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Release Date: December 21, 2018

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Zero is a great movie this year... #PaidCriticTaranAdarsh iamsaifykhan
Ending with zero but 19 gonna have great opening for bollywood. #Thakrey #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister SandhyaGurjar
Watched #Zero again today with family .All of them loved and enjoyed it thoroughly . Paisa vasool entertainer.… imsmith_bg
I don't know what movie you guys saw, but i fucking loved Zero! SahejSNandrajog
What were critics and some viewers were on about? Saw #Zero yday, it was great! @iamsrk , @AnushkaSharma and… FanOfLegendSRK
After watching #Zero Now I've watched #AppuRaja The Great @ikamalhaasan Classic Totally enjoyed the film at this t… Deepthosar
Happy birthday!!! @BeingSalmanKhan sir your camio in #zero was superb love you sir😍 krishnnandan22
I watched zero Its Amazing Experience @iamsrk sir you’re just Kamaal ho! No one Romance lyk you. Beautiful AavezShaikh12
First half of Zero surprisingly good. Great dialogue. Well delivered by SRK. atishbazi
#zero is a nice movie , still collection is low. Who is behind that? #HappyBirthdaySalmanKhan #PaidCriticTaranAdarsh abhis01
Here are MY favorite games 2018 (Part 1 of 3). I enjoyed them a lot and could recommend every single title! Coming… MsStandart
Powerade Zero is better than normal Powerade Josh_Thompson09
Just remembered how amazing Kentucky Route Zero is and hoping we finally get episode 5 in 2019 MichaelKlamerus
All great songs...but they could play them at the same time. imagine imagine dragons zero jason mraz i'm yours Jimmy eat world alright jaylectricity
Great Stat Find provided by @BlakeMo92 and @GrizzliesPR, All 5 Grizz starters have scored in Double-Digits 3 of th… ericlentz_
I am addicted to planting and gardening with zero knowledge about them. It's better than being in twitter. Gives me… missuniqueen
you’ve got to keep putting in the work. One is better than zero. Put in the work. Put in the work. Put in the work… Pratikpandeykol
The most beautiful film in history We lived fun and imagination great film. The greatest Actor in the world👑💜 . all… MustafaElrazek
I finally saw #zero! I really liked it. It was an ambitious film. Everyone acted amazingly. Also, they had an all s… chrissysbridges
I know I’m a little late but I just got the game for Christmas and I am obsessed with Horizon: Zero Dawn. Great game so far. ACE_Aether
I love seeing her smile that shit amazing Big_Zero_
I have mixed feelings about #zero, I enjoyed it but it didn’t made sense but it felt good but.... mujanaa
I've found an appreciation for the Amazing World of Gumball and Unikitty. You can thank my niece for that. XD Zero_Meddler
Plans for 2019: 1.Remind my friends how great they are 2. Stream more 3. TBD @CaliXenon @ChaosDrakner @Koku_rou142… NytBlade
Not the most amazing performance but it could’ve been a lot worse. We eacape with a point and that’s all that matte… DisneyCityFC
What an amazing song #MereNaamTu from #zero movie . Whenever i play this song , always hear it on loop.… shubhamkamble82
Pepsi max is better than Coke Zero. Fight me 🤗 x_amybennett_x
Loved the film #zero IDK y ppl r criticizing it. Loved @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma and my favourite #katrinakaif. The mu… gifty_man
#Zero is a really gud film. With amazing perfomances im sure. I havent watched it yet but i think i will like it. I… nishi_hinaholic
I’m really sad zero flopped... cause of paid critics like @taran_adarsh this amazing film didn’t work out!! sankatr17
It's amazing how I've read absolutely zero about @realDonaldTrump 'legal' troubles in the past few days. It went f… mycogitare
whoever donated $25K to growdat yesterday... you are an amazing human being sara__zero
Not a fan of Hindi movies but I watch few selected movies and SRK movies. I watched #Fan and #Raees and enjoyed… minimalJC
Watched #zero and yes I loved it. Big thumbs up to @iamsrk... Standing ovation to @AnushkaSharma u nailed it.. AsmitSuman
Just came out of the movie #Zero with an overwhelming feeling, @iamsrk as Bauua Singh was superb, @AnushkaSharma ex… Rish0411
#Zero srk looking to cute jab kehty hain bazaar se khareed k thori hain laty paidaishi hain yeh dimple fabulous job @iamsrk AbiaAli9
1 + 1 offer on #Zero Math and Bollywood give you great jokes.😂 @imVkohli @AnushkaSharma @iamsrk NareshJ24430075
I’m sorry @iamsrk #zero was not a great film. It was ok up to #KatrinaKaif but after that it was dull. The story went downhill from there. vizzy80
Yesterday i watched #Zero movie! It's truely a Fabulous movie!❤️ @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma n #katrina all three were w… Anisurr83023233
#Zero watched . 2nd tweet.. Acting :- @iamsrk - how..? , It looks so gud n natural ... @AnushkaSharma - claps👏, Be… iravichoudhary
Zero was amazing..shame on taran adarsh for destroying such hard work#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh prashantgoplani
Till now my friend didn't get the ticket.... #KGF Thank god I watched 1st day 1st show.... Wonderful movie...… VRaghavBasu
also can i just say i stopped being friends w four people this year actually all v good friends but three i loved d… tsukablook
#zero magical wonderful movie. Go watch it guys . Go with a neutral mind . @aanandlrai @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma #KatrinaKaif . gauraav81
Through the public point of view movie is already a hit Coz its been loved by all #zero chha gye bhaiya @BauuaSingh #AudienceCelebratesZero __iamsrs
The best in 2018 what happened ... happened in december I guess? I made great progress in driving the car without… Sinystra_Zero
#AudiencesLoveZERO #WeWantSRKToBeHappy I just love you so so much Watched zero 3 times .. loved the movie so much What a class!! iamvibhor7
#KatrinaKaif amazing acting kiye ha Kat ni #Zero me love u you deserve all awards this year baby mumtazkhan123b
Recently watched #Zero @iamsrk u r always amazing..#katrina was superb..and @AnushkaSharma ❤️❤️ Montidas_
Great way to start your morning after a holiday, with zero providers around #Soundsgoodbutitsnot Ash_Wolfe24
Shahrukh Khan’s performance in #Zero is pretty amazing and I hope he goes on experimenting with ‘out of the box’ ch… psawant395
#zero 28th December ko dekhna guys Amazing acting of #KatrinaKaif mumtazkhan123b
Damn Zero was fucking good I loved it yarr amy_01_07
I have zero friends, and life has been amazing. It was obvious they niggas was holding me back and was the reason I was angry 24/7. vannybihh
If you have a choice between #zero and #kgf then there is no comparison at all just go for #kgf really loved it ❤️❤️ #KGFReview Pdle_Mauka_Hai
Surprisingly I really loved Katrina in Zero. #actingonpoint syamimah_farouk
Imagine being a non problematic artist making great original music n getting zero support everytime you drop but ge… young_marvin
Since #ZeroMovie has made a wonderful #zero openers today did not bother to equal #SRK pkuverma
#PadiPadiLecheManasu - Loved it. #Anthariksham - Liked #KGF - Shouted Like Hell in Theatre 🔥 #Maari2 - Enjoyed… inkSudha
Watched Zero movie @iamsrk was fabulous @AnushkaSharma is awsm and #KatrinaKaif was truely heartbroken #zero… PrajaDharmesh
#Zero was SUPERB today! Total collection ~ 16cr ! Overall ~ 85cr ! Marching towards ₹ 150cr. Needs 170cr to be a HI… SrkKaDeewana14
#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh *ZERO is a complete Family Film with Good Entertainment. Great Romance & Amazing Funny Dialo… shubh_rishi_srk
Elf and It's A Wonderful Life are the 2 best Christmas movies and there is zero debate RickyBuckets
It has been... not a great day, mentally. That plus the Holiday spirit has been at about zero percent lately, so...… PengVoiceMan2
2018 was honestly so great . zero regrets christiannxsosa
I’ve been stuffed with great family meals these past few days and I have zero complaints about it! WilliamCarraway
Taran adarsh ki maa ki is must watch movie with family fuck off taran adarsh #PaidCriticTaranAdarsh ubhutto66
#kgf, this is a must watch movie. The movie which come out from the comfort Jones and made such a beautiful movie.… naresh699
A great Christmas with many relatives and ZERO politics were discussed. Incredibly easy to avoid this year. natureisviolent
I just watched #Zero and I really enjoyed the movie but these so-called critics need to shut up because all of the… gujuboyz85
Celtics 0-5 from 3 and only down 1 is interesting. Hopefully they end up better than zero percent from deep. Dana_patrick_d
Just watched #Zero @iamsrk and katrina’s acting was solid but the most amazing performance for me was… Max_Rambo87
I will finally play @Guerrilla horizon zero dawn this week i heard great things about the game cant wait to begin playing. njurican861
Hi @ActorMadhavan, saw Zero yesterday!! You were amazing, as always. Did get a glimpse of lord Jagannath too 🙏 bisjit
Watched #Zero today.ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE FILM.Brilliant acting by @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma #KatrinaKaif #MereNaamTu w… mrunmayeearvind
Today I've watched #Zero It's a great Movie @iamsrk you have done a great story 👍 our @BauuaSingh apki rocket 🚀ki s… ShaikhMirAsif
Bravely Default is one of those few games where I loved the time I spent with it, but I have ZERO desire to go back to it or finish it Rasenyan
I was so excited to tell my family that I finally got a job interview and for a great company! I got zero reaction… ChelsEEEEE
#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh this tweet is just to support my life @iamsrk #Zero My 5/5 stars @taran_adarsh RevieWS 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 sgreatgori
Good news for zero.Great occupancy at 5th day Zero 5th day box office collection 18cr. Fuck the critics #PaidCriticTaranAdarsh SankuSanket
Went to visit my nana at the cemetery & saw a piece of football history , the great Bernie custis is there , next t… TrevorSlashTEE
Here's a great way to start your Christmas. Get a new phone and a few bits of clothes, then hours later have your s… FreddieYoung14
Every celebrity loved the movie #Zero @Zero21Dec.. All the critics loved it too but some illiterate critics hating… Sohelsrk555
I watched #Zero today and i loved it. Srk is magical and i fell in love with him again, i love you so much @iamsrk… Bilbo65653224
totally loved #Zero @iamsrk aaushe
Great hustle play by the bucks 2nd best player, the president Malcolm Brogden! You would never ever see that outta… johnnymvp5
Vonleh did a great job on Giannis to start. Only four points, and more importantly, zero assists. @TheKnicksWall ned7821
I saw the #Zero liked it but not loved it cuz ye story sunne mei achi lagti but real life se connect kerna near to… 27_Avinash
As a critic one should appreciate the great vfx done in zero but paid critics didn't even mention. #PaidCriticTaranAdarsh zoheb357
