😍 itsravinnisms
#Tiger #Zinda #Hai, DURATION: 2 hours 41 minutes RATING: 3.5/5......can watch it twice a good movie at end of the… Sir_aaryan
Great Rohit Sharma 🙏♥♥ Proud of you 10×6= 12×4😍😍 No words Luv you ♥♥🙏🙏 Tiger zinda hai🐯 SuryanarayanCM
Watching tiger ZINDA hai and now interval waoooo just amazing movie dil ki dhadkan tez ho gyi interval me pictures… rahulro13821912
The TIGER HAS ROARED!!!!🐅🐅🐅 Interval time. Amazing action! Amazing locations! Excellent BGM! Fast moving plot! But… asishkumar208
Tiger zinda hai aur rahega... Tiger is back with a roar. Awesome movie. Must watch. I have booked my tickets again.… pratik_buddy
#Tiger_zinda_hai First show.... 😍😍 Incredible movie that was.... Must watch guyz..... #bhabhiji :-D KAAKASONKAR
3.5/5 ... For Tiger Zinda Hai ... One of the best action movie .. very entertaining cinematiclives
When You Have Salman Khan, Why Do You Need Logic? #Tiger_mar_gaya #review 1.5/5 Tiger Zinda hai / Tha cutesweetvic
TataDocoMo superb in 2g but yesterday #ARaja Kanim0ji reles lekin 2010 pe Without @INCIndia All parties against Bot… NilkantaA
Wow Tiger Zinda Hai.....❤❤💣💣 Salman Khan(Bhaijaan) ❤❤is back with a bang.. The most amazing action packed movie ever made in India.❤❤ RaghavSarraf
Tiger Zinda Hai Day This movie a must watch for everyone. Specially for those who wake up with hate! Ignore the p… TheSameerAloha
Tiger zinda hai aur rahega... Tiger is back with a roar. Awesome movie. Must watch. I have booked my tickets again.… ImKingKohli18
#TigerZindaHai BUMPER .. SUPERB Opening Shows.. Admits :- CineMax Raipur :- 114 Udaipur :- 140 PVR Arved Ahmadaba… BollywodStars

9 Negative

Easy-predictable script, poor acting 2/5 — watching Tiger Zinda Hai dassaumen
It's not like my life sucks or anything but I happen to have friends who have seen Tiger Zinda Hai and are yet to see Rang de Basanti. whoiskushagra
Tiger Zinda Hai is one of the most boring movie .. the plot is all unrealistic and directionless #TigerZindaHai patel_santy
Survived to Hathodas in two days... 1st one Tiger Zinda Hai 2nd one FukreyReturns Don't watch any of these if Time is Money... ☺ 😁 😂 dharmik4raval
Tiger Zinda Hai will give you a good feel™ for every bad feel™ Gadar gave you javeria
Tiger zinda hai is waste of time. Salman is boring, think story line mcoond
#1YearOfDangal Tiger Zinda hai is average movie with very weak story line Script is so poor Have full fledged fake action drama So funny amir_iqubal
This Christmas donate the money rather than watching tiger zinda hai. PS: not for "Bhai fans" because they are used to wasting money Vikyath15
Not Bad... — watching Tiger Zinda Hai BhaiSourav94

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