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Release Date: January 11, 2019

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I watched 3 @vickykaushal09 movies in the last few months. Raazi, Sanju and Uri. What a superb actor - wow! Hats of… mauneel
Simply awesome experience watching this movie. Best war movie after a long time. Must Watch.👍🏽👌🏽 — watching Uri: The Surgical Strike nirav_josh
#Uri - a great salute to the might and josh of Indian Army... Wonderful experience. #HowsTheJosh @vickykaushal09 great work!! pradeeptewani
Thoroughly enjoyed watching #Uri . A quality war film with No propaganda unlike #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister .Great… L_Joseph_Dsouza
Thoroughly enjoyed watching #Uri . A quality war film with No propaganda unlike #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister .Great… L_Joseph_Dsouza
A wonderful movie URI.. if u r a true Indian, must watch. Salute 2 Indian army & thank them to protect us from enem… Helios579
#URI A BLOCKBUSTER Film. Must watch!!! @VickyKaush @SirPareshRawal @yamigautam Mjmaneesh
#Uri nice movie.. jasveenmintu
Uri . What a film. Man @vickykaushal09 you are damn amazing. Goosebumps all over your acts. I salute each and every… 19anand
What a wonderful movie. Makes you want to take a pause on the sacrifice and the hardship our soldiers and their fam… dheeraj_bangera
Watched URI... Great piece of art!! #UriTheSurgicalStrike laalisingh
How's the josh?? High sir🙏🙏🙌🙌 must watch guys. Go watch the movie in theaters. #Uri #SurgicalStrike srikanthpoleped
Watched today with family. MOVIE. URI.THE SURGICAL STRIKE. MUST WATCH. SALUTE TO INDIAN ARMY.@vickykaushal09 @SirPareshRawal @yamigautam saini_rk2205
Just watched my first bollywood movie in 2019, URI. @vickykaushal09 totally loved the story, direction and acting.… ankitaraoe36
#Uri Undoubtedly amazing movie and my favourite scene is when Major Vihaan Shergill is locking that boy in the room… kurjan
#URI, superb movie,a must watch. Direction, background music and acting were fabulous. D good p, such movies r nowa… harish_ladhani
Watched URI!! What an amazing mix of action and emotion!! There were moments (plenty) which sent shivers down my Sp… SrkianAsish
Uri is wonderful. Must watch and decide @vickykaushal09 @narendramodi @IndINDIANARMY @DefenceMinIndia im_subhampoddar
URI is great film make on Indian army .every artist has good play in this movie . But I salute for our Indian army… Singhritesh86
When the whole threater stand up in applaud it means the movie has struck the cord with the masses #uri , great wor… salil1988
Watched the movie URI . Must watch for people of all ages to inculcate JOSH of patriotism ! tnkundra
What an amazing movie #URI. Cast and crew is phenomenal & indeed awesome performance by @vickykaushal09… Thisisgururajbh
Also watched #URI . The best movie I have seen in a while. Must watch! adisvisuals
The movie surely is a must comes with a fantastic Josh in the theatre..loved it with my family... — watch… rtrhimanshu
Watched URI movie.... what a movie.... must watch....@vickykaushal09 take a bow.... reetugreen
Watches URI , loved it so much. Josh high hai 💪💪💪👍👍👍 sudhansurana
#URI #UriSurgicalStrike by far the best Indian war movie, ever seen! Amazing cast, background score, screenplay!… akshaypeshwe
What a tremendous film! @vickykaushal09 Thank you @AdityaDharFilms @RonnieScrewvala for this amazing film.... Wh… khuzemg
#HowsTheJosh completely outstanding movvie...Uri- the surgical strike!!!@vickykaushal09 ...I am your fan now..superb commander :) shreyakrishna2
Watched the movie #Uri today. Good movie and great direction. No over the top acting or dialogues. Well crafted and edited movie. ApoorvSarwahi
Watched Uri The Surgical Strikes.. Absolutely brilliant 👍👍 must watch so that every Indian's Josh is high !! rama10nov
Amazing background score in URI. @shashwatology 😍🥰 Got goose bumps when Kirti Kulhari started helicopter for rescue fight. unni_in
#UriTheSurgicalStrike is a world class film.. Great story line, amazing acting... Proud of our armed forces and team of uri. vikasm777
#Uri Superb!!! What a Josh...!!! @vickykaushal09 thehcl29
"How's the josh"...... "High sir!" Uri: The Surgical Strike is a must watch movie. Such a huge response from audie… bargadeori
#URI #TheSurgicalStrike A must watch movie 🙏❤️🇮🇳 raviraj_kannan
Hail #Uri @vickykaushal09 Sir, you are “The new love of the nation”...what amazing work....extremely happy to have… himanshisolanki
Thank you @AdityaDharFilms for URI, patriotism and discipline of the @IndianArmy 🇮🇳is amazing #HowsTheJosh #HighSir… Hamsaraj4
Amazing work, amazing movie. Surely feel the josh😎🔥🇮🇳 @AdityaDharFilms @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam @SirPareshRawal… OakSwanand
#Uri was literally the best movie in such a long time It was literally super amazing #VickyKaushal #yamigautam #kirtikulhari #mohitraina Sombernightfall
#Uri @vickykaushal09 @SirPareshRawal You have my heart n great respect after watching #Uri chaddha_shweta
URI in one word - brilliance Loved every second of the movie Being a faujibrat, i feel more connected to such movi… Prateek77444061
How's the Josh?High Sir..what a movie!! It got me goosebumps n I cried too😊.loved ur performance @vickykaushal09 si… RitujaSaikia
How's the Josh... HIGH SIR... What a great movie URI..the surgical strike.. Salute to the Indian Army Surabhi10012248
The josh was very HIGH here at Sylvia park Cinema #Auckland #housefull. Great movie. Appreciate the hard work of th… sachinmittal12
What a movie #URI. Enjoyed a war film after a long time. @vickykaushal09 You are terrific!! heliosAJ
The josh was HIGH here at St. Lukes Cinema #Auckland #housefull. Great movie. No words. Appreciate the hard work of… pkpatel143
HOW'S THE daughter and myself are full of Josh now after we watched wonderful crafted movie #Uri. Excel… mailamitraina
#URITheSurgicalStrike an awesome movie and every Indian must watch this movie. Awareness is much needed and motivat… ksudheerkrishna
Watched Uri...@vickykaushal09 @yamigautam what a performance and great Movie... Indeed a JOSH on very High sir....… atulgudadhe2015
Just saw Uri .... What an amazing war fare film .... Loved it.... Thanks for such a film... @vickykaushal09… NavyaMehta6
Uri the surgical strike is brilliant movie with awesome action content. Superb performance by Vicky Kaushal,Mohitra… m2spot
Yesterday watched URI, great movie, I have seen some people(less visibility in theatre) wiping their tears too Also… superaman_singh
Wow #URI is such an awesome movie. Besides the acting and script, the action and direction is awesome. Great Job gu… MaladBuzz
#uri well made film enjoyed fully #HowsTheJosh rwtbipin
The movie must be amazing if it gets an applause in the end!! #URI #VickyKaushal shuraut
#URI is a must watch movie.. @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam @SirPareshRawal superb movie. Audience were clapping after… jr_jr_ruttonji
🇮🇳How is the josh? High Sir. After watching the film URI I felt very proud of My National heroes🇮🇳. Must watch this film with your family’s. guruhugar77
URI must watch Ugotsumit
#goosebumps watching #uri. One of the best movie so far. Hats off to @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam. Loved every bit o… iamkoolaggi
URI.. a must watch.. 10 * from me .. My Indian armed forces 💪💪💪👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🙏🙏🙏 nishkel
The movie URI is a great depiction of the not so often "surfical strikes" performed by the special forces of the In… iamantrix
How's the Josh? URI - The Surgical Strike is a must watch. True tribute to the Indian Army. Well done… divyangpat
Finally.. How’s the josh!?! Highhhhhh Sirrrrrr!!! #Uri superb film @AdityaDharFilms @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam… RJ_Mehak935
My daughter loved #Uri very much and so did my wife. They repeated my comment that it is a straightforward movie sh… ashvinivyas
Watching #Uri the movie & apart from the great bits I've seen so far, I am thrilled about the fact that the ribbons… vibhaspatil
Today i watched #URI superb movie. I proud #IndianArmy . we proud #IndianArmy . Mujhe sabse achha wo गरुण wala pla… rohitmishra05
The entire audience cheers on for the #Indian #Army. Watching #Uri was such a great experience. Excellent movie. High, sir! bizkuit_mk
No nonsense well directed flick. One of the best Military based hindi movie. Must watch, How's d Josh...High Sir #Uri #UriMovie gyanipandit
How's the josh? High sir! Superb movie, just loved it! Watched it in Singapore today and felt so proud when the ent… SanketKelkar
To all who keep on telling what @narendramodi did.. I think you must watch Uri you'll find some more reasons to… VishwanathD27