Unfollow this stupid critics who thinks they are better than anyone in Bollywood aur apne aap to superior smjhte h… Bollyfreakkk
#Zero is an Amazing movie ! It's story is also unique & adorable ! But #Srk haters reviewing that it's content is n… cherieahmed8
#Zero watched it! Nice Movie. Good performances. Good Subject. @imsrk__ @sanjayuvacha @taran_adarsh Li_Humanity
Extra #thankful this #Christmas for all the amazing first responders out there, particularly @EHS_NS #paramedics, w… andysmpsn
O bauuae.... Abe kon hai bey..😀😊😊 Love u @BauuaSingh and gonna miss those tweets & ur chats with @iamsrk sir Loved… __iamsrs
Just watched #Zero. What a fabulous movie it is starting from the very beginning till the last scene. Hats off to w… JainRishabhri
I'm sorry if you didn't like an amazing cinematic experience like #Zero by @aanandlrai and stunning performances by… evlutn_radhika
I enjoyed myself sitting there till the end. That's enough. #zero #PaidCriticTaranAdarsh IamMahi_07
Merry Christmas and a better than zero new year to all young workers in precarious employment #STUC fightback CallumMoffat16
Watched #Zero for 2nd time today... Loved the emotional scenes in 2nd half... and tears were rolling down at… Ibrahim_Rockstr
#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh fuck you Taran! You suck!!! Zero is the best film! Everyone must watch Zero AaravKapoor23
Good work @iamsrk and @AnushkaSharma What a show!! Zero is worth watching. Totally enjoyed it 💜 Indian_soul_7
So many great sales today and I haz zero monies 😔 nousverrons_
I watched and enjoyed #Zero magician @aanandlrai has crafted every frame so brilliantly. Asjadtweet
Sir today I watched zero.. Trust me it's one better than u in this world.. U r awesome sir. @iamsrk, @AnushkaSharma samirranjans
Watched #Zero..Loved It.. SRK and his acting, what to say.. @iamsrk Is as always amazing.. Very well played charact… yash_mundhada
#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh Zero is a wonderful film no doubt about it some out of the box never seen before story on ce… FarazAfaq4
According to @taran_adarsh Tees maar Khan , #prdp , #karz, rascals are better than #zero #lagaan #koimilgaya… iamfarhan888
Watched #Zero! It was fun, emotional and spectacular. Loved it and will watch it again. @iamsrk thanks for this won… lordalexom
I did not watch zero yet but damn sure abt that zero will be much better than PRDP. #PaidCriticTaranAdarsh tanujth01341700
Saw #KGF ...Amazing Movie....Best Hindi Dubbed movie ever....better than Baahubali! This movie is RISE of KING on… primal_alpha
#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh #ZeroWinningHearts #Christmas with zero Zero is amazing movie go nd watch this movie guys pls mumtazkhan123b
"ZERO is a great movie" – National award winning film Critic Bhardwaj Rangan & National award winning director Anu… SricharanBellur
#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh @zero is amazing movie guys ho nd watch #ZeroWinningHearts mumtazkhan123b
Just watched #Zero ... Amazing movie sir @iamsrk @BauuaSingh ... @Zero21Dec Shaikh914
#Zero movie done, #srk can never fade great direction @aanandlrai @gaurikhan #starers @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma perfomed so well #Mustwatch ✅ Nimisha73790480
#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh Zero is such amazing beautiful movie everyone should go nd watch it on theater don't believ… mumtazkhan123b
#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh I watched today #Zero and i loved it dennisss007
Dont know why is #Zero reviewed so poorly. It has a good story, music, direction and superb performances by @iamsrk… brijraj12
Kese Ho @BauuaSingh ? Wah Yaar Kya Film Bnay Ho ... Loved the film. @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma (special and brilliant p… SyedAhmadMasood
#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh #ZeroWinningHearts #ChristmasWithZero @iamsrk @BauuaSingh zero is so amazing how come can u… BestBoyRohan
Done watching #Zero for 2nd time. Dis time wid family. All loved it to d core. TAUSEEFSKHAN
All people Don't believe on #PaidCriticTaranAdarsh @taran_adarsh Saw #Zero yesterday. Enjoyed a single minute of it. jaissymander
Paise k liye imaan tak bech dalaa chacha jaaan ne @taran_adarsh Zero is loved By every single celebrity and all pu… SRKFCJK
I loved #Zero. Not just for having its heart in the right place but also for its refreshing unconventionality in te… AnandHolla
#Zero is a good movie. Must watch if you are looking for entertainment. Generally I hardly laugh at jokes but on nu… amit77_indian
#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh To be honest zero is really a nice movie aryan555sha
#Zero is a fantastic film. Don’t knw why people want to down this film. @iamsrk have done fabulous job! 1st half wa… sh13sazzu
Great i missed a whole gayo daejeon bcos of stupid queueing for hours, traffic jam, and zero battery lunaticfreyja
Kgf is Better than zero and also people are most excited than zero. 1st half done. priteshradadiy2
Every critique atleast praised #Zero for its wonderful VFX, acting and bold try.but @taran_adarsh hasn't utter a si… iamSI01
Overall, #Zero is nice and entertaining 👌🏼 far3 better than previous #SRK happy new year and dilwale. @iamsrk alway… i_am_raff
Just watched zero what an amazing movie @iamsrk this is Ur best performance this decade. All the paid critics out t… Muhammedakram55
The awesome, amazing, ultimate and fabulous movie of this year, in love with you #iamsrk again ! #Zero #Zero21Dec #SRK Jilani19
Cant explain how much i loved 2nd half!!!! Will go again now cuz i miss seeing bauua ❤️ @iamsrk @Zero21Dec… RazJabra
#ChristmasWithZero Loved so so much zero movie. First half #good. And second part is beyond the sky. #excellent… Sanjay3sahni
From 21 December.. #KGF Screens for KGF increased nationwide. Collection for KGF issues extraordinary from first d… karma4261
Happiness is #Zero ,totally loved the film. I can't control to tweet about #Zero again and again. It was a magical… Rajat07lover
Watched #zero today absolutely loved it. Loved everyone in it @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma and #KatrinaKaif you are so so so beautiful😘😘😘 divyagupta007
I watched #zero it is really incredible movie thanks to @iamsrk sir you done fabulous role in movie and Anushka an… SalmaniShah
German shepherds.."they are peaceful and great"..umm b s!! They are on another level with their barking..... Like… VincTooRaw4U
Everyone will tell you #zero is an amazing movie. I am here to tell you it's a lie. #ZeroReview varishahussain
I wish you all great presents, warm feet and zero back problems. Except for Johnny - Johnny, I hope your turkey's dry!🥳 bungeeless_jump
Watched #zero ...I don't think i hv enjoyed a song like #MereNaamTu on big screen this year specially that last pa… sk__cheema
#ZERO what an amazing experience!!!! Just loved it!! Forget critics, just go n watch it. rock5152
#ChristmasWithZero Family audience loved Zero boss, critics for you 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕I loved Zero because it celebrates imperf… shrey35ec
#nw zero 1st half done Donno abt others but I feel the cbarmingSRK Whom I was missing since few years is back. Also I loved the first half😍 PrathyuSRKian
Saw #Zero today. What an amazing film and most importantly second half was such a beautiful experience. Not the fil… cricketmht
This Christmas watch zero with ur loved ones! A story of a common man fantasy! Book ur tickets now! #MerryChrismas mojammelmondal3
I actually enjoyed watching #Zero 🙊 #honestconfessions bleuetulips
So yesterday my bff went and saw #Zero after my advise and she texted me afterwards she totally enjoyed it! She nar… srk_cc
To be honest, watched #Zero and loved it! Don't believe the fake reviews. sonal_hemnani
In Delhi/NCR almost 100 shows are either sold out or fast filling mode.....great hold... #Zero iamayon15
#zero power packed performance by the cast @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma @KatrinaOfficial amazing as always Anand L rai...… i_am_addi
#zero Amazing entry by @iamsrk comically hilarious 1st half but story line was poor. Extraordinary picturization of… i_am_addi
Thank u @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma @aanandlrai #KatrinaKaif @BauuaSingh @RedChilliesEnt for making this wonderful film… kumar_adhiraj
I finally did it, I've beaten Master Blaster Zero Which I bought recently and I got to say I loved the game It was… BalderMjolnir
So i haven't updated #docker since 2016 on my pi zero and this has been a huge task . There have been so many great changes since then. philly_sotg
Shout out to @Heineken for making #00 a great tasting beer that is zero alcohol. bdgcole
I think you should stop listening to critics, Loved the movie, it's mix of comedy, drama, emotions and entertainm… sandesh267
Lots of people talking about #Zero my genuine #ZeroReview ,I literally loved the 1st half of the movie, Problem com… MainAdamz
After watching ZERO , It is a great meaningful movie l have ever seen. And appreciating the great acting of… PratickDas14
Watched n Loved the movie #Zero a lot. pta nhi kyo, ye critics jhuthe rumours phaila rhe film k bare me. Ye sirf co… HappySaifi
Acting of #srk is superb in #zero, it just lack in script, And all goes down. #ZeroDay un_addict
On Bahawalpur Khanewal road. Zero visibility. Pile ups all the way. Rescue 1122 at work. But Pakistan is are great.… daudnyla
Kohli enjoyed Anushka's "Zero" so much that he didn't want to see any more 0s. Hence KL Rahul dropped! #INDvAUS #BoxingDayTest Bong_guy
I have immensely enjoyed the "I'm at the end of my term and I have zero fucks left to give" departing speeches comi… MOMof11BravoVet
Seeing everyone with they loved ones enjoying life and I have zero people to spend holidays with or have a traditio… DHarris614
Remember when I tweeted about wanting all of the amazing games coming out? Well I got them and then some. I have my… CuteSpide
Dad tweet... there is nothing better than having kids during the holidays. Absolutely zero chance the grinch tries… patrickmcmahon4
MAGA??? Trump's Trade Policy means that we sold ZERO soybeans to China in November 2018. Zero. Is this making America Great? JRonald223
#Zero Gud hold on Monday approx 10 cr amith198402
Being single right now has me feeling great. Zero stress. And I didn’t have to drop $300+ on gifts. K_Geezy14
My Boomer uncle is explaining his antique wood stove "wood is great but when it gets below zero outside we burn coa… drink__cup
The VFX team of zero have done such a great job that I didn't realize that, oh they have made shah rukh shorter tha… mrANISHDASS
TODAY officially marks my FOUR months in LA and it’s been great! However, during those four months I’ve seen Luke P… fontizzle
Feliz Navidad !!! Merry Christmas...have a great day :) Konde_Zero
It's amazing how much I can get done when I shut off the wifi. I'm at 44k now. Wrote the crappiest scenes just to g… Asiyah_KM
