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Veere Di Wedding

Release Date: June 01, 2018

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Really enjoyed Veere Di Wedding. Shame a lot of the jokes were in the trailer though. And the fatshaming. Left me sad. EnglishGulabo
Just watched Veere di wedding with my parents being prepared for the awkwardness but it was still amazing 💫 #VeereDiWeeding sanlovesclassic
Just finished Veere Di Wedding. One word - perfection. Enjoyed thoroughly. prabhnoor07
Loved 'Veere Di Wedding' every aspect of it, every ounce of it except one. Why shd masturbation be a reason for div… sampada_klkrni
If you only have two choices in life. Veere Di Wedding or Death. Just text your loved ones and die happily. TheMaddKiing
I think Veerey Ki Wedding is better than Veere Di Wedding :P #jlt #justthursdaythings b_aakanksha01
Watched Veere Di Wedding today and @ReallySwara You stole the show and my heart! Absolutely loved Sakshi! 🙌 Sannu ki! b_alolika
Watched veere di wedding. A great movie...Super funny...Super real... First of its kind. @ReallySwara was just A.M.… lilyeon28
Veere di Wedding is an amazing movie I don't understand people who are trolling it so hard. And @ReallySwara was fa… Sgrk13
went to PVR cinema ghatkopar yesterday to watch parmanu almost housefull ...must watch..but what surprised me they… sanjayparmar83
Watched Veere di wedding. Great Movie. but dont take kids and grand mothers along. @ReallySwara nikhilb020875
Watched veere di wedding loved it..u guys rock @ReallySwara #kareena kapoor#shikhatalsania. @sonamakapoor u nailed it!! 😍 BasuSwastick
watched veere di wedding and really enjoyed it! kinda reminded me of sisterhood of the travelling pants. 👖🌻✨ ettenylee
Such an amazing movie and @ReallySwara top notch... waiting to watch u in Tamil😍👌#veere di wedding.l iampoongu
Saw Veere Di Wedding last night, and actually really enjoyed it. Thought all four leads were pretty good, and glad… maahin
Loved '' Veere Di Wedding “ . . . . . Specially The Part Where They Opened The 'Exit Door' of theater And I Could Get Out..!!#VeereDiWeeding rk_s_book
Parmanu is way better than Veere di Wedding (shit) 😒 And i dont care about the collection 😕 #JohnAbraham 👌❤❤ Hyderabadi_Thug
Swara mam Your work is awesome and amazing in veere di wedding Hats off😊 @ReallySwara Aishwaryaparash
I haven't seen Veere di Wedding, but glad that it has made people look up the dictionary for 'masturbation'. That's a great start iKritikaTweets
Veere Di Wedding: Kareena, Sonam, Swara & Shikha's film enjoys a fabulous weekend run at the box office BismaaGul
I can't get over Veere di wedding. What a delight it is. Well timed dialogues and amazing acting. @ReallySwara too… sarawgiravi
Veere Di Wedding!!Amazing Amazing🤩Best character @ReallySwara you just got the whole you @ReallySwara 🙏🏻😍 MondeManjari
Absolutely loved Veere Di Wedding. Wonderful work team @AnilKapoor @sonamakapoor #KareenaKapoor @Its_Badshah Great… ShayokD
I can't get over Veere di wedding. What a delight it is. Well timed dialogues and amazing acting. @ReallySwara too… AusShellly
Saturday night with veere di wedding. Loved the movie. Thought @ReallySwara was the star of the ensemble cast. Such… brainsofahippo
Veere Di wedding is a must watch especially for those who want women to live free, empowered and quality life. Just… AbhisekJana001
I loved veere di wedding ❤️ @sonamakapoor @ReallySwara @ShikhaTalsania and Kareena you guys nailed it 💕💕🔥 #VeereDiWeeding @vdwthefilm 😍 KanwariaSimran
@ really Swara - amazing acting in veere di wedding. In my view an award winning performance. Keep up the good work. All the best 👍 SurjitSA
lol ppl are offended by veere di wedding are y'all even serious that movie is still better than titu ki shaadi and… layerhsss
I completely lovedddddd Veere Di Wedding! Loved every single thing! Finally we have our very own ‘Girl Gang’ movie!… itsarpitaslife
Umm folks who are crying that they were embarrassed watching Veere di Wedding with their parents/grandparents/great… TheFakeGeek
Just saw veere di wedding, and loved it. Women being themselves, unabashed and free. Freedom is messy but we want i… SuritiC
I am just watching to Veere Di wedding movie is movie super Kareena Kapoor Khan is fabulous acting Sonam Kapoor is… SalmanS32237585
FABULOUS pix from Veere Di Wedding. Girl power, bang on display! bollywood_couch
FABULOUS pix from Veere Di Wedding tusharagg00
Tareefan from Veere Di Wedding .... I just love it 😘😘😍 Sonam looks superb .... @sonamakapoor __happyyness__