URI What a awesome movie... mind-blowing action, Great acting by all actors ybybyb
Jai Hind 🇮🇳👍 Good job 👏 team URI My Josh surely went High after watching some amazing performances by… LakshmiRIyer
How's the josh? @vickykaushal09 Just watched #UriTheSurgicalStrike @AdityaDharFilms What a great war/action movie.… talktoutkarsh
Watched the movie URI -The Surgical strike. Just fabulous in every aspect. Running houseful. tusharkanta1973
Congratulations on URI success. Great acting sir. It would be so nice and so sweet of you if u could just wish my f… Kanojiyanaval11
What an amazing brilliant movie #UriTheSurgicalStrike...!! Proud to be Indian... Hats off to the #IndianArmy. Grea… senn942
@AnwyMainReviews Uri - The Surgical Strike written & directed by Aditya Dhar is a great watch. Heavily loaded patri… AnwyMain
How's the josh? High sir.. amazing movie.. excellent combination of action, thrill and above all patriotism. 🇮🇳 Wo… Archit_Mehta97
Great — watching Uri: The Surgical Strike _aritra
URI—- what a movie....Must watch to all for our soldiers....cheers th_pushpendra
Reached Intermission of URI and I have to say, really amazing!!! Really well made and bhai @vickykaushal09!!! Wow.… oscar_osci
Just watched URI. Amazing movie. For the first time they showcased not only the strength of Indian army but their a… aamit_ojha
Watched URI what a great portrayal of Indian Soldiers @vickykaushal09 absolutely Josh was high sir with clappings in the theater too👏👏🇮🇳👌 Anshul_124
Must watch movie " URI" Howz the Josh? High Sir!!!!! plaxo1983
Watched Uri. Amazing movie. Filled the odeons with josh. Wonder what is wrong with ppl who are berating this movie… ajayaoc
Hows the JoSH !!!!! High Sir !!! URI Master piece Loved it @AnupamPKher @SirPareshRawal @vickykaushal09 @narendramodi sachinsam2003
What a movie manh😍😍just loved watching URI ♥️ amazing performance by the whole team🔥 @vickykaushal09 how was your p… majjan_rahul27
Good film to watch. War cry sequence is wonderful. @vickykaushal09 ur josh is top of d world bro @MohitRaina79 neve… ankkkadi
How's the Josh?! Highh Sir !! Amazing movie, brilliant screenplay and performances overall especially by… sudhirkrishnag
Highhhhhhh Sir #URI Superb performance @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam @SirPareshRawal mandeep_mahara
Saw #Uri with family first then yesterday saw again with entire office staff of 55. Great experience to watch such… RaoYaduvanshi7
Uri — a must watch! Especially for those who preach about treating army men as a normal citizen... who preach about… AthenaRishi
#Uri Loved it & loved it.🔥 #IndianArmy ImSamir10
Watched a houseful show of #UriTheSurgicalStrike at 11pm show in #prasadsimax big screen. What a movie..Must watch.… Phalgunareddy87
Just watched @vickykaushal09 #URI . HATS OFF! Amazing movie! saumya_rustagi
since im watching right now the Izone City ... Uri maknae Wonyoung superB excited for the game ... ElyumJr
#Uri #UriMovieBlockBuster excellent movie... great patriotic feeling... a fight for the pride and honour of our cou… SawhneyPooja
Watched Uri surgical strike. A must watch. Action packed fantastic film. Proud of our Army. 🙏🙏👍👌 BlueMoonlightK
How's the Josh... High.. loved you @vickykaushal09 in URI keep Rocking.....and Let Your Josh be always High.. Lots of Love... Kushal420
How's the Josh... High Loved you @vickykaushal09 in URI.. Always Keep Rocking and let your JOSH BE always HIGH.. Lots of Love.... Kushal420
URI an amazing film Brings out the patriot in each one of us. Our armed forces deserve the highest respect Their sa… anilamehra
Watched ‘Uri The Surgical Strike’... what a film a must watch for every Indian.... Salute to Indian Army.... Bharat Mata Ki Jai.... Mehulbhuta
URI: The Surgical Strike - what I loved about it. 1. The precise depiction of the art of warfare - The strategy, t… hooliotheamazin
Uri, what a movie! Watched today with family. Fabulous movie , every Indian ought to watch it. Thanks… Prahladkp
URI:THE SURGICAL STRIKE must watch! @vickykaushal09 👏👏👏 HOWS D JOSH! HIGH SIR🗣️ INDIAN ARMY.RESPECT.🇮🇳 IamShanSudame
Hey @vickykaushal09 , i am from #AndhraPradesh. Today I watched #URI, I totally loved it. But one small request,… manjunathjayam
I m breathless sir.. U guys are amazing in every single moment of Uri! I m glad I m a part of this audience who is… tweet_nehal1
sa mga pupunta ng concert tomorrow please let him feel loved!! shout, dance, sing pLEASE uri maknae needs our support #SeungriInManila shtnihanbin
Watched #UriTheSurgicalStrike Great movie.I honestly expected more coz of all the hype it was generating. I loved… paavambitch
forever my queen jihyo ❤ uri great leader ✊😢 qtaechio
#UriTheSurgicalStrike is amazing. Ignore the media or the politicians. Watch it for the #IndianArmy. Watch it for t… NikhilROSSONERI
Must watch... 😊> — watching Uri: The Surgical Strike avinashrahul1
Watched #Uri. Totally loved the story and characters. Vicky Kaushal has again delivered a spectacular performance. Saini_AnilK
Wanna thank d entire team of #UriTheSurgicalStrike seriously man loved watchin d movie in theatre..was engaging thr… marshallasar
Watch URI - The Surgical Strike movie. It is a superb movie. All actors have done a really nice job, and background… mechanicles
The less i can say about this movie. Such a Great Movie "URI : The Surgical Strike" 💪💪 जय हिंद 😘😘🇮🇳🇮🇳😘😘 "I m prou… AshishS52501059
Welcome to the Stardom @vickykaushal09. Splendid performance and a must watch movie #URI-The SURGICAL STRIKE. nlmagre
It's Was Great Start Of The Year..@vickykaushal09 Superb Sir U Nailed It In #URI Proud Of U & Whole Team Of URI. It… aire_krunal
URI= u rocked it.. @vickykaushal09 it felt so overwhelming to see such a movie in Bollywood #proudindian abhishek_bardia
I saw #URI today morning, and then again tonight!! Can't help but it was amazing, I have no words, everyone was soo… trdeoda
Had stopped watching movies a decade back, watched #URI on great insistence, unfortunately, how Bollywood treats a… sdhull
Watched URI:The Surgical Strike today...worth it.What a wonderful movie this is by @RSVP @AdityaDharFilms ....rem… RoyMsdgeorge7
Ohhh wat a #URI movie loved it🙌🏻 @vickykaushal09 Hows The JOSH? HIGH SIR🙌🏻 Great Salute to THE INDIAN ARMY✌🏻 RutujaKachare
How's the Josh.... High sir How's the Josh... High sir Jai hind... Jai hind. Great movie @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam love it #Uri Shubhh_Prince
Liked #URI must watch! ankursen
Watched movie Uri the Surgical strike....... A must watch gangesh7
#UriTheSurgicalStrike #TheDeltaForce, #Munich, #ZeroDarkThrity.. were some amazing attempts in showing AntiTerror O… BHASKARAGNIHOT
Just saw URI, its an Awesome movie Salute to Indian army Great work @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam @SirPareshRawal My… MaheshPatange
#URI is a wonderful movie. The best part is, the director #adityadhar distributed heroism equally among all the art… madhupalaji24
#URI Great movie, proud on indian army.. omii05yadav
How's the Josh ? Very high sir @vickykaushal09 @SirPareshRawal superb work ..#UriTheSurgicalStrike #URI AmankumarBurman
Loved #uri. Did you guys know there's a post credits scene? @vickykaushal09 Good job!! vishrtd
Just watching URI:SURGICAL STRIKE MOVIE and it was the great job for our prime minister NARENDRA MODI..and last one… proloy_nag
In #uri I loved many scenes bt when captain came to tell Bihan Sarma that may be India will conduct a war in reply… Priya08192
#URI Is a superb movie, I am also from army background they first love country after that family, coz country is al… contact2ranjeet
Don't let your controversy with @narendramodi stop you from watching a great Indian movie. One heck of a blast from… thesubhamdeb
#HowsTheJosh #UriTheSurgicalStrike #URI Must watch @vickykaushal09 @BeingSalmanKhan @RanveerOfficial @akshaykumar @iHrithik JustDoITSameer
Uri: The Surgical Strike was fantastic... Totally loved it😍😍 @AdityaDharFilms @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam 🙏🙏 will l… indianankit1
URI The surgical strike. A must watch movie. Killing of Paki Jehadis is so satisfying and eye soothing. NitinPathakDel
How’s the Josh- High sir!!!! Watched Uri and absolutely loved it! Always had the utmost respect for our soldiers an… anujsahni111
Watch URI- The surgical strike yesterday. A brilliant, Fantastic movie and @vickykaushal09 was amazing as usual. M… dear_shailesh
URI playing great defense so far. Very active hands on the ball and active deny off ball. Really exposing Bonas lack of ballhandlers. jive36
Hows the JOSH?.. HIGH SIR!! HOWS THE JOSH?.. HIGH SIR!! AMAZING MOVIE.. SUPER ACTING @vickykaushal09… amangupta2991
Uri Surgical strike.. This movie would be crossed 200cr by this weekend . Nice movie.. I just watched this movie..a… mrjitendra1986