#Zero movie Direction 3.5/5⭐ Screenplay 3/5⭐ Story 4/5⭐ Dialogues 4.5/5⭐ Songs 5/5⭐ Overall 3/5⭐ #zeroInCinemas… Maherilahikhan
Just watched #Zero. @iamsrk sir u rocked it, really amazing performance. now i get it why r u the King Khan. loved the movie😘😘 iamUsama_Khann
#ChristmasWithZero @RedChilliesEnt I loved #zero for its uniqueness...There are many love stories which I have seen… rbbutt122
#ChristmasWithZero I loved #Zero for too many reasons to list!The story was a journey full of laughter, love,emotio… rbbutt122
FINANCIAL QUESTION: As a 50-yr old, full-time artist, I had an amazing 2018, and it'll carry over into 2019! I hav… JamesKelseyART
Seen #zero today, come on guys movies are meant to be enjoyed, and it absolutely doesn't have to be logical every t… Yashiauuu
Will defo go again n again bcz i need it!! Bcz i loved it!!!! Bcz i wanna see more of it!!!! #zero only one problem… RazJabra
The USA sold zero soybeans to China during November of 2018. Way to go farmers. Trump is making it Great for you? JRonald223
Finally saw #Zero : it's Amazing, Perfect, The Most lovely incomplete love story for #CHRISTMAS It is Family Entert… srk_fc_kurd
Average to Worst Movies of the Year for Me- Yamla Pagal Deewana Phir Se- 0.5/5 Namastey England- 0.5/5 Race 3- 1.5/… jay_khiladifan
You are such an amazing actor! Very honest and full of heart ❤ @AnushkaSharma ! My favourite! #zero #KatrinaKaif @iamsrk azreesaw
I can't believe people are not liking #Zero I loved it!! @iamsrk @Zero21Dec @BauuaSingh pranit_bibekar
Don't need any BENCHO Review for #ZERO movie . It's totally Great movie ...IF you are really Fan of SRK , You never… showmik_kr
Dow is down 4600 points since Sep. great job GOP. Bush tanks the Economy and Obama had to fix it. Now Trump tanks t… FisterBeast
#Zero 1st and 2nd half has different mood,tone, colours, cinematic language. Its great and necessary to show differ… Ravi_s7
Absolutely zero offense to John Mayer, his fans, and his loved ones, but why is his music 1/3 of what I hear on SiriusXM? theSShomo
#ChristmasWithZero Superb blend of Romance, Comedy and Emotions Zero is Unique story of Bauaa that takes on roller… lovedrs
2/2 And having watched the movie in a theater myself, I can tell for sure that the people really enjoyed every bit… sheikhfaysal02
Today, I watched #KGF film - Superb Movie, Sensational cinematography, Wonderful Acting SuperStar #yash , Melodies… tweet_sudarshan
Just loved #ZERO. What a movie! I can’t believe ppl r lieng on social networks! @iamsrk n @aanandlrai nailed it. Pl… sahilgupta123
Watching #Zero at #InoxGhatkopar. You are amazing @iamsrk. Hatss off. #Zero is #outstanding. I think @taran_adarsh… i_m_mehraj
Watched Zero movie @iamsrk was superb. What a great love story. thanks @iamsrk for such a wonderful movie. Always… adilshaikh1992
Watched #Zero today for just last glimpse of Lady Superstar @SrideviBKapoor. Movie was good only cos of #Sridevi ma… manjursnegi
Leffen vs Salem is way better than ZeRo vs SonicFox Respect is overrated in beefs completelyspots
#ZeroReview plus points: srk best performance vfx picturization good 1st half songs are fabulous. minus points- sc… pavankhedkar07
#zero I really liked it..don't know why people are criticising this's a total filmy type of cinema. Entertainer. @iamsrk loved u priyankavermani
just watched #Zero really loved it...Kudos to king @iamsrk naiksachinRS45
I lost my wallet having rs 700 but still I watched zero today and again and again what great movie #ChristmasWithZero madest_ghost
Will go this AM. being a fabulous, I was talking, we will come out with a zero value existence. TheTrumpCube
Dus, Nau, Aanth, Saat, Che, Paanch, Chaar, Teen, Do, Ek, #Zero. Amazing love story of @iamsrk and @AnushkaSharma. F… Aksh_Kazekage
I watched zero today great classic movie #ChristmasWithZero madest_ghost
Negative reviews gaya bhaad me #zero is superb VFX Wow Performances wow @BauuaSingh steals the show. I loved the fi… _iamRAJA_
Ahed of its time. Mark my word. baad me ye film dekhke afsos hogi. Enjoyed every bit of the film. #ZERO dipraman_dasG
#Zero .. Brilliant first half ! Nothing better than watching an SRK film at a full house ! EyeAnubhav
This being the first ever SRK film i watched in theater ,Loved the fun scenes in the first half plus "Mere naam tu… KumaranKumanan
Truly amazing #Zero Made my #ZeroDay @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma Have Done Justice To Their Roles and Mind-blowing Perfo… prajwolstha
#zero review One word: FANTASTIC I enjoyed each and every moment of the film.Dont believe in false reviews,Go watch… ramanjaneyapra3
Audience reaction after watching FDFS : #KGF : superb,great visuals, goosebumps, superhit #Zero : Nice, good, nice,… sanketVega
The last great film of SRK I watched was #ChakDeIndia in 2007!!! #ZeroReview #Zero @iamsrk Rajarshi_H
Middle finger to those who said #SRK era is ended. #Zero movie is superb with good story. Do watch with #family and… Ibrahim_Rockstr
She may have got only 20 mins in the movie but the impact that 20 mins has had on her career is amazing. #Zero sankatr17
#Zero is Awesome Movie.. Loved the film sooo much... Loved aafiaaa.... @AnushkaSharma @iamsrk @RedChilliesEnt #ZeroReview imnrn_panda
Forgot about #Zero & #Simmba just remember 2 Dates of January 2019 because epic movies r lined up.#uri #Manikarina. Must watch 🔥👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 imidiot13
Best Of @iamsrk @katrinakaif_4 and @AnushkaSharma for their great project #Zero #KatrinaKaif #ShahRukhKhan… SunilHanif3
#Zero #ZeroReview Besharam, Fitoor, Bombay Velvet, Shandaar, FAN, Rangoon, Ra-One, JHMS and now Zero. All gud dire… NikhilB15338339
#Zero is a superb movie beautifully directed by @aanandlrai. Wow wat an acting by @iamsrk (King Khan),… dmurukesh
Great acting, job well done!! Your name is written all over the best actress award @AnushkaSharma #zero yasirch13
I liked #Zero amazing performances ❤️ BTSBunny13
Watch #Zero today fdfs and loved it and want to feel love once again... that's why I am going tomorrow ra… YaRdLeY002
Sam is such a great dog that it’s made me reconsider having children. He doesn’t back talk. Can’t sneak out. Can’t… jameslcockerham
Positive reviews pouring in. Zero is being loved by everyone! #trendypunch #trendypunchnews #ZeroReview trendypunch
Loved watching #ZERO #SRK Great job🙂🙂❤ #AnushkaSharma loved your acting❤🤘 felt nostalgic seeing Sridevi Mam ❤😭… Radhu2598
#zero great technology used but doesn't touches the heart. 2.5 yr lost for zero magic. movieshuvie
Honestly KGF is better than #Zero.. second half of zero total let down . sridhar101
Today once again it proved that south indian movies are better than bollywood movies. #KGF is 10 times better than… im_AmitRai
#zero is out today..#katrina & @AnushkaSharma is doing amazing.❤. why not anyone says that @AbhayDeol is in the mov… i_amsus
#ZeroReview Zero has capacity to indulge u in understanding of science of incompleteness. Wonderful "concern" of pe… rahulbhoyr
Watched zero the same deadly combination of sharukh Katreena Anushka in Jab Tak Hai Jaan.This was better than the first I think Sharu_simply
🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 Wow just watched #Zero. Wonderful what a movie stop spreading the negative review what a performance because… aniketmali006
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, #Zero ✨⭐️🚀 #ZeroMovie @iamsrk amazing acting but I am disappointed 😔 the movie dint… P00Naik
UAE 🇦🇪 LOVED ZERO, i have a seen a movie this great after Sanju, @iamsrk acting deserves applause 👏🏻 Katrina Kaif… Ismatullahh
i am having a feeling we are going to see 2 amazing movies tomorrow❤️ i am excited for both #zero & #Kgf HIGH EXPECTATIONS FROM BOTH thearyanshukla
Zero is a great Family Entrainment Emotional movie, Loved it 💯% rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ @iamsrk 🙏🏻 best act, Katrina Kaif… Ismatullahh
Outstanding blockbuster full paisa wasool #Zero movie all characters totally speechless really today #ZeroDay hai… iamArbazkhans
I think #Zero is worse than #ThugsOfHindostan and #Race3. The last great film of @iamsrk I watched was #ChakDeIndia in 2007!!! #ZeroReview Rajarshi_H
Awsm movie with amazing performance by Srk ♥️ — watching Zero ArijitNaskar7
It's amazing how I don't hate being trans anymore since I feel zero dysphoria. I cannot believe I get to say this:… arockbrobama
Script- 5/5 Direction-4½/5 Acting-10/10 Action- 4/5 Overall movie is superb #KGF is rocking and a must watch for al… PratikHarsh3
My overall verdict for today releases #Kanaa:- Must Watch 3* #MAARI2:- Fun one 2.75* #Adangamaru:- good one 3* #KGF… Cinemapodiyan
Watching great actor's movie #Zero @SRKUniverse yashsupadhyay
Unai is selling my most loved players at Arsenal, Ramsey and Mesut. Also, told Wilshere and Santi they don't have f… zein_mahmoud
#Zero V.good 1st half bit slow in 2nd half but in the end it picked up well with good climax #ZeroReview 3.5/5 Bhandari__1
#Zero has everything in the movie. I, as an audience, thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The laughter, emotions, mixed f… keshavkmr567
#zero ten times better of #2PointO so @taran_adarsh @SumitkadeI yeh sab paid critics hain.. Really #Zero is superb… faiz_officially
#ZeroReview Film Nahi.. Feeling Hain ❤️ Feeling proud as a bollywood fan.. Must watch for all ages.. #zero #ZeroDay… ShakirSaiyad
#Zero Superb Movie Awesome Outstanding #ZeroDay #ZeroReview @RedChilliesEnt @iamsrk @Zero21Dec #BauuaSingh JimmyInsan12
SRK + Anushka + Great director = A deadly combination of a superflop movie #Zero #HarryMetSejal #JabTakHaiJaan… IshitaJain123
#96TheMovie What a splendid movie. Amazing performance by @trishtrashers and @VijaySethuOffl Watch this rather than going for #Zero pizzzzawithbeer
I watched #Zero today, I just loved the movie a lot. . But I don't know why critics Giving Negative Reviews.. Shame… iProud_Indian
#Zero First half 4/5 Second half 3/5 Vfx 💯 @iamsrk & #Anushka 💯 My rating 3.5/5 CiAzharudheen
zero is a full packed entertainer, with a great story and brilliant acting by @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma makes it a mu… SyedMur49145708
Just watched #Zero amazing movie. Brilliant performance by @AnushkaSharma @iamsrk_sharukh best performance by… truthra1410
#Zero 1st half review! 4.5/5 extremely funny,full of humor RumailSaddique
Fans of Salman Trying to ruin the beautiful movie Saying Race 3(imdb 2/10) Better than Zero(imdb7.5/10) I m not… bajaj_rounak
Watched #Zero Loved it...😍 A beautiful movie with romance, emotions,comedy & its a visual treat 😍 #ZeroDay @iamsrk… ARAVIND_R_A
It's a feel good movie..go and enjoy the ride...they never lost the grip on's better than all the… basher24
In my theatre everyone enjoyed. Even in 2nd half people laughed on witty dialogues. #zero. And after climax (I woul… sympathy4critic
#ZeroReview #Zero is a must watch film. First half is so entertaining. Superb acting by @iamsrk . He is looking so… BhargabPb
Watching #Zero Great work by @iamsrk Sir and @AnushkaSharma Ma'am. itsErRajaGupta