27 Negative

People who are saying that PARMANU is flop and VEERE DI WEDDING is hit are one of the dumbest people. 😑 nishachauhan3
Nah I was not impressed with Veere Di Wedding - so cringy and the acting was soooo bad like all this hype was for nothing TRTdon
Veere di wedding movie is a waste movie... Totally inspired by AIB. jaiswar_singh
Me: Praise veere di wedding and mention several reasons why I liked the film. Haters: Lol Kareena bitch's acting is bad. Sreeep
Opened Zomato to order food. People have given bad reviews to Veere Di Wedding there as well. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 iamjaisheel
Veere Di wedding is a adult crap and is not worth watching...... Real show is #Parmaanu This movie is not for earn… Kartik_sharma19
I've seen so many bad reviews of Veere Di Wedding and there's some good points about certain scenes being slightly… kelsey__elliott
Guys now everyone knows how bad is Veere di wedding. Now please stop watching it in theatres just to write a bad re… TapTap_Tapori
Opened Zomato to order food.. People have given bad reviews to Veere Di Wedding there as well.😂 i_mPups
FAKE NATIONALISM "Parmanu" is FLOP & adult film "Veere Di Wedding" is going to be hit (3rd highest opening of the year) sandipatel13
Veere Di Wedding is a huge FLOP ahadfooty_II
If a movie like @ParmanuTheMovie gets flop and a movie like veere di wedding emerges as 3rd highest opener at th… hardcoreankit
Opened Zomato to order food. People have given bad reviews to Veere Di Wedding there as well. ParrthB
Veere Di Wedding was disappointing ahadfooty_II
Veere di wedding - what an absolutely horrible job of writing, direction and shooting. An absolute let down. Very clunky. radhikanaidu5
So i wanna say something about the ban on Veere Di Wedding. Guys i was also the one who was really disappointed on… okiamrehman_456
Avg flick — watching Veere Di Wedding JournoPrabinDgl
Watched veere di wedding. Movie is not a drag so good time pass but transition from one scene to other is horrible. #VeereDiWedding BakhtawerShaikh
People have given bad reviews to Veere Di Wedding even on Zomato! 😂 #VeereDiWeddingReview iAshishPunjabi
Opened Zomato to order food. People have given bad reviews to Veere Di Wedding there as well.🤣😂 Parth056
Opened Zomato to order food. People have given bad reviews to Veere Di Wedding there as well. 🤐😂🙈 #VeereyDiWedding Vivek12_80
Saw Veere Di Wedding yesterday, a bit disappointed as there was no strong bond between the characters. For this kin… serenedipeety
Worst movie #VeereDiWedding @sonamakapoor repeated his performance with boring us. Dont kno y she gets movies and h… Bihari_Panther
Veere Di Wedding is so so bad. Perfect example of bad writing. Why don't people take a cue from someone like… mojorant
Just saw some Pakistani film actors protesting against the ban on Veere Di Wedding. Then I realized that day dreaming is not a good thing. nanjoshi
#VeereDiwedding got banned in Pakistan. Poor pakistanis, they wont be able to experience pathbreaking, humanity sav… Iam_vasudev
Finally what was the status of 'veere di wedding'. Hit or flop? Prashant480

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