URI, a must watch movie, make sure you make everyone watch it in your circle... _themrhot
Neighbors are very happy as their movie really works😂 The Great and Fake Uri Surgical Strike😎 They really need some… iqraaT
URI: THE SURGICAL STRIKE is the first great action movie by Bollywood this year. Stylish guns, cool explosions and… ankitmishracg
How's the Josh? High Sir How's the Josh? High Sir.. What a masterpiece. URI is a must watch #UriTheSurgicalStrike a… agrawalankit84
Saw Uri: The Surgical Strike. Must must watch.. Every Indian must watch the movie and be proud of our Indian Army… Rashika1808
Why #URI has lesser shows in theatres across in Kerala While movie has superb WOM? is there any foul play? CaPtIaNAnAnDaK2
Howz the josh !!!!! Wat a movie URI.Could feel the passion and the tension @vickykaushal09 @SirPareshRawal ji..Superb Surjithhere
Watched #uri !!! Amazing experience !! Feeling proud to be an Indian. 🇮🇳 great movie 🎥!! Outstanding performance by… mryashparmar
"Uri - The Surgical Strike" - a MUST Watch for all. A neat script and a great execution. Kudos to the makers. dibs439
Watching URI #FeeltheJosh. Amazing Movie vijaybhatia14
Uri is one of the best indian army film that has ever been made @vickykaushal09 you have done a great job🙌 akhilk52
Must see the movie, URI THE SURGICAL STRIKE.. You will feel proud to our Army and Great leadership, who dared to ta… ME_UNIQU
URI is a must watch movie ! sushilsinghlko
URI - The Surgical Strike was dairing mission, superb movie too HATS OFF & शत शत नमन to our INDIAN ARMY Hope ci… Karansoffcial
After a long time, i watched a great film -URI. Even though i dont know hindi i watched this film and they should… sanghparivar25
Worth watching URI movie...great acting @vickykaushal09 srd_97
1972, Patton ,my 1st war movie ,2 now Uri ,what a great movie of all , great army men , unluckily I am not #UriAtINOX Veeresh22972960
Watched #Uri today! This movie is simply amazing which can't be described without seeing it. Full of goosebumps and… adityakrdwivedi
Watched Uri today. Wonderful movie m i got tear in my eyes while watching. understandable why left hates it. MithileshGoyal
Watched URI today. A great treat to watch. Simply awesome work by @vickykaushal09 @mohituraina. mukhar_bajpai
How is the URI ? Very great sir👌🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻 #jaihind #IndianArmy #uri @yamigautam @vickykaushal09 sajalwani
Forget all Critics, just go coz its a must watch goosebumps movie. Critics are shit. #URI #URITheSurgicalStrike shrikant_bansal
Recently watched a patriotic movie in #Patna's old theatre n enjoyed it much more than the sophisticated movie thea… kingoverdosed
URI the surgical strike what a brilliant movie amazingly done by @vickykaushal09 u never fail to surprise us by you… jainpiyushsohan
What an amazing performance by @vickykaushal09 and the rest of the cast in #URI I hope Bollywood comes out with muc… abhi_sc4
Love u so much for a great film.Absolutely LOVED watching URI: The Surgical Strike! Cinematography, editing, sound,… SadiqiRafiq
Watched #Uri yesterday and it was a gem. Must watch!! @vickykaushal09 Big fan.. SirAgarwal
Watched #URITheSurgicalStrike last night! Great movie with well directed war scenes. Well acted by Vicky, Yami, Mo… harshvb
I m breathless sir.. U guys are amazing in every single moment of Uri! I m glad I m a part of this audience who is… tweet_nehal1
Every bit of cinematography was superbly done in #URI . Bollywood sure has upped its game. Loved every min of the m… Bluedemon_90
I m breathless sir.. U guys are amazing in every single moment of Uri! I m glad I m a part of this audience who is… tweet_nehal1
I m breathless sir. U guys are amazing in every single moment of Uri. I m glad I m a part of this audience who is p… tweet_nehal1
Watched "URI- The Surgical Strike", Videsh mein Desi Cinema, Vicky Kaushal nailed it, must Watch Movie, how's the Josh @vickykaushal09 Rishii_Mahajan
Been 3 days I watched #Uri, yet to come out of that experience. What a brilliant war movie.. loved it thoroughly an… satabdipanda17
#URI amazing movie......But , BORDER still remains to be the best war movie in Bollywood!! Dhirpuneet
What a movie uri surgical strike. It’s actually make me cry. I salute the all Indian soldiers. Jai hind. Must watch… siddhar98531723
When people said that every Indian must watch URI & after movie when someone says them it was not that great they o… high_on_hill
Khaleej Times: news paper out of gulf countries, rates URI 3.5/5 Hindustan Times: news paper in India rates URI 2/5… RSoulfreezer
Park Chanyeol is such a great actor no one can change my mind uri_sgibun
Loved #uri one of the finest bollywood war movie. Take a bow @vickykaushal09 and Mohit Raina you look damn good while running. thakur_paritosh
Watched #Uri today. A well directed film w great special effects and minimal dramatization/ jingoism.… lakshayg6
Watched Uri The Surgical Strike movie.. Brilliant screenplay ,direction.. Must Watch.. Hats off to the valour and i… anantFCB_007
URI....a must watch for all Indians.Sadly Tivoli theater in Hyderabad did not play national anthem before or after the show. Pranali_Recruit
URI is such an amazing movie!! @vickykaushal09 is absolutely brilliant!! #HowsTheJosh Neilmehta4
Guys it's great long weekend 1. On Saturday gave lecture on Demonetisation n discussed various issues including el… pradeptk
also uri is a great film vicky kaushal’s acting was so good and the film in itself was idk just so brilliantly made cyphertens
Watched #Uri movie. Perfect Acting @vickykaushal09 @SirPareshRawal as Mastermind Doval Sir. Must watch to see the c… ashishKEr
URI one of the Best movies I've ever seen - excellent direction, cinematography and the Music was great. Obviously… rajatlamba
#URI is a must watch! Amazing movie. Great performanced by everyone and @vickykaushal09 hats off. Your image as a f… Abhi230Roy
Nothing better than listen Imagine Dragons for job. CarlaMed_Uri
#uri A masterpiece. Must watch. Abhishek_Singh8
Celebrated army day.... Watched URI.... A must watch... Super awesome SahuNishant4
#BOO_MAKE_MY_DAY uri boo, will always be an entertainer and an amazing person. he's work so hard, and always hope t… rosebrownie_
On the Indian Army Day we watched #Uri and so so loved it ! Many moments gave goosebumps ! #JaiHind #JaiHindKiSena ThodaCheeniKum
Just watched #Uri . It is a great Tribute to our soldiers who made supreme sacrifice for the country. Energetic… ptsagarsharma
How is the Josh? High Sirrrr!! Awesome movie, must watch URI: The Surgical Strike @vickykaushal09 SuperActor and… Maninder_LvLyf
Thanx @RonnieScrewvala Sir for producing such a great movie URI,we all only heard about this but after watching mov… GENIOUSMAYANK
Uri is not any usual war film. It shows the planning and technology used to destroy the enemies. Loved the way they… sagarhvora
Hey @vickykaushal09 amazing work, #uri best movie, I can see you just inspired few youths in the cinema hall, Iamvk21M
URI a great effort.Must Watch Aranjan38
URI- an awesome Movie. Must watch vikeleaks
I can still feel the adrenaline running in my blood during the final scenes. #Uri what an Ferocious movie. Amazing… Blue_Novice
URI.. URI BABA.. Ki DARUN.. Seriously Darun.. Must Watch..#URI #URITheSurgicalStrike What a dedication… SuvaRj
How's the josh??? High Sir!!! #URITheSurgicalStrike salute to u sir @vickykaushal09 fan ban gaya sir aapka... Must watch #uri Vickybhai_7414
Chanwoo uri maknae, you should sing confidently and loudly always. You have a really great and stable voice!!!! iKONwithiKONIC
URI.. URI BABA.. Ki DARUN..🤟🤟 Seriously Darun.. Must Watch.. #URI 🚁🚁🚁🚁 @Pallavi53350737 Salute to Indian Army… SuvaRj
#Uri #URITheSurgicalStrike Big kudos to @miteshdop for superb camerawork. Every single frame was worth watching. Ex… dushyant_lodaya
URI a must watch well made movie by Bollywood standarads it is slick ashvinn15
URI is a must watch and not to miss @vickykaushal09 simply owned the movie. A complete star. More so, every actor i… jtaashi
#uri luved dis movie.a must watch.@vickykaushal09 @yamigautam @SirPareshRawal everyone did a grt job. being_lipun
Perhaps #Uri is kick-start of #BJP election campaign, It is wonderful film indeed..Watch once, thinking to watch again...#HowIsTheJosh Prashikameshram
It can be political propoganda to release URI and accidental primeminister but every Indian must watch these movies… bitofdreamer
Just watched URI brilliant movie. Very well crafted film and amazing performance. Brother Indian Army ne ye Jung… tan047
Awesome movie uri must watch and @vickykaushal09 done grt is the always in the movie... irokAmit
Glad I didn’t miss #Uri assuming it to be a propaganda movie. A very well made film. Great performance by @vickykaushal09 watelseshldido