Just watched #Zero and we all are falling in love with you @BauuaSingh aur hmare pyare @iamsrk Sir. We all enjoyed… saran_dheeraj
#ZERO @Zero21Dec is epic. VFX is just ...jai Hind @vfx_redchillies . @iamsrk is epic. Overall 5/5 amannagar2114
Zero is just a normal hyped film. Not a typical srk and Anand L Rai's type. Expected a lot but all in vain. 2.5/5 RAHAILRAHMAT
As a audience I loved the movie most. .I will.go again . Ending was awesome and 1st half. #Bauua is. Awsm ....2nd h… imstripathy
Its interval #Zero is amazing nd brilliant performance of @iamsrk AlNawafh06
#KGFReview Just Watched #KGF movie itz Really Amazing...Director @prashanth_neel did an Amazing Job.@TheNameIsYash… sumanthmuttvali
Watching ZERO #ZeroDay #Zero 💗 As usual SRK bhai rocked with his amazing acting performance... Stunning Katrina 🌹… aleem_hussain9
#Zero movie ratings Taran Adarsh 1.5/5🌟 Indian express 1/5 🌟 Desimartini 1/5 🌟 Film companion 1/5 🌟 News18 1/5 🌟… Souravkirar1
When you realize that fake review of #Zero are better than the actual review... @Zero21Dec review live upto its title. 12deepak3
Watched #Zero @iamsrk Movie was really good sir 😍 You rocked sir ji .. It not your fault sir all should be blamed to ALR nawabsrk21
The first half of #Zero was better than many movies released this year.Second half was a bit slow,but cannot unders… shreyasghule
Blockbuster movie #zero best performance by @iamsrk sir @AnushkaSharma @ActorMadhavan sir you also in a guest role superb sir #ZeroReview Tarigh5
#Zero I love @iamsrk and it's obvious that he will do his part well😍😀 but @AnushkaSharma was just amazing 😍 really… ajeetmithu5
Movie just goes well. Loved it. People spreading negativity, I can't understand that. Everything is good. Few momen… IamMahi_07
#Zero I love @iamsrk and it's obvious that he will do his part well😍😀 but @AnushkaSharma was just amazing 😍 really… ajeetmithu5
Zero is a must watch!! It's a masterpiece 😍..I don't know why they are giving negative reviews..I think the review… RahulSRKGogoi
Just finished watching #ZERO *#ZeroReview* SCRIPT 4/5🌟 DIRECTION 6/5🌟 ACTING 4.5/5🌟 VFX 4.5/5🌟 SCREENPLAY 4/5🌟 *Ove… SrkSena
Zero is the a fantastic blockbuster movie I love it 5/5✨ GauriAftab
#Zero is thousand times better than #ThugsOfHindostan and #Race3 aakash_yadav89
Anand L Rai, a great director who hasn't had any flops before zero now has one probably with zero, now only Rajkuma… rohithkumar_19
Zero is a great movie just finished watching 🙏 RraiSachin
Wonderful how actors choose to pick the 1 positive line from reviews and put it up on their so-called "success" gra… SantadeepDey
Full paisha wasul Superb 👌 👍 movie #Zero @iamsrk 1000K club 😍💖 @AnushkaSharma kasyap_mohan
#zero superb film.. nice execution.. superb performance by @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma nd katrina.. but the climax.. ana… anindya07
Forget the critics, it's a must watch. first time we see katrina as an actor. @BauuaSingh stole the show as usual… rudraghoshd
First 20 min of the movie #Zero amazing then comes the part you will be say kahe ko aaya m movie dekhne phir start… mainterabf
Aftar long time I saw a beautiful film #zero #ZeroReviews 4.5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ tasneemheaven
Watched #zero . As usual amazing performance by @iamsrk. Was expecting a great movie and it did not disspoint. Good fun #ZeroReview #ZeroDay sonozyan
#Zero Detailed Review * SRK - extraordinary and heart winning as bauaa * Anushka & Kat - 👍 * Screenplay and direct… crazy4bolly
#zero just coming out of cinema. nice work by @imsrk__ anushka and kat . Great experience . Thanks for making it possible anand sir . ANKUR1LODHI
Public response is Great Chill.. Even dangal n pk got mixed review... This movie is fairytale.. Totally Epic romantic saga.. Loved it #Zero 1amVickey
Watch #KGF better than #zero #AnandLRai #ZeroReview #KGFReview vaibhavsoften
#ZeroReview just finished watching zero..Great movie by @iamsrk after long long time.. Comedy, romance and emotional.. Loved it... shtjgupta
#zero⁠ ⁠is a very unique Movie..I enjoyed every scene👌 @iamsrk is in very unbelievable Role as #Bauua⁠ ⁠ Remarkable… sacchinpattil24
Just finished watching #zero #ZeroReview SCRIPT 4.5/5🌟 DIRECTION 6/5🌟 ACTING 5/5🌟 VFX 4.5/5🌟 SCREENPLAY 4/5🌟 Overal… demonkingakv
#KGFReview 4.3 /5 better than #zero , all is just hype , according to me #KGF will surely win if people go to theat… vaibhavsoften
Watched #Zero First Day First Show...It Is Just Wow... Amazing Hai picture... @iamsrk @aanandlrai… amarrSingh_
Done with #Zero First half - watchable 2.5/5 Second half : UN-JHELEBLE 1/5 OVERALL : Farewell party ! _12345ji
Just watched #zero movies And that's review from me Brilliant work by whole team @AnushkaSharma Acting was superb… Im_haider2
idgaf what anybody says. WWII is ten times better than BO4. Black ops 4 literally made everybody thats ass good a… JSinnner
#ZeroReview and yes I'll be pretty honest the movie deserves 4.5 stars, music is amazing, the efforts that are made… saniya_faheem
#Zero 4ft6inches man's 54.6 million kms travel for love...❤️❤️❤️💯Must watch...😍😍😍 Check_retweets
Wonderful heart touching performance by Aafia @AnushkaSharma loved your performance in Zero subroto_dutta
#Zero movie rating 0️⃣ Taran Adarsh 1.5/5🌟 Indian express 1/5 🌟 Desimartini 1/5 🌟 Film companion 1/5 🌟 News18 1… Vijayamrutraj1
#KGF better than zero, I can say for sure 👍 Iam__Shubham_
My review of #Zero VFX - 5 Star Story - 3 star Acting -4 star Overall Rating - 3.5 Star Must watch Film Liked it very Much SRKs_Hunter
Don't sell yourself short. Not for anything. Not for anyone. Who better than #BauuaSingh to tell us that. What a fi… roopalkewalya
Zero is not getting O* review.. Great achievement @BauuaSingh #Zero #ZeroReview GABBAR_ReBorn
#Zero is an amazing film! @iamsrk you were terrific in the film. u have done an Outstanding Performance and What a… iamtawhidul
Zero is not getting O* review.. Great achievement @BauuaSingh #Zero #Zero review GABBAR_ReBorn
Recent releasing movies and their verdicts: 1. #Anthariksham-2.5/5 2. #PadiPadiLecheManasu-2.5/5 3. #Maari2 - 2.75… shree_Mirattum
Not just a coincidence! Birthday of #Hero No1. the great @govindaahuja21 and release of film #zero.. High time… vijaykapoor797
Today releasing movies and their verdicts: 1. #Anthariksham-2.5/5 2. #PadiPadiLecheManasu-2.5/5 3. #Maari2 - 2.75/… urstrulyhyd
#Zero is hands down @iamsrk's career best. Suprising second half with great direction of two very different world's… ashurawat
Y’all tbh hopefully #Zero’s fate turns out to be like Venom - critics hated it, the fans loved it - it worked out 🤙🏼🤙🏼👌🏼👌🏼🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ reallymims
*ZERO is a complete Family Film with Good Entertainment. Great Romance & Amazing Funny Dialogue Delivery The Second… kripesh_behera
#Zero After reading these reviews i guess KFG would be a great choice chaitanyad123
Today releasing movies and their verdicts: 1. #Anthariksham-2.5/5 2. #PadiPadiLecheManasu-2.5/5 3. #Maari2 - 2.75/… ManojSSMB25
What a great movie incredible #ZERO @iamsrk_sharukh @AnushkaSharma @KatrinaKaifFB #KatrinaKaif KathoreDevarsh
watched #Zero….SRK charms works this time....Felt happy seeing the smile on audience face....loved it....@iamsrk… fcabikram
Year End Can't Get Better Than This.. Shah Rukh Khan 😍 And Anand L Rai Take A Bow.. #zero saketchitram152
#Zero is beautiful if u want to believe it. Amazing first half and out of the world second half!🔥 But @iamsrk… ak08_official
Zero is worth watching . Great acting by our loved bua singh @iamsrk and @AnushkaSharma ka role was very challengi… harshbadboy2501
Public is giving 4 and 5 ★ to the Film. Must watch Movie. #zero @iamsrk Iamfareeq
Honest review #Zero - great performance by @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma & #katrina only thing i didn't liked the story an… Mohitsid23
Just finished watching @Zero21Dec #ZeroReview SCRIPT 4/5🌟 DIRECTION 6/5🌟 ACTING 4.5/5🌟 VFX 4.5/5🌟 SCREENPLAY 4/5🌟 O… alivejamal
WOW! What an Amazing unbelievable experience that was #Zero has nailed in every aspect Strong humour, Awesomes Musi… anshu_aggarwal9
It's amazing...😍😍😍 . — watching Zero Pranab_Srk
Overall 2.5/5 for ZERO ... Story Bhut Jyada Stupid hai ... But Shahrukh is Fantastic cinematiclives
Srkian now actually fake Twitter review was better than real blue tick review #Zero Ranjithkumj
#Zero watched first day first show , Amazing movie by Anand sir, fabulous story and love the performance of @iamsrk… rblvineet
Even #KGF is better than #Zero KhanFlop 👎🏻 chaudhariajink1
Loved till end. It worked me. And it will work for families. #zero sympathy4critic
Movie Review - #Zero Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 Acting 4.5/5 , Direction 4/5 , Script 4/5 , Screenplay 4/5 , Music 4/5… BahubaliPoll
#MovieReview Extremely sad that amazing movies like Aquaman get shoved out of all major movie theatres and multiple… Sam_Sm3103
Superb !A complete Shahrukh style movie. His charm and charisma has worked again. The love in his eyes, his romance… sudipta_sarkhel
Regardless, i am super pumped and excited to watch #zero i loved the trailer and have been obsessed with the ambiti… sksami123
#Zero 3*/5* It's Gud, but cud hav being better,SRK is impeccable, so is Anushka, Katrina has given her Best Perform… sudeeptweet
#ZeroReview Awesome movie. SRK is legend. #Zero deserves a OSCAR. SRK superb acting. Katrina have potential to win… indianprasoon
Very Nice movie #Zero #Bauua blockbuster movie #srk @imsrk__ Hari_wani
#Zero #ZeroReview 1st half is gud. Performances of every1 is superb. But writing in 2nd half is pathetic. Very bor… NikhilB15338339
Watched #Zero, this one’s gonna’ be a tremendous hit! #Zero happens when you mix great acting with flippant wit a… shakirhuzefa21
#Zero O U T S T A N D I N G Movie 😍❤️ @iamsrk you rock the movie as usual 🔥😍 Such an Amazing job done by… SNeeraj9862
Best movie i watch till now king khan you rocked 😊👍 #zero #ZeroReview #ZeroDay #Zero21Dec Shikhar_FC
Just finished watching #zero, Amazing movie its a laughter riot, #srk has done great, its new, its weird, super fun… Vinitsz
OMG @BauuaSingh @iamsrk waht acting yr matlb hmare v anshoo nikal diya yr ,,sach a great fablous movie yr #ZERO ab… IamAbdullla
Just done watching #Zero . It's a must watch movie. My 180 bucks worthed it. Go see it. #ZeroDay #ZeroReview kzc940
#Zero is an extraordinary story of love & accepting your own flaws & those of others. @RedChilliesEnt #ZeroDay Kudo… ee_SHAH_
After watching the FDFS of #Zero, I just wanna say @iamsrk #BauuaSingh you are phenomenal 🔥❤️ Just loved the film.!… komal_nagrani
Zero - A complete entertainer,great work by @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma and Katrina Kaif and great direction again by… kforkandarp
Zero - A complete entertainer,great work by @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma and Katrina Kaif and great direction again by… kforkandarp