Just finished watching #UriSurgicalStrike amazing movie! The second half packs a powerful punch. It has a tight sc… shruanant
How's the Josh? High! Feeling positive. Great co-ordination shown between PMO, NSA,ISRO,DRDO, Army, RAW and all a… manishg4
My view on Uri👇 Cinematography - Amazing Storyline - Gripping Acting - Right on the money No silly romance, bol… Finaccio
Watched Uri last night.. goosebumps stuff and a BIG salute to all our brave soldiers.. loved Paresh Rawal.. felt a… EyeAnubhav
A must watch film URI..Huge respect to the Indian Army 🌹. Truly what a work @vickykaushal09 ❤️ malpani_vrinda
Seen URI fabulous cinema lived every moment of it... could see the sacrifice Indian Army... The best Army of the world 0756904c277647f
Watched Movie URI Yesterday, what an amazing movie from Bolywood. DineshMaheshwri
Excellent movie #URI mind boggling work by @vickykaushal09 awesome execution by @AdityaDharFilms and amazing Music… KushalSangtani
Watch URI today ! Superb ! Mind blowing! Amazing ! What a energy @vickykaushal09 man ! You really nailed it !… YashSukhwanis
#Uri shows bollywood has got class!! brilliant execution! #militaryaction @vickykaushal09 you were amazing! proud of #IndianArmy nileshrander
The movie #Uri enacted by @vickykaushal09 was an amazing movie to watch. People would literally get goosebumps by w… chirping_always
Just watched URI brilliant movie. Very well crafted film and amazing performance. Brother Indian Army ne ye Jung… tan047
#Uri is amazing..a must watch!A small request to the producers of the movie..if they make profit, they should donat… DrShuklaTweets
Its been 2 days watching #uri still cant get over an amazing movie like that, hooked me emotionally as well as made… poohatter
What a wonderful movie is #UriTheSurgicalStrike . The second movie after #Baahubali where I witnessed standing ovat… rout_sambit
Watched #UriTheSurgicalStrike really amazing to watch how our brave soldiers took the revenge from bloody terrorist… aditya_tiwari24
Watched a movie after some time, and what a great experience it was #URI !! Beautifully made and crisply executed f… IamMK_27
Uri: The Surgical Strike, Bollywood given us such a amazing movie.@vickykaushal09 You did great job. How is the Josh.... joyful_vjy
Superb movie #Uri .. just loved it ... #UriMovieBlockBuster .. super performance by @vickykaushal09 .... he has al… MeriToLagGayi
#URITheSurgicalStrike Awesome movie! Must watch! #URI #UriSurgicalStrike #UriMovieBlockBuster DonAmit
#Uri felling so proud of #IndianArmy @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam superb performance proud to be in new India. ambasthapankaj
Watched URI, what a movie it is. Hat's off to whole team. Guys must watch movie. Tribute to our pride, our India… ___The_Joker__
Uri: the surgical strike ! A must watch as a tribute to our brave soldiers ! You fight to win in a war and win with… prashanth_ts
Uri- Simply superb, the best Bollywood action movie I've watched after Madras Cafe ANMOL92
Saw #UriTheSurgicalStrike .. Masterpiece of his time... Brelient Crafted film.. Less Dailauge is great plus point o… MumbaikarDeep
URI a must watch... dradityadr
Watched #URI today.. What a movie and what a great performance by @vickykaushal09 . How's the josh? High sir!!!✋ Abhi_ptiwari
Watch 'URI' and then watch review of Rajeev Masand. You will never take his reviews seriously ever again. 'URI' is a must watch. kendheswapnil
Thoroughly enjoyed watching #Uri The movie is a work of tactical genius to show us the surgical strike the way it… mandar10k
#Uri Best Indian war movie ever made! Fabulous screenplay ,blood curdling background score , fantastically execut… Jijo08
Lost in the crowd for the show of Uri: The Surgical Strike ! Great to see the high josh 😍😍 prajabhav
Watched #Uri . A movie whose facts are little different from what we saw in documentary, But overall a great movie… cap_1947
Hello Vicky ❤️ I Would Love To Share This With You, That You Are An Amazing & Beautiful Artist ❤️ You Have Done An… spreading_art
When was the last time you heard a room full of audience cheer the end of a movie. #Uri was such an amazing experie… therarebreed007
URI is a must watch. im_PransuMishra
Leave your Political Brain at home and take your Patriotic Heart to the theatre you'll love Uri it's a great movie… DaKingInDaNorff
URI a must watch . Vicky Kaushal was fabulous... just loved the josh 😀 vedisha12
URI is a bloody great movie.. Loved every chapters of it. One of the best war films in recent times & bestest of In… iSunny00
Great show! Excellent movie! Live the pride! — watching Uri: The Surgical Strike SachindraDNK
Just watch Movie #uri #UriTheSurgicalStrike , I am a Hyper Nationalist, Shekhar Gupta and Barkha Dutt, Must watch… Chandankrishn13
Must watch 😊😊 — watching Uri: The Surgical Strike pathakvikash09
URi is a must watch.. after "Border" a great movie has come enriched with courage, proud, great cinematography, rea… Abhijeet_0498
Waw so amazing big box office in bollywood thanks for giving us happiness. URI- The Surgical Strike: A movie worth… SadiqiRafiq
#URI .... The movie is amazing....!!!! Kudos...!!! @vickykaushal09 u r the next superstar, next buzzword in this in… shekharg20
It’s official @vickykaushal09 is my favorite actor. I loved him before URI and seeing him play this new role made me love him even more gtkswn
All patriots must watch URI & the ACCID PM and make them hits... blore85
Watching #UriTheSurgicalStrike must watch Movie, On the Josh High Sir..!!! @KapilMishra_IND @vickykaushal09… Chandankrishn13
#URITheSurgicalStrike a movie every true Indian must watch, it's not a movie it's a big tribute to our brave heart… virendra_66
How is the Josh 💪.. Hi Sir.. Great job @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam @SirPareshRawal #Uri #URITheSurgicalStrike jayesh_agarwal
Hows the Josh? High Sir! Team Uri take a bow. Salute to our Indian Army !! Jai Hind. Awsm direction and great actin… akashjhun
From Massan to URI great work I am becoming your Fan Mr @vickykaushal09 Brilliant work and thanks for the josh and spirit srivastavm
URI: The Surgical Strike - Brilliant movie! @vickykaushal09 you have done an amazing job! GunishSeth
Uri is a must watch movie this January srbhpatwa
URI - must watch movie Vicky Kaushal amazing , movie never lags Direction rocks every one has played super in Thie… JituAchar
URI - The Surgical Strike movie is amazing with fitting salute to Indian Army. Must watch for people with Patriotism! UdeshiBharat
Saw URI last night vicky paaji !! Loved your work and josh in the movie. Hard work really pays off. Long way to go… ANKITCHARKHA
Last night watched Uri movie!!..Superb sir👌👌❤️ @vickykaushal09 @SirPareshRawal @yamigautam iamjayeshg
I'm here to watch Uri in AMC theater, San Francisco and believe it or not, the theater is full house. Amazing respo… saurabhd04
#uri is the best movie and it's great SQUELCHER answer for terrorism. Good job @SirPareshRawal @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam Mohit Raina. rpradeepbaba
What a movie #URI. Salute to the best army in the world #INDIANARMY !!! LOVED THE MOVIE. Sagark_leo
It's high time NDTV mends its ways or no one will watch it anymore... EXCEPTION being ant-nationals 5/5 for URI!!!… mastersherry
Loved #URI movie. Good acting by all and very good BGM. ☆☆☆☆ iharishbilapati
Uri: The Surgical Strikes is an amazing movie. Congratulations to Aditya Dhar and @vickykaushal09. I got goosebumps. Mihir_The1
Still can't get over what happened to @mohituraina 's character in URI... Loved his debut performance 🙌 Krushnic_67
URI Must watch ..@yamigautam @vickykaushal09 ..JAI HIND !! really nailed it !! sandhusaab05
Amazing direction and true event based story...must watch movie!! @vickykaushal09 my latest crush did an awesome jo… sonal1993gupta
If URI is a "propaganda" film.. Then it's a bloody great propaganda.. How's the Josh.. HIGH SIR..!! #jaihind karanjitc
What an amazing movie? #uri @vickykaushal09 you have been an amazing talent... Josh is really high !! m_sam0708
Just watched Uri : The Surgical Strike & it is the most amazing experience. We need more movies like this. Congratu… VegdaSagar
#URI is a must watch! Amazing movie. Great performanced by everyone and @vickykaushal09 hats off. Your image as a f… I_cant_ssshhh
Must watch movie #URITheSurgicalStrike go to know Indian Army & their personal situations. proud moment captured.… BhArGv_tAnk
#uri a must watch movie. This type of movie has come after such a long time. Salute to our Jawans. Josh is always h… prakashprabhaka
Leaving aside the small pinch of propaganda URI is an awesome movie. Must watch. AlChutiyaap
#URI a must watch film for all Indians!!! What an amazing film ..and brilliant performance by @vickykaushal09 an… punk_bazinga
also special mention to @yamigautam for her excellent performance in #UriTheSurgicalStrike She did a great job to… mr_singh_2000
What a fantastic movie #UriTheSurgicalStrike is!! It's a must watch guys!! strongly recommended! @vickykaushal09… rishikesh_patil
URI: Excellent direction. Superb screenplay. Awesome acting. Brilantly crafted high paced action war drama. No bull… akash_awatik
Hi @vickykaushal09 #URI was a fantastic watch. Second half was superb 👏👏👏 Rating 4.5/5 Bharat Mata Ki Jay 👃 Afte… Sudipto_93
#Uri good one .must watch.. @vickykaushal09 mithilalovesksg
#UriTheSurgicalStrike #uri a must watch for every Indian, especially the congis and aapiyes... Who were constantly cribbing that it was fake msvenky82
#Uri A must watch film... After watching this movie, respect for @adgpi Indian Army will increase exponentially...… AshishKuMishra_
I don't recommend movies generally but Uri is a must watch. Amazing performance by @vickykaushal09 #Uri rishavnayan
How's the Josh? High Sir.. An extraordinary masterpiece. URI: The surgical strike. Really very proud to be an Ind… AAmlathe
Accidental PrimeMinister is a must watch and Uri is what everyone should watch twice. #AccidentalPM #URITheSurgicalStrike HarshulBohra
After watching URI.. I salute to Indian Army and All cast and crew of URI.. Fantastic movie..Great start of 2019… nilmani_shahi
What a movie! #Uri is a must watch! Take a bow @vickykaushal09! SaryuBansal
#URI The surgical strike A must watch movie for every Indian. All the movie collection must be donated to the fami… yashjain1011
#Uri ....#superb #Triller movie ... #Howisthejosh..💪wht an outstanding performance by @vickykaushal09 ,@yamk ,… KrishnaRohom
Hows the JOSH...High Sir!!!!!! Superb movie, well directed and such a wonderful starcast! @vickykaushal09 you are a… nehali25
Watched #UriTheSurgicalStrike Enjoyed it @vickykaushal09 is fantastic.. #MohitRaina leaves an impact @yamigautam… GaurangChauhan
Watched URI. Amazing movie ! Must watch. Dont go by reviews. Watch for yourself ! venkatpery
#Uri was a great movie!! Great job by @vickykaushal09 akasherky
Saw #UriTheSurgicalStrike . A must watch. By far one of the best films made on our Indian Army. @vickykaushal09 - K… rahulrpatel27
Must watch movie guys go n watch. Jai Hind #Uri khatik_anil
Its easy to be selfish try something new be selfless and you know. URI- Must Watch. @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam #UriSurgicalStrike vidushi_5495
Watched URI- The Surgical Strike today with 250 people. Amazing energy while chanting Bharat Mata ki Jai🇮🇳. Thanky… ayushagarwalaol
Uri: The Surgical Strike.......One word "Superb" #MustWatch shishir3091
Just watched @vickykaushal09 and co in URI:Surgical Strike. Brilliant movie, well made, excellent acting. Great job. punitrajpara
How's the Josh?? HIGH SIR!! What an amazing movie. Hat's off to the whole cast and the director! A must watch.… _MonicaSaini
Uri -The Surgical Strike. Its a must watch. don't miss at any cost. superb acting by @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam… SindhurJ
Uri 👏🏻 must watch movie.! #JaiHind 🇮🇳 ___parthpatel
The Best Movie In recent times. All the Actors @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam @mohituraina what an amazing performance… Milanpurohit12
#URI a must watch film.Every Indian should watch it,@vickykaushal09 grt work,@vickysidana_ good Casting,… iAmitansh
#uri WHT a movie guys go n watch.. Feel proud to be an Indian.. @vickykaushal09 did a great job bro..🔥 ShanBiswash
I know that Seungri is having a hard time rn but bcs he have us, he wanted to be strong to show us a great performa… jhaieekwon
Uri the surgical strike Must must watch ....10/10 mayankspl
Uri is a great movie! Finally a bollywood movie which reflects Indian Army somewhat genuinely. Go watch it!! #URITheSurgicalStrike #URI AshmitGautam
Uri - The surgical Strike, clearly by far one of the best indian movies I have seen in years. Amazing direction. #UriTheSurgicalStrike XitijSingh
#URI @vickykaushal09 is wonderful in his role, outstanding acting, with such intensity, it blew my mind! Vicky has… vs_292
Uri a must watch @vickykaushal09 you did a fabulous job and full justice to your role. igrv
An amazing powerful movie. What a great start of year. @vickykaushal09 sir you are amazing @yamigautam what an grea… NikitaNamdevKh1
Uri an amazing u that bloodrush. Salute to our brave men @adgpi who are the real life heroes...Superb… praveentaihu
Entire team of #Uri Has done Wonderful job !@vickykaushal09 @yamigautam @SirPareshRawal #URITheSurgicalStrike #URIReview India1947Avnish
#must watch uri. Some scenes specially the small girl crying and shouting the slogans of indian army was so heart t… Karansingh_14
'It's time to strike' Watching URI - The Surgical Strike. Entire audience shouting 'Jai Hind'. What a great experie… tweet_vardhan
Want some #SundayMotivation? Go watch Uri - The Surgical Strike🇮🇳 and get high on Joshhh!! 😅 Great work… diptisinghania
Uri must watch #Revenge #Indian Army #Bravo #Mother India #Pak down under drksingh2081
#URI salute to Indian Armed Forces for their SELFLESS Sacrifice , feeling unspoken gratitude . Must watch Movie f… deshhit10
Congratulations to team URI , it was a wonderful movie and true salute to our armed forces. Outstanding and Mesmer… arigupta19994
URI- The surgical Strike, a must watch movie. Very High on JOSH..!! @vickykaushal09 is super as Major Vihaan Sherg… Sushils_IN
After a long time heard people clap in theatre. #URI @vickykaushal09 #TheSurgicalStrike. Loved it abhyk86
Saw #URI last night and loved it. The plot and execution is amazing. Not one min. In the film seems to be wasted ve… abhyk86
URI is superb 👌👌 Great movie made by ...BJP 🤔🤔 Anyways ...JOSH is HIGH ..Full marks to Indian army 🇮🇳🇮🇳 Jai Hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳 Navendu21
Go watch URI... @vikcykaushal09 take a bow man!!! Jai hind... You rocked in Los Angeles theaters also...!! The Josh is High Sir!! KumarGauravLA
URI....everyone must must must watch....the ultimate one........proud for army has raise d bar s beyond d sky.… SonsP4
What a movie!!!!! A must watch film...:-) #bharatmaatakijay #uri #thesurgicalstrike @AdityaDharFilms… ruchakul
“How’s the josh? High Sir !!!” URI - The surgical strike. Must watch. 😊 👍🏻 👌🏻 #UriSurgicalStrike HimannshuSharma
#URI the best movie I have watched in recent times. @yamigautam @vickykaushal09 you are awesome. Thanks for giving us a great movie.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 srivatsavahai
#URI Outstanding. @vickykaushal09 you r superb, @SirPareshRawal sir fabulous pretty similar to Ajit Doval,… iamnishant_ns
It's a great tribute to our brave soldiers, Uri is a must watch to all Indians and world, hatsoff to the start cast… abhinavsaxena16
A fabulous job done by the whole star cast @vickykaushal09 @SirPareshRawal @yamigautam Uri showed what Indian Army… ambitious_aadi
We made it a point to watch @uri yesterday night irrespective of busy schedules... N u rocked @vickykaushal09 😘 Kp… me_ekModi
#Uri is a must watch. How did your blood not boil .@anupamachopra ? Maybe cos you are in touch with the army with only @iamsrk types in it. Atirahcus
1st #simba and now #Uri .... Lovely kick start 2019 in bollwood... Amazing acting @RanveerOfficial @khaansara for… deyabhijit36
#UriTheSurgicalStrike is a great tribute to #IndianArmy who saceifised thetr lives in #Uri .@yamigautam And… ImPro42
Time to watch #Uri today. Great expectations @vickykaushal09 Let's see how it goes gauraveenu
Uri:The Surgical Strike..what a movie..👌👌👌.. definitely a must watch..."toxic hyper-nationlists"-pls stay away...#uri #thesurgicalstrike hsudeep
URI surgical strike superb movie VineetBhargav12
Uri - a must watch movie ! @ImranKhanPTI #URITheSurgicalStrike arpitlal
Saw #UriTheSurgicalStrike . @vickykaushal09 and @yamigautam you both nailed it.#URITheSurgicalStrike is a great tri… ImPro42
What an amazing experience it was to watch #Uri_thesurgicalstrikemovie Probably going to be one of the best movies… Neil_Reddevil
Uri: a film with mostly good acting and great music and cinematography. Toh phir itne ridiculous fiction ka sahara… GoelSiTeriBoli
URI THE SURGICAL STRIKE A must watch as a tribute to our brave soldiers & It is one of the best India’s war movie w… deshmukh63
The picture URI is great... Jai hind... jijujhon50
Uri 🤩🤩 One of the most Impactful movie in recent times. Full of Action, Josh, Patriotism & Emotions. A Must Watch… DhavalJ94
#URI A must watch movie ❤️ jugal7297
Just watched Uri. It is an amazing movie that is totally worth watching! Vicky Kaushal ne to kamaal kar diya! Total… MonikaA31581269