Great stream today mah dudes, thanks for the host mah dudes really appreciate it! see yall tomorrow with Destiny 2… straydog6547
#Zero Why people share fake reviews without watching movie Srk best movie in last 10 year Go and enjoy Great movie 4.5 out of 5 golumolu143
Watched Zero @imsrk__ .. thank u for such a fabulous performance.. @AnushkaSharma loved every bit of ur screen pres… Marksaysthis
Just watched #Zero first half,Its Amazing,SRK as Bauua is Brilliant,Drama,Dialogues,Music,Comedy is Loving it👏💓💥🔥 🌟… anshu_aggarwal9
Our #zero is a hero, no one could have pulled baaua character better than sri, he is just amazing,@imsrk__ u did i… ChetandeepChugh
Done with the movie #zero second was weird i would say, overall great movie it’s different its new, and @iamsrk has… Vinitsz
Indian reviewers: First half of #Zero is amazing, second half is draggy - performances are stellar!!! Also indian… reallymims
Paisa Vasool Hai Bhai #ZERO amazing screenplay and @vfx_redchillies fab Work @iamsrk wows is in every frame with hi… prasensharma09
My review for #zero Superb acting @BauuaSingh @AnushkaSharma direction n screenplay tremendous @aanandlrai this one… DahlanAnubhav
Zero means = "0" KGF means = "Gold" Really great !!! this information of reviews after watching the movies !!!… pradeegangu
#Zero Movie Review Mixed Reports✌ Rating - 2.5/5 GopakumarGkPil3
Loved @ZERO amazing screenplay and vfx @iamsrk wows is in every frame with his acting and powerful witty dialogues.… Anaskha21750722
also the drive home was miserable i had like ZERO visibility and it was still better than driving back as my hangover was starting tube_ebooks
#zero first half just flew away. 5/5 sympathy4critic
#Zero is one of the finest performance of srk.VFX is also good,and climax is 🔥🔥🔥 LOVED IT. #ZeroReview @iamsrk @RedChilliesEnt namanste
#ZERO #ZeroDay #Sridevi @SrideviBKapoor looks amazing missed u always thanks @iamsrk ch_sanjeev
#ZeroDay #Zero Movie received lots of positive reviews Going on Amazing Box Office Collection All The Best @iamsrk DainiNayak3
These announcers are showing my guy @J_Hill_5 zero love tonight. He is making great plays on both ends and playing… bnklunder
What a master movie it is... Great Acting done by #SRK and #AnushkaSharma ****/5 — watching Zero karansuncity
Hearing great things about zero. Always had a hunch this would strike the right chord with the audiences. Afternoon… Hari35652977
#ZERO reviews MumbaiMirror : 2.5/5 AmarUjala : 2.5/5 IndiaTv - 2.5/5 FilmiBeat - 2.5/5 Scroll - 2/5 TimesNow - 2/… rrasigan23
#ZERO #Zero⁠ ⁠ reviews - MumbaiMirror : 2.5/5 AmarUjala : 2.5/5 IndiaTv - 2.5/5 FilmiBeat - 2.5/5 Scroll - 2/5 Tim… rrasigan23
#ZERO #Zero⁠ ⁠ reviews - MumbaiMirror : 2.5/5 AmarUjala : 2.5/5 IndiaTv - 2.5/5 FilmiBeat - 2.5/5 Scroll - 2/5 Tim… rrasigan23
#Zero was outstanding ,half way through @AnushkaSharma is the show stealer. @iamsrk you're amazing and can't be rep… navvych
Half way through #zero and loving the movie. So far great job #ShahRukhKhan #KatrinaKaif #AnushkaSharma #AnandLRai chandrakalaj
Its interval and man @iamsrk you are amazing 💥 #Zero vivekdesai1993
#ZERO First half awesome #ZERO movie of the year great work @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma @KatrinaKaif @aanandlrai #teamzero ch_sanjeev
Positive reviews of the film #zero Must watch this film is. @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma #anandlrai #katrina best ending of 2k18 for bollywood Pk_sherri_
Commercial cinema redefined by @aanandlrai It cannot get better than this for @iamsrk aka @BauuaSingh… supi_5899
First half - total comedy and what a Amazing love story of aafia and bauaa! #zero #ZeroDay @Zero21Dec @BauuaSingh iamdhaval29
I felt it was a great choice when President Trump first mentioned that he put four generals to serve on his preside… AwesomeAustin67
#ZeroReview Starting 10 minutes @iamsrk ia Outstanding #KatrinaKaif entry scene is Amazing Guys Critics Jo marzi… moviereview1684
Loved #ZERO trailor #GoodLuck team @Zero21Dec @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma #KatrinaKaif @cypplOfficial @RedChilliesEnt 👀 FionDazi
Thank u Shahrukh Khan For an Amazing Career 1992-2014❤️😭😭😭 #Zero #ZeroReview #ZeroReview d_ranaware
#Zerofirst half done of #zero never have i ever laughed in a movie its simple hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣 just amazing work by #srk karthiuyirae
first half done of #zero never have i ever laughed in a movie its simple hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣 just amazing work by #srk Vinitsz
nothing i make is good or creative and people always brag about how their stuff is better than anything i make so i… jolttwo
#ZeroReview in 1 tweet : Brilliant performances #Katrina being standout, Amazing music, Lavishly mounted, brilliant… MOVIESonRocks
#ZeroReview 🌟🌟🌟🌟 MUST WATCH #ZERO Film that touches core of your heart. I am sure this will be one of the finest… RoselyMichael
#Zero not the 'blockbuster'as many are saying but much better than Race 3 or tugs of Hindustan. Rajat_Sethia7
Hey everyone go love and support zombieland saga, especially if you A. Want a really funny, amazingly animated and… Gnina931
Commercial cinema redefined by @aanandlrai . It cannot get better than this for @iamsrk aka @BauuaSingh Acting… shreyanshjain78
Zero’ Movie Review: An extraordinary experiment that entertains and excites @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma #KatrinaKaif… shreyanshjain78
I don't understand that when #baahubali and #2.0 were so flawed and still people enjoyed the movie, why are they wo… SRKs_A_Team
Loved #ZERO amazing screenplay and vfx @iamsrk wows is in every frame with his acting and powerful witty dialogu… shreyanshjain78
Zero report 1 st half is loved Anand Sahab made a mess in second half #Zero #ZeroReview bollywoodspy1
First day first show #zero absolutely superb❤️🥰 @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma kirti272
It's crazy veekend🤔 Can't wait to catch it👆 Amazing end ,best of everything and everyone has cme together. Biggg… vinnu__reddy
#Zero And @iamsrk also pays gratitude to @SrideviBKapoor in the initial credits. “ are loved beyond words… itsFLETCH
#Zero overall review: OUTSTANDING! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 1st half is hilariously amazing. 2nd half will blow your mind..🔥 EPICLY… Mohamed21915187
#Zero AMAZING #FDFS Start and superb role @SRKUniverse MAZA AA GAYA 👌👌👌👌 iam_bharat9725
Commercial cinema redefined by @aanandlrai. It cannot get better than this for @iamsrk aka @BauuaSingh Acting: 🌟🌟🌟🌟… mir_srkian
#Zero getting some Great reviews 👏So good to hard work of everyone involved with #Zero paying off. How many times… jha_siddhus91
listen I'm not trying to be rude, and I'm not trying to say that I'm perfect and amazingly graceful and mature beca… fbgomo100
I took Zero to the work Christmas party and had a great time. Pictures to come soon! Puppy_Feathers
I met a woman who had some great things going for her. She wasn't a bum or anything but lemme tell you...that had Z… baffledmonk
Looking forward to watching ZERO..have heard great reviews for the film..#ZeroDay shan_gooner
You’re going to have to do better than creating profiles of semi good looking women with zero followers to fool me 😉 ringer19751
Superbb reports are coming of #Zero Those who have watched genuinely loved the film and people are praising SRK's… MohdAnasRaza8
Commercial cinema redefined by @aanandlrai. It cannot get better than this for @iamsrk aka @BauuaSingh Acting: 🌟🌟🌟🌟… Kesav_KaNishk
Commercial cinema redefined by @aanandlrai. It cannot get better than this for @iamsrk aka @BauuaSingh Acting: 🌟🌟🌟🌟… AtharExplores
Given the mixed feedback on #Zero, looks to be the case of SRK's #Fan again (a film I loved so much because it had… nvenkatr
Had a great time at Hozier in the inec, despite being in the Balcony of Zero Craic, oh my god, you'd find jollier p… EoinGalvin
Getting Closer is an amazing song and Seventeen deserves all the recognition i give zero fucks if you agree forkimsehyoon
Works gonna be great while I’m running on zero hours of sleep 😒 namflashbacks_
Just heard ZERO say yoink in bo4. That's great Trojanowski123
#Zero is a big disappointment! It has so many strong elements - a super star cast, an amazing director. Wish it had… 2743Mohdimtiyaz
I went in knowing pretty much zero about Freddie Mercury and Queen but I really enjoyed #BohemianRhapsody Rami Male… AminLOWD
Is there an old movie u haven't seen but would like to? How sure r u there r zero black&white films u'd get great j… mehatch
There is nothing better than when the photos need zero editing! My jpegs from my hike yesterday are literally perfect. fpfun
didnt know Zero got nerfed in black ops, i still use her and shes great LoliWantToDie
#zero MASTERSTROKE REVIEW = 5***** Masterpiece Performance by @iamsrk Man gaye #Bauua . And Great Acting by… iam_bharat9725
Striking while the iron is fucking sub zero to say : "Spiderverse is just superb" harrybarrell_
Very good and extraordinary response for zero now day 1 will get a massive boost!!! JamalSiraj7
Dear @hiballenergy , why are you amazing zero-sugar waters now so expensive at @WholeFoods ?! A $0.40 per-can jump in price is extreme. 4arlandria
#Zero Superb Reviews... Bookings 😷 IamSheiyon
#Zero getting such STELLAR AMAZING reviews!!! My LITTLE HEART 😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️ Welcome back KING @iamsrk i MISSED YOU reallymims
Can't Wait to See #Zero The Crew is Just Amazing & The Movie Looks Fantastic elmajdoubi10
Commercial cinema redefined by @aanandlrai. It cannot get better than this for @iamsrk aka @BauuaSingh Acting: 🌟🌟🌟🌟… AnudhyanDatta
#ZeroReview #Zero⁠ ⁠ is T-E-R-R-I-F-I-C Finally zero special screening #Zero nd loved it . Love Bawoa..… Mahmud_Zayn
What amazing dish can I make my in-laws that says "I love you, thank you for everything, and keep accepting me into… SabriMMarques
Commercial cinema redefined by @aanandlrai. It cannot get better than this for @iamsrk aka @BauuaSingh Acting: 🌟🌟🌟🌟… Vinaydubey0
Best of luck team #Zero May your hard work of 2.5 years comes with great result. @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma… HandsomeSRKian1
Friends if the content of a movie is good then there’s no stopping the movie, and #Zero has great content and has b… abhijitde
Today in America Has Great Healthcare, I discover that our US counterparts (with insurance!) are paying hundreds to… ladyheatherlee
We should start calling situations where your ex starts dating someone objectively better than you in every way "Ge… MJAmory
REPORT - First Half of #ZERO is HILARIOUS, QUIRKY & ENGAGING ! VFX are Simply Superb and @iamsrk has most of the f… milanvohra8686
Thought it was a great idea for a skin. scorpion skin from mortal combat and sub zero wouldn’t that be cool. how ma… Xxcoolguy321xX
If anyone wants to know why I’m in such an wonderful mood and have zero tolerance for morons it’s because I’m catch… BackFromDeth
REPORT - First Half of #ZERO is HILARIOUS, QUIRKY & ENGAGING ! VFX are Simply Superb and @iamsrk has most of the f… LodhKoushik
Do you think Zero can do 350+ if reports are positive? As currently movies are either doing great or just falling l… user_darth
A Great Captain Need A Great Team To Win A match Same Logic Is With #SRK all four Last Releases are Not With Great… harshrusiya
Sleepovers are great until you go home and realize you got zero sleep but you need to stay up and do stuff the next day sarah_jean2017
Tomorrow is to see in the theaters the hero of #Zero movie @BauuaSingh amazing. @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma… IamAdeshVSingh
#Zero will better than ours expectations..aisa promise kiya hai Aanand Sir ne #KalSeZero DanishHaiderKh1
“Isn’t She Wonderful?” Zero broke the 4th wall. “I am the luckiest Technopathic Zombieshade in existence!” He once… TheAndroidZero
After watching the amazing trailer, finally at the screening of the much awaited movie #zero. Review will be up soo… rima_chhabda
I didn’t know love. To be loved by someone… I didn’t think it would happen. zero_enbot
#2Point0 is better than #Zero Hamzah_Bhuta
Wow come from away didn't have to be a huge success with amazing music and story and come to other countries so soo… izzybway
TODAY: 1) twitter fake review comedy 2) exam went well 3) zero amazing screen count 4) zero best poster 5) anushka'… PrathyuSRKian
Inbox Zero is an amazing feeling before break. See you in the new year, Towson! Webber_HigherEd
Zero के हीरो srk आप कमाल हो what an amazing concept of the movie It will be super hit........ Zero screen count...… AsifimamKavi
Watched #KatrinaKaif and #RanbirKapoor new song #HeerBadnaam. It is superb.#Zero #ZeroThisFriday #Bollywood #Justkiddin yash1520
zero new postet is superb @iamsrk #ZeroTomorrow iamemadrk
Just watched #Zero .its a BRILLIANT film. Everyone must must watch it. Congrats @aanandlrai & SRK for handling s… iamrahulvarun
Publicity stunt by #KGF Great to see #Zero not doing anything like this ursdhampower
#ZeroReview 🌟🌟🌟🌟 #Qatar MUST WATCH #Zero Film that touches core of your heart. I am sure this will be one of the… AllwynMichael
Wow, this game looks amazing can't wait to see what the combat looks like in this. Hope its close to action over ta… mrwalkerbe
So Elon Musks favorite Smash fighter is Zero Suit. That's great he likes them anime girl tights. Godbless. Achiever579
Got to know dat there is one more great actor in #Zero beside @iamsrk Katrina @AnushkaSharma @Mdzeeshanayyub ...… Nikashagrawal1
Zero compilation 🔥🔥🔥 Allah is great 🙏 r2soonest
The amount of times I have watched Home Alone this holiday season is not great. Zero times Harry! ZERO! The Wet B… Quesowayso
One is better than zero. alaalzhrani
What an amazing song #HeerBadnaam is!!! It will force the neutral audience to come to the theaters. MASTERSTROKE!… Biggest_SRKF
When you hear @iamsrk say your name first thing in the morning, you know you're going to have a great day! Thanks… Miss_Dipika
Salman cameo done great job to #Zero fanatic_salman
#DeleAlli well done Spurs! What a brilliant response from the extraordinary footballer Dele Alli! Spurs 2 - Arsenal ZERO..... jane131013

522 Negative

You are terrible @southwest - thanks for screwing us on our family vacation. Zero concern for your customers. Yo… chisox1917
Zero mental toughness man, first @AzharAli_ with a horrible shot, then Asad Shafiq making sure Steyn gets his wicke… arhuml92
Nothing sucks like buying Fanta zero or Stoney zero by mistake 😩😩 ngcebonkosi
Who predicted that #zero will flop? me me me me me me me me me me me me me bookreviewer251
Lot of awesome 'actually there's zero difference between good and bad things' takes this festive season, and got to… WDTATW_Podcast
Today I had gone to theatre to watch zero but hardly anyone was there so the show got cancelled, you can now assume how bad the movie is. iamanshubais
Watched #ZERO after so bad reviews.but I think it's a worth a good movie.@iamsrk sir is legends.hat'off💓💕😍 krishnnandan22
I can’t express how disappointed I am in @AmericanAir right now. Literally the WORST customer service - DO NOT FLY.… Aswiny
Happy new year got flop. Dilwale got flop. Fan got flop. Raees got flop. Jab Harry met Sejal got flop. Zero go… DigviajayPrasad
SRK plays Camino in Tublight Flop & #Sahrukkhan Salman plays Camino in Zero ...hahhahh floppppp #salmankhan MrCoolRahul1
Zero suit in smash ultimate is so terrible. She's sooo slow and the nerf to her whip is just insane. Not only is th… nodnarBG23
I have never had a Christmas before in my life, where I hade literally zero festive vibes. It’s fucking sucks callmeCrusheR
#simmba is flop. Agree? Ridiculous movie. Watch #temper instead. Bad direction. Worst movie. #HappyBirthdaySalmanBhai #zero abhis01
think I go to the movies alone at least three times a month. Zero shame. If I want to see a movie bad enough, I wil… Erryday_AE
#Simmba #flop agree? Remake of temper. Ranveer will accept the crime by himself, because he is not able to proof. That is the climax. #zero abhis01
The @FRBowl run by @SERVPRO is the standard of how not to run a college football bowl. No contingency plan. Bad pla… Kyberneticus
This happen only in a great film industry like Bollywood : last Friday good movie #zero got a flop but bad film #simba will be a hit . 🤷‍♂️ mahdim1987
I saw #ZERO FDFS and I was Disappointed. Sorry. He is experimenting and he failed. But what I feel is he should exp… chaitanyarattan
How did I miss the “poor me” tweet? Zero 🎁fuqs @realDonaldTrump wildebe
poor gf has been trying to get enkidu for so long, and now has np5 casgil, np3 medusa lily, enkidus orz gudakos
Play the horrible qb's who have zero business being D1 but not the qb can get it done on the ground srt8Dad0416
If #Zero doesn't cross #Stree #Raazi #BadhaiHo #SKTKS (Small) then it is a very bad news for #SRK Fans. Note that… primal_alpha
#Zero whoever says the film is bad is definetely a Srk hater. Its the best film of 2018. Srk what a performance. An… Danish222
If #Zero doesn't cross #Stree #Raazi #BadhaiHo #SKTKS (Small) then it is a very bad news for #SRK Fans. Note that… primal_alpha
BO Update : "Zero" drops on Wednesday with just ₹5.75 crore nett collection. Total of 6 days : ₹89 crore nett. FLOP mynameisdev2
Horrible Nick Cage movies are my favorite this dude really will say yes to anything and give zero fucks about his acting them yclindsay21
zero is flop movie SWAPNILSAB
ZERO WASTE HACK: achieve nothing with your life so you can reuse the same ‘New Years Resolutions’ document every year! 🤗🌟 casual_apollo
My mom made pozole for Christmas and I put too much chile on it and I’ve had really bad heartburn and ZERO appetite. getawaycar13_
Another death at the border. This all lands on Trump. Sure, Nielsen is a bad and cold fish with zero empathy and in… biginthelap
my cringe moment of the day: witnessing the horror on my poor coworker's face when I told her I was playing and enj… zzsleeps
Finally watching Daredevil S3, but now that it’s cancelled, I have zero involvement in it. Which is disappointing,… TheChangeling22
Feel like I'm constantly worrying myself over things I have zero control over. tell you what its just not good for the head or heart. Best_Ross_EU
lose every fucking game out of my control, every time someone on my team does bad, I literally wish it was me every… Ezzify
tf i wanna watch zero base so bad but i havent found my pendrive yet, WHY THE HELL I LOST THAT THING ㅠㅠㅠㅠ loveehoonie
Ask the expert, if you don't know. Because it will waste your time to know the answer from dumb stupid person who a… HimaGood12
The other disappointing thing about this #KCHonors is I have counted ZERO Bill Irwin cutaways. andytgerm
Pretty disappointed that I’ve gone all this time without experiencing @broadcity but now that I’m aware I cannot stop laughing 😂 😂 😂 _two_zero_six
Too bad I have zero confidence we can get a stop here mannysyed
my goals for 2019 are to try to live a (close to) zero waste lifestyle, wash my face every day, and build my cat a… Becca_Grieser
Just ate all the leftover batter from my weed brownies. This was a mistake. But ya know zero waste and all that. robo_kr
Thank god it’s over. Couldn’t bare to watch anymore. Zero enthusiasm poor effort. coach1777
So Directv is promoting a free NHL package preview from December 24th to December 31st...not a bad deal, all the NH… markwallace6387
zero suit samus is a bad bitch lauraewimmer
Damn why are Shahrukh movies so shit now? Zero was boring, Jab Harry Met Sejal was trash, Raees was meh, Dilwale wa… MelaninBliss99
Is the aim to reduce to zero the amount going to good causes from plastic bag sales? At what point do we feel bad a… RediculusT
I just spoiled myself with zero waste products 🌎♻️💕 #ecoliving #lovefortheearth leaf_it_be_
I’m not saying Newcastle United have a bad attack but I was surprised we scored as many as zero goals today. ali_pericles
Y’all be having zero personality but swear you the shit y’all just be so goddamn boring 🤦🏽‍♂️ ABKNica127
I remember we had zero waste/leftovers dinner competitions at science camp and bitches had THE NERVE TO LEAVE THEIR PIZZA CRUSTS UNEATEN yeehawinevelyn
Why does Ozil come up every bad Arsenal performance? Our defense was SHOCKING and we had zero creativity on offense… krishnancollins
Zero time for bad investments BachataJ_
My thought for today's Match: All Players : zero spacing out (excluding hazard,Emerson and CHO) POOR WIN....… E_digitalz
I which i can mute all lebron james like i do in twitter. I DONT CARE, ZERO plays in a crap league that cant handl… Sinergy_tn
It sucks that the only way to meet your favorites you have to spend so much money to only get maybe a hug a few wor… flickerofhope11
Random thoughts: 1. Poor decisions today by Emery 2. We have no squad depth 3. We need to sign at least three play… wdwtoshit
Body Issues One. Zero I try not to feel bad, or complain about my body, so, sorry. But I can’t help feeling huge, d… orgasmclub1
I have ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying/trolling! Pull that crap on me, and you're getting blocked. No exceptions! Get a life! BigPhreshMatt
Done with #Zero . Liked the movie. Not as bad as predictet @BlogDrive naren_bijarnia
1st half of zero n it’s damn boring.. Though srk is fine till now but maza nhi aa rha bilkul bhi... ArshTanwar2
All 3 subs were so bad it’s hard to pinpoint which was the worst, but Ramsey for Lacazette wins it for me. Guendouz… scottygfc
cant be disappointed if you have zero expectations madzie121
For having to do everything from zero today, I’m not doing too bad! I still need to make 26 salads but they’re the… sofallaway
Absolutely not good enough that at a 19:00 sitting @CafeRougeTweet @CP_UK_Elveden on Boxing Day there is zero muscl… matt_brading
Zero pace, zero creativity! So poor from @Arsenal only @MatteoGuendouzi showing a bit of fight! Liverpool are going… sam_n_2010
Absolutely zero chance of top 4 and we’re gonna get spanked on Saturday. Just in such a bad run of form and Emery h… mikewood77