Loved singing national anthem twice today.. Don’t miss URI peoples. Hats off once again 👏👍#IndianArmy… pragatinagar07
Uri The Surgical Strike Must watch for all. Today we indians are safe & sound only because of tireless effort of ou… Deepak_Mathur
URI - a great pic to watch . adawal_shanker
#Uri is a must watch for all us citizens. It did strike a chord with the audience who got to cinematically experien… sandyrajsingh
How’s The Josh? Hi Sir... Must watch URI... rajputrohit01
Just see the URI movie... Simply amazing... Great job @vickykaushal09... Still i feel that energy... how's the josh??!! UjjaWaLnitUK
Just watched Uri. Great movie. Most refreshing aspect of the movie? I think for the first time we have a war movie… ekikaran
Brilliant performances by #VickyKaushal #YamiGautam Amazing Movie #URI ManupreetBatra
Watched movie - Uri: The Surgical Strike. Everyone must watch, brilliant Movie. creativebharat6
What a movie 🙏🏻superb & well done Vicky,yami & team URI 🇮🇳 @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam #UriMovieBlockBuster #URI #UriSurgicalStrike abhaysinh3744
Just watched URI The Surgical Strike, one of a kind movie loved every second of it. We need more movie like this, f… anandicted
#URI #movie @vickykaushal09 what an amazing blood rush while watching the #UriMovieBlockBuster #URI movie. made us… saurav_nova
URI .. what a movie .. @vickykaushal09 .. u r amazing Bro .. but the real hero is #IndianArmy @adgpi .. So So So pr… vss80
URI, the movie, is good, technically sound and a bloody great PUBG booster kaustavbhat
Go and watch the best movie of 2019 Uri- The surgical strike 5/5.. Must watch for everyone.. #UriTheSurgicalStrike #India devpat19
Uri surgical strike must watch movie. especially Mr kejariwal who wanted to know how our Jawan has conducted surgic… tiwasanjay
Great start for 2019. URI - give it a watch. Amazing and enthralling. Vicky Kaushal at his best. chaurasrk
Shaurya Raksha Balidan Paramdharma...🇮🇳felt goosebumps throughout the movie #UriTheSurgicalStrike must watch movie.… _Pravesh_Rai
😮😮😮😍amazing movie 👌👌👌👌👌 — watching Uri: The Surgical Strike deepanshu0806
Watching #TheKapilSharmaShow 📺😍😍 on repeat mode @KapilSharmaK9 u r amazing as usual 👏👏👏👏 @vickykaushal09 loved ur… ParishmitaBhat1
A must watch for every indian. @vickykaushal09 a great job👍 Salute to the Indian Army #URI BinkleOza
Keeping agenda aside Uri is a Must Watch kan4se
I have never heard the crowd applausing so many times in one movie. @vickykaushal09 the movie is amazing! You look… yashrajjadhavv
Loved #Uri , stellar performance by Vicky Kaushal, good start to the year with some good cinema larryhert_10
What an amazing movie. Goosebumps!! #UriSurgicalStrike Well done 👏👏 Super performances by @vickykaushal09… JayeshNikam11
What an incredible film #URI .. Definitely a must watch movie. #proud of #indianarmy HOW'S THE JOSH??? HIGH SIR!!… AshishVDalvi
Watched “URI” well done @vickykaushal09 loved it!!!! Must Watch movie!!! #UriTheSurgicalStrike PritishWalia
Loved singing national anthem twice today.. Don’t miss #URI peoples... Hats off once again 👍👍#IndianArmy… pragatinagar07
if u have not watched #uri then must watch to know why #namo again is much needed for the country. #indianarmy needs #modi ramaniharish
URI Must Watch .... JAI HIND #UriTheSurgicalStrike Sirdeepankar
Loved URI ,after a long time I watched a good movie,smartly directed and very well executed. Every character was ap… cutezenit
Seen #Uri . Amazing work by @vickykaushal09 . Handled the whole art alone. Must watch . cajatingupta
What a class movie #URI #JOSH.#Salute to #IndianArmy and amazing leadership. Amazing performances from @yamigautam… ashu25_ashu
Wow!! What a masterclass movie u have made @AdityaDharFilms i Loved the movie, probably at par with BORDER. Kudos t… _tanujsharma26
URI is an amazing depiction of the surgical strike performed by the Indian army. Brilliantly acted by… KaivanGala22
#Uri would definitely boost your patriotism. Goosebumps guaranteed! Excellent direction by team and superb acting… Pranay_Gondole
The josh was very high indeed!!! #URI a must watch! @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam #mohitraina hats off guys!! mansimataii
#URI is definitely an awesome movie. 2nd half was little bit rushed but still it's must watch movie. War cry scene… ManishM2612
URI Amazing movie...literally nail biting moments when the indian soldiers entered POK. amazing acting by all #Uri… swati2206
#Uri is arguably the best military movie ever made by Bollywood (yes, better than Border as well). Multiple high-a… smeet_bhatt
THE JOSH IS HIGH #URI Loved every bit of it @vickykaushal09 is marching towards LEGEND STATUS. YOU NOW BECAME MY FA… amannagar2114
#greatdebateshow Great efforts in making of film URI, COMPLIMENTS to team URI, big selute to Indian army, every one… mehtasatishk
Entire hall clapped after the climax. URI is seriously an amazing movie. @vickykaushal09 proves his supreme level o… sharma_kiran18
Uri the surgical strike wat a awesome movie it was! loved it. @vickykaushal09 hows the josh..@SirPareshRawal… AnandJalan9
Saw Uri: the Surgical Strike yesterday. Amazing movie with cool actuon scenes. My proudness for the Army just incre… Captainmetal3
watched Uri - The Surgical Strike, superb movie and delighted to see again.proud of our soldiers - Jai Hind. Cdipra
#UriMovieBlockBuster uri is a must watch. Long live the Indian army ! imAditya_13
URI...What a Performance @vickykaushal09 @SirPareshRawal ....Loved the Movie😎 hard_rawal
URI- highly recommended.. A must watch. Outstanding performance.. one man show.. The road to stardom starts here👍@vickykaushal09 gaurav_132003
Uri is must watch brilliant job done by each and everyone #UriSurgicalStrike Manjari1408
URI is a fantastic movie a must watch # URI shriramiyer86
#Uri : Ambush - Trauma - Revenge - Valour! Having high adrenaline rush after watching movie! Great acting… ujji_pandey
How's the JOSH? And this still gives me goosebumps! Salute to our Indian army! You both are amazing @vickykaushal09… ishita654
Keepibg aside my nationalism #ghaziattack was much better than .. #UriMovieBlockBuster still #URI is definitely a must watch.... rohan_ronw
Vicky Kaushal: How’s the josh? Audience : High sir, Jai Hind #URIMovieReview #URIMovie Fantatsic,Fabulous.Exc… Arjuncapone
#Uri is Amazing. rohit_bw
Watching #uri it’s a must watch ! Jai ho @adgpi jai hind ! imAditya_13
#URI turned out to be great watch as expected. The cinematography is top notch. Plus the two blood boiling numbers… arcturuis9
Uri: The Surgical Strike is awesome @vickykaushal09 you are awesome man superb movie a must watch movie #howsthejosh VeshDe
What a movie! A must watch movie. Hats off to the team✌🏻 #URI @vickykaushal09 good work. Sonali_5
Uri - The Surgical strike👍👍..@vickykaushal09 and @SirPareshRawal superb.. The best thing was that the movie saved i… gargsahil58
Just watched "URI" @vickykaushal09 boss your are tremendous and @SirPareshRawal 🙏. Paisa wasool film. Subhap007
Don’t forget to watch the cast of #uri in #tkss tonight 9:30 pm on @SonyTV had great fun with my bro… shreyanshjain78
Watched URI..wonderful movie ...a must must watch..a big salute to Indian army..those who think 'people join army t… Sunitisingh18
Watched URI The Surgical strike with my son. Thanks for making such a great movie. @yamigautam @vickykaushal09 Eve… sharmaAPR
U.R.I A Must Must Must Watch Film. Vicky kaushal Nailed It Like Anything. New Star On Its Way. Direction , Sound… Suny1711
URI - The Surgical Strike its not just the movie of entertainment but the Great Tribute to Our INDIAN ARMY.… shreyasbattul
URI is a must watch movie...brilliantly made, well acted...and u'll leave the theatre with a sense of pride. ShivDiwan2
URI must watch movie specially for those who waste money on movies like TOH, RACE -3, ZERO etc and cry saying Bolly… jairajL7
Uri is a brilliant movie..Must watch ..How's the Josh #UriTheSurgicalStrike shan_gooner
URI must watch movie 👍 jairajL7
Uri is super awesome, and a must watch. (7/5) It would be better, if they had not removed "72 hooron" from the dialogue. prateiekdubey
URI - a must watch. Excellent. 5/5. @SirPareshRawal @vickykaushal09 Great Job.👍🏻 NILESH_PANDIT
#URI was a great movie to start 2019 with✔ SharayuAil
Watching #URI. Goosebumps boss goosebumps! Superb so far... @vickykaushal09 @RSVPMovies @AdityaDharFilms harip77
Just saw #uri what an amazing movie @vickykaushal09 @SirPareshRawal @yamigautam 👍🇮🇳 #hwsthejoshhighsir cool_guni
What a movie!!!!! A must watch — watching URI abhishekdas13
It gave me some adrenaline rush!! Must watch.👌😀💖 'how's the josh? High sir!' 😀 #IndianArmy #JaiHind — watching Uri: The Surgical Strike ankitpareta30
The adrenaline rush!! Must watch.👌😀 'how's the josh? High sir!' 😀 #IndianArmy #JaiHind — watching Uri: The Surgical Strike ankitpareta30