Zero expectations from this ssn.. Chelsea will have to play actually poor to give us any chance at top-4. DxuglasCosta
good job utd won and i was in a banging mood or that poor zero hour contract temp would have felt the wrath! 😂 PeteLack
Terrible triad of pixel 3 that i have A"black""pixel 3""64gb"in"india". It is terrible quartile. The black colored… thebhattsays
Feel bad for the kids that have zero work ethic taysonwilsonn
I just felt a tiny bit bad about ending a friendship with zero explanation. I guess that’s because I’m a genuinely… QuirkyBirdX
They say a free transfer is a free hit, but Lichtsteiner has been poor. Zero end product and unreliable defensively… JackDulwich
So #Zero have been be very honest it took days to convince myself to watch it after such bad reviews bu… rawatspeaking
Wat a waste #Zero And anybody who patronises it has obviously not seen fantastical classics like Forest Gump, Big Fish etc etc ashuWtf
Zero interest in how hard Celtic are to beat crap etc etc from AFC ... needed to stop continually backing off... n… JayKay1903
I’m calling it now. Congrats Liverpool on winning the league. Too bad I had zero balls to follow my gut feeling and… _Breezy_10
We are fucking rank rotten. The refs are poor and we have zero hope. Come on ashley either spend the money in Jan o… pipin86
SO grateful i received so much stuff to help me go zero waste for christmas... glass straws, shampoo bars, and my m… veganprincxss
Zero Is Not Bad, But Neither Good SRKianBatman
#Race3 #ThugsOfHindostan #Zero When was the last time all 3 Khans delivered a flop in the same year? #2018inReview #SRK V_Anawalikar
#Zero is a good film. Not sure why people are hell bent to paint it as boring and flop. It definitely could have be… happyshiv123
Tried the new update to the Hatsune Miku VR game and it’s still terrible. All you do in that game is slightly flail… reisablog
Effect of demonetisation 3 Idiots 2 States 1.5 Ishkiya 1 Villain... 1/2 Girlfriend Zero (0) !! Terrible economic recession atulnsri
And now seeing Zero, which, despite a lot of negative reviews, I'm looking forward to. It can't possibly be as bad as ToH, right? maahin
#zero was so bad that I still can't believe Shahrukh read the script, then agreed to film it, screened it before th… shwetal_s
Your poor Chevy has all that sound and ZERO power elliotcooper01
Watched #Zero of @iamsrk, such a crap movie as expected, waste of time and money... @junaidwahid007 OmiKhan484
How boring... zero_wilybot
I didn't watch Zero. But I know it's fucking terrible from the trailer alone. Why would anyone go to see that in theatre is beyond me. millsnoboons
So...I went and watched what critics and haters called "waste of time and weird"....#zero was nothing like that. It… Sauma_bookworm
#Zero done and dusted.. Biggest Flop of SRK's angle did not work at all..he should avoid… goforgloryuttam
Tougher game today against a side who'll bring way more to the party than the poor zero shots on target Newcastle.… ColBennettH4
Environment Pollution Control Authority Chairperson Bhure Lal:Today the air quality in Delhi is in the 'poor' categ… indiajourno
What I would love to see in 2019. A chain of vegan, 100 mile diet restaurants called Twig & Squirrel - zero waste o… larry_retzlaff
| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| #Zero is Flop |________| \ (•◡•) / \ /… _iM_A1
Is it bad that I’m sleeping naked at my parents house? Zero fucks given we’ve all seen each other idc RachelStapert
Many critics are trying to defend SRK even after 6 back to back flops. They are calling race3 flop but they never u… Love_u_re
even though people are saying the movie ‘Zero’ is such a waste of money , but I’m still going to watch it 😽 alysha_fara
Unfortunately not only are our critics have poor references barring some but come with their own set of expectation… realorreel
Only one panic attack this Christmas, not bad not bad let’s try for zero next year pls brittaniaidk
Having zero hoes really ain’t bad. Everybody act like they need attention and they look cool af but really having n… ody_switchup
I can’t wait until I get my own apartment and practice a zero waste lifestyle #zerowastehome kehleybitzas2
so Now Zero is Flop ... whats next ?? 🤔 umar_srkfan
If I'm not playing zero suit im really bad at smash. This makes world of light really hard for me. I mean zero suit makes me okay at smash. Zaledoria
#zero Film is Really zero kindly dont waste time and money ,@sharukh,@KatrinaKaif_ @BeingSalmanKhan lodhaharshad
We want a police investigation on @taran_adarsh for taking bribe for bad reviews. Fake man, @ConsumerReports help.… KshiTijSRKian
Now that Christmas is over. What is your theme for 2019? Mine? “WONT LET ANYONE WASTE MY TIME IN TWO ZERO ONE NINE” !! ijspodcast
If we were once close and aren’t anymore for any reason just know I have zero bad feelings for you. There is too mu… Pete__Zahuttt
I don't want to see, more this poor facebook, in my life. Here at Africa we have, zero facebook. But he said, that… djnunesrafa
#Zero WW gross 140cr India 82cr (nett) WW movie will be a Clean Hit and in India it will be a flop. Sad but true… IamRoshanS
#Christmas PSA that I am absolutely horrible at accepting gifts from people and I have zero tact it all goes right… irissasara
Disappointed and feeling so bad after watching #zero !! The movie fan was better than this. Harry met sejal (anushk… hardiknow
#MovieReview #ShahRukhKhan #Timesnow #ZeroReview zero is a thrd class terrible movie, Shah Rukh Khan should retire… yusufq
the megaman zero series is good, i'm just bad at video games serenaado
I saw pics of SRK coming out way disappointed on my Tl after the result of #Zero , how much trolling one does but a… Alias_jatin
I'm playing Zero Time Dilemma and Eric sucks so BAD antitractionist
20 mins into watching #SDLive i changed the channel... I have given #wwe so many chances but this is just crap... e… jeh1383
#Zero was an ok watch some parts got a little boring but I guess the highlight was seeing the late Sri Devi on scre… DeepakCWMED
Unpopular opinion but Steve Kerr is not a good coach. He gets zero effort out of his players. Unless KD and Curry a… beachnut1134
I’m verrrrrrrrrrryyyy mildly disappointed because I expect ZERO from her. But damn, every time?? journalistbae
Watched a Morata miss compilation. The poor guy is making the biggest messes of the most straightforward chances H… Timson_91
When you’re having a really bad craving for sweets but you’ve got zero sweets at home 😢😢😢😢 Laura03p
Really disappointed in Ben Simmons. You have to make people play you. Like 76ers have zero offense StanceCzar__
I have ZERO idea who this bad bunny is. None. melancholera_23
so we’re supposed to get a serious snowstorm between tomorrow and Friday, I don’t think the snow will be that bad,… Gulliver2018
anytime i post something terrible a siren goes off in my head warning me i perhaps shouldnt do it but like any pers… lesbomancy
Watching the Knicks was so infuriating today. Their offense was so bad and they had zero ball movement TShaw013
good things about learning english: it has the easiest grammar of any languages i know bad things about learning e… izzzywonderland
Agneepath when released = FLOP Andaz Apna Apna when released =FLOP These movies are now known as Cult movies whic… KHAN_TASTIK
For Christmas, I got books and zero waste / plastic free items and honestly, that’s all I need in my life. edgelordcam
I’m giving the exact same amount of sympathy to Trump, for being alone in the White House on Christmas (poor him),… macsuz50
... 3Eno Madrchodo ko Bolta hu.. bC.. U guys didn't review For ZERO... You Call him Epic FLOP epic disaster this is… _iamak11_
There's few things more disappointing in life than taking a sip of the Coke that you were craving so badly and real… sherahn
Zero had some funny moments but story started to get boring imo. personally liked Thugs way better 😈 samah_x0
I’m on the same pain level as when I broke my knee, people have zero right to say it ain’t that bad. duvall_dean
For once admit he is ! Bt even though in past there was a time even after bad critics film do well in BO ! But in c… isumeet31
im not saying diet Coke is bad but coke zero>diet Pepsi>diet coke srry loningly
Bad job by Apple, Samsung and Amazon in some of the worst music ad campaigns in recent memory. Universally, unmiti… JRRoberts8
Just watched #Zero My review Totally waste of time and money Mood off ho Gaya dekh ke 😓😓 tushartc_24
#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh Har srk fan must see minimum 2 times..And nvr in their lyf follow those critics who gave bad… prasim_swaroop
My mom is so horrible during the holidays, she buys zero gifts and critiques/hates every gift given to her. No matt… ohbrightlights
With family😍 #zero😋 Looking bad af💔 ChaubeyAnirudh
Whatever you do Srk fans but still #Zero is going to be a big flop these trending can't help the result of movie #PaidCriticTaranAdarsh NeeNeetin
y'know every time I click a link to the escapist that isn't for zero punctuation I'm inevitably disappointed, I don… Xarathos
watching dude's x rank vid & it's so chill i can't tell if white ppl are all fucking bad at this game or he's just… yorurin
Really thought its gonna be a horrible Xmas as always but would you look at that - when you have zero expectations… nechbet
#zero was getting very good response from public it's look like #Zero going towards 150 + cr to 200 cr if simmba turn to be a bad movie Itsaltafraja
After the #Zero disaster the fans of @iamsrk thinks its @taran_adarsh who made the movie flop, by giving low ratin… renjithr2081
Father in law: *starts boring story about something in which I have zero interest* Me: “Hang on, I need to prepare… KristinDetroit
Giving 1 star to #Zero shows that either #PaidCriticTaranAdarsh or he has bad taste in hindi cinema. What if he wo… zerobauaa
#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh Zero is crap movie. We support @taran_adarsh . #srk s chutiya fans trending this trend, beca… un_addict
#Zero is the epic disaster in indian history. Poor story. Poor dialog, poor and illogical story content. Maha Gatiya movie SonuBab64473284
Saw #zero yesterday Boring movie ... No connection #zeroreview Krazzzzylover
I've been rly interested about zero waste lifestyle lately and I'd love to go in on that lifestyle full-on, but it… iikku_
Its seems like critics are in competition with each other about who can give a BETTER bad review of #ZERO but the P… ImNihan
I just watched #Zero 🙂 My honest review : The film is not that bad, i seen much more worst mainstream rom-com th… SaifkaBeta
Work man. These holidays have sucked. Zero social time BlakeBowles
#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh Zero is awesome movie.... Bad ass critics MdAbuAlKhasim
Parents listened to me and got me all kinds of zero waste things for Xmas instead of thing I didn't want/would neve… Artbyerica
The special armor quest in Horizon Zero Dawn is a big stupid tease and and waste of everybody’s time and I don’t mu… JohnnyChugs