URI is a brrilliant movie. Superb acting by @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam @SirPareshRawal But for me the best in ac… Gauravb1ttu
Just saw Uri. Superb movie! Even after you get out of the theatre, the movie stays with you for some time. Must watch!!! ppnair73
URI - Amazingly crafted storyline #theSurgicalStrike event which every Indian took proud of.!! Hats Off to #INDIAN… Ksyp97
#Uri is a must watch. Loved the action and drama. Great job @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam @AdityaDharFilms. #Uri #HowsTheJosh ashimdasgupta1
Seen URI: sergical strike, a great war movie, never seen before which is made in India. basanttailang5
What an extraordinary movie. Hats off to the makers. @vickykaushal09 your voice and josh is unbelievable. It’s a wo… benglur_huduga
#URITheSurgicalStrike Is the fabulous.. First Half Is Done.. it's best Tribute for Our Heroes.. @vickykaushal09 is… MovieMa30608012
Watching #Uri currently. Such a wonderful screenplay and blood pumping action since the very beginning. Must watch for all #URIReview MENnerism
Watch #URI the surgical strike last night amazing movie everyone should watch it. #URIMovie Tejasnaik01
Uri: The Surgical Strike .... Superb ArjunIP
Amazing performance by @vickykaushal09 in URI. Gave us goosebumps while watching and salute to the Indian Army… SaumilBJYM
*URI - The surgical strike* It will make you feel proud on Indian Army 🇮🇳 Very nice movie completely show the stren… nir205
A must watch movie 🎥 !! #URI #thesurgicalstrike !! rachitfp
#URI How's The Josh! High Sir !! Walked out of the theatre with a sense of pride 😍 what an amazing movie… KanalVj
Wow what a movie 🎥 #URI hatsof to @vickykaushal09 for amazing acting.. Everyone must watch this movie.!! 👍🏼👍🏼👏👏 mjd7789
URI A must watch. Commendable work by @vickykaushal09. amitskwalia
URI the surgical strike.a must watch movie .thanks @vickykaushal09 for instilling so much pride with such a "surgic… Sumit81
#Uri Must watch film. Bijusomnath
Wonderful movie — watching Uri: The Surgical Strike rana_avdhesh
How's the Josh? VERY HIGH, SIR! What a film URI is. Superb lead performance by @vickykaushal09 . Confident debut by… DrawdyDevil
URI THE SURGICAL STRIKE...Is in a different league...A must watch for every Indian.@vickykaushal09 commendable job!! PriyaRoyzada
There are good movies, very good movies and then there is.....#URI, the surgical strike!!!! Superb in every sense,… VRZee
Uri is a great movie. Do not believe the film critics this one time. You will love the movie and the energy in the theatre maswbiekta
Watched #UriTheSurgicalStrike Felt like i, myself revenge 4 Uri. Great movie. #MustWatch #IndianArmy #movie thirayyar
Uri! Go. Go. Go! Full CS feel... Goosebumbs! Nice acting and amazing direction! Maja ayega iChetanC
#UriTheSurgicalStrike what a movie boss.Enjoyed a lot Such a amazing acting by @vickykaushal09 and sh.… NMEHTA24
It's excellent movie on #URITheSurgicalStrike go watch it for the great @adgpi & how they avenged martyrdom of 19… chetanborwankar
Enjoyed every bit of the movie #uri must watch.Hats off to the Indian Army&for the first time in many years..i was… RanaRicha_
Border still remains the best war film for me, but URI right up there. Must watch! samratNDTV
#URI #UriTheSurgicalStrike great acting by Vicky Kaushal.👍👍 Great job men .. hat's off..keep it up ..big fan of yours RohitSh97173971
URI The Surgical Strike 5/5 Jai Hind |🇮🇳 URI the surgical strike movie 3/5 How’s the Josh ? #URIReview #IndianArmy… Kay_deo92
How’s the josh High sir !!! Great work @vickykaushal09 . Could feel the tension and passion of everyone involved in… shikherjandyal
#uri amazing movie.. brillant direction and acting.. much watch.. #vickykaushal u r superstar now Ranvik_Mehta
Film URI: Great experience to watch real actions in superb film. There were occasions during and after the film, wh… imnigam
Saw URI - The surgical strike movie today. A must watch for every patriotic Indian. Congis, hope you hv booked your… hareish1234
Superb movie #URI #MustWatch Good job @vickykaushal09 and uri team. hemant1610
URI @vickykaushal09.... It's Jst superb movie........ Sach Josh high Kardi.... How's the Josh?... High sir..thnk u… tp_dash
What a Wonderful acting by @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam @SirPareshRawal in #URI #JaiHind #IndianArmy #IndianNavy… AtulChaturved15
Back to back serious cinema but superb stuff...Brilliantly made movies with some stellar performances!… sbhangs
URI a must watch movie drgovindraj2
I saw #URI movie!!! "JOSH SE BHARPUR" What a great movie also thanx for directing.. @vickykaushal09 was fantastic.… MrArun_Singh
Really awesome movie ......You did very good n quality acting....👌👌👌👌 Amazing movie👌👌 @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam… SarkarParulekar
One of the best movie watched after a long time.. what a masterpiece.. hatsoff to whole team of uri..must watch gua… SachinN7777
Just watched #URITheSurgicalStrike amazing movie!! Patriotism jaaga ho gaya! Howz the JOSH - HIGH SIR!! JAI HIND!!… Akijamdar
#URITheSurgicalStrike amazing, awesome experience. congratulations to team #URI.... Shampa_Manish
After watching Uri: How's the Josh?? High sir!!! Loved @vickykaushal09 and the special armed forces josh. A grippin… Abhinav7Jain
i wish you have a wonderful birthday.please take care of yourself.WE LOVE YOU uri kyungsoo🥰🥰🥰🥰 #PrinceKyungsooDay josephinepizza
One Thing I loved the most about URI is, it actually showed how the Modi Cabinet works... Modi ji + Ajit Dval =Cabi… abhishek_darade
Just back from URI movie. 5 🌟 Amazing atmosphere in the theater, loved the younger generation shouts of BHARAT Mata… SCurve75
Uri is a great fake movie. In it there is no need for proof of surgical strike of our @ArvindKejriwal #URITheSurgicalStrike dineshbkd
Uri The Surgical Strike movie... Amazing experience. Kudos to @AdityaDharFilms @SirPareshRawal @vickykaushal09 Jamdagni_vats
Thank To Our Brave Indian Army Special Forces And Team Modi For Surgical Strike In #POK Must Watch The Movie #URI SurajsinghSuraj
Battalion609 is a must watch movie I just finished uri and battalion battalion is way better than uri go must watc… DipstarsR
#Uri is a must watch. Far far better and entertaining than Parmanu. impartingyan
This is nice movie, I enjoyed every moment of this movie, We don't need big star but we need good contents in movie… mayurbhave7
Uri is a wonderful film . Too Good Drama. Too Good entertainment. Vicky Kaushal is a star . Paresh Rawal as good as… rishiranjank
#Uri is our Zero Dark Thirty!!! Got goosebumps while watching it !!! Outstanding film!!! A must watch… munafno1
#URI is a very well made thriller on the Surgical Strike which will strike good numbers especially in multiplexes. 3.5/5 bollywood154
#URI after a long time something nice great characters.Amazing screen play and camera work.Good to see Manohar Parr… pankajdesai_19
URI: Surgical Strike a must watch movie for our Indian Army. . . @vickykaushal09: ” How’s the JOSH?” Theatre crowd… theboyfrompune
URI: Amazing Movie #URITheSurgicalStrike RoshanT51944259
URI Surgical Strike . . . The movie had the most wonderful characters. #Mudiji #Rojnatsingh and #Manu Thank you… Odisha_Nayak
URI just Amazing Mind BLOWING hats of to director Aditya camera man re recording performance what not no words for… rahulseshu
i watched uri movie first day first show its an wonderful and mind blowing movie everyone should watch this movie.......................... durge25
”URI: Surgical Attack” a must watch movie! Among all the performances @yamigautam was ❤️. #uri #YamiGautam 🖤 theboyfrompune
Just watched # Uri the surgical strike Its amazing✌👨‍✈️ jindersharma89
Thank u @vickykaushal09 for giving me a wonderful bday gift in the name of Uri. Am amazing film which gives u goose… PavechaHimanshu
A movie must watch for youth.. For the celebration of new Hindustan.. . . Cheers.. #URI Komsin72685
Enjoyed the first day first show of movie URI, THE SURGICAL STRIKE at PVR PLAZA, CP. A very good movie. Best Act… imSKkaushal
Sir @vickykaushal09 wat an epic character u r sirr... Nailed every bit of the movie Amazing pc of work done sir Hail #uri agr_prateeksha
HOW’S THE JOSH? HIGH SIR!🔥🔥what a amazing movie it was😍😍#URI @vickykaushal09 @RSVPMovies vidit_mistry10
Having absolutely loved Uri (it's not a great film by any means but a very good one) I am really looking forward Sr… aiyyaar
#UriTheSurgicalStrike a must watch. #URIReview 5/5 movie of the year. @yamigautam @vickykaushal09 @uri iamalokmishra91
Uri The Surgical Strike Film in which you have a great acting Sir, Very Best Movie Wishes For All Your Films @vickykaushal09 advshivamgupta
URI...Name is enough.. Superb superb movie..thanks for Marvelous Revenge sir ,@PMOIndia @narendramodi @manoharparrikar PRAKASHHITACHI
It was amazing to watch URI: The Surgical strike. Totally affected. Rating- 4/5. @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam 🙏 Josh… Anni123A
URI is a brilliant movie. Very realistic and very inspiring. Must watch. Sangameshdb
What an amazing movie URI is.... and our soldiers actually did that.... salute!!! shy_scholsey
It was amazing to watch URI: The Surgical strike. Totally affected. Rating- 4/5. @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam 🙏 Josh… AbhaySh75511692
#Uri consist superb combat scene with a gripping screenplay.@vickykaushal09 starting this year with a bang.deadly p… yatin19925
#URIReview Acting 4/5🌟 Screenplay 3.5/5🌟 Background 4/5🌟 Music 3.5/5🌟 Story 4.5/5🌟 Direction 4/5🌟 OVERALL 4.25/5🌟… demonkingakv
#URIReview Acting 4/5🌟 Screenplay 3/5🌟 Background 3.5/5🌟 Music 3/5🌟 Story 4.5/5🌟 Direction 4/5🌟 OVERALL 4/5🌟… alivejamal
Wonderful movie #Uri @yamigautam @vickykaushal09 @AdityaDharFilms. Patriotic , sensitive, impactful. voter1947
#URITheSurgicalStrike first day first show..woww...must watch for any Armed forces fan boy.Barring a few portions ,… Pradyush81
#URITheSurgicalStrike अगर URI नही देखा तो फिर क्या देखा...A must watch!!! @vickykaushal09 bravo bravo just bravo...… shashibd
Watched #UriTheSurgicalStrike... a must watch movie...!!! if movie is so thrilling in reel how it could have been… patel_mehul
Uri is absolutely amazing , loved it 😍😍 peterporker87
Loved the Cameo of @rajnathsingh in the movie #URITheSurgicalStrike #Uri #SurgicalStrike BhautikSorathi8
#Uri... Mind-blowing movie with some scintillating performance by @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam @SirPareshRawal must watch. Go for it. Randhir123
Vicky delivers & delivers in style. #URI is a must watch film. Take your cat for the movie and it’ll turn into a li… thenihadshaikh
Tomorrow - @TAPMofficial and Uri movie. A great day for movie fans. SensicalHumour
I am not a critic, but I believe #URITheSurgicalStrike would be a great movie and also a tribute to the #IndianArmy… prabhu_knight
“URI: The Surgical Strike” A wonderful screenplay of true valour of Indian Army. A must watch movie for those who w… aseemm84
The main thrust of a lot of callers to @bbc5live Brexit Chat seems to be about the passing of the Great British Ben… TheTonyCoffey
Everyday I look forward to being able to drink a water bottle with a Great Value Fruit Punch mix in it. Uri_106
Halfway through Uri. Vicky Kaushal is fabulous as always. But there is enough desh-bhakti dialogues and Jai Hind to… lakshanapalat
Great job @RSVPMovies for posting a stand alone video for the 72 Huro dialogue which was trimmed from the re-upload… arijitdas2603
uri liked my sick voice better than my irl voice i might have been getting better finally but now i give up ghoooulpower
So i hope uri iKON had a great time creating memories today, twas really fun and refreshing. iKON showed different… Keeplovin1988
Uri iKON is doing a great great great great great great job. 👏👏👏👏👏💙 axlmndz
i'm so happy that they enjoyed and even won an award at ISAC, you did well uri babiesss💝 iKONixxoxo
Other fangirls: *actual fangirling their oppas doing sports* Boice: omg uri rich oppa...his business doing great...NERDY IS EVERYWHERE CNTrash_SpF9
Thank you for giving iKONICs another great show to remember. You guys are the absolute best! Hoping that next time,… lonelyiKONIC
It’s amazing how much you could save on makeup and face cleanser when you’re a slob that always passes out without… georgie_uri
Rest well uri oppa @official_hoony_ @official_yoon_ @official_mino_ @official_jinu_ 😊 u guys did great job at… nurulidaya93
Yo did great lee Seunghoon @official_hoony_ get well soon uri deputy lee💙💙💙💙 audry_luvN
*sigh* y am i just a cute lil uri in the middle of a big wonderful universe?? idk uriiciinici
happy birthday uri dongdong, dancing king, dirty kid, angel, wish u all the best, have a wonderful birthday, and ik… Markhyuck_06
My 2018 has really been amazing. I’m just a one and a half year old Konic and I got to see uri iKON Babies in perso… hanbinnism

41 Negative

TV shows 👎 have stooped too low with poor portrayal of stories that no longer appeal & Cinema 👍 is getting accolade… PRA24
Howz the joshhhhh...High Sirrrr🙌.Saw #UriTheSurgicalStrike Today.. 🇮🇳. Brilliant performance By the entire URI Team… IamSubhanarayan
#Uri tickets sold out in San Diego , California!! @vickykaushal09 @yamigautam .. Proud and disappointed at the same… MeetAWriter
I love Vicky Kaushal with all my heart but URI was trash. Horrible propaganda oriented movie with reel life Modi an… SharonyaTrivedi
#URI apart from the “Propaganda” part wasn’t half bad. @vickykaushal09 was once again outstanding. His JOSH throughout was 💯!!! shivvijayk
Watched uri- the surgical strike. Brilliant movie, gave goosebumps. Brilliant performance by @vickykaushal09… rah_900
How does winwin have no line when IT'S HIS FIRST LANGUAGE I'M SO DISAPPOINTED SM ONCE AGAIN YOU DID IT!!! uri_sgibun
I'm kinda disappointed but also so happy to finally see them, let's support them!! #WayV_Debut uri_sgibun
Josh bahut bad Gaya hai sir!!! Kudos to the Indian army and to the URI team @vickykaushal09 @RonnieScrewvala @yamigautam Thank you!!!! Modi_warrior
Saw a Bollywood movie after almost 2 years in a theatre and wasn’t disappointed at all. An exceptional masterpiece… Gaushal007
If you don't watch Uri you are missing out on something special RRishiBharadwaj
It will be bad luck if one doesn't watch in Theatre @URI. The ultimate movie and the best movie of my life till now… ASHMITADEBNATH
#Dhruv_Rathe Jaisa kiddo social Media intellectual cum pro Congressy pet bhi Uri attack movie ko flop Nehi Kara pay… KangkanKDas1
Please let ma boy get some rest @BigHitEnt Don't you feel so bad? Look uri Bangtan. They are a human too! #BTSgetYourAssesToBedAndRest tata__jk57
My poor heart 😢 one_uri
If you are looking for PROPAGANDA FILM don't watch #Uri .. Congrats @vickykaushal09 you are going best n best with… BhamareSanket
Psudo liberal leftists would like you to believe that a movie like #Uri is hyper nationalist & bad but a slogan lik… srinidhiacharya
Absolute shit sandwich from URI tonight. Terrible. Forget about it and move on. weldon117
#uri sucks in hoops SIMADISPC
A non-khan movie is housefull despite poor ratings. Newspapers should fire these pretentious movie critics blinded… Sab_Influencer
So bad, uri @BTS_twt jimsedipity
jimin u did my mans joon dirty pls dont poor baby jshhhjhdk uri_bangtan
I am markedly disappointed in the fact that Goodtimes spoonbenders do not actually bend spoons à la Uri Geller. I w… EastShrine
I feel bad for people who would miss a film like URI, but at the same time who watch Films Like Race 3 & Zero but not watch URI ! 😢 BeingShubham333
sm entertaiment treats our girls so bad :( i mean just give they what they want 😭 i feel so bad for uri Taeyeon 💔 magnoliadimple
My recent URI w/99.5F had me questioning: who decided on the 100.4F demarcation? 99.5F feels pretty bad! More impor… mtbrame
Paltan was not a bad movie and it depicted a a far big achievement of indian army but it did not collect even 1/10t… shaurabhyash
Omg please time fly fast i want gfriend new songs so bad right now after i heard the medley @GFRDofficial #gfriend #Time_For_Us Uri_LayZhang
Why not good action war movies in India?? Just watch #Uri #UriTheSurgicalStrike kaustubhkale14
So disappointed in @vickykaushal09 to be doing propaganda movies #Uri aria_sharmahaha
I feel so dissatisfied! It was slow, it was boring, it didn't reveal any of Congress' misdoings that were unknown t… sakshambaliyan1
#URI what a movie.... awsome .... 🤘❤️ Watch this movie everyone.👍 brilliant performance by @vickykaushal09… BikaShKakati7
The only thing bad about URI is that the 72 hoors dialogue was censored. nimish4fk
#uri How the josh ??? Very high sir!!! Brilliant performance by @vickykaushal09 and @yamigautam @SirPareshRawal awesome movie 👍 Aayush95244183
Guys make ur money worth don't watch batallion 609 there are lot good film than this tommorow reasing Uri Accident… makhijanitin764
Yeoksi uri keuns never disappointed us😭😭😭😭😭 ilpleuvait
URI sucks at basketball JauvinOfficial
This URI - St. Louis broadcast is brutally boring for a good game! Winslow05
Uri leader nimmm! Happy Birthday! 💚💚 #CutieSexyJBDay I have a bad feeling Jackson asked for this 😂😂😂😂 Kors_BTriceSan
You might be disappointed, you might want to stop being a star for them (#EXO planet) But remember, no one else is… byuncisa
i have never been so disappointed in an entertainment agency before. its the last time we'll ever get to hear them… megznx

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