God of War "Give Me a Balanced Experience" is terribly hard (I'm poor gamer) but "Give Me a Story" is too easy. Nic… LiborCapak
Is #SRK's #Zero as bad as the reviews suggest?? #ZeroReview #ShahrukhKhan #ZeroFamilyEntertainer #MerryChristmas… movieman777
#PaidCriticTaranAdarsh M huge fan of Srk but not Blind Fan Jhms was crap, Hny was crap, Dilwale was crap but seri… im_swagat
#Zero disaster flop . Zero gave zero performance on Christmas holiday Arjuncapone
People are not giving negative reviews for Zero cz movie is bad, They are giving negative reviews cz hero is "Khan… CDemocrazy
Again people's who made plans to watch movies on Christmas is got totally cancelled becoz of #Zero poor performance… prateekmishra_1
Is is just me or is the Grinch a zero waste, anti-consumerism icon? eilisecnorris
#zero is the worst movie Do not waste your money . You wont evan watch it on TV . Flop disaster debacle . Worst movie of the decade Arjuncapone
does anyone know a good vegan / less/zero waste beauty site? looking for some reusable cotton pads etc. #vegan #zerowaste clarathelesbian
In the UK we spread Christmas cheer by telling terrible jokes. So in that spirit: Did you hear about the man wh… EURAMET
Finally watched #ZERO If you think it's a bad movie you are @iamsrk simple as that.....I admit second h… Pahari_mundu
Pyjamas, fun socks and chocolate. What more could a girl want. Oh and a steel bottle because we're all about that zero waste life. Charlaa_ox
#Zero was so bad that I started playing PUBG in theatre. #ZeroReviews 007shubhamrock1
It is just a simple thing u can't judge book is good or bad without reading it in the same way u can't judge movie… ashish_srkian1
thank you @iamsrk for making zero. It was so boring that even my wife @psingh888 didn't mind me ridiculing the king… mdarshi22
*has terrible standing posture* *constantly sits on right foot* *wears flat shoes with zero foot support* *constant… sarahliz92
Zero focus/ screentime well ... disappointed but not surprised pinky_c3ppy
Personally liked #Zero.. definitely not as bad as being projected.. Shahrukh Khan gives his career best performance… santosh_bsk
Zero will definitely justify its name..PRK will try his best to maintain flop record AAMIR KA KUTTA SRK SmrutiBrahma
Crazy how bad they nerfed zero suit samus in this game TheRkader911
Dear red chillies #StopManipulationRedChillies kyunki kuch bhi karlo #Zero is flop pehle hi articles aa chuke the t… abhilashiaurvi2
That Zero movie is a big 0. Don't waste 2.30 hours of your life by watching such a immature movie. There is no st… Zayn83699609
#zero Poor performance despite holiday . Cinema halls are empty . Epic disaster 👎🏻 Arjuncapone
My face and mouth hurt so bad and I'm mad that it started on the holidays when ive had zero issues kristengx3
On the scale of Zero to Thugs of Hindustan how bad was 2018? Bearded_ngineer
#zero Review Taran Adarsh : Fiasco 1.5 Star Rajeev Masand: Disappointment 2 Star Anupama Chopra: Poor 2 star Bo… Arjuncapone
Lowkey there's a good reason you're playing pubs in a 5 man. Too bad to play comp huh? Ill still shit on you even w… Fivezz_
I Watched Bollywood Movies ln 2018 are : 1) Race 3 : Average 2)Tugs of Hindustani : Flop 3) Zero : below Average… hemu_rishi
Mark this #SRKIAN if #simmba goes flop then for #zero 200 cr is possible because people showing much intereste in t… Itsaltafraja
Does anyone know of a good zero waste market in San Antonio ?? jenzennwastaken
#zero Review Taran Adarsh : Fiasco 1.5 Star Rajeev Masand: Disappointment 2 Star Anupama Chopra: Poor movie 2 st… Arjuncapone
My present wrapping has become such a joke and is so bad that i put little to zero effort into doing my wife’s Chri… ShawnHoover
#TrumpShutdown A partial shutdown of the Federal Government has ZERO effect in most people Poor border security… Mitchell_tweets
I have zero patience for people who talk bad about my Saints. Keep hating on us. We will prove you all wrong. Screw them all. #WhoDatNation Dat4Who
i feel hella bad for my mom y’all :( she absolutely loves xmas and the holidays and there’s ZERO spirit in my house… quueeensteph
Finally watched #Zero... Worst movie ever. Such movies should be banned... Total waste of money & time..No storylin… Shubham66630522
Go for #kgf, Dont waste your money on #zero 👍 iamvijaay
#Zero movie was so bad..I started watching memes in the movie theater. #ZeroReview #ZeroMovie basantwadhwa
Me: “Brady, I think you’ve been bad this year” Brady: “yeah me too. I wouldn’t be surprised if I woke up tomorrow… alyssa_rae1013
#Zero worst movie . It’s not a movie it’s a headache . You will sleep in the movie . Do not waste your money . Avoi… Arjuncapone
I’m going into 2019 with ZERO bad vibes. And it feels goooooooood. My girl has two parents who love her, I got a gr… Morgan40877938
Zero was so bad! Don’t waste your money or your time. MuradMaahir
alright i’m sober from this point on. i’m finding zero energy and no motivation to make music. it’s draining me and it sucks. deadrxsebuds
Worst movie of the decade by SRK. Terrible performance by @AnushkaSharma. Movie is a total farrago. SRK, you left u… Bala_Nelly
Hello guys i started playing Fate/stay night Realta Nua and i must say...this game's beginning is really boring Zero_Two_One
time to be a Gamer. i think the reason zero escape fucks w u so bad is bc u have to experience how bad things could… exiweed420
Having Zero for about a week now, y’all on ps4 were complaining way to much, she Isn’t even that bad and normally t… Eqinxx
no offense but i cant wait to come home to the loml and all of our plants maybe a corgi and a filling zero waste vegan meal _khleopatra
I'm enjoying mutant year zero but it has a really bad habit of dropping superior weapons on me right after I've inv… sisterofash
Went from 100 to zero in less than 24 hours. Christmas sucks ass this year SKIPJACK_666
Today I found out that it's possible to have literally zero expectations and still be let down and disappointed... SonicPariah
❝ /That/ poor Rhino must have zero friends. I mean he's really weird. But still he deserves some. ❞ BankittyPrime
2018 was all about the three Khan's of Bollywood competing for the worst movie. #Zero is disappointing. As… athulyanambiar
Tre'quan smith had zero burst at the line if scrimmage. Mostly because of bad technique. And zero leg mucles. He sa… Billybando1
Watched #Zero, One thing for sure the film is clearly not as bad as it is being depicted by the Critics and ⭕thers… HareeshKalburgi
#zero Super cool Disappointed @iamsrk Really we are looking forward to See our old Khan... hope get back him soon… Shadow_Of_TNP
Total time waste movie. Don't suggest anyone should go and watch it.. Story was like chewing gum.. Not have any dir… sohil_sheth
Being a fan of this team is so painful man... feel terrible for the talent we have because ownership truly wants to… cigg_big
guys, was the movie Zero that bad? imariammanzoor
Mason Foster, a below avg ILB, tells the entire fan base to F itself: zero punishment. Swearinger, a probowl altern… DCWhoha
When i act a fool....poor babe shakes his head. Selfie time babe!!! Saaarryyy Challlieee!! SoCal vs Sokol....there's zero diffrence!!! rainywillows
Is #Zero good or bad? Is it fun or not? I'm a guy who enjoys everything from serious dramas to silly popcorn stuff… guyincrowd
Kuch bhi karo #Zero will be flop Budget 200 crore #ChristmasWithZero amit123ind
the wise AP voters bowed their heads solemnly and spoke: "theres actually zero difference between good & bad teams.… BrianRampage
Ghost images too. Really 1. What in my shit? For how long. Zero activity. Shit of waste genetics. And immortals. Di… JohnGil01440564
#Zero was so bad that I still don't know was it a romantic or comedy or racist or depressing movie?? 11abhisek
Today I finally know what can stop @elonmusk. Bro I know you can do anything but just don't watch #Zero. You will… 11abhisek
Is it possible to give @FrontierCorp a zero star review? This company is horrible. #terrible #awful #bringVerizonback RealtorMFlorio
Heys guys... #ZERO early estimate day 4 is 8-9 cr but its maker will show it as 10cr coz they know the mov is crap.… ayushpandey49
All cinema lovers don't waste you time bcs of stupid peoples rubbish reviews . #Zero is really a fantastic film. So… anikorcb
#ZeroTheFilm #BoxOffice Analysis: Not Even 100 Crores For Shah Rukh Khan? Another Flop? Let's find out! Red Chilli… BaidyaLinkan
Many critics and audience were saying that movie became bad after interval. BAD? Seriously? It actually became quit… iamnamitt
#Zero is also bakwas..... Feels bad for the way how srk's career is turning out ITSDJHERE
#ZeroReview Zero is a flop. #iamsrk who is actually a dwarfish man try to act a dwarf. What a joke. #Anushka is goo… sarvatrra
hewwo since the internet has given me zero answers: can i sleep on my newly pierced earlobes or will that be bad?? they don’t hurt smoniaa
Horrible performance by @RobGronkowski giving ZERO!! points to his believers.#nfl #FantasyFootball #FantasyFootballChampionship Degen44
According to mah zero was shit No should watch it .it was so bad that even remo dezouza was like Kya backchodi ha… abhishek240893
Very very poor quality services, 000 zero customers satisfaction, i understand you are not able & not interested… MAHESHMITRA1
Sorry SRK. #Zero was very dull, boring and rather pointless. Time you started doing smaller films, with better char… tohfakaboolhai
Haven't seen anything as disappointing as the movie #Zero in 2018 Save your money and time by avoiding this crap..… rathorenishant3
Worst movie I have ever watched #Zero. @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma #KatrinaKaif What you guys were doing ? Very disappointed !! #ZeroReview Ayodhyawasii
Zero is so boring, I'm actually tweeting this while the movie is going on. What is the plot, I'm pretty sure the di… aloowani
How is #Zero ? Have heard mixed reviews. Some are saying it is really bad and some are saying it's horrible! #ZeroReview #Zero #ZeroDay Harsh_humour
#Zero what piece of shit #waste #of #money #disgusting #Zero #kgf #maari2 #SaharukhKhan #katrina #kaif #anushka #sharma ramitahari
The bad phase of SRK's career continues 😞 #Zero GhogareDheeraj
Saw #Zero one word boring n boring #saw #KGF one word blockbuster shows that star like srk can go wrong #yash wat… Afzalrocks1
Srk please don't do romantic films anymore.... Excess of every thing is bad sir @iamsrk #Zero Love_u_re
I dont care if #zero flop, hit, or blockbuster. I always sit on theater to see you @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma… diny_ismyname
Secind half -Terrible ,Baf scrren play ,scripting weak #Zero gave a mammoth disappointmemt😑😑 KrSri123
I must say the town of Midleton is lovely today covered in dog shit bad any week but Xmas week a bloody joke,it sho… herlihy_timmy
#Zero is a colossal disappointment 👎👎 1st half is decent while the 2nd half is terrible. Script is week, extremely… sinha_kaustav